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erased of the field, for Richardson of Gloucester.
This coat of arms is on the mural monument to John Bax, Esq.,
of this town (Faversham), who died 30 March 1832, aged 86 years,
and also to the memory of his wife Jane, who died 11 November
1829, aged GQ years.

11. Arms. — A bend engrailed between six roundels, on a chief three

cinquefoils. Crest. — A demi-lion rampant, for Bax (?).
This coat is cut on a slab to the memory of Stephen Bax, Esq.,
who died 8 December 1758, aged 69 years.

Which is the correct coat of arms of the Bax family ?

12. Arms. — Ermine, on a pile a leopard's head jessant-de-lis.

This coat occurs on a slab to the memory of Abraham Terry,
Gent., only child of Mr. Isaac Terry of this town (Eaversham) by
Ann his wife. He died 29 March 1729, aged 59 years. The slab
commemorates too, Elizabeth, late wife of the above Abraham
Terry, who died 5 January 1708, aged 24 years ; and also Mary,
second wife of Abraham Terry, who died 2 February 1734, aged
45 years, leaving issue: Elizabeth, Abraham, Isaac, and James.

Mrs. Ann Terry, widow of Isaac Terry (three times Mayor of
Eaversham), gave in 1722 two silver chalices for the use of the
Coramunion table.


13. Arms. — Quarterly: 1, Three broad arrows iu pale, 2 and 1 ; 2,

A chevron embattled ; 3, Three lions' heads erased ; 4, On a

chevron three talbots passant ; over all, on fess point, a

crescent for difference ; impaling, A chevron engrailed between

three griffins passant, for Finch o£ Glrovehurst (?). Crest.

— A dexter arm embowed in armour, bound round the wrist

with a scarf, and holding in the hand, in bend sinister, an

arrow ; a crescent for difference.

This coat of arms appears on a brass to the memory of Edward

Hales, Gent., twice Mayor of Faversham, and Captain of the Select

Band, only son of Edward Hales of Chilham iu Kent, Gent., by

Martha, sister of Sir Charles Hales, Kt. Edward Hales married

Bennet daughter of Clement Finch of Grovehurst in the same

county, Gent., by whom he had five sons and seven daughters, and

died 10 January 1634, aged about 52 years, " and wedded about


14. Arms. — On a mount a squirrel sejeant, holding in its forepaws

a branch of ... . Crest. — A griffin passant, for Napleton.
This coat is on a slab to the memory of Thomas Napleton,
Armiger, who died 6 February 1721, aged 61 years. By his will
dated 2 February 172 L he gave to the Mayor, Jurats, and Com-
monalty of Faversham, all his lands and tenements in Faversham
and Heme Hill, in trust that they found a hospital for six old men,
and provide them with £5 a year, and every two years a new coat.

15. Napleton Arms and Crest.

This coat is on a mural monument to Thomas Napleton of
Faversham, of the family of Napleton of Graveney, who died 1679,
aged 46 years.

Below this coat and inscription occurs another coat on the same
monument, viz. : —

16. Arms. — Napleton ; impaling, A lion passant between two

cotises, for Knowler (?).
Below this coat is an inscription, which, so far as I could make
out, seemed to be : —

" In tarn (?) chari conjugis .... monument ....
Hoc posuit Elizabetha uxor Johannis
Knowlee de Hearne de Stroode in Agro
Cant. Gen' filia unica."

17. Arms. — Paly of six, argent and gules, over all three crescents

sable. Crest. — A demi-lion rampant (?), for Waterman.

This coat of arms occurs on four slabs and a mural monument
of the Waterman family. The following persons are commemorated,
viz. : —

Edward Waterman, M.A., Vicar of HoUingborne, and Curate of
Leeds and Bromfield in the county of Kent, died May 1725 (?),
aged 67 years.


Francis Waterman, Gent., Service-Master, and Captain of tlie
Select Trained Band of this town.

Thomas Waterman, late of Faversham, Gent., died 27 September
1706, aged 54 (?) years.

Sarah wife of Francis Waterman, daughter of Eobert Knowler
of Faversham, G-ent.

Mrs. Anne Waterman, Gentlewoman of Faversham, died 13
December 1727, aged 67 years. She was the daughter of Francis
and Sarah Waterman ; the former died 7 November 1707, aged
79 years, and the latter (daughter of Eobert Knowler of Faversham)
died 28 April 1694, aged 61 years.

