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Maitres-Graveurs," (4 parts, 1853-56.) Died in Paris
in 1860.

See " Nouvelle Biographic G^nerale."

Ren'shaw, (WILLIAM B.,) an American naval officer,
Dorn in New York State, entered the navy in 1831. He
became a lieutenant in 1841, and a commander in iSbi.
In the latter part of 1862 he obtained command of a
squadron which blockaded Galveston. He blew up
his ship, which had run aground near Galveston, rather
than surrender it, and was killed by the explosion, in
January, 1863.

See TENNEY, " Military and Naval History of the Rebellion."

Renti or Renty, de, deh roN'te', (GASTON JEAN
BAPTISTE,) BARON, a French ascetic, born near Bayeux
in 1611, was noted for piety. Died in 1648.

See P. DB SAINT-JURE, "Vie de M. de Renty," 1651. (This
was abridged by JOHN WESLEY.)

Reuty, de. See RENTI, DE.

Renucci, ra-noot'chee, (FRANCESCO OTTAVIANO,) an
Italian historian, born in Corsica in 1767. He wrote a
" History of Corsica from 1789 to 1830," (1834.) Died

Renusson, de, d?h reh-nu'sfiN', (PHILIPPE,) a French
jurist, born at Mans in 1632 ; died in 1669. The French
biographer who gives the dates as above says, " At the
ge of forty-nine he passed for one of the ablest jurists."

Ren'wick, (JAMES,) a Scottish preacher, called a
martyr of the Covenant, was born in Dumfries-shire
about 1662. He was an active and uncompromising
promoter of the cause of the Covenanters. He was
executed in 1688.

Ren'wick, (JAMES,) LL.D., an American savant,
born in 1792, became in 1820 professor of chemistry and
physics at Columbia College, New York. He published
"Treatise on the Steam Engine," (1830,) "Outlines
of Natural Philosophy," (1832,) "Outlines of Geology,
(1838) a "Memoir of De Witt Clinton," (1840,) and
Lives of Robert Fulton, David Rittenhouse, and Count
Rumford, in Sparks's "American Biography." Died in
New York in 1863.

See ALLIBONE, "Dictionary of Authors."

Renzi, reVzee, (ANTONIO,) an Italian scholar and
critic, born at Castelsalfi in 1780. He edited the works
of Dante, Ariosto, and Petrarch. Died in 1823.

Repelaer van Driel, ra'peh-liR' vln dReel, (OK-
ICER,) a Dutch statesman, born at Dort in 1759; died
in 1832.

Repnin, rSp-nen' or rSp-neen', written also Repnine
and diplomatist, born in 1734, was a nephew of Count
Panin. He was sent as ambassador to Poland in 1764,
and gave much offence to the Poles by his arrogance
and by his efforts to destroy their nationality. In 1774
he signed with the Turkish vizier the treaty of Koutchouk
Kainardji. Having obtained command of the army ol
the Ukraine, he defeated the Turks at Matzin in 1791
He was raised to the rank of field-marshal in 1796
Died in 1801.

Repp, rep, (THORLEIF GUDMUNDSSON,) an Iceland!,
linguist, born at Reykiadal in 1794. Among his
works are an " Historical Treatise on the Trial by
Jury," in English, (1832,) and " Dano- Hungarian
Discoveries," (1843.) He died December 4, 1857.

Rep'plier, ( AGNES,) an American essayist, bom
at Philadelphia in 1858. Her works include " Book:
and Man," (iSSS,) "Essays in Idleness," (1893,
"In the Dozy Hours," (1895,) "Varia," (1897,

Repsold,r8p'solt,(JoHANNGEORG,) a German mecha
nician, born in the kingdom of Hanover in 1770, becami
noted for the excellence of his astronomical and othe
instruments. Died in 1830.

Rep'toii, (HUMPHRY,) an English landscape-gardener
born at Bury Saint Edmund's in 1752. He was a mer
chant in his youth, but, having failed in business, h
adopted the profession of landscape-gardener, in whicl
he found little or no competition. He was author o
"Sketches and Hints on Landscape-Gardening," (1795,
and other professional works. Died in 1818.

Requeno y Vives, ri-ka'no e vee'vis, (ViNCENCio,)

Spanish antiquary and writer on fine arts, was born at

Granada about 1730. (Another writer says he was born

t Calatraho in 1743.) He became a resident of Rome

bout 1767. He produced a treatise on ancient painting,

ntitled " Essay on the Restoration of Ancient Art,"

"Saggiosul Ristabilimento dell'antica Arte," etc., 1784.)

