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February 1819. M.I.

Arms on record in the College of
Arms. — Argent, a chevron azure,
between three foxes heads erased
gules, as many pears slipped or.

Crest. — A plume of five ostrich
feathers alternately argent and or,
before them a unicorn's head couped
azure, gorged with a ducal coronet

Motto. — Praestat opes Sapientia.

=Honi''= Charlotte Wilson,
eldest dau. of Rev. Henry,
Baron Berners, by Elizabeth
his wife, dau. of Thomas
Sumpter of Histon Hall, co.
Cambridge ; born at Kirby
Cane, co. Suffolk, 10 April,
bapt. there 25 June 1790;
marr. there 3 April 1809 ;
died, aged 66, 8 February, bur.
at Sheringham 14 February
1857. Memorial window in
Sheringham Church.


Henry Ramey Upcher of Shering^
ham Hall, of Trinity College,
Cambridge, B.A. 1832, M.A. 1835;
J.P. and D.L. for co. Norfolk;
born 8 March 1810, bapt. at ICirby
Cane ; died, aged 82, 30 March,
bur. at Sheringham 2 April 1892.

=Caroline, dau. of Joseph
Morris of Ampthill
House, CO. Bedford, by
Martha his wife, dau. of
John Pryor of Baldock,
CO. Herts; born 15
January 1818; bapt. at

3 July 1838.

marr. at
CO. Midd.


Charlotte Mary, born 28 April
181 1 ; bapt. at Great Yarmouth;
marr. at Sheringham 3 Septem-
ber 1834, Edmund Charles Hen-
ning Buxton of North Repps, co.
Norfolk, and of Daresby Hall, co.
Chester (son of Charles Buxton,
by Martha his wife, eldest dau. of
Edmund Henning of Melcombe
Regis, CO. Dorset) ; born 3 Sep-
tember 1 81 3; died at Oniger, West
Africa, in 1878, bur. there; she
died 1 6 November, bur. at Mostyn,
North Wales, 19 November 1892.

Henry Morris Upcher of=f=Maria Hester.
Sheringham Hall, J.P. for " '
Norfolk; bom 15 Decem-
ber 1839, bapt. at Sher-
ingham 8 March 1840.


^fe^y2^. /^.

only child of Rev. Gerald Upcher of Trinity Col-
Edward Bowyer Sparke, Canon of Ely, lege, Cambridge, B.A. 1864;
and Rector of Feltwell, co. Norfolk ; born 19 June, bapt. at Sher-
born at Feltwell, bapt. there 2 October ingham 12 September 1841 ;
1836 ; marr. at Feltwell 10 June 1869. died, aged 30, 24 September,
bur. at Sheringham 30 Sep-
tember 1872.

Abbot Wilkinson Upcher,
born 4 January, bapt. at Sher-
ingham 18 February 1843;
bur. at Sheringham in Febru-
ary 1844.



Arms.— Or, a lion rampant gules, couped in all joints of the first, wnthin a

bordure wavy azure, charged with four crescents argent.
Cresi. — A rock placed in the sea proper.
Motto. — Non fluctuo fluctu.

Thomas Pelham Maitland of the Hon'>'' East
India Co.'s (Home) Service, to which he was
Dutch Translator 1777 to 1797 (son of Pelham
Maitland of Belmont, Edin-
burgh (2nd son of Colonel
Richard Maitland of the 3rd
Foot Guards), and Dorothea
his wife, dau. of Thomas
Haslewood of Wickwarren in
the parish of Pershore, co.
Worcester) ; born at Dalkeith

30 April 1754; died, aged 43,

31 May, bur. in the grave-
yard attached to the Meeting
House, Lock's Fields, Wal-
worth, CO. Surrey, in June 1797. Will proved
by his widow, sole Extrix, 16 June 1797.

Seal used by

Pelham Maitland

of Edinburgh.

=Mary, dau. of Thomas Kennedy of Bell Yard
(Liberty of the Rolls); born 18 December,
bapt. at Bell Yard 29 December 1757 (baptism
entered in the Registers of St. Dunstan in the
West, London) ; marr. by licence at St. An-
drew by the Wardrobe, Blackfriars, London, 25
July 1776; died, aged 73, 16 January, bur. at
Lock's Fields, Walworth, 23 January 1830.


Pelham Thomas Maitland of the Hon"= East=i=Fanny,
India Company's (Home) Service 1793 to 25
March 1835 J born 22 February, bapt. at St.
Mary Newington, co. Surrey, 28 February
1778; died, aged 67, 23 January, bur. at
Norwood Cemetery, co. Surrey, 30 January

, dau. of William Baynes of Kennington,
CO. Surrey (bur. at Lock's Fields 5 August
1812, aged 68); born at Southwark, co. Surrey,
in 1783; marr. at St. Mary Newington 27
January i8io; died, aged 73, 5 January, bur,
at Norwood Cemetery 11 January 1855.

Rev. Pelham Maitland of Peterhouse, Cambridge, B.A. 1839,=
M.A. 1844, Curate of Blackburn, co. Lane, Perpetual Curate
of St. Peter's, Blackburn, Curate of St. Peter's, Walworth,
then of St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet ; born 30 March, bapt. at
Lock's Fields 23 May 181 1 ; died at Canterbury, co. Kent,
13 Sept., bur. at St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, 19 Sept. 1870,

=Emily, dau. of John Wood of
Kennington, co. Surrey, born at
Henrietta Street, Covent Garden,
London, 20 February, bapt. at
St. Paul's, Covent Garden, 15
March 1809 ; marr. at St. Mark's,
Kennington, 17 June 1843; died
19 February, bur. at St. Peter's,
Isle of Thanet, 24 February

Pelham Maidand, Rev. Herbert Thomas Maitland of Worcester=Cecilia Agnes Hope, dau.

born 2 1 April, bapt. College, Oxford, matriculated 15 October of Rev. John Scarth of

at|St. Peter's, Wal- 1864, aged 18, B.A. 1867, M.A. 1872, Curate Bearsted, co. Kent, Hon.

wo'rth, 26May 1844; of St. Martin with St. Paul, Canterbury, Rector Canon of Rochester; born

died s.p. in India of Postling, co. Kent, Vicar of St. Saviour at The Terrace, Bayswater,

3 October, bur. at with St. James, Walthamstow, co. Essex ; London, 4 August, bapt. at

Jhansi 4 October born 21 January, bapt. at St. Peter's, Walworth, All Saints', Netting Hill,

1870. 22 February 1846. London, 31 August 1865;

Q /t I marr. at Holy Cross, Bear-

/^UM' ^ -^^'^"^^^ sted, II June 1890.

Thomas Maitland of the=
HonW' East India Com-
pany's (Home) Service
1796 to 29 September
1830; born 20 July, bapt.
at St. Mary Newington, co.
Surrey, 7 August 1779;
died 13 October, bur. in
the graveyard attached to
the Independent Meeting
House, Tiverton, co.
Devon, 18 October 1840.

=Jane, dau. of Richard Gabb of
the Town Mills, Guildford, co.
Surrey, and Elizabeth (Betts)
his wife (who were marr. at
Holy Trinity, Guildford, 9 Oc-
tober 1766); born 27 February
1780; marr. at St. Mary
Newington 11 August 1808;
died 22 January, bur. at
Palm Cemetery, Plymouth, co.
Devon, 28 January 1864.


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