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Bypaths of Kansas History


The state and river of Kansas were named for the Kansa or Kaw
Indians, a southwestern Siouan tribe, whose home for centuries was
in present northeast Kansas. A map by Marquette, about 1673-1674,
is one of the earliest to show a village of Kansa Indians in what is
now Kansas. John Senex's map of Louisiana territory in 1721 shows
the "Great River of Cansez."

The word "Kansas" has been given various meanings, including:
South wind people, fire people, swift wind, smoky, swift, or "a
troublesome people . . . who continually disturb or harass

Through the years writers have spelled Kansas more than eighty
different ways. Among these are: Acansis, Akansa, Akansea,
Canceas, Cancez, Canceze, Cancezs, Canchez, Canips, Cans, Cansa,
Canses, Cansez, Canzan, Canzas, Canze, Canzes, Canzez, Canzon,
Caugh, Gauzes, Caw, Chanzes, Ercansaques, Escanjaques, Escan-
saques, Escanxaques, Esquansaques, Estanxaques, Excanjaque,
Excausaquex, Kah, Kamse, Kancas, Kances, Kanees, Kans, Kansa,
Kansas, Kansas, Kansaws, Kanse, Kansea, Kanses, Kansez, Kansies,
Kansus, Kantha, Kants, Kanzan, Kanzans, Kanzas, Kanze, Kanzeis,
Kanzes, Kanzon, Karsa, Karsea, Kasas, Kathagi, Kau, Kaus, Kausas,
Kausau, Kauzau, Kaw, Kaws, Kawsa, Kawse, Kawza, Konaz, Konsa,
Konses, Konza, Konzas, Konzo, Kunza, Okames, Okams, Okanis,
Quans, Quaus, Ukasa, and Ukasak.

One of the earliest mentions in the newspapers of this area of a
proposed Kansas territory was in the St. Joseph ( Mo. ) Gazette, Janu-
ary 18, 1854 (no Kansas newspapers were published this early),
when it was reported that congress was considering the organization
of the large Nebraska territory into three territories, to be named:
Cherokee, Kansas, and Nebraska. On February 8, the Gazette men-
tioned Sen. Stephen A. Douglas' substitute bill to divide Nebraska
into two territories, Kansas and Nebraska. And this became the
Kansas-Nebraska act under which Kansas and Nebraska were organ-
ized into separate territories upon the signing of the bill by President
Pierce on May 30, 1854.

Kansas City, Mo., when started in 1838, was named Kansas. It
officially became the "Town of Kansas" in 1850, the "City of Kansas"



in 1853, and "Kansas City" in 1889. The following reference to the
name appeared in the Kansas City ( Mo. ) Enterprise, December 13,

A MISTAKE. We are often asked, "Why do you call your city Kansas? it is
stealing a name which does not properly belong to you but to the Territory."
Such is not the fact. When this city was laid off and named, it was called after
the river at whose mouth it is situated, and the immense trade of whose valley
it controls. Kansas Territory was then called Nebraska, and when it was divided
by act of Congress, they stole our name. We trust the public will hereafter stand
corrected. We are the original and genuine Kansas, and intend so to continue.

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