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Supplement to a descriptive catalogue of Friends' books, or books written by members of the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers, from their first rise to the present time, interspersed with critical remarks and occasional biographical notices.. online

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Single Numbers, 2 cents.

Vol. 1. Boston, Wednesday, January 22,
1845 Number 4.



Note. — Contents. (Some are). Active Benevolence.

Elizabeth Frj'.
Poetry. The Human Sacrifice.

By John G. Whittier, &c.. &c. — —

Large folio. 1845. ^
This is the only number I have met with. — J.S.

The Western Friend, devoted to Religion, Morality,

Literature, General News, and the Markets.

Number 1.— Cincinatti, Eleventh Month 11, 1847.

Vol.1. 26 Nos.

Vol. 2. . . 26 Nos., ending 12 mo. 7, 1848. ^^

2rf|£t ^avMitnmi. A Monthly Magazine.

Price 6d. , . No. 12. 9 Mo. (September) 1848.

Edited I)y R. Dymond, Jun., G. Scholefield, and

F. W. Dymond.

Exete?' : Printed hy W. Roberts, 197, High Street.

8vo. 1848.
London : B. Far rand, 68, St. JoJin Street, Smith-
Jield. . No. i;5. 10 Mo. (October), 1848.

The Annual Monitor for 1868, (New Series, No. 26)

or Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends
in ^^rcaf Brtfain aiiti Jvtiantr for the year 1867.
[Edited by John Newby, of Ackworth.]

London : Sold Ijy F. B. Kitto and E. Marsh :
Willi am Sessions and George Hope, York :
John Gough, Eustace Street, DiMin.

18mo. 1867. 7

Preface, 1 page.
Obituary, 1 to 247.

Table showing the Deaths during the years 1864-65, 1865-66,
and 1866-67.

The Annual Monitor for 1869 to 1892. New Series.

Pennsylvania Hospital.

Report of the Board of Managers of the Pennsylvania

Hospital to the Contributors at their Annual Meeting,
held Fifth Month 6th, 1867. Together with the
Accounts of the Treasurer and Stewards. (Frontis-

Philadelphia : Collins, Printer. . 8vo. 1867. 3

Report, &c. ...... 8vo. 1868.

Report, &c. . . , , . ' . 8vo. 1869.


Report, &c. Held Fifth Month 2nd, 1870. (Frontis-
Philadelphia : Collins, Printer, dec. . 8vo, 1870. 2^

Ditto, to 1892.

An Account of the Times and Places for holding the

Meetings for "Worship and Discipline of the Society

of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland, for the year

1868. Published by direction of the Yearly Meeting.

Londoti : Ediuard Marsh, 12, Bishopsgate Street

Without 18mo. 18G8. 3^

Ditto, 1869 to 1892.

CIjc 1R0nff|It| H^C0Xtt«. A Journal of Home and

Foreign Missions, First-Day Schools, Temperance
and other Christian Work in the Society of Friends.
No. 1. Vol. 1.

Birmingha)7i 2)i"inted. .... 1869.

The Manchester Friend, Vols. 1 and 2. 1872, 1873.

The Friends' Almanack for 1874, The 37th Year of

the Reign of Queen Victoria ; containing informa-
tion useful to Members of the BtxcitUj trf Ifr^ntis,
and others connected with it, also A Text for every
Day in the Year.
%miismx : Published by G. H. Farrington, 11,
Knight Rider Street, Doctors' Gommo7is, E.G.
And to be had. of all Booksellers.

32mo. [1874.] 2

Natural History Journal.

James Edmund Glark, B.A., B.Sc, 20, Bootham,

Price 3s. yearly, (9 issues yearly).

Herald of Peace. A Semi-Monthly, devoted to the

Cause of Peace and general religious improvement.
Edited by W. E. Hathaway and Willet Borland,
Ghicago, Illinois, printed.

PERRY, Stephen, of Needham-Market, Siifolk.

A Dialogue on the Corn Laws between a Gentleman

and a Farmer, on board of the Orwell Steamer.
Printed by Stephe^i Piper 8vo.

