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et, en ces dernieres annees, montrer dans une medaille represen-
tant un Mineur une juvenilite, une souplesse qui temoignent que
son esprit alerte a suivi avec interet les recherches de la nouvelle
ecole ?" (Saunier, La Medaille francaise contemporaine, L'Art decora-
tif, Octobre 1901, p. 34).

Lagrange, who distinguished himself also as a statuary, stands
foremost in the pleiad of French medallists, and his success is well

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. Marx, Medciil'leursjranfais, 1889; Me'dailhurs contempo-
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du Muse'e du Luxembourg. Art de'coratij, Octobre 1901, p. 34. Num. Cm;.,
1895, col. 1214. Annuaire nutnismatique, 1895, p. 493. Revue beige de mimis-
matiqiif, 1874, p. 399.

LAHAYE, DE (French). Mint-master at Paris, for Charles X.,

LA HAYE, DE (French}. Mint-engraver at Reims, circ. 1693-

LA HAYE, ALEXANDRE DE (French'). Mint-engraver at Paris, in
succession to Claude Le May, 1545.


LAILLIER, ETIENNE (French'). Mint-master at Chalons-sur-Marne,
circ. 1423-1425, under Henry VI. of England. The following coins
were issued at that Mint, and bear a crescent as mint- mark : AT.
Salutes and Angelots (none yet found) ;^R. Blancsand PetitsBlancs;
billon, Deniers Tournois.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. Serrure, Dictionnaire ge'ograpbiqtie de THistoire nione'taire
de /.i France, Paris, 1887, p. 160. De Saulcy, Histoire nutnismatique de Henri V
et Henri VI, rois d'Anghter re, pendant qiiihonl re'gne en France, 1878.

LAINCETEAU, JAMET (French). Mint-engraver at Angers, appoint-
ed, 15. October 1362.

LAING, HENRY (Brit.). Born at Strathmiglo in 1741 ; died at
Edinburgh in 1820; was in the employment of James and William
Tassie for over fifty years, as a Modeller of Portrait-cameos, cxc.

There is a Portrait-medallion of him by William Tassie.

L. FORRHR. Biographical Notifts of Medallists. III. 18

- 274 -

LAING, HENRY (Brit.). Son of the last; was born in London in
1803. At the age of about fourteen he was apprenticed to William
Tassie, under whom he acquired a knowledge of drawing and
modelling, and imbibed that love for art and archaeology which
became the master passion ot his life. He remained some eight
years with Tassie; and then entered into partnership with Daniel
Newton Crouch, a Seal-engraver in London, whose sister he atter-
wards married. About 1829 he settled in Edinburgh as a Gem-
engraver and maker of glass seals which were then in great demand;
and, according to a writer in 'Notes and Queries' for 2) th May
1 86 1, he was accustomed to supply ' block seals, as well as the
enamel casts, and, indeed, everything of the kind which Tassie
either made or sold '. He executed a few medallion-portraits in wax
from the life, among these, one of his wife, modelled about

H. Laing Junior, who died in 1883, will perhaps best be remem-
bered as the compiler of two volumes of Ancient Scottish Seals,
1850 and 1866.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - John M. Gray, James and William Tassie, Edinburgh,

LAJONIS, CLAUDE (French). Mint-master at Mirabel-aux-Baronnies,
in conjunction with Martinet Lantasque, 1426.

LALAING, COMTE JACQUES VE(Belg.). Painter and Sculptor, born
at London, 4. November 1858; pupil of Jean Portaels, and Alfred
Cluysenaer; Officer of the Order ot Leopold, and Knight Command-
er of the Order of St. Michael and St. George of Great Britain. He
has produced some medals and plaquettes since 1904.

LALANDE, BERTRAND DE, Sieur de Gayon (French). Fermier des
Monnaies de Navarre et Beam, 1590-1594; Mint-master at Saint-
Palais, 1589, and Pau, 1590.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Blanchet, Histoire monetaire du Beam.

LALANDE, CHARLES DE (French). Mint-master at Aix, 1551.

LALANE, ARNAUD or ARMAND DE (French). Mint-engraver (?) at
Nay, Beam, cited in 1685. He possibly may not have worked for
the Mint at all, according to Blanchet.

LALIAME, JEAN (French). Sculptor of Lyons, 1669-1673. Among
the "Mouleursde medailles" of that epoch, he is one of those who
appears to have been the most patronized. He signed Laliame.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, MeJailleurs de Lyoti, 1897. Rondot & De La
Tour, op. cit.