)ied about 1805.

Requesens, ra-ka-sens', (Luis DE Zuniga thoon-
ee'ga,) a Spanish commander, born ki 1522. He dis-
inguished himself as lieutenant of Don John of Austria
it the battle of Lepanto, and succeeded the Duke of
Alva in 1573 as Governor of the Netherlands, the people
of which were then in arms against the Spanish domi-
nation. His army gained a victory over Louis of Nassau
near Nymwegen ; but this advantage was neutralized by a
mutiny of the Spaniards. While his army was besieging
Ziriczee, he died, in 1576. H-e was an able general, and
nclined to moderation in the use of power.
See MOTLEY'S " History of the Dutch Republic," vol. ii.
Requier, reh-ke^i', ? (AUGUSTUS JULIAN,) an Araen
can politician and~writer, was born at Charleston, South
Carolina, in 1825. On the secession of Alabama, in 1861,
ic was appointed district attorney for the southern
district of that State. He wrote several poems and
dramas. Died March 19, 1887.

Requier, reh-ke-i', (JEAN BAPTISTE,) a French writer
and translator, borrTat Pignans in 1715 ; died in 1799.

Requin, reh-kaN', (ACHILLE PIERRE,) a French medi-
cal writer, born at Lyons in 1803 ; died in Paris in 1855
Reresby, reers'be, (Sir JOHN,) an English loyalist
and member of Parliament, wrote " Memoirs containing
jeveral Private and Remarkable Transactions from th
iestoration to the Revolution inclusively," (1734-)

See " Me'moires de Sir John Reresby," Paris ; " Monk'i Coo-
emporaries," by GutzOT ; "Retrospective Review," vol. viii, (1833.)
Resbecq. de, deh res'beV, (ADOLPHE CHARLES
THEODOSE FONTAINE,) a French writer, born at Lilla
in 1813. He published many books. Died in 1865.
Reschid. "See RESHEED.

Resende, de, di ra-sSn'di, (GARCIA,) a Portuguese
historian, born at Evora about 1470. He wrote a " His-
tory of John II.," (1545.) Died in 1554.

Resende, de, (L. ANDREA,) a Portuguese antiquary
and poet, born at Evora in 1498. He wrote, besides
other works, "Antiquities of Portugal," (" Antiquitates
Lusitaniz," 1593.) He opened a school at Evora, m
which many eminent scholars were educated. According
to M. Weiss, he was "the restorer of learning in Por-
tugal." Died in 1573.

Reseniua, ri-sa'ne-us, (JoHAN PAUL,) a Danish theo-
logian, born in Jutland about 1560. He was professor
of theology at Copenhagen, and translated the Bible
into Danish. Died in 1638.

Reseniua, (PETER,) a grandson of the preceding, was
born at Copenhagen in 1625. He obtained a chair of law
'11 the University of that city in 1662. He published
' Copenhagen Inscriptions, Latin, Danish, and German,"
i"Inscriptiones Hafnienses, Latinze, Danicae et Germa-
nicEe," 1668,) and some legal works. Died in 1688.
See NiciRON, " Memoires."

Resheed (or Reschid) Pasha, reh-sheed' pa'shl,
called also Mustafa (mobs'ta-fa) Resheed, a Turkish
grand vizier and reformer, born at Constantinople about
1800, was a brother-in-law of Alee Pasha. He obtained
the rank of pasha in 1834, and was sent as ambassador
to Paris and London. He was grand vizier for a short
time in 1837, and was appointed minister of foreign
affairs in 1839, and afterwards ably and constantly
promoted the political and social reforms begun by
Mahmood II. Died in 1858.

Resnel du Bellay, du, dii r^'ne!' dii bl'lj', (JEAN
FRANQOIS,) ABB, a French poet and translator, born at
Rouen in 1692, became canon of a church in Paris in
1 724. He produced poetical versions of Pope's " Essay
on Criticism" (1730) and "Essay on Man," (1737,) ">
which, it is said, he was aided by Voltaire. He was ad-
mitted into the French Academy in 1742. Died in 1761.
See "Nouvelle Biographic Ge'ne'rale."
Restaurand, rfe'to'rSN', (RAYMOND,) a French

i, e, 1, 6, u, y, long; i, k. t>. same, less prolonged; a, e, T, 6, u, J, short; a, ?, j, o, obscure; fir, fill, fit; mil; not; gSod; m<5on:




medical writer, born at Pont Saint-Esprit about 1627,
died in 1682.

