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and lawyer, born at New Lebanon, New Hampshire, i.i
1818. He graduated at Dartmouth College, and sub-
sequently travelled in Europe. Among his principal
works are " Reminiscences of an Old Man," " Cuba and
the Cubans," (1850,) and "Romance of Student-Life
Abroad," (1853.) Died December 28. 1892.

Kim'ber-ley, (JOHN WODEHOUSE,) EARL OF, an
English statesman, born in 1826. graduated at Oxford in
1847. He was under-secretary of state for foreign affairs
from 1852 to 1856, was sent as ambassador to Saint Pe-
tersburg in the latter year, and returned in 1858. He
was again appointed under-secretary for foreign affairs
in June, 1859, resigned in August, 1861, and was lord
lieutenant of Ireland from October, 1864, to July, 1866.
In 1866 he was raised to the peerage, and in 1868 he
was appointed lord privy seal. He was colonial secre-
tary in 1870-74 and 1880-82, secretary for India 1882-
86 and 1892-94, lord president of the council 1892-94,
and foreign secretary till 1895. He was the lender of
thr Liberal party in the House of Commons i

Kimchi, kim'kee, or Itimhi, kim'Hee, (DAVID,) an
eminent Jewish rabbi, sometimes called Redak, born
at Narbonne, France, about 1158. His Gentile family
name was PETIT. He is regarded by his nation as the
greatest Hebrew grammarian. In 1232, on account of
his influence and vast erudition, he was appointed by
the French and Spanish Jews to decide in a controversy
which then existed between them in regard to the doc-
trines of Maimonides. His principal works are a Hebrew
Grammar, a " Dictionary of Hebrew Roots," and com-
mentaries on nearly all the books of the Old Testament.
Died about 1235.

KinastorL See KYNASTON.

Kind, kint, (Jon ANN FRIEDRICH,) a German litterateur
and poet, born at Leipsic in 1768. He wrote novels,
dramas, and poems. His most famous production is the
opera " Der Freischiitz," set to music by Weber. Died
at Dresden in 1843.

Kind, (KARL THEODOR,) a German writer, distin-
guished for his knowledge of the modern Greek language
and literature, was born at Leipsic in 1 799. He published
" Modern Greek Popular Songs in the Original and with
a German Translation," etc. Died December 7, 1868.

King, (CHARLES,) an American journalist, son of
Rufus King, noticed below, was born in New York
in 1789. He became in 1823 associate editor of the
"New York American," a literary and political journal
of a conservative character. He was subsequently one
of the editors of the "Courier and Enquirer," in New
York, and in 1849 was chosen president of Columbia
College. Died near Rome in 1867.

King. (CHARLES,) an American soldier and author,
born at Albany, New York, in 1844. He graduated
at West Point in 1866, was promoted captain in 1879,
colonel in 1890, adjutant-general in 1895, and briga-
dier-general in 1898, serving in the Philippines under
General Merritt. He published numerous military
novels and other works.

King, (CLARENCE,) an American geologist, born
at Newport, Rhode Island, in 1842. He was on the
California geological survey 1863-66, and determined
i the age of the gold-bearing strata, commanded the
j geological survey of the 4Oth parallel 1867-72, was
I director of the United States geological survey 1878-
| 81, and was afterwards engaged in special investiga-
tions. He published " Systematic Geology," " Moun-
taineering in Sierra Nevada," etc.

King, (EDWARD,) a learned English antiquary and
lawyer, born in Norfolk in 1735. In 1767 he was elected
a Fellow of the Royal Society. He wrote, besides other
works, " Observations on Ancient Castles," and a treatise
on English architecture previous to the Norman con-
quest. Died in 1807.

King, (EDWARD,) an American author, born at
Middlefield, Massachusetts, in 1848. He became a
juurnalist, and in 1875 published "The Great South,"
the result of a long journey in the Southern States.
From 1875 till iSSS he lived in Europe as a corre-
spondent. He published "The Gentle Savage,"
(1883,) "Europe in Storm and Calm," (1885,) "A
Venetian Lover," (1887,) "Joseph Zalmonah,"
(1893,) etc. Died March 28, 1896.

