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our no. 54484, vol. 13.


Supplementary Catalogue of the Books belonging to the Library
of the New York Hospital. New York: Robert Craighead, Printer ,
81, 83, and 85 Centre Street. 1 86 1. 8vo, pp. (2), 69. nyp. + The
New York Printing C omfany } 81, 83, and 85 Centre Street. 1 869.
8vo, pp. (2), 39. nyp. + New York: D. Van Nostrand, 23
Murray & 2J Warren Sts. 1875. 8vo, pp. 38. nyp. 86160

The 1869 and 1875 editions have the headings, respectively: "No. Ill" and
"No. IV." For other editions, see our no. 54482, vol. 13.

Society of the "Old Boys of Hampton Academy." Poem
and Address delivered on the First Annual Meeting of the Society
of the "Old Boys of Hampton Academy." July, i860. . . . (Printed
by order of the Society.) Richmond: Wm. H. Clemmitt } book
and job frinter. 186 1. 8vo, cover title, and pp. 13, 22.

heh. 86161

Half-title of first part: "Real and Ideal: A Poem by W. Gordon McCabe. ..."
Title of part 2: "Social Development in Virginia: An Address by James Barron
Hope, president of the society. July, i860. Richmond . . . i860." Title supplied by
Willard O. Waters.

Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church for the
Advancement of Christianity in Pennsylvania. Report.
See our no. 60618, vol. 14.

Society of the Rosy Cross, United States and B. N.
America, Department of General, January 1st, 1865. By request
of the Supreme Council of the Order, assembled at . . . Philadelphia
on the first day of December, Anno Domini Eighteen Hundred
and Sixty-four: — Resolved, that — Whereas, During no age in our
past history, and in no country under any form of Government,
have we been permitted to acknowledge our association . . . [Phil-
adelphia. 1865.] 4to broadside. h. 86162

Society of the Sixth Army Corps. Constitution and Bye-
Laws of the Society of the Sixth Army Corps, together with its
Organization, [n. f.~\ 1869. 8vo, pp. (2), 8, (2). heh. 86163

Title supplied by Willard O. Waters.

Third Annual Report of the Society of the Sixth Army Corps,
Army of the Potomac; with the Proceedings of the Meeting in
Philadelphia, Pa., April 8, 1 870. New York. 1871. 8vo, cover
title, and pp. 5. Continued. aas., heh. 86164

Title supplied by Willard O. Waters.

Society of the Sons of New England of the City and
County of Philadelphia. Constitution and By-Laws of the


Sons of New-England, of the City and County of Philadelphia.
Instituted March 5th, 1844. Philadelphia, 1845. [Verso of title:]
T. G. Spear, Printer. Lyceum Press N. W. cor. Chestnut and
Third sts. l2mo, pp. 17. C. 86165

Society of the Sons of St. George, Philadelphia. List of
the Members of the Society of the Sons of St. George, established at
Philadelphia. Revised and corrected the 23d of April, 1 802. Phil-
adelphia: Printed by James Humphreys. 1802. 8vo, pp. 24.

nyp. 86166

For another edition see note to our no. 62260, vol. 18, where the main list of
the publications of the society appears.

Rules and Constitution of the Society of the Sons of St. George.
Philadelphia: Printed by Eleazer Oswald at the Coffee-House.
[1788.] 86167

Title from Evans. For other editions of the Rules see our nos. 62260, vol. 15, and
74071, vol. 18.

Society of the United Brethren for Propagating the
Gospel among the Heathen. Abstract of the Proceedings.
See below, Proceedings.

An Address from the Brethren's Society for the furtherance of
the Gospel among the Heathen. See our no. 387, vol. I.

Bericht der Directoren der Societat zur Ausbreitung des Evan-
geliums unter den Heiden. Gelesen vor der Societat bei deren
jahrlichen Versammlung in Bethlehem, am 5ten September 1842.
[Colophon:] Easton: Gedruckt von Heinrich Held. [1842.]
i2mo, pp. 12. Continued. whs. 86168

Caption title, supplied by Annie A. Nunns. whs. also has "Bericht," 1846, and

Organized in 1745 as the Society for the furtherance of the Gospel. Incorporated
under the present name in 1788.

Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting, In
obedience to a resolution of the Senate, of the 2 2d ult. A Copy of
a Patent, Which issued under an act of Congress, passed on the ist
day of June, 1796, "conveying to the Society of United Brethren
for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen, three-tracts of
land of four thousand acres each, to include the towns of Gnaden-
hutten, Schoenbrun, and Salem, on the Muskingum, in the state of
Ohio, in trust for the sole use of the Christian Indians formerly
settled there." March 5, 1822. Printed by order of the Senate of
the United States. Washington: Printed by Gales & Seaton.
1822. 8vo, pp. 6. UTS. 86169


In the Harvard Library is a "Plat of that Tract of Country in the Territory North-
west of the Ohio appropriated for Military Services; and described in the Act of
Congress [June 1, 1796], intituled 'An Act regulating the Grants of Land appro-
priated for Military Services, and for the Society of United Brethren for propagating
the Gospel among the Heathen' Survey'd under the direction of Rufus Putnam
Surveyor General to the United States. Weston sc. Philada." [1796? ] (13 by
24^ in.)- It has also the inscription: "Part of the seven ranges survey'd agreeable
to the ordinance of Congress of May 20th, 1785." It seems probable that the map was
prepared soon after the act was passed. According to Fielding's "American En-
gravers," 191 7, Weston was engraving at that time.

Memorial and Petition of John G. Cunow, acting in behalf of
the directors of the missionary concerns, of the Society of the United
Brethren, commonly called Moravians. February 18, 1 8 14.
Printed by order of the senate in the United States. Washington
City: Printed by Roger C.Wei ghtman. 1 8 14. 8vo, pp. 8.

uts. 86170

Corrected title of our no. 17977, vol. 5.

The Missionary Manual and Directory of the Unitas Fratrum
or the Moravian Church. Published by the Society of the United
Brethren for propagating the Gospel among the Heathen. Bethle-
hem: Moravian Publication Office. 1 8 75. 8vo, pp. 39.

uts. 8617 I

Proceedings of the eighty-seventh general meeting of the Society
for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen, held at Bethlehem,
August 23d, 1864. Bethlehem: H. Ruede, Book &? Job Printer,
Main Street. 1 864. 8vo, cover title, and pp. 16. Continued.

NYP., WHS. 86172

We have been unable to locate any earlier "Proceedings" of the society. The pro-
ceedings of the next two general meetings were issued together under title, "Abstract
of the Proceedings of the 88th and 89th general meetings," 1865.

Review of the Foreign Missions of the Moravian Church, from
July 1st, 187 1, to July 1st, 1872, with special reports from the
missions in Canada and Kansas. Prepared for the 85th anniversary
of the Society of of [sic] the United Brethren for Propagating the
Gospel among the Heathen, held at Bethlehem, September 19th,
1872. Bethlehem: Moravian Publication Office. 1 87 2. 8vo,

pp.45. NYP., UTS., WHS. 86173

Also: "Review of the Foreign Missions ... 1872 to . . . 1873," 1873. 8vo,
pp. 68. uts.

Stated Rules | of | The Society | of the | United Brethren, | for
Propagating the Gospel | among | the Heathen. | Philadelfhia:


Printed by Charles Cist, in Race-street, | between Front and Sec-
ond-streets. | [1788.] I i6mo, pp. 15, (i),4-

AAS.y CAN. ARCH. 86 I 74

Preface signed: John Ettwein, Episc. Firm., Bethlehem, Nov. 1st. 1787. Last four
pages contain the act of incorporation of the Society by the State of Pennsylvania.

[Society of the War of 1812, Pennsylvania.] Constitu-
tion of the Pennsylvania Association of the Defenders of the Coun-
try, in the War of 1812. As amended July 4th, i860. Philadel-
fhia: John B. Sf ringer, south east corner Fifth and Walnut Sts.
1862. 8vo, pp. 14. nyp. 86175

Improved title of our no. 61959, v °l- I 4- Organized in 1854 as the Society of the
War of 1 81 2 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; in i860 the name was changed
to the form appearing on the title-page. When the general Society of the War of
1812 was organized in 1894, this society became a state branch.

Society of Unitarian Christians, Philadelphia. See our
no. 62261, vol. 15.

Society of United Fraternity, Dartmouth College.
See United Fraternity.

Society of United Irishmen, Dublin. Proceedings | of the
Society | of | United Irishmen, | of | Dublin. | Philadelphia: \
Printed for Thomas Stephens No. 57, South Second-Street \ by
Jacob Johnson, & Co. | 1795. | l6mo, pp. (9), verso blank, 241.

