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eighteenth century. Some medals and medal-dies by him are
preserved at the Brussels Mint.

LANGHERAERTSONE, JACQUES (&>/.). Mint-master at Ghent, 1388.

LANGLEY, HELEN (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist.
She has produced some excellent Portrait-medallions, Panels in silver
repousse work, etc.


One of her silvered Reliefs is reproduced in the Studio, XXIII,
p. 168; another relief in clay " Jeune Mere " was exhibited at the
Royal Academy, 1904.

Silvered Relief, by Helen Langley.

LANGLOIS, GASTON LUGIEN (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris. At the Salon of 1904 he exhibited the following
medallic productions : Communion (plaquette); Guardian Angel
(plaquette); The Cradle (./R. and JE medal).

LANGLOIS, GUILLAUME (French'). Mint-engraver at Nantes, circa
1643-1653 and later. He signed G.Langlois.

LANGLOIS, PAUL (French). Seal-engraver at Paris, circa 1680-1688.
He is mentioned in documents of that time in connection with
work he undertook for the Medal Mint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. J. Guiffrey, La Monnaie des Mcdaittes, &c. Babelon,
Histoire de la gravure sur gennnes en France, 1902.

LANGMANN, ULRICH (Germ.). Mint-warden at Nuremberg, 1434.

LANGRES, BARTHELEMI DE (French). Bartholomeus de Lingonis,
also surnamed GRAVIER, Mint-engraver at Lyons, 1375-1383.


LANGRES, JEHAN DE (French'}. Engraver of Jetons, of the early
part of the fifteenth century. Blanche! gives his date as 1402-1405.
He was Die-cutter at the Paris Mint, having been appointed on
i. March 1401 (1402). He died in 1412.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot, Les graveurs Je Lyon, 1897. Rondot &DeLaTour,
op. cit.

LANJAC, JEAN (French}. Locksmith of Riom, and Mint-engraver
there, 1568-1587.

LANNE, ETIENNE. Fide ETIENNE DELAUNE. Bolzenthal misspelt this
iMedallist's name.

LANNO, FRANCOIS GASPARD AIME (French}. Sculptor, born at
Rennes, 7. January 1800; pupil ot Girtellier and Lemot; second
Grand Prix de Rome, 1825 ; first Grand Prix in 1827 ; medal of
the second class in 1843 ; Knight of the Legion of honour, 14. No-
vember 1855.

Beside numerous \vorks of sculpture, Lanno executed also various
Portrait-medallions in clay and bronze : 1867. Portrait of M. L***;
Montaigne ; - Fenelon, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LANNOY, JACQUES DE (Germ.}. Mint-master to the Princes ot
Hohenlohe at Langenburg, 1622.

LANKELMA, P. (Dutch}. Die-sinker of Utrecht, by whom there are
medals with portrait of D r Franz Cornelis Douders, 9 th Ophthalmic
Congress, 1899 (Boston Collection); Death of King William III.,
1889 ; First year of Reign of the Queen Regent, Emma, 1896 ;
Queen Wilhelmina, &c.

LANSON, ALFRED DESIRE (French}. Sculptor, born at Orleans;
pupil of Rouillard, Jouffroy and A. Millet ; studied also at the
Ecole des Beaux-Arts ; medal of the third class in 1875 ; prix de Rome
in 1876; medal of the second class in 1879. Among the many
Portrait-medallions he modelled, Chavignerie et Auvray mention :
1870. Portrait of M me R. L***; Portrait of M. E*** ; - 1872.
Portrait of M me L. R*** (bronze medallion); 1874. Portrait of
M. F. D*** (bronze), &c.

LANSON, ERNEST (French}. Sculptor, born at Orleans, 12. Novem-
ber 1836. He modelled a number of Portrait-medallions, mostly of
friends : M lle Marguerite Lanson; Portrait of MM Iles E***, and
M***; - - Portrait of M. S***, 1875 ; - - Portrait of M. Ruffin,
1880, etc.

3 2

LANSON, ERNESTINE (French'}. Sculptor, born at Orleans ; a daugh-
ter and pupil of E. Lanson. She is the author of Portrait-medallions
of herself, M lle Marguerite Lanson, and others.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, Dictionnaire general des artistes de
Vecolt fratifaise, 1882.

