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a large number of successful novels and juveniles,
ing with "The Rifle Rangers" in 1849, and ending

funeral hymn ( Trautrcantate ) for Frederick the Great, skeptical doctrines which Hume had advocated as de-
Died in 1814. ductions from the ideal system of Berkeley. His othei
S FrtTis, " Biographic Universelle des Musiciens." principal works are "Essays on the Intellectual Powers
Reichenau, (RUDOLF,) a popular German author, of Man," (1785,) and "Essays on the Active Power of
born at Marienwerder in 1817. His books, chiefly the Human Mind," (1788.) Died at Glasgow in October.

as k; 9 as s; | hard; g as/'; G, H, K, guttural '; N, nasal; R, trilled: s as z; th as mthis. ( J3f=See Explanations, p. 23. J




1796. In reply to some writers who are disposed to
deny the name of philosopher to Reid, Mackintosh
observes, " As there are too many who seem more wise
than they are, so it was the more uncommon fault of
Reid to appear less a philosopher than he really was."
In another place he calls Reid "a patient, modest, and
deep thinker." Hume himself appears to have enter-
tained a similar estimate of Reid, although differing from
him so widely in his philosophical views.

See a "Life of Dr. Reid," by DUGALD STEWART, prefixed to a
posthumous edition of his " Essays ;" CHAMBERS, " Biographical
Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen;" MACKINTOSH, "View of the
Progress of Ethical Philosophy," in his preliminary remarks on
Dugald Stewart; ALIJBONE, "Dictionary of Authors."

Reid, (WHITELAW,) an American journalist, born
near Xenia, Ohio, October 27, 1837. He graduated at
Miami University in 1856. During the civil war he was
correspondent of the Cincinnati "Gazette," 1860-68,
and in 1863-66 librarian of the United States House of
Representatives. In 1868 he was called to the staff of
the New York "Tribune," of which in 1872 he became
chief editor and principal proprietor. In 1878 he was
chosen a regent (for life) of the University of the State
of New York. From 1889 to 1892 he was United States
minister to France, and in 1892 was the Republican can-
didate for Vice-President on the ticket with Mr. Harri-
son. He was a member of the Peace Commission in
Paris after the Spanish- American war of 1898. He
published " After the War," (1866,) " The Scholar in
Politics," (1873,) etc.

British engineer and scientific writer, bom in Fifeshire
in 1791. He served as an officer of engineers in Spain,
America, etc., became Governor of Bermuda in 1838,
and commanding engineer at Woolwich in 1849. He
published a work entitled "An Attempt to Develop the
Law of Storms by Means of Facts arranged according
to Place and Time," (1838,) which attracted much at-
tention. In 1849 he produced "The Progress of the
Development of the Law of Storms," etc. He was
Governor of Malta from 1851 to 1858. Died in London
in October, 1858.

Reiffenberg, de, deh rlft'en-be'Rc', (FREDERIC Au-
rateur, born at Mons in 1795. He wrote a "History of
the Order of the Golden Fleece," (1830.) and several
works on the history of Flanders. Died in 1850.

See LUTHHRHAU, " Notice sur M. le Baron de Reiffenberg," 1850 ;
QUETHLHT, "Notice sur F. A. F. T. Baron de Reiffenberg, 1852.

Reifferscheid, rif'fer-shid', (KARL WILHELM AU-
GUST,) a German philologist, born at Bonn, October 3,
1835. He held professorships of classical philology and
of eloquence at Bonn and at Breslau. He has published
many texts, chiefly of late Roman and early Christian
Latin authors, besides numerous papers upon historical,
literary, and mythological subjects. Died in 1887.

Reigny, rjn'ye', (Louis ABEL BEFFROI, ) called
COUSIN JACQUES, an eccentric French writer of plays
and burlesque works, was born at Laon in 1757; died
in 1810.

Reil, ril, (JOHANN CHRISTIAN,) a Dutch or German
physician, born at Rauden, in East Friesland, in 1758.
He became professor of therapeutics at Halle in 1788.
He published a number of esteemed medical works.
Died in 1813.

Reille, ril or r|'ye, (HONOR* CHARLES MICHEL
JOSEPH,) COUNT, a French general, born at Antibes
(Var) in 1775. He commanded a brigade at the battle
of Jena, (1806,) soon after which he became a general
of division, and aide-de-camp to Napoleon. He con-
tributed to the victory at Friedland, (1807,) distinguished
himself at Wagram, (1809,) and obtained command of
the army of Portugal in 1812. In 1815 he fought for
Napoleon at Waterloo, where he commanded a corps-
d'arme'e. He became a marshal of France in 1847. Died
in 1860.

