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by him equally betray a master hand. They are generally oval
Portrait-pieces, cast from wax models, and signed DC : 1601.
Christian, Duke of Saxony (after a model by Tobias Wolf),
42 x 31 mill., ^L. TALIS . ERAT | FACIES TVA . | DVX .
A 1601; 1608. A T . Oval Badge or Jewel, enamelled openwork

- 139

border, suspended by three gold chains attached to a ring,
36 X 28 mill, (illustrated), Obv. IO.GEO. V.G.G.H.Z.SAX
MAGD.SI.H.Z.S.G.MAR.I.P. Busts, conjoined, of John George I.
and his consort Magdalene Sibylla; beneath : IX.
tyL Richly ornamented oval shield of arms. This pendant commem-
orates the Marriage of the Duke, in 1607; - - A/". Oval Badge
(Pendant), undated, 38 X 31 mill. Obv. DG.IOHAN. GEOR .
DVX . S . IVL CLEF. ET . MON . ELE. Bust of the Duke to r., in
cuirass. I^D.G- MAG. SYBIL. D.S. IVL. CL. MO : NA M P. E.
EL : Dv. Bust of the Duchess to 1. (Ducal Cabinet at Gotha);
Medal on the Capture of Bautzen, 25. September 1620, Obv. Duke
John George I. on horseback to r. ; beneath : 25. SEPT : IX-
}$L. BVDIsslNA CAESAR! REG! Q.VE sVo REDDlTA. The burning city
of Bautzen (struck piece, 44 mill.).

David Kellerthaler cut a large shield for Duke John George I.
in 1637 which is also signed EK. He enjoyed the special patronage
of the Electress Magdalene Sibylla.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erbstein, Erdrterungcn auf dent Gcbiele der sdfhsischen
MiiH^-iind \iedaillen-Gescbichte, Dresden, 1888. Menadier, Schaumun^en des
Hauses Hoben^pllern, 1901. Tentzel, op. cit. Nagler, Mono^raniinisten, III.

KELLNER, GEORG (Germ.). Mint-master at Amberg and Erlangen,

KELLOGG & CO (Atner.). A banking firm of San Francisco who
issued private money comprizing 20 Dollar pieces, 1854-55, and
circular 50 Dollar pieces, 1855, all with the head of Liberty on
obv. and Eagle on F^..

KELLOW, Bishop (Brit.). Issuer of Pennies in the name of King
Edward II. (after 1311) at Durham; mint-mark, cross moline with
one limb in form of crozier.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Grueber, Handbook, &c. Burns, Coinage of Scotland, I,
p. 210.

KELPE, ZACHARIAS DANIEL (Germ.). Mint-master at Schwerin,
1695-1708; his initials Z. D. K. occur on some of his issues. I have
noticed them on a Thaler of 1705 of Frederick William of Mecklen-
burg-Schwerin, engraved by J. F. Hilcken, whose signature H is
placed in exergue on obv.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, op. cit. Nagler, Moiiogramniisli'n, V, n 2074.

KELS, HANS(J//j/r.). Modeller and Wood-engraver of Kaufbauern,
and Augsburg, circa 1537-1566. Domanig reproduces two fine Por-
trait-medallions in box-wood, of the Emperors Maximilian I. and
Charles V. with King Ferdinand I., one dated 1534, and the other,
larger, 1540.


According to D r Habich, his name is first mentioned in docu-
ments of 1537; and we learn that in 1 5 4 1 he obtained at Augsburg
the prerogative of a Sculptor; he was still living in 1565 , but died
before the I st of April 1566.

Hans Kels ranks amongst the most prominent Portrait-carvers
of the sixteenth century. His signature is found on a beautiful
Draught-board ot the Ambraser Collection and on a box-wood
medallion with portraits of the Emperor Charles V., King Ferdinand
and their consorts; also on the two medallions described by
Domanig, and further on the following works : Medal of Adam
Oefner, bust tor., signed BK (in the style of Hagenauer); Medal
ofMatthaus Schwarz (signed BK, of different work); Box-wood
Models ofLaux Kreler and his wife Elizabeth; and perhaps also :
wood Medallion of Georg Fugger; and Portrait-piece of Johann
Fichard and his wife, 1547.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. D r Georg Habich, Hans Kels als Konterfetter, 1903.

