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TVe cert if 1/ that Five Hundred copies only of
the Seci»id rolumc (f 'The Visitation of
England and Wales ' have been printed,
and that thi.s copy /.v J\v. 250.



(£ngtanti anti WBalt^.






^^9 75.0 (^





Private Circular. November, i8g4.



Cnglanti anti Wales*

Edited by


( Maliravers Herald Extraordinary , )



AT the suggestion of several friends interested in genealogical
research, and with the assistance of Mr. F. A. Crisp, I have
been induced to print a portion of my collections illustrating
the last three generations of families resident in England and Wales.

The information now collected would in a few years' time be
almost unattainable.

In every case the representatives of the various families have
most kindly favoured me with genealogical data, and permission to
give facsimiles of autographs, seals, &c.

It will be observed that many of the pedigrees have an illustration
of the arms with a note that such arms are recorded in the College of
Arms, in Ulster's Office, or in the Lyon Office. In cases where the
arms are not recorded no such illustration is given ; and I have thought
it proper to take this course in order that families bearing arms with
due authority may be distinguished from those who use traditional but
unauthorized arms.

It is, perhaps, not generally known that the use of arms, even for a
very long period, does not, in England, create any prescriptive right, and
cannot confer any authority on the arms used, unless they have been
borne with the sanction of the Crown, which can only be obtained
through the Officers of the College of Arms. In other words, in order
to bear arms with authority, the wearer must be in a position to shew :

(i) That he has obtained a grant of arms from the College of
Arms; or

(2) That his direct male ancestor formerly obtained such a grant,

or was entitled to bear arms by virtue of the limitations of a
grant; or

(3) That his direct male ancestor had arms allowed to him at one

of the Heralds' Visitations, although the grant then made is
not in existence at the present day.

I have decided to limit the length of the pedigrees in these
volumes to three generations, including the present representative, and
I have been influenced considerably in this decision because, in entering
a pedigree in the College of Arms, proof is only required previous to
the grandparents of the person entering the pedigree.

The Visitations of the Heralds, which were commenced in the
reign of Henry VHI., and terminated in that of James H., were the
means of preserving much information of value in relation to the
descents of the nobility and gentry, and it is to be regretted that they
are now a thing of the past, and will probably never be revived.

The present series of volumes form an attempt to record such
information as the pedigrees entered at the Visitations preserved, but
with greater detail, and on that account they are entitled " Visitations;'

J. J. H.

The First Volume has been issued to Subscribers at
one guinea. The price of remaining copies is two guineas.

The Second Volume will be ready in about ten days,
and will be sold to Subscribers for one guinea.

On and after the date of issue the price will be raised
to one guinea and-a-half.

Visitations of Scotland and Ireland, and a third volume
of the " Visitation of England and Wales," are in progress.

To F. A. Crisp,

Grove Park, Denmark Hill, London, S.E.


Please send me "Visitation of England and Wales,"
Vol. II., at the Subscription price, one guinea.

Name -

Address, _ _ _

PEDIGREES in Volumes I. & II.


Amphlett of Clent House, co. Worcester
Armytage of Kirklees, co. York
AssHETON of Downham and Cuerdale, co

Attree of Blackmore in Selborne, and

Bishearne, Liss, co. Hants
Attree of Ditchling, co. Sussex
Bacchus of Cote House, co. Stafford, and

The Manor House, Lillington, co

Bagshawe of Ford Hall, co. Derby, and

Banner Cross, co. York
Bainbrigge of Ashbourne, co. Derby ..
Bainbrigge of Derby and Woodseat, co

Bartlett of Marldon, co. Devon
Barton of Kidderminster, co. Worcester
Battye-Trevor of Tingrith House, co


Bellasis ...

Bentley of Upton, co. Bucks

Blaydes of Bedford



Bradney of Bayford and Bradney, co

Somerset, & Tal-y-coed, co. Mon mouth
Bree of Allesley, co. Warwick
Bright of Liverpool
Britton of Bristol, and Bitton House

Enfield, co. Middlesex
Brooke of Northgate House, Honley, co.



