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deburg, 1756-1767, and Berlin, 1768-1819.

D. L. H. Vide NICOLAS DELAHAYE. Goldsmith and Medallist at
Paris, circ. 1645-1695.

E. L. Vide HIERONYMUS LUCENTI EQVES. Medallist at Rome, circ.

E. L. Vide ERCOLE LELLI. 1702-1765. Mint-engraver at Bologna
under Popes Clement XII. and XIII., 1734-1766.

F. L. Vide LUTMA FILIUS. Son of Jan Lutma (f 1660) and also a

F. L. Vide FRIEDRICH LOOS. Medallist at Berlin, died in 1806.

F. L. Vide FRIEDRICH LAUTENSACK. Mint-master at Rostock, 1796-

F.L. S. Vide FRIEDRICH LUDWIG STUBER. Mint-master at Dantzig
and Elbing, 1760-1767.

G. L. Vide GABRIELE LOMBARDO. Mint-inspector at Venice, circ.


circ. 1670-1677.

G.L. Vide GOTTFRIED LEYGEBE. 1630-1683. Silesian Medallist who
\vorked as Mint-engraver and Medallist at Nuremberg, 1645-1668,
then at Berlin, 1668-1683.

G. L. Vide GABRIEL LUNDER. Norwegian Medallist, who worked
for some time at Nuremberg, then at Koenigsberg, and from 1742-
1782 at Copenhagen.

G.L. Vide GUSTAV LJUNGBERGER. Medallist at Stockholm, 1765-

G.L. Vide GOTTFRIED BERNHARD LOOS. 1773-1843. Founder of
the Loos Die-sinking establishment at Berlin.

G. L. C. or L. C. Vide GABRIEL LECLERC. Medallist at Basle, circ.
1685, then at Cassel, and circ. 1708 at Berlin; Mint-master at
Bremen, 1737; f 1743.

H. L. or HL. Vide HANS LACHENTRESS. Mint-master at Gottingen,
1601-1607, Corvey, 1607, and Moritzburg near Hildesheim, 1608-

H. L. Vide HEINRICH LAFFERT. Mini-master at Posen and from
1612-1615 at Driessen. Also BL.

H. L. or HL. Vide HEINRICH LOHR. Mint-master at Quedlinburg,

H. L. Vide HANS LAUGH. Mint-master at Quedlinburg, 1620-1624
and 1633-1637.

H. L. or HL. Vide HANS LENKER. Medallist at Augsburg, 1620-

H. L. Vide LEOPOLD (von der) HOCHSTRASSE. Mint-master at
Vienna, fourteenth century.

H. L. Vide HANS LIPHART. Mint-master at Erfurt, 1592-1599.

H. L. Vide HEINRICH LAMBERT. Mint-master at Deutz, 1608, 1615
and 1616. Also HL.

H. L. Vide HANS LIPPE. Mint-master at Thorn, 1629-1630.

H. L. Vide HANS LAUFER. Counter-manufacturer at Nuremberg,
f 1632.

H. L. Vide HANS LUDWIG KIENLEN. Mint-master at Ulm, 1365-
1639. Also H. L. and H. L. K.


H. L. Vide HERMANN LUDERS. Mint-master at Bremen, 1670-1673,
and Hamburg, 1674-1692. He coined for Schleswig-Holstein,
1676-1689, and the city of Luneburg, 1677-1678. In 1681 he
became Mint-warden to Lower Saxony. Also BL or IL.

H. L. Vide HANS LUDERS. Mint-master at Hildesheim, 1695-1710,
and Detmold, 1710-1716. Also HL or j>. .

H. L. Vide HEINRICH LORENZ. Medallist at Berlin, circ. 1843,
Altona, circ. 1848.

H. L. F. Vide HANS LOBSINGER. Medallist at Nuremberg, after

H. L. F. Vide HANS LUTZELBURGER. Modeller in Bavaria, circ.

H. L. K. Vide HANS LUDWIG KIENLEN. Mint-master at Ulm, 1635-

H. L. 0. Vide HEINRICH LAURENZ ODENDAHL. Mint-master at
Miinster, 1696-1700 and 1704-1706, Hoxter, 1698 and 1703,
Miihlheim-on-Rhine, 1700-1701, Osnabriick, 1701 and 1703, and
Paderborn, 1701-1702.

