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Caspar Gottlieb Lauffer (q. v.) he issued a large series of historical
medals, some of which have reference to England, as the following :


Coronation of William III., 1689; Security of Britain, 1689;
Toleration Act, 1689; Death of Schomberg; Congress of the
Allies, February 1691 ; Battle of La Hogue, 1692 (3 types);
The French Coast bombarded, Sept. 1694; Campaign of 1694;
Casale taken and the security of Italy restored, 1695 ; Namur
retaken, 1695 ; Battle ot Blenheim, 1704; - British Victories,
1704; Barcelona relieved and Conquest of Brabant, 1706, &c.
Most of these medals were engraved by Philipp Heinrich Miiller.
Klemert's signature F. K. occurs also on the following medals :
Recapture of Belgrade from the Turks, 1688; Bombardment
of Belgrade, 1688, and many others, which will be found described
under the names of their respective Engravers.

Vide under LAUFFER a fairly complete list or the medals issued by
Lazarus Gottlieb, Caspar Gottlieb Lauffer and F. Kleinert, with the
collaboration of P. H. Miiller, M. Brunner, and other engravers.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. oil. Ammon,q/>. cit. Franks & Grueber,
Medallic Illustrations &c. Numopbyl. Butckb., P. H. Kohler, Mun^belustigun-
fren &c. Doppelmayr, HistoriscJx Nacbricbt von Nurnbergisclxn Mathematicis und

KLEINHANS, CHRISTOPH (Germ.}. Mint-official at Greiz, 1621;
he may have cut dies for Pattern Groschen of Albrecht Giinther of
Schwarzburg. He was a native of Ilmenau.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Fischer, Die Mun^en des Houses Scbu,'ar%burg, Heidelberg,

KLEINSCHMIDT, WILHELM (Germ.). Mint-master at Hildburg-
hausen, 1760-1770. He is also described as a Die-sinker. His initials
W. K. occur on a Conventions Thaler of Ernest Frederick Karl of
Saxe-Hildburghausen, on the Peace of Hubertsburg, 1763.

KLEINSTEUBER, C. G. (Germ.). Mint-engineer at Berlin, bom
Nov. 14, 1773, at Weimar. He was at first a manufacturer of musical
instruments, but in 1813 he set up a workshop for the construc-
tion of machinery for the Berlin Mint. He improved the coining-
press and invented several new tools. The English Government
acquired one of Kleinsteuber's presses, which he himself installed at
the London Mint. He died 8. Nov. 1834. There is a Portrait-
medal of him by Brandt.

KLEINSTEDBER, ERNST (Germ.). Mint-master at Gotha, 1828-
1838; died in 1845. His initials occur on coins of Duke Ernest of
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; I have noticed a K on a Thaler of 1729 of that

ELEMENT, HANS (Bobem.). Die-cutter at the Mint of Kuttenberg,
1599. A die of 1634 f r Bohemian Groschen (Dreikreuzerers) is
attributed to him.

- i 7 6 -

KLEMMER, SIEGMUND (Austr.}. Mint-warden at Vienna, 1765-
1776; was in office at Kremnitz in 1779. His issues are usually
signed S. K.

KLEON (KAEHNOI). Gem-engraver of the first century A. D. By
him is a beautitul head of Amazon and other works (Vide. Furtwa'n-
gler, Antike Gemmen, 1902, PI. LXI, 37).

KLENTSCHY (Swiss). An Engraver, who worked at Chaux-de-
Fonds in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. He was a
pupil of Fritz Jeanneret. At the Chaux-de-Fonds Municipal Museum
I have seen two medals or medallions by him, of good work.

KLEODOROS (Greek}. Coin-engraver of the beginning of the
fourth century B. C. w 7 hose signature occurs on Didrachms of
Velia, often associated with that of another Velian Artist of the
same period, Philistionos.

