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to Greece, 1873-79. Died December 27, 1896.

Read, (NATHAN,) an American mechanician, born in
Worcester county, Massachusetts, in 1759. He invented
a machine for cutting nails which formed heads on the
nails by the same operation. In 1800 he was elected a
member of Congress. He made some improvements
in the steam-engine about 1790. Died in Maine in 1849.

t as k; c as s; g hard; g as>; G, H, K, guttural; N, nasal; R, trilled; s as i; th as in this. ( J^=See Explanations, p. 23.)




Read, (THOMAS BUCHANAN,) a distinguished Amer-
ican poet and artist, born in Chester county, Pennsyl-
vania, in 1822. He visited Italy in 1850, and subsequently
spent some time in England, where he published a col-
lection of poems, which were very favourably received.
He afterwards resided several years at Florence and
Rome, whence he returned in 1858. Among his works
may be named his prose romance " The Pilgrims of the
Great Saint Bernard," and his poems of " The House
by the Sea," " The New Pastoral," (1855,) " Sylvia, or the
Lost Shepherd " etc., (1857,) and "The Wagoner of the
Alleghemes, a Poem," (1862.) Among his best pictures
are his group of " Longfellow's Children," and " Sheri-
dan's Ride," illustrating one of his most popular poems.
He died May n, 1872.

Reade, reed, (CHARLES,) a popular English novelist,
born in 1814, graduated at Magdalene College, Oxford,
in 1835. He established his reputation by " Peg Wof-
fington" (1852) and "Christie Johnstone," (1853.) In
1856 he published " Never too Late to Mend." Among
his other novels are "Love me Little, Love me Long,"
(1859.) "The Cloister and the Hearth," (1861,) "Very
Hard Cash," (1863,) "Griffith Gaunt," (1866,) "Foul
Play," (1868,) (written conjointly with Boucicault,) " Put
Yourself in his Place," (:87O,) "A Terrible Tempta-
tion," (1871,) etc. Died April n, 1884.

Reade, (JOHN EDMUND,) an English poet and novel-
ist, born in 1805 ; died in 1870.

Reade, (WILLIAM WINWOOD,) an English author and
traveller, born at Ipsden, Oxfordshire, in 1839. He
travelled in Africa, 1862-63, 1868-70, and 1873-74.
Among his works are " Savage Africa," (1863,) "Mar-
tyrdom of Man," (1872,) "African Sketch- Book," (1873,)
" Story of the Ashantee Campaign," (1875,) ar "d several
novels. Died at Wimbledon, April 24, 1875.

Reading, red'ing, (JOHN,) an English clergyman, born
in Buckinghamshire in 1588. He was chaplain to Charles
I., and favoured the royalist cause in the civil war. He
wrote several works on theology. Died in 1667.

Real, de, deh ra'Sl', (GASPARD,) Seigneur de Curban,
a French publicist, born at Sisteron in 1682. He wrote
an able work "On the Science of Government," (8
vols., 1751-64.) Died at Paris in 1752.

Real, de, (PIERRE FRANCOIS,) COUNT, a French poll
tician and lawyer, born near Paris about 1760. He was
a partisan of Danton in 1793, and contributed actively
in 1799 to the success of Bonaparte, who appointed him
a councillor of state and gave him in 1808 the title of
count Died in 1834.
Real, Saint. See SAINT-REAL.
Realf, ralf, (RICHARD,) a poet, born at Framfield,
Sussex, England, June 14, 1834, in very humble life.
He published " Guesses at the Beautiful" (poems) in
1852, and in 1854 came to the United States. In 1856
he went to Kansas, and was there an associate with John
Brown. He served, 1862-66, in the United States vol-
unteers, and was, 1868-70, in the United States civil
service. He afterwards became a lecturer and journalist,
and died by suicide at Oakland, California, October 28,
1878. Realfs poetry, like his personality, had strongly-
marked and characteristic features, but it was the product
of a true, though somewhat erratic and uncouth, genius.
A remarkable succession of misfortunes followed him
through life, partly, no doubt, as a result of his own
peculiarities of temperament

Realino, ri-a-lee'no, (BERNARDINO,) a learned Italian
Jesuit, born at Carpi in 1530. He wrote notes on Catul-
lus and other ancient authors. Died in 1616.