I. L. Vide JAN LOOFF. Medallist at Middelburg, 1627-1648. Also
I. L. f.

I. L. Vide JENS LARSSEN. Danish Medallist, circ. 1650-1660.

I. L. Vide JOHANN LINCK. Mint-engraver at Heidelberg, 1659-

I. L. Vide JOHANN LIEBMANN. Mint-warden at Clausthal, 1646,
and Berlin, 1664-1682.

I. L. Vide JOHANN LONGERICH. Mint-master at Sayn, Miihlheim-
on-Rhine, Dortmund, and Miinster, 1664-1680.

I. L. Vide JOSEPH LONGERICH. Mint-master at Treves, 1690.

I. L. Vide JAN LUDER. Dutch Medallist of the end of the seven-
teenth century and early part of the eighteenth ; resided in London,
circ. 1710.

I. L. Vide JACOB LYR. Mint-engraver at Cologne, 1678-1694.
I. L. Vide JEAN LEEFKEN. Russian Medallist, 1694-1709.

I. L. Vide J. L. J. LEEFKEN. Mint-engraver at St. Petersburg, circ.


I. L. Vide JOHANN LANGE. Medallist and Mint-engraver at Moscow,

I. L. Vide JOHANN LINDENSCHMIDT. Medallist and Mint-engraver
at Mayence, 1790, and Wiesbaden after 1808.

I. L. Vide JOSEPH LANG. 1776-1835. Medallist at Vienna.
I. L. Vide J. LIGBER. Mint-engraver at Warsaw, arc. 1808.
I. L. Vide J. LECLERCQ. Die-sinker at Geneva, circ. 1831.

I. L. Vide J. LORENZ Junior. Die-sinker at Hamburg, circ. 1869.

I. L. A. Vide JOHANN LEONHARD ARENSBURG. Mint- warden at
Zerbst, 1683; Mint-master to Count Gustavus von Sayn- Wittgen-
stein, 1684, then at Barby, 1687, and Stettin, 1689-1697.

I. L. F. Vide JAN LUDER. Die-sinker in the Netherlands and in
London, 1672-1710.

I. L. F. Vide JOHANN LUNGERBERGER. Medallist at St. Petersburg,

I. L. H. Vide JOHANN LORENZ HOLLAND. Mint-master at Dresden,

I L. I. F/V&JURGEN LIPPOLD JASTER. Mint-engraver at Hildesheim,

I. L. K. Vide JOHANN LUDWIG KOHLER. 1770-1828. Die-sinker at
Neustadt a. d. H.

IL. L.(?) Vide JOHANN LEEFKEN. Russian Die-sinker, 1694-1709.

I. L. 0. Vide JOHANN LEONHARD OEXLEIN. 1715-1789. Medallist
and Mint-engraver at Nuremberg, 1740-1787.

I. L. R. Vide JOHANN LORENZ RUCKDESCHEL. Mint-master at Bay-
reuth, 1726-1740.

I. L. ST. Vide JOHANN LEONHARD STOCKMAR. Mint-engraver at
Eisenach, 1785; Mint-master there, 1790-1835.

I. L. W. Vide JOHANN LUDWIG WAGNER. Medallist at Stuttgart,
1798 ;f 1845.

M. L. Vide MAGNO LIPPI. Mint-master at Parma, 1618.

M. L. Vide MATTHIAS LAUFFER. Counter-manufacturer at Nurem-
berg, circ. 1623.

- 26 3 -

M. L. Vide MATTIAS LONGERICH. Mint-master at Idstein, 1692.

N. L. Vide NICOLAUS LONGERICH. Mint-master at Diisseldorf, 1680,
Bonn, 1686, 1693 and 1694, Cologne, 1699 and 1700; also at
Dortmund and Essen, 1688.

P. L. Vide PETER LOHRof Goslar. Mint-master at Paderborn, 1655-
1658, Gottingen, 1659-1663, Biickeburg, 1660, Hildesheim, 1663-
1665, Nordheim, 1665-1671, Catlenburg, 1675-1676, and Ellrich,

P. L. Vide PEERLUNDGREN. Medallist at Stockholm, second half
of the nineteenth century.

T. L. Vide TRUELS LYNG. Mint-master at Kongsberg, 1737-1770.

V. L. Vide FRANZ ANTON VAN LON. Medallist and Copper-plate
engraver, who worked between 1727 and 1764 at Cologne, Bonn
and Ehrenbreitstein, and later was employed by the Bishop of
Wiirzburg, 1765.