KELTZ, CHARLES ALBERT (Germ.}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Strassburg; pupil of H. Seyder and A. Gerbier.
At the Salon of 1894 ne exhibited Portrait-plaquettes and medals :
E. Keltz; M me L. Keltz; M me C. de L***; Prize Medal of
the Paris School of Drawing for jewellery ; - - The Language of
Daisies, &c.

KEMLEIN, STEPHAN (Germ.}. Mint-warden at Nuremberg, 1532-
1547; Mint-master at Jagerndorf, 1557.


KEMNITZ, JOHANN CHRISTOPH (Germ.}. A native of Augsburg,
who settled at Brussels, in the early part of the eighteenth century,
as a Seal-engraver. He took part in the Monetary competition of
1725, but Francois Harrevvyn's Patterns were adopted.

KEMPE, CANCELLARIUS JOHANNES (Brit.}. Archbishop of York,
1426-1451. He issued a Farthing in the name of Henry VI., obv.
H.D.G.AN.Z.FRASIEREX; C to left, I to right of King's head.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Hawkins, op. /., p. 245.

KEMPEN & SON, J. M. VAN (Dutch}. Die-sinking Establishment at
Voorschoten (Holland). This firm has issued a number of medals,
some of which were engraved by the Goldsmith F. de Leeuw. One
of these commemorates the Seventh Centenary of the Foundation
of Bois le-Duc, 1885 ; two others were struck on the 5o th Anniver-
sary of the Battle of Waterloo, 1865, and are fully described in
Zwierzina, Bucbrijving der Nederlandsche of op Nederland en Neder-

landers betrekking hebbende Penningen, &c., n os 47 and' 49. At the
time of the Boer War, this firm issued several medals with bust ot
President Kruger, 1900.

KEMPER, HEINRICH (Germ.}. Mint-master at Domitz, 1669-1673.
His initials H. K. occur on his issues.

KEMPF, HANS (Germ.}. Coining-smith at the Breslau Mint, 1569.

KEMPF, MARTIN (Germ.}. Mint-master at Joachimsthal, 1542-
1543, for the Counts of Schlick.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fiala, Das Mun^uiesen der Graft n Scblick, 1890.

KEMPSON, PETER (Brit.}. Medallist (Maker of Buttons, Medals,
&c.)ofthe latter end of the eighteenth century, residing at Birming-
ham, where in 1801 he entered into partnership with SAMUEL
KINDON, under the style of KEMPSON AND KINDON. Peter and
Thomas Wyon were both employed by Kempson to engrave Tokens,
and J. G. Hancock to cut " a series of medals commemorating
the Victories of the British armies over Napoleon, the Union with
Ireland, George III., and Statesmen of the time ".

Amongst Kempson's productions, I may notice : Jacob's Penny
Token, 1798; - Kempson's Penny Token, 1796; - Lochleven
Penny, 1797; Welch's Penny Token, 1795 (sev. varieties,
engraved by Wyon) ; Yeomanry Tokens of Warwickshire
(several varieties, engr. by J. G. Hancock); Tamworth Penny
Tokens (sev. var., 1797, Hancock); Warwick Pennies, 1797
(engraved by Westwood); Alston Halfpennies, 1796 (Wyon);

George Barker's Halfpennies, 1797 and MDCCXCIX (Hancock) ;
-John Clarke's Halfpenny, 1795 (Wyon); - - Donald & Go's

Halfpenny, 1792 (Wyon); Kempson's Birmingham Buildings
(a large series of Halfpenny Tokens, n os 141-208, Davis,
Warwickshire Token Coinage); Pye's Halfpenny Token, 1797
(Webb) ; - - Kempson's Coventry Buildings, Halfpenny Tokens
(Davis, op. cit., n os 395-452); Nickson's Coventry Halfpennies
(Wyon) ; Tamworth Halfpennies (Wyon) ; Badminton
Tokens (Willets) ; Bath Tokens (Wyon) ; Birmingham
Mining Co. Tokens (Wyon); Blofield Tokens (Wyon);
Ely thing Hundred Tokens (Hancock); Brain tree Tokens (Wyon);