- 275

LALIAME, LOUIS (French). Sculptor, Lapidary and Engraver, who
exercised his profession at Lyons, circ. 1622-1654. ^ n 1648* he \vas
elected "Engraver in ordinary " to the City ot Lyons.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, of>. cit. S. Lami, Dictionnaire des Sculpteurs.
- Rondot & De La Tour, op. cit.


LALIER, JACQUES DE (French). Mint-master at Cambrai, circ.
1422, who was commissioned in that year to issue gold Deniers
and Half Deniers, the so-called Anges de Cambresis.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. Serrure, Diet, ge'og. de Vbistoirc monetaire de la Fiance, 1887.

LALIQUE, RENE (French). Artist Goldsmith and Jeweller, born at
Ay-en-Champagne(Marne); pupil of the Ecole des Arts decoratifs;
worked first for many years as a Designer of jewellery and practical
Goldsmith for various firms; started ous'ness on hi-> own account
in 1885 and won various distinctions at English exhibitions, but



Portrait of R. Lalique, from a pen and ink drawing.

owes his fame partly to the patronage and encouragement of the
great French actress, M me Sarah Bernhard, who brought his genius


and talent before the public notice, by wearing in her various roles
jewels and ornaments specially designed and executed for her by
him. "It was at the "Exposition des Arts de la Femme' ", says a
writer in Magazine of Art, 1903, " that Lalique first revealed him-
self. Thenceforward, by his annual exhibitions at the Salon, he
forced himself upon the minds and the taste of an unsympathetic
public who at first would hardly give him fair consideration, but
whom he conquered by sheer pluck and artistic merit".

"Lalique", continues the same writer, kf is the apostle of the
latest art in one of the most ancient crafts... At the Paris Universal
Exhibition of 1900 the Lilique exhibition was a dream of beauty
and a delight for the eye. 1 recollect spending many hours in admi-
ration, perfectly spellbound under the influence of this unexpected
triumph of colour, a triumph, indeed, of the highest art."

Portrait-medal of M mc Sarah Bernhard, by Lalique.

' Lalique differs greatly from most of his followers, since,
although an artist born, he is also a most careful craftsman. Far
trom despising gems, he uses them lavishly when they suit his
scheme of colour, and he uses them, not because they are expen-
sive, but although they are expensive. Yet he will set richly a worth-
less matrix of opal, and carve a dancing girl in a piece of wood
ot no intrinsic value whatever. No material is too common if it is
beautiful, none is too rich if it suits his purpose, and he knows no
limit but harmony of colour and proportion. "

Among the articles of pure jewellery design by Rene Lalique,
many are based on the glyptic art. " Ornament workers in all ages "
says M. Roger Marx (Studio, Vol. 15, p. 22)" have willingly
undertaken to act as medallists, in the course of their mission as
embellishers of materials, and as part of their task as jewellers ".


Indeed Lalique ranks high as a gem-engraver, for the many pretty
carvings in precious stones that adorn his jewels, and as a Medallist,
his Portrait-medal of M rae Sarah Bernhard and others, not taking

Head ot Medusa, cameo-pendant, by Lalique.

into account the many medallic Portrait Brooches and Pendants, have
made him also sufficientlv well-known.

Enamelled Portrait-Plaque, forming the centre of a parure
(belonging to M me Waldeck- Rousseau).

" As an admirer of natural perfection and a delighttul colourist,


Lalique is an acknowledged master, while every one of his works
is impregnated with marvellous taste and artistic feeling... He will
always stand alone as the real creator and the ablest representative
of one of the most important artistic movements of the nineteenth
century. " (G. A. Fournier, Rene Lalique, Magazine of Art, 1903,
p. 25).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. Marx, Reviie Encyclopedique, 1896, p. 305 ; 1897, p. 571.
Do, Studio, Oct. 1898; Feb. 1902. Art et Decoration, 1899-1903. Revue des
Artsde'coratifs, 1900, p. 203 sqq. Revue de V Art ancien et moderne, 1900, p. 447.
Marx, Medaiileurs contemporains.

LALYAME, PHILIPPE or PHILIBERT (French}. Sculptor and Medal-
list of Lyons, 1602-1622. He is the author of a fine cast Portrait-
medallion of Pierre de Monconys, which bears his signature, and
perhaps also of the following, although they are unsigned : Balthazar
de Villars; Marcel Bozon; Nicolas de Lange, etc.

By him are a bronze bust of Henry IV., and three statues ot
St. John and St. Stephen.