King, (GRACE ELIZABETH,) an American author,
born in Louisiana in 1859. She published several
volumes of fiction, " De Soto and his Men in the Land
of Florida," etc.

King, (GREGORY,) an English engraver and writer on
heraldry, born at Lichfield about 1648; died in 1712.

King. (HARRIET E. HAMILTON,) an English poetess,
born in 1840, daughter of Admiral Hamilton, and niece
of the Duke of Abercorn. In 1863 she married Henry
S. King, a publisher. Among her books of poetry are
" Aspromonte," (1869,) "The Disciples," (1873,) and "A
l;,,,,k o! Dreams," (!bS;.(

King, (Dr. HENRY,) an English divine and poet, born
in 1591, became Bishop of Chichester. He wrote "A
Poetical Version of the Psalms," " Poems, Elegies, Para-

a, e, i, 6, U, y, long; a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, 1, 6, ii, y, skort; a, e, j, o, obscure ; fir, fill, fit ; met; n6t; good; moon;




coxes, and Sonnets," (1659,) and various sermons and
religious treatises. Died in 1669.

King, (HORATIO,) an American post-office official,
was born at Paris, Maine, in iSn. He became a
newspaper editor, and in 1839 entered the post-office
department as a clerk. He was made first assistant
postmaster-general in 1854, and in 1861 was post-
master-general for a short period. He afterwards en-
gaged in legal practice. He published " Sketches of
Travel," (1878,) etc. Died May 20, 1897.

King, (JOHN,) a clergyman and writer, brother of
Bishop Henry King, was born about 1596 ; died in 1639.
King, (JOHN,) an English theologian, born in the
county of Bucks about 1559, was the father of Henry,
noticed above. He became chaplain to Queen Elizabeth,
and was an eloquent preacher. In 161 1 he was appointed
Bishop of London. Died in 1621.

King, (JoHN,) an English divine, born in Cornwall in
1652. He preached for some time at Chelsea, and be-
came prebendary of York in 1731. Died in 1732.

His son JOHN, born in 1696, was a physician, and
published an edition of the "Orestes," "Hecuba," and
" Phoenissae" of Euripides, (1726.) Died in 1728.

King, (JOHN CROOKSHANKS,) born in Ayrshire, Scot-
land, in 1806, emigrated in 1829 to America, where he
soon became distinguished as a sculptor. Among his
principal works are busts of John Q. Adams, Daniel
Webster, and other eminent Americans. Died in 1882.
King, (JOHN P.,) an American lawyer, born in Glas-
gow, Kentucky, April 3, 1799, was elected by the Demo-
cratic party to the United States Senate in 1833 ; was
again elected, but resigned, and became president (1841-
78) of the Georgia Railroad. Died March 19, 1888.

King, (MATTHEW PETEK,) an English musician and
composer, born in 1773. He composed the music for
various dramatic pieces, and also produced songs, glees,
etc. Died in 1823.

King, (MITCHELL,) LL.D., a distinguished jurist and
scholar, born in Scotland in 1783. He removed to
Charleston, South Carolina, where he devoted himself
to the study of law. He was one of the founders of the
Philosophical Society at Charleston, and was appointed
in 1819 judge of the city court.

King, (PETER,) LORD, an eminent lawyer and high
chancellor of England, born at Exeter in 1669, was the
son of a grocer. His talents and application attracted
the attention of his maternal uncle, the celebrated John
Locke, through whose influence he was sent to the
University of Leyden. After his return to England he
studied law, gained admission to the bar, and rapidly
rose in his profession. He was elected about 1700 a

tained the repeal of one hundred and twenty sleeping
statutes in 1856. Died November 12, 1885.

King, (PHILIP PARKER,) an English navigator, born
in the island of Norfolk in 1793. He commanded an
expedition sent in 1826 to explore and survey the coasts
of South America. The results were published in a
"Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of H.M.S. Ad-
venture and Beagle, between the Years 1826 and 1816 "
(1839.) Died in 1855.

King, (PRESTON,) an American statesman, born in
Ogdensburg, New York, in 1806. He embraced the
profession of law, and was a representative in Congress
from 1843 to 1847, and again from 1849 to 1853. "

transferred to the United States Senate in i

; 53.

