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(Previous Volumes, "TRANSACTIONS.")






Addresses at Annual Meetings ; Some Review of Fifty Ye.*-rs ; The

Withdrawal of the Methodist Church, South, from Kansas;

Blizzards, Earthquakes and Rainfall; The Kansas School

Fund; The Route of Coronado; Crossing the Plains; The

Soldier in Kansas; First Kansas at Wilson's Creek;

A Beecher Island Diary ; An Indian Fight in Ford

County; First Capital of Territory; Lost

Towns and Names; Personal Narrative.

Edited by GEO. W. MARTIN, Secretary.



9-7?. I

.J, IP^ TOPEKA, 1912.

The word "Transactions" on the title page of this series has
been changed to "Collections," to conform with the character
of the publication. Originally the transactions of the Society,
business and otherwise, were published in the same volume
with historical papers, but each feature has assumed such im-
portance as to require a separate volume. The "Transactions"
of the Society are now all contained in biennial reports, the last
being the seventeenth, while the "Collections" are the same
aeries as "Transactions."



Wm. E. Connelley, Topeka, President.

David E. Ballard, Washington, First Vice President.

Samuel J. Crawford, Baxter Springs, Second Vice President.

Geo. W. Martin, Topeka, Secretary.

Mrs. Mary Embree, Topeka, Treasurer.


•Samuel A. Kingman, Topeka 1876

•George A. Crawford. Fort Scott 1877

•John A. Martin, Atchison 1878

'Chas. Robinson. Lawrence 1879, 1880

•T. D wight Thacher, Lawrence .... 1881. 1882

•Floyd P. Baker, Topeka 1883, 1884

•Daniel R. Anthony, Leavenworth . 1885, 1886

•Daniel W. Wilder, Hiawatha 1887

•Edward Russell, Lawrence 1888

•William A. Phillips, Salina 1889

'Cyrus K. Holliday. Topeka 1890

•James S. Emery, Lawrence 1891

•Thomas A. Osborn. Topeka 1892

•Percival G. Lowe, Leavenworth. 1893

Vincent J. Lane, Kansas City 1894

•Solon O. Thacher, Lawrence 1895

• Deceased.

•Edmund N. Morrill, Hiawatha 1696

*Harrison Kelly. Burlington 1897

•John Speer, Lawrence 1898

•Eugene F. Ware, Kansas City, Kan 1899

•John G. Haskell. Lawrence 190O

John Francis. Colony 1901

William H. Smith, Marysville 1902;

William B. Stone, Galena 1903

John Martin, Topeka 1904

Robert M. Wright, Dodge City 1905

Horace L. Moore, Lawrence 1906

•James R. Mead, Wichita 1907

George W. Veale, Topeka 1908

•George W. Click, Atchison 1909

Albe B. Whiting. Topeka 1910

Edwin C. Manning, Winfield 1911



Kansas State Historical Society.


Beach. J. H.. Hays City.
Blackmar. Frank W.. Lawrence.
Boyd, H. N.. Belleville.
Campbell. J. W.. Plevna.
Cochrane, Warren B., Columbus.
Connelley. William E.. Topeka.
Crawford, Samuel J., Baxter Springs.
Davis, John W., Gieensburg.
Fagerberg, Oscar, Olsburg.
Faxon. Ralph H.. Garden City.
Feder. W. P., Great Bend.
Fike, J. N.. Colby.
Fisher, J. W., Topeka.
Flenniken, Benjamin F., Topeka. ,
Gleed. Charles S.. Topeka.
Glenn, W. M., Tribune.
Gray, John M., Kirwin.

Ballard. David E.. 'Washington.
Bonebrake: P. I., Topeka.
Brougher, Ira D., Great Bend.
Bumgardner. Edward, Lawrence.
Burge. N. B., Topeka.
Clark. Elon S., Topeka.
Coney, P. H., Topeka.
Conover, John, Kansas City. Mo.
Cron, F. H., El Dorado.
Dawson, John S., Hill City.
Everhardy, J. L., Leavenworth.
Fairfield, S. H.. Alma.
Francis, John, Colony.
Frost, John E .Topeka.
Haskell, W. W.." Kansas City.
Jacobs. John T., Council Grove.
Jewett, E. B., Wichita.