See " Nouvelle Biographic Ge'ne'rale."

Reily, ri'le, (WILLIAM MCCLELLAN,) an American
clergyman, born at York, Pennsylvania, August 8, 1837.
He graduated at Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, in
1856, studied at Princeton and Andover, and at Berlin

and other German universities, became a pastor in the
German Reformed Church, and for several years was
professor of languages at Palatinate College, of which
in 1883 he was appointed president. His principal work
is "The Artist and his Mission," (1881.)

Reimar. See REIMARUS.

Reimarus, ri-ma'rus, [Fr. REIMAR, ri'mjR',| (HER-
MANN SAMUEL,) a German philologist, born at Hamburg
in 1694, became professor of Hebrew and mathematics
n his native city. He was the author of the celebrated
" Wolfenbiittel Fragments," a series of essays published
by Lessing in 1777. (See LESSING.) Reimarus was a
son-in-law of J. A. Fabricius, whom he assisted in sev-
eral of his philological works. He also wrote a treatise
"On the Principal Truths of Natural Religion," (1754,)
and "Observations on the Instinct of Animals," (1762.)
Died in 1765 or 1768.

See J. G. BOscH, "Memoria Reimari," 1769; HIESCHINC,
" Histonsch-literarisches Handbuch."

man philosopher and economist, born at Hamburg in
1729, was a son of the preceding. He practised medi-
cine at Hamburg, and wrote several works on commerce
and political economy. Died in 1814.

See EBBLING, "Memoria Reimari," 1815; and" Autobiography,"

Reimer, ri'mer, (GEORG ANDREAS,) a German book-
seller, born at Greifswalde in 1776, founded at Berlin, in
1800, a publishing-house which rose to be one of the
most important in Germany. Among the works issued
from this establishment were the writings of Jean Paul,
Novalis, W. von Humboldt, Niebuhr, Ranke, Lach-
mann, and other Germans most eminent in literature
and science, to which we may add Schlegel's transla-
tion of Shakspeare. Died in '1842.

Reimmann, rtm'min, (JAKOB FRIEDRICH,) a German
bibliographer, born at Groningen in 1668. He became
minister of a church at Hildesheim in 1717. Among
his works are "An Essay of an Introduction to Literary
History," (6 vols., 1703-13,) and " Idea of the Literary
System of Antiquity," (" Idea Systematis Antiquitatis
literariae," 1718.) Died in 1743.

See "Nouvelle Biographic pe're'rale ;" REIMMANN, Autobiog-
raphy, (" Eigene Lebensbeschreibung," etc..) 1745.

Rein, rin, (JOHANNES JUSTUS,) a German geographer,
born at Rauenheim, in Hesse, January 27, 1835. He
was educated at Giessen, travelled in Esthonia, Finland,
Scandinavia, etc., visited Bermuda, the United States,
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Morocco, and the Ca-
naries, and lived for some years in Japan. In 1876 he
became professor of geography in the Marburg Univer-
sity. His principal work is a treatise on Japan, (1880-83.)

Reina, raV-na, ? (FRANCESCO,) an Italian IMratfur,
born in the^jprovince of Como in 1772. He edited the
works of Ariosto, Zanotti, and other Italian authors.
Died in 1826.

Reinagle, rin'a-geK ? (GEORGE PHILIP,) an excellent
English marine painter, born in London about 1802, was
a son of R. Ramsay Reinagle. Among his works is
" The Battle of Navarino." He witnessed this action.
Died in 1835.

Reinagle, (PHILIP,) an able English painter of land-
scapes, hunting-scenes, and animals, born about 1750,
was a pupil of Allan Ramsay. He was elected a mem-
ber of the Royal Academy in 1811. Among his works
is the " Sportsmen's Cabinet." Died in 1833.

Reinagle, (RICHARD RAMSAY,) a son of the preceding,
born about 1772, painted portraits and landscapes with
success. He was elected Royal Academician in 1822.

