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(Previous Volumes, "TRANSACT10?lSl")


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Edited by GEO. W. MARTIN, Secretary.

jj<L VOL. XI.
979. i

TOPEKA, 1910.


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The word "Transactions" on the title page of this series
has been changed to "Collections," to conform with the char-
acter of the publication. Originally the transactions of the
Society, business and otherwise, were published in the same
volume with historical papers, but each feature has assumed
such importance as to require a separate volume. The "Trans-
actions" of the Society are now all contained in biennial reports,
the last being the sixteenth, while the "Collections" are the
same series as "Transactions."





Anderson, Cyrus. Blakeman.
Boggs, S. R.. Smith Center.
Brooks. Paul R.. Lawrence.
Brougher. Ira D., Great Bend.
Carson. C. W., Ashland.
Cowgill, E. B., Topeka.
Davies. Corner T., Concordia.
Dawson. John S., Hill City.
Fairfield. S. H., Alma.
Francis. John, Colony.
Harris. Kos, Wichita.
Hoch. E. W.. Marion.
Humphrey, L. U., Independence.
McCarter. Margaret Hill. Topeka.
Manning. E. C, Winfield.
Miller, J. Earll. Marysville.
Morgan, W. A., Jetmore.


Anderson, T. J., Topeka.
Anthony. D. R., jr., Leavenworth.
Barber, Caroline E., Syracuse.
Benton, Otis L., Oberlin.
Brewster, S. W., Chanute.
Capper. "Arthur, Topeka.
Carruth, W. H., Lawrence.
Coburn. Foster D.. Topeka.
Cole.* Geo. E., Topeka.
Cory, Charles E.. Fort Scott.
Gillpatrick, J. H., Leavenworth.
Greene. Albert R., Portland, Ore.
Hanna. D. J , Salina.
Harris, Edward P., Lecompton.
Hamilton, Clad, Topeka.
Hodder, F. H., Lawrence.
Huron, Geo. A., Topeka.


Prentis, Mrs. Caroline, Topeka.
Pierce, Alfred C, Junction City.
Pierce, Francis L.. Lakin.
Postlethwaite, J. C, Jewell City.
Quincy, Fred H., Salina.
Rockwell, Bertrand, Kansas City, Mo.
Roenigk, Adolph. Lincoln.
Royce, Olive I., Topeka.
Simmons, J. S.. Hutchinson.
Smith, F. Dumont. Hutchinson.
Stone, W. B.. Galena.
Valentine, D. A., Topeka.
Whiting, A. B., Topeka.
Waggener, B. P.. Atchison.
Wright, Robert M., Dodge City.
Woolard, Samuel F., Wichita.


Ingalls, Mrs. John J., Atchison.
Johnston, W. A., Minneapolis.
Kingman, LucyD., Topeka.
Lewis. Cora G.. Kinsley.
McGonigal, R. M., Colby.
Markham, O. G., Baldwin.
Morehouse, Geo. P., Topeka.
Parsons, Luke F., Salina.
Peacock, A. S., Wa Keeney.
Peters, Amelia C, Newton.
Plank, Pryor. Sparks.
Plumb, Mrs. P. B., Emporia.
Sanders. Frank K., Topeka.
Veale, Geo. W., Topeka.
Ware, E. F.. Kansas City. Kan.
Wilder, D. W., Hiawatha.


Adams, Zu, Topeka.
Beach, J. H., Hays City.
Blackmar, Frank W.. Lawrence.
Boyd. H. N., Belleville.
Campbell. J. W., Plevna.
Cochrane, Warren B.. Columbus.
Connelley, William E., Topeka.
Crawford. Samuel J., Baxter Springs.
Davis. John W.. Greensburg.
Faxon. Ralph H., Garden City.
Feder, W. P., Great Bend.
Fike, J. N., Colby.
Fisher. J. W.. Atchison.
Gleed. Charles S.. Topeka.
Glenn, W. M., Tribune.
Gray. John M., Kirwin.
Griffing,* W. J., Manhattan.