Anthony, D. R., jr.. Leavenworth.
Aplington, Kate A., Council Grove.
Aten, Henry J.. Hiawatha.
Benton, Otis L., Oberlin.
Brewster, S. W.. Chanute.
Brokaw, C. L , Kansas City.
Capper. Arthur. Topeka.
Christiansen, Louis. Smoky Hill.
Coburn. F. D., Topeka.
Corey. Charles E., Fort Scott.
Francis, Clara, Colony.
Greene, Albert R., Steven.son, Wash.
Hamilton, Clad. Topeka.
Harrison, J. N., Ottawa.
Hodder, F. H., Lawrence.
Hogin, John C, Belleville.
Huron, George A., Topeka.

Hill, Joseph H., Emporia.
Hyde, Arthur M., Topeka.
Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth A., Courtland.
Little, James H.. La Crosse.
Mitchell, J. K., Osborne.
Moore, Horace L., Lawrence.
Purcell, Elizabeth Huyt, Manhattan.
Robertson, Fred, Atwood.
Ruppenthal, J. C. Russell.
Smith, E. D., Meade.
Smith, W. H.. Marysville.
Shields. J. B., Lost Springs.
Spilman, A. C, McPherson.
Stubbs, W. R., Lawrence.
Vandegrift. Fred L.. Kansas City, Mo.
Wilder, Mrs. Charlotte F., Manhattan.

Kelley, J. Will, Topeka.
Kimball. F. M., Topeka.
Lambertson, W. P., Fairview.
McCarter, Mrs. Margaret Hill, Topeka.
Manning, E. C, Winfield.
Orr, James W., Atchison.
Price. Ralph R.. Manhattan.
Quincy. Fred H., Salina.
Root. Geo. A., Topeka.
Slonecker, J. G., Topeka.
Stewart. J. H.. Wichita.
Toothaker, George W., Kansas City, Kan.
Valentine, Harry E., Topeka.
Whiting, Albe B., Topeka.
Woolard, Samuel F., Wichita.
Yoxall. George, Stockton.


Ingalls, Sheffield. Atchison.

Johnston. Lucy B., Minneapolis.
1 Keeling, Henry C, Caldwell.

Kennedy, Thomas B , Junction City.

Kiner, Rebecca D, Hiawatha.

Kingman, Lucy D., Topeka.

Linscott, George S., Holton.
I Markham, O. G., Baldwin.

Miller John, Cottonwood Falls.

Morehouse, George P., Topeka.

Orr, S. C, Manhattan,

Potter, Thomas M., Peabody.

Plumb. George, Emporia.

Sanders, Frank K.. Topeka.

Simmons, J. S., Hutchinson.

Watson. George W.,* Kinsley.

• Deceased.

Kansas State Historical Society.


Adams. J, B., El Dorado.
Anderson, Theodore W., Chicago. 111.
Anthony, Daniel R., Leavenworth.
Anthony. Daniel R., jr., Leavenworth.
Arnold, Mrs. Louise Campbell, Topeka.
Bailey, Willis J., Atchison.
Ballard, Clinton David. Barnes.

(Born August 10, 1898.)
Ballard, David E., Washington.
Banker, Louis, Russell.
Benton, Otis L.. Oberlin.
Berryman, J. W., Ashland.
Bernhardt, Christian, Lincoln.
Bigger, L A , Hutchinson.
Bishop. John L., High Grove, Calif.
Bockemohle, W. Len, Ellinwood.
Bonebrake. P. I., Toprka.
Brougher, Ira D., Great Bend.
Burge. N. B., Topeka.
Burkholder, E. R.. McPherson.
Cain, W S., Atchison.
Campbell, A. M., jr., Salina.
Campbell, J. W.. Plevna.
Capper, Arthur, Topeka.
Capuchins Fathers, Victoria.
Carson, C. W., Ashland.
Christiansen. Lewis, Smoky Hill.
Clark, Elon S.. Topeka.
Clarke, Frtd B., Seattle, Wash.
Clarke. Genevieve Slonecker, Blue Mound.