LANTASQUE, MARTINET (French). The last Master of the Mint at
Mirabel-aux-Baronnies, in conjunction with Claude Lajonis, 1426.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Faivre, Etat actuel des ateliers monetaires fratifais, Paris,

LANTERI, EDOUARD (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor, a native of
Burgundy, now a naturalised Englishman, is a pupil of the Ecole
des Beaux- Arts, of Cavelier, Aime Millet and Guillaume. He became
assistant to Sir Edgar Boehm, when he was but twenty years old.
He succeeded M. Dalou as master of the sculpture classes in the
National Art Training School, now the Royal College of Art,
South Kensington.

Prof. Lanteri is a member of the London Society of Medallists,
and the author of a number of cast Portrait-medallions in bronze.
Among these, D r F. Parkes Weber mentions in his book on
Nineteenth century English medals by foreign Artists the following :
SirJ. Edgar Boehm, Bart., R. A., 1891 (signed : ED. LANTERI) ;"-
Sir Squire Bancroft, actor, 1889; B. Bertrand, fencing master,
1889; - Mrs. Adelaide M. Moore, 1893; George Morton,
painter, 1889; Robert Glassby, sculptor, 1888; - William
Glassby, artist, 1888; Andreas Grass, sculptor, 1888; Sir
Augustus Harris, 1890 (a struck medal, with }*L Winged figure of
Victory &c. ; modelled by Prof. Lanteri and struck by Heming &
Co); The French Hospital in London, 1898; Portrait-pla-
quette of R. Phene Spiers, 1905 ; Portrait-plaquette of Mrs L. W.
Carnegie and daughter, 1905, &c.

" Considered as a sculptor only", says Mr. Spielmann, " Mr.
Lanteri is a man of exceptional ability, endowed with a highly
artistic temperament, and scarcely surpassed in this country or out
of it in extreme dexterity in the use of the clay. This cleverness is
absolutely marvellous, and his work is brilliant, individual, wonder-
ful ... As a sculptor of portraiture his pow r er is seen to be great;
he is full of vigour and animation ... As a teacher he has no superior,
and many a successful sculptor of to-day owes much to his untiring
energy, encouragement, and interest, such as he takes in all who
have the good fortune to come under his care. " (Spielmann,
British Sculpture and Sculptors of to-day, pp. 127-128).

M. Lanteri's latest exhibits at the Royal Academy are restricted
to sculptural work : 1899. Bronze bust of J. Sparkes, Esq. ; 1900.
Statuette of J. A. Grant, Esq. ; 1901. "Paysan", head in bronze ;

- 303 -

- 1902. Reverie, bust in marble; 1903. Sir Walter Sendall,
G. C. M. G., bust in marble; - Sir William Abney, K. C. B.,
F. R. S., bust in bronze; - H. M. King Edward VII., bust in
bronze (to be placed in the French Hospital, London); Portrait
of a gentleman, bust in marble.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. F. Parkes Weber, Medals and Medallions, &c. Royal Academy
Catalogues, c.

LANTING, KLEIS (Dutch.). Silversmith, and Medallist of Amster-
dam, born in 1783, died in .1827. " He was a clever engraver",
says Bolzenthal, "and did a number of portraits of distinguished
persons, with a masterly hand, in silver,' and in the old way ".
Lanting's medals are often uniface, like those of Pieter van Abeele;
he only cared for the likeness which he cut in the steel with great
freedom and technical knowledge. By him are : Portrait of Simon
Stevin, of Bruges, teacher and friend of Prince Maurice of Orange
(after an older work) ; Johan de Witt (68X91 mill.) ; Cor-
nelis de Witt (72X93 mill.) ; Samuel van Hoogstraten (74X100
mill.) ; D r Pieter Camper, of Leyden ; D r Hermann Boerhaeve,
ofLeyden; Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck, 1806, etc.

Bolzenthal eulogizes in highly appreciative terms the portrait-medal
of Simon Stevin, but C te de Nahuys speaks of it as " une copie assez
mal venue ".

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. clt. O e Maurin Nahuys, La mimisinatiquc
a Vexposition retrospective d'art indmtriel a Bruxelles, 1888, Revue beige, c.. 1889,
p. 392. Catalogus der Nederlandscbe en op Nederland betrekking hebbende Gedenk-
penniiigen, 1903.

LANTZHUTEL, C. (Germ.}. Mint-warden at Nuremberg, 1434.
LANZ, KASPAR (Germ.}. Mint-master at Dillingen, Bavaria, 1623.

LANZ-GIROD, R. (Swiss). Engraver and Designer of various
medals, such as those commemorating the Rifle Meeting of Western
Switzerland at Bienne, 1893 (struck by Homberg) and the Federal
Meeting " Tir au flobert " at Bienne, 1899 (struck by Furet).