Kleodoros signed some of his productions KAEYAflPOY, others
with the monogram KAEY. >C. They belong to the finest issues of

Raoul Rochette had already noticed this Engraver's signature and
reproduced the charming coin described below, which ranks very
high as an artistic work.

i. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Head of Pallas, nearly facing, in winged
Phrygian helmet, the front of which is inscribed : KAEYAOPOY;
hair long. ; neck adorned with necklace.

tyL. Lion to 1. devouring prey; in exergue : YEAHTHN;
between the lion's hind legs, >C : plain border.

B. M. Cat., Italy, p. 311, n 70. Gardner, Types of
Greek Coins, PI. v, n 41. - Car. CXL, 50. Raoul-Ro-
chette, op.cit., PI. in, 21. Macdonald, Hunterian Catalogue,
I, PI. VHI, 1 6.

2. ^R. Didrachm. Obv: Head of Pallas to r. , wearing crested
Athenian helmet, on which olive-vreath with fruit; ends of hair
loose; behind, >.

fyL. YEAHTflN; (in ex.)- Lion to 1., head turned back, 1. fore-
foot on ram's head ; beneath, >E : plain border.
Macdonald, op. cit., I, PI. vm, 15.

3. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Head of Pallas to 1., wearing crested
Athenian helmet, on which, griffin ; flap of helmet, plain; behind,

tyL. YEAHTflN. Lion walking to 1. ; above, O ; beneath, >E :
plain border.

B. M.Cat., Italy, p. 310, n 60. - Car. N.I.V.T.

CXXXV1I, 21.

4. .<R. Didrachm. Obv. Similar.

1$L. Same inscription. Lion running to 1.; beneath, >E : plain

B. M.Cat., op. cit., n 61.

5. ^R. Didrachm Obv. Head of Pallas to I., wearing Phrygian
helmet, on which female Centaur, with drapery over 1. arm, flap
ornamented; behind, >E.

tyL. YEAHTflN. Lion seizing stag to r. ; <J>I : border ot dots.
B. M.Cat., op. cit., n 73. Car. CXLII, 67.

6. jR. Didrachm. Obv. Similar.

fyL YEAHTflN (in ex.). Lion to 1., devouring prey, held with
1. fore-paw; above, A , beneath, E : plain border.

B. M.Cat., op. cit., n 74. Car. cxn, 58 var.

L. FORREH. Biog raphical Notices of Medallists. III. 12

- i 7 8 -

7. ^R. Didrachm. Similar, with flap of helmet plain, and >.

B.M.Cat., op. cit., n75.

8. ;R. Didrachm. Similar, with ornamented flap. J$L. Similar;
but above lion, 0; beneath, >E.

B.M.Cat., op. cit., n 76. Car. CXLI, 59 var.

9. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Similar, but flap more ornamented, and


tyl. Similar; but above. >E; beneath, 0.
B.M.Cat., op. cit-, n 77.

10. JR.. Didrachm. Obv. Similar, but flap plain, and E.
^6. Similar; no monogram above.

B. M. Cat. op. cit., n 78 var.

11. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Similar. fyL. Similar, but inscription
on raised band; above, ct> ; beneath, >E.

B.M.Cat., op. cit., n 79.

12. ^R. Didrachm. Obv. Similar, with3<. fyL. Similar, but inscrip-
tion as usual; no letter above; beneath, A-

Macdonald, op. cit., I, p. 117, n 67.

A number of other smaller varieties exist.

" Kleodoros, " says Von Sallet in Kunstlerinschriften,&.c. " scheint
ein sicherer Kiinstler name und steht auf den jetzt nicht mehr
seltenen Didrachmen von Velia mit dem Pallaskopfe von vorn,
oben im Helme auf den Riickseiten dieser und auf Haupt- und
Riickseiten anderer Didrachmen ahnlichen Stils, aber mit dem
Pallaskopfe linkshin, findet sich das vielleicht nicht mit Unrecht
auch auf den Stempelschneider Kleudoros gedeutete Monogram >E.
Die Uebereinstimmung mancher dieser das Monogramm tragenden
Profilmiinzen mit den die voile Namensaufschrift und das Mono-
gramm tragenden Miinzen mit Pallaskopf von vorn ist ganz unleug-
bar; bei beiden der phrygische Helm der Gottin, der fressende
Lowe auf der Ruckseite, dabei eine Aehnlichkeit des Stils, welche
auf einen und denselben Kiinstler schliessen lasst, doch sind
Monogrammen-Auflosungen und Deutungen immersehr unsicher. "