Francis and Sarah Waterman had seven sons and daughters ;
four died in infancy, and were buried in the chancel of Faversham
Church. Of the other three children : Thomas Waterman of Favers-
ham, Gent., died 27 September 1706, in the 54th year of his age ;
Eev. Edward Waterman, A.M., Vicar of Hollingbourne, etc.,
died 5 May 1725, aged 67 years ; and the above Mrs. Anne Waterman,

18. Arms. — On a fess between three birds (crows ?) as many fleur-

de-lis, for Stage ; impaling. Ermine, on a chief three battle-
axes erect, for Shepherd. Crest. — A cubit arm erect,
habited and cuffed, holding in the hand a fleur-de-lis.
This coat occurs on a slab to the memory of Eichard Stace of
Faversliam, Gent., who died 6 February 1711, aged 49 years. Also
to Ann his wife, who died 13 December 1735, aged 68 years.

Eichard Stace was Town Clerk of Faversham from 1696 — 1711.

19. Arms. — Teert ; impaling, a chevron between three covered

cups, for Spillet.
This coat occurs on a slab to the memory of Isaac Terry, Gent.,
three times Mayor of Faversham, who died 16 December 1719, aged
64 years. The same slab commemorates his wife Anne the daughter
of Mr. Edward Spillet, Gent., once Mayor of Faversham. She died
24 February 1729, aged 70 years. From the same slab we learn
that Edward Spillet and Elizabeth his wife and William their sou
" near this stone lieth interred."

20. Arms. — Three horses' heads couped. Crest. — A griffin's head

This coat is on a slab to the memory of Eichard Eeynolds,
Citizen and Salter of London, who died 16 September 1661, aged
nearly 63.

21 and 22. Palimpsest brass shiehls. (21). Arms. — Three lions
passant-guardant in pale, dimidiating three hulls of ships in
pale, for Cinque Ports.
On the other side certain marks go to shew that this shield has

been cut from some brass figure.

(22) The Cinque Ports' arms on one side. On the other :
Quarterly : 1 and 4, Quarterly, per fess indented (for Chap-
man ?) ; 2 and 3, Quarterly, a bend.


23. Arms. — Gules, three lions passant-guardant in pale or, dimidiat-

ing azure, three hulks of galleys or, for Cinque Ports.

24. Arms. — Gules, a fess wavy between three estoiles all or, for

EvERARD (?) ; impaling, vert (?),on a bend or, three crosses

patees-fitchees of the field, for ....
This coat of arms is on a mural monument to the memory of
Stephen Everard of Faversham, M.D., who died 17 January 1738,
aged 76, to Mary Everard, relict of Stephen Everard, died 19 De-
cember 1757, aged 76, and to Mary daughter of James Lawson and
Thomasin his wife, and niece of the above Stephen and Mary
Everard, died 26 February 1741, aged 8 months.

25. Arms. — Gules, a fess between three hawks close or. Crest. —

An arm embowed in armour, the hand holding a battle-axe

in bend, for Halke.
The coat occurs on the mural monument to Mary, wife of Eev.
Eichard Halke, Vicar of Faversham, who died 23 (?) December
1800, aged 43 years. The same monument is also to the memory of
Susannah Halke, widow, mother of the above Eichard Halke, who
died 1 April 1709, aged 78 years. Also to three sons and two
daughters of the said Eichard Halke and Mary his wife, viz. :
Eichard, who died 8 October 1776, aged 1 year, and was buried at
Ospriuge ; Mary, who died 8 March 1788, aged 5 years ; Susannah,
who died 1 November 1792, aged 11 years ; Edward, who died at
Clarendon in Jamaica 1 June 1794, aged IS years ; and Charles,
who died 8 August 1804, aged 20 years. Also to the above-named
Eichard Halke, 36 years Vicar of this Parish (Faversham), and
late Eector of Badlesmere with Leaveland in this County, who died
13 December 1813, aged 70 years. Also to Frances wife of Eev.
James Halke, Vicar of Selling, and surviving son of the above
Eichard and Mary Halke ; she died 18 May 1813, aged 23 years.