LAOUST, ANDRE LOUIS ADOLPHE (French}. Contemporary Sculp-
tor, born atDouai on the i6 th . September 1843; pupil of Jouffroy.
He obtained awards in 1873 and 1874, an d a silver medal in 1887.
By him are numerous Portrait-medallions : 1869. Portrait ot
M"ej***. jgjo. M.L. Potier; - 1872. M lle M. D***; 1875.
E. Deverny, painter; 1876. M me Vienne; 1879. D r P*** ;
1884. M me A. C***; - 1893. Edouard Martin; - 1901. M. P***;

- 1904. M. S***. All these are cast in bronze.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

304 -

LAPAIX, JEAN I (French). Engraver of Jetons at Nancy, circ. 1698-

LAPAIX, JEAN II (French'). Engraver of Jetons, born in 1722, died
21. September 1773.

LAPAIX, THOMAS (French). Engraver of Jetons, also at Nancy,
born in 1704, died n. July 1773.

LAPI, A. E. (ItaL). Sculptor and Medallist of the first half of the
nineteenth century. His signature occurs on a Portrait-medallion of
the actor Paul Belli-Blanes, f 1823.

LAPI, JEAN (ItaL). Sculptor and Medallist of the eighteenth
century. By him are various Portrait-medallions, of which I have
seen one of Emmanuel de Richecourd, cast in bronze.

LAPIE, ROBERT (French). Money-changer at Paris, 1322-1323.
In conjunction with Jean Poillevilain he issued a jeton, described
in Revue numismatique, Paris, 1884, p. 365.

LAPORTE, EMILE(Fm7f/;). Contemporary Sculptor, born at Paris;
pupil of Thomas. He obtained in 1885 a medal of the third class,
in 1886 a Bourse de voyage, in 1887 a bronze medal, and in 1897 a
medal of the second class. At the Universal Exhibition of 1900,
this artist exhibited a frame containing six medals depicting various
subjects, and at the Salon of 1905 a Portrait-medallion in bronze
of M me Dubois.

LAPORTE, GEORGES (French). Contemporary Sculptor, by whom
a Portrait-medallion of G. Dubois in bronze was exhibited at the
Salon of 1883.

LAPORTE, GUILLAUME DE LA (French). Mint-master and Engraver
at Toulouse, circ. 1354-1359.

LAPORTE, LEO BLAIRSY (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Toulouse; pupil of Mercie and Falguiere. At the Salon of 1890
he exhibited four bronze Portrait-medallions; 1891. M. Meyer; -
M. Raynaud, &c.

LAQUIS, DOMINIQUE (French). Sculptor of the nineteenth century,
born at Guebviller, 20. April 1816. He modelled Portrait-medallions,
some of which were exhibited at the annual Paris Salons in the
fifties and sixties of last century.

LARCHIER, PIERRE (French). Mint- master at Angers, before April

305 -

LARDY. FRANCOIS GUILLAUME (Swiss). Seal-engraver, Painter on
enamel, and Copper-plate-engraver, born at Auvernier (Neuchatel)
in 1749. He studied at Geneva.

By him are some Portrait-medallions ; among these, one of the
Abbe de Condillac, 1780.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Bachelin, F. G. Lardy, Musee neuchatelois, 1876, 24.

LARMIE, PIERRE PHILIBERT (French). Sculptor, born at Dijon in
1752, died there on the 7 th of August 1807. He was a pupil ot
Couston, and Professor of sculpture at the Dijon Art Schools. By
him are Portrait-medallions in terracotta, in the style of Nini,
one of which represents Louis XVI., 1793.

LAROCHE (French). An eighteenth century Die-sinker of Grenoble,
who is said to have imitated a great number of the rare coins in
the cabinet of Pellerin.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Blanchet, Numismalique du moyen dgeet moderne,ll,p. 364.
Numismatic Chronicle, VI, p. 54. Durand MS. Catalogue.

LA ROE, JEAN DE (French). Mint-engraver at Valenciennes, circ.

LAROQUE, ANATOLE (French). Contemporary Sculptor of the
second half of the nineteenth century, born at Paris ; pupil ol
Jouffroy and Thomas. He designed various medals; and is the
author of Portrait-medallions in clay and bronze.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cii.

