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art. He continued his studies at the city schools of Prague, under

Franz von Lenbach, 1904 (obv.).

Professors Popp, Mentzel and Schulz, and already won prizes in
1876 and 1878; afterwards he became a pupil of the Industrial Arts'
School at Vienna under Professors Schwartz and Konig. On his
leaving Vienna, the young artist visited the chief art centres of
Italy, France and Germany, and made a stay of some duration in
each of these countries. Returning to Prague in 1882 he accepted
a professorship at the Imperial School of Decorative Arts there;
in 1888, he was called to Budweis (Bohemia) to reorganise the
Museum of Decorative Arts, and while there he wrote his work


" Goldschmiede-Arbeiten des XV. bis XIX. Jahrhunderts " and
founded a school for drawing and sculpture. In 1889, he settled at
Paris. At the Salon of 1897 he was rewarded for a bust of the Emperor
Francis Joseph I. which he exhibited. In 1893, ne was a member of
the Jury of Fine Arts at the Chicago World's Fair, and official
Reporter for Austria on the Fine Arts and Decorative Arts. At the
Universal Exhibition of Paris, 1900, he was Vice-President of the
Jury (Classe 97), and a member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Com-
mission. In 1895, he executed another marble bust of the Emperor

Franz von Lenbach (ty..).

Francis Joseph, which now adorns the Austrian Embrassy. He has
been on several Universal Exhibition juries, and he it was who so
successfully organised the French section at the Diisseldorf Exhi-
bition of Fine Arts, in 1904.

The artist is a Knight of the Legion of Honour, also of the Order
of Francis Joseph, and holds numerous other foreign decorations.

Many of his medals are exhibited at the Luxembourg Museum in

By Heinrich Kautsch are the following medallic works : 1896,
Leon Hennique,plaquette, 50 mill.; 1897, D r Raoul Lacronique,


plaquette, 90 mill.; Valentine Lacronique, plaquette, 90 mill.,
and 45 X 65 mill.; - 1898, Joan of Arc, Jubilee at Orleans,
plaquette, 90 mill. ; Paul Leroy, President of the Law Courts
at Orleans, plaquette, 90 mill. ; Charles Franquet, plaquette,
90 mill.; 1899, Emperor Francis Joseph I., medal and pla-

Louis Clement Dupressoir, by H. Kautsch.

quette, 90 mill.; - - Laura, Prize-Regatta in Brittany, 60 mill.,

Louis Dupressoir, Advocate, Portrait-medal, 90 mi\\. (illustrated).

Admiral Count de Jonquieres, Portrait-medal, 70 mill., and
plaauette, 90 mill.; Amelie Radis von Radiis, painter, Portrait-
medal, 90 mill. ; Marie Hellmann, prima donna, Plaquette, 70

Charles Freund Deschamps, by H. Kautsch.

mill. ; - - H. M. Francis Joseph I., Emperor of Austria, Portrait-
medal, 70 mill., and plaquette, 50 X 70 mill. ; Charles Freund-
Deschamps, Portrait-medal, 90 mill, (illustrated); 1900, Bosnia-
Herzegovina at the Paris Universal Exhibition, plaquette, 90 mill. ;
Moser von Charlottenfels, of Schafthausen, 25 th Anniversary of
the foundation of the Rhine works; - Souvenir Plaques of the

I2 9

Foreign commissions at the Paris Universal Exhibition, 1900
(Austria, Low-Countries, Spain, etc.), 78 X 88 mill. ; Richard
Wagner, plaquette, 50X90 mill.; - La Philatelic, Prize-medal
for the International Philatelic Exhibition, two sizes, 70 and 37
mill. ; - Madonna and Child, two sizes, 60 mill, and 20 mill. ; -
H. E. D r B. Esterle and Consort, President of the Tyrolian Law
Courts, plaquette, 47 X 62 mill.; H. E. Count A. Wolkenstein-
Trostburg, Portrait-plaquette, 68 X 90 mill. ; Prince Roland
Bonaparte, plaquette 75 X 90 mill.; - Marie de Benardaky,
Portrait-medal, 90 mill. ; The Austrian Building at the Paris

Alpine Climber.