Brown of Beckenham, co. Kent


BuSHE of The Manor House, Great

Cheverell, co. Wilts


Carlyon of Truro, co. Cornwall

Cass of Monken Hadley, co. Middlesex.

late of Little Grove, East Barnet, co

Herts ... ... -^v . . .


Christie of Glyndebourne, co. Sussex

Clay of Rastrick, co. York

Colby of Great Torrington, co. Devon

Cole (Dicker), formerly of Moreton

Hampstead, co. Devon


Collier of Walkley and Sheffield, co


Conder of Terry Bank, co. Westmoreland
CooDE of Polapit Tamar, co. Cornwall
Crawfurd of East Grinstead, co. Sussex
Cripps of Cirencester, co. Gloucester
Crowfoot of Beccles, co. Suffolk
Cullum of Hardwick House, co. Suffolk
Cure of Blake Hall, Bobbingworth, co

CuRTOis of Branston, co. Lincoln
Dew of Whitney, co. Hereford . . .
Dickinson of The Manor House, Ottery

St. Mary, co. Devon
Dugdale of Griffin, Blackburn, co. Lane
DuGDALE of Wroxall Abbey, co. Warwick
Du Moulin Browne of Leamington, co

Eales of Eastdon, co. Devon, and the

Mall, Clifton, co. Gloucester
Edwards of Framlingham, formerly of

Dennington, co. Suffolk
Emeris of Southwood, co. Norfolk, and

of Louth, CO. Lincoln
Eshelby of Birkenhead, co. Chester
Ewen of Reydon Hall, co. Suffolk

Fernell of Sheffield
Flavel of Leamington Priors, co. Warwick
Flory of Redland Lodge, Leamington,

Foljambe of Cockglode, Ollerton, co

Notts ; Haselbech Hall, co. Northants

and Kirkham Abbey, co. York
Foljambe of Osberton, co. Notts, and of

Aldwark, co. York ...

Gibson of Saffron Walden, co. Essex
Grubbe of Southwold, co. Suffolk
GuiLLE of St. George, Guernsey
Gwatkin ...
Gwatkin of Potterne, Devizes, co. Wilts
Harvey of Goldington Hall, near Bed



Hext of Trenarren, co. Cornwall



Hooper of Langtons, Alresford, co. Hants
Hope-Edwardes of Netley, co. Salop ...
Howard of Compton Place, co. Sussex
Howard of Wygfair, St. Asaph, North


Howe of Chart Place, co. Kent

James of Edgeworth Manor, co. Gloucester

Jeaffreson of Framlingham, co. Suffolk

Jodrell of Bayfield Hall, co. Norfolk ...

Johnson of Eccleston, co. Lancaster ...

loHNSON of Hornchurch, co. Essex

Jones of Barton Mere, co. Suffolk

Josselyn of Ipswich

JoYNSON of Liscard, in the parish of

Wallasey, co. Chester


Langley ...

Lee of Thame, CO. Oxford

Leveson Gower of Titsey Place, co. Surrey

Littledale of Bolton Hall in Craven, co.


LocKETT of Liverpool

Manning of Diss, CO. Norfolk ...


Markham of Creaton and Northampton
Martyn of Tonacombe, co. Cornwall, and

of Lifton, CO. Devon
Methold of Lincoln's Inn, and Hepworth

House, CO. Suffolk ...
Milborxe-Swinnerton-Pilkington of

Chevet, co. York
Milner Gibson of Theberton, co. Suffolk


Molyneux of Ludlow, co. Salop
MoNCK of Coley, Reading, co. Berks ...
Monck of Corston, near Bath ...


Olive of Elm Grove, Ventnor ...

Olivc of Wheathampstead, co. Herts ...


Oliver of Bobbingworth, co. Essex


Parker of Upton Cheyncy Manor, Bitton,

CO. Gloucester
Pavll of Bosvigo. Truro, co. Cornwall
Penruddocke of Compton Park, co. Wilts.
Perrott of Brooke House, Plumstcad, co.



Plumer of .'Vllerlon, Totncs, co. Devon

PiLKiNGTON of Liverpool

Porter of Sheffield

Prentice of Oxton, co. Chester

Price of Glynllech, co. Brecon ...