(Born June 20. 19n8.)
Colit George E., Topeka.
Cole. Redmond S., Pawnee, Okla.
Coleman, Mary Ovanda Denick. Manhattan.
Conover, John, Kansas City, Mo.
Cornell, Mrs. Annie M. Speck, Kansas City, Ks.
Cory, Charles E , Fort Scott.
Crane, David O., Topeka.
Crawford, Samuel J.. Baxter Springs.
Cron, F. H., El Dorado.
Curtis. Charles, Topeka.
Davidson, C. L., Wichita.
De Rigne, Haskell, Kansas City.

(Born July 11, 1906.)
Evans, William J., lola.
Everhardy. J. L . Leavenworth.
Fairbanks. David Russell. N. Yakima, Wash.

(Born October 10. 1910.)
Fairfield, S. H . Alma.
Pike. J N., Colby.
Frizell. E. E.. Lamed.
Frost, John E , Topeka.
Gardner, Theodore, Lawrence.
Gilmore. John S., Fredonia.
Gleed, Charles S , Topeka.
Goodlander, Ehzabeth C, Fort Scott.
Gray. John M.. Kirwin.
Greene. Albert R., Stevenson. Wash.
Hnld-'rmnn. Jfh-n A . Washington. D. C.
Hall, John A., Pleasanton.
Hanna. D. J., Salina.
Harper. Josephine C, Manhattan.
Harris. John P., Ottawa.
Harris. Kos. Wichita.
Haskell. Jnh^ G.. Lawrence.
Haskell, William W . Kansas City.
Haskins Samuel Brush. Olathe.
Havens. Paul E.. Leavenworth.
Hobbles, F. A., Dodge City.
Holliday, Cyrus K.. Topeka.
Hornaday, Grant, Fort Scott.
Humphrey, James V.. Junction City.
Humphrey, Mary Vance. Junction City.
Hutchison. William E., Garden City.

Hyer, Charles Henry, Olathe.

Jacobs, John T.. Council Grove.

Jewett, Edward B., Wichita.

Johnson, Elizabeth A.. Courtland.

Johnson. George. Courtland.

Johnston. Lucy Brown, Topeka.

Jones. Lawrence M.. Kansas City, Mo.

Keeling. Henry C, Caldwell.

Kellough. Robert W.. Tulsa, Okla.

Kennedy, Thomas B . Junction City

Kimball. E. D., Wichita.

Kimball. F. M., Topeka.

Lacey, John T.. Sharon Springs.

Little, Flora W.. La Crosse.

Little. James H., La Crosse.

Lininger. W. H., Evanston. 111.

Locknane. Charles S., Topeka.

Loomis. Mrs Christie Campbell. Omaha, Neb.

Loomis, Nelson H.. Omaha, Neb.

Low. Marcus A., Topeka.

Lowe, P. G., Leavenworth.

Lower, George Levi. Republic City.

(Born October 12. 1902.)
Lower. Mrs. Mamie L . Republic City.
Lower. William S.. Republic City.
McDonald. W. S.. Fort Scott.
McFai-land. Horace E.. St. Louis. Mo.
McGonigle. James A , Leavenworth.
McKercher. F. B., Peabody.
Mackey, Wm. H.. jr.. Leavenworth.
Manning, Edwin C. Winfield
Martin. Amos Cutter, Chicago, 111.
Martin. Donald Ferguson, t^ ansas City.

(Born February 19. 1909 )
Martin, George Haskell. Kansas City.

(Born August 1. 1907.)
Martin, George W.. Topeka.
Martin. Wm. Haskell, Kansas City.