Hill, Joseph H., Emporia.
Johnson. Elizabeth A.. Courtland.
Little, James H.. La Crosse.
Madison, E. H.. Dodge City.
Mead.* J. R., Wichita.
Mitchell, J. K., Osborne.
Moore, Horace L., Lawrence.
Robertson, Fred. Atwood,
Ruppenthal. J. C, Russell.
Smith. E. D.. Meade.
Smith, William H., Maryiville.
Shields, J. B., Lost Springs.
Spilman, A. C, McPherson.
Stubbs, W. R.. Lawrence.
Vandegrift. Fred L.. Kansas City, Mo.
Wilder, Mrs. Charlotte F., Manhattan.



Kansas State Historical Society.


A. B. Whiting, Topeka, President.

E. C. Manning, Winfield, First Vice President.

W. E. CoNNELLEY, Topeka, Second Vice Presideiit.

Geo. W. Martin, Secretary.

Lucy S. Greene, Treasurer.


•Samuel A. Kingman. Topeka 1876

•George A. Crawford, Fort Scott 1877

•John A. Martin, Atchison 1878

•Chas. Robinson, Lawrence 1879, 1880

*T. Dwight Thacher. Lawrence 1881. 1882

•Floyd P. Baker, Topeka 1883, 1884

•DanielR. Anthony, Leavenworth.. 1885, 1886"

Daniel W. Wilder. Hiawatha 1887

•Edward Russell, Lawrence 1888

•William A. Phillips, Salina 1889

•Cyrus K. Holliday. Topeka 1890

•James S. Emery, Lawrence 1891

•Thomas A. Osborn, Topeka 1892

•Percival G. Lowe, Leavenworth 1893

Vincent J. Lane, Kansas City 1894

*Solon O. Thacher. Lawrence 1895

*Edmund N. Morrill, Hiawatha 1896

'Harrison Kelley, Burlington 1897

*John Spe'er, Lawrence 1898

Eugene F. Ware, Kansas City, Kan 1899

•John G. Haskell, Lawrence 1900

John Francis, Colony 1901

William H. Smith, Marysville 1902

William B. Stone. Galena 1903

John Martin, Topeka 1904

Robert M. Wright, Dodge City 1905

Horace L. Moore, Lawrence 1906

*James R. Mead, Wichita 1907

George W. Veale, Topeka 1908

George W. Click, Atchison 1909

' Deceased.

Kcmsas State Historical Society.


Adams. J. B.. El Dorado.

Anthony, Col. Daniel R., Leavenworth.

Anthony. Daniel R.. jr.. Leavenworth.

Bailey. W. J., Atchison.

Ballard. Clinton David. Barnes.

(Born August 10. 1898.)
Ballard, David E . Washington.
Benton, Otis L.. Oberlin.
Berryman. J. W.. Ashland.
Bernhardt. Christian. Lincoln.
Bigger, L. A.. Hutchinson.
Bishop. John L.. High Grove, Cal.
Bockemohle, W. Leo. Ellinwood.
Bonebrake. P. L. Topeka.
Brougher. Ira D., Great Bend.
Burge. N. B.. Topeka.
Burkholder. E. R., McPherson.
Cain, W. S.. Atchison.
Campbell. J. W., Plevna.
Capper. Arthur, Topeka.
Carson. C. W., Ashland.
Clark, Elon S.. Topeka.
Clarke, Fred B., Seattle. Wash.
Clarke. Genevieve Slonecker, Blue Mound.

(Born June 20. 1908.)
Cole. Geo. E.. Topeka.
Coleman, Mrs. A. E.. Manhattan.
Conover. John. Kansas City, Mo.
Crawford. Samuel J., Baxter Springs.
Cron, F. H., El Dorado.
Curtis. Charles, Topeka.
Davidson. C. L., Wichita.
De Rigne. Haskell. Kansas City.