Bridgewater Tokens (Wyon) ; Brunswick Tokens, circulated
in London (Wyon); Bury, P. Deck's Tokens (Wyon);
Buxton, \Y. R. Hay's Tokens (Wyon); - - Brechin, Smith &
Wilson's Tokens (Willets); Cambridge Tokens (Wyon);
Chelmsford, Clachar& Go's Tokens (Wyon); Chester Tokens;

Chichester, Daily's Tokens (Wyon) ; - - Coalbrook Dale Go's
Tokens (Wyon); Colchester, C. Heath's Tokens (Wyon); -

- I 4 2 -

Qunbridge, J. Burleigh's Tokens (Hancock); - Dundee Tokens
(for A. Mollison, T. Webster J r , A. Swap & Co, J. Pilmer,
J. Wright, Sic., and engraved by Wyon and Willets);
Edinburgh Tokens (for Anderson & C, Wright,

Archibald, H. Harrison, engr. by Wyon); Elmsthorpe,
R. Fowke's Token (Hancock); - Emsworth, J. Stride's Tokens,
(Wyon); Forfar, J. Steele's Tokens (Willets); - Gloucester
Tokens (Wyon); Haverhill, J. Fincham's Token (Wyon) ;
Huddersfield Tokens (Wyon) ; Ipswich, R. Manning's Token
(Wyon) and Gender's Token (Wyon) ; Leek Tokens (Wyon) ;

Leighton, Chambers & Go's Tokens (Wyon); London, Carter's
Token (Willets); J. Ching's Token (Wyon); Moore, and Neeton
Tokens (Wyon); Newgate Token (Wyon); Batley'sToken (Wyon);
H. Young's Token (Wyon); Essex Tokens (Wyon) ; - Lowhall
Token (Wyon); - Lich field, R. Wright's Token (Hancock); -
London, Stag & Slough, Britannia Tokens (Willets) ; Maccles-
field Tokens; Montrose, A. Nicol's Token (Willets); - New-

Penny of Scotland, 1797.

castle, Mather's Tokens (Wyon); - Newent, J. More's Token
(Wyon); Norfolk, N. Bolingbroke's Tokens (Wyon); Nor-
wich, J. Harvey's Tokens (Wyon) ; Bullen & Martin's Token
(Wyon) ; J. Rock, R. Campin, R. Bacon, Dinmore & Son,
Hardingham Tokens (engr. by Wyon and Willets); Perth,
J. Ferrier's Tokens (Willets); Portsea, G. E. Sargeant's Token
(Wyon); Salmon's Token (Willets) ; Portsmouth, T. Sharp's
Token (Wyon); R >chdale, J. Kershaw's Token (Wyon);
Salisbury, J. & T. Sharp's Tokens (Wyon); South Shields

Token (Wyon); - Spalding, T. Jenning's Tokens (Wyon); -
Stafford, Horton & Go's Token (Willets); Stockton, Kington
Token (Wyon) ; Sudbury, Goldsmith & Son's Token (Wyon) ;
- Swansea Tokens (Wyon) ; Tamworth, Rev. F. Blick's Token
(Wyon); John Harding's Token (Hancock); Wainfleet, Wright
& Palmer's Token (Wyon); Adam Smith's, Periny of Scotland
(Wyon; illustrated); -York, James Carlisle's Tokens (Wyon);

Poole, Shilling, 1812; Sixpence, 1812 ; - Hoxne, Twopence,
1798; Dublin, JR. Shilling, 1804 (3 var.), and others : Black-
friars Bridge, Penny, 1797; London Bridge; Westminster
Bridge; Bridge Gate; Greenwich Hospital ; Guy's Hospital ;

S' Thomas's Hospital Penny Tokens, &c.

