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Christ's Hospital's Medalet ; Prize Medal of St. Saviour's
School, Southwark ; Medal of the Order of Shakespearians,
I 777 '> ~~ Sir Hugh Myddelton, { 1631 (a modern production
attributed to Kirk by Franks and Grueber) ; Inigo Jones, {- 1652
(" This piece is well executed, as a study, by John Kirk, who
afterwards attained considerable eminence ") ; Elizabeth Cley-
pole, Y 1658 (2 var.) ; - Cromwell, } 1658; - John Milton,
j- 1674; - Bishop Berkeley's Premium Medal ; 1740. Portrait-
medal of George II. (signed : I. KIRK. F. AETATE. 16.) Mr. Grueber
observes : " This is one of the earliest known works of John Kirk.

Capture of Louisburg, 1758.

It was executed probably as a trial of his proficiency about the year
1740, when the young head ceased to appear upon the coinage of
George II.; - Sir John Barnard, 1744; - Recapture of Prague,
1744, with Bust of Prince Charles of Lorraine (3 var.); Capture
of the Spanish ships, the Marquis d'Antin and the Lewis Erasmus,
1745 ; Medal of the Loyal Association, 1745 (signed : I. KIRK
F. ST. PAUL'S CHURCH-YARD) ; - - Repulse of the Rebels by 'the
Duke of Cumberland, 1745 (fyL. only ; 2 varieties); - Others,
on the same event (2 var.); - - Battle of Culloden, 1746; -
Another, on the same event (obv. only) ; Medal of the
Tuesday Club of Annapolis; George II. and the Duke of Cum-
berland, a counter (several varieties) ; - - Frederick and Augusta,
Prince and Princess of Wales, a counter ; William Duke of Cum-
berland (3 var. of Counters) ; - - Augusta, Princess of Wales, a
series of Counters unsigned (Mcd. III., pp. 623-626, n os 299-310);
William, Prince of Orange, Stadholder, 1747; Peace of
Aix-la-Chapelle, proclaimed, 2. Feb. 1749 (2 var. ; one unsigned);


Death of Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1751 ; - - Free Britisn

Fishery Society, 1751 ; Louisburg taken, 1758 (illustrated); -
Battle of Minden, 1759 ; Death of General Wolfe, 1759 (from a
wax model by Cosset, illustrated, Vol. II, p. 301); George II.,

Accession of George III., by Kirk.

Portrait-medalet, 1760; - - Accession of George III., Oct. 26,
1760 (illustrated) ; John Murray, Third Duke of Athol,
1774 ; William Murray, Earl of Mansfield, 1777 (from a model
by Gosset) ; - - Prize Medal of the Dumfries Society for Encour-
agement of Agriculture, 1776; - Tribute to David Garrick,
1772; Memorial Medal of David Garrick, 1773 ; - David
Garrick's retirement, 1776; - Memorial Medal of the Marquis ot

Marquis of Granby, Memorial Medal, by J. Kirk,
(f of actual size).

Granby, 1774 (illustrated); - John Harrison, The Armagh
Library founded, 1771 (after Tassie); Benjamin Hoadley,

Bishop of Winchester, 1676-1761, Memorial Medal, 1761 ; -
Henry, Second Earl Bathurst, 1714-1794; Erection of the New
Hall of the Six Clerks' Office, 1776 (after Gosset) ; The Earl ot
Camden appointed Lord Chancellor, 1766 (i var.) ; - Memorial
Medal of Lord Camden, 1773; - William Pitt, First Earl of
Chatham, Memorial Medal, 1778 ; Marriage of George III. with
Queen Charlotte, 8. September, and Coronation, 22. September,

- i6 5 -

1761 ; - - To the Immortality of the Order of Free Masons, Lon-
don, 1766; William Beckford; Frederick, Baron North, First
Lord ofthe Treasury, 1776 (?) (after Cosset); Various Prize
Medals, &c. ; - Medical Society of London, 1773 ; Linnaeus ;
&c. ; The Grafton Medal, 1788; - - Hugh Percy, Duke of Nor-
thumberland, 1766 (2 var.) ; - Church and State Medal, 1774;

GEMS. Copy of Marchant's bust of Susanna, after the statue by
Fiamingo ; - - Bust of George II. ; - - Bust of George III. ; -
Prince Ernest of Mecklenburg ; Mrs Claypole; Cosset, the
famous modeller in wax ; Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1773 ; Lord
Chancellor York; Female head, a study, after Tassie, &c.