I Born July IJ. 1906.)
Everhardv. J. L.. Leavenworth.
Fairfield. S. H., Alma.
Fike. J. N.. Colby.
Frizell. E. E.. Lamed.
Frost. John E.. Topeka.
Gardner. Theodore. Law^rence.
Gilmore. John S.. Fredonia.
Gleed, Charles S.-. Topeka.
Gray. John M.. Kirwin.
Greene, Albert R., Portland. Ore.
Halderman, John A., Washington, D. C.
Hall. John A.. Pleasanton.
Hanna. D. J.. Salina.
Haskell, John G.. Lawrence.
Haskell. Wm. W.. Kansas City.
Havens. Paul E.. Leavenworth.
Holliday. Cyrus K.. Topeka.
Hornaday. Grant. Fort Scott.
Humphrey, James V.. Junction City.
Humphrey. Mary Vance, Junction City.
Jacobs. John T., Council Grove.
Jewett. Edward B., Wichita.
Johnson. Elizabeth A.. Courtland.
Johnson, Geo., Courtland.
Johnston. Lucy Brown. Topeka.
Jones. Lawrence M., Kansas City. Mo.
Keeling. Henry C. Caldwell.
Kellough. Robert W.. Tulsa. Okla.
Kennedy. Thos. B., Junction City.
Kimball. E. D.. Wichita.

Kimball. F. M., Topeka.

Little, Flora W., La Crosse.

Little. James H.. La Crosse.

Lininger. W. H.. Topeka.

Locknare, Charles S., Topeka.

Loomis. Mrs. Christie Campbell, Omaha.

Loomis. N. H.. Omaha, Neb.

Low. Marcus A.. Topeka.

Lo^ve. P. G.. Leavenworth.

Lower. George Levi. Republic City.

(Born October 12, 1902.)
McGonigle. James A.. Leavenworth.
McKercher, F. B.. Peabody.
Mackey. Wm. H.. jr.. Junction City.
Manning. E. C, Winfield.
Martin, Amos Cutter, Chicago, 111.
Martin, Donald Ferguson. Kansas City

(Born February 19. 1909.)
Martin, George Haskell. Kansas City.

(Born August 1, 1907.)
Martin. Geo. W., Topeka.
Mead. James Lucas. Chicago.
Mead, James R., Wichita.
Metcalf. Wilder S., Lawrence.
Monroe, Lee, Topeka.
Morehouse. Geo. P.. Topeka.
Morgan. I. B.. Kansas City, Kan.
Morrill. Edmund N.. Hiawatha.
Mulvane. David W.. Topeka.
Mulvane. John R.. Topeka.
Myers, Frank E.. Whiting.
Nellis, Luther McAfee. Los Angeles, Cal.
Norton, Jonathan D.. Topeka.
Orr. James W., Atchison.
Orr. Jennie Glick. Atchison.
Pen well, L. M.. Topeka.
Peterson, C. A.. St. Louis, Mo.
Pierce, Francis L.. Lakin.
Plumb, A. H.. Emporia.
Plumb. George. Emporia.
Plumb. Mrs; P. B.. Emporia.
Prentis. Caroline E.. Topeka.
Price. Ralph R.. Manhattan.
Radges, Sam. Topeka.
Ridenour, Peter D., Kansas City, Mo.
Robinson, A. A., Topeka.
Rockwell. Bertrand. Kansas City, Mo.
Roenigk. Adolph. Lincoln.
Root. Geo. A., Topeka.
Ruppenthal. J. C, Russell.
Seaton. John, Atchison.
Shields, Mrs. Clara M., Lost Springs.
Shields, Joseph B., Lost Springs.
Simpson. Samuel N., Kansas City.
Slonecker. J. G.. Topeka.
Stewart. Judd. New York city.
Stone. Eliza May. Galena.
Stone. William B., Galena.
Stubbs. Walter R., Lawrence.
Thacher. Solon O.. Lawrence.
Waggener, Bailie P., Atchison.
Whiting, A. B., Topeka.

Total number, 120.


Ka7isas State Historical Society.


For the year ending June 30, 1910.

All newspaper editors and publishers are

Abilene.-W. T. David.son.

Alma.— John A. Bisbey. Fred Crafts, Joseph
Little. Lardner J. McCrumb. W. N. Smith,
C. C. Stotler, Willis G. Weaver.

Amy.-I. M. Wolf.

Argentine.-Geo. W. Toothaker.