Universal Exhibition, 1900, 80 mill. ; Th. Favarger and consort,
silver wedding, plaquette, 90 mill.; - - 1901, Silver wedding of
M. M me Freund Deschamps, 90 mill.; Alex. Friedrich,
Landgrave of Hesse, seated at the piano, composing, plaquette,
90 mill. ; Ghry Kastrioti a Skanderbegn, Albanian Chief,
1404-1467, Portrait-medal, 130 mill.; - - Dutch Souvenir Pla-
quette of the Paris Universal Exhibition, 1900, 55 X 88 mill., etc.
Besides the above, I have also seen by Kautsch the following
medals and plaquettes : P. Viardot; Laura; - Valentine; -
Heine, medal and plaquette; - Alpine Climber (illustrated); -
Golden wedding ot M. & M me Kulp, 19. September, 1902 ;

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III. 9


Golden wedding of M. & M mc Pawle; - Baron Oppel, on his
Jubilee, plaquette ; D r Chyzer; Medal for Merit, two sizes;
Mucha, painter, portrait-medal; The Motor Car; Franz
von Lenbach, painter, f 1904; Margo von Lenbach, 1904; -
Female Study, Plaquette, &c.

Although Kautsch has in style many points in common with
the French medallists, Austrian influence is strongly marked in
most of his works. " To a profound knowledge of his art he adds
a very special intelligence as to decoration and an entirely fresh
sense of allegory".

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly furnished by the Artist. Roger Marx,
Me'dailleurs contemporains en France et a I'Elranger. Moderne Medaille. A.
von Loehr, Wiener Medailleure, 1902. The Studio, XXXII, p. 254.

KAWACYNSKI, PROF. MAX VON (Germ.). Sculptor and Court
Medallist to the Duke of Saxe-Weimar, residing at Berlin, and
author of a number of fine medals : 5 th Centenary of the Benin
family, 1901 ; Portrait-medal of D r Beringuier ; 6 th Centenary
of the Zitzewitz family; - - Jubilee of Leo XIII., 1900 (signed

KAWKA VON TOLLENSTEIN, DANIEL (Bohem.). Mint-master at
Kuttenberg, 1636-1637-1643. Privy mark : hand holding bundle
of arrows.

K. B. Vide KARL BECKER. Die-sinker in Hungary, 1780. Also H p

KECK (Germ.). Die-sinker at Berlin. He cut several medals to
commemorate the Music Exhibition held at Berlin in 1898.

KECKH, PETER VON SCHWARZPACH (Austr.}. Mint-warden at
Prague, 1586-1591, and again in 1604.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Oesterreicher, Regesten %u J. Newald's Publicationen fiber
uesterreichiscbe Mun^prdgungen, Mitt, des Klubs, 1890, p. 60.

KEDER. N. (Swede}. Designer of various medals, engraved by
C. G. Hartman, struck in 1701 : Gustavus I. %L. NVNC.FOR-
LEGES. TVTAE; - Gustavus II. Adolphus, !. PAR.ANIMO.
VIRTVS; Medical Medal, obv. IN ORICHALCO CVRA. R,.
D r M. Riben, Stockholm.

These medals were probably issued on the initiative and from
the designs of N. Keder, who held the position of Judge to the

O 1*1 /" * Jo

Swedish Court.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Hildebrand, Sveriges och Svenska Konunrabusets Minnespennin-
?ar, Stockholm, 1874.

KEES. ANDREAS (Germ.). Mint-warden at Langenargen, 1678.

KEGEL or KERGEL, JOHANN (Germ.'). Mint-master at Nuremberg,
t J 4<H-

KEGEL (Germ.}. Mint-official at Bernstadt, 1684.

