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adjutant-general in 1776, and in 1778 became president
of the supreme executive council of Pennsylvania. He
died in 1785.

Reed, (THOMAS BRACKETT,) an American Con-
gressman, was born at Portland, Maine, in 1839. He
studied law, and was in the Maine legislature 1868-70,
and attorney-general of the State 1870-72. He entered
Congress in 1877, and was Speaker of the House in
the Fifty-first, Fifty-fourth, and Fifty-fifth Congresses,
becoming widely known for his energy and arbitrary
action. He was a prominent candidate for the Presi-
dency in 1896. He resigned his seat in Congress in
August, 1899, and engaged in legal business in New

I e, I, o, u, y, long; a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, 1, 5, U, ?, short; a, e, i, 9, obscure; far, fall, fat; met; nftt; good; moon,




Reed, (THOMAS GERMAN,) an English musician and
manager, born at Bristol in 1817. He has successfully
directed the production of English opera at various
London theatres. In 1844 he married Miss Priscilla
Horton, a well-known vocalist, (born at Birmingham in
1818,) and in 1855 he started a class of performances
known as "Mr. and Mrs. German Reed's Entertainment,"
designed to afford amusement to the class of persons who
object to theatrical representations. Died in 1888.

Reedtz, rats, (HOLGER CHRISTIAN,) a Danish min-
ister of state, born at Odense in 1800. He was minister
of foreign affairs from August, 1850, to December, 1851.
Died in 1857.

Rees, reess, (ABRAHAM,) an English encyclopaedist,
born in North Wales in 1743. He became minister of
a dissenting congregation in London about 1768. He
edited "Chambers's Cyclopaedia," (4 vols., 1778-85,)
and used that as the basis of a more extensive and
extremely valuable work published under the title of
"Rees's Cyclopaedia," (45 vols., 1802-20.) Died in 1825.

See " Gentleman's Magazine" for August, 1825.

Reeve, reev, (CLARA,) an English authoress, born
at Ipswich in 1725. *She produced in 1778 a romance
called "The Old English Baron," which was often
reprinted. Among her works is " The Progress of Ro-
mance through Times, Countries, and Manners," (2
vols., 1785.) Died in 1803.

Reeve, ( LOVELL, ) an English conchologist, born
about 1814. He published "Conchologia Systematica,
or a Complete System of Conchology," (London, 2 vols.
410, 1842,) and "Conchologia Iconica, or Figures and
Descriptions of the Shells of Molluscous Animals, with
Critical Remarks," etc., (1856.) Died in 1865.

Reeve, reev, (TAPPING,) an eminent American lawyer,
born on Long Island in 1744. He began to practise at
Litchfield, Connecticut, in 1772, and married a sister
of Aaron Burr. In 1792 he opened a law school, which
he taught for many years at Litchfield. He became a
judge of the superior court in 1798. Died in 1823.

Reeve, (WILLIAM,) an English musician and com-
poser, born in 1757. He produced a great number of
dramatic compositions, many of them in collaboration
with other musicians. Died June 22, 1815.

Reeves, reevz,(HELEN BUCKINGHAM, n^Math'ers),
an English novelist, born at Crewkerne in 1852. Among
her tales are " Comin' through the Rye," (1875,) " Cherry
Ripe," (1877,) "The Land of the Leal," (1878,)
" Found Out, " ( 1 885, ) " The Fate of Fenella, " ( 1 892, )
"A Man of To-Day," (1894,) etc.

Reeves, reevz, (JOHN,) an English lawyer, born in
London in 1752. He wrote, besides other works, a
" History of English Laws," (1783.) He was a deter-
mined opponent of reform. Died in 1829.

Reeves, (JOHN SIMS,) an English tenor-singer, born
at Shooter's Hill, Kent, in 1818. He appeared first as
a barytone-singer in 1839, but, the true quality of his
Toice having asserted itself, he went abroad to prosecute
his studies, and when he returned in 1847 he at once
took his place as the first of English tenors. He has
appeared in opera, both comic and serious, in oratorios,
and in concerts. He married in 1850 Miss Emma Lu-
combe, a well-known soprano-singer.

Reeves, (WILLIAM,) an English clergyman, born in
1668. He was vicar of Saint Mary's, Reading. Several
rolumes of his sermons were published, (1704-29.) Died
in 1726.