Ream, (ViNNlE,) an American sculptor, born ai
Madison, Wisconsin, in 1847. She married Richarc
L. Hoxie. She modelled, on order, a life-size statue
of Abraham Lincoln when only fifteen years of age
The heroic statue of Farragut, in Farragut Square
Washington, was made by her on an order from Con
gress. She produced a number of ideal statues.

Reaumur, de, deh ra'o'miiR', (RENE ANTOINE FER-
CHAULT,) a celebrated French natural philosopher and
entomologist, born at Rochelle in February, 1683. He
inherited an easy or independent fortune, and became
a resident of Paris in 1703. By some memoirs on
geometry he obtained admission into the Academy of

Sciences in 1708. His favourite studies were general
)hysics, natural history, and the industrial arts. He
nade important discoveries or improvements in the fab-
rication of steel, and published in 1722 a "Treatise on the
Art of Converting Iron into Steel," for which he received
a pension of 12,000 livres. He made successful experi-
ments on the artificial incubation of eggs and on the
nanufacture of tin wares. His most important contribu-

ion to general physics was the thermometer, which he
nvented in 1731. He divided the interval between the
Veering and boiling points of water into eighty degrees.
' The most remarkable of the works of Reaumur," says
Cuvier, "are his 'Memoirs Illustrating the History of
Insects,' ('Me'moires pour servir a 1'Histoire des In-
sectes,' 6 vols., 1734-42.) The author here exhibits the
lighest degree of sagacity in the observation and dis-
covery of all those instincts, so complicated and so
constant in each species, which maintain these feeble
creatures. He constantly excites our curiosity by new
and singular details. . . . Unfortunately, it is not quite
finished." Died in 1757.

See HALLEK, " Bibliotheca Botanica ;" " Nouvelle Biographic

e'ne'rale. "

Rebecque. See CONSTANT.

Rebecqui, reh-b&'ke', ( FRANC.OIS TROPHIME, ) a
French Girondist, born at Marseilles about 1760. He
was a member of the Convention, was proscribed in
June, 1793, and escaped to Marseilles. Having learned
the fate of his colleagues, he drowned himself in the sea
in June, 1794.

Rebel, rehTjil', (JEAN FERRY,) a French musician
and composer, born in Paris in 1669. He is chiefly
remembered for his violin-solos. Died in 1747. His
son FRANCOIS, born in 1701, produced in collaboration
with Franjois Francceur a number of operas that were
successful in their day. Died in 1775.

Rebentisch, ra'ben-tish', (JOHANN FRIEERICH,) a
German botanist, born at Landsberg in 1772. He pub-
lished a Catalogue of Plants growing near Berlin, (1805.)
Died in 1810.

Reber, riliaiR', (NAPOLEON HENRI,) a French mu-
sician and composer, born at Mulhouse in 1807. He
composed melodies for a single voice, and comic operas,
entitled "Christmas Eve," (1848,) "Le Pere Gaillard,
(1852,) etc. Died November 25, 1880.

Rebkow or Repkow, Ton, fon rfp'ko, [Lat. REP-
KO'VIUS,] (EYKE,) a German jurist, born in Thuringia,
flourished about 1210-40. He compiled a code or col-
lection of laws, entitled " Speculum Saxonicum," which
was extensively used in Germany. His German trans-
lation of it, called " Sachsenspiegel," was printed in the
fifteenth century.

Rebolledo, de, da ri-bol-ya'Do, (BERNARDINO,)
COUNT, a Spanish poet and commander, born at Leon
in 1597. He distinguished himself at the capture of
Nice, (1626,) commanded a corps of lancers in Flanders
in 1632, and was the leader of a force sent in 1636 to
aid the emperor Ferdinand II., who rewarded his ser-
vices with the title of count of the empire. He was sent
as ambassador to the court of Denmark about 1650 or
1648. He showed respectable talents as a poet in his
" Military and Political Groves," ? (" Selvas militares y
politicas," 1652,) "Selvas Danicas," (1655,) and "Selvas
sagradas," (1657.) Died at Madrid in 1676.

See TICKNOR, " History of Spanish Literature ;" BOUTEKWKK,
" Geschichte der Poesie."

Reboul, reh-bool', (HENRI PAUL IRENEE,) a French
savant, born at Pe^nas in 1763. He assisted Lavoisier
in his scientific labours, and wrote several treatises on
geology and other sciences. He was appointed admin-
istrator of Lombardy by Bonaparte about 1798. Died
in 1839.