PRiDE.AUX-BRUNEof Prideaux Place, Pad-
stow, CO. Cornwall ...

Prior of Halse House, Taunton, co.


Quayle ofCrogga, Isle of Man ...


Roots of Kingston-on-Thames, co. Surrey


Rvland of Erdington and MoxhuU, co.

Rylands of Highfields, Thelwall, co.


Shann of Tadcaster, CO. York ...
Smith of Suttons, CO. Essex
Smith-Bosanquet of Broxbournebury, co.


Somers of Mendip Lodge, co. Somerset
Sparrow of Preen Manor, co. Salop
St. George
Sterry of Eastbury House, Barking, co.

Essex, and Poltimore Rectory, co.

Stone of Piddington, CO. O.xon ...
Stucley of Affeton Castle, and Hartland

Abbey, co. Devon ...
Swann of Ashfield Magna, co. Suffolk,

formerly of Ridlington, co. Rutland
Tempest of Broughton-in-Craven, and

Coleby, co. Lincoln
Tempest of Tong Hall, co. York, and

Aughton, CO. Lane.
Tolhurst of Goudhurst, co. Kent
Tower of Weald Hall, co. Essex
Tudsbery Turner
'J'uKE of Saffron Walden, co. Essex
Watney of Mitcham, co. Surrey
Wickham of Binsted Wyck, co. Hants
Wilder of Purley Hall, and Sulham, co.


Williams of Tregullow, co. Cornwall, and

of Heanton Court, co. Devon
Wilson of Alston, co. Cumberland


^VoRT^INGTON of Maplc Hayes, co.




Battye - Trevor of Tingrith

House, CO. Bedford .


Bellasis ....


Bright of Liverpool


Britton of Bristol, and Bitton

House, Enlield, co. Mid-

dlesex ....




Buckler ....


Carlyon of Truro, co. Corn-

wall ....


Christie of Glyndebourne, co.

Sussex ....


Co ODE of Polapit Tamar, co.

Cornwall ....


Crawfurd of East Grinstead,

CO. Sussex


Cripps of Cirencester, co. Glou-

cester ....


Cure of Blake Hall, Bobbing-

worth, CO. Essex


DuGDALE of Griffin, Blackburn,

CO. Lancaster .


DuGDALE of Wroxall Al)bey,

CO. Warwick


Ferxell of Sheffield


Gatty . . . . .


Gibson of Saffron Walden, co.

Essex ....


Gwatkin . . . .


GwATKiN of Potterne, Devizes,

CO. Wilts ....


Hope-Edwardes of Netley, co.

Salop . . . .


Jeaffreson of Framlingham,

CO. Suffolk


Johnson of Hornchurch, C(j.

Essex . . . .


JOSSELYN of Ipswich


Joynson of Liscard, in the

parish of Wallasey, co.

Chester . . . .


JUBB , , , , ,


Langley . . . .101

Lee of Thame, co. Oxford . 6^
Lockett of Liverpool . . 108
Manning of Diss, co. Norfolk . 121
Markham (if Creaton and

Northampton . . -29
Martyn of Tonacombe, co.
Cornwall, and of Lifton,
CO. Devon . . .81


KiNGTON of Chevet. co.

York . . . .173

MoNCK of Corston, near Bath . 137
MoNCK of Coley, Reading, co.

Berks .... 134
NiCHOLLS . . . -49

Oliver 145

Paris 6j

Penruddocke of Compton

Park, CO. Wilts . . 44

Percival . . . .68

Price of Glynllech, co. Brecon I'y
Pkideaux-Brune of Prideaux

Place, Padstow, co. Corn-
wall . . . .97
Quayle of Crogga, Isle of Man 40

Ron; 91

Salter . . . . ■37

Smith of Suttons, co. Essex . 129
SoMERS of Mendip Lodge, co.

Somerset . . . • ^5

Stucley of Affeton Castle, and

Hartland Abbey, co. Devon 148
Tempest of Broughton - in -

Craven, and Coleby, co.

Lincoln .... 139
Tower of Weald Hall, co.