Rega, ra'ga or ra'Ha, (HENRI JOSEPH,) a Flemish
physician, born at Louvain in 1690. His reputation is
founded on a work "On Sympathy," ("De Sympathia,"
1721.) Died at Louvain in 1754.

See MARTENS, " Notice sur la Vie de H. J. Riiga," 1840 ; MAL
CORPS. " Re'ga, sa Vie et ses Ecrits," 1846.

R6gamey, ra'gi'mi', (LIE FALix,) a French artist,
born at Grenelle, August 7, 1844. He very early acquired
fame as an illustrator and caricaturist, chiefly working
for journals. He several times visited the United States.

Regamey, (FREDERIC,) a brother of the preceding,
was born in Paris, July 4, 1849. He is known as a
painter, etcher, and illustrator.

painter, a brother of the preceding, was born in Paris,

September 22, 1837. His chief works are military scene*.
Died in Paris, January 3, 1875.

Reganhac, de, deh reh-gS'nSk', (GERAUD VALET,) a
French lyric poet, born at or near Cahors in 1719 ; died
in 1784.


Reggio, rSd'jo, (FRANCESCO,) an Italian astronomer,
born at Genoa in 1743. He wrote several memoirs on
astronomy, and aided in the triangulation of Northern
Italy, finished in 1794. Died in 1804.

Reggio, da, (LuCA.) See FERRARI.

Regillo. See PORDENONE.

Re-gi'no, [ Fr. REGINON, ri'zhe'ndN',] a learned monk
of the ninth century, was Abbot of Prum, in the diocese
of Treves. He wrote a chronicle, which has been printed.
Died in 915 A.D.

Regio, ra'jo, (RAFFAELLO,) an Italian classical scholar,
born at Bergamo; died in 1520.

Regiomontan. See REGIOMONTANUS.

Re-gl-o-mon-ta'nus or Regiomontan, ra'ge-o-mon-
tan', a celebrated German astronomer, whose proper
name was JOHANN MULLER, (mffl'Ier,) was born in June,
1436, probably near Kbnigsberg, (Saxe-Hildburghausen.)
The Latin name Regiomontanus is derived from Konigs-
berg. Doppelmayer and others give Konigshofen, in
Franconia, as the place of his birth. He wrote his
own name sometimes JOHANNES GERMANUS DE REGIO-
MONTE. About the age of fifteen he began to study
astronomy under Purbach, in the University of Vienna.
In 1462 he went to Rome, where he studied Greek and
bought or copied Greek manuscripts on his favourite
science. He passed several years in Rome, Padua, and
Venice, whence he returned to Vienna and became
professor of mathematics. About 1471 he removed to
Nuremberg, where, by the liberal aid of a rich citizen,
Bernard Walter, he was enabled to construct instru-
ments, and made a series of observations. He published
there, with his own press, his " Ephemerides" for thirty
years, (1475-1506,) and other works, among which was a
" New Calendar" (" Kalendarium Novum") for the years
1475, '494> an d 1513- This is supposed to have been the
first almanac published in Europe. Pope Sixtus IV. in-
vited him to Rome to reform the calendar, and offered him
the bishopric of Ratisbon. About a year after his arrival
in Rome he died there, in 1476. "He was a man of
great sagacity and enterprise," says Delambre, " by whose
premature death astronomy sustained a loss which for a
long time was not repaired." A treatise " On Triangles,
Plane and Spherical," ("De Triangulis Planiset Spheri-
cis Libri V.,") composed about 1464, but not published
until more than fifty years after his death, is pronounced
by Delambre his most interesting work.

See E. RHEINHOLT, "Oratio de J. Regiomontano," 1549: PAN-
ZER, " Bruchstiicke zu J. Regiomontan's Leben," 1796.

Regis, ra'jess, (FRANCESCO,) an Italian professor of
Greek, born near Mondovi. He produced a good Ital-
ian version of Xenophon's " Cyropaedia," (1809.) Died
at Turin in 1811.

Regis, ra'zhess', (JEAN BAPTISTE,) a French Jesuit,
born about 1665, was a missionary to Peking, in China.
He spent several years in executing a map of China for
the emperor. Died in China in 1737.

R6gis, (JEAN FRANgois,) a French Jesuit, born in the
diocese of Narbonne in 1597. He gave to the poor
large sums of money which he collected by begging.
Died in 1640. He was canonized in 1737-

See D'AuBENTON, " Vie de Saint-Francois-Regis," 1716 ; A.
BONNET, "Vita J. F. Regis," 1692.

