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Tertullian. Among his works are an ingenious satire
called " Funus Parasiticum," (1601,) and a continuation
of the "History" of De Thou, (1620.) Died in 1654.

Rigault de Genouilly, re'go' deh zheh-noo'ye',
(CHARLES,) a French admiral, born in 1807. He ob-
tained the rank of rear-admiral in 1854, and served in
the Crimean war. He commanded the naval division
which co-nperated with the British in the capture of
Canton in 1857. Died May 4, 1873.

Rig'by, (EDWARD,) an English physiologist, born at
Norwich in 1747. He produced, besides other works,
an "Essay on the Theory of the Production of Animal
Heat," (1785.) Died in 1821.

Rigg, (JAMES HARRISON,) D.D., an English Wesleyan
minister, born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1821. He
became a preacher in 1845, and in 1868 principal of the
Normal College at Westminster. He published a large
number of denominational books.

Riggs, (ELIAS,) D.D., LL.D., an American missionary,
born at New Providence, New Jersey, November 19, 1810.
He graduated at Amherst College in 1829, and at An-
dover Seminary in 1832. In 1833 he went to the East
as a Presbyterian missionary, residing chiefly at Smyrna
and Constantinople. He published a "Manual of the
Chaldee," "Modern Armenian Grammar,'* "Modern
Armenian Vocabulary," "Turkish Grammar," "Notes
on Bulgarian Grammar," etc. He also translated the
Bible into Armenian and Bulgarian.

Riggs, (K. D. WIGGIN.) See WIGGIN, (KATE

Righini, re-gee'nee, (VINCENZO,) an able Italian
composer, born at Bologna about 1758. He composed,
besides other operas, "Armida" and "Tigrane," which
are commended. Died in 1812.

Rigny, de, deh ren'ye', (HENRI GAUTHIER,) COMTE,
an able French admiral, born at Toul in 1782. He
commanded the French fleet which defeated the Turks
at Navarino in October, 1827. He became minister of
the marine in March, 1831, and was minister of foreign
affairs from April, 1834, to March, 1835. Died in 1835.

See " Biographic Universelle."

Rigoley de Juvigny, re'gol^'de zhii'vjn'ye', (JEAN
ANTOINE,) a mediocre French litterateur, wrote " On the
Decadence of Letters and Morals since the Times of
the Greeks and Romans," (1787.) Died in 1788.

Rigollot, re'go'lo', (MARC JEROME,) a French anti-
quary and physician, born at Doullens in 1796, wrote
several treatises on French antiquities. Died in 1854.

Rigord, re'goR', [Lat. RIGOR'DUS,] a French chron
icier, bom in Languedoc, wrote a history of the reign
of Philip Augustus of France. Died in 1207.

Rigord, (JEAN PIERRE,) a French antiquary, born at
Marseilles in 1656; died in 1727.

RHey, (CHARLES VALENTINE,) Ph.D., an entomolo-
gist, born in London, England, September 18, 1843.
He came to the United States when seventeen years old,
was State entomologist of Missouri, 1868-77, became
chief of the United States entomological commission in
1877, and was afterwards entomologist to the United
States agricultural department He made many im-
portant discoveries, and published many papers, re-
ports, etc., and several valuable books. Died in 1895.

Riley, (HENRY CHAUNCEY,) D.D., a bishop, born in
Santiago, Chili, December 15, 1835. He graduated at
Columbia College, New York, in 1858, studied divinity
in England, was ordained a presbyter of the Episcopal
Church in 1866, and went as a missionary to Mexico.
In 1879 he was consecrated Bishop of the Valley of
Mexico, for the organization (Episcopalian) known as
the "Church of Jesus." He expended his large private

fortune in the work of this Church, but, disputes having
arisen, he in 1884 resigned the position.

Riley, (JAMES,) an American sea-captain, born at
Middletown, Connecticut. He was wrecked on the
western coast of Africa in 1815, and afterwards pub-
lished a " Narrative" of his captivity among the Arabs,
which enjoyed a great popularity. Died in 1840.

Riley, (JAMES WHITCOMB,) an American poet,
born at Greenfield, Indiana, in 1852. In 1873 he
began contributing poems to newspapers in the West-
ern dialect. Among his published volumes are "The
Old Swimmin' Hole and 'Leven More Poems,"
(1883,) " Afterwhiles," (1887,) "Rhymes of Child-
hood Days," (1891,) "A Child World," (1896,) etc.

