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Marriage of Princess Charlotte, 1733 ; Second Centenary of the
Reformation, 1717; - Birth of Princess Elizabeth Caroline ot
Great Britain, 1 740 ; Recall to Halle of Christian Wolf, 1 740 ; - 3 7 th

Frederick I., King of Prussia, by Job. Christ. Koch.

Anniversary of Frederick II., Duke of Saxony, 1712; Death of
Ernest Louis, Duke of Saxony, 1724; - Marriage ot George
Albert, Prince of East Friesland with Christiane Ludovica Princess
of Orange-Nassau ; Medallic Portrait of the Markgrave Frederick of
Ansbach; Medallic Portraits of Duke Frederick II. of Saxe-Gotha
and his seven Children ; Charles I., Duke of Brunswick and Lune-
burg, 1737; - The American Century Plant, 1700 (Wyllys Betts,
Historical Medals of America, p. 50, n 103); - D r Friedrich
Hoffmann, of Halle : - - Anthon Gunter, Prince of Schwarzburg,
1709, etc.

" Johann Christian Koch ", says Bolzenthal ", it not Wermuth 's
oldest pupil, yet he became his most celebrated one. He was born
in 1680 at Aken on the Elbe. At first he learned of Faltz, who


however kept the ardent youth so long from the secrets of the art
that he was not able to make the wished-for progress, and therefore
he went over to Christian Wermuth, whom he left after some time
to go to Berlin, as Engraver to the Duke Frederick II. of Saxe-
Gotha. He received from the Court at Berlin a sum of money for
his travelling expenses, and visited Holland and England. After his
return he fixed his abode at Gotha and executed many works which
made him celebrated. Death put an end to his exertions in 1742.
He left two sons who exercised the art(?) "

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Franks & Grueber, MedaHic Illustra-
tions, &c. Menadier, Schaumnn^en des Hauses Hohen^ollern, Berlin, 1901. -
Mullet & Singer, Allgemeines Kilnstler-Lexikon, Frankfurt-am-M., 1896.

KOCH, JOBST (Germ.}. Mint-master at Bielefeld, 1629, and for the
Electors of Brandenburg, 1647-1654.

KOCH, JORGEN (Dan.). Mint-master at Malmoe, circa 1518-1545,
and Flensburg, 1545-1547. Between 1544 and 1547 he appears to
have acted as Mint-master at Glomsberg.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Jorgensen, Beskrivehe, &c.

KOCH, JOST DIETRICH (Germ.). Mint-master at Paderborn, 1652-
1654; Bielefeld, 1655-1676; Tecklenburg, 1655 and 1656; and
Paderborn again, 1675 and 1676. His issues are usually signed I. D. K.
I have noticed his initials on Thalers and Half Thalers of Theo-
dorich Adolf, Bishop of Paderborn, 1657.

KOCH, KILIAN or CHILIAN (Germ.). A Nuremberg Counter-
manufacturer of the end of the sixteenth century. His counters,
some of which are dated 1587, 1588, 1600, &c., are not quite so
common as those of his great competitors, the KRAUWINKELS and
their successors, the LAUFFERS, &c.

A number of Counters by Kilian Koch are described in Neumann,
Kupfer-Miin^en, vol. V, n os 32203-21 ; also in Katalog des numisma-
tisch sphragistischen Sammlungen des Herrn Heinrich Lemper t% Senior
W Koln, 1899, n os 4090-4096. They depict various subjects and
bear legends in Latin, German, French, &c. with the maker's

The Makers of these counters at Nuremberg seem at first to have
been confined to a very few families only, for we find but the
names of four of these from between the middle of the sixteenth to
the middle of the seventeenth century, vi$. those of Schull^ (or
Schulthess), with Jorgand Hans; Koch, with Kilianus ; Krauwinckel,
with Damianus, Egidius, and Hans, which last-named Maker issued
more than all the others taken together ; Lauffers, with Hans,

Matthew, Wolfgang, Chonradt, Cornelius, and Lazarus Gottlieb. "
(Snelling, A View of Jettons or Counters, London, 1769, p. n).

