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or maker of tinsel ornaments, pendants, jetons &c.

LAUER, HANS CHRISTOPH (Germ.}. Mint-master at Nuremberg,
1623-1639 (Kull, II, 710). Lauer was a Goldsmith by profession,
and according to Gebert, he applied for the post of Master of the
Mint in October 1618, and already in the same year, on the
9. December, he was entrusted with the issue of 150 Goldgulden


for Wiirzburg, which bear his distinctive mark, a star. In 1619,
Lauer restruck a large number of foreign gold coins into Nuremberg
Goldgulden ; again in 1620, and 1621, he was ordered to coin a
large quantity of gold and silver currency. He died in September or
October 1639 and was succeeded by his son, Johann or Hans David
Lauer. His distinctive mark on the coins is a star.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. F. Gebert-Niirnberg, Gescbicbte der Muns^tdtte der Reicb-
stadt Nurnberg, 1891. Ammon, op. cit.

LAUER, HANS DAVID (Germ.}. Mint-master at Nuremberg, 1639-
1646. He left for Poland in 1647. Kull gives the date of his activity
at Nuremberg as 1639-1650, evidently in error.

LAUER, JOHANN FRANZ (Germ.}. Mining-and Mint-administrator
to the Kingdom of Bohemia, 1721-1732.

LAUER, JOHANN JAKOB (Germ.}. Die-sinker and Manufacturer of
counters at Nuremberg, born in 1788, died in 1863. He was a son
of Ernst Ludwig Sigmund Lauer, and under him the business,
which his father had allowed to drift, gradually advanced and
regained its former reputation.

LAUER, LUDWIG CHRISTOPH (Germ.}. Die-sinking establishment,
founded in 1729, and reconstructed in 1860 under the style of
" Miin^-Prdge Anstalt L. Chr. Lauer ", Klein weidenmiihle No. 12,

Begun in modest circumstances, the Lauer business was first
developed by Johann Jakob Lauer, 1788-1863, son of Ernst-Ludwig
Sigmund Lauer, but the real genius, who gave the establishment its
present importance, was Ludwig Christoph Lauer. The vast
improvements, both mechanical and artistic, which he introduced,
since 1848, when he succeeded his father, Johann Jakob Lauer, until
his death, in 1873, speak for the uncommon productive faculties
and rare commercial abilities of this great worker. He knew, too,
how to foster the ever-growing interest of the masses for medals,
and he successfully attained the purpose of his life, in conquering
the feeling of prejudice which existed against all the applied arts
in general. He raised the standard of medallic art in Germany, and
although his productions cannot be said to rank very high in artistic
excellence, he paved the way in Germany for the modern school
which, borrowing on the one hand from the style of work of French
medallists, and on the other from that of the Austrian masters, is
gradually making its influence felt, and may even yet revive the
glorious traditions of the celebrated Nuremberg artists of the early
sixteenth century.

L. Chr. Lauer started business in 1848 in the Waizenstrasse,
n 1468 as Medallist and Counter-manufacturer. In 1854 he intro-
duced one of Uhlhorn's Coining-presses, thus doing away with
handiwork. Four years later lie moved into the present premises in
the Kleinweidenmiihle, where water power could be used for the
working of the recently acquired presses, balanciers and other

In 1873, L. Chr. Lauer died, leaving his wife BETTY LAUER and
three sons to carry on the works, which still gained in importance
and extension. Steam power was added in 1881, and in 1884/85
new buildings with every accommodation were erected to cope
with the ever increasing trade. In March 1888, the three brothers
JOHANN LAUER, commercial manager, LUDWIG LAUER, technical
manager, and the medallist WOLFGANG LAUER took the entire
direction of affairs, aided by a competent staff of modellers, die-sink-
ers, silversmiths, and about one hundred workmen, enabling them
to undertake every kind of medallic and decorative work in metal.