NoTK. — Afterwards adopted and largely circulated by the

Anti-Corn Law Leagues.
See also " Anonymous."
He died at Needham Market the 3rd of 4th Month, 1871,

aged 75 years.


PETTITT, Wyatt J., of Dover. See Bibliography of Bees.
PHILLIPS, James, of London, Bookseller and Printer.

Letter, dated London, 1st of 3rd Month, 1785, " On the

slowness of the sale of Friends' Books," &c.

Folio. [1785.] \
[PHILLIPS, John], of Philadelphia.

A Paraphrastical Exposition on a Letter from a Gentle-
man in Philadelphia to his friend in Boston, con-
cerning a certain Person who compared himself to

\_Philadelphia : William BiYidford.']

Small 4to. [1693.] 8 pp.
PHILLIPS, John, of Cockermouth.

A Hand of Love stretched forth for the help of those

who have mournfully fallen into the Pit of darkness,
where the saving Light by Man is not enjoyed. Or
a Dissuader from Lrunkenness. (In verse.)

Cockermouth : Printed at the office of W. H. Moss,

Bookseller 8vo. No date. \

PHILLIPS, Richard, continued from Catalogue, Vol. 2,
p. 409.

An Experimental Examination of the Last edition of

the ipfjat[inacrrpot^ta CirnMnitusis ; with remarks on
Dr. Powell's Translation and Annotations. By
Richard Phillips.

London : Sold hy William Pliillips, George-yard,
and T. Underwood, 40, West Smithfield.

8vo. 1811. 101
PHILLIPS, William, continued from Catalogue, Vol. 2,
p. 409.

An Elementary Introduction to the Knowledge of

MINERALOGY; — WitJi Notes and Additions on Ameri-
can Articles, by Samuel L. Mitchill, Professor of
Mineralogy, Botany, and Zoology in the University
of New York ; President of the Lyceum of Natural
History, &c.

B-Bitt iBurlt : Printed and Published by Collins d-

Co., No. 189, Pearl-street. . 12mo. 1818. 12\

Outline of Geology.

New York : 12mo. 1818 ?

PICKARD, Isaac, of Harrogate, in Yorkshire.

Joy in Suffering, and Heavenly Visions of Christopher

Hindle, who died at the early age of 14^ years.
Leeds : Printed by Edward Baines & Sons.

18mo. 1869. ^


PILKINGTON, George, continued from Catalogue, Vol. 2,
p. 423.

An Address to the ENGLISH RESIDENTS in the Brazilian

Empire by George Pilkington.

" Who slew all tliese ? "
Rio De Janeiro. Printed hy Laemmert, Oiirives

Street, corner of Cano. . . 8vo. 1841. 1^

PIM, Jonathan, C07itinuecl from Catalogue, Vol. 2, p. 423.
Charles and Jcsiah ; or. Friendly Conversations

between a Churchman and a Quaker.

See W. H. Harvey, M.D., Dublin. . . 1862.

Ireland and the Imperial Parliament. By

Jonathan Pim, M.P.

Dublin : Hodges, Foster, & Co., 104, Grafton
Street; London: W.Ridg way, 169, Piccadilly.
Pr'ice Sixpence 8vo. 1871. 1^

Transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the

Society of Friends during the Famine in Ireland in
1846 and 1847. (With an Appendix).

DuMin : Hodges and Smith, Grafton Street;

London : W. d- F. G. Cash. . 8vo. 1852. 30

PITT, Andrew, of Hampstead.

"■ Answer of a Qualier to Frederick, Prince of Wales,

on liis declining to interfere in BeJialf of tJie QuaJiers
on the Subject of Tythes:' In "The Cabinet Maga-
zine ; or, Literarv Olio." No. 6, for April, 1797,
page 347. . " 12mo. 1797.

Biography of him, in "Park's History of Hampstead."

PITT, George, of Berkeley Cottage, Jlitcham, Surrey.

The BruisinCx of the Serpent's Head and of The

Church's Heel ; or An Essay on the Causes of
Decline of the Society of Friends. 1858.

