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_ntervals numerous successful operas, both comic and
serious. Among his well-known works are "Midsum-
mer Night's Dream," (1850,) "Carnival of Venice,"
(1857,) " Mignon," (1866,) " Hamlet," (1868,) and " Fran-
cesca da Rimini," (1877.) Died February 12, 1896.


Thomas, (CLBMENT,) a French officer, born at Li-
bourne in 1809. He was chosen general-in-chief of the
national guard of Paris in May, 1848, but was removed
in the next month. He commanded the national guards
during the siege of Paris in the autumn of 1870. He
was murdered at Paris, March 18, 1871.

Thomas, tom'as, (CYRUS,) Ph.D., an American ento-
mologist and archaeologist, born at Kingsport, Tennessee,

eas k; q as s; g hard; g as/; G, H, K, guttural; N, nasal; R, trilled: s as z: th as in Mi.

ee Explanations, p. 21.)




July 27, 1825. He was entomologist to Hayden's United
States survey, 1869-73, professor of natural science at
the Southern Illinois Normal University, 1873-76, State
entomologist for Illinois, 1875-82, and in 1882 became
archaeologist to the United States bureau of ethnology.
His publications include "Acridiidae of North America,"
(1873,) "Illinois Entomology," (6 vols., 1877-82,) and
other works and reports on entomology ; also " A Study
of the MS. Troano," (1882,) "Notes on Maya and Mex-
ican MSS.," (1884,) etc.

Thom'as, (tom'as,) (DAVID,) an American pomologist,
florist, and'writer on agriculture, was born in Montgomery
county, Pennsylvania, in 1776. He was educated by
his parents in the religious principles of the Society of
Friends. In 1805 he removed to near Aurora, in Cayuga
county, New York. In 1817 he published "Travels in
the West," a work which attracted the notice of De Witt
Clinton and led to Mr. Thomas being appointed chief
engineer on the Erie Canal, west of Rochester, which
position he held until the canal was completed. Subse-
quently, on the recommendation of Governor Clinton,
he was employed as one of the principal engineers on
the Welland Canal in Canada. As a florist and pomolo-
gist Mr. Thomas had few, if any, superiors in the United
States. By his contributions to "The Genesee Farmer"
he rendered an important service to the cause of agri-
culture, particularly in refuting an error, once widely
prevalent, that wheat under certain circumstances was
liable to be changed into " chess," (Bromus secalinus,)
a plant of quite a different genus. Mr. Thomas showed
that when the seed-wheat was perfectly clean, and
when the soil had been thoroughly burnt, so as to
destroy the seeds of different kinds of weeds, including
chess, the alleged transmutation never took place, even
under the circumstances supposed to be most favour-
able to such a change. His writings, supported as they
were by carefully-conducted experiments, led not merely
to the diffusion of more enlightened views, but to a great
practical improvement in this department of agriculture.
Died in 1859.

Thom'as, (tom'as,) (ELIZABETH,) an English writer,
born in 1675, was the author of letters and poems which
were admired by Dryden, who gave her the name of
Corinna. Pope, however, has introduced her into his
"Dunciad." Died in 1730.

Thomas, (FELIX,) a French architect, born at Nantes
IT 1815. He gained the grand prize in 1845 for a design
for a cathedral. He performed an artistic mission to
Babylonia about 1851. Did April 15, 1875.

Thomas, (FREDERIC,) a French advocate and littfra-
teur, born at Toulouse in 1814. He became a resident
of Paris in 1835, wrote for the " Presse," and published
several novels. Died January 28, 1884.

Thomas, (FREDERICK WILLIAM,) an American novel-
ist and miscellaneous writer, born at Providence, Rhode
Island, in 1808. He published "Clinton Bradshaw,"
"East and West," " Howard Pinckney," "The Beechen
Tree, and other Poems," "John Randolph of Roanoke,
nd other Sketches of Character," and "The Emigrant,"
a poem. Died September 30, 1866.