(Born May 22. 1911.)
Mead, James Lucas. Chicago, 111.
M-nd. James R.. Wichita.
Metcalf, Wilder S.. Lawrence.
Miller, John. Cottonwood Falls.
Miller. William I , Topeka.
Monroe. Lee. Topeka.
Morehouse, George P , Topeka.
Morgan, Isaac B . Kansas City.
Morgan. W. A.. Cottonwood Falls.
Morrill. Edmii-rid N . Hiawatha.
Mulvane. David W.. Topeka.
Mulvane. John R., Topeka.
Myers. Frank E.. Whiting.
Naftzger. M. C. Wichita.
Nellis. Luther McAfee, Los Angeles. Calif.
Norton. Jonathan D.. Topeka.
Orr. James W.. Atchison.
Orr. Jennie Glick. Atchison.
Pen well. L. M., Topeka.
Peterson. C. A.. St Louis. Mo.
Pierce, Francis L.. Lakin.
Plumb. A. H.. Emporia.
Plumb. George, Emporia.
Plumb. Mrs. Preston B.. Emporia.
Potter. Thomas M . Peabody.
Prentis. Caroline E , Topeka.
Price, Ralph R.. Manhattan.
Radges, Sam. Topeka
Ridenovr. Peter D , Kansas City. Mo.
Rightmire, William F.. Topeka.
Robinson, A. A., Topeka.
Rockwell, Bertrand. Kansas City, Mo.
Roenigk. Adolph, Lincoln.
Root. George A.. Topeka.
Ruppenthal. J. C. Russell.


Kansas State Historical Society.


Ruppenthal, Sarah Spauldin^, Russell.
Schmidt, C. B.. Chicago. 111.
Schoch. William F.. Topeka.
Seatov, John, Atchison.
Shields. Mrs. Clara M , Lost Springs.
Shields. Joseph B.. Lost Springs.
Simpson, Samuel N.. Kan.sas City.
Slonecker, J G., Topeka.
Smith, Ezra Delos. Meade.
Spilman, A. C. McPherson.
Stewart, James H., Wichita.

Stewart. Judd, New York city.
Stone, Eliza May, Galena.
Stone, William B,. Galena.
Stubbs. Walter R., Lawrence.
Thacher, Solon O.. Lawrence.
Thatcher, George W.. Great Bend.
Waggener. Halie P.. Atchison.
Whitcumb. George H.. Topeka.
Whiting, Albe B., Topeka.
Whiting, T. W., Council Grove.

Total number. 161.


For the year ending June 30, 1912.

Abilene— John T. Wilson.

Alma — Albert Dieball. A. A. Myer.

Almota-C. L. Wolf.

Altoona — Francis T. Cheetham.

Amy — L M. Wolf.

Arkansas City — Ed F. Green.

Ashland — Robt C. Mayse

Atchison— J. W. Fisher, Mrs. John J. Ingalls.

Sheffield Ingalls.
Atwood — Fred Robertson.
Baldwin — Chas. E. Beaks, O. G. Markham.
Barnes — Reuben B. Briggs.
Bavaria — Theodore H. Terry.
Belleville — John C. Hogin.
Beloit— Wm. H. Mitchell.
Blakeman — Cyrus Anderson.
Bonita — Ralph Ainsworth.
Bucyrus — Isaac Spencer.
Burlingame— Chas. V. King.
Caldwell — Mrs. E. X. Glover.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa— Luther A. Brewer, Wm.

H. Miner.
Chanute — S. W. Brewster, J. E. Plummer.
Clare — J. L. Schaegel.
Colony — John Francis.
Columbus— Chas. S. Huffman.
Cottonwood Falls — Carrie Breese, W. A.

Morgan, Arch Miller, John Miller, J. B.

Council Grove— Geo. W. Coffin, Kate A.