Restaut, rjs'to', (PiERRE,) a French grammarian and
advocate, born at Beauvais in 1696. He wrote an ele-
mentary "Treatise on French G ammar,'' (1730,) which
the University adopted as classic. Died in 1764.

Restout, reYtoo'. (JEAN,) a French painter, born at
Rouen in 1692, was a pupil and nephew of JouveneL
His works were more admired by his contemporaries
than they are now Died in 1768.

Restout, (JEAN BERNARD,) a painter, born in Paris
In 1732, was a son of the preceding. He gained the
first prize in 1758, after which he studied at Rome.
Died in 1797

Rethel, ra'tel, (ALFRED,) an eminent German his-
torical painter, born at Aix-la-Chapelle in 1816. He
studied at the Academy of Dusseldorf, and there painted
" Daniel in the Lions' Den," and a picture of " Nemesis,"
both of which were greatly admired. About 1840 he
removed to Frankfort. Among his chief works are a
series of frescos at Aix-la-Chapelle, representing the
exploits of Charlemagne, and "The Passage of the Alps
by Hannibal." He was an excellent designer His last
years were passed at Rome, where he died in 1859.


Retif or Restif de la Bretonne, ra'tef deh IS bReh-
ton', (NICOLAS EDME,) a prolific and licentious French
writer of fiction, born near Auxerre in 1734 , died poor,
in Paris, in 1806.

Rettberg, re't'be'RG, (FRIEDRICH WILHELM,) a Ger-
man theologian and professor of theology at Marburg,
born at Celle in 1805. His principal work is an " Eccle-
siastical History of Germany," (1846.) Died in 1849.

Retz, riss, (N.,) a French medical writer, born at
Anas. He obtained the title of physician to the king
about 1790. Died about iSto.

Retz, de, de.h riss, (ALBERT de Condi deh g6N'-
de',) a French courtier and general, born at Florence in
1522, was a grandfather of Cardinal de Retz. He be-
came a favourite of Charles IX., and was one of the
instigators of the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew, (1572.)
Died in 1602.

See BRANT6MH, "Gfands Capitames;" MoRiRI. " Dictionnaire

Retz, de, (GILLF,S.) See RAIS.

Retz, rets, de, (Fr. pron. deh riss,] (JEAN FRANC.OIS
PAUL DE CONDI,) CARDINAL, an ambitious French prel-
ate, distinguished for his talents and factious intrigues,
was born of a noble famiry at Montmirail in 1614. He
attempted, by debaucheries and scandalous actions, to
frustrate the purpose of his family, who destined him
for the church. He studied, however, with ardour,
gained distinction as a disputant, and courted popularity
by profuse donations to the poor. In 1643 he was
nominated coadjutor of the Archbishop of Paris, who
was his uncle. The civil war of the Fronde, which
began in 1649, afforded him an opportunity to gratify
his ambition to be the chief of a party. He became
the master-spirit of the Frondeurs, but is said to have
opposed the more violent tendencies of that faction
He was nominated a cardinal by the queen-regent, who
wished to conciliate him. Mazarin having recovered
his power in Paris, De Retz was arrested in December,
1652, and confined at Vincennes. He was transferred
to the chateau of Nantes, from which he escaped in
1654. He went to Rome and took part in the election
of a new pope. After he had passed some years in the
Low Countries, he was permitted to return to France.
He paid his debts, which were very large, and spent the
rest of his life in retirement. It appears that his moral
character was somewhat reformed after his imprison-
ment. He died m 1679, leaving some interesting " Me 1 -
moires," (1717.) which have been translated into English.
"Their animated style," says Hallam, "their excellent
portraitures of character, their acute and brilliant re-
marks, distinguish their pages as much as the similar
qualities did their author" "They are written," says
Voltaire, "with an air of greatness, an impetuosity, and
an inequality which are the image of his life."

See " Me"moires du Cardinal de Ret7," first printed in 3 vols.,
1717: VOLTAIRE, " Siecle de Louis XIV;" MUSSBT- PATHAY.

