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Bypaths of Kansas History


From the Washington Weekly Republican, July 18, 1873.

A beautiful little story comes to us from down the Kansas Pacific. Out on
the plains, about two hundred miles from Denver [near the Kansas-Colorado
border], is a vertical bluff seventy-five feet high. A party of hunters recently
stampeded a herd of buffaloes right to the brink of the precipice. The fore-
most brutes, appreciating their critical situation attempted to avert the calamity,
but the frightened hundreds behind crowded forward with characteristic
persistency. The front rank, with legs stretched toward each cardinal point
of the compass, bellowed in concert and descended to their fate. Before the
pressure from behind could be stopped, the next rank followed, imitating the
gestures and the bellowing of the first. For thirty seconds it rained buffaloes
and the white sand at the foot of that bluff was incarnadine with the life-blood
of wild meat, and not until the tails of fifty or seventy-five of the herd had
waved adieu to this wicked world did the movement cease. Denver News-


From the Holton Recorder 6- Express, November 4, 1875.

BREAD AND MILK SOCIAL. The ladies of the M. E. Church will hold their
social Friday evening next, at Walker's Hall. Bread and milk and cake and
coffee will be served for refreshments.


From The Commonwealth, Topeka, July 27, 1876.

The Kirwin Chief tells how a couple from Nebraska came to Kirwin to get
married. The preacher told them he could not go ahead without a license
from the Probate Judge who lives at Logan. The bride "lit out" for Logan
Saturday evening and was back by Sunday morning having traveled sixty miles.


From the Greensburg Rustler, April 15, 1886.

There was a little sensation at the billiard hall a few evenings ago. A
husband, who had gone out to meet the boys at the club room, stayed too
long; the wife went out in search of her truant, but could not get admission.
Mild and persuasive language failed to get him out, so the wife had to resort
to the same method the farmer did to get the boy out of the apple tree. A
few stones found their way through the window, causing the "hubby" to
come out and go where all good husbands go to the bosom of his family.


Kansas History as Published in the Press

Several letters written by S. G. Grain to his family during the
opening of the Cherokee strip in 1893 in which he participated, with
an introduction and notes by Hilda Billman, were printed in the
Caldwell Messenger, August 20, September 7, 14, 1959.

Among brief histories of Kansas churches published recently
were: Mt. Orum Baptist church, near Redfield, Fort Scott Tribune,
October 7, 1959; Alert Evangelical Covenant church, near Leonard-
ville, Clay Center Dispatch, October 15; First Presbyterian church,
Fort Scott, Fort Scott Tribune, October 30; Preston Methodist
church, Pratt Tribune, December 3; Halstead Presbyterian church,
Halstead Independent, January 15, 22, 1960; and St. Agnes church,
Grainfield, Grainfield Cap Sheaf, January 15.

History associated with the Little Town well, on the site of pres-
ent Oswego, was discussed by Wayne A. O'Connell in an article
appearing in the Oswego Democrat and the Oswego Independent,
October 16, 1959. Recently the well curbing was restored, and a
bronze tablet, giving a brief history of the spot, has been erected.

Biographical sketches of two senior citizens of Winfield, by
Maudine Banks, recently appeared in the Winfield Daily Courier:
Mrs. Charles Parks in the issue of November 9, 1959, and Mrs. Lottie
Abbott, December 1.

The life of 90-year-old Percy L. Miller was reviewed in Elizabeth
Barnes' column, "Historic Johnson County/' in the Johnson County
Herald, Overland Park, December 10, 1959.

In December, 1869, Joseph Douglass platted the Butler county
town that bears his name, according to a brief history of Douglass
by Gladys Sherar, in the Douglass Tribune, December 16, 1959.
The reminiscences of Mrs. Hattie Nash Adamson, pioneer Douglass
resident, were published in the Tribune, March 9, 16, 23, 1960.

Mrs. Kate Marshall's reminiscences of life in early Thomas county
appeared in the Colby Free Press-Tribune, December 24, 1959. On
February 25, 1960, the Free Press-Tribune began publication of a
series of reminiscences by early settlers of the Colby area, including:
George H. Kinkel, Mrs. A. J. Allen, John Hubbard, and Mrs. Anna
See Kiefer.



Historical articles in recent issues of the Hays Daily News in-
cluded: "Pioneer Justice Administered in Old Stone Barn at Ellis,"
by Kittie Dale, January 3, 1960; "Buffalo Hunting Relieved Monot-
ony for Hardy Pioneers in Old Hays City," January 10; "Baptist
Minister [Rev. A. L. King] and Family Led Tennessee Colonists
Here," and "Early Ellis County Settlers Included Not Two, but 26,
Separate Colonies," January 24; "Legislator [W. N. Morphy] Foiled
[Gen. Philip] Sheridan Attempt to Make Fort Hays Permanent
Post," by Mollie Madden, February 14; "Hays Mapped College in
'80s but Plans Just Disappeared," February 21; and "March of Time
Changes All but Church and Unser Leute [in Hersog]," by Mollie
Madden, March 27.

Historical articles in recent issues of the Jetmore Republican in-
cluded: biographical information by Mrs. Annie Mooney on the
family of her pioneer grandfather, Daniel Gleason, January 28, 1960;
impressions of pioneer life in Hodgeman county as experienced by
Jessie Ruff as a child, February 11; "A History of Mould Family,"
by Dan C. Mould, February 25; and the story of the settlement of
Kidderville, in present Hodgeman county, by the late Sam H. Pitts,
March 10.

Recent historical articles in the Independence Daily Reporter
included: "Montgomery County Carved Out of Indian Land in
1869," by Wilma Schweitzer, January 31, 1960; and "Oak Valley

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