There is also a large series ot medalets (in silver and in bronze)
bearing portraits of distinguished persons.

Amongst the Tassie Gems there is one representing a Female
portrait, taken from a medallion engraved by Kirk.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Franks and Grueber, Medallic Illustra-
tions of the History of Great Britain and Ireland. London, 1885. Cochran-
Patrick, Medals of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1885. H. A. Grueber, Guide to the
Exhibition of English Medals, 1891. Marvin, Masonic Medals, Boston, 1880.
Belts, American Colonial History illustrated by Contemporary Medals. New York,
1894. Leroux, Medaillier dti Canada.

KIRKYN, GEORGE (Brit.). Mint-master in conjunction with Lotto
Nicholyn, of Florence, under Edward III., anno 17.

KIRKWOOD, ALEXANDER (Brit.). Medallist of the second and
third quarters of the nineteenth century, who resided at Edin-
burgh, where he died on the 6. August, 1879, at the age of seventy-
five, having been born on the 23. August, 1804.

From Cochran-Patrick, we learn that he is the author of the
following medals : Montrose Medal of Merit (signed : A. KIRK-
WOOD); - Medals ofthe Royal Scottish Society of Arts (2 var.);
- Medal of the Photographic Society of Scotland (fyL. only);
Medal of the Ayrshire Agricultural Association ; Medals of the
Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, etc.

Alexander Kirkwood was the chief partner of the firm of KIRK-
WOOD & SON, which is now represented by his son, A. KIRKWOOD.

KIRKWOOD, A. (Brit.). Son of the last, and head of the firm of
Edinburgh Die-sinkers, KIRKWOOD & SON. He cut a number of
medal-dies, some of which are described in Cochran-Patrick's
Medals of Scotland : Alexander Kirkwood Sen 1 "., 1804-1879 ;
Agricultural Medals (several varieties; some signed : ALEX. KIRK-
WOOD; others KIRKWOOD & SON); - - Montrose Medal of Merit;

Medals of the Royal Caledonian Club, and others which I shall
enumerate under the" heading of KIRKWOOD & SON.


KIRKWOOD, HENRY A. (Brit.}. Brother of Alexander Kirkwood
Sen r and also a Medallist, who worked at Edinburgh during the

Portrait of James Watt, by Henry Kirkwood.

second half ot the nineteenth century. He produced many intagli
and camei in stone, and was also a Wood-engraver, but was perma-
nently invalided, says Cochran-Patrick, from mental strain, in 1856.
His signature H T K. occurs on a medal struck for the Watt Club in
Greenock, and bears a bust of James Watt.

KIRKWOOD & SON (Brit.). This firm has long been connected
with medallic work in Edinburgh. The great-grandfather of the
present representative and his grandfather were both well-known
engravers ". (Cochran-Patrick, Medals of Scotland, p. 268).
Henry Kirkwood, the author of the Watt Medal, and his brother,
Alexander,' 1804-1879, are the best known Medallists of the

The signature KIRKWOOD & SON or A. KIRKWOOD & SON to which
is added sometimes EDINR. occurs on the following medals enumer-
ated by Cochran-Patrick : Alexander Kirkwood Sen r , 1804-1879 ;
The Robert Wilson Memorial Prize; Medal of George
Heriot's Hospital ; - - Opening of St. Giles Church, Edinburgh,
1883; Visit of the Queen and Prince Consort to Edinburgh,
1842; Medal of the Photographic Society of Scotland ; Medal
of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society ; Medal of the
Scottish Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals;
Medal of the University of Aberdeen, 1884; Unveiling of the
Tannahill Statue, Paisley, 1883 (signed : K& S); Jubilee of
the Caledonian Youths' Society, Musselburgh, 1877; Medal of
the Caithness Industrial Exhibition, 1868 ; Medal of the Argyll-
shire Gathering ; - - Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland,
1884 (several varieties); Montrose Medal of Merit; Medals