Arkansas City. -Ed. F. Green.

Ashland. -Robert C. Mayse.

Atchison. -J. W. Fisher. Geo. W. Click, Mrs.
John J. Ingalls, Sheffield Ingalls.

At wood. — Fred Robertson.

Baldwin. -Charles E. Beeks, O. G. Markham.

Barnes. -A. Ballard, R. B. Briggs. W. C. Hal-
lowell, A. Hazen, Matthew McKelvy.

Beloit.-Wm. H. Mitchell.

Blakeman. -Cyrus Anderson, Orqp V. Hender-

Chanute.— J. M. Bashline. S. W. Brewster.

Chapman. -J. H. Taylor.

Clay Center.-Clark M. Anthony.

Colony.— Clara Francis, John Francis.

Columbus.— Warren B. Cochran.

Cottonwood Falls.— Miss Carrie Breese, Archi-
bald Miller, John Miller. W. A. Morgan, J.

B. Sanders.
Dighton.— F. L. Rownd.

DodgeCity. — E.H.Madison, Robert M.Wright.

Elmdale. — Robert Brash.

Emporia. -L. T. Heritage, Jos. H. Hill, D. W.

Morris, Mrs. G. W. Newmah.
Enid, Okla.— J. V. Admire.
Enterprise.— James Frey, Mrs. Catherine A.

Erie.-L. Stillwell.
Fairview.— W. P. Lambertson.
Fort Scott.— Miss Frances E. Hall, Dr. Sarah

C. Hall, Dr. W. S. McDonald.
Geneva. Minn. — Rev. J. J. Lutz.

Great Bend. — Edwin Tyler, Dr. E. E. Morrison.
Greenleaf.— C. L. Woodford.
Greensburg.— John W. Davis.
Hallet.-Frank I. Burt.
Hartford, Conn.— W. J. Chapman.
Hays City. — J. H. Beach. James Behan.
Hennessey, Okla.— Charles Harker Rhodes.

Hiawatha.— Henry J. Aten, Mrs. Julia A. Chase.
G. E. Congdon. M. G. Ham, G. A. Hoffman.
Rebecca D. Kiner, Frank N. Morrill, Thos.
Stevens, Raymond G. Taylor.

Hill City.— John S. Dawson.

Hutchinson. — J. S. Simmons, Mrs. Philip S.

lola.- A. H. Campbell, Oscar Foust, E. W. Stan-

Jetmore. — W. A. Morgan.

Jewell City.-J. C. Postlethwaite.

members by virtue of the contribution of their

Junction City.— Elizabeth Henderson, Robert
D. Henderson. A. C. Pierce, S. W. Pierce,
Geo. A. Rockwell.

Kansas City.-C. L. Brokaw, Dr. W. F. Waite,
Eugene F. Ware.

Kansas City, Mo. — Willard R. Douglass, F. A.

Kinsley.— E. T. Bidwell, Geo. W. Watson.

Lawrence.— W. B. Brownell, Edward Bum-
gardner. Miss Mary P. Clarke, C. C. Col-
lins. G. Grovenor, Frank H. Hodder, O. W.
McAlIaster, Col. H. L. Moore. J. C. Walton,
Alex Martin Wilcox. C. H. Tucker. F. W.

Leavenworth.— E. T. Carr, Dr. J. L. Everhardy,
H. C. F. Hackbusch, Mrs. Carrie A. Hall.

Lecompton. — E. P. Harris.
Lyndon. -E. H. Cluff.

McPherson. — A. C. Spilman, J. A. Spilman,
I. F. Talbott, John R. Wright.

Madison. — H. F. Martindale.

Manhattan —Mrs. Anna E. Blackman, John

Booth. Mrs. A. E. Coleman, John V. Cor-

telyou, S. M. Fox, Wm. J. Griffing, Mrs.

J. A. Roller, J. W. Paul, Ralph R. Price.

Mrs. Caroline A. Smith, Mrs. Charlotte F.

Wilder, Nellie Elliot, Eusebia Mudge Irish,

Harriet A. Parkerson.

Marion. — Ferd J. Funk.