Reinaud, r&'no', (JOSEPH TOUSSAINT,) a French
Orientalist, born at Lambesc (Bouches-du-Rh6ne) in
1795. He was admitted into the Academy of Inscrip-
tions in 1832, and succeeded Silvestre de Sacy as pro-
fessor of Arabic at Paris in 1838. In 1854 he became
keeper of the Oriental manuscripts of the Imperial
Library. Among his works is "The Invasions of the
Saracens in France, Savoy, and Piedmont in the Eighth,
Ninth, and Tenth Centuries," (1836.) Died in June,

See " Nouvelle Biographie Ge'ne'rale."

Reinbeck, rln'bjk, (JoHANN GUSTAV,) a German

i, e, 1, 5, 3, y, long ; a, 4, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, I, o, ii, y, short; a, e, i, Q, obscure: far, fall, fit; mil; not; good; moon;




Lutheran divine, born at Zell in 1683. He became first
minister of the church of Saint Peter, Berlin, (or at Co-
logne on the Spree,) in 1717. He wrote, besides other
works, " Considerations on the Divine Truths contained
in the Confession of Augsburg," (4 vols., 1731-41.) Died
in 1742.

Reindel, rln'del, (ALBRECHT,) a German engraver,
born at Nuremberg in 1784, numbered among his pupils
Wagner, Miiller, and other distinguished artists. He
was professor in the Academy of Fine Arts of Nurem-
berg. Died in 1853.

ReinecciuB. See REINECK.

Reineccius, rl-net'se-us, (CHRISTIAN,) a German
theologian, born in the principality of Anhalt-Zerbst in
1668. "He wrote, in Latin, a " Hebrew Key (Jjmia) to
the Old Testament," (1733.) Died in 1752.

Reiueck, ri'nek, [Lat. REINEC'CIUS,] (REINER,) a
German historian, born at or near Paderborn in 1541.
He taught belles-lettres at Frankfort and Helmstedt.
Among his works is " Syntagma heroicum, continens
Historian! Chaldaeorum, Assyriorum," etc., (3 vols.,
1594,) which treats of the history of the Chaldeans and
Assyrians. Died in 1595.

See HXBERLIN. " De Reineccii Mentis," etc., 1746; TKISSIER,
" filoges."

Reinecke, ri'nek-keh, (JOHANN FRIEDRICH,) a noted
German actor, born at Helmstedt in 1747 ; died in 1787.

Reinecke, (KARL,) a German musician, conductor,
and composer, born at Altona in 1827. As a pianist he
has made professional tours of the principal European
cities. His best compositions are those for the piano.

Reineggs, ri'negs or ri'n?ks, (JAKOB,) a German
physician, born at Eisleben in 1744. He practised at
Tim's, in Georgia, and wrote a "Description of Cau-
casus." Died at Saint Petersburg in 1793.

Reiner, ri'ner, (WENZEL LORENZ,) a German painter,
born at Prague in 1686. He painted history and land-
scapes with success, both in oil and fresco. His design
and colour are much praised. Died at Prague in 1743.

Reinesius, ri-na'ze-us, (THOMAS,) a German phy
sician and scholar, born at Gotha in 1587, was styled by
Haller "a miracle of learning." He was for several
years public physician at Altenburg, and subsequently
removed to Leipsic. About the same time he was made
a councillor by the Elector of Saxony. Among his
numerous works may be named " On the Syrian Gods,"
(1623,) "Syntagma of Ancient Inscriptions," (1682,;
"Critical Dissertation on the Sibylline Oracles," (1702,;
and "Observations on Suidas," (all in Latin.) He also
wrote an account of his life, (in German.) Died in 1667
See BAYLK, "Historical and Critical Dictionary;" NICERON
" Memoires."

a German physician, born at Camenz in 1719; died in

Reinhard, (FRANZ VOLKMAR,) a Protestant theolo
gian and distinguished pulpit orator, born at Vohen
Strauss, in Bavaria, in 1753. He became professor ol
theology at Wittenberg in 1782, and in 1792 chief court
preacher at Dresden. He died in 1812, leaving a num
ber of sermons and religious treatises. His "System ol
Christian Morality",(5 vols., 1788-1815) is regarded as
a valuable and profound work.

See KARL AUGUST BSTTIGKR, " F. V. Reinhard," etc., 1813
" Nouvelle Biographic GeWrale ;" P8LITZ, " Reinhard nach seioem
Leben und Wirken," 1813.

Reinhard, (KARL FRIEDRICH,) a diplomatist, born in
Wiirtemberg in 1761. He became French minister of
foreign affairs in July, 1799, and was employed in severa
missions by Bonaparte from 1800 to 1814. He owed his
promotion to the favour of Talleyrand. Died in Paris
in 1837.