Among the best known earlier productions by the Lauers, I may
mention the following : Jeton of Louis XVL, 1790 ; Another of 1 79 1
(sev. var.); Death of Louis XVL, 1793; Peace of CampoFormio
1797 ; Coronation of Napoleon L, 1804 (7 var.) ; Napoleon I.
inaugurates the Golden Age, 1804; Peace of Presburg, 1805 ;
Inauguration of the Railway from Nuremberg to Bamberg, 1844; ~~
Foundation of the Masonic Lodge at Nuremberg, 1851 ; Archduke
John of Austria, Administrator of the Empire, 1848; Adam von
Itzstein ; Deutschland iiber Alles ; Termination of the Franco-
German War, 1871 ; Destruction by Fire of the St. Lorenz Church at
Nuremberg, 1865; Battle of Worth, 1870; Victory Day, 1871;
4 th Centenary of Albrecht Diirer, 1871 ; Death of Pope Pius IX.,
1878 ; Accession ofLeoXIIL, 1878 ; Rifle Meeting at Frankfort-
on-M., 1862; Birth of Alexander von Dachenhausen, 1848; -
Baroness Frederica von Dachenhausen, 1864 ; - - Henry William
Edward von Dachenhausen, 1853; - Alfred von Dachenhausen,
1858 ; Goethe and Schiller Memorial at Weimar, 1857 ; Inau-
guration of the Railway from Nuremberg to Furth, 1860; &c.

It would be almost impossible to give a complete list of Lauer's pro-
ductions, and I shall content myself with enumerating some of the
more important ones issued during the last 25 years; - - 1882.
German Imperial military manoeuvres in Silesia ; 1883. Death of
Richard Wagner(sev. var.); 4 th Centenary of Martin Luther (sev.
var.); Silver Wedding of Crown Prince Frederick and Princess
Royal Victoria; - - D r Kopp; - - Third Centenary of the Relief
ot Vienna by Sobieski III. , King of Poland ; Sobieski III. of Poland ;
- Death of D r Mack; D r Jordan ofFrankfort-on-M. ; D r von
Schuch ; 1884. First Production of Parsifal at Bayreuth; Rifle


Meeting at Jauer(Silesia); Occupation of Angra-Pequena by Ger-
many; Romhild Orphanage; Nuremberg Commercial School;
Marabini Marriage Medal ; Schwartz Marriage Medal ; Zimmer-

Portrait-medal of Reinhold Begas, modelled by his son Werner Begas,
and struck by L. Chr. Lauer.

mann Marriage Medal; Cleves International Sporting Exhibition ;
- 1 88 5. International Exhibition of Gold and Silver work at Nurem-
berg; Sports Exhibition at Nuremberg; Bulgarian War against

- 3 i6 -

Servia (with bust of Prince Alexander); Duke Ernest II. of Saxe-
Coburg-Gotba(2 var.); Prince Bismarck's 7o th Birthday; Jubilee
of the Nuremberg-Fiirth Railway; - - Death of Prince Frederick
Charles ; Heimeran, Lauinger, Carse, Katzenstein, Sachs, and Bocks
Marriage Medals; - 1886. National Exhibition at Altenburg; -
Horticultural Show at Anclam; - Centenary of the " Friedrichs-
hiitte ", Silesia, (with busts of William I. and Crown Prince Frede-
rick); - - Marriage of Michael Katzenstein; - - The Frankfort
Regattas; Emperor William I.'s 25 th Anniversary of Accession;
8o th Anniversary of service of William I. ; Prince Alexander of
Bulgaria ; College ior Girls at Nuremberg; The Prince Regent
Luitpold of Bavaria visits Nuremberg; - D r Haflner, Bishop of
Mayence ; Death of Louis II. of Bavaria (sev. var., with views
of his various residences); - Director Lohmann; Bachofen von
Echt, New Year's Medal ; Death of Franz Liszt ; Visit to

Pattern Crown of Queen Victoria, 1887, issued by Spink & Son,
struck by L. Chr. Lauer.

Nuremberg of the Crown Prince ; Bolian, and Plateau, Marriage
Medals; 1887. IX. German Federal Jubilee Rifle Meeting at
Frankfort-on-M. (sev. var.); International Horticultural Exhibi-
tion at Dresden; Agricultural Exhibition at Bautzen; Hunting
Exhibition at Koenigsberg in Pr. ; First " Wander " Exhibition
at Frankfort-on-M. ; - III. Middle Franconian Federal Rifle
Meeting at Eichstadt; Pattern Crown (illustrated) and Sixpence,
struck in various metals (issued by Spink & Son) ; - - Queen
Victoria's Jubilee (sev. var.); William L, yo th Anniversary as
Chief of the Royal Regiment of Grenadiers, Liegnitz ; 50 th Anni-
versary of the Frankfort Choral Society " Arion " ; Siegmund
Strauss; - 90 th Anniversary of William L; Second Centenary
ot the toundation ot Friedrichsdorf ; D r von Stephan, Secretary
of State ; D r Frommann ; Queen Victoria's yo th Birthday; -

317 -

Accession of Ferdinand of Bulgaria ; - Vater Jahn ; D r Giinther;
- Grahamstown ; - - New year's Medal ; - - Marriage Medal of

Memorial Medal ot Frederick, German Emperor, 1888.