Amongst the medals which bear Kempson's signature we find :
George III. preserved from assassination, 1800; Henry Adding-
ton, Viscount Sidmouth, 1757-1844; State of England, 1803
(signed K & K 5 Kempson &Kindon); Death of the Duke of Bedford,
1802 (K & K); Peace of Amiens concluded, 1802 (K & K); -
Adam, First Viscount Duncan, of Camperdown, 1731-1804;

Engagement off Camperdown, 1797 (P. K. ; obv. illustrated}; -

Viscount Duncan, Engagement off Camperdown, 1797.

General Hospital, Birmingham (In Boston Coll"); S r Bartholo-
mew's Hospital, Gloucester; Trial of Queen Caroline, 1820;
Count Bartolomeo Bergami, 1820; Another, 1798 ty, Adam and
Eve in the garden of Eden (P. K. PEG.) ; Opposition to the Union
with Ireland, 1800 (STK. BY P. K.) ; - - Alexander Hood, First
Viscount Bridport, K.B. 1727-1814; Defeat ofthe FrenchofTPort
1'Orient, 1795 (P. K.) ; Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, 1707-
1791 ; Memorial, 1791 (K. & K.) ; Masonic Medal struck in 1802
on the occasion ofthe union ofthe Two Rites ; Sir Henry Trollope ;
Engagement oft Helvoetsluys, i6July 1796; Poole, Sixpence,
1812 ; Hoxne, Two Pence, 1798 (by Wyon) ; Shilling Tokens
of Dublin, issued by the Irish Bullion Co, &c. Most of these medals
were engraved by J. G. Hancock.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Pye, op. cit. Atkins, op. cit. H. A. Grueber
English Personal Medals, 1887-1892. W. J. Davis, Warwickshire Token Coinage.
Marvin, Masonic Medals, 1880. Hennin. Histoire numismatiqne de la Rh'olu-
tion franfaise. W. J. Davis, Nineteenth Century Token Coinage , 1904.

KEMPSON & SON (Brit.}. The signature K. S. occurs on Shilling
Tokens of Poole, 1812.

KENDLER, IGNAZ (Bobem.}. Mint-warden at Prague, 1774-1780.
His issues are usually signed K or I. K.

- 144

KENDRICK (Brit.}. A Birmingham Token Manufacturer of the
latter end of the eighteenth century. He may possibly have been
a Die-sinker himself, as no Engravers' signatures appear on his
Tokens, which however are not very numerous.

He issued : Croydon, Garraway's Tokens; Leith, J. White's
Tokens, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Pye, Provincial Copper Coins, n. d.

KENNING, GEORGE (Brit.}. A London Masonic Jeweller and Publish-
er, who has issued a number of Masonic medals, some of which
commemorate the Installation of the Prince of Wales (now
Edward VII.) as Grand Master, 1875, an ^ others : Medal of the
" Strong Man Lodge"; Centenary Medals (sev. var.) " elaborate
and excellent " ; Railway Medals, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Marvin, Masonic Medals, 1880. Rev. A. F. A. Woodford,
Kenning' s Masonic Cyclopaedia, London, 1878.

KENT & SON (Canad.}. Medal publishers of Toronto, who in 1887
issued Jubilee Medals of Queen Victoria, and have since produced
various Prize Medals.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. Mac Lachlan, Canadian Jubilee Medals.

KEPHOS. Fictitious signature on a Poniatowsky gem in sardonyx,
representing the Interview between Minerva, disguised as Mentes,
and Telemachus.

KEPPEL FOCX, CORNELIS VAN (Dutch}. Mint-master at Zwolle,

KERGEL, JOHANN (Germ}. Mint-master at Nuremberg, f 1464.

KERN, JOHANN BERNHARD (Germ.}. Mint-warden at Schwabach,

KERN, JOHANN BAPTIST (Germ.}. Mint-warden at Schwabach,
1758-1765. His initial K occurs conjoined with that of the Mint-
Master, Ebenauer, (E), on Thalers, Convention-gulden, etc. of that
Mint, and also with that of Ebenauer's successor, Kolle, (K), as,
for instance, on the Gedachtnissthaler, 1765, of Alexander, Mark-
grave of Brandenburg.

KERNLEIN, J. (Germ.}. Die-sinker at Darmstadt, 1844.