RTley, (JOHN,) an English portrait-painter, born In
London in 1646, took Van Dyck as his model. lie
was patronized by Charles II., James II., and William
III. He is considered the best English portrait-painter
before Sir Joshua Reynolds. Died in 1691.

Rileyefc re-la'ef, written also Rylejew, Rilieff, and
Rileef, (KoNRAD,) a Russian poet and republican, was
a leader of a secret society formed about 1820 to liberate
Russia from absolute power. He was hung in 1826.

RiliefZ See RILEYEF.

Rim'bault, (EDWARD FRANCIS,) LL.D., an Englisn
antiquarian and writer on musical subjects, born in 1816.
He was one of the council of the Musical Antiquarian
Society, and edited its most important publications. His
works on the piano-forte and the organ are regarded as
standard authorities. Died September 1 6, 1876.

Rimfaxi or Rimfaxe. See NfiRvr.

Riminaldi, re-me-nal'dee, (DoMENico,) an Italian
sculptor in wood, was born at Pisa in 1595; died in

Rirninaldi, (ORAZIO,) an Italian painter of sacred
history, born at Pisa in 1598, was a promising artist
when he died, in 1630.

Rim'mer, (WILLIAM,) an able artist, born in Liver-
pool, England, February 20, 1816, and taken by his
father to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1826. He became
a physician and inventor, and afterwards a painter and
sculptor, his best works being of high value. He
was also a successful teacher of art, and especially of
art-anatomy. Died August 20, 1879.

Rinaldi, re-nal'dee, (ODERico,) an Italian ecclesi-
astical historian, born at Treviso in 1595. He wrote a
continuation of Baronius's " Ecclesiastical Annals," to
which he added ten volumes, (1646-77,) extending the
narrative to 1564. Died in 1671.

Rinckhart, rink'hlRt, (MARTIN,) a German hymn-
writer, who in 1636 wrote the celebrated hymn "Nun
danket alle Gott," ("Now thank we all our God.")

Rincon, del, del ren-kon', (ANTONIO,) a Spanish
painter, born at Guadalaxara about 1446. He aban-
doned the Gothic style, promoted a revolution in Spanish
art, and was considered the best Spanish painter of his
time. He nas court painter to Ferdinand the Catholic.
Died at Seville in 1500. His son FERNANDO was also a
skilful painter.

Rine'hart,( WILLIAM HENRY,) an American sculptor,
born in Frederick county, Maryland, September 13, 1825.
He became a stone- and marble-cutter of Baltimore,
studied sculpture in Europe, 1855-58, and then had a
studio in Baltimore, but lived for some years at Rome,
where he died, October 28, 1874. He made many good
portrait-busts, and some excellent ideal pieces, mainly
on classical subjects. Among his best works are "La
tona and her Babes," "Clytie," and " Sleeping Babes.'

Ring, (JOHN,) an English surgeon and writer, bom
near Salisbury in 1751. He published a "Translation
of the Works of Virgil," partly original and partly
altered from Drydenand Pitt, (1820.) Died in 1821.

Ring, van, vln ring, (PIETER,) a Dutch painter
still life, flourished about 1650.

Ringelbergh, van, vtn ring'el-beRG', [Lat KINGE
Flemish philosopher and professor of Greek, born al
Antwerp about 1500. He was the author of vano
well written works. Died in 1536.

as A; { as t; g hard; g as/; G, H, K,gitttural; N, nasal; R, iriiUJ; s 1 as *; th as in M/>. (2^*366 Explanations, p. 83.)




Ringelberglus. See RINGELBERCH.

Ring'gold, (Major SAMUEL,) an American officer,
born in Washington county, Maryland, in 1800, served
with distinction in the Mexican war. He was mortally
wounded at the battle of Palo Alto, (May 8, 1846,) and
died a few days after.

Ringli, ring'lee, written also Ringly and Ringgll,
(GoTHARD,) a Swiss painter and engraver, born at
Zurich in 1575, passed most of his life at Berne. His
works are highly commended. Died in 1635.

Ringwaldt, ring'walt, (BARTHOLOMAUS,) a German
preacher and sacred poet, born at Frankfort-on-the-Oder
in 1530; died in 1598.

Rink or Rinck, r!nk, (EUCHARIUS GOTTLIEB,) a
German biographer and nnmismatist, born in Saxony in
1670. Among his works are a treatise "On the Value
and Quality of Ancient Money," ("De veteris Numis-
matis Potentia et Qualitate, 1701,) and a "Life of
Leopold the Great," (1708.) Died in 1745.