Essex . . . -33
TuKE of Saffron Walden, co.

Essex . . . .84
Wilder of Purley Hall, and

Sulham, co. Berks . . 127



Ar}ns on record in the College
of Arms. — Ermine, two chev-
ronels engrailed vert between
three bees volant proper.

Crest.— On a mount vert a
garb or, in front thereof a
Cornish chough with wings ex-
panded sable.

Motto. — Duw a bertha y


Lucy Ann,=
dau. of Wil-
liam King
of Holboni,
CO. Midd. ;
died 3 Feb.,
bur. at St.
Holborn, 9
Feb. 1794.
1st wife.

One child,
who died
an infant.

Abraham Gwatkin of Lon -
don, born in parish of St.
Marylebone,co. Middlesex,
28 May, bapt. there 17
fune 1 761; died 19 No-
vember, bur. at Becken-
hara, CO. Kent, 24 Novem-
ber 183S. Will dated 22
August 1836, proved 11
May 1839.

-Mary, dau. of John
Dugleby of Dept-
ford ; born 3 r Aug.,
bapt. at St. Nicho-
las', Deptford, 15
Sept. 1771 ; marr.
there 12 Dec. 1795 ;
died at Guildford
Street 24 February,
bur. at Beckenham
2 March 1841. and

John Abraham
Gwatkin, born
2 September,
bapt. at St. An-
drew's, Hol-
born, 25 Sep-
tember 1796;
died 9 October

Mary Dugleby,
born 23 Dec,
1 797, bapt. at St.
Andrew's, Hol-
born, 14 Jan.
1798 ; died un-
marr. 18 Nov.,
bur. at New
Hampton, co.
Middlesex, 23
Nov. 1887.

Henry Aboukir
Gwatkin, born
6 Sept. 1799,
bapt. privately ;
died unmarr. 2
September, bur.
at Waltham-
stow 6 Septem-
ber 1 85 1.

Mary Dugleby ,=
born in London
21 Nov. 1847,
bapt. at St. Pan-
eras New Parish
Ch., I Jan. 1848;
marr. at Holy
Trinity ,Twicken-
ham, 5 Septem-
ber 187a.

=Rev. Charles Stanwell,
M.A., formerly Fellow
of St. John's College,
Cambridge, Vicar of
North Stoke with Ips-
den, and Rector of Newn-
ham Murren, CO. Oxford;
born at Boston, co. Lin-
coln, j April, bapt. there,
in the parish of St. Bo-
tolph, 21 April 1836.

I .

Frederick Stapleton-
Gwatkin, M.A.Trinity
College, Cambridge ;
Major 13th Bengal
Lancers ; born in Lon-
don 30 January, bapt.
at Regent Square
Chapel, St, Pancras,
CO. Middx., I March

Louisa Helen Fraser, born at Twicken-
ham 28 April, bapt. there, in the parish of
Holy Trinity, 2 June 1883 ; died at Rawul
Pindi, Bengal, 2 May 1884, ^^'^ bur. there.

Frederick Gwatkin, born
at Murree, Bengal, la
April 1885, and bapt.

^Christina Helen Grahame,
dau. of Surgeon-General
Archibald Henry Fraser,
Medical Staff ; born at
Seamill, near Ardrossan,
Ayrshire, 2 July 1862,
and bapt. there ; marr. at
Rawul Pindi, Bengal,
ao April i88a.

Archibald Gwatkin, born
at Naina Tal, Bengal, 7
September 1886, and
bapt. there.

Richard Gwatkin, Richard William Gwat-=pEliza, dau. of Wil- Abraham Gwatkin, born

born ill December
1801 ; died in in-
fancy, bur. at St.
Andrew's, Hol-
born, 7 July 1802.

kin, born u December
1S03; died 15 Novem-
ber i88t.

liam Mason of Lon-
don ; marr. at St.
Pancras, London,
16 October 1852.

Augusta Caroline, born
14 July 1853.