Other Nuremberg Counter-makers were /. M. Lindmr, John
IVeidinger, John Adam Vogel, John Conrad Hoger, Michel Leykauf,
and John Jacob Dieted.

These counters were usually made in brass.

KOCH, LEONHARD MAX, and J. C. {Germ.}. Nuremberg Counter-
makers of the sixteenth century.

KOCH, LUDWIG CHRISTIAN (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Gotha,
1750-1793. Son of Johann Christian Koch. From 1766 to 1793
he was Director of the Mint.

This Engraver's initials are found or many of the coins issued at
Gotha during the period of his activity. I have noticed them on
Thalers and subsidiary currency, struck on the Second Centenary
of the Religious Peace of 1555. They also occur on a medal
commemorating the Free British Society, 1750.

KOCH, MARIUS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Koenigsberg in Prussia,

KOCH, MARIUS (Germ.}. Swedish Mint-master, 1628-1663.

KOCH, NICOLAUS (Germ.}. Father of Johann Christian Koch.
Worked at various German Mints, in particular at Zerbst, 1680,
and some years later at Berlin.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, Sammlunq berubniter Medaillenrs nnd Murifmeister,

KOCH, NICOLAUS (Swiss). Mint-master at Lucerne, i54O-May


BIBLIOGRAPHY. Th. von Liebenau, Die Mun^meister von Lucent, Bulletin de
la Socicte suisse de numismatique, 1889.

KOCHEM, JOHANN (Germ.). Mint-warden at Worms, 1593.

KOCKERS, F. (Dutch). This Engraver's signature occurs on a
Prize Medal of the Middelburg Drawing-Academy, 1778.

KOEGLER, HANNS (Aitstr.). Worked the small Mint at Hall under
the Archduke Ferdinand (end of the sixteenth century), with a
yearly salary of in Gulden 18 Kreutzer.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Oesterreicher, op. cit.

KOHLER (Germ.). Die-sinker at Hanover or Berlin, circa 1706.
Probably the same as E. Pomponius Kohler, mentioned below.


KOHLER, B. (Germ.). Contemporary Medallist, by whom are
several Portrait-medals of Bismarck commemorating his death in
1898. This artist resides at Berlin.

KOHLER, HEINRICH or HENDRIK (Germ.). Mint-master at Copen-
hagen, 1643-1662. His signature H. K. or HC occurs on coins.

KOHLER, G. W. (Austr.). Die-sinker of the early part of the eigh-
teenth century. By him is a cabalistic medal of Charles VI. of
Austria, dated 1711.

KOHLER, JOHANN LUDWIG (Germ.). Medallist of the early partof the
nineteenth century,bornat Kirchheim-Bolanden,in lyyOjdiedatNeu-
stadta. d. H. in 1 828. His signature KOHLER F. occurs on a Prize Medal
of the Frankfort Society for the promotion of Useful Arts ; also
on a Medal struck for presentation to the Wreckers on the U S . A
sea coast for their services in saving the lives and property of
shipwrecked mariners.

KOHLER, E.POMPONIUS (Germ.). Hessian Die-sinker of the early
part of the eighteenth century, whose medals are dated 1711-1714,
and signed E.P.K.F. I have noticed his signature Kohler on 'a Half-
Thaler of Charles, Landgrave of Hesse, struck in 1711, on the
death of his consort, Maria Amalia of Curland.

KOHLER, S. (Germ.). Goldsmith of Brieg, last quarter of the
seventeenth century. In 1674 he cut dies for the coinage issued at
the Mint there, and in 1675 medals commemorating the death ot
George William, the last Piast.

KOLESCHERI, SAMUEL (Hung.). Die-sinker of the first half of the
eighteenth century. His initials occur on a gold medal, weighing
10 ducats, with portrait of Damianus Hugo, Count Virmondt,
1721, Commanding general in Transsylvania.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Adolf Resch, Siebenburgiscbe Mun^en and Medailkn, Her-
mannstadt, 1901.