R6gia, (PIERRE,) a French physician, born at Mont
pellier in 1656; died at Amsterdam in 1726.

Regis, (SYLVAIN, or JEAN SYLVAIN,) a French Car.
tesian philosopher, was born near Agen in 1632. He
propagated the doctrines of Descartes by lectures at
Toulouse and Paris. His chief work is a " System of
Philosophy according to the Principles of Descartes,"
(3 vols., 1690.) Died in Paris in 1707. "No one hai
left," says Hallam, " so comprehensive a statement and
defence of Cartesianism as Jean Sylvain Rigis." (" In-
troduction to the Literature of Europe.")

See BAYLE, " Historical and Critical Dictionary ;" NiciROK,
"Me'moires;" FONTENELLE, " Eloge de Regis."

tasi; <;ass; ghard; gas/'/G, H, K, guttural; N, nasal; ^trilled; suss; thasinMw. (J[^"See Explanations,^). 23.)




Regius. See LEROY.

Regnard, reh-ntR', (JEAN FRANCOIS,) a popular
French comic poet, born in Paris in 1655, was a son of
a merchant, who left him a handsome fortune. On a
voyage between Civita Vecchia and Toulon, Regnard
and a lady whom he loved were captured in 1678 by
Algerine pirates, who sold them as slaves. They were
ransomed after a captivity of two years. It is said he
was on the point of marrying the lady when the fact
transpired that her first husband was living. In 1681
and 1682 he performed a tour through Sweden and Lap-
land as far as the Frozen Ocean. Having returned to
Paris, he purchased the office of treasurer, (trhoritrdt
France.) He was much addicted to the vice of gambling.
" Regnard," says Hallam, " is always placed next to
Molilre among the comic writers of France in this, and
perhaps in any, age. The plays, indeed, which entitle
him to such a rank are but few. Of these the best
is acknowledged to be 'The Gambler,' ('Le Joueur,'
1696.) Regnard, taught by his own experience, has
here admirably delineated the character of an inveterate
gamester." (" Introduction to the Literature of Eu-
rope.") Among his most admired works are " The
Absent-Minded," (" Le Distrait," 1697.) and "The Uni-
versal Legatee," (1708.) His comedies are characterized
by an inexhaustible fund of humorous sallies. Died in
September, 1709.

See GILBERT, " filoge de Regnard," 1857; "Atlantic Monthly"
for June. 1865: SAINTS- BHUVE, " Causeries du Lundi ;" NICERON,
"Memoires;" LA HARPS, "Cours de Litterature ;" "Nouvelle
Biographic G^neVale."

Regnaud, re.h-no', (PIERRE ETIENNE,) a French
political writer, born in Paris in 1736, was a constant
adherent of the Bourbons. Died about 1820.

Regnaud (or Regnault) de Saint-Jean-d'An-
gely, reh'no' deh saN zhoN doN'zha'le', (AucusTE
MICHEL ETIENNE,) COUNT, a French general, born in
Paris in 1794. He served as a volunteer in the Morea
in 1828, became general of brigade in 1841, and general
of division in July, 1848. He commanded the imperial
guard at the battle of Magenta, June 4, 1859, and on
the next day was made a marshal of France. Died
February 2, 1870.

Regnaud (or Regnault) de Saint-Jean-d'Angely,
(MICHEL Louis ETIENNE,) COUNT, the father of the
preceding, was born at Saint-Fargeau (Yonne) in 1762.
He was a moderate member of the Assembly in 1790,
and became a member of the council of state in 1800.
He was employed in important affairs during the em-
pire as procureur-geneVal and secretary de fttat of the
imperial family. In 1803 he was chosen a member of
the French Academy. Died in 1819.

See " Nouvelle Biographic Ge'nerale."

Regnauldln or Regnaudin, reh'np'daN', (THOMAS,)
a French sculptor, born at Moulins in 1627. He exe-
cuted some works for Louis XIV. at Versailles. Died
in 1706.

Regnault See REGNAUD.

Regnault, r?h-no', (LIAS,) a French historian, born
in Paris about 1802. He published, besides other works,
" History of Napoleon," (1847.) Died in 1868.

