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confessor or principal director of the recluses of Port-
P.oyal. He was confined in the Bastille two years, (1666-
68,) during which he made a French translation of the
Old Testament. He was one of the translators of the
New Testament of Mons, (1667,) which was often re-

printed. In consequence of renewed persecution, he left
Port-Royal in 1679. He published French versions of
several works, among which were the fourth and sixth
books of the ".(Eneid." Died in 1684.

Lemal tie, leh-mitR',(FRED4Ric,) a celebrated French
actor, born at Havre in 1800, was called "the Talma of
the Boulevards." He was successful in tragedy and com-
edy, and excelled in the romantic drama. Died in 1876.

Lemaitre, (JULES,) a French critic and poet, born
at Vennecy in 1853. He became professor of rhetoric
at Havre in 1875, and of literature at Grenoble in
1884, subsequently devoted himself to literature, and
was made a member of the French Academy in 1895.
He became widely known for his ability as a dramatic
critic, and wrote " Les Contemporains," (1886,)
"Dix Contes," (1889,) "Les Bois," (1892.) etc.,
with a number of plays.

Le'man. (Rev. THOMAS,) an English antiquary,
born in 1751; died in 1827.

Le Ma out, or Lemaout, leh-mS'oo', (JEAN EMMA-
NUEL MARIE,) a French botanist, born at Guingamp, De-
cember 29, 1799. He published various works on botany,
and, with M. J. Decaisne, prepared a well-known "Gen-
eral Treatise on Botany," (1867.) Died June 23, 1877.

Le Marchant, leh maVshoN', (JACQUES,) a Flemish
historian, born at Furnes in 1537, wrote several works
on the history of Flanders. Died in 1609.

Lembke, ISmp'keh, (JOHANN PHILIPP,) a German
painter and engraver, born at Nuremberg in 1631, painted
battles, sieges, and hunting-scenes with success. He
was invited to the court of Sweden by Charles XI., whc
gave him the title of painter to the king. Died in 1721.

Lemchen. See LEMNIUS, (SiMON.)

Lemene, la-ma'ni, (FRANCESCO,) COUNT, an Italian
poet, born at Lodi in 1634. He composed many elegant
Latin verses, but his principal poen.s were written in the
Italian language. He had a rich and poetic imagination,
and contributed much to reform the poetry of his country.
Died in 1704.

Lemens, van, vjn la'mens, (BALTHASAR,) a Flemish
painter of history, born at Antwerp in 1637, worked in
London. Died in 1704.

Lemercier, leh-meVse^-i', (JACQUES,) a French archi-
tect, born at Pontoise about 1600. By order of Cardinal
Richelieu, he built about 1635 the church of the Sor
bonne at Paris, and the Chateau Richelieu. He obtained
the title of chief architect to the king. Among his most
admired works are the church of the Annonciade at
Tours, and that of Saint- Roch in Paris. Died in 1660.

See FONTENAY, " Dictionnaire des Artistes :" " Nouvelle Biogra-
phic Generate ;" QUATREMERK DE QUINCY, " Vies des plus ccflibro

Lemercier, (Louis JEAN NEPOMUCENE,) a popular
French poet and dramatist, born in Paris, April 21,
1771. He was a republican in the Revolution and
through all the changes which followed. His tragedy
of "Agamemnon," in verse, (1797,) procured for him
a triumph of which the annals of the theatre offer few
examples. lie afterwards produced "Ophis," "Louis
XI.," (1821,) and other successful tragedies. He was
chosen a member of the French Academy in 1810. He
wrote a poem entitled "The French Ages," (1803,) and
many other works. Talleyrand is reported to have said
that Lemercier conversed better than any other man in
France. Died in 1840.

See " Nouvelle Biographic Ge'ne'rale."

Lemery, lam're', (Louis,) a skilful physician and
chemist, a son of Nicolas, noticed below, was born in
Paris in 1677. He was a member of the Academy of
Sciences, for which he wrote many memoirs. For thirty-
three years be was physician to the Hotel-Dieu, Paris.
Died in 1743.