19 July, bapt. at St. An-
drew's, Holborn, 1 1 Aug.
1805 ; died unmarr. 8 May,
bur. there 16 May 1829,
aged 24.

Arthur John Campbell Gwatkin,
RLA. St. John's College, Cam-
bridge, formerly of Lincoln's
Inn, CO. Middlesex ; born at
Twickenham 17 July, bapt.
there, in the parish of St. Mary,
16 August 1850 ; marr. at Holy
Trinity Church, Twickenham,
28 Jan. 1875, Charlotte Hen-
rietta, youngest dau. of Rev.
Thomas Bevan, M.A. of Balliol
College, Oxford, formerly Vicar
of Holy Trinity, Twickenham ;
bom there 16 June, bapt. there,
in the parish of Holy Trinity, 25
July i8jo. =r

Richard Phillips=pCaroline Winifred-

Thompson, M.A.
Trinity College,
Cambridge ; of
Stamford, CO. Lin-
coln ; born 24
May, bapt. at
All Saints', Stam-
ford, 8 Septem-
ber 1844; died
at Stamford i
August, and bur.
there 5 August
1882. 1st hus-

Casmaijor, born at
Twickenham i Oc-
tober, bapt. there,
at St. Mary's, 5
November 1851 ;
marr. ist, at Holy
Trinity, Twicken-
ham, 27 July 1871 ;
marr. 2ndly, at St.
George's, Hanover
Square, London, 24
April 1890.

John Rudd Leeson,
M.D., M.R.C.S.
(formerly Demons-
trator of Anatomy
at St. Thomas's
Hospital, London),
of Clifden House,
Twickenham, born
6 Jan., and bapt.
at St. George's,
Hanover Square,
London, 10 July
1854. 2nd hus-


Charlotte Catherine Louisa,
born in London 2 Nov.
1875, bapt. at Holy Trinity,
Twickenham, 7 Jan. 1876.

Elizabeth Wilms-
hurst,born5 Sept.,
bapt. at St. An-
drew's, Holborn,
4 Oct. 1 807; died
unmarr. 7 Feb.,
bur. at Beckenham
14 February 1838.

Frederick Gwatkin of Lincoln's Inn and-
of Grove House, Twickenham, co, Mid-
dlesex, born 12 February, bapt. at St.
Andrew's, Holborn, 9 April 1809 ; died at
Twickenham 17 Nov., bur. at Tedding-
ton, CO. Middlesex, 22 November 1873.
Will dated 12 September 1873, proved
15 December 1873.

=Louisa Isabella, younger dan. of
Rev. Ambrose Stapleton, M.A.,
sometime Rector of Halwell and
Vicar of East Budleigh, co.
Devon ; born at East Budleigh
28 May 1826, and bapt. there
same day ; marr. there a Sep-
tember 1846.

Alexander George Stapleton
Gwatkin, formerly of Maske-
liya, Ceylon, now of London,
born at Twickenham 11 Nov.,
bapt. there, at Holy Trinity,
14 December 1853 ; marr. at
Ipsden, CO. Oxford, 26 July
1876, Alice Jane, elder dau.
of Andrew Thompson of
Keele, co. Stafford ; born at
Keele, and bapt. there 5 June

Louisa Florence Camilla, born
at Twickenham 28 August,
bapt. there, at Holy Trinity, 29
September 1856; marr. at
Holy Trinity, I'wickenham, 21
Jan. 1878, Frederick Warbur-
ton Dunston, M.A. Wadham
College, Oxford, Barrister-at-
Law ; of Donhead St. Mary, co.
Wilts ; born there 34 Decem-
ber 1850, bapt. there 25 Janu-
ary 1851. ^

tX^^^^^^i ^^^^/C^.-^^^

Willoughby Garnons Gwatkin,
Captain 63 rd Foot, born at
Twickenham 1 1 August, bapt.
there, at Holy Trinity, 8 Sep-
tember 1859 ; marr. at St.
John's, Hurst, 23 June 1888,
Edith Campbell, 3rd dau. of
Alexander Butler Rowley,
D.L., of Hurst, co. Lancaster ;
born 14 July, bapt. at St.
James', Ashton-under-Lyne, a
August 1869. _^^.^^


Lilias Mary Stapleton,
bom at Maskeliya,
Ceylon, 4 July, bapt.
there 25 August 1877.

