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Winckelmann ; eine Rede," 1844 ; C. PETERSEN, " Erinnerung an
I. J. Winckelmann's Einfluss," etc, 1842: MADAME DE STAL,
Germany;" "Nouvelle Biographic Gen^rale."

Winckelmann, (JOHANN JUSTUS,) a German his-
torian, born at Giessen in 1620. He published several
works in Latin. Died in 1697.

Winckler, wlnk'ler, (JOHANN HEINRICH,) a German
philosopher, born in Upper Lusatia in 1703, became
professor of physics at Lei psic. He published " Thoughts
on the Properties and Effects of Electricity," and other
similar works. Franklin is supposed to have been bene-
fited by his suggestions. Died in 1770.

Win'der, (WILLIAM H.,) an American lawyer and
officer, born in Somerset county, Maryland, in 1775,
served in the war of 1812, and was appointed inspector-
general in 1814. Died in 1824.

Windham, wind'am, (CHARLES ASH,) an English
general, born in the county of Norfolk in 1810, served
with distinction in the Crimean war, and in 1855 suc-
ceeded General Barnard as chief of the staff of the
Eastern army. He was made commander of the Bath
the same year. In 1857 he fought against the mutineers
in India. He is said to have been a nephew of the
celebrated William Windham. Died in 1870.

Windham, (JOSEPH,) an English antiquary-, born at
Twickenham in 1739. He was the author of " Observa-
tions on a Passage in Pliny's Natural History relative

a, e, I, 5, u, y, long: a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, I. o, u, y, short;*, e, i, o, obscure; far. fill, fit: met; not; good; moon;




to the Temple of Diana at Ephesus," and wrote the
principal part of the "Ionian Antiquities." Died in 1810.

Windham, (WILLIAM,) an eminent English orator
and statesman, born in London in May, 1750, was the
only son of Colonel William Windham, of Norfolk.
He was educated at Eton, Glasgow, and University
College, Oxford, which he quitted in 1771. In 1778 he
censured the policy of the government on the subject
of the American war, in a public speech. He was elected
a member of Parliament for Norwich in 1783, and was
appointed one of the managers of the impeachment of
Warren Hastings. He began public life as a Whig
and political friend and follower of Burke, to whom he
adhered after the Whig party had been divided by the
issues of the French Revolution. In 1790 he was again
elected a member for Norwich. He was secretary at
war in the cabinet of Pitt from 1794 until 1801, and he
then resigned with his colleagues. About 1798 he
married a daughter of Admiral Forrest. He made a
celebrated speech against the treaty of Amiens in 1802,
and moved an address to the king, which was rejected.
He opposed the administration of Addington and that
of Pitt, (1804-06.) On the death of Pitt, in 1806, Lord
Grenville and Fox came into power at the head of the
"ministry of all the talents," in which Mr. Windham
was secretary at war and for the colonies. He procured
the passage of acts to increase the pay and pensions of
soldiers and to limit their term of service. He and his
colleagues ceased to hold office in March, 1807. He was
regarded as the model of an English gentleman. Died
in June, 1810. Respecting his style of speaking, Lord
Brougham says, " It was in the easy tone of familiar
conversation ; but it was full of nice observation and
profound remark ; it was instinct with classical allusion ;
it was even over-informed with philosophic and with
learned reflection ; it sparkled with the finest wit."

See BROUGHAM, "Statesmen of the Time of George III.," vol.
ii : THOMAS AMYOT, " Life of Windham ;" " Diary of William
Windham," 1866: E. MALONH, " Biographical Memoir of William
Windham," 1810 ; " Edinburgh Review" for February, 1811.

Windheim, wlnt'him, (CHRISTIAN ERNST,) a Ger-
man philosopher and writer, born at Wernigerode in
1722. He was professor of Oriental languages at Er-
langen. Died in 1766.

Windthorst, wint'horst, (LuowiG,) a German states-
man, born January 17, 1812. He studied at Gottingen
and Heidelberg, and was minister of justice for the king-
dom of Hanover, 1863-65. Alter the union with Prus-
sia he became a member of the Reichstag and of the
Prussian House of Deputies, in which he was the prin-
cipal leader of the Catholic party. Died March 14, 1891.