Reinhard, von, fon rin'haRt, (ADOLF FRIEDRICH,
a German philosopher, born at Strelitz in 1726. He
wrote a treatise "On Optimism," (1755,) and othe
works. Died at Wetzlar in 1783.

Reinhart, rin'hart, (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN,) an Amer
ican artist, born near Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, in 1829
After taking up the profession of portrait-painting, ht
studied genre art in Europe, and lived in England
1861-68, after which he settled in New York. D. 1885

Reinhart, (CHARLES STANLEY,) an American irtist,
jorn at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, May 16, 1844. He
tudied art in Munich and Paris, and became distin-
juished as a very successful illustrator of books and
'eriodicals. Died August 30, 1896.

Reinhart, rin'haRt, (JOHANN CHRISTIAN,) a German
andscape-painter and engraver, born at Hof in 1761.
Some of his best pictures are to be seen in the Massimi
palace at Rome. His " Landscape in a Storm,"' one of
is master-pieces in engraving, was dedicated to Schiller.
Died in 1847.

_,ENS,) a philosopher, a son of Karl Leonhard, noticed
>elow, was born at Jena in 1793. He became professor
of logic and metaphysics in his native city, and wrote,
jesides other works, a "History of Philosophy," (2
als., 1828-29.) Died in 1855.

Reiuhold, [Lat. REINHOL'DUS,] (ERASMUS,) a Ger
man astronomer, born at Saalfeld, in Thuringia, it
October, 1511. He taught astronomy and mathematics
for some years at the University of Wittenberg, from
which he removed in 1552. He published a "Com-
mentary on Purbach's New Theory of Planets," (" Corn-
mentarius Theoricae novae Planetarum G. Purbachii,"
1542,) and tables formed from the observations of
Copernicus compared with those of Hipparchus and
Ptolemy, "Tables of the Motions of the Heavenly
Bodies," (" Prutenicas Tabulae Ccelestium Motuum,"
1551,) in which he clearly explains the equation of time.
Died in 1553. His son, ERASMUS, was a physician and

See DELAMB*E, "Astronomic moderne."

Reiuhold, (KARL LEONHARD,) a German philoso-
pher, born at Vienna in 1758. Having married the
laughter of Wieland, he became associated with him as
editor of the " Deutschen Mercur." In 1794 he became
professor of philosophy at Kiel. He was the author of
" Letters on the Philosophy of Kant," and other works.
Died in 1823.

See "K L. Reinholds Leben," by his son, 1828; KUNO FIS-
CHER, "Die neuere Philosophic seit Kant;" "Nouvelle Biographi*

Reiuholdus. See REINHOLD, (ERASMUS.)
Reinick, ri'nik, (ROBERT,) a German painter and
poet, born at Dantzic in 1805 ; died in 1852.

Reinkens, rln'kens, (JOSEPH HUBERT,) a German
bishop, born at Burt'scheid, March I, 1821. He became
a Roman Catholic priest, and divinity professor at Bres-
lau, but in 1870 left the Romanists, joined the "Old
Catholics," and in 1873 was consecrated bishop of that
body by the Jansenist bishop ot" Deventer. He published
various controversial works. Died January 4, 1896,

Reinoso, ra-e-no'so, (ANTONIO GARCIA,) a Spanish
painter, born at Cabral in 1623, was also an architect.
He died at C6rdova in 1677.

Reinsberg, von, fon rins'beRG, (IDA von Diirings-
feld fon dii'rings-felt',) BARONESS, a German authoress,
born in Silesia in 1815. She wrote many tales and novels,
which are said to display a rich imagination and much
knowledge of human nature. Among them are " Sketches
of the Great World," (1845,) "Antonio Foscarini," (1850,)
and " Clotilda," (1855.) She died in 1876.

Reinwardt, rin'waRt, (CASPAR GEORG CARL,) a
naturalist, born at Liittringhausen, in Germany, in 1772.
He wrote " Observations on the Gold-Mines and Natural
History of the Moluccas." Died at Leyden in 1854.

Reisch, rish, (GEORG,) a German savant and ecclesi-
astic, lived in the second half of the fifteenth century.
He was confessor to the emperor Maximilian I. He
wrote " Margarita philosophica," (" Philosophic Pearl,"
1496,) often reprinted.