Florence Marion Staple-
ton, born at Maskeliya,
Ceylon, 25 November
1878, bapt. there 2 Fe-
bruary 1879.

Frederick Ambrose Stapleton
Gwatkin, born at Maskeliya,
Ceylon, 3 July, bapt. there
21 August 1880.

Gladys Brabazon Stapleton,
born at Maskeliya, Ceylon, 7
March, bapt. there 10 May

Reginald Dugleby Stapleton Gwatkin,
born at Twickenham 24 Oct. 1883, bapt.
there, at Holy Trinity, i January 1884.

Hugh Miles Stapleton Gwatkin, born at
Anerley, near London, 17 March, bapt. at
Holy Trinity,Twickenham, 9 May 1886.

Willoughby Levinge Stapleton Gwatkin,
born at Fulham, London, 6 Dec. 1892,
bapt. there, at All Saints, 4 Jan. 1893.

Charlotte Louisa, Sophia, born i6 Novem-=Rev. WilHam Lewis Pugh Garnons, M.A., formerly

born 2 June, ber 1815, bapt. at St. Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Vicar

bapt. at St. An- Andrew's, Holborn, 14 of Ulting, co. Essex, born at Newcastle-Emlyn,

drew's, Holborn, January 1816; marr. at co. Carmarthen, 23 September 1792, bapt. there i

I July 1813. Holy Trinity Church, January 1793; died without Issue at Ulting £

Twickenham, co. Mid- March, bur. there 12 March 1863.

dlesex, 18 January 1859.

2nd wife.

Rev. Walter Henry Trelawny Gwatkin,:
RLA. King's Coll., Cambridge, Curate
in Charge of Wye, co. Kent, born at
Twickenham 27 August, bapt. there, at
Holy Trinity, 28 September 1861.
Assumed the name of Ashton, in addi-
tion to his own, by deed dated 17 Feb.
1888, and enrolled in Chancery 22 Fe-
bruary 1888.

^Frances Lilian, dau. and heir
of Frank Ashton, J. P., of
Twickenham ; born at Leam-
ington, CO. Warwick, 28
May, bapt. at Lillington, co.
Warwick, 20 July 1868;
marr. at Holy Trinity, Twick-
enham, 18 January 1888.




Frank Trelawny Arthur Ashton-Gwatkin,
born at Twickenham 14 April, bapt.
there, at Holy Trinity, 28 May 1889.

Hugh Fortescue Wilms-
hurst Gwatkin, formerly
Lieut. Highland Light
Infantry (Militia), bom
at Twickenham 28 July,
bapt. there, at Holy
Trinity, 12 September
1863 ; unmarr.



Vr! . 'K ///// ■/>r/i'f/f//ri'/ ,J//r///y/


John Johnson of Burwell Hall, son of Robert John -
son of Cherry Hinton, by Mary his wife ; bapt. at
Chesterton, co. Cambridge, 13 January 1775 ;
died 7 November, bur. at Burwell 1 1 November
1837, aged 6^. Will dated i November, proved 13
December 1837 by executors.

=Mary, dau. of Thomas Appleyard of Burgh
Hall, Swaffham Bulbeck, co. Cambridge,
by Mary his wife; born 7 July 1770, bapt.
at Swaffham Bulbeck 22 November 1776;
marr. there 24 December 1 795 : bur. at
Burwell 7 September i860, aged 89.

John Appleyard Johnson of Wicken Hall,:
CO. Cambridge, bom 7 August, bapt. at Bur-
well 15 August 1796; died 18 May, bur. at
Burwell 22 May 1875. Will dated 17 Aug.
1872, proved 21 July 1875.


^Elizabeth, dau. of Wil-
liam Aspland of Wicken ;
born at Wicken 14 Fe-
bruary, bapt. there 14
May 1797; marr. there
_5 October 1820 ; died
17 March, bur. at Bur-
well 21 March 1884.

Robert Johnson, born 18
December 1797, bapt. at
Burwell 8 Feb. 1798; bur.
there 7 July 1876.