8vo. No Printer's name or place. [1872.] 3
Note. — This pamphlet was written in 1858 and intended
only as a private memorandum and was laid aside
unused, but a relative of the Author's, turning it up,
prints it for private circulation. See the Preface.

Robert Alsop versus Robert Barclay, " The

Apologist." A Letter to a Friend on Robert
Alsop's Pamphlet, entitled : " What is the Gospel ?"
By William Irwin With an Introduction by
George Pitt.
Manchester : William Irwin, 24, Deansgate.
See William Irwin. *^vo. 1873. l\


PITT, George, continued.

Immediate Revelation True, and George Fox

Not Mistaken. A Testimony for George Fox, and
against his Detractors and Traducers, especially
against one who has lately published a pamphlet,
signed, " E. A." " A Member of the Society of
Friends," entitled, George Fox, his Character, Doc-
trine, and Work. By George Pitt.

Manchester : Printed Ijtj William Irivin, 35,

Fennell Street. . ^ . . 8vo. [1873.] 2

Can a TRUE Christian Minister Exact Tithes ? or

Reasons for not paying Citf|ea. By George Pitt.
Manchester : William Irivin, Cathedral Chambers,

Half Street 8vo. 1874. 1^

Greatest of all Truths or Salvation by Christ

Inwardly Revealed, being a Discourse upon
the Universal Love and Goodness of God to Mankind
in and through Jesus Christ. With a Preface by
George Pitt, (31st of 12th Month, 1875.)
Croydon : Printed bg Jesse W. Ward, ^^ Advertiser'^

Offices, Katharine Street. . 8vo. 1876. 1

There Being No Gospel for TITHES, How did they

become LAW ? or. An Examination of the Title
Deeds of the English Church as by Law established,
by A Plain Man. Introduced by George Pitt.

Croydon: Printed by Jesse W. Ward, '■'■Adver-
tiser " Offices, Katharine Street. 8vo. 187G. 7

Note. — This book is a reprint of Cobbett's " Legacy to
Parsons," with an introduction by George Pitt.

Why am I a Liberal and Not a Tory ? or. An

Appeal to the Electors of Mid Surrey. By George
Reprinted, Second Edition.

Croydon : Printed by Jesse W. Ward, " Adver-
tiser " Offices," Katharine Street. 8vo. 1880. 1^


Electors of Mitcham. Manor House, Mitcham,
8th 4th Mo., 1880.
Jesse W. Ward, Printer, Katharine Street, Croy-
don. . . Large Broadside. [1880.] 1

" Polly put the Kettle on, and We'll all have TEA."

(Being an Invitation to Tea, to Manor House, for
" The'^Destitute of Mitcham.") 2nd 2nd Mo., 1880.
George Pitt.



PITT, George, continued.

W. Field, Printer, Whitford Lane, Mitcliam.

Large Broadside. [1880.]

The Town Crier and Surrey Cartoons. A Humorous

and Satirical Paper. Jan. 10, 1880. Vol. 1, No. 4.
Our Cartoon.

No. 4. Mr. George Pitt.
Mr. Pitt's Dinner Party.

The Croydon Review and Railway Time Table. No. 4.

February, J 880.
" The Mitcham Dinners, by Mr. George Pitt," p. 8.

The Croydon Review, &c. No. 5. March, 1880.

Free Teas by George Pitt.
'" Polly put the kettle on, and we'll all have Tea," p. 8,

The Croydon Advertiser and Surrey County Report.

Saturday, Jan. 3, 1880.

Hungry Souls at Mitcham, p. 5.

Ditto. Satui'day, Jan. 10, 1880.

George Pitt's Dinners, p. 7.

Ditto. Saturday, Jan. 17, 1880.

Mitcham Free Dinner Parties —
the other side of the Question, p. 3.

Ditto. Saturday, Feb. 7, 1880.

George Pitt " Puts the Kettle on," p. 5.

BE MEN ! A few Words to the New Voters. By

George Pitt. 14/7mo. 1885. B. 1885.