Windisch, win'dish, (KARL GOTTLIEB,) a Hungarian
historian, born at Presburg in 1725. He wrote on the
history and geography of Hungary. Died in 1793.

Windischgratz, win'dish - grits', ( ALFRED zu, )
PRINCE, a distinguished field-marshal, born at Brussels
in 1787. Having entered the Austrian army, he served
in the campaign of 1814, and was made general of di-
vision in 1833. In the revolution of 1848 he defeated
the Hungarian insurgents, and took Vienna by storm,
(October 31.) He afterwards led a large army into
Hungary, where he remained inactive, and was censured
for hesitation or dilatory conduct. He was removed in
April, 1849. Died in 1862.

Windischmann, win' dish -man', (KARL JOSEPH
HIERONYMUS,) a German physician and philosopher,
born at Mentz in 1775. He became Catholic professor
of philosophy at Bonn in 1818, and published a number
of treatises on medicine and animal magnetism, also
"Philosophy in the Progress of the History of the
World," (1827-34,) and other similar works. Died in
1839. His son FRIEDRICH (1811-1861) published sev-
eral works on theology and Oriental literature.

Win'dom, (WILLIAM,) an American statesman, born
in Belmont county, Ohio, May 10, 1827, of Quaker
parents. He studied law, and in 1855 removed to Min-
nesota. He was in Congress from 1858 to 1868, was a
United States Senator, 1870-81, was secretary of the
treasury in 188:, under Garfield, was again Senator 1881-
83, and in 1889 was appointed secretary of the treasury
by Mr. Harrison. Died Jan. 29, 1891.

Wine'bren-ner, JOHN,) a preacher, born in Fred-
erick county, Maryland, March 25, 1797, became in 1821
pastor of a German Reformed church at Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania. He founded a sect in 1830, to which he
gave the name of the "Church of God." Died at Har
risburg, September 12, 1860.

Winer, wee'ner, (GEORG BENEDICT,) a German Prot-
estant theologian and Orientalist, born at Leipsic in
1789. He studied at the university of his native city,
and in 1823 became professor of theology at Erlangen.
In 1832 he filled the same chair at Leipsic. He
published a " Biblical Dictionary," (" Biblische Real-
worterbuch," 1820,) "Greek Testament Grammar,"
("Grammatik des Neutestamentlichen Sprachidioms,"
1822,) which is regarded as a standard work, and
"Chaldean Reader," (1825,) also a " Manual of Theo-
logical Literature, principally that of Protestant Ger-
many," (1825,) and other critical and theological essays
of great merit. Died in 1858.

See the " Westminster Review" for December, 1845, article
"German Theology;" "London Quarterly Review" for April, 1870.

Wines, (ENOCH COBB,) D.D., an American divine
and educational writer, born at Hanover, New Jersey,
in 1806, became professor of languages in the Central
High School of Philadelphia in 1838. He published
"Hints on a System of Popular Education," (1837,)
"Commentaries on the Laws of the Ancient Hebrews,"
(1852,) and other works. Died December 10, 1879.

Wing, (VINCENT,) an English astronomer, was the
author of "Harmonicon Celeste, or the Harmony of
the Visible World," (1651,) "Astronomia Britannica,"
and other works. Died in 1668.

Win'gate, (EDMUND,) an English mathematician and
statesman, born in Yorkshire in 1593. He studied law,
and subsequently resided for a time in France, where
he instructed the Princess Henrietta Maria in English.
After his return he was elected to Parliament for the
county of Bedford. He was the author of "Natural
and Artificial Arithmetic," " Ludus Mathematicus," and
other works. Died in 1656.

an American bishop, born at Portsmouth, Virginia, Sep-
tember 24, 1833, graduated at Saint Timothy's College,
Maryland, in 1850, and at William and Mary College in
1853. In 1859 he was ordained a priest of the Episcopal
Church. In 1874 he was consecrated Bishop of Northern
California, and became president of Saint Augustine
College, Benicia, California. Died July 28, 1898.

Wingtien, van, v3n wing'Ben or wing'Hen, (JOSEPH,)
a Flemish historical painter, born at Brussels in 1544;
died at Frankfort-on-the-Main in 1603.