He was

took an

active part in the senatorial debates, and, during the dis-
union movement of 1860-61, advocated a firm adherence
to the principles of the Republican party. He was ap-
pointed collector of the port of New York about 1864.
Died at New York in November, 1865.

King, (RICHARD,) an English divine and polemical
writer, born in Bristol about 1750. Among his princi-
pal works are " Letters from Abraham Plymley to his
Brother Peter on the Catholic Question," and a "Treat-
ise on the Inspiration of the Scriptures." Died in 1810

King, (Sir RICHARD,) an English admiral, born is
Dorsetshire in 1771. He rendered important services
at the battle of Trafalgar, where he fought as captain.
(1805.) He became a vice-admiral in 1821. Died in 1834.

King, (RuFUS,) an American statesman, born in Scar-
borough, Maine, in 1755, graduated at Harvard in 1777.
He studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1780, and
became an eloquent pleader. In 1784 he was elected
a delegate to the Continental Congress, in which he
offered in 1785 a resolution "That there be neither
slavery nor involuntary servitude in any of the States
described in the resolution of Congress of April, 1784,"
i.e. the Northwest Territory. He married Mary Alsop,
of New York City, in 1786. He took a prominent part
in the Convention which in 1787 formed the Constitu-
tion of the United States, and became a leader of the
Federal party. Having fixed his residence in the city
of New York in 1788, he was elected a Senator of the
United States in 1789. He advocated Jay's treaty in
several eloquent speeches, was re-elected to the national
Senate in 1795, and was appointed minister-plenipoten-
tiary to Great Britain in 1796. He performed the duties
of this position with much ability for eight years, and
retired to private life in 1804. In 1813 he was elected
a United States Senator by a legislature of adverse poli-
tics. Having been again elected in 1819 or 1820, he
continued in that body until 1825, and made an able
speech against the extension of slavery on the occasion

member of Parliament for Beer-Alston, which seat he! of the admission of Missouri. He was appointed min-
retained for several years. In 1708 he was appointed I ' ster to England in 1825, returned about a year later, and
recorder of London, and was knighted. Notwithstand- died in April, 1827.

ing the arduous duties of his profession, King found time
to write two able theological works, which aloi.e would
have made him celebrated. They are an "Inquiry into
the Constitution, Discipline, Unity, and Worship of the
Primitive Church," (1691,) (in which he favoured the
rights of the Protestant dissenters,) and the " History
of the Apostles' Creed, with Critical Observations on its
Several Articles," (1702.) In 1714 Sir Peter King was
created chief justice of the common pleas, and in 1725
was made lord chancellor, and raised to the peerage, as
Baron King of Ockham. He was attached to the Whig
party. He resigned the seals in 1733, on account of ill
health. Died in 1734.

See LORD CAMPBELL, "Lives of the Lord Chancellors;" "Selec-
tion from the Speeches and Writings of Lord King;" Foss, "The
Judges of England."

King, (PETER,) LORD, an English statesman, born
in 1775, was a great-grandson of the preceding. He
entered the House of Lords about 1796, and became a
political and personal friend of Charles James Fox. He
published a " Life of John Locke," (1829.) He died in
1833, leaving a son WILLIAM, Earl of Lovelace, who
married Lord Byron's daughter Ada.

King, (PETER JOHN LOCKE,) an English legislator, a
son of the preceding, was born at Ockham, Surrey, in
1811. He was elected to Parliament in 1847, and ob

See " National Portrait-Gallery of Distinguished Americans,"
vol. iii.

King, (Rupus,) an American general, a son of Charles
King, noticed above, was born in the city of New York
in 1814. He graduated at West Point in 1833, and was
employed as an engineer for several years. About 1838
he became adjutant-general of New York. He after-
wards edited a paper at Milwaukee. He was appointed
a brigadier-general of volunteers in 1861, and commanded
a division under Generals McDowell and Pope in the
summer of 1862. He was minister at Rome from Oc-
tober, 1863, to July, 1867. Died October 13, 1876.