Lemery, (NICOLAS,) M.D., a French chemist, born
at Rouen in 1645, was educated a Protestant In 1672
he settled in Paris, where he lectured on chemistry with
Mat, and published a "Course of Chemistry," ("Cours
de Chimie," 1675,) which was very successful. It was
often reprinted, and was translated into many languages.
After suffering much persecution for religion, he abjured

a, 4, i, 6, u, y, long; a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, e, i, o, u, J, short; a, e, i, o, obscure; far, fall, fit; mSt; not; good; moon-




Calvinism in 1686. He was received into the Academy scientist and historian, was born at Quebec in 1825,
jf Sciences in 1699. Died in 1715. appointed inspector of inland revenue in 1869, and

See PAUL ANTOINE CAP, "filoge de N. Le'mery," i8j8; J. TON- . knighted in 1897. He is the author of "Maple
NET, " Notice sur N. LeWry," 1844 : FONTENELLB, " Eloge de N. Leaves," (6 vols., 1863-94,) and numerous works on
Lfrnery," ,7,5 : " Nouvelle B.ograph.e Genera e.' omitho Ogy, archiology/history, etc.

Lemierre, leh-me-aiR', (ANTOINE MARIN.) a French &/ '

Lemoine, (JEAN,) a French cardinal and canonist,
born at Crecy. He founded in Paris the college which
'ears his name. Died in 1313.

Lemoine, (JOSEPH,) brother of Charles, noticed above,
was born in Montreal in 1668. In 1719 he took Pen-
sacola from the Spaniards. Died in France in 1734.

Lemoine or Lemoyne, (PIERRE,) a French poet
and Jesuit, born at Chaumont, in Bassigny, in 1602. He
'" s'ee'pKRRiN " Notice de Lemierre," prefixed to an edition of hi, < ook P art j n th . e dispute between the Jesuits and Jan-
works Paris 3 vols iSio- "Nouvelle Biographie Generale." senists. His principal work is a bombastic epic poem en-

Lemiie, leh-meR' or leh-meeR', [ Lat. MIME'US,] titled " Sain t> Louis, or the^Holy r
( AUBERT,) a Flemish compiler, born at Brussels in 1573. e Infcdels,
T . ._ j e i _i : i . nn : n _ -,,,^1 u^. - ,^-,.., ,',. ir- the nunlic.

dramatic poet, was Corn in Paris in 1723. He produced
in 1758 " Hypermnestre," a tragedy, which was com- born at Cre
pletely successful. His tragedies " William Tell" (1766) bears his na
and "The Widow of Malabar" (1770) were often per-
formed with applause. He composed a poem on Painting,
(1769,) which contains several fine passages. He was
chosen a member of the French Academy in 1781. Died

which obtained little favour with

) a French engraver, born c of ^ isiana in

il of Lebas. He engraved in d 'ibervi


Lemire, l?h-

at Rouen in 1724, was a pup

landscapes, portraits, etc., and excelled in vignettes.
"The Partition of Poland" (designed and engraved by
him) is called his master-piece. Died in l8oi.

Lem'ly, (HENRY ROWAN,) an American soldier

Lemoine d 'iberville.

Died in 1701.


(JOHN EMILE,) a French
editor, born in London, October 17, 1815. For many
years he was chief director of the " Journal des Debats. '

"A West-Point Romance," etc. English Dictionary." Died in 1797.

Lemmens. See LEMNIUS. Lemon, (MARK,) an English dramatist, humorist,

LemniuB, leWne-us, or Lemmens, Um'mSns, (LIE- an( j editor, born in London in 1809. He produced a
VIN,) a Dutch physician and philosopher, born at Zierikzee large number of farces, melo-dramas, etc., among which
in 1505. He practised in his native place, and acquired are "The Serious Family" and "The Ladies' Club."

skill. He wrote, in elegant Several of his plays are quite popular. He became
Latin, " De occultis Naturae Miraculis," (" The Secret editor of the London " Punch" soon after its first pub-

a European reputation by his skil

Wondersof Nature," 1559,) and other scientific or moral lication, and literary editor of the "Illustrated London
works, which were very successful. Died in 1568. News." Died in May, 1870.

See HARDEHWIJCK. "Jets over L. Leronius," 1843; M. ADAM, Lemonnier, leh-mo'ne^i', (ANICET CHARLES GA-
"VUz Medicorum Germanonun." ; BRIEL.) a French painter, was born at Rouen in 1743-

Lemnius, l?m'ne-us, (SIMON,) a Swiss poet, whose Among his works are " Cleombrotus" and the "Death
proper name was Lemchen, (Ifm'Ken,) was born in the of Antony." Died in 1824.