KERSNER, J. (Dutch}. Medallist of Amsterdam, who worked
during the first half of the nineteenth century. (Nederlandsche
Gedenkpenmngen verklaard etc. door Jeronimo de Vries en Johannes Cor-
nells de Jonge, Haag en Amsterdam, 1829.)

- 145 -

KERSTING, A. (Germ.}. Die-sinker in London, 1865. His signa-
ture A. KERSTING FEC. occurs on a commemorative medal of the
Inauguration of the German School for Physical Drill in London,
28. January 1865.

KERWIEN, A. (Amer.}. A New- York Die-sinker, by whom there
are medals of Schiller, 1859; one variety in Boston Coll" is
signed A. K.

KESS, JOHANN (Austr.}. Goldsmith of Vienna, circa 1700, who
signed a Badge of Christoph Mathai, 1686-1706, Superior of the
Monastery of Klosterneuburg. His initials appear as I. L. K.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ntmismoliscbe Topographic von Niederosterreicb, 1898.

KESSEL, MARTIN (Germ.}. Mint-master at Saalfeld, 1594-1614.

KESSLER, BARTHOLOMAUS (Germ.}. Mint-warden at Langenar-
gen, 1696 ;f 1709.

KETCH, D r ALBERTUS (Dutch}. Mint-master in Friesland, 1719-

KETTLE & SONS (Brit.}. Die-sinkers and Counter Manufacturers of
Birmingham; in the early part of the nineteenth century. Their signa-
ture K. & S. occurs on the folio wing pieces which I have come across :
Medal on the Peace of Paris, 1814, with busts jugate to r. of the
Tsar, the King of Prussia, the Duke of Wellington, and Marshal
Bliicher; Imitation Seven-Shilling Piece, 1798, signed H. K. (H.
Kettle); Imitation Spade Guinea of George III., in brass, struck
to commemorate various Musical Festivals in the Provinces, etc.

Most ot Kettle's counters are in brass and the medals in tin.

KETTLER, ENGELBERT (Germ.}. Mint-master at Osnabriick, 1637,
and Miinster, 1638-1656; later at Bentheim, 1659-1662. His
initials E. K. or K alone occur on some of his issues, as for instance
on the Double Thaler of Miinster, 1647, of Ferdinand, Duke of
Bavaria (E. K.), and on an Anabaptist Thaler (Madai 5 167) (K.). He
also engraved medals on the Peace of Miinster (Vide Cat. Royal
Cabinet of the Hague, n os 729, 738, 739, 741-46).

KEULLE, MARTIN (Germ.}. Mint-master at Gottingen, 1548;
previously at Hanover, 1545-1556, Nordheim, 1547-1548, also at
Einbeck, Goslar, and in the service of the Ducal house of Brunswick.

KEY, WILLIAM H. (Amer.}. Assistant-engraver at the Philadelphia
Mint, appointed in 1864 and still in service in 1892. He is a
native of Brooklyn, and an expert Die-sinker. We owe to him the
Kane Expedition and Archbishop Wood Medals, various Pattern
pieces and many Dies of the current U. S. coinage; also : Washing-
ton Medal (2 var.), 1878 (signed : KEY) of the Harzfeld Series;

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III. 10


Lafayette Medal (2 var.) of the same Series (signed : W. H.
KEY F.); - E. K. Price, an American Numismatist, 1879 ; John
Wesley, 1866; General U. S. Grant, 1867 ; Daniel Webster;
- Medal of the Fulton Institute, Lancaster (Pa), 1858) ; D r E.
K. Kane, 1857; Medal of the Numismatic and Antiquarian
Society of Philadelphia, 1879, &c.

KEY, F. C. & SONS (Amer.}. A firm of Die-sinkers established
at Philadelphia, who have issued Portrait-medals of D r Elisha Kent
Kane. One variety is signed KEY only. The Boston Museum
possesses four varieties (Am. Journ. of Num., 107-110). Also :
Portrait-medals ot Washington; - President Jackson; - Daniel
Webster, and others.