King, (SUSAN PETIGRU,) an American writer, daugh-
ter of James L. Petigru, was born at Charleston, South
Carolina, in 1824. She published " Busy Moments of an
Idle Woman," " Sylvia's World," and other tales. Her
second husband was a Mr. Bowen. She died in 1875.

King, (THOMAS,) an actor and dramatist, born in
London in 1730. Among his productions are " Love at
First Sight," " A Peep behind the Curtain, or the New
Rehearsal," and "Wit's Last Stake." Died in 1805.

King, (T. BUTLER,) an American politician, born in
Hampshire county, Massachusetts, in 1804. He studied
law, and removed to Georgia about 1824. He was elected
a member of Congress in 1839, 1841, and 1845, and be-
came a secessionist in 1861. Died in 1864.

e as k; 9 as s; g hard; g as/; G, H, K, guttural; N, nasal; R, trilled; s as z; th as in this. ( J^=See Explanations, p.




King, (THOMAS STARR,) an American Unitarian di-
vine, born in New York in 1824. He became in 1848
pastor of the church in Hollis Street, Boston, and in
1860 sailed for San Francisco, where he assumed charge
of the Unitarian church in that city. He had a high
reputation as a lecturer, and published, among other
works, "The White Hills: theif Legends, Landscapes,
and Poetry," (1859.) Died in 1864.

See "A Tribute to Thomas Starr King," by R. FROTHINGHAM.

King, (WILLIAM,) a Protestant prelate, was horn in
Antrim, Ireland, in 1650. He opposed the Catholics
under James II., and favoured the Revolution. In 1703
he was created Archbishop of Dublin. He wrote " The
Inventions of Men in the Worship of God," (1694,)
intended to reconcile the Irish Presbyterians to the
Episcopal ceremonies, and a treatise, in Latin, on " The
Origin of Evil," ("De Origine Mali," 1702,) which was
attacked by Bayle and Leibnitz. Died in 1729.

King, (WILLIAM,) a learned and satirical writer, born
n London in 1663. About 1702 he was appointed in Ire-
land to the offices of judge of the admiralty, keeper of the
records, and commissioner of prizes. Among his works
are " Animadversions upon the Pretended Account of
Denmark," (1694,) in answer to a work by Lord Moles-
worth, " The Transactioneer," a satire on the Royal So-
ciety, (1700,) and "Original Works in Prose and Verse,"
(3 vols., 1776.) A Memoir of his life is prefixed to the?

last. Died in 1712.

King, (WILLIAM,) an English writer, born near Lon-
don in 1685. Among his works are several Latin tract!

on various subjects, and his autobiography, entitled | Tailor and Poet," (1850,) which attracted much attention,
"Political and Literary Anecdotes," (1819,) containing I and in "Yeast, a Problem," (1851,) he showed a similar

Kingo, king'o, (THOMAS,) a Danish poet ana prelate,
born at Slangerup in 1634, became Bishop of Kunen.
His sacred poems were highly esteemed by his contem-
poraries, and he has been compared by English readers
to Dr. Watts. Died in 1723.

See LONGFELLOW, "Poets and Poetry of Europe."

Kingsborough, kingz'bur'eh, (EDWARD KING,) Via*
COUNT, an English antiquary, born in 1795, was a son
of the Earl of Kingston. He published "Antiquities of
Mexico, comprising Fac-Similes of Ancient Mexican
Paintings," etc., (9 vols., 1830 et sej.) Died in 1837.

Kings'ley, (CALVIN,) D.D., an American Methodist
clergyman, born in Oneida county, New York, in 1812,
became editor of the "Western Christian Advocate" in
1856. He was elected a bishop in 1864. Having made
a tour round the world, he died on his return, at Jem
talem, in 1870.