The artist was still living in 1622.

Nicolas de Lange.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Medailleun lyonnais. Mazerolle, op. cit.
Blanchet, op. cit.

(Germ.}. Medallist ot the first quarter of the nineteenth century ;
he apparently filled the post of Mint-engraver at Frankfort-on-Main,
1807-1814, and died in 1830. His productions are variously signed :
L'AL; C. C. L'ALLEM, etc. A masonic medal, with portrait of
Broenner, bears the artist's signature, L'AL on the arm.


L'ALLEMANT {Germ.}. Engraver, who in 1473 executed jetons
for King Rene of Anjou.

LALLEMANT or LALLEMENT, FRANQOIS (French). Seal-and Jeton-
engraver of the second quarter of the sixteenth century. He is the
author of a jeton for Martin Ruze, councillor to the Parliament.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, Me'dailleursfranfais, 1902.

LALLEMAND, F. (French}. Engraver of the eighteenth century, and
author of a medal of Stanislaus Leczinsky, Grand Duke of Lorraine,
King of Poland.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot & De la Tour, op. cit.

Sculptor and Medallist, born at Toulouse on the ir. May 1872; a
pupil of Falguiere, Mercieand Alphee Dubois. In 1902 he obtained
the second Grand Prix de Rome for medal-engraving for a medal
representing Saint Sebastian pierced with arrows.

LAMB, H. T. (Brit.). A London Die-sinker who struck a medal on
the Installation of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, as Grand Master
of Freemasons, 1875. 368 of these medals were issued.

LAMB, JOHANN (Germ.). Mint-master to the Counts Palatine of
Veldenz (Exter II. 215).

LAMBELET, SAMUEL (Germ.). Medallist of the latter end of the
seventeenth century, and first three decades of the eighteenth, circ.
1698-1727. He was a native of Clausthal, but his family must have
originally come from Neuchatel. Previous to 1699 he may have
worked for some time at Paris and is said to have been engaged on
the medallic series of Louis XIV., as some of his signed medals show,
and from 1699 to 1727 he was Medallist to the House of Brunswick-
Liineburg. Ammon calls him a clever Engraver, and states that his
productions are variously signed : S. L. ; - - S. LAMBELET ;

By him are : Louis XIV. receives James II., 1689 5 Action off
Beachy Head, 1690 ; Princess Matilda of England and the Electress
Sophia, 1701 (signed : S. LAMBELET on obv. and : S. L. on tyL); -
Augustus William of Brunswick-Liineburg ^ The new Church and
residential Castle at Wolffenbiittel. 1718; - Commemorative
medals of Brunswick-Liineburg (Vollstand. Braunsclnu. Liineburg;
Miin^ und Medaillen Cabinet, n os 579, 605, 639, 895, 992, 1059 and
Int., p. XLVI).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Franks & Grueber, Medallic Illustra-
tions. &c. Ammon, op. cit Xumopbyl. Burckbard. P. n, n os 2337 et 2554 -
Nagler, MonogrammisUn, 1881, Vol. V, n 159. - - Reimmatin Catalogue, II,
n 3867.


LAMBERT (French). Mint-engraver at Reims, 1730-1749.

LAMBERT, ALBERT ELIE (French). Contemporary Sculptor born at
Beaumont, pupil of Eug. Paul. He exhibited at the Salon of 1886
two Portrait-medallions of M. Millet and M. Lambert.

LAMBERT, ALPHONSE (French). Son of Joseph Lambert, and his
successor as Director of the Rouen Mint, from 1818 to 1820. His
issues bear a Paschal Lamb as distinctive mark.

LAMBERT, ARSENE LOUIS MARIE (French). Contemporary Sculp-
tor, born at Carhaix (Finistere) ; pupil of Guilbert. He is the author
of a number of Portrait-medallions, some of which were exhibited
at the Salons in the eighties and nineties of last century.

(Belg.). Engraver and Chaser, born at Namur, 26. June 1808, died
there, 15. September 1868. He has produced some medallic work.

LAMBERT, GUSTAVE ALEXANDRE (French). Sculptor, Gem-and
Seal-engraver, and Medallist; born at Paris ; pupil of Bissinger'. He
has exhibited since 1863, at the "Salon des Artistes frangais ", and
was rewarded with a medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1900.

La Ronde, intaglio, by G. A. Lambert.