AAS., c, cu v jcb. 86176

Contains the proceedings for 1791— 1794. See also our no. 13876, vol. 4, for Cob-
bett's "Observations" on the Proceedings, included in his "A Bone to Gnaw," part 2,

Society of Virginia for Promoting Agriculture. Me-
moirs of the "Society of Virginia for promoting Agriculture" : con-
taining communications on various subjects in husbandry and rural
affairs. Richmond: Printed by Shepherd & Pollard. 1 8 1 8. 8vo,
pp. xiii, 9-132. BA., c.j heh. 86177

"Contains papers presented in 1811 and 1818." — c. Evidently no more were

Society without Veil, and the National Behest. By one of the
People. New-York: Printed by J. P. Pr all. 1851. l2mo, pp. 218,
errata (1). c 86178

In verse.

Socinian. A Narrative. Published by the Protestant Episcopal
Tract Society. New York: Printed by T. Cif /. Swords, and to be

socio (carlo convivio). 509

had at the Depository of the Society, No. 127 .Broadway. 1827.
i2mo, pp. 24. c. 86179

Title supplied by Ernest Kletsch.

Socio (Carlo Convivio), junr., pseud. The Post-Chaise Com-
panion; or, Magazine of Wit. By Carlo Convivio Socio, Junr.
fellow of the Royal Academy of Humouristi. To which is added,
a number of Patriotic and Humorous Songs. Second Edition.
Philadelphia: 1821. i6mo, pp. 142. c, nyh. 86180

According to Smyth's "Philadelphia Magazines and their Contributors," 1892, p.
187, the "Post-Chaise Companion" was begun in January, 1821, and was issued from
15 North Front Street.

Socio. The Post-Chaise Companion, and Magazine of Wit.
Original and selected, from the most favourite literary authors.
By Clio Convivius Socio, fellow of the Academy of Humouristi.
. . . New York: Published for the Purchaser. 1827. 241110,
pp. 256. nyh. + Second Edition, with corrections and additions.
Baltimore: Published for the Purchaser. 1828. 24mo, pp. 224.

aas., c. ; nyh. 8618 1

Socio (Clio Convivius). See Socio (Carlo Convivio), above.

El Socio de plebe pauperum. Quito. Imprenta de la Univer si-
dad. 1843. 4to, pp. 20, erratas 1. 86182

Signed "Un catolico ecuatoriano." According to J. T. Medina's "Diccionario de
anonimos y seudonimos," vol. 2, 1925, p. 241, from which this title is supplied, the
author is Fray Jose Bravo.

Socke (David Ross). Andy's Trip to the West. New York.
1866. i2mo, pp. 38. 86183

Title from the catalogue card for a copy formerly at C, now missing.

[Sockett (Grenville A. ).] See A Plea for Authors . . . , our
no. 63381, vol. 15.

[Sockett (Thomas), editor, b. 1778?, d. 1859.] Canada.
Letters from Persons who have emigrated to Upper Canada, under
the management of the Petworth Emigration Committee, written
in the year 1833. Sold by John Phillips, Petworth; and by Long-
man and Co. London. 1 834. Price One Shilling. The second
edition of Emigrants' Letters, written in 1832, is just published,
price One Shilling. [Verso of title:] Petworth: Printed by John
Phillips, Church Street. 8vo, pp. (4), 48, (12), and (23) of
printed covers. nyp. 86184


A continuation of the letters found in our no. 86187 below. Undoubtedly this series
was also compiled by Sockett, editorial notes on pp. 2, io, 25, and on back cover of
No. 2, being signed "T. S." Published in six numbers of eight pages each, with con-
tinuous paging, and finally issued with the general title page and preliminary leaf.
Each number was issued with paper cover titles on which appear extracts from letters,
documents, and newspapers, the matter on the verso of front covers being continued
on recto of back covers, except in nos. 5 and 6, which contain, respectively, an addi-
tional pp. (10) and (2) of such extracts. Cover titles of the six numbers: "Continua-
tion of Letters from Sussex Emigrants, ..." In the nyp. copy the 48 pages of text
are bound consecutively, followed by the covers and additional leaves.

[Sockett.] Continuation of Letters from Sussex Emigrants,
in Upper Canada, written in 1836. Petworth: Printed and sold
by John Phillips. [1837.] 8vo, cover title, pp. 24, and printed
back cover. h. 86185

The inside of the front cover and both sides of the back cover contain additional
material, including a notice dated Jan. 9th, 1837, and a letter addressed to the Rev.
T. Sockett, Chairman, Emigration Society, Petworth, Sussex. A slip pasted at the be-
ginning states that the Earl of Egremont has signified his intention to continue his
liberal encouragement to emigration.