KEIBEL, JOSEPH IGNAZ (AustrJ). Mint-master at Vienna, 1721,
1725, for the Counts of Schwarzenberg. Under him were issued
Ducats, Thalers &c., engraved by Philipp Christoph Becker, of
Adam Franz, Fiirst von Schwarzenberg.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fiala, Beschreibung der Sammkatg Bohmiscber Miin^en und
Medaillt'n des Max Dontbauer,Prag, 1888.

K... . (Greek). In his list of Engravers' signatures, Mr. G. F. Hill
gives the inscription K- , which he has observed on a Rhegian
Tetradrachm of D r Arthur Evans' collection, a coin which was
exhibited at the Burlington Fine Arts Club (1903) and is describ-
ed in the Catalogue of the Exhibition of Ancient Greek Art, p. 132,
n 102.


(Circa 8.0.466-415)

^R.. Tetradrachm. Obv. Lion's scalp facing : border of dots.

$L. RECIINOS. Male figure (of the Demos), bearded, naked
down to the waist, seated to 1. ; his r. hand rests on staff and his 1.
on hip : within olive-wreath, signature, K... .

KEIJSER, HENDRIK VAN (Dutch). Sculptor and Medallist of
Utrecht; died in 1621. "As a work of his", observes Bolzenthal,
"may pass a medal which has the name of the artist : H. D. KEYSER F. ;
it has on the obv. the likeness of the antiquary Abraham van
Goorle, and on fyL. allegorical figures with the inscription :
HOMOS ET VIRTVS; it is dated 1599, and belongs to the most
flourishing time of this artist, who died at Amsterdam in 1621
aged 56. ''

H. de Keyser, who was also an Architect, is the author of the
Delft mausoleum, erected to the memory of William the Silent,
Prince of Orange.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. A. Pinchart, Biographies des Graveurs
beiges, Revue de Numismatique beige, 1857.

KEIKES (Dutch). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver of Leeuwarden,
nineteenth century.

KEISERSWERTH, PETER (Austr.). Coin-engraver at the Vienna
Mint, 1765-1793 ; pupil of M. Donner.

- 132

By him are the following medals, which are mostly signed either
in full or P. K. and also K : Elizabethan Convent at Linz, 1745
(tyl); Building of the Theresianum, 1746 ($..) ; - Establish-
ment of Frontier Forces in Transsylvania, 1765, fyL SECVRI-
TAS DACIAE (obv. only); - - Coronation of the Archduke
Joseph, 3. April 1764, at Frankfort-on-M. ; Preservation of the
Francis-Galleries at Schemnitz, 1765 ; - Recovery of the Empress
from smallpox, 1767; Death of the Archduchess Maria Josepha,
1767; Recovery of the Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian and
Archduchess Theresia from smallpox, 1768 (unsigned); - Visit
of the Emperor Joseph II. and the Grand Duke Leopold of Tuscany
to Rome, 1769; Foundation of the "Lazzeretto Sporco " at the
new harbour of Trieste, 1769 (unsigned); Marriage of the Arch-
duke Ferdinand with Maria Beatrix of Modena at Milan, 1771, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Domanig, op. cit. Katalog der K,K. Mtin^en- und Medaillen-
Stempel Sanimliing, &c.

KELDERE, JEAN VAN DER (Belg.). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver at
Brussels, 1480.

KELLEN, DAVID VAN DER (Dutch}. Medallist, born at Velzen,
22. September 1764; died at Utrecht, 16. December 1825.
Apprenticed first to a goldsmith he learned the art of die-sinking at
Amsterdam, where he made the acquaintance of J. G. Holtzhey.
He executed a number of medals of William I., King of Holland,
and events of his reign, and is also the author of Portrait-pieces of
General Chasse; - J. C. J. van Speyk; Gysbert Karel, Count
of Hogendorp, 1813 ; - - Medal on the Jubilee of the Renswoude
Institute, 1 806 ; Prize Medal of the Dutch Oeconomical Society , etc.

The Engraver worked at the Utrecht Mint, first under the direc-
tion of Holtzhey, 1806 and 1813-1825. He engraved in 1806 a
Pattern Ducat of Louis Napoleon, and cut coin-dies of King
William I., for the chief-engraver Michaut ; also a medal on the
Visit of William I. to the Utrecht Mint, 1814. In 1819 he was
appointed Chief-engraver.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Immerzeel, op. cit.