Kings'ley, (Rev. CHARLES,) a popular English writer,
born at Holne Vicarage, in Devonshire, in June, 1819
He was educated at Magdalene College, Cambridge, waj
ordained a priest of the Anglican Church in 1843, and
became rector of Eversley, Hampshire, in 1844. About
this date he married Miss Grenfell, whose sister is the
wife of Froude the historian. He published in 1848 a
dramatic poem called "The Saint's Tragedy." He
united with his friend the Rev. J. F. D. Maurice in efforts
to improve the condition of the working-men by the

formation of co-operative associations. His interest in
the sufferings and trials of the working-classes in large
towns was manifested in his novel of " Alton Locke,

'Monthly Review"

ing account of a number of his contemporaries. I interest in the labor question. His romance of " Hy-
rincipal of Saint Mary's Hall, Oxford. Died patia" (1853) is regarded as one of his most powerful

works, and among his others the best-known are " Alex-
andria and her Schools," "Sermons for the Times,"
(1854,) " Westward Ho I" a novel, (1855,) "Glaucus ; or,
The Wonders of the Shore," " The Heroes, or Greek
Fairy Tales," "Two Years Ago," a novel, (1856,) "The
Water-Babies, a Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby," (1863,)
and " Plays and Puritans," (1873.) Died Jan. 23, 1875.
Kingsley, (HENRY,) an English author, brother of

an interest

He was principal

in 1763.

See "Edinburgh Review" for July, 1819;
for February, 1819.

King, (WILLIAM,) born at Scarborough, Maine, in
1768, was president of the convention which framed the
Constitution of his native State. He was afterwards
elected first Governor of Maine. Died in 1852.

King, (WILLIAM FLETCHER,) D.D., an American

educator, born near Zanesville, Ohio, December 20, 1830.
He graduated at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1857, and
for rive years was tutor there. In 1863 he became pres-
ident of Cornell College, in Iowa.

King, (WILLIAM RUFUS,) an American statesman of
the Democratic party, born in Sampson county, North
Carolina, in 1786. In 1810 he was elected to Congress.
He was United States Senator from Alabama from 1819
to 1840, being re-elected four times. He supported
General Jackson in the Presidential campaigns of 1824,
1828, and 1832, and was appointed minister to France by
President Tyler in 1844. He was elected president of
the Senate in 1850, and in 1852 Vice-President of the
United States. Died in 1853.

King'lake, (ALEXANDER WILLIAM,) an English au-
thor and barrister, born at Taunton in 1809, was edu-
cated at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge. He
was called to the bar in 1837, after which he made a
tour in the Levant, and published a book of travel
called "Eothen," (1844,) which was highly successful.
He accompanied the British army to the Crimea in 1854,
and wrote a "History of the Crimean War." In 1857
he was elected tn Parliament. Died January 2, 1891.


" bdinburi-li Review" lor April, 1863 ; " Norih British Review" for
May, 1863.

Kinglake, (JOHN ALEXANDER,) an English Liberal,
born in Taunton in 1805, a cousin of A. \V. Kinglake.
In his times he was considered an extreme Radical.
Died in London, July II, 1870.

Kinglake, (ROBERT ARTHUR,) an English reformer
and philanthropist, a brother of the historian A. \V.
Kinglake. He was born at Taunton in 1813. His atten-
tion has mainly been given to the improvement of the
condition of labouring people. He established a " Court
of Reconciliation," by which suits at law are avoided
and difficulties settled without cost. Mr. Kinglake is
also the author of several works of merit.

See " Quarterly Review" for December, 1844, and April,
'' " for March, 1863, and January,

Charles Kingsley, was born at Holne, in Devon, in 1830,
and was educated in Oriel College, Oxford, living, for
several years after, in Australia. He published " Recol-
lections of Geoffrey Hamlyn," (1858,) " Ravenshoe,"
(1861,) "Austin Elliott," (1863,) '"The Hillyars and the
Burtons," (1865,) " Leighton Court," (1866,) "Mademoi-
selle Mathilde," (1868,) " Stretton, Hetty, and other
Stories," (1869,) "Old Margaret," (1871,) "Reginald
Hetheridge," (1874,) "The Grange Garden," (1876,) and
many other stories. Died May 24, 1876.

Kingsley, (JAMES LUCE,) LL.D., born in Windham,
Connecticut, in 1778, graduated at Yale College in 1700.
and in 1805 became professor of Hebrew, Latin, and
Greek in that institution. He wrote the " Life of Ezra
Stiles" in Sparks's " American Biography," and pub-
lished several educational works. Died in 1852.