V. L. F. Vide VERCELLI (Mint) LUIGI FERRARI. Mint-master at
Vercelli, 1548-1564.

V. L. G. (on Dutch medals) Vivent les Gueux.

W. L. Vide WOLF LAUFER. Counter-manufacturer at Nuremberg,

Z. L. Vide ZUANO LEONI. Rector of the Mint at Cattaro, 1449-

Z. L. Vide ZUANO LOREDANO. Rector of the Mint at Cattaro, 1590-

Z. L. Vide ZUANO LIPPOMANO. Rector of the Mint at Cattaro, 1592-


BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

L. A. Vide LEA AHLRORN. Swedish Medallist and Mint-engraver
at Stockholm, 1853-1895.

L. A. F. Vide LEONARDO ALOYSIO FOSCARINI. Mint-inspector at
Venice, 1778-1779.

Frankfort-on-M., 1807-1814; died in 1830. Also C. C. L'ALLEM.

or PARMIGGIANO, but really LORENZO CARTERONE. Gem-engraver

- 264 -

and Medallist at Rome, f 1585. Signed also LAV. PAR or L. PAR
and L. FARM.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

LAA, AMBROISE (French). Mint-master at Bayonne, from an IV to
XI of the First Republic. The coins struck under him bear as dis-
tinctive mark, a lion's head.

LABARRE, JEAN DE LA (French) (. . 1545-1561). Goldsmith of
Lyons, who executed in 1548, from models made by Salomon,
" ystoires d'or " which were presented to Henry II. and Catherine
de Medici on their Visit to Lyons. He also made "anticques"
(imitations of ancient coins).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot & H. de la Tour, op. cit.

LABARRE, GEORGES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, residing
at Paris, who since 1877 has exhibited numerous Portrait-medallions
at the annual Salons.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, Dictionnaire general des artistes de
VEcolefranfaise, Paris, 1882-1885.

LABBE, GERMAIN (French}. Mint-master at Paris, under Henri IV.,

LABET, CHARLES (French}. Mint-engraver at Besangon, 1667-
1674. He succeeded Pierre de Loisy.

LABITTE, M CAMILLE ALPHONSE(Frcrf). Contemporary Sculp-
tor, who in 1885 exhibited Portrait-medallions of J. Felon and
Mme H c ***

Royal Mint, London, anni 5-7 of William IV., 1835-7.

LA CAMBE, HANIN DE LA (French}. Mint-engraver at Valenciennes,

LACHENMAYR, KASPAR GREGOR (Germ.}. Director of the Mint at
Munich, 1748.

LA CROIX, PIERRE DE (French}. Mint-engraver at Nantes, circ.

Gottingen, 29. June 1601 to 16. February 1607, then at Corvey,
and trom 1608 to 1611 at the episcopal Mint of Moritzberg near
Hildesheim. His issues bear the monogram BL.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Wolff, Munyneister und Wardeine der Stadte Gottingen,
Nordlxim, und Einbeck, Blatter fur Muntfreunde, i. Januar 1883.

- 265

LACHESNEL, SIMONNET DE (French}. Goldsmith of Paris, fourteenth
century, who is mentioned tor having counterfeited the King's

LACHER, C. (Anstr.}. Modeller of a medal engraved by J.Tauten-
hayn, of the Amalia Countess Somssich Institute, 1874.

LACOMBE, BERNARD (French}. Mint-master and contractor at
Tours and Angers, previous to 1653 ; afterwards Die-cutter at the
Mint of Tours. He signed Bernard La Combe.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot & de La Tour, op. cit.

LACOSTE (French}. A Paris Die-sinker by whom there is a commem-
orative medal of the July Revolution, 1830.

LACOSTE, PIERRE (French}. Mint-master at Troyes, 1310-1311,
in conjunction with Vanne or Venne Guy. An Engraver of the
same name \vas Die-cutter at the Mint of Montpellier, 1352-1353.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Les Graveiirs de Troyes, Macon, 1897.