Densmore— Arthur H. Steed.
Dodge City -Robt. M. Wright.
Elmdale — Robt. Brash.
Emporia — Mabel H. Edwards. L. T. Heritage,

*D. W. Morris, Mrs. G. W. Newman.
Enterprise - James Frey.
Erie — L. Still well.
Eudora — O. G. Richards.
Eureka— John A. Edwards.
Evanston, III,— Henry J. Patten.
Fairview — W. P. Lambertson.
Fort Scott— Hubert Lardner. D. F. Campbell,

Ed C. Gates, Dr. Sarah C. Hall, Francis E.

Hall. W. R. Biddle.
Fort Stanton, N M. — John L. Osborn.
Fremont — Rev. J P. Aurelius.
Gardner — Mary C. Johnson.
Goodland — Mrs. Eva Morley Murphy.
Gorham — Ward H. Sullivan.
Great Bend — Edwin Tyler.
Haddam — Frank R. Jenkins.
Hanover — August Jaedicke, jr.
Hardy, Neb.- W. W. Gunn.
Hartford. Conn. — Wm. J. Chapman, Edward

Havensville — Rev. Wm. W. Clawson.
Kays City — J. H. Beach. James Behan. Mrs.

W. D. Philip. C. A. Shively.
Hiawatha — M. G. Ham, Henry J. Aten, Re-
becca D. Kiner.

Holton — Geo. S. Linscott, Minnie B. Linscott •
H. F. Graham.

Hoxie — J. W. Schlicher.

Hutchinson — Geo W. Warren, Mrs. Philip D.
Kreigh, J. S. Simmons.

Independence — L. U. Humphrey.

lola — A. H. Campbell.

Jetmore — Gco. D. Martin.

Jewell City — Robt. C. Postlethwaite.

Junction City— Elizabeth Henderson, Robert
D. Henderson. Rev. A. H. Harshaw. D. D.,
George W. Chase, S. W. Pierce, Geo. A.
Rockwell, Alfred C. Pierce.

Kansas City, Kan. — Minnie J. Oliverson. Wal-
ter G. Phelps, Mark M. Howe, Winfield
Freeman, * E. F. Ware, Maurice L. Alden,

C. L. Brokaw.

Kansas City. Mo. — Darius A Brown, J. F.
Richards. F. M. Brigham, Chas. H. Moore,
Mrs. Anna Lane Johnson. Milton Moore,
F. A. Faxon, Charles H. Rhodes. Willai-d
R. Douglas.

Kinsley-* Geo. W. Watson, E. T. Bid well.

Lawrence — *0. W. McAllaster, John K. Ran-
kin, Clin Templin, C. H. Tucker, Alex M.
Wilcox, Edward Bumgardner, Mary P.
Clarke, G. Grove or, Frank H. Hodder,
Holland Wheeler, H L Moore, L. L. Dyche.

Leaven worth — H, C. F. Hackbusch, Mrs. Carrie
A. Hall.

Lecompton— E. P. Harris.

Madison — H. F. Martindale.

Manhattan — Mrs. Charlotte F. Wilder, Ray-
mond G. Taylor, Mrs, Anna E. Blackman,
* John Booth, E. B. Purcell, Mrs. Elizabeth
H. Purcell. Mrs. Caroline A. Smith, S. E.
Orr, F. B. Elliott. Mrs. Eusebia M.'Irish.
Mrs. J. A. Koller, John V. Cortelyou, S. M.
Fox, Harriet A Parkerson.

Mankato-D H. Stafford.

Marion-Alex E. Case, Ferd J. Funk, W. H.

Marysville-D. V. Reisen, W. H. Smith. J.
Earll Miller.

McPherson — G. W. Allison, Alex S. Hendry,
Sadie L. Champlin, John R. Wright, D. P.
Lir.dsey, John G. Maxwell, J. A. Spilmai.
Rev. Gustav A. Dorf.

Meade — O. R. Stevens, C. K. Sourbeer.

Miles City. Mont — E. T. Carr.

Minneapolis— C. O. Smith.

Minneapolis. Minn. — Rev. Henry F. Burt.

Moline, III. -J. B. Oakleaf.