Thomas, (GEORGE H.,) a distinguished American
general, born in Southampton county, Virginia, on the
3ist of July, 1816. He entered the Academy at West
Point in 1836, and graduated twelfth in a class of forty-
five, in 1840. Having become first lieutenant in 1843,
he served with distinction in the Mexican war at Mon-
terey and Buena Vista, (1847,) and gained the rank of
captain in 1853. He was employed in Texas from 1856
to November, 1860, and maintained his loyalty to the
Union amidst the general defection of Southern-born
officers. In May, 1861, he was appointed colonel of the
fifth United States cavalry, and in August became a
brigadier-general of volunteers. He was ordered to
Kentucky in September, obtained command of a di-
vision of the army of Buell, and defeated General Zolli-
koffer near Mill Spring about the l8th of January, 1862.
In April of that year he was raised to the rank of major-
general, and in the next month he obtained command
of five divisions, forming the right wing of Halleck's
army operating against Corinth. He became in Sep-
tember, 1862, second in command of the armv of the

Ohio, which was opposed to General Bragg in Kentucky.
He rendered important services at the battle of Stone
River, December 31, 1862. to January 2, 1863, and took
part in the movements by which the Union army gained
possession of Chattanooga, September 9. His reputa-
tion was increased by his conduct at the battle of Chick-
amauga, September 19 and 20. There his corps stood
firm after the rest of the army had been routed, and
repulsed the attacks of the enemy until darkness put an
end to the battle. He succeeded Rosecrans as com-
mander-in-chief of the army of the Cumberland on the
igth of October, 1863, and was appointed a brigadier-
general of the regular army in the same month.

General Thomas contributed to the victory which
General Grant gained near Chattanooga, November 25,
1863. He served under Sherman in the campaign
against Atlanta, which began in May, 1864, and took
part in the battles at Dallas and Kenesaw Mountain, and
in several actions fought near Atlanta in July. When
Sherman was about to abandon Atlanta and march
through Georgia to the sea, he sent General Thomas
with an army to Middle Tennessee to operate against
Hood, who invaded Tennessee about the end of Octo-
ber. As Hood moved north. General Thomas fell back
slowly towards Nashville, and summoned reinforcements
to join him at that city. On the 3Oth of November the
Union army was attacked at Franklin by the array of
Hood, which was repulsed with severe loss, but after-
wards advanced to Nashville. General Thomas attacked
Hood in position at Nashville on the I5th of Decem-
ber, 1864, and, in a battle lasting two days, defeated and
drove him from the field in the utmost confusion. In
this battle Hood lost about 6000 prisoners and sixty
pieces of cannon. Soon after this victory General
Thomas was appointed a major-general in the regular
army, and after the end of the war he commanded the
department of the Cumberland. He was remarkable for
his modesty, simplicity of character, stability, and discre-
tion. President Johnson having offered him the brevet
of lieutenant-general and of general in 1868, he declined
tlie compliment. Died in 1870.

Thomas, (!SAIAH,) I.L.D., a distinguished American
printer and journalist, born at Boston in 1749. In 1770
lie published at Boston the " Massachusetts Spy," in
which he denounced the measures of the British gov-
ernment. He was the author of a " History of Printing
in America," (1810.) Died in 1831.

Thomas, (JoHN,) an American general, born in Mas-
sachusetts. He served against the French and Indians
in 1756, and succeeded to the command of the army in
da mi the death of General Montgomery. He
raised the siepe of Quebec, and began to retreat, but
died at Chambly in May, 1776.

Thomas, (|<>HN,| an able English sculptor, born in
Gloucestershire in 1X13. He executed or designed the
statues and carvings which adorn the new Houses of
Parliament. He was also an architect. Died in 1862.

Thomas, (|<>HN J.,) an American pomologist and
writer on agriculture, a son of David Thomas, noticed
above, was b^in in t'avnga county, New York, in 1810.
Among his publications may be named the "American
Fruit-Culturist," (1st edition in 1846; last edition,
greatly enlarged and improved, 1867.) "Farm Ma-
chinery," (las: edition, 1868,) and a serial entitled " Rural
Affairs," (6 vols., 1858-70.) Mr. Thomas was one of the
editors of "The Country Gentleman" from the date of
it- fu-t publication, in 1852, until 1894. Died in 1895.