LA COSTE, GUY DE (French}. Mint-engraver at Toulouse, circ.

LA DAME, GABRIEL (French}. Mint-engraver at Paris, circ. 1659-
1662 and later.

LADE, D r AUGUSTE (Swiss}. Contemporary Numismatist, residing
at Geneva, and author of various numismatic works. Formerly a
partner in the firm of STROEHLIN & CO (q. v.} and STROEHLIN &
LADE, which has edited several medals connected with Genevese
history. Vide STROEHLIN.

LADERRIERE, ANTOINE (Belg.}. Mint-master at Touraay, 13. Au-
gust 1645 ii. October 1658.

LADERRIERE, ANTOINE DE (Belg.}. Mint-master at Bruges,

24. October 1683 6. April 1685, and again, 2 May 1686

4. October 1689. On his death, his widow r , Catherine de Tilly

and her son, continued the direction of the Mint, 4. January 1690

- 3. July 1700.

LADERRIERE, JEAN (French}. Mint-engraver at Valenciennes,

LADNITZKY, C. (Germ.}. This signature is said to occur on a Por-
trait-medal of Landgrave Friedrich Egon of Fiirstenberg, on his
inauguration as Archbishop of Olmiitz, 6. June 1853. I suspect the


author of the medal to be C. Radnitzky, the well-known Viennese

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fr. Dollinger, Die Furstenbergischen Mi'm^en und Medailkn,
Donaueschingen, 1903.

LAFERS, HANS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Zellerfeld, i62o(?)-

LAFFERT, ANDREAS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Fraustadt, 1594,
Stolberg and Wernigerode, 1612-1617. His issues are signed A. L.

LAFFERT, HEINRICH (Germ.}. Mint-master at Posen previous to
1612, then at Driessen, 1612-1615, under Johann Sigmund,
Prince-Elector of Brandenburg. He undertook to coin at Driessen
imitation Hungarian Ducats, Thalers and Groschen. I have noticed
his initials H. L. on a Thaler of Sigmund, Margrave of Brandenburg,
1612. Andreas Laffert was a brother of Heinrich Laffert, who,
according to Kirmis, filled also the post of Assayer-general to the
Crown of Poland from 1604/8 to 1617.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Oesterreicher, Regesten %u J. Neu'ald's Piiblicationen uber
osterreichische Mun^prdgungen, 1895. - Max Kirmis, Handbucb der Polnischen
Mun^kunde, Posen, 1892. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. tit., pp. 33, 210.
Reimmann Sale Catalogue, II, 1892.

LAFONT, GEORGES JEAN JOSEPH (French}. Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris; pupil of Levasseur. At the Salon of 1886, this artist
exhibited a Portrait-medallion of D r A. S. Fauvel.

LAFONTAINE, FANNY (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris, and author of several Portrait-medallions.

LAFITTE (French}. Medallist of the early part of the nineteenth
century, who worked on Mudie's National Series of English Medals.

Battle of Talavera.

His signature occurs on the following medals : Battle of Talavera,
1809, obv. Bust of Wellington, by Mills fyL Victory facing


(illustrated), &c., signed LAFITTE ; - The English Army upon the
Scheldt, 1815, obv. Bull to r., by Depaidis $L. River-god reclining
to r., signed LF. F.

A Draughtsman and Historical Painter of the name of Louis Lafitte,
1770-1828, designed various decorative works under the First
Empire and appears to have been also employed by English firms,
but I cannot identify him with the author of the two reverses of
English medals above described.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Weber, Nineteenth Century Medals by foreign Artists. Cha-
vignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LAFLEUR, ABEL (French}. Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
born at Rodez (Aveyron); pupil ot Ponscarme and Chaplain. At
the Salon of 1901, he exhibited a frame containing four Portrait-
plaquettes, and a medal "Souvenir"; in 1902, three Portrait-
plaquettes, and a medal representing a Lady seated ; in 1903, Por-
trait of M me X*** ; Medal " Femme eglantine "; Fern me aux
gants; Femme au manchon ; Femme nue, apres le bain ;
Danseuse; in 1904 ; Femme au bain, plaquette, 1904; Bai-
gneuse ; Portrait of M. Alfred Dabin ; Femme lisant ; - The
Picture Book; Christ lying down, &c.