KOENE, D. (Dutch). Medallist of the latter end of the seventeenth
century, by whom are medals commemorating the return of Wil-
liam III. to Holland, &c. "His works" says Mr. Grueber "are
very few, and little is known of him ". The Engraver's signature :
D. Koene or D. K. occurs on the following pieces : Fireworks at the

Hague ^ *% 1691 on William III.'s return to Holland; -
William's throne established, Oct. 1691 fyL Four warriors, armed,


defending an orange-tree; - Johann van Brienen, Mint-master at
Harderwijk, 1690.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Hawkins, Franks and Grueber, Medallic Illustrations of the
History of Great Britain ami Ireland, 1885. Catalogus der Nederlandsclx en op
Nederttutd bttrekking bebbende Gedenkpenningen, I, 's Gravenhage, 1903.

KONIG, A. (Germ.}. Student at the Vienna Mint School ot
Engraving, 1764.

KOENIG, ANTONI (Aitstr.}. Mint-engraver at Hall in Tyrol, 1723-
1743. Probably a son of Johann Antoni Koenig or Khunig. By him
are perhaps the Gunzburg Thalers of 1765, 1766, &c. (signed :
A. K.) ; The Archduchess Marie-Antoinette arrives at Gunzburg,
1770 (tyL. only); The Archduke Leopold and consort, and
Duke Charles of Lorraine and his sister Caroline visit Vienna,
1770; Visit of T. H. to the Vienna Mint, 1770; - The
Empress Maria Theresia lends prompt aid to the famished inhabi-
tants of Wettenhausen, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Katalog der \tfni~en- und Medaillen-Stempel-Sammlung des
K. K. HauptmiiH^amt, Wien, 1901.

KONIG, ANTON (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Gunzburg, 1772-1773,
and Kremnitz, 1774. The coinage ot Gunzburg, 1772-1773, \ and
i Kopfstiicke, 1772, Kreuzers, 1772-1773, | Kreuzers, 1772, was
cut by this Die-sinker. Probably the same as ANTONI KONIG.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fr. Dollinger, Die Filrstenbergiscben Mun^en tind Medailkn,
1903, p. 27.

KONIG, ANTON FRIEDRICH (Germ.}. Son of the celebrated Berlin
Miniature Court Painter of the same name; born on June 13,
1756; died January 2, 1838. He learned engraving at the Die-
sinking establishment of Loos and under the supervision of the
Director-general of the Berlin Mint, Singer., On the I st of Septem-
ber 1776, the young artist was called to the post of Medallist and Mint-
engraver at Breslau, and remained in office there until the spring of

1805, when he retired with a pension. In the next year, October

1806, he accepted the place of Mint-engraver at Berlin, left
vacant by the death of Stierle. In 1826 he celebrated his 5O th anni-
versary of official service, on which event his yearly salary was
increased, on the suggestion of the Mint-director Godeking, who in
a letter to the Minister of State, Count von Lottum, dated
21. August 1826, wrote, that Konig "was one of the first Die-
cutters who did not work in a mechanical manner, but used science
and taste in his branch".

Konig's signature K, A.K., KO., or A. KONIG occurs on coins and
medals of Prince Bishop Joseph of Breslau, medals of Oels,
Frederick II., and Frederick William II , Personal and Commemor-
ative Silesian medals.

L. toRRER. Biographical Notices ot Medallists. III. 15

194 -

By this Engraver are : Frederick II. the Great, 1780 ^i, HERCV-
LESMVSARVM; - Frederick William II. of Prussia, 1796
tyL HOMAGIO REGI BORUSSORUM, &c.; - Anniversary of
Queen Friederike, with her bust on ]$L. and that of her consort
Frederick William II. on obv., 1786; - Count Hoym, 1783
(3 var.); Peace of Basle, 1795, between Prussia and Austria; -
Reichsthaler of 1785, with bust of Charles Christian Erdmann,
Duke of Wurtemberg-Oels (signed K); Sixth Centenary of the
Convent of Trebnitz, 1803; Portrait-medal of Augustin, Prelate
of Wettenhausen, 1771; - Accession of Frederick Augustus, of
Brunswick-Oels, 1793 ; - John Caspar Arletius, Rector of St. Eliz-
abeth's church at Breslau, 1784; Francis Anthony, Baron Hei-
nitz, Prussian Minister; - - Karl Czechtitzki, actor (1800); -
Countess Gaschin, 1796; - Count Hoym, as "Schiitzenkonig".
1805; '- - Anton Siegfried Koniger and consort, 1797; Count
Matuschka, 1779 (2 var.); General, Baron von Merkatz, 1796;