Prof. Brunn thinks the interpretation of the monogram >E into
the signature of the artist KAEYAHPOI should be accepted with
extreme caution. He remarks: " Mir scheint jedoch diese Annahme
mit grosser Vorsicht aufgenommen werden zu miissen, well sie
eine bedeutende Modification der Grundsatze erheischt, nach

- 179

denen wir die Kiinstlernamen von denen der Magistrate glauben
scheiden zu diirfen. "

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Head, Historia Ntimorum. Brit. Mus. Cat., Italy.
Raoul-Rochette, op. cit. Von Sallet, op. cit. Brunn, op. cit.

KLEPIKOW, A. (Rust.). Medallist at St. Petersburg, first half of
the nineteenth century. He is the author of some rare medals issued
to commemorate the wars against France, 1812-1814. One of
Alexander I., I reproduce below; another represents the Battle of
Katzbach, and is signed : P.A.KJIE.

Portrait-medal of Alexander I. of Russia, by Klepikow.

KLESILAX. Signature (added in modern times) on a sardonyx
intaglio representing Minerva seated, and reproduced in Raspe's
Tassie Gems, PI. xxvi, 1758.

KLETT or KLETTE, JOHANN GEORG (Germ.). Gem-engraver, born
in 1720 at Vesser or Suhl (Henneberg); died in 1792. He was at
first Schoolmaster there, but came to Dresden in 1743 where he
studied the antique. In 1755 he was appointed Court Gem-
engraver. By him is a head of Cicero, and many cameos and inta-
glios representing mythological subjects.

KLEY, LOUIS (French'). Sculptor of the second half of the nine-
teenth century, born at Sens in 1833. He executed several Portrait-


medallions which were exhibited at the Paris Salon betwen 1853
and 1880.

KLIMENTOFF, WASSILI (Russ.). Medallist of the second half of
the eighteenth century. Very few medals only are signed B. K. by him
and these have erroneously been attributed by Reichel and others
to Bernard Koch. There is however no doubt at all that the signa-
ture B. K. on Russian medals ot this period stands for Bacii.iiii
K.1MM6HTOB1,, or K. 7 iHMOBT> as he is sometimes called.

Klimentofi cut the large Memorial medal on the Death of the
Empress Elizabeth, which bears his full signature : B. K.IHMEHTOB.
In 1762 he was called with his assistant, Michael Nikitin, to
St. Petersburg, to help in the execution of the Coronation Medals
of Catherine II.

By this Engraver are also copies of : Accession Medal of Peter
the Great, Commemorative Medal ; Construction of the Russian
Fleet; - The Four Fleets (after Gouin); Coronation of Cathe-
rine I., (after Schultz), &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Iversen, Medaillen attf die Tbaten Peter des Grossen, 1872.
Archives of the St. Petersburg Mint.

KLIMT, GEORG (Austr.). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Vienna. M. Roger Marx in Medailleurs modernes en France
et a VEtranger reproduces on PI. xxv, a fine Plaquette by him
representing a male figure seated to r., nude, and deeply engaged in

Hildburghausen, 1760, and Eisenach, 1763-1765. His signature K

Thaler of Anna Amalia, of Saxe-Weimar, 1763.

or KL. occurs on Thalers, Gulden, &c. of 1763, Convention Thalers,
Gulden, &c. of Anna Amalia, Duchess Regent of Saxe-Weimar,
1764 and 1765 (Thaler illustrated}.


KLINE, J. W. (Amer.). Die-sinker of Philadelphia (U.S.A.),
second half of the nineteenth century. He is said to have cut the
dies for a medal commemorating the Inauguration of a New Masonic
Temple in Philadelphia, 1873.

Nuremberg, 1806.