[Sockett.] Emigration. A Letter to a Member of Parliament,
containing a statement of the method pursued by the Petworth
Committee, in sending out emigrants to Upper Canada, in the
years 1832 and 1 833. And a plan upon which the sums required
for defraying the expence of emigration may be raised. Sold by
J. Phillips, Petworth, and Longman and Co. London. 1833.
Price sixpence. [Verso of title:] Petworth: Printed by John
Phillips, Church Street. 8vo, pp. 24. B., C. + Second Edition.
Sold by John Phillips, Petworth; and by Longman and Co. Lon-
don. 1834. Price sixpence. [Colophon:] Printed by J \ Phillips,
Petworth. 8vo, pp. 19. B., h., nyp., y. 86186

Signed on p. 22 of first edition: T. Sockett. The nyp. copy of the second edition has
a mutilated title and only pp. 10.

[Sockett.] Emigration. Letters from Sussex Emigrants, who
sailed from Portsmouth, in April, 1832, on board the ships Lord
Melville and Eveline, for Upper Canada. Second Edition. Pet-
zvorth. Sold by J. Phillips. . . . 1833. 8vo, pp. x, 3-48.

c.,y. 86187

For the first edition of these letters, see our nos. 22500, vol. 6, and 40594, vol 10.
See also our no. 8830, vol. 3.

Soconusco (territorio de Centro-America,) ocupado militarmente
de orden del gobierno mexicano. Guatemala: Impr. de la Paz.
[1842.] 8vo,pp. (2), 12, (i). C. 86188

Dated on p. 12: "Guatemala, Octobre 17, 1842." Signed: "Unos centro ameri-
canos." See also our no. 48435, vol. 12.


Socorro, Colombia. Memoria del gobernador del Socorro a
la Camara provincial en sus sesiones de 1843. {.Bogota? 1843? ]
i2mo, pp. 15. c. 86189

Caption title. Signed and dated: "Francisco Vega. Socorro, 15 de setiembre de

Ordenanzas de la Legislatura provincial del Socorro espedidas
en 1856. Bogota. 1856. 8vo. BM. 86190

Socorro de Leon (Jose), editor. Cuba poetica. Coleccion
escogida de las composiciones en verso de los poetas cubanos desde
Zequeira hasta nuestros dias. Directores. Jose Fornaris. — Joaquin
Lorenzo Luaces. Editor, Jose Socorro de Leon. Habana. Im-
frenta y papelerla de la vluda de Barclno, calle de la Reina, num.
6: 1858. Folio, pp. v, 5-234, (2). Hisp.soc.AMER. + (Segunda
Edicion.) Habana. Imprenta de la vluda de Barcina y Comp.,
calle de la Relna num. 6. 1 86 1. Folio, pp. 235, verso blank, (1).


Contains biographical sketches of Cuban poets, as well as examples of their poetry.

Socorro de Leon. Cuba poetica. Coleccion escogida de las
composiciones en verso de los poetas cubanos desde Zequeira hasta
nuestros dias. Director — Editor Jose Socorro de Leon. Habana.
Imfrenta de la vluda de Barcina y companla y calle de la Relna
num. 6. 1859. Folio, pp. (6), 5—183, verso blank, (1).


Socrates, pseud. Echo from the Temple of | Wisdom, | an-
nounced by I Messieurs Common Truth, S. S. T. P. | Common
Honesty, C. P. S. | Common Law, L. L. D. | And "Common
Sense, Secretary to Foreign | Affairs, and Author of all the Writ-
ings I Under the Signature of Common Sense;" | or a | Constitu-
tional Answer and Refutation | of an | Address to Mr. Silas
Deane, | Approved of and agreed unto by a Majority of | Delegates
in General Congress, | Of Senators, Orators, Grammarians, Rhet-
oricians, I Logicians, Lawyers, | Critics, Politicians, [ Patriots,
Public Spirited Whigs, Connoisseurs, | Casuists, Divines, and Re-
publicans; I Mr. Common Sense himself Chief Speaker | in and
among them. | In a Series of Letters, | By Socrates, Father of the
House of I Congress. | . . . | Philadelphia: Printed In the Year |
1779. I 8vo, pp.51, (1). p. 86193

Title from Hildeburn.

[Sodality Lyceum, St. Louis.] A Few Suggestions to the
Young Men's Sodality, of St. Louis, Mo. St. Louis: printed by


Daly, Bell & Boas, 321 North Main Street, 1867. 8vo, cover
title, and pp. 8. H. 86 1 94

On the first page the name of the organization is given as the "Sodality Lyceum."