Marysville.— J. Earll Miller, David v. Riesen,
W. H. Smith.

Meade. — Robert A. Harper, C. K. Sourbeer.

Medicine Lodge. —Chester I. Long.

National Soldiers' Home.— Jos. S. Phebus.

Ness City.-L. B. Wolf.

Newkirk, Okla.-J. C. Columbia.

Newton.— W. L. Adam. R. B. Lynch.

North Topeka. — Samuel J. Reader.

Nortonville. — Anna Pearl Fisher.

Oberlin.-W. A. Smith.

Olathe.— J. B. Bruner, Isaac Fenn, C. R. Green,
D. P. Hougland, D. Hubbard, John P. St.
John. Stephen J. Wilson.

Omaha, Neb.— Henry E. Palmer.

Osborne. — J. K. Mitchell.

Ottawa.— Charles N. Converse, Rev. Thos. E.

Parker.— Lewis N. McCarty.

Parsons.-E. O. Ellis.

Perry.— J. F. True.

Plattsmouth, Neb.— Rev. Michael A. Shine.

Randolph. -W. F. Peter.

Rosedale. — Frank Holsinger.

Russell.— Louis Banker, Mrs. Sara Spalding
Ruppenthal. F. J. Smith.

Salina.— J. W. Blunden. Geo. F. Brooks, T. D.
Fitzpatrick. W. F. Grosser. Luke F. Par-
sons, Fred H. Quincy, Daniel R. Wagstaff


The eleventh volume of the Kansas Historical Collections reaches a
high-water mark in historical publication, for it is the best volume yet
published by the Kansas State Historical Society, as well as one of the
best state publications ever issued from whatsoever source.

The editorial work has been done with painstaking care, and the foot-
notes proving or disproving historical statements are in themselves of
inestimable value, many coming from original sources drawn from the
manuscript and archives collections of the library of the Historical

Every person desiring the book must pay postage or express, the
postage being 26 cents. All interested in the book should have a member-
ship in the Society, either active, $1 per year, or a life membership at $10.

The articles are all worthy of special mention, but perhaps the one
which will be read with surprise as well as interest is the "History of
Manufactures in the Kansas District," by Mr. R. L. Douglas. Few
Kansans realize the increasing magnitude of our manufacturing inter-
ests, and in this careful compilation will be found a valuable contribution
to the history of the state.

"Swedish Settlements in Kansas," by Doctor Bergin, marks an epoch
in the life of the state, as also "German-Russian Settlements in Ellis
County," written by Rev. Francis S. Laing. Preserving this valuable data
before the first generation has entirely passed away is a labor of love and
of patriotism, and in the years to come the descendants of these hardy
colonists will be grateful to the wisdom that recorded the history of the
migrations of their people.

"The Boundary Lines of Kansas" is especially opportune at this time,
when Kansas is celebrating her half-century anniversary of statehood,
the paper being an historical epitome of the physical making of the state.
Much of this history is new to the reader, being from original sources,
and in it George W. Martin shows in an inimitable manner the political
methods of that day. Considering our boundary line at this late time, we
may well rise up and call the Wyandotte Constitution fathers blessed.

The article by Capt. J. G. Waters, "Fifty Years of the Wyandotte
Constitution," is of interest, giving the personnel of the convention and
the outcome of its deliberations, and while he marks it as a "commonplace
document," he shows that it has worn well.

"The First Appearance of Kansas at a National Convention," by A. G.
Procter, is a unique bit of history delightfully told. There are still those
who do not realize that Kansas, in 1860, was the throbbing heart of the
Nation and who will read the story of her sitting as an honored guest in
the deliberations of that body with surprise.

Contributions to the military history of the state, prefaced by a pa-
triotic poem by B. B. Smyth, are found in the admirable articles under
"Soldiers of Kansas." The military biography of Col. Lewis R. Jewell
preserves for all time the gallant deeds of that little known but heroic

Kansan. Added luster is reflected upon the glory of the Seventh Kansas
in the article by General Fox, and "Memorial Monuments and Tablets"
shows the jrratitude of a people to their soldiers and heroes.