Regnault, (HENRI VICTOR,) a distinguished French
chemist and natural philosopher, was born at Aix-la-
Chapelle in 1810. He was admitted into the Academy
of Sciences in 1840, and obtained a chair of physics in
the College of France in 1841. He wrote memoirs on
the compressibility of elastic fluids, on the elastic forces
of aqueous vapour at different temperatures, and on the
taws and numerical data which enter into the calculations
respecting the construction and power of steam-engines.
He published a good " Elementary Treatise on Chem-
istry," (4 vols., 1849.) which has been translated into
English. Died January 19, 1878.

Regnault, (JEAN BAPTISTE,) BARON, a French painter
of history, born in Paris in 1754. He gained the first
prize in 1776. Among his best works are a "Descent

Authorities are divided in regard to the proper mode of writing
this name ; formerly it was universally written ANGBLY, but at pres-
ent many respectable works systematically omit the accent, and some
ay that the e should be suppressed in pronunciation. (See note

from the Cross," and the "Education of Achilles,'
(1783.) He was a member of the Institute. Died in

See C. BLANC, " Histoire des Peintres."

Regnault, (JEAN BAPTISTE ETIENNE,) a French phy-
sician, born at Niort in 1759, was consulting physician
to Louis XVIII. Died in 1836.

Regnault, (NoEL,) a French natural philosopher and
Cartesian, born at Arras in 1683. He wrote a popular
work entitled " Conversations of Ariste and Eudoxe on
Philosophy," (" Entretiens physiques d'Ariste," etc., 3
vols., 1729.) Died in 1762.

Regnault- Warin, r?h'no' vf raN', JEAN BAPTISTS
JOSEPH,) a mediocre French littlrateur, born at Bar-le-
Duc about 1772. He wrote "Memoirs of La Fayette,"
(1824,) and many other works. Died in 1844.

Regner. See RAGNAR.

Regner van Oosterga, rec'ner vin os-te'R'g5, (or Oa-

R'Hl,) (CYPRIAN,) a Dutch jurist, born in Friesland in
1614; died at Utrecht in 1687.

Regnier, reh-ne^', (CLAUDE AMBROISE,) Due de
Massa, (mi'sS',) a~French minister of state, born at
Blamont, in Lorraine, in 1736. As a member of the
Council of Elders, he supported Bonaparte on the l8th
Bnimaire, 1799. During the consulate he was one of the
re"dacteurs of the Civil Code. He was appointed grand
juge (minister of justice) in 1802, and received the title
of Due de Massa in 1809. Died in 1814.

See " Nouvelle Biographic Ge'ne'rale."

Regnier, (EDME,) a French mechanician, born at
Se'mur-en-Auxois in 1751. He invented a number of
machines or instruments. Died in Paris in 1825.


philologist, born at Mentz in 1804. He became in 1843
preceptor of the Count de Paris, whom he followed into
exile in 1848. He was admitted into the Institute in
1855. Among his works are a " German Dictionary,"
(1841,) in which he was aided by Shuster, and the " Pr4-
ticSkya" of the " Rig-Veda," Sanscrit text, with French
version, (3 vols., 1856-78.) Died in 1884.

Regnier, (JACQUES AUGUSTIN,) a French landscape-
painter, born in Paris in 1787 ; died in 1860.

Regnier, (Louis,) Sieur de la Planche, a French
Huguenot, noted as a negotiator and writer. He wrote
a "History of France in the Reign of Francis II.," (1576,)
which is commended. Died about 1580.

Regnier, (MATHURIN,) a French satirical poet, born
at Chartres in 1573, was a nephew of the poet P. Des-
portes. He obtained a canonicate at Chartres in 1604,
but he was licentious in morals. His works consist of six-
teen satires, and some elegies, odes, etc., the first edition
of which was dated 1608. He imitated Horace, Juvenal,
and Martial. His style is natural and remarkable for
facility. " The satires of Regnier," says Hallam, " have
been highly praised by Boileau, a competent judge, no
doubt, in such matters. Some have preferred Regnier
even to himself, and found in this old Juvenal of France
a certain stamp of satirical genius which the more pol-
ished critic wanted." (" Introduction to the Literature
of Europe.") Died at Rouen in 1613.

See BROSSETTE, " Notice sur Regnier," prefixed to an edition of
his works, 1729: MORSRI, "Dictionnaire Historique;" NICERON,
" Mejnoire :'' SAINTE-BEUVE, "Tableau de la PoSsie Francaise:"
" Nouvelle Biographic Ge'ne'rale."