Reboul, (JEAN,) i. French poet, born at Nimes in
1796. He produced in 1828 a poem called "The Angel
and the Infant," which was much praised. He after-
wards wrote other successful poems. Died in 1864.

See COLLOMBET, " tude bioraphique sur Reboul," 1839.

Reboulet, reh-boo'lj', (SIMON,) a French historiar>.
born at Avignon in 1687. He wrote a mediocre " His-
tory of the Reign of Louis XIV.," (3 vols., 1742-44.)
Died in 1752.

i, e, I, 6, u, y, long; a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, i, 6, u, y, short; a, e, i, 9, obscurt; far, fall, fit; m8t; not; g<56d; mo"dn





Rebuffl, reh-bii'fe', (PIERRE,) an eminent French
jurist, born near Montpellier in 1487. He lectured on
law at Bourges and Paris, and published several works.
Died in Paris in 1557.

Rccamier, ra'ka"me-A', (JEANNE FRANCHISE JULIE
ADELAIDE BERNARD, )~a beautiful and accomplished
French lady, born at Lyons in 1777. She was married
to M. Recamier, a rich banker, in 1793, after which she
became an intimate friend of Madame de Stael. She
was courted in vain by Napoleon in 1805. In conse-
quence of the bankruptcy of her husband, (1806,) she
went to reside with Madame de Stael at Coppet There
she captivated the heart of Prince August of Prussia, and
ave him a promise of marriage ; but her compassion

r her first husband, who was living, prevailed on her
to break the engagement. In 1811 she was banished
from Paris by Napoleon, on account of her intimacy
and sympathy with Madarc; de Stael and other enemies
of the emperor. Having returned to Paris after the
restoration, she lived in intimate relations with ChS-
teaubriand until his death. Her salon at L'Abbaye-aux-
Bois was the most celebrated of those which nourished
between 1815 and 1840. There was a remarkable dis-
proportion between the modesty of her life and the
greatness of her fame. Died in 1849. " We think with
infinite respect of one who, having an unequalled in-
fluence over the hearts and wills of men, scorned to ask
a favour, and endured poverty . . . and exile, which fell
with tenfold severity on one so beloved and admired,
without the smallest sacrifice of dignity and independ-
ence." ("Edinburgh Review" for January, 1860.)

See "Memoirs and Correspondence of Madame Re'camier," trans-
lated from the French and edited by Miss LUYSTHR, Boston, 1867 ;
an eloquently-written article on " Madame Re'camier and her
Friends," in the "Christian Examiner" for May, 1867; "Atlantic
Monthly" for October, 1864; W. H. ADAMS, '' Famous Beauties
and Historic Women;" "Quarterly Review" for April. 1860; " Fra-
ser's Magazine" for September, 1849.

Recamier, (JOSEPH CLAUDE ANTHELME,) a French
physician, born near Belley (Ain) in 1774. He was
physician (mfdecin ordinaire) at the Hotel-Dieu, Paris,
for forty years, (1806-46,) and succeeded Laennec as
professor at the College of France in 1827. He was
deprived of this place by the revolution of 1830. D:ed
in 1852.

Recchi, rek'kee, (NARDO ANTONIO,) an Italian bota-
nist and physician, born at Montecorvo, lived about
1550-80. He prepared an abridgment of the manuscripts
left by Hernandez. After the death of Recchi this work
was published under the title of "Treasury of the Ma-
teria Medica of New Spain," (" Rerum medicinalium
Novas Hispaniae Thesaurus," 1651.)

Receveur, res-vuR', (FRANCOIS JOSEPH XAVIER,)
French ecclesiastic, born at Longueville (Doubs)in 1800.
He published, besides other works, a " History of the
Church from its Foundation until the Pontificate of
Gregory XVI.," (8 vols., 1840-47.) Died in 1854.

Rechberger, reK'beRG'er, (FRANZ,) an eminent Ger-
man designer, landscape-painter, and etcher, born in
Vienna in 1771. His etchings of landscapes are said
to be beautiful and spirited. Died about 1842.

Recke, von der, fon der rek'keh, (ELISABETH
CHARLOTTE CONSTANTIA,) a German authoress, born
in Courland in 1754. She was for a time a believer
in Cagliostro's pretensions of holding intercourse with
the dead, but subsequently wrote a work entitled
"Cagliostro Unmasked," (1787.) She also published
"Travels in Italy," and several poems. Died in 1833.