Daniel Geary's letter, giving "War Incidents at Kansas City," and the
"Life of Capt. Marcus D. Tenney" relate something new historically.
Judge Stillwell's "Personal Recollections of the Battle of Shiloh" shows us
that while "wai- is hell," yet there is still time in the life of a soldier to
note the "Johnny-jump-ups," to hear the whistle of the redbird, and feel
the soft spring air.

The Indians receive valuable notice, especially in a most interesting
account of "The Sauks and Foxes in Franklin and Osage Counties," by
Mrs. Ida M. Ferris. The paper by Rev. John Dunbar is likewise valuable,
and the Historical Society is fortunate in being permitted to publish it.
It was written when this part of the world was young, and the Indians
were not those of to-day. Papers by Rev. Joseph Romig and Henry C.
Keeling are also of much interest.

Probably one of the most readable and detailed accounts of the Villazur
expedition of 1720 ever published is in this eleventh volume in a paper
by Prof. J. B. Dunbar. Much time and research has been spent upon the
subject by the author, and the binding together of the innumerable frag-
ments into a well-told story of this historic expedition was a great labor
and one of increasing historical value. Professor Dunbar had much of
the detail from the Pawnee Indians themselves, which adds to the life
and interest of the narrative.

"The Kansas School System," by Clyde L. King, will be found of value
in reference work, beginning with the first efforts of the state toward
education and coming down to present-day methods.

A paper of exceeding interest is found in J. D. Cruise's "Early Days on
the Union Pacific." Well qualified to write of that first railroad history
by reason of his connection with it, the reader is given the benefit of his
knowledge and experience.

The personal note, always pleasant in history, is struck by such de-
lightful papers as those of Mrs. S. B. White, Col. George W. Veale, Ely
Moore, jr., A. R. Greene, Theodore Weichselbaum, Newton Ainsworth,
and the stories of "Pioneering in Wabaunsee County." These gossiping
reminiscences bring the early days closer and leave us with a warm place
in our hearts for those who endured the stress of the day.

The story of old Fort Hays embodies something of the romance of the
plains and is told in a pleasing way by Prof. J. H. Beach. A chronolog-
ical sketch of Kansas City, Mo., by H. C. McDougal, is valuable both in
point of history and arrangement, beginning as it does at the "beginning"
and coming down to 1909. A word must be said of the biography of
Frank M. Gable, the story of a man who, as a boy, passed through the
hardening process of pioneering in Kansas; it was a great school, that
pioneering, and the graduates show that it was worth while.

It is impossible to make mention of all the good things in this volume
or all the good work done for it. The significance of Kansas history is
too great and has too many phases to discuss in a brief book notice. If
Mr. Charles Harker Rhodes could be subsidized as a missionary, Kansas
history would be a vastly moi-e popular study.

Ka7isas State Historical Society.



Shawnee, Okla.— James E. Histed. Thad C.

Smith Center.— S. H. Boggs.

St. Louis. Mo.-W. H. H. Tainter.

Syracuse.— Caroline E. Barber, Evelin P. Bar-

Tecumseh.— Dr. J. A. Read.

Topeka.— Zu Adams. O. W. Bronson, F. D. Co-
burn. William E. Connelley, Geo. W. Crane,
John P. Davis, Chas. P. Drew. B. F. Flen-
niken, Lucy S. Greene, Clad Hamilton.
Geo. A. HurBn, Arthur M. Hyde. Judge
W. A. Johnston, Howell Jones, Geo. M.
Kellam, Lucy D. King-man, W. W. Mills,
Arthur L. Nichols, L. M. Penwell, Mrs.
Caroline Prentis, J. W. Priddy, Frank K.
Sanders, Harry E. Valentine, Geo.W.Veale,
Geo. W. Weed. Mrs. Ward Burlingame,
Peter Fisher, Dr. Elmore S. Pettijohn.

Tribune.— Clement L. Wilson.

Wabaunsee.— Geo. S. Burt.

Wa Keeney. — A. S. Peacock.

Walnut Grove, Ariz.— T. B. Carter.

Washington. D. C.-E. J. Dallas.