KELLEN, DAVID VAN DER (Dutch). Son of the preceding; born at
Amsterdam on the 23 rd of September 1804, died on the 3O th of
March 1879; Medallist and Mint-engraver at Utrecht. His first
teacher was his father, David van der Kellen S r , who filled at the
Mint of Utrecht, under Louis Napoleon, for a short time, and again
from 1813 to 1825, the post ot Coin-engraver. He then studied at the
Technical Schools of Utrecht and under H. van Oort and B. van
Straten. On his father's death, in 1825, he was called to succeed
him at the Utrecht Mint, and remained in office until 1874, when

- 133

he resigned for reasons of health; he had been since 1854 Chief-
engraver of the Dutch coins. Numerous distinctions and decora-
tions have been conferred upon him during his long artistic career.

David van der Kellen Junior's activity was prodigious. The coin-
dies he cut are very numerous, and he executed besides a large
number of medals.

Most of the silver currency of William II. was engraved by him,
some of the 2 | gulden pieces are signed : VAN DER KELLEN F.,
others, VDK, but the Rijksdaalder struck in 1839 with the bust of
William I. was the work of I. P. Schouberg, who was also entrusted
with the preparing of the dies of the gold coinage ot William II.
Under William III., I. P. Schouberg cut the silver coins, and David
van der Kellen, the gold. The latter executed also the Dutch East
Indian coins, in silver and copper, struck in compliance with the
order of 1852; those of 1834 having been cut by P. W. van der

William II., 1848, 2 \ Gulden, by David van der Kellen.

The following list of David van der Kellen's works is given by
L. W. A. Besier, in the Tijdschrift van bet Nederlandsch Genootschap
voor Mnnt-en Penningkitnde, 1895, p. 9. 1824. New Year's Medal;

- Bronze Wedding of K. H. A. van Heeckeren van Brandsenburg
and A. M. Straalman in 1822; Prize Medal of the North and
South Holland Life-Saving Society ; Silver Wedding of F. J. van
Heeckeren van Brandsenburg and C. A. Voorduin (the same die
was used in 1865 for the Silver Wedding Medal of J. S. Wor and
Z. A. Cats); - 1825. 25o th Anniversary of Leyden University;

- 1826. Inauguration of the new Lutheran church at Amsterdam;

- 1827. Introduction of New Hymns by the Lutheran communi-
ties in the Netherlands; - 1830. War Medal granted for services
in the Javanese Wars ; - - Third Centenary of the Augsburg Con-
fession ; Marriage of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands with
Prince Albert of Prussia; - - Bombardment of Antwerp (cut in

- 134

j8 3 2); Medal of Utrecht Students (Senaatspenning); - - 1831.
General Armaments, 1830-1831; Bronze Cross with the

inscription VRIJW1LLIG on I. ; Homage of the Leyden Young
Ladies to Leyden Students; - Medal of the Rectors of Utrecht
University for successful Utrecht Students; Medal of the Gron-
ingen University ; Heroism of Van Speyle(3 var.) ; Death of
W. Bilderdijk ; - - 1832. 20o th Anniversary of the Athenaeum of
Amsterdam ; - - Heroic Defence of Antwerp Citadel ; - - Reward
to the Defenders of Antwerp Citadel; - - 1834. Death of G. K.,
Count of Hogendorp ; 5O th Anniversary of the Society " Tot Nut
van't Algemeen " ; - - 2 nd Centenary of the Seminary of Remons-
trants at Amsterdam; 1835. 5 th Anniversary of the Society for
the Defence of Evangelical Worship at The Hague (obv. by
I. G. Holtzhey) ; Recovery from illness of the Prince of Orange;

