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among the excited crowd. They are resolved to stand by the city at the
sacrifice of their lives, if necessary. Let the brave boys be upheld. Perfect
quiet reigns now and it is to be hoped that our city has had its last shooting

Policeman Crawford, along with the rest of the Ellsworth force,
was relieved on August 27, 1873. 1

The death of Ed Crawford, on November 7, 1873, ended the
long period of violence Ellsworth had suffered that year. The Re-
porter, November 13, 1873, carried the story:


Last Sunday Ed. Crawford came to Ellsworth. His presence here was a
surprise, as it was understood that his life would not be safe here, on account
of his shooting Cad Pierce. He was warned that his life was in danger, but he
"was not afraid." Thursday he was pretty full of whiskey, and Friday evening
we noticed he was considerably under the influence of liquor. With some
friends, or possibly decoying enemies, he went down to Nauch-ville and visited
two houses; he was pretty drunk and rough; at the second house he visited
there was a crowd of men, mostly Texans, and he had been there but a few
moments, before, having stepped into the hall, he was shot twice, the first ball
passing through his head, the second into his body. It is not known for cer-
tain who fired the fatal shot, but it is supposed to have been one, Putman,


and that he did it to avenge the murder of Cad Pierce. It was reported that
Crawford fired, but it was probably incorrect. He was shot down by some
person secreted in the hall and he made no fight or scarcely a struggle. With
this last murder we hope the chapter of crime in this city is complete for
1873, and for many years to come.

1. Ellsworth Reporter, August 28, 1873.


( -1875)

George D' Amour was appointed second assistant marshal of
Wichita on October 4, 1871. His salary was $60.00 a month. 1

In April, 1872, he was elected constable of Wichita township. 2

D'Amour was made first assistant marshal on the city police
force when first assistant Thomas Parks was relieved, June 5,
1872. The same day D'Amour was paid $416.00 for services as
"asst Marshal and Special Policeman/' 3

It may have been that D' Amour's service on the force was not
continuous from his appointment as second assistant marshal to
the appointment as first assistant, for the Wichita City Eagle,
June 7, 1872, reported that the "city council at their meeting on
Wednesday night appointed two additional men on the police
force of the city, viz: Geo. D'Amour and D. F. Parks. . . ."

In August, 1872, D'Amour assisted Marshal Mike Meagher in
arresting one Teets. The article reporting the arrest may be
found in the section on Meagher.

On December 4, 1872, the city council authorized the mayor
"to order Geo D'Amour to settle Judgment against the City of
Wichita as garnishee." On March 5, 1873, it resolved "that the
salaries of all City officers be allowed for the month of February
A D 1873 with the exception of Geo D'Amour," and that "the
matter in regard to Geo D'Amour . . . [be] refered to Com-
mittee on Jail & Police." 4

The Wichita City Eagle, March 27, 1873, reported: "Our city
marshal, Mike Meagher, returned last week from a fruitless pur-
suit of the absconding and multifarious officer, George D'Amour."
Unfortunately no information has been found which would indi-
cate the cause of George D' Amour's leaving Wichita.

Two years later the Eagle, February 25, 1875, reported the end
of the one-time Wichita peace officer:

Geo. DeAmour, sometimes called George Moore, here, formerly deputy
marshal under Mike Meagher, and deputy sheriff under Johnny Meagher,
was shot and killed in a saloon at Oro City, Colorado territory, on the 7th
inst., by one John Murphy. It seems Murphy charged George with having


stolen three hundred dollars from him while they were drunk together.
After getting duly sober, Murphy walked into a saloon where DeAmour was
engaged at a game of cards, drew a revolver and shot a ball through his right
temple, which from the proximity and force of the discharge, went clear
through, and out at the back of his head. DeAmour only lived a few moments.
Murphy slid away on snow shoes.

Geo. DeAmour was a member of the masonic lodge of this city, to whom
the following letter in confirmation of the killing has been sent, and which
the secretary has permitted us to copy:

ORO CITY, COL., Feb. 14th, 1875.

SECRETARY, Masonic Lodge, Wichita, Kan.

DEAR SIR: Mr. Geo. DeAmour, a member of your lodge, was shot and
killed here on the 7th inst. Please inform me of his place of birth, as I
want to inform his friends. If you wish I will send you particulars of his
death. Yours Fraternally,


1. "Proceedings of the Governing Body," Records of the City of Wichita, Journal
A, p. 115. 2. Wichita City Eagle, April 12, 1872. 3. "Proceedings of the Governing
Body," Records of the City of Wichita, Journal A, p. 182. 4. Ibid., pp. 245, 272, 273.