See HBUMANN, " Lebensbeschreibung E. G. Rinkens," 1749.

organist and composer, born in the duchy of Saxe-Gotha
in 1770. lie became court organist at Darmstadt in
1813. His reputation is founded on his compositions
for the organ. Died in 1846.

Rinmann, rin'man, (SVEN,) a Swedish mineralogist,
wrote a "History of Iron," (1782,) and other works.
Died in 1792, aged seventy-three.

Rintoul, rin'tool, (ROBERT STEPHEN,) aBritish editor,
born near Perth in 1787, became a resident of London
about 1825. He was the founder and editor of the
"Spectator," a liberal journal. Died in 1858.

See " Kraser's Magazine" for May, 1858.

Rinuccini, re-noot-chee'nee, (ALAMANNO,) an Italian
scholar and translator of Greek authors, was born at
Florence in 1426; died in 1504.

Rinuccini, (OTTAVIO,) an Italian poet, born at Flor-
ence about 1565. He was one of the inventors of the
lyrical drama, and excelled in the anacreontic verse.
Among his works are pastorals or operas entitled "Eu-
rictice," (1600,) and "Arianna," (1608.) Died in 1621.

See GINGUEN*, "Histoire LitteVaire d'ltale;" TIRABOSCHI,
"Storia delta Letteratura Italiana."

Rio, ree'o', (ALEXIS FRANCOIS,) a French writer, born
in the island of Arz, May 20, 1797. He graduated at
the College of Vannes, where he was appointed professor
of classics. Among his works are " An Essay on the
History of the Human Mind in Ancient Times," (2 vols.,
1828-30,) "Christian Art," (2 vols., 1841-55,) and "The
Ancient Ideal and the Christian Ideal," (1873.) Died at
Paris, July 16, 1874.

Rio, di, de ree'o, (NiccoiA) COUNT, an Italian
geologist, born in 1 765. He was president of the Faculty
of Philosophy in the University of Padua. Died in 1845.
See SAtMT-MAURicH-CABANY, " Le CoTtite N. de Rio," 1845.
Rioja, de, da re-o'na, (FRANCISCO,) a Spanish poet,
born at Seville in 1600. He was librarian to the Duke
of Olivares while he was prime minister. He wrote a
iMmber of short poems which are regarded as models
of elegance. Died in 1658,

See LONGFELLOW, "Poets nd Poetry of Europe."
Rioja, de, (PEDRO SOTO,) a Spanish poet, born at
Granada about 1590, was a friend of Lope de Vega.
Died in 1658.

Riolan, reVloN', (JEAN,) a learned French physician
and writer, born at Amiens in 1539. He practised in
Paris. Among his works is a " Compendium of Universal
Medicine," (" Universe Medidni Compendium," 1598.)
Died in 1606.

Riolan, (JEAN,) an able anatomist and medical writer,
born in Paris about 1578, was a son of the preceding.
He was chief physician to Queen Marie de Me'dicis. He
wrote, besides other works, " Anatomy of the Human
Body," ("Anatome Corporis humani," 1610,) and was
an adversary of the doctrine of the circulation of the
blood. Died in 1657.
See " Biographic Me"dicale."

Rious, de, deh re'oN', (FRANC.OIS HECTCR D'AIBERT,)
COMTE, a French naval officer, born at Avignon in 1728 ;
died in 1802.

Rioomantsof or Rjurnanzow, ryoo-man'tsof,

sometimes written Rioumiantzof, Romanzof, and
Romantzof, (ALEXANDER,) a Russian diplomatist,
born in 1680, was a favourite of Peter I. Died in 1749.

Rioomantsof or Romanzof, (written in Polish
RUMIANCOW,) (NICHOLAS,) a minister of state and
patron of learning, born in 1754, was a son of the fol-
lowing. He became minister of foreign affairs in 1807.
At his expense Kotzebue sailed on a scientific and
exploring expedition in 1815-18. Died in 1826.

Rioomantsof-Zadoonaiski, ryoo-mjn'tsof za-doo-
ni'skee, written also Rioumiantzof- *or Rumian-
cov-) Zadunaiski, (PETER,) COUNT, a Russian general,
born in 1725, was surnamed THE RUSSIAN TURENNE,
He gained a great victory over the Turks on the Kagool
in 1770, and negotiated the famous treaty of Koutchouk-
Kainardji. Died in 1796.