See BROCKHAUS, " Conversations-Lexjkon."

Reclam, rek'lam, (FRIEDRICH,) a German painter
and engraver, born at Magdeburg in 1734 ; died in 1774.

ant minister, of French origin, born at Magdeburg in
1741. He became minister of a church in Berlin in 1767.
Died in 1789.

Reclus, reh-klii', (LIE ARMAND EBENHEZER,) a
brother of J. J. Elisee Reclus, was born at Orthez, March
13, 1843. He became a naval officer, and assisted in M.
de Lesseps's Panama Canal surveys, and has published
various reports on the same. PAUL, his younger brother,
born in 1847, is a distinguished sutgeon of Paris; and
three sisters are actively engaged in literary work.

Reclua, (JEAN JACQUES ELISBE,) a distinguished
French geographer, born at Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, of
Protestant parents, March 15, 1830. Having travelled
extensively, he in 1857 began to publish various books
of travel. Among his works are " La Terre," (1867-68,)
"Les Phenomnes terrestres," etc., (1872,) "Nouvelle
Geographic universelle," (1875 '' se f-<) etc - For bearing
arms for the Paris Commune of 1871 he was sentenced
to death, but was finally pardoned. In 1882 he became
conspicuous for his anti-marriage agitation, and two of
his daughters were made examples of his devotion to
this new theory.

Reclus, (MiCHEL ELIE,) a brother of the foregoing,
was born at Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, June 16, 1827. He
studied Protestant theology, but devoted himself to
social reforms, and in 1871 was condemned for havjng
been appointed director of the National Library under
the Commune. He is distinguished as .a writer under
various pseudonyms.

Reclus, (ONESIME,) a brother of the preceding, was
born at Orthez in 1837. He was a soldier and traveller,
and published "La France et ses Colonies," (1873.)
" La Terre a Vol d'Oiseau," (1879,) etc.

Recorde, rek'ord, ? (ROBERT,) an eminent British
mathematician, born in Pembrokeshire about 1500. He
studied at Oxford, and took the degree of M.D. at Cam-
bridge in 1545. He also taught mathematics at Oxford,
and published several works, among which are "The
Ground of Arts, teaching the Work and Practice of
Arithmetic," (1540,) and "The Castle of Knowledge,"
(1556.) The latter treats on astronomy. He was phy-
sician to Edward VI. and to Queen Mary. He is said
to have invented the sign of equality in algebra. Died
in a debtor's prison in 1558.

See WOOD, "Athenae Oxonienses ;" HUTTON, "Mathematical

Recupero, ra-koo-pa'ro, (ALESSANDRO,) an Italian
numismatist, born at Catania about 1740 ; died in 1803.

Recupero, (GIUSEPPE,) an Italian mineralogist, born
at Catania in 1720, was a brother of the preceding. He
wrote a "Natural History of Etna," (1815.) Died in
1778 or 1787.

Recurt, reh-kiiR', (ADRIEN BARNAB ATHANASE,)
a French physician and republican, born at Lassalle
(Hautes-Pyrenees) in 1797. He was elected to the
Constituent Assembly in 1848, and became minister of
the interior on the nth of May. He was minister of
public works in 1848. Died November 7, 1872.

Redak. See KIMCHI.

Red-Beard, (Barbaroasa.) See FREDERICK I.

Red'ding, (CYRUS,) an English journalist and poet,
born at Penryn about 1785. He was associated with the
poet Campbell in the editorship of the " New Monthly
Magazine" from 1820 to 1830. He published, besides
other works, a "History of Modern Wines," (1833,)
" Literary Reminiscences and Memoirs of Thomas
Campbell," (2 vols., 1859,) and "Past Celebrities whom
I have known," (2 vols., 1865.) Died in 1870.

Reden, von, fon ra'den, (FRIEDRICH WILHELM
OTTO LUDWIG,) BARON, an eminent German writer on
statistics, was born in Lippe-Detmold in 1804. Among
his works are " General and Comparative Statistics of
Finances," (2 vols., 1851-56,) and "Statistics of the
Products and Commerce of Prussia," (3 vols., 1854.)
Died in 1857.

See BROCKHAUS, " Conversations- Lexikon."

Redern, von, fon ra'dern, (SiGiSMOND EHRENREICH,)
COUNT, a Prussian diplomatist, born in Berlin in 1755.
He became a partner of Saint-Simon, the French so-
cialist, in speculations. Died in 1835.