LA ROTIERE, JEAN DE (French). Goldsmith of Troyes, and Mint-
engraver at Lyons, appointed in 1426; he died between 1429 and

LA ROTIERE. PIERRE DE (French). Mint-engraver at Troyes, circ.
1379-1406. In 1380-81 he executed a silver statue of St. Stephen
for the tomb of Count Henry, and a silver head of a Queen for the
mausoleum of Count Thibaut. He was the father of Jean de la

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot & H. de La Tour, op. cit.

LARREGIEU, FULBERT PIERRE (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Bordeaux; pupil of Maggesi and A. Dumont. His Portrait-
medallions in wax, clay and bronze have met with considerable

L. FORREX. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III. 3O


LARROY, BERTRANDDE (French}. Mint-master at Bayonne, 1490-
1498; distinctive mark, two pellets between the anchor and fleur-

LARSSEN, JENS (Dan.}. Medallist of the third quarter of the seven-
teenth century. His date is given by Schlickeysen-Pallman as 1650-

LART, PIERART DU (French}. Engraver of the fifteenth century,
by whom is a Jeton with the legend : -f PIERART : DV.LART :

LARUE, BERNARD DE (French}. Mint-engraver at Bayonne, 1552
to 13. November 1560.

LARUE, JEAN DENIS (French}. Sculptor of the second and third
quarters of the nineteenth century ; pupil of Klagman. He executed
several Portrait-medallions in clay and bronze, which are of some

LARUE, PIERRE DE {French}. Mint-engraver at Bayonne,
1523-1536, then at Bordeaux, 1536-1550. He signed pierre de
la rue.

(Austr.}. Mint-master at Gratz, 1577-1579 and 1586-1590;
then at Prague, 1600-1609. Distinctive mark, three stars in

It does not appear very clear from documents whether the Hans
Lasanz, Mint-master at Gratz, who left that place with a debt of
12000 fl. is the same as Hans Lasanz von Friedenegg, Mint-master
at Prague, apparently between 1600 and 1609, and who provision-
ally rilled the same office at Vienna, in 1605; but there is little
doubt that it is so.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fiala, op. cit. C. Oesterreicher, loc. cit., Mitth. des Klubs
&c., 1890, pp. 15, 29, 61.

LASSAGNE(/ r f^wc/?). This Medallist's signature occurs on a Portrait-
medal of D r F. A. Mesmer (2 var., one of which is in the Boston

LASSAUX, JEAN MARIE PHILEAS (French}. Contemporary Sculp-
tor, born at Ecordal (Ardennes) ; pupil of Lebceuf. Among the
Portrait-medallions modelled by this artist are : 1872. L. G.
Lefevre (terracotta); 1873. H - Pe 'it (bronze); 1875.

M Ile C. Perraudau (clay); 1876. George Washington
(bronze), &c.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LASSEN & C (Belg.). Die-sinkers and Manufacturers of buttons,
established at Brussels, about 1850. In 1846 they sought authori-
zation to strike 10.000 kilogrammes of i and 2 centime pieces for
the Republic of Hai'ti, but the order was finally given to Dumoulin-
Paques, of Liege.

LASSERRE, FIRMIN PIERRE (French). Sculptor and Medallist, born
at Barrante (Basses-Pyrenees); pupil of A. Millet and Albert

At the Salon of 1898, he exhibited : Medal of Marie Antoinette;
- A Seal (St. Anthony of Padua); 1899. Communion of
St. John; Virgin ; Enfant du lys; Source ; Genius ;
1901. A frame containing 20 plaquettes and medals, among which
the following : Chapelle ; Aiglon ; Marguerite ; La Perle ;
Charmeuse; Marriage Souvenir plaquette; Virgo puris-
sima ; - Patria, etc. In 1902, n medals and plaquettes, also 5
large Portrait-medallions. In 1903, n medals and plaquettes, com-
prizing: Birth of Venus; Neptune and Amphitrite; Portrait ot
M. Rigla ; " Christening "' Souvenir Medal ; Harmonic ; Head
of Christ ; Virgo purissima (sev. var.); Ecce Panis ; Salon
of 1904. Frame containing twelve medals and plaquettes, represent-
ing religious and mythological subjects, perhaps somewhat over-
done; Salon of 1905. Confirmation; Communion; Vision
of St. Anthony; St. Christopher; Drunkenness of Pan ;
Rustic scenery; Portrait of M. Rigla; Portrait of a gentle-
man ; Marriage Plaquette, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogues of the Annual Puris Salons, 1904, &c.