Wichita. Kos Harris. Mrs. W. H. Isely. J. H.
Stewart, Henry Wallenstein, Samuel F.

Yates Center.— Mrs. Mary W. Campbell.
York, Pa. -Dr. I. H. Betz.

Total, 220.

At the date of this publication, October 15, 237 members have paid dues for the current year,
June 30, 1911, including the following new names :

Anthony.— Thomas A. Noftzger.

Bavaria.— Theodore H. Terry.

Belleville.— John C. Hogin.

Brandsville. Mo.— William Whitney Cone.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. — William Harvey Miner,

Luther A. Brewer.
Council Grove.— Anderson G. Campbell.
Evanston, 111. — Henry J. Patten.
Great Bend. — George W. Thatcher.
Haddam. — Frank R. Jenkins.
Humboldt. — Mrs. Margueritte Skidmore.
Hutchinson. — J. F. Warren.
Kansas City, Kan.— Walter Gillespie Phelps,

Winfield Freeman. Silas W. Porter, Eliot


Kansas City, Mo. — Mrs. Annie Lane Johnson,
Charles H. Moore, F. M. Brigham.

Lawrence. — Paul R. Brooks.

McPherson.— H. A. Rowland, B. A. Allison,
Andrew Engberg, D. P. Lindsey, G. W.
Allison, Thos. C. Sawyer, Sadie L. Champ-
lin, John G. Maxwell, Henry L. Maxwell.

Manhattan. — William H. Andrews, E. B. Pur-
cell. Elizabeth Hoyt Purcell.

Mankato.— D. H. Stafford.

Meade.— George B. Allen, O. R. Stevens.

Miles. — William Robert.

Moline. 111. -J. B. Oakleaf.

New Orleans, La.— W. O. Hart.

New York. N. Y.- E. F. Burnett.

Ogden. —Theodore Weichselbaum.

Olathe.— N. Ainsworth, George H. Timanus.

Osborne.- Robert R. Hays, Duane W. Bliss.

Roxbury. — James Muir.

Russell. — Dean Olin Smith.

Scott City.— L. S. Runnels.

Sterling. -W. Q. Elliott.

Stockton. — George Yoxall.

Syracuse. — Mrs. Gates Powell, Wm. J. Powell.

Topeka. — Patrick H. Coney, David Orville

Crane, Frank Snow Crane, Arthur B.

Poole, W. W. Denison. A. M. Harvey,

Reese V. Hicks, C. S. Triplett, Beatrice


Troy.— Charles Edwin Brown.

Twin Mound. -Orel O. Hiatt.

Vesper. — John C. Baird.

Veterans' Home, Nappa county, California. —
Hercules H. Price.

Wabaunsee.— Charles Lines Burt.

Wa Keeney. — E. D. Wheeler.

Wellington. — M. B. McLean.

Wichita.— Mrs. M. W. Himebaugh.





Introduction— The Significance of Kansas History, by Charles Harker
Rhodes 1

I.— Addresses at Annual Meetings.

Coming In and Going Out, by Geo. W. Veale, of Topeka 5

First Appearance of Kansas at a National Convention, by A. G. Proc-
ter, of St. Joseph, Mich 12

The Swedish Settlements in Central Kansas, by Rev. Alfred Bergin,

Ph. D., of Lindsborg 19

Fifty Years of the Wyandotte Constitution, by Joseph G. Waters, of

Topeka 47

The Boundary Lines of Kansas, by George W. Martin, secretary 53

The East Boundary Line of Kansas, by William E. Connelley 75

IL —Manufactures.

A History of Manufacturing in the Kansas District, by Richard L.
Douglas, of Columbus 81

Resources of the Country, 84.

The Beginning of Manufactures, 92.

The Coming of the Railways, 99.

Opening of the Fuel Supply and Beginning of Mineral Industry, 106.

Manufacturing since 1880, 116.

Natural Gas and Oil, 135.

Flour Milling, 148.

Slaughtering and Meat Packing, 167.

Mineral Resources, Smelting, 165.

Salt, 175.

Cement and Cement Plasters, 181.

Natural Cement. 186.

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