His plaquettes are wanting in lightness ; 1 905 . The Picture Book ;

Lady with flowers ; Femme aux gants ; Danseuse ; Vieille

femme ; Femme accoudee lisant; Le Bain (in commission for

the Societe de la Medaille franchise) ; D r Pautrier ; Edouard

Zunz ; Baigneuse ; Le The ; Femme assise ; Christ, &c.

At the Salon of 1905 he obtained a Medal of the Third class.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Salon Exhibitions Catalogues, 1901-1905.

LAFORESTERIE, LOUIS EDMOND (French}. Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Port-au-Prince, pupil of Jouffroy and Le Bourg ; residing
at Paris. He modelled a number of Portrait-medallions some of
which were exhibited at the annual Salons between 1867 and 1880,
and later. The coinage of the Republic of Haiti, 1880-1882 bears
under the head of Liberty, which he modelled, his signature : LAFO-
RESTERIE, as well as that of : ROTY G.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit., I, 873.

LAGAE, JULES (.&/) Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
born at Roulers, 15. March 1862, and now residing at Brussels.
Pupil of Charles Van der Stappen, and Lambeaux. He has produced
several decorative works, among the more notable being a Medal
for the Brussels Exhibition of 1897, anc ^ tne nionument erected
in memory ot the poet, Ledeganck ; also : La Ville de Gand, Pla-
quette ; Portrait-medal of M. Edouard Simon, Burgomaster of
Perwelz, 1902.


In 1888, the artist obtained the Prix de Rome, and he is a Knight
of the Order of Leopold.

Medal of the Brussels Exhibition, 1897.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Studio, August 1898. Laloire, Medailles de Belgique, 1903
A. de Witte, La Me'daille en Belgique au X/X e sleek, Bruxelles, 1905.

LAGARDE, J. F. (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, whose signature
appears on Portrait-medallions in clay and bronze.

LAGEMAN, HENDRIK (Dutch}, Medallist of Amsterdam, son of
J. M. Lageman, was born in 1765 and died in 1816; pupil of Girl
Kons, and J. G. Holtzhey. His productions were much admired by
his contemporaries, and are few in number. By him are : 1794.
Wicker Wickers and his consort Clara Smith ; Patriotic Medal ;

- 1787. Return of Prince William V. to The Hague; - 1788.
Conclusion of the Act of Guarantee between the provinces of the
Netherlands; 1788. The Stadholder's household visits Brock in
Waterland; - 1791. 25 th Anniversary of Prince William V. of
Orange's Stadholderate ; Marriage of the hereditary Prince Wil-
liam Frederick of Orange with Princess Frederika Louise Wilhel-
mina of Prussia; - - 1794. Planting the Tree of Liberty at Amster-
dam; 1799. Medal of Reward; - 1800. Prize Medal of the

Batavian Literary Society ; 1802. Peace of Amiens; -

25 th Anniversary of the Society " Felix Meritis" ; - 1806. Death
of Jan Nieuvenhuysen ; 1806. Death of Prince William V. ; -


1 8 14. Inauguration of Prince William of Orange as Sovereign Prince
(2 var.); William I. visits the Utrecht Mint; 1809. Prize.
Medal for Public Services (Tot Nut vant Algernon) \ Pattern
Coins of Louis Napoleon, 1807 (not approved of by the Govern-

Immerzeel praises the artist as having been very successful.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzemhal, Skl^en c~c. Jhomsen Catalogue. O de
Xahuys, Histoire numisniatiqne <iu Ro\aume de Hollamle, 1858. Hildebrand, op.
cit., II. , p.iSi. De Historiepenninoen en \iunUn betrekkinglxbbende opbet Stamhuis
ran Oranje-Nassau, 1898. Immerzeel, op. cit.

LAGEMAN, I. M. (Dutch^ " A citizen of Amsterdam, where he
lived on the " Papen-bridge " ; he was a Dealer in gold and silver
(goud-kashonder}, and eked out his income by the manufacture and
sale of toys, and by engraving cards for weddings, balls, visiting,
&c. See Wapp, Astrea, IV, 193, as quoted by Van Loon, Sup.
p. 72." (Betts, Historical Medals of America, p. 264).