KLINKORSCH, ARTHUR (Auslr.). Modeller and Chaser, born in
1846, died in Vienna, 4. October 1895. He founded the firm which
bears his name, and edited various medals.

KLINKE, BALTHASAR (Germ.}. Mint-master at Muhlhausen in
Thuringia, circa 1523.

Prussian Mint at Berlin, 1865. There is a Portrait-medal of him,
by W. Kullrich, on his 50 years' Jubilee of office at the Mint.

Portrait-medal of Ludwig Friedrich Klipfel.

KLUGE, WILHELM FRIEDRICH (French.). Contemporary Sculptor
and Medallist, born at Vienna, now naturalized a Frenchman. He is
a pupil of Tasset. At the Salon of 1901, he exhibited a Medal of the
Central Protestant Society of Missions, and plaster castsof other medals,
and in 1904 a Portrait-medal of H. H. Pope Pius X. Amongst his
previous works are: 1 886 . The French Republic, medal. 1 887 . Prize
Medal for Athletic Sports ; 1888. Medal of the General Transat-
lantic Company; 1891. Portrait-medallion of M" e Berthe S*** ;
1892. Seven silver medals, etc.

KLUNNE, A. (Germ.). Medallist of Altona, during the second and
third quarters of the nineteenth century. I have however never
met with any medal by him.


KLUSAK VON KOSTELEC, GEORG (Bohem.}. Mint-master-general
for Bohemia, 1619-1620.

KLUVER, PHILIPP (Gm.). Mint-master at Dantzig, 1588-1610.
His monogram appears on the coins issued by him.

KNAB, SEBASTIAN (Swiss) and Junckherr Leodegari Colder,
J. Anthonivon Erlach, contractors of the Lucerne Mint, 1549-1552.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. D r Th. vonLiebenau, Eine Mun%genossenscbaft der Urschwei^,
1548-1552, Bull, de la Societ6 suisse de numismatique, VI, 45-64.

KNAPP (Germ.}. Die-sinker's signature on a medal commemora-
ting the fourth year of Napoleon Bonaparte's Consulate, 1803.

KNAUER, GEORGES FREDERIC (French). Contemporary Sculptor
and Gem-engraver; son of Henri Auguste K. At the Salon of 1877,
he exhibited a shell cameo representing Captive Hebrews at Baby Ion ;
and in 1878, an agate cameo, Castor and Pollux; 1883. Henry IV.
agate cameo ; - - Minerva, sardonyx cameo ; - Themistocles,
carnelian cameo ; Joan of Arc, sardonyx intaglio ; Nestor,
jasper intaglio ; Bayard, sardonyx intaglio ; - - Othello and
Desdemona, cameo, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

KNAUER, HENRI AUGUSTE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Gem-engraver, born at Ivry-sur-Seine ; pupil of his father and V.
Douchet. At the Salon of 1877 he exhibited an intaglio in carnelian,
representing Hector and Andromache, and in 1878, another intaglio
in sardonyx, Demetrius Poliorcetes; later : 1882. Aesculapius,
sardonyx intaglio; - Herakles, cameo on sardonyx of three
strata, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

KNAUER, VICTOR (French). Contemporary Gem-engraver, born
at Ivry-sur-Seine ; pupil of J. G. Knauer. At the Salon of 1886 he
exhibited a Portrait of M. C***, shell cameo.

KNAUST, JOHANN CHRISTIAN (Germ.}. Mint-warden at Saalfeld,
1764; Mint-master there, 1765-1794. His initials I.C.K. occur on
some of his issues. I have noticed them on the following coins of
Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt : Ludwig Gunther I., Conv. Thaler,
1768; Conv. Thaler, 1780, on the Marriage of the Hereditary
Prince Frederick Charles with Augusta of Saxe-Gotha ; Conv.
Thaler, 1786; - - Friedrich Carl, Conv. Thaler, 1791; also on
currency of Saxe-Saalfeld : Ernst Friedrich, Conv. Thaler, 1765,

- i8 3 -

KNEASS, WILLIAM (Amer.}. Mint-engraver at Philadelphia 1823-
1840. He was born at Lancaster, Pa., September, 1781, and was
appointed Engraver, January 29, 1824. Before taking office at the
Mint, he had been chiefly a plate engraver for book-work. During
his term, there were some notable changes in the coinage, as in
1834 and 1838 for gold, and 1836, 1837, 1838, and 1840, for silver.
But some of this w r ork was done by Gobrecht. Kneass is the
author of a Pattern Half-Dollar of 1838, on which his name appears.
Between 1824 and 1836 he appears to have cut most of the dies
for the U. S. coinage.