Grisons. He studied at Wittenberg, whence he was Lemonnier, (CAMILLE,) a Belgian novelist, ultra-
banished by the influence of Luther or Melanchthon realistic in style, was bom near Brussels in 1835. For
about 1538, probably on account of his writings. He j^j u L'Enfant de Crapaud," (1889,) he was fined
published Latin epigrams and other verses. Died in 1550. ^ o> an( j ; ts ser ial publication stopped.

Lemoine, leh-mwan', (ANTOINE,) a French officer, a Le m onnier, (GUILLAUME ANTOINE,) a French abbe 1
brother of D'Iberville, was born at Montreal in 1683. He an( j uttfratfur, born in 1721, produced French trans-
became Governor of Cayenne, where he died about 1730. ] at ; ons O f Terence and Perseus, and wrote a volume of
(See IBERVILLE, D'.) .. Fables and Tales." Died in 1797.

Lemoine or Lemoyne, leh-mwln', (CHARLES,) a i, e monnier or Le Monnier, (Louis GUILLAUME,)
Brother of the preceding, was born in 1656, at Montreal, a p renc h physician and botanist, born in 1717, was a
of which he afterwards became governor. Died in 1729. Brother of Pierre Charles, noticed below. He succeeded

Lemoine or Lemoyne, (ETIENNE,) a French Prot- Bernar d fussieu as professor of botany in the Jardin du
estant. divine and Orientalist, born at Caen in 1624, RO; in , 7?7i anc j received the title of first physician to
wrote " Varia Sacra." Died in 1689. the king about 1780. He was for some time chief phy-

Lemoine, (FRANCOIS,) an eminent French historical sidan f the army H e rendered considerable service
painter, born in Paris in 1688, was a pupil of Galloche. (Q the sc ; ence O f botany, and wrote several treatises
He was admitted into the Royal Academy in 1718, in wn i c h were inserted in the collection of the Academy
consideration of his " Hercules and Cacus." He made o f s c i ence s. Died in 1 799.

a short visit to Italy in 1723, and at his return was chosen SM CHALLAN _ Essai historique sur la Vie de L. G. Lemonnier,"
professor of painting in the Academy. His master- l8oc ,

piece is "The Apotheosis of Hercules," (1736,) an oil- Le Monnier, (PIERRE,) a French astronomer, born
painting, which adorns a ceiling in the palace of Ver- m jsf orrnan( jy in 1675. He was professor of philosophy
sailles, and is said to be the largest in Europe, (64 feet at , ne College of Harcourt, and published a work called
by 54.) He excelled in composition, and had probably c ourse of Philosophy," ("Cursus Philosophise," 6 vols.,
a higher reputation than any French painter of his time ; I7 c o .) Died in 1757.

but his design was incorrect In 1736 he became first Lemonnier or Le Monnier, (PIERRE CHARLES,) a

painter to the king, and in the next year committed Distinguished French astronomer, born in Paris in 1715,

suicide. wis a son o f tne preceding. He was chosen a member

See BRYAN, " Dictionary of Painters." j o f the Academy of Sciences in 1736, and assisted Mau-

LeMoine, (Sir JAMES MACPHERSON,) a Canadian | pertuis and Clairaut in measuring a degree of the me-

as k; 5 as s; g hard; g as>; G, H, K,gvttural; N, nasal; R, trilled; s as z; th as in this.

Explanations, p. 23.)





ridian at Tornel, within the polar circle, in 1 736-37. I" Len'bach, (FRANZ,) a distinguished

1746 he ascertained the inequalities of Saturn caused by portrait-painter, born in Bavaria m 1836. His pamt-

the attraction of Jupiter, and in 1748, during an eclipse, ings are based on the old masters, especially Rem-

measured the diameter of the moon on the disc of the brandt, and include portraits of Moltke, Bismarck,

sun He was for many years a professor of physics Wagner, Liszt, etc.

in the College of France. He published " Histoire ce- Leuclos or Lllnclos, de, deh lox'klo', (ANNE ;

leste," (1741,) "Astronomic Institutes," (" Insti.utions rommonly called NINON,) a French courtesan, celebrated

astro'nomiques," 1746,) a good elementary work on f or her wit and beauty, was born in Paris in 1620. She

astronomy, "Nautical Astronomy," (1771,) and othei as courted by many men of high rank and of eminent

treatises on astronomy, navigation, etc. Died in 1799. talents, with whom she formed liaisons. Among hei

SeeLALANDB,"Bibliographie;""NouvelleBiographieG^ne>ale.' female friends were Madame de Maintenon and Madame

Lemontey leh-m6N't', (PIERRE EDOUARD.) an able de I,a Fayette. She was never married. It appears thai

'rench historical writer and lawyer, born at Lyons in venality was not one of her vices Her letters are

i the titrnteentn uentury. ne put jjcuci^ ic 1-113 , \L IM^,/ * * *-> ,.io t ^4.,., ^... ..