See " Vie du Comte Rioumiantzof," Moscow, 1803.

Rioumiantzof. See RIOOMANTSOF.

Rios, de los, deh 16s ree'os, (JEAN FRANC.OIS,) a
Flemish bibliographer, born at Antwerp in 1728. He
published notices of rare books in a work called " Biblio-
graphic instructive," etc., (Lyons, 1777.) Died in 1820.

Rios y Rosas, de los, dl los ree'As e rc/sis, (Atf-
TONIO,) a Spanish politician and minister of state,
born at Ronda in 1812. He opposed Espartero and
the progresistas. He became minister of the interior
in 1856. Died November 4, 1873.

Riouffe, re'oof, (HONORED) BARON, a French poli-
tician, born at Rouen in 1764, was a member of the
Tribunal, (1800-1804.) Died '" 1813.

See PARISET, " Notice sar Rioufle ;" BERR, " Notice sur le
Baron Rioufle," 1823.

Rioult, re'oo', (Louis EDOUARD,) a French painter,
born at Montdidier in 1790; died in 1855.

Ripamonte, re-pl-mon'ta, (GIUSEPPE,) an Italian
historian, born at Tignone in 1573 ; died in 1641.


Rlpault, re'po', (Louis MADELEINE,) a French litti-
ratcur and Orientalist, born at Orleans in 1775, was a
nephew of Desormeaux. He was a member of the
scientific commission of Egypt in 1798, and wrote " An
Abridged Description of the Monuments of Upper
Egypt," (iSoo,) also a " History of Marcus Aurelius,"
(4 vols., 1820.) Died in 1823.

Ripert. See MONCLAR, DE.

Rip'ley, (ELEAZAR WHEELOCK,) an American officer,
born at Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1782, served with
distinction in the war of l-Sl2, and was made a major-
general. Died in 1839.

Rip'ley, (GEORGE or GREGORY,) an English poet and
alchemist, wrote "A Compound of Alchemic." Died
in 1490.

Ripley, (GEORGE,) an able American editor and
scholar, born at Greenfield, Massachusetts, in 1802.
Among his publications are "Edited Specimens of
Foreign Standard Literature," (14 vols., 1838-42,) and
" Hand-Book of Literature and the Fine Arts," (1852-
54,) conjointly with Bayard Taylor. In 1849 ne became
literary editor of the New York " Tribune." lie was
associated as chief editor with Mr. C. A. Dana in the
publication of Appleton's " New American Cyclopidia,"
He died July 4, 1880.

See ALLIBONE, "Dictionary of Authors."

Ripley, (HENRY JONES,) D.D., an American Baptist
divine, born at Boston in 1798, became professor of
biblical literature at the Newton Theological Institution,
Massachusetts. He published " Notes on the Four Gos-
pels," and other theplogical works. Died May 21, 1875.

Ripley, (JAMES W.,) an American general, born in
Connecticut in 1797, graduated at West Point in 1814.
lie became a captain in 1825, a lieutenant-colonel in
1854, and a brigadier-general in 1861. Died in 1870.

Ripley, (RosWELL S.,) an American general, born in
Ohio about 1824, graduated at West Point in 1843. " c
published " The War in Mexico," (2 vols., 1849.) He
was an uliiccr in the Confederate army during the war,
and afterwards resided in London. Died in 1887.

OF, an English minister of state, born 'in London in
1782, was a younger son of Lord Grantham. He began
public life as a moderate Tory. He became a member

5.6,1,5,5, y, lt>K\ 4, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, I, o, u, J, short; Q, e, j,o, obscure; far, fall, fat; m5t; not; good; moonj




of the board of admiralty in 1810, and vice-president of
the board of trade in 1812. In January, 1823, he was
appointed chancellor of the exchequer. When Canning
became prime minister, in 1827, he obtained the office of
colonial secretary, and entered the House of Lords, with
the title of Lord Goderich. He was prime minister
from the death of Canning, August, 1827, to January,
1828. In the Whig ministry formed in 1830 he was
colonial secretary and lord privy seal. He was_created
Earl of Ripon about 1833, and resigned office in 1834.
In 1841 he accepted the presidency of the board of trade
from Sir Robert Peel, who appointed him president
of the Indian board in 1843. He resigned with Peel in
1846. Died in 1859.

See WILUAM JERDAN, " Men I have known." London, iS66.