Nappa county, Calif. — ( Veteran's-Home) Her-
cules H. Price.*

National Military Home— Joseph S. Phebus.

D. C. Goodrich.
Ness City-L. B. Wolf.

New Orleans. La. — W. O. Hart.

Newton —John C. Nicholson, R. B. Lynch.

Kansas State Historical Society.


New York, N. Y.— Henry F. Watts, E. F. Bur-

Ogden — Theodore Weichselbaum.

Olathe-C. R. Greene. E. A. Franke. D. P.
Hougland, Isaac Fenn. W. A. Mahaffe, J.E.
McKittrick, Hugh Clarke. J. W. Parker,
John P. St. John. Mildred Kelley, Daisy
Kelley. Madeline Millikan, Jonathan Milli-
kan. Katherine Kelley, Robt. E. Steven-
son. Geo. H. Timanus, J. T. Twynam. Mrs.
H. C. Ainsworth. J. B. Bruner. H. L. Bur-
gess. W. S. Brockway, John W. Breyfogle,
Iva M. Coke, Isaac Hershey, D. Hubbard.

Olsburg — Oscar Fagerberg.

Osage City — Mrs. Ida M. Ferris.

Osborne — J. K. Mitchell, Duane W. Bliss,
Robt. R. Hays.

Ottawa - Rev. Thos. E. Chandler, J. N. Har-

Parker — Lewis N. McCarty.

Parsons — Edna E. Fombelle.

Peabody-Rev. J. M. White.

Phillipsburg — Mrs. Myrtd B. Haggard.

Plattsmouth, Neb. — Rev. Michael A. Shine.

Roxbury — James Muir.*

Russell — Olive Robbins, Dean O. Smith, F. J.

St. Louis, Mo.— Wm. H. H. Tainter.

Salina — J. W. Blundon. Merle C. Slagle, F. W.
Richards, Luke F. Parsons, Dan R. Wag-
staff, W. F. Grosser, Victor J. Hadin.

San Diego, Calif.— Eliza S. Torrey.

Scott City -Thos. Lamb, L. H. Petit. Geo.
Arman trout.

Smith Center— S. R. Boggs.

Spring Hill — Daniel Ramey, Ed. Blair, Ruth

Sterling — W Q. Elliott.

Stilwell — Ola Rose Ainsworth.

Syracuse— Mrs. Gates Powell, Wm. J. Powell,*
Caroline E. Barber, Evelin P. Barber.

Tarkio, Mo.-Mrs. Mary McCahon Breiden

Topeka-F. D. Coburn, O. M. Chmn, C. C
Collins, Wm. E. Connelley. Frank S. Crane!
John S. Dawson, John P. Davis, W. W
Denison, B. F. Flenniken. N. P. Garretson
Peter Fisher, T. F. Garver, Mrs. Mary
Embree, Clad Hamilton. Geo. A. Huron,
Mrs. Ward Burlingame, Arthur M. Hyde,
Reese V Hicks. Hiram B. Harrison. Howell
Jones. Judge W. A. Johnston, J. R. Bur-
rows, Patrick H. Coney, Geo. W. Crane,
Chas. D. Nichols, Dr. R. S. Magee, Wm.
Macferran. Albert T. Reid, W. A. Smith,
Frank K. Sanders, Geo. W. Veale, Geo. W.
Weed, Robt. Thompson. A. W. Knowles
W. W. Mills, Geo. M. Kellam. J. W. Priddy,
Lucy D. Kingman, H. E. Valentine, J. G.
Waters, L. D. Whittemore, C. S. Triplett,
J. G. Wood, O. W. Bronson, Clara Francis.
W. W. Webb, S. J. Hodgins, J. Will Kelley.
Mrs. Margaret Hill McCarter.

Toronto — J. D. Boyd, Arthur Barnard.

Tribune — C. R. Baer.

Troy— Chas. E. Brown.

Wabaunsee— Geo. S. Burt, Chas. L. Burt.

Wa Keeney— E. D. Wheeler, A. S. Peacock.