26. Arms. — Gules, two bendlets vaire. Ci'est. — An ostrich, ducally

gorged, wings expanded, argent, holding in its bill a horse-
shoe azure, for Fagg.

27. Arms. — Fagg ; impaling. Argent, a chevron between three

griffins sable, for Finch.

28. Arms. — Fagg ; impaling, Gules, six cross-crosslets fitchee or

in pile, 3, 2, and 1, for Theobald of Seal.

29. Arms. — A plain coat; impaling Fagg.

30. Arms — Azure, three otters in pale or, each holding in its

mouth a fish argent, for Proud ; impaling Fagg.
These coats of arms (Nos. 26 — 30) occur on an altar-tomb to
the memory of Edward Fagg, Armiger, who married Anne Theobald,
relict of Thomas Nevinson of Estry, Armiger; to them was born one
son, Michael, and two daughters, Mary and Anne. Edward Fagg
lived a widower from 1594 to 1618, when he died in his 58th year.


Ann Theobald was tlie daughter of Richard Theobald of Seal in the
county of Kent. The above Michael Fagg went on a military
expedition to the United Provinces in search of glory, but found an
untimely death, and lies buried in a country beyond the sea.

31. Ai'uis. — Gules, a tower argent within an orle of eight crosslets

or, for Caslocke.

32. Arms. — Quarterly : 1 and 4, Caslocke ; 2 and 3, Or, a bull's

head caboshed between three mullets of five points all sable,
for Hetward or Haward of Sheppet.

33. Arms. — Quarterly of six : 1 and 6, Hetwaed or Hawakd of

Sheppey ; 2, Grules, three garbs within abordure engrailed or,

for Kemp ; 3, Argent, three crescents gules ; 4, Argent, two

chevronels sable ; 5, Sable, three cinquefoils or.

These three preceding coats occur on a mural monument to the

memory of John Caslocke, Esq., late Jurat, twice Mayor, and

Captain of the Select Band of Faversham. He married Bennet, one

of the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Cole of Faversham, Grent.,

and had by her three sons and four daughters. He married

secondly Alice, one of the daughters and coheirs of Samuel Haward

of the Isle of Harty, Grent., and died 22 September 1651, in his

77th year.

About the year 1500 William Caslocke was induced by his
brother John, the last Abbot of the Monastery of St. Saviour at
Faversham, to take up his abode in this town. William and his
descendants to the third generation, besides filling other important
oiEces, were Jurats, and two of them were twice elected Mayor of

34. Arms. — Per pale, a lion rampant supporting a tree in pale

eradicated, for Winston.
This coat is on a mural monument to the memory of G-yles
Winston, the only child of Philip Winston of Williugton's Court
in CO. Gloucester, and of Joane his wife. He died 4 June 1659,
aged 8 years.

35. Arms. — Ermine, three bezants, for Smith ; impaling, argent,

a lion rampant gules, on a chief sable three fleur-de-lis or.

Crest. — A plume of five ostrich feathers argent enfiled with

an annulet or.
This coat of arms occurs on a mural monument to John Smith,
Esq., of Throwley, who died 1 May 1810, aged 35 years ; and to
Ann his wife, who died 31 January 1829, aged 54 years.

36. Arms. — Azure, on a bend cotised argent, three martlets gules,

for Southouse ; impaling, sable, three bars argent and in
chief as many mullets or. Crest. — Out of a ducal coronet a
talbot's head argent.
This coat of arms occurs on a mural monument to Thomas
Southouse of Selling (Historian of Faversham ?) .


The arms of Southouse also occur on a mural monument to
Henry Southouse of Faversham, who died 9 October 1766, ai^ed

37. Arms. — Argent, on a bend engrailed between two bendlets sable,

a crescent or, for Whitfield ; impaling. Argent, two bars
sable, and a canton or. Crest. — Out of an earl's coronet a
bull's (?) head or, collared gules (?) Motto. — " Fides est
gloria mea."

This coat of arms is on a mural monument to Josiah Whitfield
of Faversham, who died 4 May 1746, aged 44 years. Also to Lucy
wife of Josiah Whitfield, who died 31 Januaiy 1775, aged 74 years.
Hadarezer their grandson died 15 April 1787, aged 30 years. The
monument also commemorates Lucy AV^hite, who died 16 January
1794, aged 51 years, and Sarah Whitfield of JN^ew Komney (mother
of Hadarezer mitfield), who died 26 May 1818, aged 86 years.
John Whitfield caused the momumeut to be erected.