MARQUIS OF, an English nobleman, a son of the first
Earl of Ripon, (q. v.) He was born in London, October
24, 1827. He entered Parliament as a Liberal in 1852,
succeeded to his father's titles in 1859, became secretary
for war in 1863, and secretary for India in 1866. He was
lord president of the council 1868-73, viceroy of India
1880-84, first lord of the admiralty 1886, and secretary
for the colonies 1892-95.

Ripperda, de, deh rip-pSn'cla, (JAN WILLEM,) DUKE,
an adventurer and diplomatist, was born at Groningen
(Holland) in 1680. He served in the Dutch army, and
attained the rank of colonel. About 1715 he was sent
as envoy to Madrid to negotiate a commercial treaty.
Having acquired the favour of Alberoni and the King
of Spain, he abjured the Protestant religion in 1718, and
was appointed director of the royal manufactories. He
negotiated a secret treaty between the King of Spain
and the emperor Charles VI. in 1725, and was rewarded
with the title of duke. He was prime minister of Spain
for a few months in 1726-27, and his next step was into
prison, from which he escaped about 1729. He entered
the service of the King of Morocco about 1732. Died
at Tetuan in 1737.

See "Vie du Due de Ripperda," par P. M. B. t 1730. which was
translated into English by JOHN CAMPBHU.. 1739: " Vidadel Duque
de Ripperda." Madrid, 1740: G. MOORE, "Lives of Cardinal Albe-
roni and the Duke de Ripperda," 1806.

Rip'pon, (JoHN,) an English Baptist minister, born
at Tiverton, April 29, 1751. He is chiefly remembered
for his hymns. Died December 17, 1836.
Riquet See CARAMAN, DE.
Rlquet, re'ky, (PIERRE PAUL,) Baron de Bonrepos,
a French engineer, born at Beziers in 1604, was a rela-
tive of the famous Mirabeau. He acquired honourable
distinction as the projector and engineer of the great
canal of Languedoc, which extends from the Garonne
to the Mediterranean. It was commenced in 1667 and
finished about 1680. Died in 1680.

See ANDREOSSY. " Histotredu Canal du Midi;" DECAMPS, " loge
de P. Riquet," iSu.

Rlquetti. See MIRABEAU.

Riquier, re'kc-4', (GUIRAUT,) a French poet, called
" the last of theTroubadours," flourished about 1250-
1294. He was born at Narbonne, and was a prattgl of
Alfonso X. of Castile.

Risbeck, ris'bSk, (CASPAR,) a German publicist, born
near Mentz in 1749 or 1750. His reputation is founded
on " Letters of a French Traveller about Germany," (2
vols., 1783,) in which he exposed with ability the political
and social evils which prevailed in that country. Died
in 1786.

See J. PEZZL, " Biographisches Denkmal I. C. Risbeck's." 1786.
HIRSCHING, " Historisch-literarisches HandDuch."

Ris'dpn, (TRISTRAM,) an English topographer, born
in Devonshire in 1580; died in 1640.

Rlah'I, a Sanscrit word, signifying "saint" or "sage,"
and applied in the Hindoo mythology to certain sages
01 demi-gods, among whom Kasyapa, Viswamitra, and
Gautama are perhaps the most worthy of mention.

See MOOR," Hindu Panlheon."

Ris'ley. ( THOMAS,) an English Puritan preacher,
born near Warrington in 1630. He was ejected as a
nonconformist in 1662. Died in 1716.

Risso, res'so, ( ANTONIO, ) a distinguished Italian

naturalisti born at Nice in 1777. lie made discoveries
n the zoology of the Mediterranean, and published, be-
sides other works, "The Ichthyology of Nice," (1810,)
and a "Natural History of the Principal Production*
of Southern Europe," etc., (5 vols., 1826,) both in French.
Died in 1845.

Rist, rlst, (JoHANN,) a once popular German poet,
3orn near Hamburg in 1607. He wrote dramas and
religious poems, which are said by a French critic to be
elegant in style but devoid of sentiment. Died in 1667.

Ristori, res-to'ree, (ADELAIDE,) a celebrated Italian
actress, born in Venetia in 1821. She has performed
with great applause both in tragedy and comedy. She
visited the United States in September, 1866. "In ac-
cording to Ristori the highest order of dramatic genius,
we merely allow what has long since been decided beyond
appeal by the critical tribunals of France, Italy, Ger-
many, England, and Spain. What Shakspeare is among
dramatists, Ristori is among actors." ("Atlantic Monthly, T*
April, 1867.) In 1847 she married the Marquis del Grillo.