Reisen, ri'zen, (CHARLES C.,) an able engraver of
gems, born in London about 1695, was the son of a
Danish artist. Died in London in 1725.
Reiset, de, deh r'z&', (MARIE ANTOINE,) VICOMTE,
a French general, born at Colmar in 1775. He distin-
guished himself at the battle of Dresden, (1813.) Died
in 1836.

See " Notice sur Jacques et Antoine de Reiset," 1851.

; casj; gAard; gas;: G. H, Mi, guttural ; N, nasal; f.,trill(tt; sas:; thasinM/j.

Explanations, p. 23. *




Reisig, rl'zic, (KARL CHRISTIAN,) a German philoln
gist, born at Weissensee in 1792. He was professor ol
incient literature at Halle. He wrote " Vorlesungen
iiber Lateinische Sprachwissenschaft," ( " Praelections
on Latin Philology.") Died at Venice in 1829.

Reiske, rls'keh, (JoHANN,) a German teacher and
writer on various subjects, born at Gera in 1641 ; die<l
in 1701.

Heiske, [Lat. REIS'KIUS,] (JOHANN JAKOB,) a Ger-
man physician and Orientalist, born near Leipsic in
1716. At the University of Leipsic he devoted himself
chiefly to the study of Arabic, and subsequently visited
Leyden, where he was patronized by Burmann and other
learned men. On his return to Leipsic he obtained
the title of professor of Arabic, and became rector of
the College of Saint Nicholas. Among his works are
Latin translations of the " Geography" of Abulfeda, the
"Moslem Annals" of the same writer, and a German
translation of the poems of Mootenabbee, (Motenabbi,)
(unpublished,) also editions of Theocritus, (1766,) "The
Greek Orators," (12 vols., 1770-75,) Plutarch's Works,
(12 vols., 1774-79,) Dionysius of Halicarnassus, (6 vols.,
1774-77,) an< 3 other Greek and Latin classics. Died
in 1774.

Wittenberg, was distinguished for her love of learning,
and rendered him important assistance in his literary
labours. After his death she completed several of his
works. She also published a work entitled " Hellas,"
(2 vols., 1778.) Died in 1798, aged about sixty-three.

See Reiske's Autobiography, Leipsic, 1783: S. F. N. MOKUS,
"Vita Reiskii," 1777: MEUSBL, " Gelehrtei Deutschland ;" HIR-
BCHINC," Historisch-literarisches Handbuch. "

Reiskius. See REISKE.

Reissiger, ri'sic-er, (KARL GOTTLIEB,) a German
musician and composer, born near Wittenberg in 1798.
He was appointed first chapel-master at Dresden in
1827. He composed religious music, and a number
of operas, among which are " Didone," (1823,) and
"Turandot." Died in 1859.

ReisBmann, ris'man, (AUGUST,) a German historian
and musician, born at Frankenstein, in Silesia, November
14, 1825. His books include a "General History of
Music," (3 vols., 1864,) 'Science of Musical Composition,"
(3 vols., 1866-70,) " History of German Song," (1874,)
" Lectures on the History of Music," (1877,) many works
of biography, etc. He also composed much music.

Reiz or Reitz, rits, (JOHANN FRIEDRICH,) a
German philologist, born at Braunfels in 1695; died at
Utrecht in 1778.

Rejane, (GABRIELLE,) a French actress, born in
1857. She is best known in the characters of Nora,
in " A Doll's House," and Madame Sans-Gene. In
the latter she has gained a great reputation.

Relaud, ra'lant, [Lat RELAN'DUS,] (ADRIAAN,) an
eminent Dutch Orientalist, born at Ryp, near Alkmaar,
in 1676. He was versed in Greek and Roman antiquities,
as well as in many Oriental languages. He became pro-
fessor of Oriental languages and ecclesiastical history at
Utrecht in 1700. His principal works are an " Account
of the Moslem Religion," (" De Religione Mohammedica
Libri duo," 1705,) and " Palestine illustrated by Monu-
ments," ("Palestinaex Monumentisveteribus illustrata,"
2 vols., 1714,) which is highly commended. He died at
Utrecht in February, 1718.

See NICERON, " Me'moires ;" PAQUOT, " Me"molres ;" " Nou-
velle Biographic Ge'ne'rale ;" SEKKUKIER, " Oratio in Obitum A
Relandi," 1718.

Reland, (PiETER,) a brother of the preceding, was a
magistrate of Haarlem. He wrote a work entitled
"Consular Calendars," (" Fasti Consulares,") published
in 1715. He died before that date.