Among his best known productions in the branch we are interested
in, I may mention : 1879. Mars and Venus, intaglio in sardonyx;
- Portrait of M. X***, intaglio in sardonyx ; Narcissus, intaglio
in cornelian; - 1880. Antinoiis, cameo in sardonyx; Faun and
Bacchante,cameo in sardonyx; 1882. Salammbo, cameo; Patro-


clus, cameo ; 1883. Portrait-cameo of Gambetta ; 1884. Three
sardonyx cameos : Achilles; Bacchante; - Phryne; 1885.
Danse guerriere, sardonyx cameo and intaglio ; 1890. Three sard-
onyx intaglios : Mercury; - - Centaur; Herakles infant; Les
Korybantes, sardonyx intaglio; 1893. Da\vn, sardonyx intaglio;

The Conscience, cameo and intaglio in sardonyx; - - 1895.
Hesitation; 1896. The Adviser, sardonyx intaglio; - - 1897.
Credo, sardonyx intaglio; 1898. La source et le ruisseau, cameo;
1899. Eugene Guillaume ; Le Livre, sard, intaglio; 1898.
La Source et le Ruisseau, intaglio (acquired by the State); 1900.
La Ronde, intaglio in sardonyx (illustrated)', Two DancingGirls ;
- 1901. Portrait of M me Agry, intaglio in sardonyx; 1903. Three
Portrait-intaglios; Portrait-plaquette, bronze; &c.

At different times, this artist has also produced : War Dance; -
The Bather; The Adviser; The Dawn; - Credo; - - The
Book; Venus Astarte; Portrait of Eugene Guillaume, sculptor,
member of the French Academy, and Director of the Ecole de Rome;
Portrait of Marquis de Chennevieres, " ex. Director of Fine- Art ",
Paris; - - 1904. The First-born, or Amour maternel, intaglio in
sardonyx ; La Danse, cvc.

" M. G.Lambert", writes M. Babelon, "quichaqueannee,depuis
1879, expose des pierres gravees en creux est, avec M. Lechevrel,
un de nos rares artistes qui maintiennent 1'intaille au-dessus de la
gravure des sceaux heraldiques. II nous a donne dans ce genre un
certain nombre d'ceuvres d'un dessin souple et gracieux, qui sont
presentement pour la plupart, au Musee Galliera ; on lui doit aussi
d'excellents portraits. L'ceuvre importante qu'il a exposee au Salon,
cette annee (1902) est une Ronde cTenfants sur une cornaline de
grandes dimensions, ou Ton retrouve les memes qualites de grace
spirituelle, d'harmonie et de souplesse elegante. " (Revue de I' Art,
1902, II, 27).

Lambert was awarded the Order of the Lion and Sun by the
Shah of Persia.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogue of the Paris Salons. Chavignerie et Auvray, op.
cit. Information kindly supplied by Ihe artist.

LAMBERT, HEINRICH {Germ.}. Mint-master at Deutz, circ. 1608-
1616. His initials H. L. occur on his issues; also his monogram H.

LAMBERT, JEAN DE (French}. Mint-master-general to King Jean
le Bon (?)

LAMBERT, JOSEPH (French}. Director ot the Rouen Mint, from
vear IV of the First Republic to 1817. His distinctive marks were :
from an IV to an XI, a vase ; from anXll to 1817 a Paschal Lamb.
His son succeeded him in 1817.


LAMBERT, PIERRE (French}. Goldsmith and Engraver of Jetons at
Tours, circ. 1466-1471.

LAMBERT DEROISIN (Belg.). Die-sinker of Brussels, born on
24 June 1808, who in 1847 submitted to the Belgian Monetary
Commission a Pattern Five-Franc piece with bust of Leopold I. By
him are also various commemorative medals : The Cholera Visita-
tion at Namur, 1849 (2 var. ; one in Boston Coll"); - Francois
Gerard Pirson, 1848; Provincial Exhibition of Namur, 1849
(sev. var.); - Francois Joseph Cornet, 1852 ; To H. J. B. van
de Resse, in commemoration of his services during the Cholera
Epidemics at Namur, 1849, &c.

LAMBERT, NICOLAS (French). Die-sinker of the first half of the
nineteenth century. In an XI (1802) he took part in the competition
for a new coinage, and submitted patterns for the Five-Franc piece
(one illustrated), which however were not accepted. He also engraved

Pattern 5 Franc piece, by N. Lambert.

some medals : Masonic medal ot the Lodge ot Perfect Union of
Perseverance, Paris, 1813 ; &c. He also engraved gems; his signa-
ture occurs on an intaglio representing the portrait of a Musician
crowned with laurel and holding a lyre.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. H. Denise, Le concours de V An XI, Gaz. num. franc,., 1902,
pi. xi. Marvin, Masonic Medals, 1880.