- Lippmann Meyer, court agent at Breslau, 1803 ; Karl Gottlieb
Remscheid, 1800; - General Hans Christian von Rothkirch,
1785; - Count Hans Ferdinand Sandretsky, 1790; - Johann
Heinrich Scholz, Pastor at Langwaltersdorf, 1805; General
Friedrich von Tauentzien, on his Death, 1791 (2 var.);

J. F. Thiede, Pastor at Schweidnitz, 1795; Adan Weisskopf,
Patron Bishop of Breslau ; Zinzendorf, Foundation of the Morav-
ian community; Death of Frederick II., 1786; - - The Crown
Prince Frederick William of Prussia; - - Accession of Frederick
William II. , 1786 (2 var.); Blanchard, the balloonist, Ascension
at Breslau, 1789 (2 var.); Christmas Medal, 1789 ; Conven-
tion of Reichenbach, 1790 (2 var.), - Friedrich Ewald, Count
Hertzberg, 1790; - Christmas Medal, 1790; - - New year's
Medal (1791); - Visit of Frederick William II. to Breslau, 1791
(3 var.); Christmas Medal, 1791 ; New year's Medal, 1792;

- South Prussia's Homage to the King, 1793 (3 var.); - Death
of Louis XVI. and Marie-Antoinette (2 var.) ; - - Frederick Wil-
liam II., 1794 ty. ALVENSLEBEN; - Accession of Frederick
William III., 1797 ; - Visit of the King and Queen of Prussia to
Silesia, 1798; - The King and Queen at Furstenstein, 1800; -
The New Century; - - Third centenary of the Breslau Printing
Press, 1804; Breslau School Prize Medal; Golden Wedding
of Charles Christian Erdmann of 6ls, 1791 ; Dies for Giinzburg
Thalers of 1765, 1766, &c. (signed : A.K.); - The Archduchess
Marie-Antoinette arrives at Giinzburg, 1770 (fyL only); - - The
Famine at Wettenhausen, 1771 ; Count Dankelmann; Conquest
of Poland by Catherine II. the Great; - D r Lorenz Oken, of
Munich ; D r Carl A. Rudolphi ; Balthasar Ludwig von Wen-
dessen, Prussian General, 1796; King Frederick William, restorer
of Peace in the Netherlands, 1787, etc.

- 195 -

A commemorative medal of Leicester, signed A.K., is supposed,
by Mr. Grueber to be the work of Konig.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - D r G. Sommerfddt, Zur Biographie ties Mitn^tiiedailleur
Anton Fricdrich Konig, Schlesiens Vorzeit in Bild und Schrift, Bd. VII, 91.
Franks and Grueber, Metallic III., &c. F. Friedensburg and H. Seger, Schlesiens
Mitn^t'ii tiiul Mtdaillen der nci/crcn Zeit, Breslau, 1901. Menadier, Schaiuiriuiyen
des Hattses Hoben^oltern, 1901. Bolzenthai, op. cit. Muller and Singer,
op. cit.