Jubilee of the Amsterdam Baptist Seminary; - Prize Medal of
the Dutch Society for the Promotion of Industry, Haarlem (obv.
by J. G. Holtzhey); 1836. Second Jubilee of Utrecht University
(2 var.); Prof. Kemper of Utrecht; 1837. Second Jubilee of
the Dutch Bible Society ; - - Death of the Queen of the Nether-
lands; - 1838. Second Centenary of Amsterdam Theatre; -

I. C. Hanelman, a centenarian; Souvenir of the Disaster of
Woerden; 25 th Anniversary of King William I.'sreign; 1839.
Marriage of the Prince of Orange with Princess Sophie of Wurtem-
berg ; - - Prize Medal of the Art-school of Utrecht (2 var. ; one
small, issued in 1849); Prize Medal of the Society of Arts and
Crafts of North Brabant; Prize Medal of the Society "Pro
Bono Publico"; - 1840. Medal of the 265 th Anniversary f Ley-
den University; - 5o th Anniversary of the Institute for Deaf and
Dumb at Groningen; Birth of the Prince of Orange; Death
of I. H. van der Palm ; - William II. taking oath of fidelity to the
Constitution; 1841. William II. 's Visit to Utrecht and the Mint;
-Trial of the Uhlhorn coining-press at Utrecht; Inauguration
of a monument to Admiral de Ruyter at Vlissingen ; - - Prize
Medal of the Dutch Humane Society; - - William II. as Patron of
the Royal Dutch Yachtclub; 1842. Marriage of Princess Sophie of
the Netherlands with the grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach ;
Medal on the Circumcision by the Rabbi L. J.de Beer; 1843. Inau-
guration of Delft Academy; Golden Wedding of J. S. Wurfbain
and A. M. G. Hurrelbrink; Small Prize Medal for Rescuing from
Shipwreck; - Prize Medal of the Hoeufft Legacy; - Large and
small Agricultural Medals of Utrecht; 1844. Jeronimo de Vries;

1845. Decoration for faithful services in seamanship; Opening
of the New Exchange Buildings at Amsterdam ; 27O th Anniversary
of Leyden University; 1846. Large and small Agricultural Prize
Medals of Guelders; - 1847. Foundation of the Royal Sailing and


Rowing Club ; Medal commemorating the better instruction
given in the City Poor Schools at Amsterdam; 1849. Death of
King William II.; Accession of William III. (various medals);
Prize Medals for Life Saving, Arts and Crafts, Navigation and Ship-
building Academical successes; - Royal Horticultural Society
Prize Medal; 1850. P. Huidekoper, Burgomaster of Amsterdam ;
- 275 th Anniversary of Leyden University; - - New Academic
Buildings at Groningen ; 1851. Prize Medal of the Royal Dutch
Society of Archers; - Prize Medal for Archery; 5 o th Anniver-
sary of the Society of Natural History ; C. G. C. Reinwardt,
Professor at Leyden University; - - 1852. Jubilee of the Dutch
Society of Sciences of Haarlem; 75''' General meeting of Dutch
Societies for the promotion of Industry ; - 1853. J. D. C.C. B"
d'Ablaing van Giessenburg, 1830-1834 ; Colonel of the Garde
mobile; Visit to Utrecht of William III.; Visit of the King
to the Royal Mint; Prize Medal of the Exhibition of building
material of the Amsterdam Society of Public Industry; - - 1854.
Medal in honour of the author of the Medal Catalogue of the
J. J. Becker Collection; - - 1855. Prize Medal for Services during
Inundations (several varieties); Royal Life Saving Medal;
28o th Anniversary of Leyden University ; P. de Raadt ; 1856.
Jubilee of D r F. J. van Maanen and M.M. van der Meersch ;
Jubilee of the Renswoude Foundation; - - 5o th Anniversary of
Y. W. ; - Prince Frederick, Grand Master of the Masonic Order
in Holland, Jubilee of the Lodge " Groot Oosten " . 1858. Coming
of age of the Prince of Orange; - B. F. Suerman, Professor at
Utrecht University, Jubilee; 1860. Prize Medal of the Academy
of Arts and Sciences of Amsterdam ; - - Prize Medal of the Royal
Agricultural Society ; - 1861. Medal of honour forservices relating
to Public Vaccination ; 4 th Centenary of the Utrecht Lunatic Asy-
lum ; Large and small Prize Medals of the National Exhibition at
Haarlem (sev. varieties); Prize Medal of the Agricultural Exhib-
ition at Amsterdam; - Bread Ticket of the Protestant Charitable
Society ; 1862. Visit to the Royal Mint of the Japanese Mission ;