Thomas, (I"SH'H,) M.D., LL.D., a distinguished
philologist and biographer, was born in 1811 in Cayuga
county. New York. He was educated at the Rensselaer
Institute, (Troy,) at Yale College, and (in medicine) at
the University of Pennsylvania. He was for a time
professor of Latin and Greek in Haverford College, and
was editor-in-chief of " Baldwin's Universal Pronouncing
Gazetteer," (1845,1 " I-ipp' n ' ott's Pronouncing Gazetteer
of the World," (1856,) " A Complete Pronouncing Medi-
cal Dictionary," (1864.) " LippincottV Pronouncing Dic-
tionary of Biography and Mythology," (1870-71,) etc., of
the systems of pronunciation in all of which he was the
author. Died in Philadelphia, December 24. iSoi.

Thomas, ( LORENZO,) an American general, born in

i. e, I, o, u, y, long; a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; i, e, 1,6, u, j?, short; a, e, i, v , obscux; far, fill, fat;iet; not; gdod; moon;




Delaware about 1804, graduated at West Point in 1823.
He became adjutant-general in 1861, with the rank of
brigadier-general. He was appointed by President John-
son secretary of war ad interim, February 21, 1868, in
place of E. M. Stanton, who, however, refused to give
Dp the office. He retired in 1869, and died March 2,

Thomas, (PHILIP F.,) an American politician, born
in Talbot county, Maryland, in 1810. He was elected
Governor of Maryland in 1847, and appointed secretary
of the treasury about December 12, 1860. He resigned
January II, 1861. Died in 1890.

Thomas, (ROBERT,) an able English physician, born
in 1743, published a popular work entitled " The Modern
Practice of Physic," and other medical treatises. Died
in 1835.

Thomas, (THEODORE,) a German-American musician,
born in East Friesland, Germany, October n, 1835.
When twelve years old, he was taken to New York. He
was trained as a violinist by his father, founded a suc-
cessful orchestra in 1861, began to give symphony-con-
certs in 1864, was director of the Cincinnati College of
Music 1877-80, and won great reputation as a leader
of instrumental concerts. He conducted the Thomas
orchestra 1867-88, was conductor of musical societies
in New York and Brooklyn, of the Cincinnati musical
festivals 1873-98, and musical director of the World's
Columbian Exposition 1893.

Thomas, (THEODORE GAILLARD,) M.D., an American
physician, born on Edisto Island, South Carolina, No-
vember 21, 1831, became in 1862 professor of gynaecology
in the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons.
His principal works are a "Treatise on Diseases of
Women" (1868) and "A Century of American Medi-
cine," (1876.)

Thomas, (WILLIAM,) a historical writer, born in
Wales, was patronized by King Edward VI. Under
the reign of Mary he was executed on a charge of
treason, (1553.) He published a "History of Italy,"
and other works.

Thomas. ( WILLIAM,) born at Bristol, in England, in
1613, was chaplain to the Duke of York and preceptor
to the princess (afterwards queen) Anne. He was created
Bishop of Worcester. Died in 1689.

Thomas, (WILLIAM,) a learned English divine, grand-
son of the preceding, was born in 1670. He became
rector of Saint Nicholas, in Worcester, in 1723. He
published a " Survey of Worcester Cathedral," and
other antiquarian works. Died in 1738.

Thomas Aquinas. See AQUINAS.

Thomas d'Aquin. See AQUINAS.

Thom'as Can-tl-pra-ten'sis, [Fr. THOMAS DE CAN
TIMPRE, to'ml' deh k6N'taN'pRa',] a Flemish monk and
biographer, born near Brussels in I2OI ; died in 1263.

Thomas Dufosse, (PIERRE.) See FOSSE, DU.

Thomas a Kempis. See KEMPIS.

Thomas the Rhymer. See RHYMER.

Thomas de Villeneuve, SAINT, or THOMAS Gar-
cias, (gaR-Mee'as,) a Spanish prelate, born in Leon in
1488. He became Archbishop of Valencia in 1545-
Died in 1555.

Thomasin, tom'a-sin or to-ma-reen', written also To-
masin, Zerkler, or Tirkelare, a poet of the thirteenth
century, born at Friuli, in Italy, was the author of a
didactic poem in German, entitled "The Italian Guest,"
(" Der Welsche Gast.") Of this work, which is esteemed
one of the most remarkable productions of the age, only
small portions have been printed.