KONIG, ANTON FRIEDRICH (Germ.}. Son of the last; born at
Breslau, in 1773, and also a Medallist. His early life was spent at
Berlin, but in 1824 he settled at Dresden. To him are ascribed the

,. of Blucher Medal, by A. F. Koenig.

following medals : Centenary of Pomerania's homage prestation,
1821 (signed : F. KONIG FEC.) ; - Rebuilding of the town of
Gnesen destroyed by fire, 1823 ; - - Silver Wedding of Leopold
Frederick, Duke of Anhalt, and Frederike nee Princess of Prussia ;
- Portugaloser with bust of the Prince Elector Joachim, Markgrave
of Brandenburg, on the commemoration festivities at Spandau,
1839 ; - Marriage of Princess Elizabeth of Prussia, with Charles,
Prince of Hesse, 22. October, 1836; Marriage of Mary, Princess
of Prussia, with Maximilian II., King of Bavaria, 5. Oct. 1842


(signed : RON F.) ; - - Marriage of Frederick William, Prince ot
Prussia, with Elizabeth Louise, daughter of Maximilian I. of Bava-
ria, 29. November 1823; Portrait-medal of Bliicher in bronze,
andiron 1816 (tyL. illustrated') ("This splendid piece, which", says
Bolzenthal, " he engraved for the Burgesses of Berlin, in memory of
the actions of Prince Bliicher, from Schinkel's designs, was done at Ber-
lin, and displays great talent. The reverse represents the Archangel
Michael in mail armour and with drooping wings. He has on his
head an iron helmet ornamented with a cross ; with his left hand
he grasps the hilt of his girded sword, and with his lance gives the
death blow to a wretch in human form, but whose extremities we
recognize as those of a dragon. As this intelligible production
required no inscription, there are only the dates ol the martial
exploitsof this general, 1813, iS^and 1815."); Death of Fred-
erick William III., 1840; Accession of Frederick William IV.;
Marriage of Princess Mary of Prussia with Crown Prince Maxi-
milian of Bavaria, 1842.; Medallion of the Crown Prince of
Prussia, 1817 ; - - The New Theatre at Berlin, 1821 ; Goethe,
1826; - Oveno Mailing, Danish politician, 1827; Alliance
between Anton, King of Saxony, and Friedrich August, Co-Regent,
1831 ; C. Asmund Rudolphi, Prussian Privy Medical Councillor,
1832; Christian Rauch, Sculptor and Medallist; Laurentius
Oken, 1779-1851, Anatomist; Votive Medal of the city ot
Hanau on the Accession of William II., Prince Elector of Hesse,
1821; King Anton of Saxony and Queen Maria Theresia, 1827;
Count von Wylick und Lottum, 1834 > ~ " Visit of the King ot
Prussia to Gorlitz, 1835; - Monument to Gustavus Adolphus,
1837 ; I. G. C. Adler, 1833 ; - C. A. Boettiger, 1835 ; Von
Zeschau, 1828; Death of Goethe (3 var); - - J. B. Trommsdorf,
r ^34 > Convention of German Naturalists and Physicians at Berlin,
1828; Congress of Physicians at Hamburg, 1830; D r Aloys von
Winter, of Munich, 1841 ; D r H. W. M. Gibers, of Bremen, i8?o.
Koenig Junior was attached to the Berlin Mint, as his father's
assistant, after the death of the Engraver Abrahamson, 23. July
i Sir. His productions are generally signed : K., KO., KOL., F. K. F.,
F. KO., or F. KOENIG.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Dr G. Sommerfeldt, Der Mun^nudailhur Anton Friedrich
Komgjunr, Schlesiens Vorzeit in Bild und Schrift, Bd. VII, p. 135. Bolzenthal.
j/>. cit. Friedensburg, Scblesiens neture Miin^escbichte. Fricdensburg and
Seger, op. cit. Menadier, op. cit.

KON1G, A. (Swiss}. Medallist of the second half of the eighteenth
century, born at Freiburg. He was employed to engrave commem-
orative medals of the Imperial house of Germany.

KONIG, ARNOLD (Germ.'}. Mint engraver at Nuremberg, 1570-
1571. He succeeded Hanns Jamnitzer and was followed by Hanns


Krauss. The coins engraved by him do not appear to bear his

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. F. Gebert-Nurnberg, Geschicbte der Mun^stdtte der Reicbstadt
Xurttberg, Nurnberg, 1891.

KONIG, E. (Germ.}. Medallist in the employ of the Die-sinking
establishment of L. C. Lauer. His signature occurs on a Portrait-
medal of Prince Bismarck, undated.