Round the "World. A Sketch of a Visit to India,

China, and Japan, and Home across the Pacific
Ocean, United States, and the Atlantic. By GEORGE

Reprinted from " Cf|e Sr[tfisf| |ffrt^n^."

Glasgow : Robert Snieal, Crossliill. 8vo. 1885.


—London House, Mitcham, 12th Mo. 25th, 1886.

Berkeley Mutual Improvement Society, Mit-
cham. Essay by Mr. G. Pitt on " Emigration."
Reprinted from the " Sutton and Epsom Adver-
tiser," March 2nd, 1889. . . . B. 1889.

BcrkcIfU IRxthtal Imjniwlicmttttf. Mr. George Pitt

ON " Education."

Reprinted from the " SUTTON AND EPSOM ADVER-
TISER," November 15th, 1890. . B. 1890.

*POTTER, Alonzo, Bishop of Episcopal Church, Phila-

Political Economy ; its Objects, Uses, and Principles

considered. With a Summary for the Use of
Students. By A. Potter, D.D., Bishop of Pennsyl-
New York :

18mo. 1841.


PITT, George, continued.

Remarkable Travels Round and Over the World. By

George Pitt (Prospectus of).

17th of 9th Mo., 1886. Folio.
PITT, Priscilla (his Wife.)

The 3eviktlmj Hlufual ^mpvio'ijcmtnf S0i:ief5. For

the Breaking-up (verse) . . . 17/4, 1889. 8vo. ^

POLE, Thomas, continued from Catalogue, Vol. 2, p. 425.

The Anatomical Instructor ; or, an Illustra-

TRATION of the modern and most approved methods

of preparing and preserving the different parts of

the Human Body, and of Quadrupeds, by Injection,

Corrosion, Maceration, Distention, Articulation,

Modelling, &c., with a variety of Copper Plates. By

Thomas Pole, Member of the Corporation of

Surgeons in London.

London : Printed by Gouchman and Fry ; and

sold by the Author, No. 11, Talbot Court,

Gtncechurch Street ; and by W. Darton & Co.,

No. 55, Gracechurch Street. . 8vo. 1790. 2G

A Syllabus of a course of Lectures on the Theory and

Practice of Midwifery, including the Diseases of
Women and Children : Read by THOMAS Pole, at
his Theatre, in Thomas's Street, between Thomas's
and Guy's Hospitals, in the Borough of Southwark,
London. With a Prefatory Address to his Pupils.
C0n^^Jn : Printed by Stephen Couchman, Throg-

morton Street. . . . . 8vo. 1797. 7^

POLLARD, William, 6'on^«ViMef/from Catalogue, Vol. 2, p. 427.

Cauaitici^attaus addressed to the Society of Friends

on THE Peace Question. By William Pollard.
{Reprinted, with additions, from tlie Friends' Ex-

London : Printed by R. Barrett and Sons, 18, Mark

Lane. 8vo. 1871. \

New Game of Proverbs. In Quartetts.


*POTTER, Alonzo, continued.

The Principles of Science, applied to the Domestic and

Mechanic Arts, and to Manufactures and Agriculture ;
with Reflections on the Progress of the Arts, and
their Influence on Natural Welfare. By Alonzo
Potter, D.D.
New York :

12mo. 1850.
and G. B. Emerson. The School and the School-
master ; a Manual for the use of Teachers, Employers,
Trustees, inspectors, &c., of Common Schools, in
Parts. Part 1, by Dr. Potter ; Part 2, by G. B.
Emerson, A.M.

Neiv York 12mo. 1842.

By Horatio Potter. ?

Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity ;

delivered in Philadelphia by Clergymen of the
Protestant Episcopal Church, in the Fall and Winter
of 1853-4 ; With an Introduction, by ALONZO
Potter, D.D., Bishop of Pennsylvania. 8vo.