- 167 -

of the Royal Caledonian Club, with curling scenes (sev. var.) ;
- The " George Glennie " Golf Medal (3 var.) ; Medal for
Winners at the Game of Quoits; - - Volunteer Medals (sev. var.) ;
Dog Show at Frankfort-on-Main, 1878 ; 7oo th Anniversary of
the Mayoralty of London, 1889; Minto House School of Medicine,
Edinburgh ; - - Surgeons' Hall School of Medicine, Edinburgh ;
- School of Medicine, Edinburgh ; D r Sir Geo. H. B. Macleod,
Glasgow; - - Medical college for Women at Edinburgh;
Marshall St. School of Medicine, - - Medical Dept., Victoria
wing, Edinburgh Hospital ; Medal of the Dobbie-Smith
wings at Edinburgh and Glasgow Medical Schools; Bathgate
Medal; Princess Charlotte, and others.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. W. Cochran-Patrick, Catalogue of the Medals of Scotland ,
Edinburgh, 1894. C. Welch, Nutnisniata Londinensia, 1894.

KIRSCHBAUM, NIKOLAUS (Austr.). Assistant Mint-engraver at
Vienna, 1843.

KIRSCHNER. PHILIP (Germ.). Goldsmith and Mint-engraver at
Weikersheim, 1623-1624.

KIRSTEIN, FRIEDRICH (Germ.}. Sculptor of the first half of the
nineteenth century, who resided at Strassburg. He is the author,
amongst others, of Silver medallions representing various subjects,
one of which is Christ and the Samaritan woman at the well of
Sychar, all chased and repousse work. He exhibited at the Paris
Salon between 1810 and 1834, an< ^ by him are also the following
medals : Oberlin ; Erwin de Steinbach ; - J. Sturm, first rector
of the Academy of Strassburg; General Meeting of Musical
societies of Alsace, 1830, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, of>. oil. J. Florange, Catalogue de
la Collection de M. A***, 1 6- 1 8 Janvier

KIRSTEIN, FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Son of the last; Sculptor of
Strassburg, where he was born. By him is a Portrait-medallion of
Benjamin Constant, and various Bas-reliefs, in chased and repousse
work. One of his Bas-reliefs in marble, representing Christ blessing
the Children was executed for Strassburg Cathedral, 1842.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, of), cit.

KISCH, A. (Belg.). A Brussels Die-sinker, who in 1876 issued a
commemorative medal of the Health Exposition at Brussels, in that
year (in Boston Coll").

KISSELS, HENNIG (Germ.}. Mint-master at Mayence, 1609-
1614 (?)


KISSING (Austr.). Contemporary Medallist, by whom I have seen
a commemorative medal of Kosciuszko, 1894.

KISSLING, RICHARD (Swiss). Sculptor, born at Wolfwyl, canton
Solothurn, 1848; author of the William Tell Monument at Altorf.
His initials R. K. appear on the medal struck by F. Homberg on the
Dedication of the Tell Monument at Altorf in 1895.

KIST, TEUNIS (Dutch.). Mint-master at Medemblik and Hoorn,
1741-1761 ; privy mark, a cock.

KIT (Belg.). Die-sinker of Antwerp. His signature occurs on the
fyL of a medal of the Society of Pharmacy, Antwerp, 1858.