KOENIG, GEORG HEINRICH (Germ.}. Wax-modeller and Engraver,
born at Suhl (Henneberg) ; died at S l Petersburg in 1800. He
studied at Vienna. For the Empress Catherine II., he executed a
large collection of paste reproductions of antique gems. He was
also a clever Enameller.

KOENIG, HANS VON WEISSENSEE (Germ.}. Mint-master at Koburg,

KOENIG, JOHANN (Germ.'). Mint-master at Nordhausen, circa 1660.

KOENIG or KHUNIG, JOHANN ANTONI (Austr.}. Mint-engraver at
Hall in Tyrol, 1688-1742. Puncheons for Double Thalers (undated)
and Thalers of Tyrol (1717, 1719, 1724, &c.) bearing this Engrav-
er's signature : I. A. K. are preserved at the Vienna Mint. See also

KOENIG, JOHANN GEORG (Germ.}. Mint-inspector at Mayence,
1691-1693; then Mint-warden at Aschaffenburg, and again at
Mayence, 1695-1720.

KOENIG, JOSEF CHRISTOPH (Austr.}. Mint-engraver at Hall in
Tyrol, 1742-1745, and later, 1751, but not in an official capacity.

at Hall, 4. December 1620 to 10. March 1663, when he retired on
a yearly pension of 367 florins. Circ. 1630 he was appointed
Mint-engraver at Salzburg, as successor of Melchior Patz. His activ-
ity at the latter Mint falls during the reigns of Paris and Guido-
baldus, Count von Thun. The important and large variety of cur-
rency issued by the former archbishop testifies to the diligence
and skill of this Engraver.

er at Hall, at first as his father's, Mathias von Baumbhausen's,
assistant, n. November, 1647 to 10. March 1663, then indepen-
dently until 1688; also at Salzburg, 1630-1635.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Oesterreicher, op. cit.


KOENIG, MAXIMILIAN (Auslr.). Student at the Vienna Academy
of Engraving, 1747-1750; then Mint-Engraver at Kremnitz, 1750-


KOENIG, OTTFRIED (Germ.}. Medallist at Moscow, 1718-1724,
whose productions are signed 0. K. Schlickeysen observes that this
signature (and also K. 0.) occurs on medals of Peter the Great, for
which however dies of the Augsburg Medallist P. H. Miiller, who died
in 1718, were used. The Moscow Roubles of 1718-1724 are the
work of Koenig (one of 1724 illustrated}, and apparently also the

Rouble of 1724, by Ottfried Konig.

following medals : Second Expedition of the Russian Fleet to
Finland; Another, on the same event; ty... A variety of last; -
Naval Victory over the Swedes at Tweremunde near Hango-Udd
(2 var.) ; Capture of three Swedish Frigates on 5. May 1719 ; -
War Medal for the Cossacks, 1723 ; Coronation Medal of Cathe-
rine I., 1724, &c.

Iversen, Medaillen auf die Thaten Peter des Grossen, Int. xxm,
notes that the Medal and Rouble of Catherine I., signed 0. K. (or
K. 0.) are entirely the work of Ottfried Konig.

KOENRITZ, CHRISTOPH VON (Bob.). Mint-master general for the
Counts of Schlickat Joachimsthal, 1528; he was entrusted, by reso-
lution of King Ferdinand I., dated 16. October 1546, to establish
a Mint at Neusohl.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Eduard Fiala, Das Mun^wesen der Graf en ScUick, 1890.

KOENRITZ, HEINRICH VON (Boh.) Mint-master general for the
Counts of Schlick at Joachimsthal, 1519-1528.

KOERNER, ANDREAS (Germ.). Mint-master at Mayence, 1714-


KOERNER, JOHANN CONRAD (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Cassel,
and Medallist, 1764-1797. His signature : KORNER occurs on a
Prize-Medal of the Carolinum College at Cassel, 1767, and on
another commemorating the Inauguration of the Lyceum Frideri-
cianum, 1779, in the same town. Thalers of Frederick II., Land-
grave of Hesse, are signed KOR. or K. as for instance the Conven-
tionsthalers of 1765, 1766, c., and a K appears on Thalers, by the
same engraver, of Louis IX. (Conventionsthaler of 1770).

