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cerning Phebe (Reed) Trott and John Trott . . . N. p., Privately

Printed, c!954. 235p.
HANDLE, ELMER T., Foster Family History and Genealogy and Other Families

Related Thereto. N. p., 1955. 102p.
RAVENSHAW, THOMAS F., Antiente Epitaphs (From A. D. 1250 to A. D. 1800)

Collected 6- Sett Forth in Chronologicall Order. London, Joseph Masters &

Company, 1878. 196p.
RIDENOUR, GEORGE L., Early Times in Meade County, Kentucky. Louisville,

Western Recorder, 1929. 107p.
RITCHIE, RUTH, and SUDIE RUCKER WOOD, Garner-Keene Families of Northern

Neck, Virginia. [Charlottesville, Va., Jarman Printing Company, c!952.]

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