KITTEL, GEORG WILHELM (Germ.). Medallist, born at Breslau in
1694, where he died in 1769. His productions are usually signed
GWK or K. Amongst his best known works are : Death of King
Charles VI., 1740 ; Death of the Emperor Charles VII., 1745 ; -
Bohemian Coronation of Maria Theresia, 1743 (2 var.); relief of
Prague, 1743; Thalers and Half Thalers of Charles VI.;
Thalers of Frederick II. for Silesia; The Famine ot 1736;
End of the Famine, 1737 (3 var.); - - The severe Winter of
1739/40; Jubilee of the Discovery of Printing, 1740; Death
of Charles VI., 1740 (signed : G. W. KITTEL) ; Silesia mourning
for Charles VI., 1741 ; Battle of Mollwitz, 1741 ; - - Siege ot
Breslau, 1741 ; Portrait-medal of Frederick II. and his Consort,

Queen Elizabeth Christina, 1741 ; Battle of Chotusitz, 1742
(3 var.); Preliminaries of the Peace of Breslau, 1742 (2 var.);

Recapture of Prague, 1743 (2 var.); The Comet of 1744; -
Marriage of Luise Ulrika of Prussia with Adolph Frederick of
Sweden, 1744; - - Taking of Prague, 1744 (2 var.); Battle of
Hohenlriedeberg, 1745 (4 var.); - The Great Draught in Silesia,
1746; Foundation of the Reformed Church at Breslau, 1747
(2 var.); Plague of Grasshoppers in Silesia, 1748; Explosion
of Breslau Arsenal, 1749; - Dedication of the Reformed Church
at Breslau, 1750; Zinzendorf, and the Community of Moravian
Brethren, 1750; Jubilee ot the Church of Peace at Jauer, 1755 ;

- Coronation Medal of Frederick II. (Breslau), 1741, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Friedensburg und Seger, Schlesiens
Miinyn und Medaillen der neueren Zeit, Breslau, 1901. Kirmis, op. cit. Iversen,
op. cit. Hildebrand, op. cit. Schlesiens Forfeit, &c. VII.

KITTEL, JOHANN (Germ.). Medallist of Breslau, born at Namslau
in 1656, , died on the 25. November 1740. The earliest medals on
which his monogram appears (K. or I. K.) are dated 1681, and from
that date until his death he executed numerous medals commemor-
ating events in Saxon history as well as personal medals. I could


only find descriptions of the following : Bombardment of Belgrade,
1688 ; Religious Medals (for Christening, Marriage, etc. ceremo-
nies; also commemorative of Peace festivities) ; Johann Hartwig,
Count of Nostitz; Medal of 1690, with busts of Leopold, Joseph,
and the Empress; Siege of Vienna, 1683 (A/". Medal); Peace of
Ryswick, 1697 '> Undated Thaler, with bust of Frederick II. ; -
Death of Caspar Neumann, 1715; - Coronation of Frederick I.
King of Prussia, 1701; Times of Distress, 1702 (2 var.);
Alms Medal, 1704; - - Accession of Joseph I., 1705;
Satirical Medal on the New Century, 1700; Battle of
Ramillies and Relief of Barcelona, 1706 ; Capture of Naples,
1707; End of the Plague at Breslau, 1714 (2 var.) ; Baptism
of Archduke Leopold, 1716 ; Trial of the Coining-Press invented
by Daniel Cracau, 1717; Coronation of Charles VI., 1723; -
Inauguration of the Evangelical Church at Gross-Wartenberg, 1736;

- Water Famine (2 var.); - - Queen Elizabeth Christina of
Prussia; Coronation of Charles VI., 1711; - Memorial Medal
of Leopold I. ; - - Siege of Azow. 1696; - Peace of Carlowitz,
1696; - Coronation Jeton of Catherine L, &c. It is however
somewhat doubtful whether the Russian medals signed I. K. are
by Kittel.


KITTEL, JOHANN GOTTLIEB (Germ.). Medallist of Breslau, son of
Johann Kittel, and brother of Georg Wilhelm, was born in 1688
and died in 1727, only 39 years old. His productions are usually
signed JGK. These initials occur on a Thaler of 1714; - - Johann
Andreas Baron von Plencken, Chancellor of Silesia, 1718; Thaler
on his Jubilee, &c.