Relandus. See RELAND., rgl'an, (RICHARD,) an English botanist, born
about 1755. He became rector of Hunningsby, Lin-
colnshire, in 1791. He wrote a " Flora Cantabrigensis,"
(1785.) Died in 1823.

Rellfltab, reM'stap, (Lunwic,) a German litterateur,
born at Berlin in 1799, published romances, dramas,
and critical essays. Died at Berlin in 1860.

Remak, re'm'Sk, (ROBERT,) a German physician, born
at Posen, of Jewish parents, July 30, 1815. He gradu-
ated in medicine at Berlin in 1838, and in 1861 was called
to a professorship in his university. His works include
"Diagnostic and Pathogenic Researches," (1845,) "The
Development of Vertebrates," 1851-55,) and "Galvano-
Therapeutics," (1858.) The investigation and treatment
of nerve-diseases was his specialty. Died at Kissingen,
August 27, 1865.

Rembha. See RAMBHA.

Rembrandt van Ryn or Rijn, rJm'bRant vin rin,
or Rembrandt Gerritz, rgm'bRant HeVrits, (PAUL,)
a celebrated Dutch painter of history and portraits, was
born on the Rhine, near Leyden, June 15, 1606. He was
a son of a miller named Hermann Gerritz. His masters
in design were P. Lastmann and Jacob Pinus, to whom
some add George Schooten. He became a citizen of
Amsterdam in 1630, and soon acquired celebrity by the
originality of his style, formed by the study of nature.
In 1632 he painted " The Lecture on Anatomy of Dr.
Tulp." He married in 1634. He became the master
of a numerous school, and, it is said, sold the copies
painted by his pupils as original works, after he had
retouched them. His biographers represent him as
avaricious, and some of them affirm that he contracted
the habits of a miser ; but this charge is not substantiated.
He derived a very large income from the sale of his
etchings, the fees of his pupils, and the sale of copies
of his works made by his pupils ; yet he became insol-
vent in 1656.

Rembrandt was a brilliant colorist, and a consummate
master of chiaroscuro. He imitated the effects of light
with great success, but was deficient in design and taste.
He neglected or despised the antique. Among his cele-
brated pictures are "Tobit and the Angel Raphael,"
"The Woman taken in Adultery," "The Round of the
Night," "The Syndics of the Merchant Drapers," and
a portrait of himself with his wife. His portraits are
by some critics considered more admirable than his his-
torical works. He produced a great number of etchings,
some of which command enormous prices, (loo guineas
each.) As an engraver in aquafortis he has never been
surpassed. Among his engravings are a " Descent from
the Cross," "Christ healing the Sick," "The Raising
of Lazarus," and portraits of Van Coppenol and Van
Thol. He died at Amsterdam in October, 1669.

See a " Life of Rembrandt," by J. BUKNET, 1848 ; P. SCHELTHMA.
" Redevoering over het Leven en de Verdiensten van Rembrandt
van Rijn," 1853; DRSCAMPS, "Vies des Peintres Flamands," etc.

Rembrantz, rim'bRants, (THIERRY,) a Dutch as-
tronomer, born near the Zuyderzee about 1615 ; died
after 1677.

Remenyi, r m'nn-ye, (EDWARD,) a Hungarian violin-
ist, born at Heves in 1830. He took part in the revolution
of 1848, and then fled to America, but soon returned to
Europe. 1 le subsequently attained very great fame as
concert- and parlour-performer. Died in 1887.

Remer, ra'mer, (JULIUS AUGUST,) a German historian,
born at Brunswick in 1736. He published a " Manual of
Universal History," (3 vols., 1783,) which was received
with favour. Died in 1803.

Re'mey, (GEORGE CoLLiER,),an American naval
officer, born at Burlington, Iowa, in 1841. He gradu-
ated at the Naval Academy in 1859, served in and
after the civil war, and was promoted commodore in
1897 and rear-admiral in 1899. He commanded the
naval base, Key West, during the war with Spain, and
the United States squadron at Taku, China, in the
affair of 1900.

Remi, or Remy, ra'me', [Lat. REMIGIUS,] SAINT, the
"Apostle of the Franks," was born at Cerny-en-Laon
nais about 439 A.D. He became Bishop of Rheims, bap-
tized Clovis, (q. v.,) and was noted for his eloquence
and successful labours in converting the Franks. Died

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