1818 an "Essay on the Monarchical System (gtatlisse- : Dijon, was devoted to the Prince of Conde during the

ment) of Louis XIV.," and was admitted into the French war of the Fronde. He wrote "Memoirs of the Civil

Academy in 1819. Died in 1826. In 1832 appeared his War which began in 1649," (2 vols., 1729.) Died in 1671.

" History of the Regency and the Minority of Louis Le Neve, leh-neev', (JOHN,) an English antiquary,

XV.," a part of his unfinished " History of France." born about 1679. He published " Fasti Ecclesiae Angh-

Lemos, (TOMAS,) a Spanish theologian, bom in "^ H rp^ffia English antiquary, born in

Galicia, was professor at Valladolid e l66j> ^^^ Norroy ki ng . a t-arms. Died in 1729.

Thomists and Molimsi Lenfant, loN'foN', (ALEXANDRE CHARLES ANNE,) a

grace. He took a prominent part in favour o the p renc h J esu it, eminent as a preacher, was born at Lyons

former, and wrote many works, one of which was en- j n ,^ 2o j^ e p reac hed in Paris and other cities, and

titled "Panoply of Grace," (" Panoplia Gratia;," was repu ted one of the most eloquent pulpit orators of

1676.) Died in 1629. his time. He was one of the victims of the massacre

Lemot, (FRANCOIS FREDERIC,) a French sculptor, ; p ar j s j n September, 1792.

born at Lyons in 1773. Having gained the grand Lenfant, (JACQUES,) a French Protestant divine of

prize about 1790, he went to Rome with a pension, great merit, born at Bazoche in 1661. He was educated

He afterwards worked in Paris, and was chosen a mem- at Saumur and Geneva, and in 1689 removed to Berlin,

ber of the Institute. Among his admired works are where he preached forty years. About 1705 he became

statues of Henry IV., Lycurgus, Leonidas, Brutus, and chaplain to Frederick William of Prussia, and in 1724

Cicero. Died in 1827. was chosen a member of the Academy of Sciences. He

See J S PASSSRON, " Notice ur Lemot." was the author of many valuable works, among which

Lemoyne. See LEMOINK. are a " History of the Council of Constance," (2 vols ,

Lemoyne, leh-mwan', (CAMILLE ANDRE,) a French 1714,) a "Preventive against Reunion with the See of

poet, born at Saint-Jean-d'AngeMy in 1822. He studied Rome," (1723,) and a "History of the \\ars of the

law, but became a printer. He published " Stella Maris Hussites and of the Council of Basle, (2 vols., 1731.)

finish and refinement. ' His histories are admitted to be impartial and moderate.

Lemoyne, leh-mwin', (JEAN BAFTISTE,) a French Lengard. See LENNARD.

sculptor, born in Paris in 1704; died in 1778. Lengerke, von, fan leng'er-keh, (ALEXANDER,) a

Lemoyne, (JEAN BAFTISTE MOYNE,) a French com- celebrated agricultural writer, born at Hamburg in 1802.

poser,borninPerigordinl75l. He composed " Phedre," Among his principal works is the "Agricultural Con-

(1786,) and other successful operas. The poem of rersations-Lexicon," (4 vols., 1835-38.) Died in 1853.

Phedre" was written by Hoffman. Died in 1796. Lengerke, von, (CASAR, ) a learned theologian,

L'Empereur. See EMPEREUR, L'. brother of the preceding, was born at Hamburg in 1803.

Lempriere, ISm'pre-er or lem-preer', (JOHN,) D.D., His principal works are "Commentaries on the Prophet

a teacher and classical scholar, born in the island of Daniel and the Psalms." Died in 1855.

Jersey about 1760. He published in 1788 an excellent Lenglet-Dufresnoy.loN'gli'du'fRi'nwa', (NICOLAS,)

classical dictionary, which has eni" fed a wide popularity a French abbi, noted as a voluminous and sarcastic writer,

and is still in extensive use. Aftei acting as master of was born at Beauvais (Oise) in 1674. He was several

the grammar-school at Exeter, he obtained the rectory times confined in the Bastille for his freedom or impru-

of Meeth, in Devonshire, about 1811. He also pub- dence as a writer. He displayed great erudition in his

cent, they were called Lares; and if malign, Larva, tory of the Hermetic Philosophy," (3 vols., 1742,)

Some authors, however, considered the Lemures and edited the works of various authors. Died in 1755.