Philadelphia : E. H. Butler & Co. 8vo. 1855. pp. 408

The lectures in this volume were delivered during the past
winter in Philadelphia, at the instance of some of tlie
leading members of the Episcopal Convention of
Pennsylvania. The subjects of which tliey treat were
selected with special reference to the present exigencies
of public opinion, and to the wants of young men of
cultivated and thoughtful habits. Among the names of
the lecturers, we noticed several of the most distinguished
preachers in the Churcii. — New York Daily Tribune^
Tuesday, December 26, 1854.

PRATT, Charles E., of Boston, Massachusetts.

A Reviewer Reviewed. The QUAKER DOCTRINE of

the Inward Light vindicated-; with some criticism of
Thomas Kimber's Review of an Essay by Augustine
Jones, upon the Principles, Methods, and History of
the Society of Friends. By Charles E. Pratt,
Boston, Mass.

Geo. C. Herbert, Publisher, No. 5, Central Avenue,

Lynn, Mass. . . 8vo. 1874. 2| or 44pp.

Price 20 cents.

•PRICE, Eli K., of Philadelphia, Law Writer, &c.

Discourse on THE TRIAL BY JURY. Read before

the American Philosophical Society, May 1, 1863.
Philadelphia : Caxton Press of G. Sherman, Son,
and Co. . . 12mo. 1863. 24 pages.


•PRICE, Eli K., continued.

Discourse on THE FAMILY as an element of

Government. Read before the American Philo-
sophical Society, January, 1864. [ANONYMOUS.]
Philadelphia : Caxton Press of C. Sherman, Son,
and Co.

12mo. 1864. 50 pages.

Centennial Meeting of the Descendants of


Philadelphia : Caxton Press of C. Sherman, Son,

and Co. . . . 12mo. 1864. 86 pages.

Eli K. Price, in his " Centennial Meeting of the Descendants
of Philip and Rachel Price," printed 1864, says :

" He wrote and published a professional work, and prepared
Acts of Assembly at other times. He wrote, and with the
aid of his brother Philip, printed and circidatedthe 'Memoir
of Philip and Rachel Price,' which was printed at Glas-
gow in ' The British Friend,' and wrote and printed for
our relatives the Memorial of ' Rebecca,' his daughter,
and of her mother, and now presents them this contribu-
tion towards their family history. He ceased to be a
member with Friends by the best act of his life, that
which gave him one of the best of women to be one of
the best of wives. This was at the period of the
separation, &c.

Rebecca Embree Withers, Wife of Hanson L. Withers,
Daughter of Eli K. and Anna E. Price, was born
in Philadelphia, Third Month, 10th, 1829, and died
First Month, 17th, 1861.

Memorial of our Daughter, for her Child.

[Edited by Eli K. Price.]
Printed for Eli K. Price. . . 8vo. 1862. 14

PRICE, Rebecca Embree, see Rebecca Embree Withers.

PRICE, Anna E., Wife of Eli K. Price, Daughter of James
and Rebecca Embree, of JVest Bradford, Chester
County, Pennsylvania, born 5th Mo. 22nd, 1799.

Memorial of her, at the end of the above vol.


Memorial of our Daughter, for her Child.

See R. E. Withers. 8vo. 1862.

PRICHARD, James Cowles, continued from Catalogue,
Vol. 2, p. 432.

On the different Forms of Insanity, in relation to Juris-
prudence, designed for the use of persons concerned
in legal questions regarding unsoundness of mind.


PRICHARD, James Cowles, continued.

By James Cowles Prichard, M.D., F.R.S., M.R.I.A.,
Corresponding Member of the Academy of Moral and
Political Sciences in the National Institute, &c., &c.
Reprinted, 2nd Edition. — Hippolyte Bailliere, Pub-
lisher, 219, Regent Street. . 12mo. 1847. 11


Claudia. By Mrs. Frederick Prideaux.

" It is old n,nd plain."

Twelfth Night.
London : SmWi, Elder and Co., 65, Cornhill.

8vo. 1865. 141
PRIDEAUX, John, of Phjmovth.

WitliU^ of William Cookworthy, Discoverer of the

Cornish China-Clay and Stone, about A.D.
1755 ; Founder of the British Porcelain Manu-
facture, about 1760 ; and an eminent Minister of
the Society of Friends. Collected by JOHN Prideaux,
Member of the Plymouth Institution and Natural
History Society, and of the Royal Institution, Poly-
technic, and Geological Societies of Cornwall.