Count von Rex; - Strauss Jubilee; John George of Saxony
(imitation) ; Union velocipedique de la Suisse romande;

- 3 i8-

Hans Sachs and Richard Wagner ; Franz Liszt ; 1888. German
National Fine Arts Exhibition at Munich ; Agricultural Exhibi-
tion at Nuremberg ; International " Gardening" Exhibition at
Cologne ; Horticultural Show at Cassel ; - VIII. Bavarian
Jubilee Rifle Meeting ; Machinery Exhibition at Munich ;
XL Central German Federal Rifle Meeting at Halle ; Death of
the Emperor William I. (numerous varieties) ; Accession of
Frederick III. (sev. var.); Death of Frederick III. (sev. var.) ; -
Accession of William II. (sev. var.) Homage to the Emperor
William II. (reproduced in Dompierre de Chaufepie, I, xxxv,
n 167); Golden Weddings of August, Johann and Robert
Andreae ; Speech of Prince Bismarck in the Reichstag ; The
Crown Prince Frederick at San Remo ; Peace Travels of William II. ;

The Emperor Frederick and Crown Prince William ; 6o th Birth-
day of King Albert of Saxony ; The three Emperors' commemo-
rative medal; Nowodworski, Warsaw, 1863-1888; Death of
D r Erhard of Nuremberg ; Oskar Karl Gustav Adolf, Prince
of Prussia ; Regia Societas botanica Ratisbonensis ; Silver
Wedding of Herr und Frau Weber; 1889. Golden Wedding of
Mr. & Mrs. Gladstone ; Queen Victoria's yo th Birthday ; Naval
Review and Visit to London of the Emperor William II. ; Industrial
Exhibition at Hamburg; Sporting Shoco at Cassel;
Exhibition ot the Society of Locksmiths at Berlin ; General Exhib-
ition for Hunting and Fishing, at Cassel ; Exhibition of Food
Stuffs, Cookery, &c., at Cologne; Gardeners' Show at Coburg;

Visit of William II. to Francis Joseph I. ; yo th Anniversary of
Count Moltke's service in the army ; Visit of King Humbert I.
to Germany; - -The four Emperors (sev. var.); Hohenzollern
Souvenir Plaquette; Centenary of Gabelsberger. Prince Hohen-
lohe-Schillingsfurst; Fr. Witt; Masonic Commemorative
Medal ; Death of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria ; 7o th Birth-
day of Johann Faber of Nuremberg; Bishop Thoma of Passau;

Hutten-Sickingen Memorial at Ebernburg; - - Visit of King
Humbert to Frankfort-on-M. ; - - Fete des Vignerons at Vevey,
Switzerland; - - Visit of the Emperor William II. and Consort to
Bayreuth ; Baron L. von Faber; Beck, Kaupert, Gebauer, Schrag,
Heydolph, Miiller, and Wertheimer Marriage Medals; 250.
Anniversary of the Krauss Institute ; Exposition philomatique at
Geneva; - Memorial of Garve; - - Visit of the Emperor Francis
Joseph I. to Berlin; New year's Medal of the Dachenhausen family;

Joh. Mart. Schleyer; The Wettin Obelisk; 1890. Visit of
the Prince of Wales to Berlin ; Opening of the Forth Bridge ;
Penny Postage Jubilee (struck for Spink& Son); Military Exhibi-
tion at Cologne; XI. German Federal and Jubilee Rifle Meeting;

- Thuringian Fruit Show at Erfurt ; Bakery Exhibition at Bremen ;