Wallace — Thomas Madigan.

Washington — August Seller.

Wellington — M. R. McLean.

Wichita — Chester I. Long, Eunice Sterling
Chapter, D. A. R., Mrs. M. W. Himebaugh,
Mrs. W. H. Isely, J. H. Graham, Samuel F.
Woolard, Mrs. C. W. Bitting, J. M. Harris.
W. B. Corhran.

Wilson — J. W. Somer.

Winfield — Chas. M. Wallace, Jas. McDermott.

Winona — M. B. Williams.

York, Pa.— Dr. I. H. Betz.

viii Kansas State Historical Society.



Introduction— Newspaper Accuracy in History, by Sheridan Ploughe, xxix

In Memoriam : Miss Zu Adams xxi

Errata xix

Addenda xii

I.— Addresses at Annual Meetings.

Some Western Border Conditions in the Fifties and Sixties, by A. B.
Whiting, of Topeka 1

Kansas in History, by Edwin C. Manning, President Kansas State His-
torical Society, September 26, 1911 10

The Service of the Army in Civil Life After the War, by William A.
Calderhead, of Marysville 14

The West: Its Place in American History, by John Lee Webster, Presi-
dent Nebraska Historical Society, September 26, 1911. 25

II. — Some Review of Fifty Years.

Railroads in Kansas, by O. C. Hull, of Great Bend - 37

The History of Railroad Building In and Out of Kansas City, by Clay
Hamilton 47

The Development of the Milling Industry in Kansas, by Leslie A. Fitz,
of the Agricultural College 53

Fifty Years of Kansas Agriculture, by Edwin H. Webster, of the Agri-
cultural College 60

Indian Missions in Kansas, by Earl Leon Shoup, of Holton 65

Progressive Legislation in Kansas, by Charles E. Hill, of the State
Normal 69

Universities Fifty Years Ago and the University of Kansas To-day, by
Arvin S. Olin and W. H. Carruth 77

The Founding of the Stale Normal School, by Lyman B. Kellogg, of
Emporia 88

III.— The Elements.

Personal Recollections of the Terrible Blizzard of 1886, by 0. P. Byers,

of Hutchinson 99

Earthquakes in Kansas, by John D. Parker, of Washburn 121

Is the Rainfall in Kansas Increasing, by H. P. Cady, of the University
of Kansas 132

IV.— Days of the Missionary,
The Methodist Episcopal Church South in Kansas, 1854 to 1906, by Rev.

Joab Spencer, of Slater, Mo 135

Life Among the Delaware Indians, by Miss Clara Cowing, of Reading,

Mass 183

v.— Statecraft.
A History of the Kansas School Fund, by Charles Hanford Landrum, of
Onaga , 195

Contents of this Volume. ix

VI.— Prehistoric Kansas.


A Study of the Route of Coronado Between the Rio Grande and Missouri
Rivers, by James Newton Baskett, of Mexico, Mo 219

Jedediah S. Smith and the Settlement of Kansas, by E. D. Smith, of
Meade 252

Crossing the Plains, by George H. Himes, Oregon Historical Society,
Portland, Ore 261

VIL— The Soldier in Kansas.
A Historic Picture— Sketches of D. E. Ballard, Samuel J. Crawford,

Edwin C. Manning, Horace L. Moore and John K. Rankin 271

Gen. Thomas Ewing, jr., by Maj. Harrison Hannahs 276

A Colonel of Kansas, by Capt. Clad Hamilton 282

First Kansas Infantry in the Battle of Wilson's Creek, by James A.

McGonigle, of Leavenworth 292

Diary of Chauncey B. Whitney, a Beecher Island scout 296

With Albert Sidney Johnston's Expedition to Utah, 1857, by Gen.