U.S. Half Dollar, 1827, engraved by W. Kneass.

A silver Dollar of 1836 (illustrated} as well as another Pattern
Half Dollar of 1838 are the work of Gobrecht, who in 1836,
received an appointment as assistant to W. Kneass at the Mint,
whom he succeeded in 1840 (Vide Vol. II, p. 284).

Gobrecht's Pattern Dollar, 1856.

Prior to his appointment, Kneass had an engraving office in
Chestnut St., Philadelphia, which was a well-known rendezvous
for the leading wits and men of culture, for which Philadelphia
was then eminent.


W. Kneass died in office, August 27, 1840. He was the second
Engraver at the Philadelphia Mint, having succeeded Robert Scot,

By this Engraver are also medals of George Washington.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Evans, Illustrated History of the United States Mint, Phila-
delphia, 1892.

KNEBEL, MATHIEU (Belg.). Mint-engraver, appointed at Luxem-
burg, in 1487, under Maximilian of Austria. He was instructed
to coin gold Royaux, Nobles, Ducats and Half Ducats of Burgundy,
and silver Royaux, Double and Single Griffons, and Gros.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Pinchart, Biographies des Graveurs beiges, Revue de la num .
beige, 1853.

KNECHT, FREDERIC EMILE (French). Sculptor of the middle years
of the nineteenth century, born at Strasburg. He was a pupil of
Guerin. By him are some Portrait-medallions (?).

KNELLER, JOHANN DANIEL (Germ.). Mint-warden at Frankfort-
on-Main, appointed on the n. May 1730; died in 1742.

KNEVET, THOMAS, LORD (Brit.). Mint-master at London, in
conjunction .with Edward Doubleday, circa 1617-1623, under
James I. They succeeded Sir R. Martyn.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ruding, Annals of the Coinage of Great Britain and Ireland,
London, 1840. Kenyon, Gold Coins of England, London, 1884.

KNOBLAUCH, DAVID (Germ.). Mint-master at Joachimsthal,
1637-1649. Distinctive mark : a garlic bulb between two crescents.
He coined money in the name of the Emperor Ferdinand III. His
name usually appears as KNOBLOCH.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fiala, Bescbreibung der Sammlung Bohmischer Mun^en und
Medaillen des Max Donebauer, Prag, 1888.

KNOBLAUCH, JAKOB (Germ.) and Konrad Gross were "ordered
and allowed" by the Emperor Louis V. of Bavaria to strike Pfennige
(Frankfurter) and Gulden, 4. September 1340. On the 18.
February 1345, Knoblauch received another commission to issue
Gros Tournois, "ein muntze von grozzen turnosen, die vier und
sechtzig ane ein vierteil eins turnos an ein franckenfurdische mark
gend. " Knoblauch, whose name sometimes occurs as CHNOBLAUCH,
also minted Hellers.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Paul Joseph u. Eduard Fellner, Die Uun^en von Frankfurt-
am-Main, 1896.

KNOBLAUCH, JOHANN (Germ.). A native of Johannesthal, appointed
in 1621, Chief-coiner at the Mint of Wohlan under the Duke Georg
Rudolf. A square Double Thaler and a 24 Kreutzerpiece, both

- i8 5 -

of 1621, bear his initials (Kollner, Wolaviographia,^. 504; Heyne,
Woman, p. 357).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, op. cit. Schlesiens Vor^tit in BildundScbrift,

KNOEPFLIN, EDOUARD (Germ.). Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris ; pupil of A. Millet, Gautier, and L. Bourdel. At the Salon
of 1885 he exhibited Portrait-medallions in bronze : Christian de
Trogoff; Mon pere ; M lle Juliette Robert ; Adjutant-Major
S***' ; 1886. Henry G***; 1888. M 1Ie M. H***; 1892. Un
vieux Limousin; - M. L. G***; - 1893. M. Farge; - - 1894.
M. R. L***, etc.