- J. A. Baron van der Heim van Duyvendyke; Prize Medal of
the Society of Arts of Dordrecht; - - 1863. J. M. Schrant; -
G. A. G. van Maanen, Public Prosecutor; N. J. Godron ;
1864. N. P. J. Kien, Burgomaster of Utrecht ; 25o th Anniversary
of Groningen University; - - 1865. F. A. van Rappard;
ioo th Anniversary of the Firm Wessanen and Laan; - - R. P. F.
Gouggrijp, Professor; 29o th Anniversary of Leyden University ;

- D r G. J. Mulder, Professor; Prize Medal of the Society of
Rhetoricians "van der Palm"; Prize Medal of Amsterdam Pro-
fessors; - Exhibitions at Batavia, 1865 (and 1875), 1877, 1885
(with different fyL legends); 1866. Reward for services during

the Cholera epidemic at Groningen; 1867. Jacob Baart de la
Faille (obv. only); 1868. Visit of J. S. Stas to the Mint at
Utrecht; Prize Medal of the Dutch Rifle Club, Meeting at
's Gravenhage; - - 1869. Wilhelm Borski; Rifle Meeting at
Tj trec ht ; 50 th Anniversary of the " Meester Graden " ; Exhibi-
tion at Campen; Rifle Meeting at Utrecht; Contest between
Rifle Manufacturers; - 1870. 29> th Anniversary of Leyden Uni-
versity; Silver Wedding ot P. Smid van Gelder and H. Koster;
Hubert Goltzius; - - Award for services to the Dutch East
Indian government; - - M. van Geuns; 1871. R. van Rees,
Professor at Utrecht; - 1872. Inauguration of the statue of
H. Boerhaave at Leyden (in conjunction with J. P. van der Kel-
len); 1873. Prize Medal of the 25 th Dutch Agricultural Congress
at Groningen; 1874. Centenary of the Art School of Dordrecht;
- H. van Beek, Bishop ot Bred.a; - 4 th Centenary of Utrecht
Gymnasium (}$L. by I. Ph. M. Menger), &c.

All the medals cut by David van der Kellen before 1864 are
described in Dirks' work.

There is a Portrait-medal of this artist by J. P. Menger, 1874.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Guioth, op. cit. Dirks, Penningkundig Repertorium.
L. W. A. Besier, D. van der Kellen, Tijschrift van het Nederlandsch Genootschap
voor Munt- en Penningkunde, III, p. 5. Immerzeel and Kramm, De Levens
en Werken der Hollandsche en Vlaamscbe KunstscbiJders, Beeldhouwers , Gravetirs en
Boiiwmeesters, Amsterdam, 1843, 1857.

KELLEN, JOHAN PHILIP VAN DER (Dutch"). Son of the last, born
at Utrecht, 9. July 1831. Medallist, and Engraver at the Mint
of Utrecht between 1852 and 1876. According to Count
Maurin de Nahuys he was employed in 1875 to cut the tyL. dies of
the gold 10 Gulden pieces, the obv. dies of which were done
by J. P. M. Menger.

By this Medallist are : 25 th Anniversary of the Society "ArtietAmi-
citiae " ot Amsterdam, 1 864 (signed : J.P.V.D.K.F.) ; B. Brugsma ; -
Jubilee of J. S. Wor and Z. A. Cats, 1865 (VAN DER KELLEN J F.) ;
Joost van den Vondel, 1867; S. C. Snellen van Vollenhofen,
of The Hague, 1873; - - D r H. Boerhaave, Leyden (!.);
D r A. van der Willigen ; Memorial Medal of Pienemann, a Dutch
painter; - Inauguration of the Ary Scheffer Monument at Dor-
drecht, 1862, &c.