KOERNER, JOHANN FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Cassel,
and Medallist, 1784-1803. Some coins of William IX., Landgrave of
Hesse, as a Thaler of 1789, bear this engraver's signature on trun-
cation of bust.

KOERNER, WILHELM (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Cassel, and
Medallist, 1804-1833. By him is a medal on the Tercentenary of
the University of Marburg, 1827 (signed : KORNER).

KOERNER, JUNIOR (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Cassel, and
Medallist there; he died in 1864. His medals were usually signed :

KORNLEIN, JOHANN NICOLAUS (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Ratis-
bon, and Medallist there, 1758-1801. His signature on medals
occurs as : I. N. K; I. N. KOERNLEIN. F. R.; KORNLEIN, &c.

By him are: " Archery" medallic Thaler, 1763; - - Medallic
Gulden, 1763, obv. MEMORIAE. PACIS TERRA &c. ;
Marriage of Joseph II. with Princess Josepha of Bavaria, 1765 ;
Conv. Thaler of Joseph Conrad, Bishop of Freising (1790-1803);
Anton Ignaz, Count Fugger, Bishop of Ratisbon, 1786;
Medallic Thaler of Ratisbon, Sede Vacante, 1787 ; " Archery"
Thaler, 1788; Conv. Thalers of the Republic of Ratisbon; 1772,
1774, 1775, 1791, &c. ; Conv. Gulden, 1774, (775, 1781, 1782,
1784, &c. ; JohannGeorgGlaetzl, 1781 ; D r J. F. W.Behling,
of Ratisbon, 1787 (Boston Coll"), &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal,o/>. cit. Ammon, Sammlung beruhmter Medail-
leiirs. Various Sale Catalogues.

KOTZNER. ANDREAS (Germ.). Mint-master at Mayence, 1714-
1722. He had previously been Mint-engraver there and cut dies for
the 1703 coinage. To him must probably also be ascribed the medals
of Mayence of 1689, 1694 and 169 5, and 1707, which bear his initials
A. K. (Vide G. H. Lockner, Main^er Miin^beamte des ij. nnd 18.
Jabrbunderts, Berliner Miinzblatter, 1904, 431).

KOHLER, or KOEHLER, E. POMPONIUS (Germ.}. Mint-engravtr,
and Medallist at Cassel, early part of the eighteenth century. By


him is a medal on the Death of the Landgravin Maria Amalie,
1711 ; Completion of the Waterworks at Wilhelmshohe, 1714,

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Muller and Singer, op. cit.

KOHLER, F. D. (Amer.\ Issuer of an oblong Californian ingot,
dated 1850, and stamped 40.07.

KOHLHAAS, JAKOB (Germ.). Mint-master at Bonn, 1739-1767.
Between 1765 and 1767 he also worked for the Electoral Mint ot
Cologne, conjointly with Elias Gervais, as the f Stuber pieces of
Kurkoln of the years 1765-1767 show.

KOHLHAAS, JOHANN WILHELM (Genii. ). Mint-master at Schillings-
furst, 1684.

KOHLKOPF, KASPAR (Germ.). Mint-master at Augsburg, 1623.

KOINOS (Greek). Gem-engraver, whose signature KOINOY occurs
on a small amethyst, formerly in theFicorini collection, and which
represents a Hunter standing and leaning on cippus, at the foot of
which is a dog; a type which reminds one of the celebrated statue
known as Narcissus. King observes that " the legend behind the
figure reads clearly KOINOY, though variously misread. Koehler, as
usual, ascribed this work to Natter, forgetting that it had been
already published by Stosch in 1724, whereas Natter did not
establish himself at Florence before 1732. Besides, it had been
described by Maffei long before the forgery of names had come
into vogue ". "Die Arbeit ist hiibsch abernicht bedeutend". (Furt-

The inscription KOINOY appears to have been added in modern

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