"Recherches historiques sur le Cardinal de Retz," 1807. and 4 vola.,
1859. Enelish translation of Retz's " M^moires," 1723, SAINIB*
BEUVR, " Cavtseries du Lundi :" MICHEI.ET, " Hisloire de France;"
StsMONDl, " Histoire de3 Francais;" "Nouvelle Biographic Ge'n^
rale "

Retzlus, reVse-us, (ANDERS JOHAN,) a Swedish natu.
ralist, born at Christianstadt in 1742, was a pupil of
Linnaeus. He became professor of natural history at
Lund in 1777, and published a good work on the plants
of Sweden, Norway, etc., entitled " Florse Scandinavia
Prodromus," (1779.) His treatise on botany, "Obser.
vationes botanicae," (1779-91,) is called his capital work.
Died in 1821.

See GEZELIUS, " Dio^raphiskt-Lexicon."

Retzius, (ANDERS OLOF or ADOLF,) a Swedish phy
sician, born at Lund in 1796, was a son of the preceding.
He bec-ame professor of anatomy at Lund about 1824,
He wrote important works on medicine and natural
history Died at Stockholm in 1860.

Retziua, (MAGNUS CHRISTIAN,) an able medical
writer, a brother of the preceding, was born at Lund
about 1794. He became professor of chemistry at
Stocl*olm about 1820. Died October 6, 1871

Retzsch, rStsh, (MoRiTZ,) an eminent German de-
signer and painter, born at Dresden in 1 779. He studied
at the Academy of Arts in that city, where he became
professor of painting in 1824. His etchings illustrating
Goethe's "Faust," published in 1812, established his
reputation both in Germany and other countries. They
were followed by illustrations of Schiller and Shakspeare,
of Burger's "Lenore" and "Ballads, "and other popular
works. As a portrait-painter, also, Retzsch is highly
esteemed. He was pre-eminent as an original designer
in outline among the artists of his time : his illustra-
tions of Goethe's " Faust," in particular, have probably
never been surpassed by any works of the kind. Died
at Dresden in 1857

See . NACLER, "Allgemeines KUnstler Lexikon ;" " Foreign
Quarterly Review" for June, 1828, October, 1833, and October,

Reubell. See REWBELL.

Reu'ben, [Heb. plfO ; Fr. RUBEN, ru"boN',] the
eldest son of the Hebrew patriarch Jacob, was the an-
cestor of one of the^twelve tribes of Israel.

See Genesis xxix. 32, xxxv 22, and xxxvii.

Reuchlin, roiK-leen',[Lat. REUCHLI'NUS,] Hellenized
as Capnio, kip'ne-o, (JoHANN,) an eminent German
writer, born at Pforzheim in 145$. He became an
excellent Greek and Latin scholar, and studied law at
Orleans. He was patronized by Eberhard, Duke of
Wurtemberg, who employed him as secretary. Having
accompanied Eberhard to Rome, he became acquainted
with Pohtian and other eminent Italian literati. He
resided mostly at Stuttgart, where he was appointed
assessor of the supreme court about 1484. He was sub-
jected to persecution because he opposed a proposition
to burn all Hebrew books except the Bible, and was
involved in a long controversy with the monks and bights
on this subject. He defended his opinions in relation
to Hebrew books in his "Ocular Mirror," ("Speculum
Oculare," 1511.) Between 1518 and 1522 he taught
Hebrew and Greek at Ingolstadt and Tubingen. He
published a " Hebrew Lexicon," and several other works.
He contributed much to the revival of classical learning.
Died at Stuttgart in 1522.

See MELANCHTHON. " Historia Reuchlim," 1532, I H MAJUS,
"Vita Reuchlini," 1687. MAYERHOFP, "Reuchlin und seine Zeit,"
1830; LAMHY, "Johann Reuchlin," 1855. F BARHAM, "Life and
Times of Reuchlin," 1843 GABLER, " Dissertatiode J Reuchlino,"
1822. M ADAM, " Viue Philosophorum ;" "Nouvelle Biographie
Ge'ne'rale "

Reuchlinua. See REUCHLIN.

Reuilly. ruh'ye', (JEAN,) a French traveller, born In
Picardy in 1780. He published "Travels in the Crimea
in 1803," (1806.) Died at Pisa in 1810.

Reumont, von, fon roi'mont, (ALFRED,) a German
diplomatist and litterateur, born at Aix-la-Chapelle in
1808, was employed on missions to Florence and Rome.
1 le wrote several works on Italian history and art, among
which are " Roman Letters," (" Romische Briefe," 4 vols.,
1840-44,) and "Benvenuto Cellini," (1846.) Died 1887.

Reusner, rois'n?r, [Lat. REUSNE'RUS,] (NiKOLAUS,)

C as k 9, as s g hard; g as/; G, H, K.,guttural; N, nasal; R, trilled; s as z. th as in this.