Thomasius, to-ma'ze-us, or Thomasen, to'mJ-zen,
(CHRISTIAN,) an eminent German philosopher and re-
former, born at Leipsic in 1655. Having studied law
and graduated at Frankfort-on-the-Oder, he founded in
1688 a monthly review, which soon became noted for its
Dold censures of prevailing abuses. In 1694 he was
appointed professor of jurisprudence at the University
of Halle, where he became rector in 1710. He was the
first to introduce the practice of lecturing and writing in
German, and, by his denunciation of the superstitions of
the time, was chiefly instrumental in abolishing trials for
witchcraft. Among his principal works are an " Intro-

duction to the Doctrine of Reason or Logic," (1691,)
" Introduction to Moral Philosophy," (1692,) and " His-
tory of Wisdom and Folly," (1693.) Thomasius was
eulogized by Frederick the Great as one of the most
illustrious philosophers of Germany. Died in 1728.

See LUOKN, " C. Thomasius nach seinen Schicksalen," etc., 1805;
F. HOFFMANN, " Program ma inObituni C. Thomasii," i;ag; ZBD-
LKR, " Universal-Lexikon ;" SAXB, "Onomasticon."

Thomasius, (GOTTFRIED,) a German divine, born at
Egenhausen in 1802, was a Lutheran pastor at Nurem-
berg, 1829-42, and professor of dogmatic at Erlangen,
1842-75. He published " Origines," (1837,) "Contribu-
:ions to Ecclesiastical Christology," (1845,) "Christ's
Person and Work," (1856 ; 3d vol., 1864,) and other works.
Died in 1875.

Thomasius or Thomasen, (JAKOB,) a German phi-
lologist, born at Leipsic in 1622, was the father of the
preceding. He was professor of belles-lettres and phi-
losophy at Leipsic, and one of the teachers of Leibnitz.
He wrote, besides other works, "Origins of History,
Philosophical and Ecclesiastical," (" Origines Historise
Philosophicas et Ecclesiasticae," 1665.) Died in 1684.

See SAXE, " Onomasticon :" ZEDLER, " Universal-Lexikon."

Thomassin, to'mfsaN', (Louis,) a French ecclesi-
astic, born at Aix in 1619, became professor of theology
in the seminary of Sainte-Magloire, at Paris. He was the
author of a treatise " On Ancient and Modern Ecclesi-
astical Discipline," " Theological Dogmas," and other
learned works. Died in 1695.

Thomassin, (PHILIPPE,) an eminent French engraver,
born at Troyes about 1550. He worked mostly at Rome,
and engraved many antique statues, also numerous por-
traits of eminent men. He died at an advanced age.

Thomassin, (SlMON,) a French engraver, born at
Troyes about 1652, is said to have been a nephew of the
preceding. Died in 1732.

His SOP. HENRI SIMON, born in Paris in 1688, was an
able engraver. He engraved some works of Rubens
and Paul Veronese. Died in 1741.

Thomassy, to'mf'se', (MARIE JOSEPH RAYMOND,) a
French littfrateur, born at Montpellier in 1810. He
wrote, besides other works, " Morocco and its Caravans,"
(1845.) Died at New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1863.

Thomines. See Bosc, DU, (PIERRE.)

Thomond, to'm6N', (THOMAS,) a French architect,
born at Nancy in 1759. He removed to Saint Peters-
burg, where he was employed by the Russian govern-
ment to remodel the Great Theatre and build several
splendid public edifices. The Imperial Exchange, com-
pleted in 1810, is esteemed one of his finest works. Died
in 1813.

Thompson, tom'spn, (ALFRED WORDSWORTH,) an
American artist, born in Baltimore, Maryland, May 26,
1840. He graduated in 1856 at Newton University, went
to Paris in 1861, and studied art under Charles Gleyre and
Albert Pasini and in the Ecole des Beaux- Arts. In 1868
he took up his residence in New York, since which time
he has travelled extensively. He was made an associate
of the National Academy in 1873, and a m " Academician
in 1875. Among his pictures are "A Review of the
Continental Army, 1777," " Passing the Outpost,"
" Sabbath Day in Troublous Times," " Belated Trav-
ellers," " Moorish Hunters," " Welcome in the Desert,"
"Journey in a Weary Land," "The Hour of Prayer,"
" Market of Biskra," etc. His works are chiefly land-
scapes, historical pictures of a distinctly American type,
coast-views, etc. His figures and horses are especially
commendable. Mr. Thompson is one of the best and
most versatile of American artists.