38. Arms. — A fess, over all, on a mount, an oak tree fructed, for

Watson. Crest. — An arm embowed habited, the hand grasp-
ing a broken arrow.

This shield occurs on a slab to the memory of Mary Watson,
daughter of John A¥atson, hoyman, of Faversham, and Eliza-
beth his wife ; she died 3 September 1721, aged 6 years and
6 months.

39. Arms. — Yert, a griffin segreant or, on a canton gules a fleur-de-

lis of the second, for Cullen.

This coat occurs on a mural monument put up by John Gillow
in A.D. 1679 to the memory of Mark CuUen, Jurat of Faversham.
The Cullen Arms also occur on a slab to Mark Cullen, Jurat and
some time Mayor of Faversham, who died 2 November 1678, in
his 56th year. He married Elizabeth eldest daughter of John
Knowler, Jurat and thrice Mayor of Faversham, and had issue
John, Mary Abigail, Elizabeth, Anne, Susanna, Mark, and Sarah.
His wife died 6 August 1697, aged 70 years.

40. Arms. — Barruly, on a canton an orle.

41. Arms. — Paly, a mascle voided and flory.

These coats of arms occur on the brass of Henry Pay, Armiger,
who died in 1419. Henry Pay, or rather Harry Pay as he was
called, appears, from Mr. Burrows's account of the Cinque Ports
(Historic Town Series), to have been a great naval hero in the time
of Henry IV. We are told he assisted in the capture of a French
squadron off Milford Haven, and in 1407 at the head of the Cinque
Ports Fleet, he succeeded in making an immense capture, no less
than 120 ships laden with iron, salt, and wine. He was buried iu
Faversham in 1419.


42. Arms. — On a fess between three griffins' heads erased as many

mullets. Crest. — A dragon.

This coat is on a brass to Zutphania Wood, late wife of John
Wood the younger of Faversham, Gent., and daughter to the Right
Worshipful Sir Christopher Clyve, Knight, buried at Zutphen in
Gelderland, and died in childbed the 26 October 1635, aged 19 years,
leaving one daughter called Zutphania.

43. Arms. — A chevron between thi-ee farm-yard cocks, for Cobb.

Crest. — Out of a ducal coronet a demi leopard.

This coat is on a slab to the memory of Henry Cobb of Favers-
ham, who died 5 February 1772, aged 61, leaving issue by Mary his
first wife, Elizabeth, and by Elizabeth his second wife, Sarah,
Henry, and John. The slab also commemorates Sarah daughter of
the above Henry Cobb, who died 12 May 1785, aged 23 years.

44. Arms. — On a fess between three pelicans as many roundels.

Crest. — A sinister arm embowed in armour holding a . . . .

This coat is on a slab to the memory of Mary Power, wife of
John Power of Eaversham, and daughter of James and Elizabeth
Pearce, Gent., of Bristol. She had two sons John and James, who
died in their infancy. She died 5 November 1676, and in her 50th
year. The slab is also to the memory of John Power of Eaversham,
who died 3 May 1680, aged 49 years, who had last to wife Ann,
daughter of William Buckle, of London, Gent.

A certain Pearce Power, Esq., married Elizabeth Boyle, sister
of the first Earl of Cork.

45. Arms. — Quarterly : 1 and 4, A lion passant-guardant crowned

between two cotises, for Knowlee (?) ; 2 and 3, Caslocke ;
In pretence, a lion rampant, on a chief three escallops.

This coat of arms is on a slab to John Knowler, Esq., Recorder
of Canterbury and of the Corporation of Eaversham. He was
Town Clerk of Eaversham from 1655 to 1664. He died 7 July
1763, aged 69 years. He married a daughter of John Russell,
Gent., of Hawkhurst in co. Kent, by whom he had two daughters
Ann and Mary.

46. Arms. — A fess dancettee between three cherubs. Crest. — On a

mount a hart lodged.

This shield in brass is affixed to a slab to the memory of Nicholas
Ady of Eaversham, Gent., who died 27 July 1637, aged 63 years,
and had issue, by Jane his first wife four daughters, and by Alice
his second wife one son.