General Gardening Exhibition at Essen on Ruhr; North West
German Industrial Exhibition at Bremen; Industrial Exhibition at
Cologne; International Dog Show at Nuremberg; Agricul-
tural Exhibition at Nuremberg; - German Bakery Exhibition at
Wiirzburg; Bird Show at Fiirth; - Bird Show of the Society
" Canaria" at Altenburg; Inauguration of the Artistic Fountain
at Nuremberg; 9o th Birthday of Field Marshal Count Moltke;
Bismarck (115 mill, in diam); Souvenir of the Passion Play at
Oberammergau (sev. var.); J. M. Schleyer; Medal of the
Schlaraffia Berolma; - - Inauguration of a monument to Mart.
Behaim at Nuremberg ; D r Robert Koch ; Death of William III.,
King of Holland; TheRiickert Monument atSchweinfurt; 25.
Anniversary of the Cistercian Convent " Waldsassen " ; Leo von
Caprivi; Christening Medal; Prince-Regent Leopold of
Bavaria ; Inauguration of the new Town Hall at Nuremberg;
Imperial Military Manoeuvres in Silesia; Silver Wedding of Herr
Bunger; Luther and the Wartburg; Max Alphons Pfyffer;
Scharrer Marriage Medal ; Maanviljelys Nayttelo Kajanissa ; -
St. Otto, Bishop of Bamberg; Martin Behaim; Marriage Medal
of Albert and Margaretha of Thurn and Taxis (sev. var.);
Ullmann, Reitzenstein, Ottensooser, and Kugler Marriage Medals;
1891. Launching ot H.M.S. Royal Sovereign and H.M.S. Royal
Arthur; - - Visit of the Emperor William II. and Empress to
London; Henry Irving; Bird Show of the Dresden " Geflii-
gelzikhter" Society ; - Bird Show at Erlangen ; Exhibition of
the Geneva Convention, at Dresden; Horticultural and Viticul-
tural Exhibition at Metz ; - Health Exhibition at Halle a. S. ;
Agricultural Exhibition at Chemnitz i. S.; Hop Show at
Spalt; - Bird Show at Kitzingen; Agricultural Exhibition at
Heidelberg; Bird Show at Sulzbach; Canary Show at
M.-Gladbach; - - Bird Show at Dresden; - Canary Show at
Grimma i. S. ; - Industrial Exhibition at Rothenburg-o-T. ;
Empress Augusta Victoria of Germany ; Birth of Prince Joachim
Franz Humbert of Prussia ; yo th Birthday of the Prince Regent
of Bavaria; Schlaraffia Norimberga; The Emperor William
Memorial at Meuselwitz; 75 th Anniversary of the Field-Artillery
Regiment of Holtzendorf; 25 th Anniversary of the reign of King
Carol of Roumania ; Sociedad cooperativa of Madrid; - Pil-
grims' Badges of Ratisbon, Lourdes, etc.; Sixth Centenary of
the Swiss Confederation ; Death of Count Moltke (sev. types) ;
- The United Lodges (Masonic) of Breslau; Jubilee Medal of
Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach ; William II. and his Consort ; The
Empress Augusta Victoria; Alex, von Dachenhausen ; Birthday
of D r Kisch ; - - Emin Pacha and William II. ; Jur. D r E. F.
Locroy; - Deaf and Mute Institution "Hephata" at Dresden;

Kopf, and Behl Marriage Medals ; H. W. von Horn ; Cen-
tenary of the Polish Constitution; Jan Dekert; Inauguration
of the Essen " Kriegerdenkmal" ; Dr. Karol Marcinkowski ;
2O th Anniversary of the German Empire; - Dresden Numismatic
Congress ; - - Marriage Medal of D r Berlin ; First year of the
Queen of Holland's reign ; Moritz Himly ; 1892. Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition at Gommern ; Industrial Exhibition
at Schweidnitz; Fisheries Exhibition at Nuremberg; Agri-
cultural Exhibition at Dienze ; Bakery Exhibition at Altena i.
W. ; Bird Show at Nuremberg ; Lord Tennyson, poet
laureate of England (signed I. R. T. for J. Rochelle Thomas, the
issuer); Rifle Meeting at Claris; - Marriage of the Duke of
York; Golden Wedding of Baron Otto V. Lieres u. Wilkau ;

Marriage of Paul Joseph, numismatist, of Frankfort-on-M. ; -
Birth of Stephanie von Neufville ; Inauguration of the Victor
Emmanuel Monument ; Electricity Exhibition at St Petersburg ;