Thompson, tom'son, (AUGUSTUS CHARLES,) D.D.,
an American Congregational divine, born at Goshen,
Connecticut, in 1812. He has published "The Young
Martyrs," " Last Hours, or Words and Acts of the
Dying," (1851,) and other religious works.

Thompson, (CEPHAS,) an American portrait-painter,
born in 1776, died in 1858. He was the father of C. G.
and Jerome Thompson.

Thompson, (CEPHAS GIOVANNI,) an American artist,
born at Middleborough, Massachusetts, August 3, 1809.
He was a son of Cephas Thompson, who was his early

; casj. %/iard; gas/.-G, H, v.,truttural: N, nasal; R, trilled; sasz; thasinM. (Jl^'See Explanations, p. 23. >




instructor. His early life was chiefly devoted to portrait-
painting. He worked seven years in Rome, and spent
some time in Florence and Perugia. Among his best
works are " Saint Peter delivered from Prison," " Guar-
dian Angels of Infancy," " Christ in the Garden, " Chas-

P " a " '


ill lilt J. L/I11L/I Olivi f

ian peasant- and costume-pictures, and many portraits i
eminent persons. Died January 5, 1888.

Thompson, (DANIEL GREENLEAF,) an American
author, born at Montpelier, Vermont, in 1850. He
became a lawyer in New York, and published "A
System of Psychology," (1884,) "The Problem of
Evil," (1886,) "Social Progress," (1889,) "The
Philosophy of Fiction in Literature," (ii>9 2 >) etc -
Died in 1897.

Thompson, (DANIEL PIERCE,) an American law-
yer and popular novelist, born at Charlestown, Massa-
chusetts, in 1795. He wrote " May Martin, or the
Money-Diggers," (1835,) " Locke Amsden," (1847,)
an admirable tale, descriptive of the experience of a
New England school-master, " Gant Gurley," (1857,)
etc. Died in 1868.

Thompson, (!JENMAN,) an American actor and
dramatist, born at Girard, Pennsylvania, in 1833. He
wrote "Joshua Whitcomb," afterwards remodelled
into the popnlar play of "The Old Homestead," in
which he played the leading character.

Thompson, (EDWARD, ) an English poet, born at
Hull about 1737. He served in the royal navy in
his youth, and wrote several licentious poems, among
which is "The Demirep," (1766.) He also published
a "Sailor's Letters," (autobiographic, 2 vols., 1767.)
Died in 1786.

Thompson, (ERNEST EVAN SETON,) naturali
author, was born at South Shields, England, in 1860.

Thompson, (LAUNT,) an eminent sculptor, born in
Queen's county, Ireland, in 1833. He was an art-pupil
of Erastus D. Palmer, and achieved great success as a
portrait-sculptor. He was elected an associate of the
Academy of Design in 1859, and an academician in 1862.
From 1875 to 1881 he resided in Rome, Italy. Died at
Middletown, New York, September 26, 1894.


an American poet and nov-

He lived as a boy in the Canada woods and on the
Western plains, became naturalist to the government
of Manitoba, and wrote "Birds of Manitoba" and
"Mammals of Manitoba." He studied art in Paris
1890-96, and became well known as an animal painter
and illustrator. His most popular work is " Wild
Animals I Have Known ;" his most important one is
"Art Anatomy of Animals."




came a p

are ~


Prostate, - - - - - , . T ..

and "Clinical Lectures," (1868.) He has won some dis-
tinction as a painter.

elist. born at Fairfield, Indiana, September 9, 1844, was
educated on his father's estates in Georgia, but returned
afterwards to Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he has since
resided. His principal works are " Hoosier Mosaics,"
(1875,) "The Witchery of Archery," (1878,) "A Talla-
hassee Girl," (a novel, 1882,) " His Second Campaign,"
(a novel, 1883,) and "Songs of Fair Weather," (1883.)