Kings'mill, (ANDREW,) an English Puritan minister,
born at Sidmonton in 1538. He preached at Oxford and
at Geneva, and published several religious works. Died
at Lausanne in 1569.

an English beauty, born in 1720. She was privately
married to Harvey, who became Earl of Bristol, and
from whom she was soon separated. In 1769 she was
again married to the Duke of Kingston. She was tried
on a charge of bigamy, and convicted. Died in 1788.

See "An Authentic Detail of Particulars relative to the Duchess
of Kingston," London, 1788.

Kingston, (WILLIAM HENRY GILES,) an English
writer of fiction, chiefly for juvenile readers, was born in
London, February 28, 1814, and spent most of his youth
in Portugal. Among his numerous works are "The
Circassian Chief," (1844,) "The Prime Minister," (1845,)
" Lusitanian Sketches," "Peter the Whaler," (1851,)
"Western Wanderings," (1856.) "The Three Midship-
men," "The Three Lieutenants," "The Three Com-
manders," "The Three Admirals," etc., his boys' books
alone numbering over one hundred and thirty. Died at
Willesclen, August 5, 1880.

4, e, 1, 6, u, y, long; a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; i, e, 1, 6, u, y, short; a, 9, j, 9, okscurc; far, fill, fit; mgt; not; good; moon;



Kiiikel, kink'el, (JoHANN GOTTFRIED,) a German ' removed in 1753, and was appointed teacher in Coward's
patriot, poet, and writer upon art, born at Oberkassel in Academy for the education of dissenting ministers, in
1815. He published in 1846 a ^ History of the Plastic 1763. About 1780 he was chosen a Fellow of the Royal

"Otto the Archer.'
called " Spart;

of democratic principles. Having taken part in the but was left unfinished', 'terminating at the" letter F? ~He
storming of the arsenal at Siegburg, and the insurrec- wrote a "Life of Captain Cook," (1788.) Died in 1795.
tion of the Palatinate, he was in June, 1849, taken by the Kiralfy, (IMRB,) an Hungarian composer, born at
Prussians and imprisoned at Spandau. In November, ; Budapest in 1845. He began the composition of
1850, assisted by hi friend Carl Schurz, he made his music at the age of twelve, and was a manager of
escape to England. Died November 13, 1882. spectacular exhibitions in the United States 1869-74;

Kiiiloch, kin'loK, (WILLIAM Penney,) LORD, a afterwards in Europe. He produced " Our Naval Vic-
Scottish judge, born at Glasgow, August 8, 1801, grad- lories" in New York in 1898. He published " Nero,"
uated at the University of Glasgow, and in 1858 was "Venice, the Bride of the Sea," "Columbus," etc.'
made a judge. Died October 30, 1872. He published Kjr'b^, (JOHN JOSHUA.) F.R.S., an English artist
several volumes of verse, mostly of a devotional char and antiquary, born in Suffolk in 1716. He published
acter. , " The Perspective of Architecture," ( 1 761,) and " A Map

Kin'ney, (CoATES,) an American poet, born at i of Suffolk." Died in 1774.

Crooked Lane, near Penn Yan, New York, in 1826. Kirby, (Rev. WILLIAM,) an eminent English ento-
He went West when a boy, and has been successively mologist, born in Suffolk in 1759, was a nephew of the
school-teacher, journalist, and lawyer. He published preceding. He was educated at Caius College, Cara-
" Keeuka, and other Poems," in 1854. His short lyric bridge, and became curate of Barham. He studied
called " Rain on the Roof" has attained wide popularity, various branches of natural history, and was one of the

Kinsbergen, van, vSn kins'beVHen, (JAN HEN- first members of the Linnasan Society, to which he

. . . , In conjunction with Mr.

In 1781 he assisted in the famous battle of Doggersbank, Spence, he published an excellent " Introduction to En-
fonght between the Dutch and English. He was created tomology," (4 vols., 1815-26.) He also wrote the Bridge-
Count of Doggersbank by Louis, King of Holland. Died water Treatise entitled " The Habits and Instincts of
in 1820. Animals." Died in 1850.

Kinsky, kin'skee, (FERDINAND JOHANN NEPOMU Kirch, kSgRK, (CHRISTFRIED,) a distinguished as-

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