Some of the medals engraved by the Kittels are described in
Kundmann's " Heimsuchungen"; a tew were designed by the cele-
brated Caspar Neumann. Many being unsigned, it is impossible to
attribute them correctly.

KITTEL, JOSEF (Anslr.~). Die-sinker of Vienna, whose signature I
have met with on medals commemorating the Marriage of the
Archduke Rudolph of Austria with Crown Princess Stephanie of
Belgium, 1881.

master at Joachimsthal, 1650-1668. His distinctive mark, a crown,
occurs on Thalers, Fiinfzehners and Kreutzers of that period, struck
at the Mint of Joachimsthal.

BIBLIOGRAPHY - Fiala, Beschreibunv der Sanimlunv Bohmischer Mun^en und
Medaillen, Prag, 1888.


KITZIN, MARCUS (Germ.}. Mint-contractor at Lindau, 1415.

KITZKATZ, RUPRECHT NICLAS (Germ.}. Medallist and Coin-engrav-
er at Dresden, circa 1615-1633. His name has been discovered by

Treble Thaler of John George I. of Saxony, by Kitzkatz.
Julius and Albert Erbstein, who have shown that the monogram
P/ stands for Kitzkatz, and not Rull, as given by Schlickeysen.

To this Engraver, the compilers of the Engelhardt Catalogue
have attributed the following pieces : Christmas Coins, 1617, issued

b yPrince Elector John George II. in honour of his mother, Sophia ;
I st " type, with legends : VT SALOMON SIC EGO MATREM
Thaler, Small Dickthaler, and Ortsthalers (2 var.) ; II nd type, with
EL DITANT VOTA MATERNA, Dickthalers (4 var.), Half
Thalers (2 var.), Ortsthalers (3 var.) ; Broad Treble Thaler of
1626, with Kitzkatz's monogram, obv. John George I. on horse-
back ; issued under the Mint-master Hans Jocob whose initials
appear on the H$L. (illustrated); Medal of John George L, obv.
PRO LEGE-ET GREGE. The Prince-Elector on horseback,
to r. #.. D : G : IOH : GEOR : DVX SAX IVL : CL : ET
MO : ELEC. Helmeted shield of arms; Another, similar, but
dated 1624; - Another, similar, of 1626, with the motto:
SCOPVS VIT^E MEJE CHRISTVS ; Medal of 1617 presented by
John George I. to his Councillors, on his Birthday, 5. March, obv.
SITIVIT IN TE ANIMA MEA. Stag drinking at a well in front of
tree ty. DONVM | SERENISS : PRIN : c. ; - Small Medal of
1620 on the Beginning of the Saxon campaign against Lausitz and
Silesia; Medal of 1624 on the Convention of Schleusing or
Upper Saxon " Kreistag " at Jiiterbogk ; obv. PRO LEGE ET
GREGE John George I. on horseback }$L. Shield of arms;
Medal on the " Kreistag" of Upper Saxony, 1626, obv. SCOPVS
VITJE MEJE CHRISTVS 1626. The Prince-Elector on horseback;
- Medal of 1632 on the Battle of Liitzen, and Death of Gustavus
Adolphus of Sweden ; obv. Bust of Gustavus Adolphus fyL STANS
Sword crowned, adorned with laurel and palm-branches.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Julius und Albert Erbstein, Erorterungen auf dtm Gebiete der
Sdcbsiscben Mun^-und Medaillen-Gescbicbte bei Ver^eidmung dir Hofrath Engel-
Sammlung, Dresden, 1888.

KITZMAHL, CHRISTOPH (Germ.). Also called Kitynagl. Gold-

smith and Seal-engraver at Munich, 1575; produced work for
Duke Ferdinand. In 1583, he is mentioned again as a Goldsmith.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. V. Hull, Aus bayerischen Archiven, Mittheilungen der
Bayerischen Numismatischen Gesellschaft, 1900.



K. K. Vide KILIAN KOCH. Counter-manufacturer at Nuremberg,
sixteenth century.

Hildburghausen, 1760, and Eisenach, 1763-65.