Regnier-Desmaraia, reh-ne-A'di'mf ri', (FRANC.OIS
SERAPHIN,) a French poet ancT grammarian, born in
Paris in 1632. He was appointed prior of Grammont
by the king in 1668, and admitted into the French Acad-
emy in 1670. He was one of the principal authors or
editors of the Dictionary of the French Academy.
Among his works are a good "Treatise on French
Grammar," (1705,) and "Poems in French, Italian,
Spanish, and Latin," (1707.) Died in 1713.

See D'ALEMBERT, " Histoire des Membres de 1'Acade'mie Fran-

Regnier-Destourbet, re>ne-i' dJ'tooR'bi', (Hippo-
LYTE FRANC.OIS,) a French litterateur, born at Lan^res
in 1804, wrote dramas, tales, etc. Died in Paris in 1832,

Reg'u-luB, (MARCUS ATILLIUS,) a Roman general,
distinguished in the first Punic war. He was consul

I, e, 1, 6, u, y, long; i, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, 1, 6, u, jf, short; a, e. , i, 9, obscure; far, fall, fat; ml t; not; good; m<5on




for the second time in 256 B.C., and gained a naval vie- for family reading, give very pleasing, poetical, and
tory over the Carthaginians. Having invaded Africa, truthful pictures of German domestic life. Died De-
he defeated the enemy and advanced nearly to Carthage, cember 18, 1879.

He was defeated in turn, and taken prisoner, in 255.
The victors sent him with some ambassadors to Rome

fessor of natural history in the Surgical Academy at

to negotiate a peace, on condition that he should return Dresden, was born at Leipsic in 1793. He published a

if the Roman senate should reject their terms. He Flora Germanica," (in 15 vols., 1853,) and a great work
advised the senate not to make peace, and returned to , devoted to birds and mammalia. Died March 17, 1879,

Carthage. This act of patriotism was much celebrated 'Reichenbacti, von, fon ri'Ken-baK', ( GEORG, ) a

by ancient writers, according ow om I egu us ic a Q erman mechanician, born at Durlach in 1772. He

victim to the cruelty of his captors. established at Munich a great manufactory of telescopes

Rehan, (ADA,) a popular actress, was born at and other optical and philosophical instruments of su

Limerick, Ireland, in 1859. She was connected for
many years with the Augustin Daly Company. She
was much esteemed in the Shakspearian characters
Katharine, Rosalind, and Viola, and as Lady Teazle,

Rehberg, ra'b?KG, (AUGUST WILHELM,) a German
publicist, born at Hanover in 1757; died in 1836.

Rehfues, von, fon ra'fu's, (PHiLiPP JOSEPH,) a Ger-
man writer and journalist, born at Tubingen in 1779.
He was for a time associate editor of the " Morgenblatt."

perior quality. Fraunhofer was his assistant or partner.
Died in 1826.

Reicheubach, von, ( KARL, ) BARON, a German
chemist, born at Stuttgart in 1788. He discovered
paraffin and creosote, and wrote, besides other works,
"Geological Researches in Moravia," (1834.) He main-
tained the existence of an imponderable agent, which
he calls Od, and which he supposes to be widely diffused


in nature. Died in 1869.
Reichstadt, rlK'stJt, DUKE OF, ( NAPOLEON

He published in 1813 his work on Spain, which was King of Rome, the only son of Napoleon I. and Maria
translated into French by Guizot. Died in 1843. Louisa, was born in Paris on the 2oth of March, 1811.

Rehin, ram, (FRIEDRICH,) a German historian, born
in Hesse in 1792. He wrote a " History of the Middle

JOSEPH. In 1814 Napoleon I. abdicated in favour of his

Ages," (8 vols., 1820-38.) Died in 1847. son; but Louis XVIII. was preferred by the senate,

Rehnskjold, ran'chbld, (CARL GUSTAV, ) COUNT ! and the young Napoleon was taken to Austria by Maria
OF, a Swedish general, born at Stralsund in 1651. He Louisa. He received the title of Duke of Reichstadt

gained a victory over the King of Poland at Frauen
stadt, (1703,) and accompanied Charles XII. in the
invasion of Russia. After Charles was wounded at
Pultowa, (1709,) Rehnskjold took command of the army,
and was made a prisoner. Died in 1722.