J. M. Lageman, who was also a Die-sinker, engraved a number
of medals, which commend themselves by very good work. Among
these are : 1773. Second Jubilee ot the Deliverance of Alkmaar ;
1775. Storms and Inundations in Holland; - 1776. Storms and
Floods in the Netherlands ; 1 778. Second Centenary of the Refor-
mation at Amsterdam ; 1778. Second Centenary of the Lutheran
Orphanage at Amsterdam ; 1779- Death of Theophile de la Tour,
priest at Amsterdam ; 1 780. Administration of the Holy Sacrament
by Bishop Cezar Brancadoro at Huissen ; Badge of the Utrecht
Association "Pro Patriaet Libertate"; Arming of Burgher Corps
in 1784; - Death of J. D. Van der Capellen, 6. June 1784; -
Discontent in the States, 1786; Friendship and Concord Medal,
1786; Engagement on the Vaart near Gutfaas, 9. May 1787 ;
Medal of the Town Guard of Harlingen, 1787 ; Death of T. I.
Ewald, minister at Amsterdam, 1788; Restoration of Peace
in the Netherlands, 1788; - The State of the Country, 1788;
Visit of Prince William V. to Brock, 1788; Silver Wedding of
Claudius Hendrikus van Herwerden and Gertrude Agnes Comme-
lin, 1790; Marriage of Prince Charles George Augustus of Bruns-
wick with Princess Frederika Louisa Wilhelmina of Orange, 1790;

- 25 th Anniversary of Prince William V.'s stadholderate, 1790;
Marriage of the hereditary Prince Willem Frederik with Princess
Frederika Louisa Wilhelmina of Prussia, 1791 ; Archbishop Van
Nisibi administers the Holy Sacrament at Amsterdam and Utrecht
(2 var.); Inauguration of a Lutheran Church at Amsterdam,
J 793 5 Golden Wedding of W. Wickers and Clara Smith, 1794;

- Silver Wedding of Anthony Jacob Bierens and Susanna Hasina
W r illink, 1796 ; Commemorative medal of the Treaty of Neutrality
between the Powers, to resist the claims of England, and indirectly


to aid the American Colonies (signed : I. M. LAGEMAN); - - 1781.
Naval Battle off the Doggersbank; 1782. Loss of St. Eustatia by the
Dutch; - - The New Year, 1782; 1781. Holland declares
America free; 1783. Treaty of Paris; D r Phoebus Hitzer
Themmen of Amsterdam; - - 1783. Death of Johann Hendrik
Vorstius, Lutheran minister at Amsterdam; Preliminaries of
Peace between England and the Netherlands, &c.

Lageman was entrusted with the cutting of the first dies for the
coinage ot Ducats of William I. of the Netherlands, 1815.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Betts, op. cit. Hildebrand, op. cit., II, p. 181. Van
Loon, op. cit. and Supplement I X.

LAGGE (Germ.}. Medallist of the first half of the nineteenth cen-
tury, who appears to have resided at Athens, but of whom no bio-
graphical details are known.

By him are : Marc Botzaris, Greek patriot }$L. Battle of Carpenesi,
1823 ; Theodore Colocotronis and Nicetas Stamatopoulos, Greek
patriots ty.. Victory of Nemea, 1822 ; George Countouriotis,
Greek statesman, 1825 ; Germanos, Archbishop of Patras, Insur-
rection of 1821 ; Peter Mauromichalis, Greek general and patriot,
1821 ; Andrew Miaoulis, Greek admiral, 1825 ; - - Election of
Othol., King of Greece, 1832, &c.

LAGIER, ANTOINE (French). Mint-engraver at Aix, 1560-1579.

LAGIER, JEAN FRANQOIS (French}. Mint-engraver at Lyons,
n. August 1656 to 25. July 1675. O n a document of 1656, Pierre
Carrand, Mint-assayer at Lyons declares " cognoistre ledict Lagier
puis quelques annees qu'il 1'a veu travailler soit dans la monnoye
de cette ville soit ailleurs a forger, travailler et graver. " Lagier
engraved also some jetons of the Consulate ; one of them, dated
1659, executed for the provost Frangois de Baillon, bears on one
side Louis XIV., facing, riding on horseback, led by Justice and
Strength .