Georg Baritin ; Weigang Bautzen ; Christopher Columbus
(sev. var.); Reichard Marriage Medal; G. Glafey ; Petersen
Memorial; Dresden, Albert Society; 1893. Jubilee Exhibition
of the Horticultural Society of Rudolstadt; Dog Show at Coethen-
Anhalt; National Exhibition of the Thuringian Horticultural
Society, at Gotha; Fruit and Gardening Show at Breslau ;
Agricultural Exhibition at Dusseldorf Food Stuffs and Cookery
Exhibition at Cologne; Industrial Exhibition at Magdeburg;
International Bakery Exhibition at Mayence ; Industrial and Food
Stuffs Exhibition at Magdeburg ; Jubilee Exhibition of the Horti-
cultural Society "Feronia" at Dresden ; Agricultural Exhibition
at Metz; - - Jubilee Exhibition of the Horticultural Society of
Rudolstadt; Bird Show at Schwabach ; Furnishing Exhibition
at Berlin ; Exhibition of Hotel proprietors at Wanzleben ; Food
Stuffs Exhibition at Magdeburg; - Health Exhibition at Geneva;

First German Honey and Wax, also Food Stuffs Exhibition at
Hanover; Continental Export Trades Exhibition at London
(2 types); Horticultural Exhibition at Erfurt; - Christopher
Columbus ; The Columbus Celebrations ; D r Essenwein ; -
Inauguration of the new Post Office at Geneva ; Swiss Cyclists'
Association's Meeting at Lucerne; J. E. Dufour, National Coun-
cillor of Geneva ; Louis Ruchonnet, Federal Councillor ;
World's Columbian Exposition (large medallion by F. Koenig) ;
Accession of Duke Alfred of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha ; Albrecht
Diirer Memorial; - - 6 th Centenary of the family of Count von
Pfeil u. Klein-Ellgut; The Chicago World's Fair; D r Kopp;

- Col. Cody, King of Cow-boys; 1894. Visit of William II.
to England ; Winter Sports Exhibition at Miirzzuschlag ;
International Exhibition of Amateur Photographers ; Cookery


and Bakery Exhibition at Frankfort-on-M. ; Esposizione-Concorso
internazionale per Invenzioni e Xovita at Venice; Agricultural
Exhibition at Windsheim ; - Westphalian Hunting Exhibition at
Munster; International Exhibition at Brussels; Horticultural
Exhibition at Mayence ; - - Horse Show at Dresden ; Interna-
tional Exhibition at Dresden; Food Stuffs Exhibition at Kiel;
Cookery Exhibition at Plauen ; Exposition commerciale et all-
men tai re at Antwerp ; Mining and Industrial Exhibition at
Freiberg; Bakery Exhibition at Nuremberg; Liverpool Inter-
national Exhibition; Industrial Exhibition at Straubing ; -
Industry, Trade and Fine Arts Exhibition at Liverpool; Death
of Alexander III. of Russia; Third Centenary of Roland de
Lassus; - Third Centenary of Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden \ -
Jubilee Medals ot Taddeus-Kosciuszko, Halle, Wittenberg, Ham-
burg-Ritzebuttel, Weissenfcls, etc.; Rifle-Meetings at Firth,
Neumarkt, Thun, Crimmitschau, Eupen, Neumiinster, &c.; -
Choral and other Festivals at Lyons, Ilanz, Lugano, Niederlahnstein,
Biidelsdorf, Unna, 6xc.; Exhibitions &c., at Antwerp, Yverdon,
Murnau, Grafing-Glonn, cvc. ; Cantonal Choral Festival atNeu-
chatel; - Fourth Centenary of Hans Sachs; - Reconciliation of
William II., with Prince Bismarck; Rudolf, Count Hertzberg;

- Golden Wedding of Rem. v. Woyrsch; Fete of Athletic
Sports at Breslau ; - Prof. Michael Sachs; - Gladstone; D r
med. W. Beckh ; D r Hach ; D r Reinhold ; - Alexander III.
of Russia ; - Gustav Adolph; - 1895. Jubilee Exhibition of the
" Cypria " Society at Berlin ; Bird Show at Lauf ; Esposizione
Internationale d'Igiene ed Alimentazione at Rome; Bird Show
at Fiirth; - X. Rifle Meeting ot the Silesian Society of Sharp
Shooters at Breslau; - Dog Show at Miigeln ; - Show of the
Kynological Society at Dresden; Rifle Meeting at Salzwedel; -
Bakery Exhibition at Dessau ; - - Bird Show at Volkingen ;
XIV. Rhenan Rifle Meeting at Dusseldorf; - XV. Saxon Pro-
vincial Rifle Meeting at Cothen ; Exhibition at Landau ; Rifle
Association of Riesa ; Apicultural Society Exhibition at Leipzig;