Ben Daniels was appointed assistant marshal of Dodge City
on April 8, 1885, to serve under Marshal William M. Tilghman. 1
Daniels' salary was $100 per month while that of the marshal
was $125. 2 Assistant Marshal Daniels served until April 10, 1886. 3

Five days after a change in the city administration had relieved
Daniels from the force he shot and killed Ed Julian. The Globe
Live Stock Journal, April 20, 1886, carried the story:

On last Thursday evening at about six o'clock, a shooting scrape took
place on the south side of the railroad on the sidewalk in front of Utterback's
hardware store, two doors west of Ed. Julian's restaurant, the latter gentleman
being the victim in the affray; and his antagonist, ex-assistant city marshal
Ben Daniels. Four shots were fired, all by Daniels, all of which took effect
on Julian. While Julian was found to be armed, he however, did not get to
fire a shot; there is much diversity of opinion in the matter, some claiming
it to have been a deliberate murder, while others assert it to have been
justifiable. The evidence taken at the preliminary trial does not fully sustain
either. It was a well known fact that these parties had been bitter enemies
to each other for a long time, and both had made threats against each other,
which fact was not only elicited at the preliminary, but was known to many
of our people long before the shooting took place. Ben Daniels, at the pre-
liminary before Justice Harvey McGarry, was placed under a $10,000 bond
for his appearance at the next term of court.


The remains of Ed. Julian were taken in charge by the members of Lewis
Post, G. A. R., of this place, who gave them a very respectable burial with
appropriate ceremonies. This was a very unfortunate occurrence for this place,
and that too at a time when everything appeared to be moving along so
harmoniously and quietly. But it appears that no one could have prevented
this tragedy, not even our officers, no matter how vigilant they might have
been; the bitterness which existed between them was almost certain to bring
them together sooner or later, and as many predicted, that one or the other,
or perhaps both would be mortally wounded, if not killed outright.

In January, 1889, Daniels, Tilghman, Fred Singer, Neil Brown,
James Masterson, and others were involved in the Gray county seat
war. On January 12, while attempting to take the county records
from Cimarron to Ingalls, they were fired upon by local citizens.
In the resulting battle one man was killed and several wounded.
For a full account see the section on Tilghman.

1. The Globe Live Stock Journal, AprU 14, 1885. 2. Ibid., June 9, July 21, August
11, September 15, October 13, November 10, December 15, 1885, January 12, February
9, March 9, April 13, 1886. 3. Ibid., April 13, 1886.

(To Be Continued in the Autumn, I960, Issue.)

Recent Additions to the Library

Compiled by ALBERTA PANTLE, Librarian

IN ORDER that members of the Kansas State Historical Society
and others interested in historical study may know the class of
books the Society's library is receiving, a list is printed annually of
the books accessioned in its specialized fields.

These books come from three sources, purchase, gift, and ex-
change, and fall into the following classes: Books by Kansans and
about Kansas; books on American Indians and the West, including
explorations, overland journeys, and personal narratives; genealogy
and local history; and books on United States history, biography,
and allied subjects which are classified as general. The out-of -state
city directories received by the Historical Society are not included
in this compilation.

The library also receives regularly the publications of many his-
torical societies by exchange, and subscribes to other historical and
genealogical publications which are needed in reference work.

The following is a partial list of books which were received from
October 1, 1958, through September 30, 1959. Federal and state
official publications and some books of a general nature are not in-
cluded. The total number of books accessioned appears in the re-
port of the Society's secretary printed in the Spring, 1960, issue of
The Kansas Historical Quarterly.


cade, Centennial Program . . . N. p. [Commission], n. d. 32p.

AMRINE, MICHAEL, The Great Decision; the Secret History of the Atomic Bomb.
New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons [c!959]. 251p.

ANDERSON, ALGOT E., 56 Graded Problems in Elementary Sheet Metalwork.
Bloomington, 111., McKnight & McKnight Publishing Company [c!959].

ARGONIA, METHODIST CHURCH, Celebrating Our Diamond Anniversary. N. p.
[1959?]. Unpaged.

SO, 1888. [Boston, Geo. H. Ellis] n. d. 58p.

BECKER, CARL LOTUS, Detachment and the Writing of History; Essays and
Letters . . . Edited by Phil L. Snyder. Ithaca, N. Y., Cornell Univer-
sity Press [c!958]. 240p.

BONDURANT, JOAN VALERIE, Conquest of Violence; the Gandhian Philosophy of
Conflict. Princeton, N. J., Princeton University Press, 1958. 269p.

BONNER, THOMAS NEVILLE, Kansas Doctor, a Century of Pioneering. Lawrence,
University of Kansas Press, 1959. 334p.



BOYS, SAMUEL EVAN, My Boyhood in the Flint Hitts of Kansas, 1873-1898.
N. p. [1958]. 61p.

BREIHAN, CARL W., Quantrill and His Civil War Guerrillas. Denver, Sage
Books [c!959]. 174p.

BROWN, ALBERTA Z., Seven Teen Years. St. Louis, Bethany Press, 1954. 95p.

, Teens to 21. St. Louis, Bethany Press [c!957]. 95p.