47. Arms. — Cinque Ports.

48. Arms. — Barry nebule of six, ou a chief quarterly : 1 and 4,

A lion of England ; 2 and 3, Two roses fesswise for Merchant



49. Badge. — A dolphin embowed and this merchant's

mark : —
These arms, badge, and mark (47, 48, and 49),
occur on the brass of Henry Hatch, who died in 1533.
Mr. Hatch was a benefactor to the church and town,
and lived in a house in the market-place facing down Court Street,
The brass also commemorated Sir Henry Amcotts, L.M. of London,
Master of the Fishmongers' Company.

50. Arms. — Azure, four fusils in fess argent.

51. Arms. — Per pale gules and azure, a griffin segreant argent, on a

chief ermine three lozenges azure.
These two coats (50 and 51) are in a window to the memory of
AVilliam Chafy, Yicar of Faversham 1778 to 1780.

52. Arms. — Argent, a saltire gules between in chief three garbs,

in the flanks two mullets, and in base a boar's head, all

sable (?), for ; impaling, Gules (?), on a bend argent

three crosses patee fitchee of the field.

This coat of arms occurs on a mural monument to Thomasin

wife of James Lawson, Grent., and niece of Stephen and Mary

Everard, who died 23 December 1781, aged 79 years.

53. Arms. — On a fess between three eaglets displayed, as many

crescents. Crest. — A demi eagle displayed, for Tassell.
This coat of arms occurs on a slab to the memory of Arthur
Tassell, late of Hamestall in the parish of Faversham, eldest son of
James Tassell of Norton in the co. of Kent, Gent., who died 2
November 1717, in his 45th year. Also to Eichard Tassell, son of
Arthur Tassell, by Mary his wife, died 2 December 1707, aged
2 years and 2 months. Also to Edward Plott Eigden, who died
17 April 1776 aged 31 years.

54. Arms. — Or, on a canton gules, an eagle displayed of the field,

for Jacob. On a shield of pretence, Azure (?), a lion

rampant within an orle of crosslets.
This coat occurs on a mural monument to the memory of Edward
Jacob, Esq., F.S.A., a native of Canterbury, who died 26 November
(?), aged 75 years. By his first wife Margaret daughter of
John Eigden of Canterbury, Esq., he had no issue ; by his second
wife Mary only daughter of Stephen Long of Sandwich, Esq., he
had eleven childi'en, six died in infancy and five survived him, viz.,
Edward, Stephen Long, John, Anne (married to Thomas Bridges
of St. Nicholas's in Thanet, Esq.), and Mary. Mary the second
wife of Edward Jacob died 7 March 1805, aged 80 years.

55. Arms. — Jacob, with shield of pretence as in No. 54.

This is on a mural monument to Edward Jacob, Esq., eldest son
of Edward Jacob, F.S.A., of Faversham, died 27 January 1839, in
his 83rd year, and was buried at Ospringe.


56. Arms. — Argent, a chevron between three horses' heads erased

gules, for Beckwith (?). Crest. — An antilope trippant, in his

mouth a branch of ... . Motto. — " Joir en bien."

This coat occurs on a mural monument to the memory of

Edward Beckwith, Esq., of the family of Beckwith in the county of

York, Collector of his Majesty's Customs in Faversham 40 years,

resigning in 1763, and died 31 October 1763.

The same coat of arms occurs on a mural monument to Mary
wife of Edward Beckwith, Collector of his Majesty's Customs ;
who died 4 February 1740-1, in her 41st year.

57. Arms. — Or, a lion rampant, and in chief two others passant

azure, for Tappenden ; impaling Beckwith. Crest. — A

demi-eagle's head couped and collared, wings adorsed (?).

This coat of arms occurs on a mural monument to the memory

of Mary Frances daughter of Edward Beckwith, Esq., and wife

of James Tappenden, Gent., who died 14 September 1771, in her

27th year.

58. Arms. — Argent, on a chevron sable between three elephants'

heads erased gules, as many mullets of the field (?) ; impaling,

Sable, a chevron between three talbots passant or (?).

Crest. — A dove holding in its mouth an olive branch.