Larvae as identical. To propitiate them or counteract Lengnich, Ung'niK, (GOTTFRIED,) a Prussian his

their influence, solemn rites were annually performed. torian and publicist, bom at Dantzic about 1690. He

Lenaln. See TILLEMONT. published a "History of Polish Prussia from 1526 to

Lenau, la'now, (NiKOLAUS,) an eminent poet, born 1748," (9 vols., 1723-48,) "The Public Law of Poland,"

in Hungary, August 15, 1802. His family name in full (1742,) and other works. Died in 1774.

was NIEMBSCH VON STREHLENAU, (neempsh fpn stRa'- Lengnich, (KARL BENJAMIN,) a German numismatisi

leh-now / .) After he left the University of Vienna he and antiquary, born at Dantzic in 1742 ; died in 1795.

studied law, medicine, and natural sciences, and visited Lenhossek, de, deh Un-hosh'lk, ? (MICHAEL,) a

the United States in 1832. He produced about 18323 Hungarian physician, born at Presburg in 1773. He

collection of lyric poems in German, which had great obtained the title of first physician of Hungary, and

among the first lyric poets of Germany. Died in 1850. | educated in the great schools of Paris and held profes
a,e, 1,6, u, y, long; a, e, 6, same, less prolonged; a, 6,1,6, u, y, short ;&,&, j, 9, obscure; fir, fall, fat; mSt; not; good; moon:




sorships of rhetoric and French poetry in the Ecole
normale. He wrote two admirable historical treatises
(1859, 1866) on " Satire in France."

Len'nard or Lengard, le'ng'gard, (SAMPSON,) an
English antiquary, who fought under Sir Philip Sidney
at Zutphen. He translated from the French Charron's
" La Sagesse," and other works. Died in 1633.

Lenne, 14'na', (PETER JOSEPH,) born at Bonn in 1789,
acquired a high reputation throughout Germany for his
skill and taste in landscape-gardening. Died in 1866.

Lennep, van, vin len'nep, (DAVID JACOB,) a Dutch

Coet and philologist, born at Amsterdam in 1774. He
ecame professor of eloquence at Leyden, and was
eminent as a classical scholar. He wrote philological
essays and elegant verses, and published editions of
Hesiod and of Ovid. Died in 1853.

See KOBNBN, " Lijkrede op D. J. van Lennep," 1853.

Len'nep, van, (HENRY JOHN,) D.D., an American
missionary, born at Smyrna, Asia Minor, March 8, 1815.
He graduated at Amherst College in 1837. From 1840
to 1859 he was chiefly engaged as a Congregationalist
missionary in Turkey. He published "Travels in Asia
Minor," "Bible Lands," "Ten Days among Greek Brig-
ands," etc. Died January n, 1889.

Lennep, van, (JACOB,) a celebrated novelist, a son of
D. J. van Lennep, was born at Amsterdam in 1802. He
chose the profession of the law, in which he attained
eminence. Among his early productions are poems
entitled "National Legends, (" Vaderlandsche Legen-
den.") In 1830 he produced "The Village on the
Frontier," a political farce, which had immense success.
He published many popular novels, among which are
"Our Forefathers,'' ("Onze Voorouders,") and "The
Rose of Dekama." He translated into Dutch some plays
of Shakspeare, and poems of Byron and Tennyson. He
died August 26, 1868.

Lennep, van, JAN DANIEL,) a Dutch linguist and
critic, born at Leeuwarden in 1724. He was professor of
Latin and Greek at Groningen from 1752 to 1768. He
gained a high reputation by a work "On the Analogy
of the Greek Language," and by his " Etymology of the
Greek Language," ("Etymologicum Linguae Graecae,")
(published by Scheide, 2 vols., 1790.) Died in 1771.

See SAX, " Onomasticon."

Lenngren, leVgR? n,(ANNA MARIA,) a Swedish writer,
originally named Malms tedt, (malm'stit,) born at Upsal
in 1 754, was the author of poems of a humorous character.
Died in 1817.

See LONGFELLOW, " Poets and Poetry of Europe."