Redeadale, reedz'dal, (JOHN THOMAS Preeman-
Mitford,) EARL OF, a British nobleman, a son of the
first Lord Redesdale, (see MITFORD.) He was born in
Ireland, September 9, 1805, was educated at Eton and
at New College, Oxford, and in 1830 succeeded as baron.
In 1851 he became deputy Speaker of the House of
Lords, in which body he exercised great influence, es-
pecially in legislation upon private bills. His publica-
tions are chiefly on religious subjects. In 1876 he was
advanced to the earldom. Died in 1886.

as /*,- 9 as s; g hard; g as/; G, H, K,g-tttural; N, nasal; R. trilled; as t: th as in this. ( jg^="See Explanations, p. 23




Red'field, (ISAAC FLETCHER,) LL.D., an American
jurist, born at Weathersfield, Vermont, April 10, 1804.
He graduated at Dartmouth College in 1825, was a judge
of the Vermont supreme court, 1835-52, and its chief
justice, 1852-60, professor of medical jurisprudence in
Dartmouth College, 1858-62, and United States special
(legal) commissioner in Europe, 1867-69. Among His
works are " Law of Railways," (1857,) " Law of Wills,"
(1864,) "Law of Carriers," (1869,) etc. Died in Boston
in March, 1876.

Red'field, (WILLIAM C.,) an American geologist and
meteorologist, born in Middletown, Connecticut, in 1789,
became a resident of New York about 1825. He con-
tributed articles on meteorology to several periodicals,
and wrote on steam-navigation. Died in February, 1857.
" The ingenious theories of Mr. Redfield and Mr. Espy,"
says Griswold, " have commanded the respect and admira-
tion of scholars." (" Prose Writers of America," p. 27.)

Red'grave, (RICHARD,) an English painter of land-
scapes, domestic scenes, etc., was born in London in
1804. He exhibited in 1837 a successful picture of "Gul-
liver on the Farmer's Table." His favourite subjects
in a subsequent period were illustrations of the trials
of the poor, such as " The Sempstress" and " The Poor
Teacher." Among his other works are " The Country
Cousins," "Ophelia," and "Little Red-Riding-Hood.''
He was elected a Royal Academician in 1851. Died
December 14, 1888.

Redi, ra'dee, (FRANCESCO,) an eminent Italian natu-
ralist and poet, born at Arezzo in 1626. He practised
medicine at Florence with a high reputation, and wrote
poetry with success. In philosophy he belonged to the
school of Galileo. He is ranked among the greatest
observers of his age. Among his works are " Experi-
ments on the Generation of Insects," (1668,) a poem on
the wine of Tuscany, called " Bacchus in Tuscany,"
(" Bacco in Toscana," 1685,) and " Letters on Philoso-
phy, Natural History," etc., (2 vols., 1724-27.) "Few
have done so much in any part of science," says Hal-
lam, "who have also shone so brightly in the walks
of taste. The sonnets of Redi are esteemed ; but his
famous dithyrambic ' Bacco in Toscana' is admitted to
be the first poem of that kind in modern language."
(" Introduction to the Literature of Europe.") Died at
Pisa about 1695.

See GORANI, " Etegj di due illustri Scopritori, (Redi e Bandini,")
1786 ; A. FABRONI, " Vitae Italorum illuslrium ;" LONGFELLOW,
" Poets and Poetry of Europe :" Ntctf RON, " Memoires ;" G. V. M.
FABRONI, " Elogio storico di F. Redi." 1796; TIHABOSCHI, " Storia
della Letteratura Italians ;" " Nouvelle Biographic G^nerale."

Redi, (ToMMASO or GIUSEPPE,) an Italian painter of
history and portraits, born at Florence in 1665, was a
pupil of Carlo Maratta. Died in 1726.

Reding, von, fon ra'ding, (ALOYS,) a Swiss officer,
born in 1755. He commanded the Swiss troops that
checked the French army at Morgarten in May, 1798,
and was elected Landamman in 1801. He was the chief
of the confldMSt the aristocratic and anti-Gallican party.
Died in 1818.

Red Jack'et, or Sa-go-ye-wat-ha, ( " Keeper-
Awake,") a celebrated Indian chief of the Senecas, born
in Western New York about 1759. He was noted for
his eloquence, and earnestly opposed the treaty between
the Six Nations and the United States for the cession
of lands. General Washington bestowed upon him a
silver medal. Died in 1830.