KEYSER, ERNEST WISE (Amer.}. Contemporary Sculptor of Balti-
more (U. S. A.); pupil of Puech and St. Gaudens. At the Paris
Salon of 1898 he exhibited a Portrait-medallion of Miss J*** anda
Portrait-medal of Enoch Pratt.

KEYSER, GREGOR (Germ.}. Goldsmith of Frankfort-on-M. ; Mint-
engraver at Michelstadt, 1561.

KEYSER, H. DE (Dutch}. Medallist of the early part of the seven-
teenth century. Vide KEIJSER.

KEYSER, HEYNEMANN VON LAUF (Germ}. Mint-master at Coburg,
circa 1378-1382.

KEYSER, JEAN DE (Belg.}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Cureghem in 1857. After making remarkable studies at the Brussels
Royal Academy of Fine Arcs, he applied himself with success to
sculpture. He is now Professor at the Art and Industrial Schools of
Cureghem-Anderlecht. He executed a medal of the Belgian Teckel-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ed. Laloire, Medailles bistoriques de Belgique, 1902.

K. F. Vide MARTIN KRAFFT. Medallist at Vienna, 1769-1781.

K. F. Vide KROHN. Medallist at Copenhagen, after 1830.

K. F. Vide KARL FISCHER. Medallist at Berlin, 1829-1865; born
in 1802.

KHEILL, CASPAR (Austr.}. Die-sinker of Gratz, who worked at the
Mint there, circa 1653. He is the author of a Coronation Jeton of
Ferdinand IV., and he also cut various official seals.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Th. Unger, Kleiiie Beitrage ?ur Munrkunde des Kronlandes

i 4 7

KHENDLMAYR, HANS CASPAR (Aiistr.). Mint-master at Gratz, 1660,
in which year he issued Groschen.

KHIFER, HANS JACOB (Aiistr.). Seal-engraver at Vienna, circa

KHLOCKHNICZ, CORNELIUS (Austr.). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver
at Vienna, 1580. He appears to have also worked for the Mint

KHOCH, NICKLAUS (Swiss). Mint-master at Lucerne, 1540. Vide

KHRALL, JOBST(^//j-/r.). Seal-engraver at Vienna, who is recorded
to have cut in 1532 five small and large seals for the Mint-master

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Oesterreicher, Regesten, etc.

KHRIEGER, PAUL (Germ.). Goldsmith of Vienna, who in 1621 is
mentioned as Director of the Mint there.



K. I. Vide KRUGER JUNIOR. Medallist at Dresden, 1785-1814.

KIEFFER. GEORG (Germ.). Mint-master at Weinberg, circa 1586.

KIEHLMANN (Germ.). A Dresden Die-sinker, whose signature
occurs on the obv. of a medal of D r Friedrich Ludwig Kreysig,
Dresden, 1828.

KIENLEN, MAX (Germ.). Mint-master at Ulm, 1635-1639. Some
of his issues are signed M. K.

KIESSEL, HENNING (Gtrm.). Mint-master at Cramberg a. d. Lahn,
circa 1626.

appointed Lord Justice of Ireland (temp. Edward IV.) was given, in
consideration of his many services, unlimited control of the mints
and their officers. He received also all the profits arising from the
coinage. None of the Kildare coins have the king's name''. These
coins consist of Groats, Half Groats, Pennies and Farthings.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. H. A. Grueber, Handbook oj the Coins of Great Britain and
Ireland, p. 223.

KILIAN, LUCAS (Germ.). Gem-engraver of Augsburg, of the first
half of the seventeenth century. He has been pompously styled
"the German Pyrgoteles". His productions however are quite

- 148

KIMON (Greek). Coin-engraver at Himera, about the middle years
of the fifth century B.C. D r Arthur Evans discovered his signature
on a Tetradrachm of Himera, struck circa 450 B.C., a specimen of
which is in the Museo Nazionale at Naples (Catalogo, etc. : Meda-
gliere, 4429).