Thomas Johnson, born 11
May, bapt. at Burwell 7
Nov. 1800; bur. there 8
January 1834.

Elizabeth Aspland,
born 20 August,
bapt. at Wicken 14
Dec. 1821 ; bur. at
Wicken 22 July
1826, aged 4 years
and II months.

Emily Sophia, born 1 1 Aug.,
bapt. at Wicken 20 Nov.
1823; died 13 Dec, bur. at
Burwell 20 December 1872.

John Johnson of Thet-^
ford Abbey, Norfolk,
born 30 April, bapt. at
Wicken 29 Aug. 1825.

^^^^^A^Ul. ^cn-7^in..^''<^^ir^i''l^

=Mary Sophia, dau. of
James Debenham of
Manor House, Felt-
well ; born 13 Dec.
1 83 1, bapt. at Bod-
ney, Norfolk, 30 Jan.
1832; marr. at Felt-
well 21 March 1850.

Agnes Mary, born 20=
April, bapt. at South
Pickenham \6 June
1856; marr. at St.
Peter's, Thetford, 27
December 1877.

: Charles Ford of Clifton,
son of Arthur and Mary
Ford ; born 1 1 January,
bapt. at St. Mary's, Bath-
wick, 19 January 1836.

Ida Elizabeth,
born 9 April,
bapt. at South
Pickenham 6
June 1858.

John Sydney
Johnson, born
12 May, bapt.
at South Pick-
enham 26 Au-
gust i860.

I .
Maria Sophia
Kersey, born 5
February, bapt.
at South Pick-
enham 20
April 1862.

William Appleyard
Johnson, born 4 May
1801, bapt. at Bur-
well 2 June 1804;
died 4 January, bur.
at Burwell 8 Jan.

Sophia, born 26
January, bapt. at
Burweil 15 March
1803 ; died 21 Au-
gust, bur. at Bur-
well 24 Aug. 1850.


Henry Johnson of Bur-=

well, born 27 April,
bapt. at Burwell 16
Dec. 1 806 ; died 9 Feb.,
aged 5 1, bur. at Burwell
13 Feb. 1857. M.I.

: Harriet, dau. of Charles Rust
of Stuntney Hall, in parish
of Stuntney, Ely ; bapt.
there 20 April 1815 ; died
I August, aged 35, bur. at
Burwell 5 Aug. 185 1. M.I.

William Asp-
land Johnson,
bapt. at Wick-
en 20 August
1826 ; died 31
May, bur. at
5 June 1850.

Anne Eli -
born 22
bapt. at
Wicken 9
there 5

:Henry James
Debenham of
Patmore Hall,
Albury, co.
Herts, son of
James and
Sophia De-
benham; born
at Ixworth 14
June, bapt.
there 20 June


Anne, dau. of=
Jonathan Flower
of Feltwell Place,
Norfolk ; born at
Feltwell I Aug.
1832, bapt. there

23 July 1834;
marr. there 3 1
Jan. 1854; died

24 Dec, bur. at
Chislet 30 Dec.
1858, aged 26.
M.I. ist wife.

:Rev. Robert John-=
son of St. John's
Coll., Cambridge,
B.A. 18^4, M.A.
1 8 157, Vicar of
Chislet 1858—76,
Rector of Smarden
1876—78, Vicar
of Hornchurch,
Essex ; born at
Spinney Abbey, co.
Cambridge, 6 May,
bapt. at Wicken 5
June 1 83 1.

=Eliza Mary,
dau. of Wil-
liam Nurse
of East Hall,
Feltwell, CO.
Norfolk ;
bom 4 Au-
gust, bapt.
27 August
1 816; marr.
at Feltwell
12 January
i860. 2nd

Isabel Elizabeth Prinzessin, born 16 December
1854, bapt. at Heidelberg; died 23 March,
bur. at Chislet 28 March 1871, aged 16. M.I.

John Robert Johnson, born at Feltwell, Nor-
folk, bapt. at Chislet 20 June 1858 ; died la
March, bur. at Chislet 16 March 1859, aged
10 months. M.I.

John Frederick Johnson,
born 16 April, bapt. at

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