See the "Life and Times of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha, or Red Jacket,"
1841, by WILLIAM L. STONB.

Red'man or Red'mayne, (JOHN,) an English divine,
born in Yorkshire in 1499. He was chosen master
of Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1547, and became
archdeacon of Taunton. He wrote several works on
theology. Died in 1551.

Red man, (JOHN,) an American physician, born in
Philadelphia in 1722, graduated at Leyden. He acquired
a high reputation in his profession, and was the firsl
president of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
Died in 1808.

Redmayne. See REDMAN.

Redoute, reh-doo'ti', (PIERRE JOSEPH,) an eminent
French painter of flowers, born at Saint-Hubert, near
Liege, in 1759. He worked mostly in Paris, and received

the title of painter of th7 cabinet of Queen Marie An-
toinette. He published an admirable "Monographv of
the Roses," (" Monographic des Roses," 3 vols., 1817-
24.) In 1832 he became professor of iconography al
he Jardin des Plantes, Paris. Died in 1840.

Red'patn, QAMES,) an aut:r and political agitator,
)orn at Berwick-on-Tweed in 1833. He became a resi-
lent of Michigan in 1848, and was afterwards a journalist
and printer. He was Kansas correspondent of the New
fork "Tribune," 1855-57, was still later Haytian consul
n Philadelphia, and emigration agent for Havti. After
1865 he was superintendent of schools at Charleston,
South Carolina, where he founded schools for coloured
>eople. In 1868 he established a lecture bureau at
Joston, and later on he was connected with the home-
rule movement in Ireland. Among his works are a
Life of John Brown," " Guide to Hayti," " Echoes of
harper's Ferry," etc. Died February 10, 1891.
Redschid. See RESHEED PASHA.
Redwitz, or Redwitz-Schmeltz, von, fon r?d'-
wits-shmelts, (OsKAR,) BARON, also called BARON VON
XEDEVIZ, ri'deh-fits', a German poet, " the modern Min-
nesinger," born at Lichtenau, June 28, 1823. He studied
at Munich, and in 1851 became professor of literary his-
tory at Vienna. Among his works are " Amaranth,"
;i849,) an extremely popular religious epic, "Tales of
:he Forest-Brook and the Pine," poems, tragedies, etc.,
Hermann Stark," 1868,) and " Lay of the New German
Empire," (1871.) Died July 6, 1891.

Reed, (ANDREW,) D.D., an English dissenter and
philanthropist, born in London in 1787. He was sent
on amission to the churches of the United States in 1834
by the Congregationalists. He preached at Wycliffe
Chapel, Stepney, for fifty years, and founded two orphan-
asylums and a hospital for incurables. Died in 1862.
See " Memoirs of the Life, etc. of Andrew Reed," London, 1863.

Reed, (Sir EDWARD JAMES,) an English author,
born in 1830. He studied naval construction, and
was chief constructor of the navy 1863-70, lord of the
treasury 1886, and member of Parliament 1874-95.
He wrote a work on Japan and several on naval subjects.

Reed, (HENRY,) a distinguished American scholar
and writer, born in Philadelphia in 1808. He graduated
.n 1825 at the University of Pennsylvania, became assist-
ant professor of moral philosophy in 1831, and in 1835
professor of rhetoric and English literature, in that insti-
tution. In 1854 he visited Europe, and, having embarked
in the steamship Arctic, was lost on the voyage home.
I'e was the author of " Lectures on English Literature
from Chaucer to Tennyson," (1855,) "Lectures on the
British Poets," (2 vols., 1857,) " Lectures on English
History," etc., and edited a number of works.

Reed, (ISAAC,) an English editor, critic, and biogra-
pher, born in London in 1742. He wrote biographical
notices for Dodsley's "Collection," (6 vols., 1782,)
contributed to the "Gentleman's Magazine," and
edited, among other works, "Biographia Dramatica,"
(1782,) and Shakspeare's Works, (10 vols., 1785.) Died
in 1807.

Reed, (JOSEPH,) an American officer of the Revo-
lution, born at Trenton, New Jersey, in 1741. He was
president of the first provincial convention held in Penn-
sylvania, (1775,) and was subsequently aide-de-camp
and secretary to General Washington. He was made

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