JR.. Tetradrachm. Obv. Quadriga to 1., crowned by Nike ; horses
trotting; in the ex. : retrograde inscription MOIAS3MI divided by
cock to 1.

ty,. The nymph Himera, in sleeved tunic and peplos standing
facing, her head turned to 1. ; her hand is raised and she extends
in her 1. a patera over a garlanded altar, with gabled top ; on the
upper part of the altar, above cross-moulding beneath pediment,
the inscription, KIMON. To r. of Himera, small Seilen taking a
douche bath beneath a lion-headed fountain ; above, a single barley-

Evans, Syr. Med., PI. X, i a and i b .

The signature KIMON is disposed as shown below, trom an
engraving given by D r Evans, p. 175, fig. 13.

" It is evident", observes D r Evans, " that the Kimon who signs
on these coins cannot be the artist of that name who attaches his
signature to the fine tetradrachms and pentekontalitra of Syracuse
struck during the last two decades of the fifth century B.C. But in
view of the well-known Greek practice of repeating personal names

(4 diams.)

in alternate generations and the prevalence of hereditary succession
in artistic industries, of which we have a striking numismatic
Cample in the case of the celebrated group of Syracusan die-sinkers,
the probability that the earlier Kimon was the grandfather of the

later becomes considerable. "


Prof. Holm does not reject the suggestion offered by D r Evans
as to the relationship between the earlier and the later Kimon, and
quite adopts the idea that the latter artist was not a Syracusan, hut
probably originated from one of the towns of Southern Italy,
perhaps Himera, or Messana, where he apparently worked, or even
Neapolis, from whose coinage he borrowed some of his Syracusan

KIMON (Greek). One of the most celebrated Coin-engravers of
ancient times, probably a Neapolitan, who flourished at Syracuse
towards the end of the fifth century B.C. and beginning
of the fourth century. His fame stands equal with that of Evaenetos,
and by some his work is preferred to that of his famous colleague
at the Syracusan Mint, as more dignified and bold.

The earliest Syracusan Dekadrachms (so-called " Medallions ")
are by Kimon. They present a distincttype of iemale head on obv.,

that of the nymph Arethusa, wearing hair in a net with head-band,

I/ 1

on the frontlet of which the artist's signature sometimes occurs.


They were probably issued on the occasion of the first celebration of
the Assinarian Games in B.C. 412, and, as the " Damareteion "
issue was called for by the Syracusan Victory at Himera, so these
so-called " Medallions " by Kimon and Evaenetos were struck after
the Victory at Assinaros.

i. ^R. Dekadrachm. Obv. ZYPAKOZIHN. Head of Arethusa
to 1., wearing earring in the form of three drops falling from a

calyx, and pearl-necklace ; the hair is enclosed in net, band tied in front
above ; on the ampyx of the sphendone *.' ; relief somewhat low ;

around, four dolphins : border of dots.

^L. Quadriga to 1., driven by charioteer holding goad and reins;
horses in high action ; above, Nike flying to r. about to crown
charioteer ; in ex. a ledge or step, on and against which is placed a
suit of defensive armour, consisting of helmet and shield, cuirass
and greaves; beneath, AOAA ; on the exergual line, KIMON.

150 -

Weight : 667 grs. B.M.Cat. Sicily, p. 175, n 200.-
Evans, Syracusan Medallions, PL i, n 5. - Du Chastel,
op.cit., PI. 12, n 141 (reproduced}. Hill, Coins of An-
cient Sicily, Frontispiece, n i. Head, Coins of Syracuse,
PI. iv, 6. - - Macdonald, Catalogue of Greek Coins in the
Hunter ian Collection , I, p. 228, n 63.

Mr. Hill observes that on this group ot Kimon's Dekadrachms
" the head of the nymph Arethusa is marked by a greater restraint
and severity of manner than is apparent on his other works, and is
also treated in somewhat lower relief" ; and he adds : "Its relation
to the head on a tetradrachm by Euainetos (VideBiog. Diet., vol. II,
p. 44, n 21) is obvious. The nymph wears her hair in a net, and
her earring has the form of three drops falling from a calyx. The
hair is treated with a certain amount of exuberance at the sides of
the head, but otherwise the work is fairly reserved. In comparison
with Kimon's later types there is a lack of modelling in the face ;
the curve of the profile taken from the nose upwards and carried
on over the frontlet is not pleasing; and the angle made with the

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