This coat of arms is on a mural monument to Martha wife

of George Smith of Faversham, Gent., and daughter of Roger

Keigwin, late of Deptford in county Kent, Gent., and Martha his

wife. She died 30 May 1779, aged 56 years, leaving oue daughter,

married to Rev. A. Stephens, Rector of Goodnestone. George

Smith the above died 6 February 1791, aged 69 years.

59. Arms. — Argent, on a bend azure cotised wavy sable, three

mullets of the field.

This coat of arms occurs on two mural monuments and possibly
a third, on this last the shield is illegible, the crest appears to be an
arm embowed holding a club (?).

The persons commemorated by these monuments are : —

Thomas Buck, Gent., of Faversham, Town Clerk for 40 years,
who died 10 February 1779, in his 70th year.

Elizabeth first wife of Thomas Buck, who died 14 May 1751,
aged 37 years.

Susannah second wife of Thomas Buck, who died 2 July 1761,
aged 44 years.

Effield third wife of the above Thomas Buck, who died 10 May
1795, aged 76 years.

Thomas Buck, Esq., Barrister, son of Thomas and Susannah
Buck, who died 26 January 1801, aged 39 years.

Susannah Buck and her twin sister Martha Buck. Susannah
died 13 February 1823, aged 71 years. Martha, the last surviving
child of Thomas Buck, Gent., died 21 March 1831, aged 80 years.

Mary wife of John Toker, Esq., of The Oaks, Ospringe, died
3 March 1814. John Toker died 9 August 1817.


60. Arms. — An eagle displayed, with two heads, in middle chief

a mullet, for John Botyille (?)

This coat occurs on a slab to John de Boyville, Esq., who died
11 August 1730, aged -IS years.

61. Arms. — Barry of six or and azure, in chief three escallops gules.

Crest. — An escallop gules.

This coat is on a mural monument to Richard Hazard, Esq.,
F.R.S., who died 21 September 1784, aged 75 years. Mary Hazard
his sister died 9 June 1727, aged 10 years.

62. The coat is illegible, but the crest is a lion's jamb erased fesswise,

holding erect a fleur-de-lis.

This bearing is on a mural monument to the memory of Richard
lies, late citizen and sailmaker of London.

This gentleman is said to have left money to keep the ironwork
of his tomb oiled. (See Lewis's History of Faversham.')

63. Arms. — Sable, two chevronels between three roses argent, for


This coat occurs on a mural monument to the memory of Ann
■wife of Captain Weller of Faversham. She died 16 June 1741,
aged 54 years, and left issue one daughter, who married Mr. Edward
Norwood of Ashford. Captain Edward Weller died 21 July 1762,
aged 84 years.

63. Arms. — A lion rampant debruised by a bend, for Luktn (?),

Crest. — A demi-lion rampant.

This coat occurs on a mural monument to Robert Lukyn, Esq.,
who died 28 April 1843, aged 73 years. Also to his two sisters,
Mary Lukin, died 10 September 1843, aged 73 years, and Ann
Lukyn, the last member of the family, died 28 January 1852, aged
84 years.

64. Arms. — Barry nebule of eight argent and azure, on a bend

gules, a lion passant guardant or, for the Company op
Haberdashers or Hurriers.

No inscription occurs on the slab with this coat
of arms, but there is a badge formed of a gloved hand
holding a hawk belled, and there a merchant's mark
thus : —

65. Arms. — Quarterly : 1 and 4, Azure, three fleur-de-lis or, for

Prance ; 2, Grules, three lions passant guardant in j^ale or,
for England; 3, Gules (plain).

This coat is now in one of the small windows in the vestry ; it
was formerly in one of the eastern windows of the South Tran-


GO. Arms. — Gules, three lions passant-guardaut in pale or, dimidiat-
ing azure, three hulks of galleys argent in pale, over all a
pastoral staff (?) of the last.
This coat occurs in a window of the North Transept.

G7. Arms. — Quarterly: 1, Grules, three lions passant-guardant in
pale or, for England : impaling, Or, a lion rampant within
a double tressure flory-counter-flory gules, for Scotland ; 2,
Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or, for Prance ; 3, Azure, an
ancient harp or, stringed argent, for Ikeland ; 4, Grules,
two lions passant guardaut or, in pale, for Brunswick : im-
paling. Or, semee of hearts proper, a lion rampant azure, for
LuNENBERG, in base gules, a horse courant argent, for

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