^ Mr. John W. Stephanik has informed me that Philip van der
Kellen did not handle the graver within the last twenty years.

As a writer, J. P. van der Kellen has also made his mark, and
published his Peintre-graveur hollandais et flamand, 1866; Cata-
logue of the D r Ridder Collection of Engravings, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - W. K. F. Zwierzina, Beschrijving der Nederlandsche oj op
NederUtnd en \ederlanders betrekking bebbcnde penmngen, geslagen m November

KELLER, DANIEL (Grr;;;). Mint-warden at Kitzingen, 1622.

KELLER, JOB ANN BALTHASAR (Swiss). A celebrated Founder, born
at Zurich in 1638, died at Paris in 1702. He was first apprenticed
as a Goldsmith and is said to have been very clever at chasing. On
the invitation of his elder brother, JOHANN JAKOB (born at Zurich
i63),'{* at Colmar 1700), who was already in the service ot
Louis XIV., he went over to France, and for many years the two
brothers carried on their profession in Paris, partly in an official

They were employed to cast guns in the Arsenal, and numerous
statues which yet adorn the Parterre d'eau and surrounding avenues
in the Versailles gardens. For the city of Lyons, they executed
a statue of Louis XIV. which was erected on the Place Bellecour,
and for Paris, Johann Balthasar did that of the Place Vendome, which
was demolished at the Revolution.

" Les Keller " were recognized during their life-time as the
most important artistic founders of France, and in our own days
a certain kind of casting metal composed of 90% of copper and
10 % of alloy is known as " fonte Keller".

Johann Balthasar Keller is said to have cast reproductions ol
large medallions and plaques. His signature J. B. KELLER occurs on
a reproduction of G. Dupre's Portrait-medal of Francesco IV.
Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, 1654 (described by Mazerolle, Les
Medailleurs franfais, II, p. 134), and other productions are signed :

Herr F. O. Pestalozzi however expresses doubt as to the correct
attribution ol these medals, and writes to me : " Die Angabe bei
Fiissli, dass der Giesser J. Balth. Keller urspriinglich Goldschmid
gewesen sei (u. somit die fragliche Medaille zumal im Alter von
erst 1 6 Jahren gegossen haben konnte) ist mir sehr zweifelhaft
geworden, denn er fehlt ganz in den zurcherischen Meisterbuchern.
Hat er den Berut gelernt, musste er aus der Lehre genommen
worden sein, oder dann liegt Verwechslung vor, mit Goldschmid
Hans Balthasar, der 1590 Meister geworden ist. Ob dieser die
Medaille gegossen haben kann, ist naturlich auch wieder dubios".

' Les deux Keller ", says De La Tour ", Jean Jacques et Jean
Balthazar, ont donne des fontes irreprochables ; il y a, faites d'un
bronze qu'on croirait antique et signees d'eux, des medailles de
Guillaume Dupre que celui-ci n'aurait pas desavouees ".

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fuessli, Gescbicbte der besten Kitmtler in d. Sclnuci^. F. O.
Pestalozzi, Zurcber Taschetibuch fur 190$ ; & in Scbwei^. Kunstlerlexicon.
N. Rondot & H. De La Tour, op. cit.

KELLER, MARTIN (Germ.}. Mint-official at Brieg and Oppeln,

- i 3 8-
KELLERMANN, HANS (Gmn.). Mint-master at Pfalzburg, 1586.

Seal-engraver, and Medallist of Augsburg and Dresden, worked
between circa 1613 and 1654, for the Electoral Court of Saxony.
His plate (The Annunciation, 1629; Portrait of John George II,
&c)., is of great artistic merit, and the tew medals that are known

Portrait-badge of John George I. of Saxony, by Daniel Kellerthaler.

Online LibraryL. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists : coin, gem, and sealengravers, mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works B.C. 500-A.D. 1900 (Volume 3) → online text (page 10 of 49)