Rondot calls Lagier a clever Engraver. He died at Lyons between
the 25. of July 1675 and the 30. April 1676.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Les Graveurs de monnaies a Lyon du X/// e an
XVIll* siecle, Macon, 1897. Rondot & De La Tour, op. cit.

LAGIER, JEHAN (French"). Son of Anthoine Lagier, and Mint-
engraver at Aix, 1579-1583.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Barre, Graveurs generaux et particuliers des monnaies de
France, 1867.

LA GRANGE, JEAN DE {French}. Mint-engraver at Montelimar,
circ. 1547-1548.


LAGRANGE, JEAN (French). Medallist, Gem- and Coin-engraver,
born at Lyons, on the 6 th of November 1831. Pupil of V. Vibert,
H. Flandrin, and J. Perrault ; entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts,
8. October 1857; First Grand Prix de Rome for] medal-engraving,
1861 (subject : A warrior placing palm-branch on altar of Mars) ;
Medal of the Third Class, 1874; a d f tne Second Class, 1879;
Knight of the Legion of Honour.

Between 1880 and 1896, Lagrange was Chief-engraver at the
Paris Mint; his issues bear fasces as distinctive mark. In his official
capacity, he was entrusted with the cutting of Coin-dies for the

French One Franc piece, engraved by Lagrange.

French colonies and various foreign countries, as Abyssinia,
Guatelama, Tunis, &c. The first coinage of Menehk, Em-
peror of Abyssinia, issued at the Paris Mint in 1894, an ^
consisting of four pieces, the Talaro, Half, Quarter, and Eighth

Talaro of Emperor Menelik, by Lagrange.

Talaro, bears Lagrange's signature in full. The artist exhibited Proof
and Pattern pieces of the f, | and | Talari at the Universal Exposi-
tion of 1900.

Amongst Lagrange's best known medallic productions are the fol-
lowing : 1865. Commemorative medal of the Annexation of Savoy
to France ; 1867. Portrait-medallion of M. X***; 1869. Por-
trait-medallion, Medal, and Cameo ; Music ; Syracuse, cameo


in cornelian; - 1870. Agricultural Prize Medal; - 1872. Onyx
cameo; copy of an ancient coin ; 1874. Milo of Croton, medal;
The Paris Law Courts, model bas-relief; - - 1876. Commemora-
tive medal of the New Opera; - 1877. Commemorative medal of
the Paris Law Courts; Medal of the Coulmiers Monument; -
Portrait-medallion ofM. X***; 1878. Commemorative medal of
the Paris Palais de Justice; Agricultural Prize Medal; - Prize
Medal for Music; - - Prize Medal for good Draughtsmanship; -
1879. Prize Medal of the Noumea Exhibition ; Prize Medal of the
Salon ; French Coinage, 1880-1896 ; Guatemala Peso, 4 and
2 Reales, i, f, and f Real, 1893 '> a ^ so Pattern 10 Pesos and 5
Pesos; - Tunisian Coinage, N 20 and 10 Francs; ^R. 2 and

The Paris Palais de Justice, 1874.

i Francs; 50 Centimes; JE 10 and 5 Centimes; Indo-China,
&.. Piastre, 50, 20 and 10 Centiemes ; IE. i Centieme and
Sapeque; - Abyssinian Coinage; Morocco, fit. 5, 2, i and
5 Ounces, &c. ; - - Commemorative medal of Francois Adrien
Boieldieu (after Daman); Bust of Napoleon III. in aquamarine,
forming the central piece of a jewel executed by Froment-Meurice
and destroyed in the Fire of the H6tel-de-Ville under the Commune
in 1871; - Medal representing a Sower; - The Miner;
Drawing; - Milo of Croton, after Puget; Annexation of Nice
and Savoy ; Obligatory Education ; The Paris Opera, &c.


Several of Lagrange's works may be seen at the Luxembourg
Museum, Paris.

" La technique de M. Lagrange, qui est, lui aussi, un ancien, dit-
fere de la maniere large et libre de ses confreres plus jeunes; mais
n'est-il pas interessant de voir le vieil artiste suivre le mouvement

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