BROWN, ROBERT R., The Miracle of the Cross; the Story of the Centurion.
[Westwood, N. J.] Fleming H. Revell Company [c!954]. 124p.

BURT, CHARLES E., The Story of the Mexican Jumping Bean. Topeka, Quivira
Booklets, 1952. [7]p.

, and WALTER D. LANDRY, My Baby Turtle; the Biology and Care of

the Young Terrapins of the United States. Topeka, Quivira Booklets,
c!954. 8p.

BUSTER, GREENE B., Brighter Sun, an Historical Account of the Struggles of a
Man To Free Himself and His Family From Human Bondage. New York,
Pageant Press [c!954]. 282p.

CALKINS, THOMAS V., Life in Many Facets, a Collection of Verse. New York,
Exposition Press [c!958]. 117p.

CASSLER, G. WINSTON, Organ Music for the Church fear. Minneapolis, Augs-
burg Publishing House [c!959]. 80p.

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Homer Croy. New York, Pageant Book Company, 1956. 542p.

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Cross Reference Directory, Greater Topeka, June, 1959. Independence, Kan.,
City Publishing Company, c!959. Unpaged.

GROWL, RUTH, Color Book for Polly-Dell Textile Painting Stencils. N. p.,
c!955. 56p.

CROWLEY, PATRICK, Carry Nation; in Her Attempt to Expel Law-Breakers She
Became a Law-Breaker. Ilfracombe, Arthur H. Stockwell, n. d. [16]p.

GULP, JOHN H., Born of the Sun. New York, William Sloane Associates, 1959.

WICHITA, Bible Records, 1770-1955. N. p., 1959. Typed. 23p.

, FLORES DEL SOL CHAPTER, WICHITA, Tombstone Inscriptions From

Jamesburg Park Cemetery . . . Delano Township, Sedgwick County,
Kansas. Wichita, 1959. Mimeographed. 17p.


1959? Typed. 69p.



, KANSAS SOCIETY, Proceedings of the Sixty-First Annual State Con-
ference, February 16, 17, 18, 1959, Arkansas City, Kansas. No impr.

, Lois WARNER CHAPTER, JUNCTION CITY, Vital Records of the First

Presbyterian Church of Junction City, Kansas, 1868-1910 . . . Meth-
odist Church of Junction City, Kansas, 1865-1910 . . . German Meth-
odist Church, 1885-1910. N. p., 1958. Typed. [165]p.



Attica Cemetery, Located Goddard, Kansas, Compiled by Ruby Pruitt
White. N.p., 1958. Typed. [31]p.


inson-Haskell-Waite-Cochrane Families. No impr. Typed. [24] p.


Bourbon County, Kansas Territory; October, 1855-January, 1861 in Bour-
bon County Court House . . . Copied by Mrs. J. R. Prichard. N. p.,
1959. Typed. 40p.

, SHAWNEE CHAPTER, MISSION, Osborn Family. No impr. [17]p.


ords; Bible Records. N. p., 1959. Typed. Various paging.

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Manhattan, Kansas. N. p., 1955. Mimeographed. 81p.

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[c!958]. 230p.

comps., Directory of Health Resources . . . for Residents of Douglas
County, Kansas. Lawrence, Compilers, 1958. 98p.

DYNES, IVAH MERWIN, Merry Fiddle; Happy Memories of a Kansas Girlhood
in the Nineties. New York, Exposition Press [c!959]. 88p.

EDMONDSON, PAUL, The Little Revolution. New York, McGraw-Hill [c!959].

EKSTEIN, RUDOLPH, and ROBERT S. WALLERSTEIN, The Teaching and Learning
of Psychotherapy. New York, Basic Books [c!958]. 334p.

FOLSE, JEAN DEMASTERS, Initiation of Mail Distribution and Communica-
tions in Eastern Kansas: 1828-1870. A Thesis Submitted in Partial Ful-
fillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Science, Department
of History, Government, and Philosophy, Kansas State University of Agri-
culture and Applied Science. Manhattan, 1959. Typed. 65p.

Fort Lamed Centennial Celebration, 1859-1959 . . . N.p., Fort Larned
Centennial Committee, 1959? [62]p.

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Library Science, Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia in Partial
Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Science. N. p.,
1959. Typed. 70p.

[GALLOWAY, NANCY (VEALE)], Resume of the Lives of Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Ward Tinkham. N. p. [1949]. 14p.

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the Text of Two for the Seesaw. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1959. 273p.

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York, Ronald Press Company [c!959]. 2 Vols.
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a Study of Methods for Selecting Residents. New York, Basic Books [c!958].

2 Vols.
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Methodist Church. Holton [Holton Recorder], 1959. 32p.
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sacre and Other Indian Raids in Mitchell County and the Solomon Valley

in August, 1868. Beloit, Beloit Daily Call, 1958. 17p.
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THAYER, LEE O., and GEORGE E. HARRIS, Sales and Engineering Representa-

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