Soden (Carl Theodor von). Des Auswanderers Schutz dies-
seits und jenseits des Oceans. Wegweiser fur Auswanderer nach
. . . Nora 1 -, Mittel- und Sud-Amerika so wie in Australien, . . .
Hamburg. 1853. 8vo. BM - 86195

Soden ([Friedrich] Julius [Heinrich]), Graf von, b. 1754,
d. 1 83 1. Die I Spanier in Peru | und | Mexiko. | Von | Julius
Soden, I Reichs-Grafen. | . . . | Mit drei Kupfern. | Berlin. \ bei
Friedrich Maurer, 1794 [-1796]. | 2 vols., i6mo, blank recto,
pp. (2), blank verso, (4), 380, 3 engraved plates; blank recto,
(2), blank verso, 260, 3 engraved plates.

c, hisp.soc.amer., jcb., 86196

Vol. 1 has, in addition to the general title, a separate title page, "Die | Spanier in
Peru. I ..." and vol. 2, "Die | Spanier in Mexiko. | ..."

Soden. Die Spanier in Peru. Von Julius Soden, Reichs-Grafen.
Berlin, bei Friedrich Maurer. 1834. i6mo, pp. (6), 380.

A second edition of vol. i of the preceding title. HISP.SOC.AMER. 86 I 97

Sodling (C[arl] E[rik] ). Till Arv. Aug. Afzelius Indianska
dans-melodier upptecknade i S5dra Amerika och satta for piano af
C. E. Sodling . . . Stockholm, A. Hirsch. [1870?] Folio, pp. 7.

Y. 86198

Approximate date of this and the following title from the "Index bibliographique"
in R. and M. d'Harcourt's "La Musique des Incas," 1925. Titles supplied by Anne S.

Sodling. Till Arv. Aug. Afzelius Indianska Sanger utan ord
upptecknade i S5dra Amerika och satta for piano af C. E. Sodling
... Stockholm, A. Hirsch. [1870?] Folio, pp. 6. Y. 86 1 99

Sodor and Man, Bishof of, 1 697—1 755- See [Wilson (Thorn-

[Sodre (Francois de)]. Les Provinces de La Plata erigees en
monarchic. Considerations politiques; par le C[ommandeur] de
S[odre]. Paris. 1820. 8vo, pp. 16. BM. 86200

Sodus Academy, Sodus, N. Y. Catalogue. New York. 1859.
8vo. 86201

Title from the catalogue card for a copy formerly at C., now missing.


Circular. [«. p.] 1859. 8vo. 86202

Title from the catalogue of the New York State Library, first supplement, 1 861.

Sodus Bay Improvement Company. The Sodus Bay Im«-
provement Company. A Circular issued for the purpose of in-
forming the public in relation to the character of Great Sodus Bay,
(Lake Ontario,) as a Harbor, and of its inevitably Rapid Develop-
ment into Great Commercial Importance. New York: Fisk &
Russell, Printers, 25 Chambers St. 1872. 8vo, pp. 18. Frontis-
piece map on two pages. b., c, nyp. 86203

[Sodus Canal Company.] Great Sodus Bay, and the Sodus
Canal. Boston: Printed by Alfred Mudge, 21 School Street.
1852. 8vo, pp. 38. Folded map. ba., c, nyp. 86204

Signed on p. 16 by William H. Adams, President of the Sodus Canal Company.
Engineer's report and appendix, pp. 17—38.

Sodus Canal. 1839. [On cover:] G. F. Hopkins, Printer, 2
Ann-st. [New York. 1 839.] 8vo, pp. 16. NYP. 86205

Heading of p. 1 : "A statement of the works on the Sodus Canal, connecting the
Erie Canal, the Cayuga and Seneca Lakes, the New-York and Erie Rail Road, and the
Internal Improvements of Pennsylvania, with Lake Ontario at Great Sodus Bay."
Signed by John Greig, President of the Sodus Canal Company, Alex. Duncan, Sec. &
Treas., and eight others. In the New York City Directory for 1838-1839, G. F.
Hopkins is listed as a printer at 2 Ann Street.

Sodus Canal Co. [Circular.] [At bottom of recto of second
leaf:] Nesbitt &f Co., Printers. [New York. 1852?] 8vo, 2
leaves. B. 86206

The first leaf is a map. The second is printed on both sides, and contains a sketch of
the undertaking, and an offer of bonds for sale at the banking house of Duncan, Sher-
man & Co., New-York. It is stated that the charter was obtained in 1851 and that the
proceeds from the issue of bonds should be sufficient to complete the work by the first
of September 1853. See also our no. 69513, vol. 17.