K. L. Vide KONRAD LANGE. Medallist at Vienna, 1840 7 1856.


KLAEHREN, HEINRICH VON DER (Germ.). Mint-master at Lubeck,
1619-1630. Distinctive mark : sun.

KLAGMANN, JEAN BAPTISTE JULES (French). Sculptor, and Medal-
list, born at Paris on the i. April 1810, where he died on the
1 8. January 1867. Pupil of the Ecole des Beaux- Arts, Feuchere, and
Ramey Jun r . He has executed numerous Portrait-medallions in clay
and bronze : Dante Alighieri; Machiavel ; - - Lord Byron; -
Shakespeare; Pierre Corneille; Prosper Gothi, dramatic
artist, &c. At the Salon of 1845, he exhibited three medals.

His works of sculpture are numerous and some are important; he
also executed models for English gold-and silversmiths' work.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit. Miiller & Singer, op. cit.

KLAGMANN, HEINRICH (Bohem.). Mint-warden at Prague, 1696.

KLAUS (Swiss) 1616-1636. Mint-warden at Lucerne. He struck
the Students' Prize Medals, issued at this period, at Lucerne.

KLAUSER, CHRISTOPH (Swiss). Mint-master at Lucerne, 1575;
he came from Zurich.

KLAUSING (Dutch). This signature is found on a medal struck to
commemorate the inauguration of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts
at Amsterdam, 1820.

KLAUSNITZ, GEORG(Gmn.). Mint-worker at Breslau, 1683.

KAH (Greek). This signature, which M. Michel P. Vlasto ascribes
to an Engraver, occurs in the present form, or abbreviated, in KA,
on Tarentine coins of the end of Evans' fifth Period and beginning
ot the sixth, circa 320-300.

1. A/". Stater. Obv. Head of young Herakles wearing lion's

T$L. Taras nude on biga to r., holding trident ; in the field, dol-
phin, star of eight rays, and KAH.

Weight : 8.58 gr. - - Vlasto, Journ. int. cTarcb. num.,
1901, PI. G' 4.
The following Didrachms might also belong to this Artist :

2. J&. Didrachm. Obv. Naked horseman, galloping to r., hold-
ing reins with both hands; behind, EY; beneath, APIZTIA2.

%L. TAPAZ, naked, seated on dolphin to 1., holding bunch of
grapes and distaff; below, KAH.

Weight : 7.75 gr. B. M. Cat., Italy, p. 176, n 120.
Evans, p. 135, Period VI, E, 2.

3. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Helmeted horseman lancing down-
wards; beneath horse, API ; above and in field ETA.


J$L. Tarns astride on dolphin, holding oar in 1. hand with r.
extending kantharos; in field to 1. KA.

Evans, Horsemen &c., p. 103, n 20.

4. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Similar; I infield to r. ; beneath horse,

tyL Similar; KA in field to 1. ; beneath, ERA.

Evans, op. cit., p. 103, n 21. Car. CX, 134.

5. /K. Didrachm. Obv. Similar, with I. fyL Without ERA.

B. M. Cat., p. 1 88, n 204.

6. yR. Didrachm. Obv. Similar; horseman not helmeted; he
carries a shield; behind, Zl ; beneath, OIAOKAHZ.

RL. Similar; Taras holds wreath in r. ; beneath, KA.

B. M. Cat., p. 188, n 206. Car. CXIV, 205.

This same signature, observes M. Vlasto, occurs again on rare
silver staters (?) of greatly reduced weight, struck at Tarentum
under the occupation of Hannibal, associated with the magistrate's
signature 1HPAMBOZ. but their fabric and late style preclude any
possibility of connection between the two KAH.

For my own part, I feel rather reluctant to share M. Vlasto's
view in considering KAH as an Engraver, although I know that
Dr. Arthur Evans considers the signature EY (and others) which
occur at the same period as those of Die-sinkers, and points out
" that the very grossness of the features that characterize the coins
signed EY proclaims identity of handiwork".