Win'j-fred, SAINT, a saint and virgin of the old
British race. She was, according to the old story, be-
headed by Caradoc, a man whose love she had persist-
ently refused. From the spot on which her head was
placed there began at once to flow the great spring from
which the town of Holywell, in Wales, takes its name.
She was a baker by occupation, and in former days was
regarded as the patroness of bakers.

Winkelried, von. See ARNOLD VON WINKELRIKD,

Winkler, wlnk'ler, (KARL GOTTFRIED THEODOR,) a
German littfratfur, known under the pseudonym of
THEODOR HELL, born in 1775. He was the author of a
number of poems and dramatic works, and made trans-
lations from the French, English, and Portuguese. Died
in 1856.

Wink'worth, (CATHERINE,) an English translator
and poetess, 'born in London, September 13, 1829. Her
publications include " Lyra Germanica," (1855 ; 2d vol.,
1868,) containing hymns from the German, " The Chorale-
Book for England," (1862,) " Life of A. W. Sieveking,"
(1863,) "Christian Singers of Germany," (1869,) and
" Palm-Leaves," translated from Paul Gerok. Died in

Win'lock, (JOSEPH,) an American astronomer, born
at Shelby ville, Kentucky, February 6, 1826, graduated at
Shelby College in 1825, was professor of mathematics
and astronomy in that school, 1845-52, professor in the
United States navy, 1857-65, professor of astronomy in
Harvard College, 1865-75, and at the same time director
of the observatory. He made important improvements

s k; 9asj; ^hard; gas/; G, H, K, guttural '; N, nasal: R, trilled; sasz: th asin this, (jjySee Explanations, p. 23.)




in astronomical appliances. Died at Cambridge, Massa-
chusetts, June 11, 1875.

Winmarleigh, win'mar-le, (JOHN "Wilson-Patten,)
LORD, an English statesman, born in 1802. He was
educated at Eton, and at Magdalen College, Oxford, and
in 1830 entered Parliament as a Tory, and held govern-
ment positions. In 1874 he was made a peer. Died 1892.

Win'ram, (JOHN,) a Scottish ecclesiastic, was sub-
prior of the monastery of Saint Andrew's. He afterwards
professed the Reformed religion. Died in 1582.

See CHAMBERS, " Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Scotsmen."

Winsem, win'sem, or Winsemiua, win-sa'me-us,
(MENELAUS,) a Dutch physician, born at Leeuwarden
about 1590. He was professor of medicine and botany
at Franeker. Died in 1639.

Winsem or Winsetnius, (PiETER,) a historian and
poet, born at Leeuwarden about 1586, was a brother of
the preceding. He published, in Latin, a "History of
the Netherlands in the Reign of Philip II.," (2 vols.,
1629-33,) which was esteemed by the Protestants ; also
other works. Died in 1644.

Winsemius. See WINSEM.

Wlnslow, (EDWARD,) born in Worcestershire, Eng-
land, in 1595, came in the Mayflower to New England
in 1620. He was elected Governor of Plymouth colony
in 1633, 1636, and 1644. He was the author of " A Brief
Narrative of the True Grounds or Cause of the First
Planting of New England," " Hypocrisie Unmasked,"
and other works. Died at sea in 1655.

Winslow, (FORBES,) an English physician, born in
London in 1810. He became a member of the Royal
College of Surgeons in 1835, and president of the Lon-
don Medical Society in 1853. In 1848 he became editor
of the " Quarterly Journal of Psychological Medicine and
Mental Pathology." He published, besides other works,
a "Manual of Osteology," "Anatomy of Suicide," (1840,)
and " On Obscure Diseases of the Brain and Disorders
uf the Mind," (1860.) Died March 3, 1874.

WIns'low, (HuBBARD,) D.D., an American Congre-
gational divine, born at Williston, Vermont, in 1800.
He published "Christianity applied to our Civil and
Social Relations," (1835,) and other religious works.
Died in 1864.