KNOL, JAN (Dutch). Mint-master at Medemblik and Hoorn, 1715-
1741 ; distinctive mark, a turnip. In 1736 he executed a medal
commemorating the Opening of the state treasure of Westfriesland.

KNOLL (Germ.). Mint-warden at Nuremberg, 1777-1793. His
initial K occurs in association with that of Riedener, who was
Mint-Master, on the coin-issues of that period. Vide GEORG KNOLL.

KNOLL, GEORG (Germ.). Mint- warden at Nuremberg, after 1779.

KNOPF, HEINRICH (Germ.). Goldsmith and Wax-modeller of
Nuremberg, in the early part ot the seventeenth century, circa 1601-
1610. In contemporary documents he is styled " Conterfeter in
Wachs". In 1601 he executed a medal ot the Bishop of Bamberg,
Johann Philipp von Gebsattel (illustrated), and received tor the

Medal of Johann Philip, Bishop of Bamberg, by H. Knopf.

model and moulds 70 florins. These medals, observes Erman, were
cast, as they were wanted, in the following years, by Knopf himself
and the Bamberg Goldsmiths Paul Imhof, Marx Goldschmid, and
Barthel Holstein.


In 1610 Knopf made the medal (Schaugroschen) of the Bishop
of Bamberg, Johann Gottfried von Aschhausen. The castings of
these in later years were done by Knopf himself, or Heinrich
Scheurer, and Barthol. Holstein.

In 1611 Knopf executed also a medal with shield of arms and the
Emperor Henry and his consort Kunigunda.

The medals by Knopf are somewhat weak productions, oval in
shape, and of very low relief. Both specimens in the Royal Museum
at Berlin have the same bordering, which Erman has met with on
another enamelled medal of the Bishop, Duke Ulrich of Pomerania,
dated 1618, which bears no portrait, only arms, but which may
notwithstanding have been done by Knopf.

Knopf, like most of his contemporaries, as Valentin Maler, Carl,
etc., first modelled their medals in wax.

A Portrait-medal of Wolf Miintzer of Babenberg is signed H. K.
and dated 1567, but Erman does not think it can be ascribed to
Knopf, as the style is absolutely different from his.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, Deutsche Medailleure, pp. 9, 54, 76.

KNOPF, HANS SCHIERWEN (Dan.}. Mint-master at Copenhagen,
1761-1782. His issues are usually signed H or HSK. In 1783 he
was appointed Mint-director and State Councillor. He died in 1788.

KNOPF, HANS SCHIERWEN (Dan.}. Son of the last. Mint-master
at Hamburg, 1805-1842. He signed his issues H. S. K.

KNORR, ERNST (Germ.}. Mint-master at Pfalzburg, 1588.

KNORRE, GEORG GUSTAV (Germ.}. A native of Liecht. Mint-
master to the Markgrave of Brandenburg at Kitzingen, 1621.

KNORRE, OTTO HEINRICH (Germ}. Mint-master at Hamburg,
1761-1805, and previously at Schwerin, 1751-1756, and at the
same time, and until 1760, at Stralsund. He signed his issues
0. H. K.

KNOSPEL (Germ.}. Die-cutter at the Mint of Crossen ; worked
under Gilli.


KNOX, JOHN (Brit.}. Lord Mayor of Dublin, under James II. The
Irish Halfpennies, dated 1685-1688, were coined " under letters
patent granted to him, as assignee of Sir Thomas Armstrong and
Colonel Legg. "

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Grueber, Handbook, &c., p. 241.