LAMI, ALPHONSE (French). Sculptor, born at Paris, 2. June 1822 ;
died at Alexandria in 1867. By him are several Portrait-medallions,
cast in bronze.

LAMI, STANISLAS (French). Sculptor and Writer, born at Paris,
30. November 1855. Since 1882 he has been a regular exhibitor at
the annual Salons of the Societe" des Artistes francais. Beside
numerous works of sculpture, statues, groups, busts, he has also
executed some very fine Portrait-medallions.

- 28 3 -

Lami is the author of two standard works : Dictionnaire des Sculp-
tcnrs de T antiqiiili jusqu'au VI* slick dc not re ere, 1884, and Diclion-
naire des Scitlpteiirs tie I'Ecole franfaise du moyen age an regne de
Louis XIV, 1898.

This artist has taken prizes at various exhibitions in France and
abroad : Munich (Gold medal, 1892), Chicago (1893), Brussels
(1897), St. Petersburg, London, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Dictionnaire des Contempor.iins.

LAMPHEAR, W. K. (Amer.). Contemporary Die-sinker and Manu-
facturer of metallic cards of Cincinnati (Ohio). By him are Masonic
jetons, advertising tokens, American Masonic Store cards, tickets,
dental tokens, &c., some of which are described in Marvin, Masonic
medals, p. 271.

LAMPAGE, FALCO DE (ItaL). A native of Pistoja, and the first Mint-
master of Antwerp, whose name is on record. He issued Ecus d'or
known as Faucons Schilde of John III., 1312-1355.

LAMPRECHT (Germ.). Mint-master to the Count Palatine Ludwig
of Veldenz at Niederolm(Olme), 1464-1467.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. V. Kull, Reperlorium %ur Mun^kiinde Bayerns, II, 1903.

LAMPUGNANO, BELTRAMOLA DA (Ital.}. Mint-engraver at Milan,
in the fourteenth century.

LAMUNIERE, JOHN (Swiss). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Geneva. He has collaborated in some of the recent
medals issued at Geneva, and is a partner in the die-sinking works
of J. Lamuniere & H. Schoenenberger at Versoix. His signature
occurs on the following pieces : Badge of the Genevese section of
the Swiss Society of Federal Officials, 1902; - - Advertisement
Plaquetteof the Die-sinking works of J. Lamuniere & Schoenenber-
ger at Versoix, 1902 ; - Tir de 1'Escalade, 1902; Third Centen-
ary of the Escalade of Geneva by the Savoyards in 1602, etc.

M. Stroehlin calls Lamuniere a young man with a great future.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Revue suisse de nitmismatique, XI. Palrie sttisse, 1902, p. 297.

LAMY, GUILLAUME (French). Mint-engraver in Beam, circ. 1577-
1610. He may have been a son of Pierre Lamy, who was Mint-
engraver at Aix in 1560. The first mention made of him is dated
1577 and records a payment of 802 livres for ten rings mounted
with diamonds, rubies and opals. About 1581 he was Mint-assayer
at Morlaas. In the same year he married the widow of Jerome Lenor-
m.mt, who was Mint-engraver at Pau from 1572 to 1580. In 1582,
Lamy issued at Morlaas pieces of Twenty Sols, Liards. and Baquettes,

- 2S 4 -

which bear his distinctive mark; in 1583, Liards. He then became
Mint-master at Pau and issued there Twenty Sol pieces in 15 84 and
1585. Until 1590, he remained Mint-master at Morlaas, coupling
this office with that of Engraver of the coins of Morlaas and Pau.
Circ. 1591, Lamy is styled Goldsmith to the King and Engraver of
the coins of Beam, and again in 1604 and 1609. 1599-1604, as
Mint-master at Bayonne, he issued there also Quarter and Half Ecus.
M. Blanchet thinks he probably died in 1610, when he must have-
been about sixty years old.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. A. Blanchet. Les Graveurs en Beam, Dax, 1888. Do,
Histoire monetaire du Beam, 1893. N. Rondotet H. dela Tour, op. cit.

LAMY, JEAN (French}. Second son of Guillaume Lamy ; Mint-
engraver at Morlaas, from 1613 to about 1637.

LAMY, JEAN (French}. Mint-engraver at Aix, circ. 1572-1578; he
was accused of counterfeiting and fled.