London : Messrs. Wliittaker and Co., Ave Maria
Lane. Plymouth and Devonjjort : Roger
Lidstone. Bristol : T. Kerslake. Newcastle-
under-Line : Crewe. Stafford : R. & W.
Wright. Truro : Heard d' Son. St. Austell :
Andreivs 8vo. 1853. 2^

Note. — With a Portrait (a Profile) and a Shadow on the

PUSEY, Caleb, continued from Catalogue, Vol. 2, p. 440.

Some brief Observations Made on Daniel Leeds his

Book, Entituled The Second Part of the Mystery of
Fox-Craft. Published for the clearing the Truth
against the false Aspersions, Calumnies, and Per-
versions of that often-refuted Author. By Caleb
Pusey. With a Postscript by Thos. Chalkly, wherein
D.L. is justly rebuked for falsely citeing him.
Printed at Philadelphia hy Joseph Reyners.

Small 4to. 1706 4^
Note. — Chalkley's Appendix is entitled : " A SmaU Broom,

&c." See Thos. Chalkley.
In the Library of the Meeting for Sufferings, Philadelphia.

QUERTIER, Priscilla. See John Newby.

QUINBY, M., of Neiv York. See Bibliography of Bees.


R.M. See Matilda Rickman.

RATHBONE, Hannah Mary, Widow of Richard Rath-
BONE and daughter of the late JOSEPH Reynolds,
of Bristol. See Evening Standard, Thursday,
March 28th, 1878.

The Diary of Lady Willoughby.

Letters of Richard Reynolds, with a Memoir of his

Life. By his Grand-daughter, Hannah Mary
Rathbone. (With a Portrait of Richard Reynolds.)

London : C. Gi/jnn. . . Large 12mo. 1852. 13^

The Strawberry Girl, with other Thoughts and Fancies

in Verse. By H. M. Rathbone, Authoress of " The
Diary of Lady Willonghhy.'" (Frontispiece.)

London : Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans and

RoJjerts 8vo. 1858. 7

She died at Ivy Lodge, Aigburth, near Liverpool, the
26th of 3rd month, 1878, in the 80th year of her age.

RATHMELL, Mary, of Leeds, was born in 1761. She was
of the Methodist persuasion. About the 24th year of
her age she married W. Rathmell, soon after she
quitted the Methodists and joined Friends.

Spiritual Progress of MARY RATHMELL. A

Mother's Legacy to her daughters.

Philadelphia : For Sale at Friends'' Book-store,

804, Arch Street. . . . 8vo. [1883?] 1|

Slie died the 4th of 11th Mo., 1796, aged 35 years, and
was interred in Friends' Burial Ground at Leeds. A few
years after iier death, her husband and two daughters
joined Friends.

*RAUNCE, John, continued from Catalogue, Vol. 2, p. 472.

A Brief DECLARATION against Judicial Astrologie

or. The Diabolical Art of Astrologie opened, ar-
raigned, and condemned. Wherein is handled these
following particulars, viz. : —

1. The deluded Astrologer.

2. The delusion of the Astrologer.

3. Diabolical Divination.

4. Horary Questions.


•RAUNCE, John, continued.

5. The Events of Astrology.

6. The 12 Houses.

7. The 7 Planets.

8. The 7 Planitary Angels.

9. Calculation by Mail's Nativity.

10. Predictions hy Stars to the alteratio7i of a Kingdom
to War or Peace. Or to the good or ill success of
any particular Man.

By John Raunce, sometime a Practitioner of the said Art.

Isa. 47. 13. 14. — Let noio the Astrologers, the Star-gazers,
the monethly Prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from
these things that shall come upon thee. Behold, they shall
be as Stubble; the fire shall burn them, they shall not
deliver themselves from the power of the flame, &c.