- i8 7 -

KOBURGER, ANTON (Germ.). Mint-master at Pfreimdt (Leuch-
tenberg), 1546.

KOBURGER, ANTON (Germ.). Mansfelder Mint-master at Eisleben,
1559-1567, Saalfeld, 1567-1571, and again at Eisleben, 1571-

KOBURGER, ANTON (Genn.). Son of the last. Mansfelder Mint-
master at Eisleben, 1616-1630. He held the post of Mint-master at
Halle alternately with Eisleben. He was the father of Hans Philipp
K. His initials A. K. occur on Thalers and subsidiary coins of
Christian William, Markgrave of Brandenburg (1598-1631).

KOBURGER, HANS PHILIPP (Germ.). Mansfelder Mint-master,
who signed gold and silver currency between 1634 and 1657.
Ammon remarks that he may have been employed in the service
of the Princes of Anhalt, his initials being found on Thalers ot
Anhalt, dated 1650, 1665, c\:c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, Sammlung berilhmter Medailleurs umi Mun^nteister,
Xiirnberg, 1778.

KOCH. A. (Germ.). Mint-master to the Counts Palatine, circa

KOCH, ADOLF (Germ.) of Heidelberg; Mint-warden at Mayence,
4. August 1636 2?. October 1640.

KOCH, ANDREAS (Germ.). Mint-master as Darmstadt, 1744-
1771 ; at the same time also at Mannheim, from 7. December
1749 to 1761.

KOCH. DANIEL (Germ.). Mint-master at Koenigsberg (Prussia),

KOCH. DANIEL (Germ.). Mint-master at Stockholm, 1645-1650,
and Koenigsberg (Prussia), 1656-1676.

KOCH, HANS (Swiss) of Isni. Mint-master at Lucerne, 1558-

KOCH, HANS (Germ.). Goldsmith of Mayence, appointed Warden
of the Mint, in conjunction with Wolf Kramer of Worms, in the
service of the Landgrave William of Hesse and the Counts Albert
and John Louis of Nassau, circa 1592.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Isenbeck, Das Nassauische Miin^u'esen, Wiesbaden, 1879.

KOCH. ISAAC (Germ.). Mint-master at Stockholm, 1652-1664.

KOCH, JOHANN (Germ.). Mint-master at Dresden, 1688-1698.
His initials occur on the coins issued by him of John George III.


of Saxony: Thalers, Gulden, &c. of 1690, Begrabnissthalers, Gulden,
&c. of 1691 ; John George IV: Reichsthaler, 1691 (illustrated);
Thaler on the Elector's Inauguration as a Knight of the Order of

John George IV., Reichsthaler, 1691.

the Garter; " Begrabnissthalers", and Gulden, 1694; Frederick
Augustus I. : Thaler (illustrated) and subdivisions of 1696, Cou-
rant-Thaler on the Birth of the Prince Elector Frederick Augustus,

Frederick Augustus I, Dresden Thaler ot 1696.

1696, &c. ; - - John George IV., inaugurated as a Knight of the
Garter (medal), &c.

Before 1688, Johann Koch had already been connected for two
years with the Dresden Mint in an official capacity.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks & Grueber, Medallic Illustrations, &c. Reimmann
Sale Catalogue.

KOCH, JOHANN CHRISTIAN (Germ.'). Medallist of the first half of
the eighteenth century; born at Aken on the Elbe in 1680 ; died

- i8 9 -

in 1742 ; son of Nicolaus K. of Zerbst. He was a pupil of Christian
Wermuth and Raimund Faltz; entered about 1706 the service of
the Dukes of Saxe-Gotha, for whom he worked until his death as
Mint-engraver at Gotha, 1730-1742.

By this Medallist are the following commemorative medals.
Death of John William, Duke of Saxe-Gotha, 1707 (signed KOCH F.
on obv. and KOCH.FECIT on ^i,.); - Other Medals on the same
event (2 var.) ; The Principality ofNeuchatel falls to the Crown
of Prussia, 1707 (obv. illustrated'); Marriage of Frederick I. of
Prussia with Sophia Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, 1708 ;

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