Winslow, vfns'lo, (JAKOB BENIG'NUS,) an emi-
nent anatomist and physician, born at Odense, in the
island of Funen, in 1669. He studied in Holland, and
subsequently in Paris under Duverney. He soon after
entered the Catholic Church, having been converted
by the eloquence and the arguments of Bossuet. In
1743 he succeeded Hunault as professor of anatomy
and physiology in the Jardin du Roi, in Paris. His
" Anatomical Exposition of the Structure of the Human
Body" (in French, 1732) is esteemed a standard work,
and has been translated into several languages. Died
in 1760.

See KRAFT og NYBROP, "Litteraturlexicon."

Winslow, (JOHN A.,) an American naval officer,
descended from a brother of Governor Edward Wins-
low, of Massachusetts, was born at Wilmington, North
Carolina, in 1811. He entered the navy about 1827,
became a lieutenant in 1839, and commander in 1855.
In 1862 he served under Captain Foote on the Mis-
sissippi River. He obtained command of the steamer
Kearsarge, of seven guns, and was ordered to the coast
of Europe, to watch rebel cruisers, in the early part of
1863. On the igth of June, 1864, he met the Alabama,
Captain Semmes, near Cherbourg. When the vessels
were about one mile apart, the Alabama began to fire
rapidly and wildly, but the guns of the Kearsarge were
directed with coolness and precision. "The two ves-
sels," says Headley, " were now steaming at the rate of
seven or eight miles an hour, and every few minutes
sheering, so as to bring their broadsides to bear, they
were forced to fight in circles, swinging steadily around
an ever-changing centre." After they had described
seven circles and had diminished their distance to about
a quarter of a mile, the Alabama began to sink, and
raised a white flag. Captain Winslow lost only three
killed and wounded out of one hundred and sixty-three
officers and men. He took sixty-five prisoners. He

was promoted to the rank of commodore in 1866, and to
that of rear-admiral in 1870. Died September 29, 1873.

Winslow, (JosiAH,) a son of Governor Winslow,
noticed above, was born in 1629. He was Governor of
Plymouth colony from 1673 unt >' IO 8o- Died in 1680.

Winslow, (MiRON,) D.D., a brother of the Rev.
Hubbard Winslow, noticed above, was born at Willis-
ion, Vermont, in 1789. He sailed in 1819 as a missionary
to India, became president of the college connected with
the mission at Madras, and published in 1862 a " Com-
prehensive Tamil-and-English Dictionary," which enjoys
a high reputation. He died at the Cape of Good Hope
in October, 1864.

Win'ipr, (FREDERICK ALBERT,) an English projector,
who first introduced gas-light into London. He began
his experiments on gas-light in 1803. Died in 1830.

Win'spr, (JUSTIN,) an American author, born in
Boston, January 2, 1831. He studied in Harvard Col-
lege, ana at Paris and Heidelberg, was superintendent
of Boston Public Library, 1868-77, and after that was
librarian of Harvard University. He published many
noteworthy historical works, prominent among which
were " Memorial History of Boston," (4 vols., 1880-
81,) and " Narrative and Critical History of Amer-
ica," 18 vols., 1883-89.) Died in 1897.

Win'stan-ley, (WILLIAM,) an English biographical
writer, published " Lives of the Poets," " Historical
Rarities," and other works. Died about 1690.

Win'ston, (CHARLES,) an English barrister, born in
1814, noted also as an antiquary and artist. He published
several treatises on glass-painting. Died in London,
October 3, 1864.

Win'ston, (THOMAS,) an English physician, born in
1575. He studied medicine in Switzerland, and at
Padua, where he took his degree. He became a Fellow
of the College of Physicians in 1613, and in 1615 pro-
fessor of anatomy at Gresham College. His " Lectures
on Anatomy" were highly esteemed in his time. Died
in 1655.

WInt, de, (PETER,) an English painter in water-
colours, was born in Staffordshire in 1784. His works
are chiefly English landscapes, views in Cumberland,
Westmoreland, Wales, etc. Died in 1849.


Win'ter, (WILLIAM,) an American poet and critic,
born at Gloucester, Massachusetts, July 15, 1836. He
graduated at the Harvard Law School in 1857, removed
to New York in 1859, and became a dramatic critic for
various journals. His works include "Poems," (1854;
enlarged edition, 1881,) "The Queen's Domain," (1858,)
"My Witness," (1871,) "Life of E. Booth," (1872,)
"Thistledown," (1878,) "Memoirs of the Jeftersons,"
(1881,) and " English Rambles," (1883-84.) He has also
edited the works of several of the minor poets.