Len'nox, (CHARLOTTE,) an ingenious authoress, born
at New York in 1720, was the daughter of Colonel Ram-
say, lieutenant-governor of that place. She went to Eng-
land in her youth, and appears to have been dependent
on her literary talents for support before and after her
marriage with Mr. Lennox. She wrote "The Female
Quixote," (1752,)" Henrietta," a successful novel, ( 1 758,)
and other works of fiction. In 1753 she published
"Shakspeare Illustrated," a collection of tales on which
the plays of that dramatist are founded, translated from
various languages. She enjoyed the friendship of Dr.
Johnson, who expressed a high opinion of her works.
Died in 1804.

Lennox, (Lord WILLIAM PITT,) an English novelist
and writer on sporting matters, born in 1799. He was
a younger son of the fourth Earl of Richmond. Among
his numerous works are "Compton Audley," (1841,)
"The Tuft-Hunter," (1843,) " Th e Story of my Life,"
(1857,) "Merrie England, its Sports and Pastimes,"
(1857,) "Drafts on my Memory," (1865,) etc. Died
February 18, 1881.

Lenoble, leh-nobl', (EusTACHE,) a French litterateur,
born at Troyes in 1643. He wrote many works in prison,
where he was confined for forgery, and acquired some
popularity as a gay, sprightly writer. Among his works
are "Political Dialogues," (1690,) and "The School of the
World." Died in 1711.

Lenoir, leh-nwaR', (ALEXANDRE,) a French antiquary
and artist, born in Paris in 1761. In the Revolution he
saved from destruction many monuments and works of
art found in convents and churches. He was chosen
keeper (administrateur) of the Museum of French Monu-

ments in 1801. He published, besides other works, a
"History of Painting on Glass," (1804,) and a "History
of the Arts in France proved by Monuments," (iSio,)
Died in 1839.

Lenoir, (ALEXANDRE ALBERT,) an architect, a son
of the preceding, was born in Paris in 1801. He was
architect of the museum formed by the union of the
Palais des Thermes with the H&tel de Cluny, and a
member of the Academic des Beaux-Arts. Died in 1891.

Lenoir, (TIENNE,) a Frenchman distinguished for
his skill in the fabrication of astronomical and mathe-
matical instruments, was born at Mer in 1744. He fur-
nished the instruments for the expeditions of La Pe'rouse
and Baudin, and those used by the savants whom Bona-
parte took to Egypt in 1798. Died in 1832.

Lenoir, (NICOLAS,) called LE ROMAIN, a French
architect, born in Paris in 1726. He was employed as an
architect by Voltaire at Ferney. Died in 1810.

Lenormand, leh-noR'moN', (MARIE ANNE ADE-
LAIDE,) a French fortune-teller, born at Alenjon in 1772.
She wrote, besides other works, " Memoirs of the Em-
press Josephine," (1829,) which has been translated into
English. Died in 1843.

See F. GIRAULT, " Mademoiselle Le Normand, sa Biographie, flea
Predictions," etc., 1843.

Lenormant, leh-noR'mftN', (CHARLES,) a French
antiquary, born in Paris in 1802. He accompanied
Champollion to Egypt in 1828, and was chosen a substi-
tute of Guizot as professor of history in Paris in 1835.
He wrote an " Introduction to Oriental History," (1838,)
and other works. Died November 24, 1859.

Lenormant, (FRANC.OIS,) an eminent French archae-
ologist, a son of the preceding, was born in Paris, Jan-
uary 17, 1837. He began his archaeologistic studies
when very young. In 1874 he was made professor of
archaeology in the National Library. Among his works
are " Lettres assyriologiques et epigraphiques," (4 vols.,
1871-72,) " Les premieres Civilisations," (1874,) " Etudes
accadiennes," (1875,) "E'ude sur quelques Parties des
Syllabaires cune'iformes," (1877,) " Les Origines de 1'His-
toire d'apres la Bible," etc. Died December 9, 1883.

Len6tre, leh-notR', (ANDRE,) a French architect and
designer of the royal gardens, was born in Paris in 1613.
He displayed his inventive genius in adorning the park
and garden of Versailles for Louis XIV., and designed
or embellished other royal gardens at Chantilly, Saint-
Cloud, and the Tuileries. In 1675 the king granted
him letters of nobility. Died in 1700. "The gardens
of the Tuileries and of Versailles," says the " Biographie
Universelle," " will always be the master-pieces of the
style invented by Lenotre."

See, also, MORBRI, " Dictionnaire Historique :" " Nouvelle Bio-
graphie Ge'ne'rale."

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