Explanations, p. 2J.)




a German poet and jurist, born at Lemberg, in Silesia, in
1545. He was professor of law at Strasburg and at Jena.
He published numerous poems and treatises on law.
Died at Jena in 1602.

See JOHANN WEITZ, " Vita N. Reusneri," 1603 ; " Nouvelle Bio-
graphic Ginirale."

Reuss, roiss, (DUARD WILHELM EUGEN,) a Protes-
tant theologian, born at Strasburg, in Alsace, July 18,
1804. He studied at Gb'ttingen, Halle, and Paris, and
in 1838 was called to a professorship at Strasburg.
After the establishment of the new German University
at Strasburg he was called to a professorship in it. His
writings, partly in French and partly in German, include
a " History of the New Testament Scriptures," " History
of Christian Theology," "History of the Canon," and a
French translation of the Bible. Died April 15, 1891.

Reuter, roi'ter, ( FRITZ,) a distinguished German
poet, born at Stavenhagen, in Mecklenburg-Schwerin,
November 7, 1810. He studied jurisprudence at Ros-
tock, and in 1832 went to Jena, where he joined the
Burschtruchaft* (the association of German students,)
and the next year was arrested in Prussia anck con-
demned to death ; but the sentence was commuted to
thirty years' imprisonment He was, however, released
in 1840, having been included in the general amnesty.
He wrote, in the Low German ( Plattdmtsch) dialect,
various poems, comedies, and novels, which in their day
were much admired. Died July 13, 1874.

Reuter, (JULIUS,) a German, born in 1829, gained
distinction as the institutor of a telegraphic system.
He was the first who furnished telegrams of political
or general news to the public journals of Europe. His
business grew immensely and extended to the re-
motest regions. Died in 1899.

Reuterdahl, roi't?r-dJl', (HENRIK,) a Swedish theo-
logian, born at Malmo in 1795. He was appointed
professor of theology at Lund in 1844. Among his works
are an " Introduction to Theology," (1837,) and a " His-
tory of the Swedish Church," (1838 tt tey.) Died 1870.

Reuven, ruh'ven, (PiETER,) a Dutch painter, born at
Leyden in 1650; died in 1718.

Reuvens, roi'vens, (CASPAR JACOB CHRISTIAN,) a
Dutch antiquary, born at the Hague in 1793. He
became professor of history and archaeology at Leyden
in 1818, and wrote several antiquarian treatises. Died
in 1837.

See LEEMANS, " Epistola de Vita Reuvensii," 1838.

Reuvens, (JAN EVERAARD,) an eminent Dutch jurist,
born at Haarlem in 1 763, was the father of the preceding.
He became a counsellor of the supreme court at Pans
about iSio, and was author of the criminal code of Hoi-
land. Died in 1816.

Revay, ra'voi, (NICHOLAS,) a Hungarian poet and
philologist, born in 1751. He was professor Df litera-
ture at Pesth. Died in 1807.

Reveille-Parise, ri'vJ'yV pf'rez', (JOSEPH IlEN-Rr,)
a French medical writer, born at Nevers in 1782. He
practised in Paris, and wrote, besides other works,
" Researches on the Physique, Habits, and Diseases of
Literary Men," (1834,) which gained the Montyon prize
In 1835 and is called a model treatise. Died in 1852

See CALLISEN, " Medicinisches Schriftsteller-Lejikon."

Revel, reh-veT, (GABRIEL,) a French painter, born
at Chateau-Thierry in 1643 ; died in 1712.

Rev'e-ley, (WlLLEY,) an English architect and an-
tiquary. According to several authorities, he completed
the "Antiquities of Athens," left unfinished by Stuart.
Died in 1799.

Revelliere-Lepaux. See LAREVEILLERK.

Rever, reh-vi', (MARIE FRANC.OIS GILLES,) a French
antiquary, born at Dol in 1753 ; died in 1828.

Reverchon, reh-veVsh6N", (JACQUES,) a French
Jacobin, born in 1746, was a member of the Convention,

The BuTschenschaft was very obnoxious to the government on
account of its political character, and also on account of some of its
overt acts. It was as a member of (he Burschenschafi that Sand
assassinated Kotzebue, who had shown himself a determined enemy
of the association.

(1792-95,) of the Council of Five Hundred, and of the
Council of Elders. Died in 1828.