Thompson, (ROBERT ELLIS,) Ph.D., an American
economist, born near Waringtown, county of Down, Ire-
land, in 1844, came to America in 1857, and graduated
at the University of Pennsylvania in 1865. In 1867 he
was licensed, and in 1873 ordained to the ministry of
the Reformed Presbyterian Church. In 1870 he became
assistant professor of mathematics in the University of
Pennsylvania, in 1874 professor of social science, in
1883 professor of history and English literature, and
in 1894 president of the Central High School of Phila-
delphia. He was editor of the " Penn Monthly" 1870-
80, and in 1880 became editor of "The American."
His principal works are "Social Science and Political
Economy," (1874,) and " Elements of Political Econ-
omy," (1882.) He was also editor-in-chief of the " En-
cyclopaedia Americana," (vol. i., 1883, vol. ii., 1884.)
Thompson, (SMITH,) an American judge, born
probably in New York State about 1767. He became
chief justice of New York in 1814, was secretary of the
navy from November, 1818, to December, 1823, and
was then appointed an associate justice of the supreme
court of the United States. Died in 1843.

Thompson, (SYLVANUS PHILLIPS,) an English
physicist, born at York in 1851. He became principal
of the Technical College at Finsbury in 1885. He made

He studied art in Paris important rtsArches in electricity, magnetism, etc.,
and wrote some very popular works on these subjects.
Thompson, (THOMAS PERRONET,) an English officer
and miscellaneous writer, born at Hull in 1783. He
studied at Queen's College, Cambridge, and, having

He was made a major-general in 1854. He published the

,,- " Corn-Law Catechism," (i 827,) "True Theory of Rent,"

Thompson, (JEROME,) an American painter, a son "Enharmonic Theory of Music," etc., (1829,) reometry

of Cephas Thompson, was born at Middleborough, Mas- without Axioms," and other works. Died in 1869.

sachusetts, January 30, 1814. He became a resident of Thompson, (\*ANCE,) an American author, born

, ,

New York in 1832. Many of his works have been made j n

familiar by engravings.
cipal pictures J

Aside from portraits, his prin-

He wrote " In Old Japan" and other plays,

: Lamb." D. in 1886.

Thompson, (Sir JOHN SPARROW,) a Canadian
statesman, born at Halifax in 1844. He entered public
life early, and became premier of Nova Scotia in 1882.
He took an active part afterwards in Canadian legisla-
tion, was appointed attorney-general in 1885, and be-
came prime minister of the Dominion in 1892. He
took part in the fishery treaty and the Behring Sea
arbitration. Died in 1894.

Thompson, (JOSEPH PARRISH,) D.D., an American
Congregational divine, born at Philadelphia in 1819.
He became pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle Church,
New York, in 1845. He was one of the founders of
the " Independent" at Brooklyn, and also of the " New
Englander," to which he made many contributions. He
published " Lectures to Young Men," " Egypt, Past and
Present," "The Christian Graces," and various other
works. Died in 1879.

s on{;s alu i Symlmls," ; poems,) and several novels.

Thom ( WILLIAM,) an eminent Irish naturalist,

born at Belfast "'- "^ Piously made '

self acquainted with the natural history of Ireland, he
made a voyage in 1841 to the Grecian Archipelago.
Among his principal works are a "Catalogue of Birds
new to the Irish Fauna," " On some Vertebrata new to
the Irish Fauna," and "On the Natural History >f Ire-
land," etc., (4 vols., 1856.) He also contributed to the
"Annals of Natural History." He was a member of
the Royal Irish Academy and other learned societies.
Died in 1852.

Thompson, (ZADOC,) an American naturalist, born
at Bridgewater, Vermont, in 1796. He became about
1842 professor of natural history and chemistry in the
University of Vermont, and in 1853 was appointed State
naturalist. He was the author of the " Natural, Civil,
and Political History of Vermont," etc., a " Gazetteer
of Vermont," and other works. Died in 1856.

Thorns, tomz, (WILLIAM JOHN,) an English writer

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