Winter, van, vSn win'ter, (JAN WILLEM,) a Dutch
naval commander and diplomatist, born in Kampen in
1761. He served fbr a time in France under Dumouriez
and Pichegru, and rose to be general of brigade. He
was created vice-admiral after his return, with the com-
mand of the Texel fleet, and in 1797 was defeated by
the English fleet under Admiral Duncan. He was sent
as minister-plenipotentiary to France in 1798, and was
afterwards made a marshal of the kingdom of Holland
by Louis Bonaparte. After the union of Holland with
France, he was created by Napoleon grand officer of the
legion of honour. Died in 1811.

Winter, von, fon win'ter, (PETER,) a German mu-
sician and composer, born at Mannheim in 1754. He
studied at Vienna under Salieri, and in 1782 brought
out at Munich his opera of " Helena and Paris." His
compositions are very numerous, including masses,
symphonies, cantatas, and operas. Among the most
admired of the last-named are his "Calypso," " Zaira,"
"Tamerlane," "The Interrupted Sacrifice," and "The
Rape of Proserpine." Died in 1825.

Winterburger, win'ter-booR'ger orwin'ter-booRG'er,
(JoHANN,) a German printer, born in the Palatinate
abont 1450, settled at Vienna about 1492. Died in 1519.

Winterfeld, win'ter-lSlt', (KARL GEORG AUGUST

a, e, 1, 6, u, y, long: a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, i, 6, u, y, short; a, ?, i, 9, obscure; far, fill, fit; m4t; not; good; moon ;




VIRIGENS,) a German writer on music, born at Berlin
in 1794 ; died in 1852.

Winterfeld, von, Con ftin'ter-fSlt', (HANS KARL,)
a celebrated Prussian genera] and favourite of Frederick
the Great, was born at Vanselow in 1709. He served
with distinction in the Seven Years' war, and was
mortally wounded in an engagement in Silesia in 1757.
A monument was erected to his memory in Berlin by

See VARNHAGEN VON ENSE, " Leben des Winterfeld," 1836; M.
A. DK WINTERFELD, " Leben des Generals von Winterfeld, 11 1809.

Winterhalter, win'ter-hal'ter, (FRANZ XAVER,) a
German painter, born in Baden in 1803. He was pa-
tronized by the royal families of England and France,
and executed numerous portraits of Queen Victoria
and Prince Albert, also of the Duke of Wellington and
other English noblemen. Among his best works we
may name "The Empress Eugenie and the Ladies of
her Court," and " II Decamerone." Died July 8, 1873.

Win'ter-ton, (RALPH,) an English philologist, born
in Leicestershire, was noted as a Hellenist. He pub-
lished " Minor Greek Poets," (" Poetae Graeci minores,"
1635.) Died in 1636.

FERDINAND,) a celebrated Danish poet, born in the
island of Seeland in 1796. He visited Italy in 1830,
and published, after his return, several volumes of
poems, which established his reputation as one of the first
lyric poets of his country. He also wrote a number of
popular novels, and " Five-and-Twenty Fables," (" Fern
og tvve Fabler," 1845.) etc. Died at Paris, Dec. 30, 1876.

Win'throp, (JOHN,) born in Suffolk, England, in
1588, was elected in 1629 Governor of the colony of
Massachusetts, and set sail in 1630 for New England.
He was re-elected nine or ten times. His journal,
giving an account of the transactions in the colony, was
published in 1825. He is said to have been eminent for
wisdom, magnanimity, and other virtues. Died in 1649.

See " Life of John Winthrop," by ROBERT C. WINTHROP.

Winthrop, (JoHN,) son of the preceding, was born
in England in 1606, and sailed for America in 1631.
He was twice elected Governor of Connecticut, and was
sent to England in 1661 to procure a charter for that
colony. He was the author of several scientific treatises,
and was one of the founders of the Royal Society of
London. Died in Boston in 1676.

Win'throp, (JOHN,) LL.D., was born in Massa-
chusetts in 1715. He was appointed in 1738 Hollis
professor of mathematics and natural philosophy in
Harvard College. He published several astronomical
works. Died in 1779.