Risuefio, re-swan'yo, written also Risvenno, (Josfi,)
a Spanish painter and sculptor, born at Granada in
1652, was a pupil of Alonzo Cano. Died in 1721.

Ritchie, ritch'e, originally Ogden, (Mrs. ANNA CORA
MOWATT,) an American authoress and actress, born in
Bordeaux, France, of American parents, about 1822.
She was married first to a Mr. Mowatt, and afterwards
to Mr. W. Ritchie, an editor, of Richmond, Virginia,
shout 1854. She published, besides other works,
' Pelayo, or the Cavern of Covadonga," a poem, a
comedy entitled "Fashion," (1845.) a "d "Armand," a
drama, (1847.) She made her debut as an actress about
1845. Died in 1870.

See "Autobiography of an Actress," by ANNA C. RITCHIE;
GRISWOLD, "Female Poets of America."

Rit'chle, (ANNA ISABELLA,) a daughter of the novel-
ist W. M. Thackeray, was born in London in 1837. In
1877 she married Mr. Richmond Ritchie. Her writings
include "The Story of Elizabeth," (1863,) "Tailors and
Spinsters," "Five Old Friends and a Ycung Prince,"
" Miss Angel," (1875,) " Miss Williamson's Divagations,"
(iSSl,) "Mrs. Dymond," (1885,) "Chapters from
Some Memoirs," (1894,) and many other works.

Ritchie, (DAVID GEORGE,) a British writer, born
at Jedburgh in 1853. Among his works are "Dar-
winism and Politics," (1889,) "Principles of State
Interference," (1891,) "Darwin and Hegel," (1893,)
"Natural Rights," (1895,) etc.

Ritchie, ritch'e, (LEITCH,) a British journalist and
novelist, born at Greenock about 1800. Among his
novels are " Schinderhannes, or the Robber of the
Rhine," (1848,) "The Game of Life," (1851,) and "The
Magician," (3 vols., 1853.) He contributed to several
London journals and magazines. In the latter part of
his life he was an editor of " Chambers's Journal" of
Edinburgh. Died in 1865.

Ritchie, (THOMAS,) an American journalist and poli-
tician of the Democratic party, was born at Tappahan-
nock, Virginia, in 1778. In 1804 he became editor of the
" Richmond Enquirer," over which he continued to
preside for (orty years, and which, under his editorship,
was, for a time, the most influential journal of his party.
Died in 1854.

Rit'ner, (JOSEPH,) an American Governor, born near
Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1780. He served in the legis-
lature of that State from 1820 to 1827, and was nomi-
nated for the office of Governor by the Anti-Masonic
party in 1829, but was not elected. In 1835 he was
chosen Governor for three years. He was an efficient
promoter of common schools, and was distinguished for
his opposition to slavery Died in 1869.

Ritschl, Htsh'l, (FRitDRiCH WILHELM,) a German
philologist, and professor of classical literature at Bonn,
was born in Thuringia in 1806. He published several
critical treatises on the classics, and a number of anti-
quarian works. His edition of Plautus (3 vols., 1848-
53) is highly praised. Died November 9, 1876.

See " Nouvelle Biographic Ge'ne'rale,"

Rit'son, (ISAAC,) an English writer, born near Pen-
rith in 1761, resided in London. Died in 1789.

e as k; 9 as t; g hard; fa as/; G, H, K,gi<ttural; N, nasal; R, trilltd; as t : ih as in this. ( J^fSee Explanations, p.





Ritson, (JOSEPH,) an English antiquary and poetical
critic, born at Stockton (Durham) in 1752, resided mostly
in London. He published many works, among which
are " Observations on (Warton's) History of English
Poetry," (1782,) "Ancient Songs from the Time of
Henry III. to i6SS," (1790.) and " Robin Hood," (1795.)
Died in 1803.

See SIR N. HARRIS NICOLAS, "Life and Letters of J. Ritson,"
1833: HASLEWOOD, "Life of J. Ritson." 18=4: "Edinburgh Re-
view" for January, 1806: "Eraser's Magazine" for May, 1834;
"Monthly Review" for September, 1803.

Rif ten-house, (DAVID,) an eminent American as-
tronomer and mathematician, born at Germantown, near
Philadelphia, on the 8th of April, 1732. He worked on
his father's farm in his early youth, learned to make
clocks without instruction, and made himself master of
Newton's " Principia" about 1750. It is stated that he
discovered the method of fluxions before the age of
nineteen. lie learned Latin after he was nineteen or

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