Re-ho-bo'am, [Heb. DiOm ; Fr. ROBOAM, ro'-
bo'oN',] King of Judah, succeeded his father Solomon
in 975 B.C. By his rash and ungracious answer to a
petition that he would lighten the yoke which his father
had imposed, he provoked ten tribes to revolt He
waged a long war against Jeroboam, the leader of the
ten tribes. His reign lasted seventeen years.

Reiclia, rl'Ka, (ANTON,) a German composer and
eminent writer on music, was born at Prague in 1770.
He produced a symphony which was performed with
success at Paris in 1799. About 1802 he went to Vienna,
where he became intimate with Haydn and Beethoven,
and composed, besides other works, thirty-six fugues for
the piano. He resided in Paris from 1808 until his
death. His reputation is founded chiefly on his "Treat-
ise on Melody," ("TraM de Melodic," 1814,) and his
"System of Harmony," ("Traite complet et raisonne 1
d'Harmonie pratique," 1818.) Died in 1836.

See Fins, " Biographic Universelle des Musiciens;" " Nouvelle
Biographic Ge'ne'rale ;" DELAIRK, "Notice sur Reicha, Musicien,"

Reichard, ri'KaRt, (CHRISTIAN GOTTLIEB,) a Ger-
man geographer, born at Schleiz in 1758. He published
a number of valuable maps and charts, among which
we may name the "Chart of the World according to
Mercator's Projection," and "Chart of Gaul" for the
explanation of Caesar's writings. Died in 1837.

Reichard, (HEINRICH AUGUST,) a German litterateur,
born at Gotha in 1751. He wrote dramas, political
treatises, descriptive works, and a "Traveller's Guide"
for Europe, (1793,) which was very successful. Died
in 1828.

Reichard, (HEINRICH GOTTFRIED,) a German phi-
lologist, born at Schleiz in 1742. He produced a Latin
version of the New Testament, (1799,) the style of which
is praised for purity. Died in 1801.

Reichardt, ri'KaRt, (JOHANN FRIEDRICH,) a Ger-
man composer and writer on music, was born at Konigs-
berg in 1751. He was patronized by Frederick the
Great, who appointed him chapel-master at Berlin on
the death of Graun. Among his master-pieces is a

from the Emperor of Austria in 1818. He entered the
Austrian army, and obtained the rank of lieutenant-
colonel in 1831. His physical organization was feeble,
but his intellect was active, and he is said to have pos-
sessed a rare aptitude for the acquisition of languages.
Died near Vienna in July, 1832.

Reid, (CHRISTIAN,) the pen-name of Frances
Fisher Tiernan, an American novelist, born in North
Carolina. She has written, since 1880, " Valerie
Ayhner," "Hearts of Steel," "The Land of the
Sun," and a dozen other novels.

Reid, reed, (DAVID BOSWELL,) M.D., a Scottish
chemist and writer, born in Edinburgh in 1805. He
began to lecture on chemistry in Edinburgh in 1833.
He invented an improved method of ventilation, and
was employed about five years in the ventilation of the
new Houses of Parliament. He published, besides other
works, a "Text-Book for Students of Chemistry," (1834.)
About 1856 he removed to the United States. Died in
Washington in April, 1863.

Reid, (Sir GEORGE,) a British painter, born at
Aberdeen in 1841. In 1891 he became president of
the Royal Scottish Academy, and was knighted. He
is best known as a portrait-painter.

Reid, reed, (MAYNE,) a novelist, born in the north of
Ireland in 1818. He began about 1838 a tour in Mexico,
Texas, etc. In 1846 and 1847 he fought as captain in
the army of the United States against the Mexicans. He
-with " Gwen Wynn" in 1877. Died October 21, 1883.

Reid, reed, (SAMUEL CHESTER,) CAPTAIN, an Ameri-
can naval officer, born at Norwich, Connecticut, in 1783.
He commanded the brig General Armstrong in a fight
against three British vessels at Fayalin September, 1814.
Died at New York in 1861.

Reid, (THOMAS,) a Scottish divine and eminent writer
on mental philosophy, was born at Strachan, in Kin-
cardineshire, in April, 1710. He studied at Marischal
College, Aberdeen, and became minister of New Machar
in 1737. In 1752 he was appointed professor of moral
philosophy at King's College, Aberdeen. He succeeded
Adam Smith as professor of moral philosophy at Glas-
gow in 1763, and published an " Inquiry into the Humar
Mind," (1764,) which was designed to neutralize the

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