LASSUS, NICOLAS DE (French'). Goldsmith, Medallist and Mint-
engraver at Nancy, circa 1569-1574. He worked for Charles III.,
Duke of Lorraine. Lepage quotes various documents recording
payments made to him tor work done in connection with the Mint.
Coins and medals of Charles III. exist by him, and he may be also
the author of a medal with his own portrait, and the legend :
\.DE.LASSVS.AETATIS.2b.i570 (diam. 65 mill.).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Lepage, Notes et Documents sur les Graveurs de Monnaies et
Me'dailles et la fabrication des tnonnaies des dues de Lorraine, Nancy, 1875. Maze-
rolle, Les Medailleursfra.nc.ais, Paris, 1902. Rondot & de La Tour, Graveurs et
Medailleursfrc., 1904.

LA TALANI. Vide TERESA TALANI (Ital.}. A clever Neapolitan
Gem-engraver of the end of the eighteenth century and beginning

of the nineteenth. Her signature, LA TALANI occurred on a Head
of Plato, exceedingly well engraved upon a fine onyx of two strata,
in the Morrison Collection (Sale Catalogue, 1898, lot 237 A);
also on a cameo in agate with busts of Napoleon and Josephine,
in the Kibaltchich Collection (Paris, 1905).

Portrait-cameo of Napoleon I. and Josephine.

LATHEM, LIEVIN VAN (Belg.). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver, men
tioned from circ. 1493, and who died in 1515, at Antwerp, where
he resided. By him are Seals of the Archduke Philip the Fair; -
Gerard Numan ; Archduchess Margaret of Austria, sister of
Philip; Seals for the Chancery of Brabant (executed in conjunc-
tion with Jan Van Nymmegen) ; - Seal of Philip the Fair for the
Netherlands, after Philip's inheritance of the crown of Castile,
on the death of Isabella, 1504; - - Seals with arms of the
Emperor Maximilian and of his grandson, the Archduke Charles,
1509, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Pinchart, Biographies des Graveurs beiges, Revue de la
im. beige, 1855, p. 369. Biographic Nationalede Belgique, 424.

LATIMER, WILLIAM LORD (Brit.). Mint-engraver in London,
under Edward III., and Richard II. (1329-1381). We readin Ruding :
' After the death of Lord Boutetourt, in the r8 th year of Edward II.,
Maud his widow sold this office to William Lord Latimer, for him-
self and his heirs, in the 3rd. year of Edward III. As he made that
purchase without the king's license having been first obtained, he
was obliged to sue out his pardon ; which was allowed ; and the king
further granted for himself and his heirs, as- far as he had power,
that the said William should have and hold, for himself and his
heirs for ever, the said office of the king and his heirs, by the ser-
vice due and accustomed, without any impediment, &c."'


" After this he seems to have enjoyed his office quietly until
about the 2y th year of Edward III., when he presented a petition to
the king in parliament, stating that the office of engraver and
maker of the king's dies in the Tower of London and city of
Canterbury belonged to him and his heirs, as plainly appeared by
divers evidences ; that of late he had been disturbed by the king's

Noble of Edward III.

servants in having and using the said office, touching the coins of
noble, half and farthing noble, and the groat ; because the said
coins were then but newly commenced. He therefore prayed that
the king would please to command full inquiry to be made,
in that parliament, touching the same, and do right and reason
to him, on the consideration that he had possession of the

Early Noble ot Edward III., with L in centre of !}..

said office before such coins were made. In consequence of this
petition he was commanded to produce his charters and other

"The further proceedings do not appear; but it should seem
that the determination was favourable to the petitioner, as the
office was confirmed to him, about twenty years afterwards, without
any exception of the coins above-mentioned.

" He held this office until his death, in the 4 th year of
Richard II. "

According to the above-quoted documents, Latimer is responsible
for the dies of the first and subsequent coinages of Nobles, and
Groats, &c. of Edward III., and it is interesting to note that on the
first issue of Nobles and Quarter Nobles (no Half Nobles having
yet been found of that issue), an L occurs in centre of fyL. This L
is said to represent the name of the Mint (London). But after
1346, the L was altered into an , for the King's initial. It has been

Seal of the Corporation of Moneyers, temp Edward III.

suggested (Vide S. M. Spink, The Use of the Initial Letter L upon
some of the Gold Coins of Edward III '., Num. Circ., XV, 7 5 62), that
the alteration might have been made in consequence of possible
complaints " by the king's servants" against Latimer for having
placed on the coins the letter L which would stand for his own ini-
tial as well as for that of the London Mint.