Samuel W. Ferguson, of Biloxi, Miss 303

Indian Fight in Ford County in 1859, by Joseph B. Thoburn, of Okla-
homa City, Okla 312

VIII.— Miscellaneous Papers.
The First Capital of Kansas, by Henry Shindler, of Fort Leavenworth. . 331
The Naming of Osawatomie and Some Experiences with John Brown,

by Ely Moore, jr., of Lawrence 338

Mother Smith of Ellis, by James H. Beach, of the State Normal, at

Hays 347

Pioneer Life in Kansas, by Miss Fannie Cole, of North Topeka 353

A Chapter from the Archives, by George W. Martin, Secretary 359

Reminiscences Concerning Fort Leavenworth in 1855-'56, by E. T. Carr,

of Miles City, Mont 375

The Conception and Growth of a Kansas Railroad, by 0. P. Byers, of

Hutchinson 383

The Exodus to Kansas in 1855, by Capt. DeWitt C. Goodrich, of the

National Military Home 388

Some Reminiscences of the Early Days on Deep Creek, Riley County,

by Francis A. Abbott 392

Women in Office 396

Some of the Lost Towns of Kansas 426

Juniata, 426.

Old Indianola, 427.

Moneka, 429.

Paris, Linn county, 430.

Oread, Coffey county, 432.

Historic Town of Minneola, 433.

Rise ard Fall of Sumner, 434.

Old Sumner, 437.

Rome, Ellis county, 438.

Republican City, Clay county, 440.

The End of Coronado, 441 .

Lost Towns of Bourbon County, 447.

The Story of Ladore, 450.

Greenwood City, -JSl.

Life and Death of Coolidge and Kendall. 456.

X Kansas State Historical Society.

VIII,— Miscellaneous Papers.— Concluded.
Some of the Lost Towns of Kansas —

Travail of Cimarron and Ingalls and Death of Montezuma, 463.

Reminiscences of Runnymede, 467.

Town of Sidney, 469.


Extinct Geographical Locations 471

"Lost Towns," Post-offices, Overland Stations and Settlements in Kansas, 1852-1912,



Frontispiece— Memorial and Historical Building, August 1, 1912.

William A. Calderhead, Marysville 14

John Lee Webster, President Nebraska Historical Society 25

The Methodist Church South in Kansas :

Rev. Joab Spencer, Slater, Mo., 134.

Thomas J. Greene, Mrs. Mary Greene Henshaw, twins born in Kansas, Septem-
ber 5, 1840, 137.

First building erected by the M. E. Church South in Kansas, at Kickapoo. 1856

Rev. Charles Boles, 141.

Rev. J. H. Pritchett, 142.

Church and parsonage at Council Grove, 148.

Rev. Joseph King, 150.

Bishop Eugene R. Hendrix and Ann Eliza (Scarritt) Hendrix, 156.

Rev. Thomas C. Downs. 157.

Bishop Enoch Mather Marvin, D. D., 159.

Rev. John W. Faubion, 160.

Rev. Henry D. Hogan, Hillsdale, 161.

Rev. William H. Comer, Lee's Summit, Mo., 165.

Rev. James W. Payne, 166.

Annual Conference, 1886, at Hillsdale, 176.

Starting to Cross the Plains 264

Reaching the End of the Journey. 265

A Wonderful Historical Group Picture 270

Thomas Ewing, jr 277

Henry C. Lindsey 283

Chauncey B. Whitney 296

Gen, L. H, Carpenter 300

Indian Fight in Ford County :

Col. Manning M. Kimmel, 312.

Maj. Earl Van Dorn and Capt. Edmund Kirby Smith, 314.

Lieut. William B. Royal, 316.

Map showing line of march, 318.

Lieut. James E. Harrison, 320.

Lieut. George B. Cosby and Second Lieut. Pitzhugh Lee. 322.

Gen. Edward M. Hayes, 324.

Comanche Indian Village in Oklahoma in 1871. 325.

Map of battle field in Ford county. 327.

Two Friendly Indians Survivors, 1912, 328.

Building at Fort Leavenworth, first used as capitol 330

Ely Moore, jr 338

Kansas State Historical Society. xi


"C^VERY two years it is a great pleasure to prepare a volume of

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