LAMY, PIERRE (French). Mint-engraver at Aix, circ. 1551-1566.

LAMY, RICHARD (French}. Another son of Guillaume Lamy ;
Goldsmith, and from 1607 to 1652, Mint-engraver at Pau. He
probably died in 1653.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. A. Blanchet, op. cit.

LAMYER, HDGUES {French}. Mint-master at Toulouse, 1529-1540.

LANCE (French}. A Portrait-medal of Vincent, Count Piccolomini,
1843, is thus signed.

LANCELOT, EUGENE GABRIEL (French}. Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris; pupil of his father, Camille Paulin Lancelot, and
Legrain, Ponscarme, &c. At the Salon of 1884 he exhibited a
Portrait-medallion in bronze of M lle Marcelle Lancelot; 1887.
Mon sergent de section; Portrait de M me H***.

LANCELOT, CAMILLE PAULIN {French}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, residing at Paris. He modelled the }$L of a Portrait-medal
of Beethoven, edited by Bescher in 1899, and previously : 1883.
Portrait-medal of Gambetta; 1884. L' Anatomic en famille, bronze
medallion; 1885. Daphnis and Chloe ; - Two Portrait-medal-
lions of Ladies; 1887. M. & M me D***; 1892. Two Portrait-
plaquettes, &c.

Sculptor and Medallist; daughter of the sculptor, Emile Lancelot;
was born at Paris, and married the Italian sculptor, Signer Croce ;
pupil of her father, Eugene Delaplanche, Chaplain and Ponscarme.
In 1889, she obtained a medal of the Third class and a " Bourse de

-28 5 -

voyage", the first ever granted to a lady-artist; in 1892, a medal of
the second class.

Before her marriage, M lle Lancelot already attracted notice as a
Medallist, and since 1878, when she was only fifteen years old, she
has been a regular exhibitor at the annual Paris Salons. Chavignerie
et Auvray give a list of her exhibits between 1878 and 1882 : 1878.
Portrait-medallions of M. V***. and his grandson; M. G. L.*** ;
- M lle J. L.***; M. D. L.***; - Prince H. de L.*** ; - 1879.
Gerard-Seguin, painter ; C. L.***; - - L. et J. Outhwaite; -
Study ; 1880. Studies and Portrait-medallions ; 1886. Portrait-
medallions (4), c. ; - 1883. Portrait of M. Francois; Fra
Filippo Lippi and Lucrezia Bud, relief; 1886. Portrait-medallion
of M. D. L.***; - 1887. Raphael at the age of 15, medallion ;
1888. Music; - 1891. M rae C. P.***; - M" e M. L.***; H. H.

Portrait of M me Lancelot-Croce.

Leo XIII.; - 1892. Prof.Pinard; - - G. L.**. ; - - L. Fran:ais,
medal; 1894- Woman and her destiny; 1897. Model for a
necklace with portraits of popular French women ; Commemora-
tive medal of the Marriage of the Prince of Naples with Princess
Helene of Montenegro; - Commemorative medal of the Reunion
of Rome to Italy ; The Arms of the House of Savoy ; Portraits
ot King Umberto and Queen Margherita; - Prince Galitzin ;
M me la Comtesse de Vogue; - - Lord Ronald Gower; Black-
ington ; 1895. Medal of the International Rifle Meeting of
Turin ; Queen Margherita, &C.

After residing for some time at Rome, M me Lancelot Croce's
address is given in the last Catalogue of the Salon (1905) atEpernay
(Maine) wherefrom she sent her recent exhibits. Among her latest
productions are : Portrait of M. Goubauld; - Hunting;


M. Gaston Chandon; - Portrait-plaquette of Baccelli; The
Duke of the Abbruzzi; International Rifle Meeting at Rome,
1902; Woman and her Destiny ; The Family; La Cham-
pagne-; ; Portrait of King Umberto I. ; Joan of Arc ; -
Ste Clotilde ; - - Ste Genevieve ; Memorial medal of King
Umberto I. ; Italian patriotic Societies ; Queen Margherita
of Italy '(oval plaque); 2) th Anniversary ot the Kingdom ot

Portrait-medallion of the Dowager Queen Margherita of Italy.

Italy; obv. Busts of Victor Emanuel I. and Umberto I. ; Exhi-
bition at Rome, 1900; - - Pope Leo XIII., 1900; Alessandro

Online LibraryL. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists : coin, gem, and sealengravers, mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works B.C. 500-A.D. 1900 (Volume 3) → online text (page 21 of 49)