Winthrop, (ROBERT C.,) an American statesman
and orator, a descendant of Governor Winthrop, was
born in Boston, Massachusetts, May 12, 1809. He
graduated at Harvard College in 1828, studied law in
the office of Daniel Webster, and was admitted to the
bar in 1831. He served in the House of Representa-
tives of Massachusetts from 1835 to 1840, and in the
latter year was elected a member of Congress, in which
he acted with the Whig party. Having been re-elected,
he continued in Congress for ten years, and was chosen
Speaker of the House of Representatives in December,
1847. He was the Whig candidate for Speaker in 1849;
but his opponent, Mr. Cobb, was elected by a plurality
of two or three votes, after a contest which lasted three
weeks. In 1850 he was appointed a Senator of the
United States for a part of the unexpired term of Mr.
Webster, who resigned his seat He was the Whig
candidate for Senator in 1851, but was defeated by
Charles Sumner. A volume of his "Addresses and
Speeches" was published in 1852. Died Nov. 16, 1894.

Winthrop, (THEODORE,) an American writer and
soldier, born at New Haven in 1828. He graduated at
Yale College in 1848, and subsequently visited Europe.
Soon after the commencement of the war in 1861, he
joined the volunteers of the New York Seventh Regi-
ment, gained the rank of major, and, having accom-
panied General Butler's expedition to Great Bethel, was
killed in that engagement, (June, 1861.) He was the
author of novels entitled "Cecil Dreeme," (1861,) "John
liient," (1861,) and "Edwin Brothertoft," (1862.)

Wintoun or Wyntoun, wln'ton, (ANDREW,) a Scot
tish chronicler, who lived about 1410-20, was prior of
the monastery of Saint Serfs Island, on Loch Lomond.
He was the author of " The Orygynale Cronykil of
Scotland," in verse, containing valuable historical in-
formation of those times.

Wintoun, (GEORGE SETON,) EARL OF, a Scottish
Jacobite, born in 1690. He fought for the Pretender In
1715. Died in 1749.

Win'tring-ham, (CI.IFTON,) THE ELDER, an English
surgeon and physiologist, born before 1695, wrote a
"Treatise on Endemic Diseases," (1718,) and other
medical works, in Latin and English, which have a
high reputation. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society.
Died in 1748.

. Wintringham, (CLIFTON,) THE YOUNGER, bom at
York in 1710, was a son of the preceding. He became
physician to George III. in 1762, and subsequently phy-
lician-general to the army. He published several
medical treatises. Died in 1794.

Wintzingerode, von, Con wint'sing-eh-ro'deh, (FER-
DINAND,) BARON, a German officer, born at Bodenstein
in 1770. He entered the Russian army, served in the
campaigns of 1809 and 1812, and greatly distinguished
himself in the battles of Lutzen, Leipsic, and Saint-
Dizier. He was made general of cavalry by the emperor
Alexander in 1812. Died in 1818.

Wintzingerode, von, (GEORG ERNST LEVIN,)
COUNT, a German statesman, born in 1752. He was
appointed in 1801 minister of foreign affairs in the king-
dom of Wurtemberg. Died in 1834.

Wintzingerode, von, (HEINRICH KARL FRIEDRICH
LEVIN,) COUNT, son of the preceding, was born in 1778.
He was ambassador from Wiirtemberg to Paris, Saint
Petersburg, and Vienna. Died in 1856.

Win'wood, (Sir RALPH,) an English diplomatist
and statesman, born in Northamptonshire about 1564.
He was employed on several important missions to
Holland, and became secretary of state in 1614. He
died in 1617, leaving a valuable work, published in
1725 under the title of "Memorials of Affairs o f State
in the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James I.,"

(3 vo 's-)

Win'zet or Winget, (NINIAN,) a Scottish ecclesi-
astic, born in Renfrewshire in 1518. He was the author
of several controversial works in opposition to the Prot-
estant reformers. Died in 1592.

Wion, ve'AN', (ARNOULD,) a learned French monk,
born at Douai in 1554; died about 1610.

Wirato, af, af wSSr-siin', (KARL DAVID,) a Swedish
poet, born at Bellsta, December 9, 1842. He studied at

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