Revere, ra-va'ra, (GIUSEPPE,) an Italian writer, born
at Trieste in 1812. He published between 1829 and
1840 four popular dramas, one of which is entitled ''Lo-
renzo de' Medici," and another "The Marquis of Bed-
mar." He also wrote some sonnets. Died in 1889.

Revere, re-veer', (PAUL,) an American patriot of
the Revolution, and one of the earliest American en-
gravers, was born at Boston in 1735. Among his best
prints are "The Seventeen Rescinders," and "The
Boston Massacre." He took an active part in the
destruction of the tea in Boston harbour, and was con-
spicuous for his patriotism in the political movements
of the time. His midnight expedition to Concord, to
give notice of the intended attack of General Gage,
forms the subject of one of the poems in Longfellow's
"Wayside Inn." Died in 1818.

Reveroni, ri-vi-ro'nee, (JACQUES ANTOINE,) a French
military engineer, born at Lyons in 1767. He wrote sev-
eral dramas, novels, and military works. Died in 1828.

Reves, de, deh ra'vSs, [Lai. RE'VIUS,] (JAKOB,) a
Dutch Protestant divine, born at Deventer in 1586. He
became pro/essor of theology at Leyden about 1640, and
wrote several works. Died in 1658.

Rev'ett, (NICHOLAS,) an English antiquary and archi-
tect, was born in Suffolk in 1722. In company with
James Stuart, he went to Greece about 1750 and spent
two years in exploring and delineating the ruins of
Athens. He was a partner of Stuart in the important
work entitled the " Antiquities of Athens," (3 vols.,
1762, 1790, 1794.) He also produced, with Chandler,
"Ionian Antiquities," (1769.) After his return to Eng-
land he practised as an architect Died in 1804.

Reviczky, ra'vits-ke, ? (KARL EMERICH,) COUNT OF,
a Hungarian linguist and diplomatist, born in 1737. He
published an edition of Petronius, (1784,) and a Cata-
logue of his own library, (Berlin, 1784.) Died in 1 793.

Reville, (ALBERT,) a French theologian, was born
at Dieppe in 1826, became pastor of the Walloon
Church at Rotterdam in 1851, and professor of re-
ligious history, College of France, in 1880. Among
his works are volumes on the history of religion in
Mexico, Peru, China, etc.

Revius. See REVES, (JAKOB.)

Revoil, reh-vwil', (PIERRE HENRI,) a French painter
of history and genre, born at Lyons in 1776, was a pupil
of David. He was professor of design in the Academy
of Lyons. He composed songs and other verses with
some success. Died in 1842.

Rewbell or Reubell, ruhT)?!', (JEAN BAPTISTE,) a
French republican and Director, born at Colmar, near
the Rhine, about 1746. He was a member of the Con-
stituent Assembly and of the Convention, in which he
mostly voted with the radicals; but after the gth Ther-
midor he became an opponent of the Jacobins. In 1795
he was chosen a member of the Directory, and assumed
control of foreign affairs. He acted with the victorious
party in the coup ifitat of iSth Fructidor, 1797, and was
dismissed from office by lot in May, 1799. Died in 1807.

Rex'ford, (F.HEN EUGENE,) an American author,
born at Johnsburyh, New York, in 1848. He has
written many stories, poems, works on floriculture,
etc., and the popular songs " Silver Threads among
the Gold" and "Only a Pansy Blossom."

general, born in Rouergue in 1768. He became a gene-
ral of division in 1793 or 1794, and commanded with
success in several actions in Spain between 1808 and
1813. Died in 1836.

Rey, (GuiLLAUME,) a French medical writer, born in
1687, practised in Lyons. Died in 1756.

Rey, (JEAN,) a French physician and chemist, born
at Bugue, in Pe>igord. He published in 1630 "Essays
to ascertain the Cause why Tin and Lead increase in
Weight when they are calcined." He maintains that
this increase is the result of a combination of the metal
with atmospheric air. Died about 1645.

Rey, (JEAN,) a French writer and manufacturer, born
at Muntpellier \\\ 1773. He substituted the forms of
flowers for the fantastic designs of the Orientals in the

a, e, I, o, u, y, long; A, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, T, 6, u, y, short; a, e, j, 9, obscure; far, fall, fat; m?t; not; good; moon;




fabrication of Cashmere shawls. Among his works is a
." Histoire des Chales," (1823.) Died in 1849.

Rey, (JEAN BAPTISTE,) a French composer, born in
1734, became director of the emperor's chapel in 1804.
Died in 1810.

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