Astrologia accusata pariter & Condemtiata. Or the
DIABOLICAL ART of Judicial Astrologie, Receiving
the Definitive Sentence of Final Condemnation:
Being Delivered in this following Discourse, where the
said Art is briefly and manifestly opened, justly ar-
rainged, diligently examined, and experimentally con-
demned by him, who was a Student in the same.

Omnis planta quam 7ion plantar it Pater ille mens ccelestis,
eradicabitur. — Matth. 15. 13.

By John Raunce, sometime a practitioner of Astrologie,

and Student in the Magick Art.
Preface dated, " From my Study," November 8, 1650.

County of Buckingham : John Raimce, of the
Burrough of Chipping Wickham.

London : Printed hy J. Clowes, for W. Learner,
at the Blackmore in Bishopsgate-street, 1650.

4to. 5^ Sheets.
London : Printed for W. L. at the Blackmoi^e in

Bishops-gate Street. . . 4to. 1650. 1 Sheet.
Note. — Subscribed at the end — " Farewell."
John Baunce, of the Burrough of Chipping Wick-
ham, in the County of Buckinggham.
July the last, 1650.

REBANKS, Thomas, of Ketidal, in Westmoreland.
Advertisement (of his School).

8vo. No Date. ^
Another Edition.

Kendal : Printed hy Thomas Ashhurner.

8vo. No Date. ^
REES, Charlotte, was born in the year 1783, of respectable
parents (continued from Catalogue, Vol. 2, p. 476).

Louisa, a moral tale (a Manuscript of about 150 pages

in folio, written about the age of 9 years, and " in-


REES, Charlotte, continued.

tended to show that though Vice might flourish for
awhile, Virtue in the end would prevail").

A Poem on the death of the King of France. (Written

at about 10 years of age.)

Two or three otlier Poems, Query, the Titles, &c. ? written

before 1793.
About 60 poetical productions since.

SERMONS, from the FOLLOWING Texts, viz. : 2 Cor.,

iv., 8, 9, 10 ; Isaiah Ixv., 13, 14 ; Exodus xiii., 21,
22 ; Psalm xxxvi., 7, 8 ; Micah vi., 8.
By Charlotte Rees, written before she was
Twelve Years of Age. And published for her
Benefit. [Edited, with Preface, by Shurmer Bath,
of Bristol.']

Bristol : Printed hu W. Pine & Son, 1796.

8vo. 1796. 5|
Note. — At the end of these Sermons is added one of her
poetical productions, viz., " Thoughts in a Burial
Ground, Written at the Age of Twelve Years," 3 pages,
and a long list of " Subscribers," 16 pages. Amongst the
Subscribers are 9 names of the Gurney Family, of

REYNOLDS, Richard, of Bristol, continued from Cata-
logue, Vol. 2, p. 478.
A Sk^frfi of the Life of the late Richard Rey-
nolds, of Bristol, the great Philanthropist, ivho died
at Clielteiiliani, the 10th day of Septonher, 1816. To
which is added, the Requisition to the Mayor of
Bristol, for Founding a Commemoration Society ;
and the Speeches delivered on the occasion, to
honour the Memory of this Great Man, who annually
distributed £10,000 in alleviating the Distresses of
his Fellow-creatures ! ! ! Together with INTEREST-
ING Anecdotes, from his most intimate friends.
^i^tsftJl : Printed and Published Ijy Mary Bryan,
51, Co7m-street ; and sold by all the Book-
sellers 8vo. 1816. 2

The Loss of Righteous and Merciful Men lamented and

improved. A SERMON — occasioned by the death of
Richard Reynolds. By Samuel Lowell.

8vo. 1816. 2^
See Samuel Lowell, in Miscellaneous Catalogue.

RICHARDSON, Charles, Son of John and Sarah Richardson,
was born at Newcastle, the 27th of the 12th month,
1826, and died there the 24th of 3rd month, 1846,
aged about 19 years.

282 . ■

RICHARDSON, Charles, continued.

The ADVANTAC4ES OF Early Piety, displayed, in A

Short Memoir of the late Charles Richardson.
Newcastle: Printed for priv cite circulation.
(W. Irwin, Printer, Manchester.)

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