Sodus Point and Southern Rail Road Company of New
York. The Sodus Point and Southern Rail Road Company of New
York. Seven per cent. First Mortgage Convertible Sinking Fund
Bonds. Principal and Interest payable in New York City, in Gold,
free of government tax. Bonds payable in 190 1. William Alex-
ander Smith & Co. Bankers, No. 40 Wall Street, New York.
[Verso of cover :] Press of Sears Brothers, 45 William Street, N. Y.
[1873.] 8vo, pp. 27. Folded map. b., nyp. 86207

Dated on p. 16, January 20th, 1873.

Sodus Point and Southern Rail Road, of New York. Seven per
cent. First Mortgage Convertible Sinking Fund Bonds. Prin-
cipal and Interest payable in gold in New York City Free of

514 soest (gerardus hubertus van).

Government Tax. Thirty years to run. Charles J. Pusey, 78 & 80
Broadtvay, New York. [Colophon:] Hosford & Sons, Stationers,
56 Cedar Street, N. Y. [1872.] 8vo, cover title, and pp. 28.
Folded map. c., nyp. 86208

Letters and certificates are dated in 1872. The nyp. copy lacks the folded map.

Soest ([Gerardus] H[ubertus] van). Liberte et esclavage sous
la loi Neerlandaise. Etude de l'ouvrage Hollandais du Dr. W. R.
van Hoevell, Slaven en vrijen onder de Ned. wet. La Hay e. 1856.
8vo. 86209

Title from a clipping of an unidentified sale catalogue. For van Hoevell's work,
see our no. 32380, vol. 8.

Softly, Brave Yankees! ! ! or The West Indies Rendered In-
dependent of America; and Africa Civilized. Dedicated to the
African Association. By the Author of a True Picture of America.
London: Printed for Jordan and Maxwell, 331, Strand, Offosite
Somerset House; and Blacklock, Royal Exchange. 1 807. 8vo,
pp. (4), vii-43, advertisement (1). ba. 862 10

For a criticism, see "Monthly Review," vol. 53, 1807, P- 444-

The Softs the True Democracy of the State of New York. May
25th, 1856. New-York: 1856. 8vo, pp. 72.

B., c, nyp., whs., y. 862 1 1

[Sohier (Elizabeth Putnam)]. History of the Old South
Church of Boston. . . . Published for the Benefit of the Old South
Fund. 1876. [On front cover:] Boston: Printed by Reuben
Hildreth,No. 49 Cornhill. 8vo, pp. (4), 73.

B., BA., C., M., NYP., UP., WHS. 86212

Attributed to Elizabeth Putnam Sohier on the title page of the M. copy, in the hand-
writing of S. A. Green, librarian of the society at the time, and also a trustee of the
Old South Meeting House. Information from Julius H. Tuttle.

The Soho Company, Incorporated the 27th November, 1801,
by the Assembly of the State of New-Jersey. New-York: Printed
by T. & J. Swords, No. 99 Pearl-street. 1802. 8vo, pp. 15.

Relates to a lease of the Schuyler Copper Mine. NYH. 002 I 3

The Soil of the South, a monthly journal, devoted to Agricul-
ture, Horticulture, Rural & Domestic Economy. Volume II.
Columbus, Ga. Lomax £s? Ellis, Publishers, mdccclii. 4to, pp.
(4), 193-384. Continued. c. 86214


On p. 207 it is stated that "In May, 1850, a number of Planters living in Georgia
and Alabama, met in Columbus, Ga., and formed themselves into an Agricultural So-
ciety. ... it was determined at a meeting of the Society, in January, 1851, to estab-
lish an Agricultural Journal . . . [which] made its appearance in the month of March
last." The editors were James M. Chambers and Charles A. Peabody. C. has vol. 2;
Princeton, vol. 35 and whs., vol. 6. In 1857, this periodical was merged with the
"American Cotton Planter," as the "American Cotton Planter and the Soil of the
South," and was subsequently published in Montgomery, Ala.

Soirees bermudiennes, . . . See our no. 1 1 109, vol. 3.

Les Soirees canadiennes; recueil de Litterature nationale. . . .
[Vol. I] Quebec Brousseau et Freres, editeurs y 7, Rue Buade,
Haute-Ville. 1861. 8vo, pp. (2), 476, iii. Continued.

B., C, NYP., WHS., Y. 86215

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