BIBLIOGRAPHY. M. P. Vlasto, Momiaies d'or de Tarente, Journal international
d'archeologie numismatique, 1901. A. Evans, Horsemen of Tarentum, 1889.

KLEEBERG, AUGUST (^//j/r.). Contemporary Medallist, residing
at Vienna, where since 1864 he has executed a number of Personal
and Commemorative medals. He died towards the end of last
century. Amongst these I have noticed : Assassination of Maximi-
lian I., Emperor of Mexico, 1867 (2 var.); The Empress Eliza-
beth of Austria nursing the sick during the war, 1866 ; Centen-
ary Commemoration of the Palatine Archduke Joseph, 1876;
Hungarian Coronation of the Emperor Francis Joseph and Empress
Elizabeth, 1866 (4 var.); - - Inauguration of the Monument to
Field Marshal Prince Schwarzenberg, 1867; Federal Choral
Festival of Lower Austria, at Wiener Neustadt, 1864.

The following information respecting Kleeberg has been kindly
favoured by Messrs Briider Eqger of Vienna:

" Wir wissen nur das Kleeberg eigentlich Graveur und Goldar-
beiter war, und die Herstellung von Medaillen entweder gar nicht
oder nur nebensachlich betrieben hat, indem er Medaillen von
anderen arbeiten lies, und nur seinen Namen darunter setzte ; z.B.
hat ScharfF wiedcrholt erzahlt, dass eine Medaille mit dem Kopfe

- 174 -

Richard Wagner's auf die Bayreuther Festspiele im Jahre 1876 von
ihm auf Bestellung des Kleeberg angetertigt wurde, und auch die
Initialen A. K. auf derselben vorkommen.

" Diese Medaille ist beschrieben im Katalog der Ausstellung von
Miinzen und Medaillen aus der Regierungszeit Kaiser Franz
Josef I, veranstaltet von der Numismatischen-Gesellschaft in Wien
im Jahre 1888, unter Nr. 1946.

" Kleeberg war in letzter Zeit bei einer hiesigen Gold und Silber-
fabrik Markowisch & Scheid als Werkfuhrerangestellt."

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Betts, Imperial Coinage of Mexico, 1899. Mittheilnngen des
Clubs der Mun^-und Medaillen freunde in Wien, 1890-1900.

KLEIN (Germ.}. Medallist, who worked at Breslau, circa 1755-
1762. Friedensburg, Miln^geschichte Schlesiens, remarks : " In the
middle years of the eighteenth century, a Die-sinker of the name of
Klein was working at Breslau, and signed in full a rare medal of
1762 on the Battle of Freiberg (Peace of Hamburg between Sweden
and Prussia). I have however been unable to obtain any other infor-
mation about him, and do not know whether he perhaps also signed
Silesian medals with a K only. He may have been the Court Gold-
smith, Daniel Klein, or Tobias Klein, Assayer at the Breslau Mint,

s )i

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fridensburg, op. cit. Hildebrand, op. cit.

KLEIN, HANS (Germ.). Bavarian Mint-warden at Ratisbon, 1615-
1623, and Bayreuth, 1623.

KLEIN, HANS (Germ.). Mint-master at Rostock, 1614-15 and

KLEIN, MICHAEL (Germ.). Mint-warden at Mergentheim, 1535.

KLEIN, PETER, PROF. (Austr.). Designer of a medal of Pope
Leo XIII., engraved by Leisek, 1893.

KLEINER, MICHAEL (Germ.). Mint-master at St. Petersburg,
1808-1809, Kolpin, 1810, and Ischora, 1810-1811. He signed his
issues M. K.

KLEINERT, FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Born at Bartenstein (Prussia),
1633; Silversmith and Coin-dealer at Nuremberg, where he died
in 1714, eighty-one years old. He edited a number of medals, which
are signed F. K., and was the first in Germany to give his medals,

J machi " e |7' a sharp> clearly cut ' raised ed 8 e > also to inscrib e the
edges, which was his own speciality. In conjunction with Lazarus
Gottlieb Lauffer, Chief- warden of the mint at Nuremberg, and

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