The coins issued under Larimer's tenure of the office of Die-cutter
are the following : EDWARD III. AT. / s < Coinage. Florins, Half
Florins and Quarter Florins. 2 nd Coinage, 1344. Nobles and Quarter
Nobles (L in centre of fyl). Third Coinage, 1346. Nobles, Half and
Quarter Nobles (G in centre of tyL). /> Coinage. 1351-1360.
Nobles, Half and Quarter Nobles (several varieties, with Title of

King of England and France). 1360-1369. Nobles, Halt and
Quarter Nobles (sev. var., Title of King of France omitted, that
of Duke of Aquitaine generally used on the Nobles and Half
Nobles). 1369-1377. Nobles, Half and Quarter Nobles (sev. var.,
Titles of King of France and Duke of Aquitaine both used on
Nobles; flag at stern of ship on Half Nobles). ^R.. Groats, Half
Groats, Pennies, Halfpennies and Farthings. The Groats belong to
three distinct coinages, 1351-1360, 1360-1369, and 1369-1377,
varying in the King's titles, as the gold coins. The Half
Groats and subsidiary silver coins do not follow the Groats in
many particulars. - - RICHARD II. N. Nobles, Half Nobles
and Quarter Nobles (varieties with obv. or fyL. from die or
Edward III). ^R.. Groats, Half Groats, Pennies, Halfpennies and

An interesting Seal, reproduced here, of the Corporation of
Moneyers, temp. Edward III., may have been engraved by, or by
order of, Lord Latimer. Beneath the figure of Moneta (or Justice)
is a full-faced head ot Edward III. between two roses in a quatre-
foil compartment, as on the Pattern Groats of that ruler.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ruding, Annals of the Coinage of Great Britain and Ireland,
London, 1840. Kenyon, The Gold Coins oj England, London, 1884. Haw-
kins, The Silver Coins oj England, London, 1887.

LATOUR, LOUIS (French). Contemporary Sculptor, by whom are
various Portrait-medallions, which were exhibited at the Paris
Salon since 1883.

LATRILHE, PIERRE (French). Mint-master at Bayonne, 1829-
1835. Distinctive mark : a rose.

LATRY, ANNA (French'). Contemporary Painter and Sculptor, born
at Paris ; pupil of M me Girardin and M rae D. de Cool. By this artist
are Portrait-medallions of M me Blanche Pierson, the actress ;
M lle E. Breton; M lle P. P. Edwards, and others.

LATTFERSACK, F. (Germ.). Mint-master at Rostock, 1796-1802.
In 1796 he issued a thousand Ducats, for which the dies were sup-
plied by the Mint-master ot Lubeck. The coins bear the initials
F. L. or" F.L.

LAUBENHEIMER, R. (Amer.). Contemporary Medallist, residing
at New York. He is the author of various Masonic and other medals,
among which I have noted : Masonic Red Cross Degree, with bust
of Washington, 1875 ; Howard Benevolent Association (yellow-
fever), Savannah, 1876

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Marvin, Masonic Medals, 1880. Z> Storer's M S.


LAUGH, BALTHASAR (Germ.'). Goldsmith and Medallist of Leipzig,
second half of the seveenteenth century. His dated medals, mostly
cast oval medallions of good workmanship, were produced between
1669 and 1683 . Among these are the following : " Gnadenpfennige "
of John George II., 1669 (signed B. L. on 1$L. ; three varieties, one
illustrated) ; Ernest the Pious of Gotha and his consort Elizabeth

Badge of John George II., Duke of Saxony.

Sophia of Altenburg (unsigned, but attributed to Lauch by D r Merz-
bacher); - Jacob Boehme, the sophist and mystic, 1575 (there is
a modern reproduction of this medal, or it may be altogether a

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erbstein, Erorterungen, &c. D r Merzbacher, Kimst-Medaillen-
Katalog, 1900. Mun^-und Medaillenfreund, p. 4. Frankfurter Mun^bldtter,
1899, p. 42.

LAUCH, HANS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Quedlinburg, 1620-1624
and 1633-1637. His issues are said to be signed H. L. or H..

LAUER, ERNST LUDWIG SIGMUND (Germ."). A Nuremberg Die-
sinker and Manufacturer of counters, 1791 circ. 1797 (according
to Kull, Repertorium &c. II, p. 710). He was born in 1762 and died
in 1853. At Nuremberg he was known as "Flinderleinsschlager",

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