- Jubilee Exhibition of Griinhainingen Industrial Society;
Sporting Exhibition at Berlin ; Horticultural Exhibitions at
Magdeburg and Munnerstadt ; Photographic Exhibition at
Munich; - Bird Show at Schwabach ; - - Fruit and Gardening
Exhibition at Schweinfurt ; - International Foodstuffs Exhibition
at Bremen; Health Exhibition at Dresden ; Industrial Exhibi-
tion at Alsfeld ; National Exhibition at Vaduz; 25. Anniver-
sary of the German Empire (sev. var.); Inauguration of the Law
Courts at Leipzig; - Opening of the Kiel Canal (sev. var.);
Federal Rifle Meeting at Winterthur; The New Post Office at
Frankfort-on-M.; Duke Alfred of Saxe-Coburg, Life-saving

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III. 21


medal ; 1896. Bird Show at Erlangen ; Bird Show at Kitzingen ;

Rifle Meeting at Breslau; Horticultu ral Exhibition at Wiirzburg;

International " Preis-Concurrenz " Exhibition at Berlin;
Cookery Exhibition at Berlin ; - - Bird Show at Furth ; Horti-
cultural Exhibition at Kaiserslautern ; VIII. Thuringian District
Rifle Meeting at Waltershausen ; German Locksmiths' Exhibition
at Mayence ; Horticultural Society of Wernigerode; Apicul-
tural Exhibition at Hohenstein; Bakery Exhibition at Frankfort-
on-M. ; Agricultural Exhibition at Ebern ; International Dog
Show at Nuremberg ; Hanoverian Fruit Show at Osnabruck;
Agricultural Exhibitions at Saarlouis, Dorfen, etc.; and medals
of various other German provincial Exhibitions ; Swiss National
Exhibition at Geneva ; National Bavarian Exhibition at Nurem-
berg; - - Henri Dunant, Founder of the Geneva " Red Cross"
Institution; - Third Centenary of the settlement of the Johnston
family in Saxony; - - Berlin Labour Conference ; Duke Alfred
of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha's Prize Medal for Arts and Sciences; Bodas
de Plata ; Louis Victor Schwartz; The Ganga Savan commem-
orative medal; Harris Award for Economical Cookery;
1897. Kynological Society of Dresden ; III. International Dog
Show at Frankfort-on-M. ; - Cookery Exhibition at Barmen ; -
International Exhibition at Baden ; XII. German Federal Rifle
Meeting at Nuremberg ; Rifle Meeting at Berlin ; Fox Terrier
Club of Berlin ; Saxon Industrial Exhibition at Leipzig; Nur-
sery and Health Exhibition at Nymphenburg; - - Bakery Exhibi-
tion at Burg; - XV. " Deutscher Malertag" at Nuremberg; -
Agricultural Society of Chateau-Salins; - October "Rifle Mee-
ting" at Munich; Agricultural Exhibition at Altenburg;
International Cat Show at Munich; Association of Carrier
Pigeons "Eilbote" ; - Foodstuffs Exhibition at Berlin; Asso-
ciation of German and Austrian Amateur Photographers; - Bird
Show at Berlin ; - Opening of the Bavarian Industrial Museum at
Munich; Reinhold Begas (illustrated); Visit of the German
Emperor to Francis Joseph I. at Budapest ; Sebastian Kneipp ; -
"Furstentag" at Wurzburg; Von Stephan, German Imperial
Post-master; Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria; Gymnasial
Fourth Centenary of Melanchton ; Imperial Parade at Nuremberg
after the Bavarian manoeuvres; Michael Fisschoff; - Golden
Wedding of Prince Hugo von Hohenlohe-Oehringen ; Death of
Sebastian Kneipp ; 1898. International Exhibition of Amateur-
Photographers at Flensburg; - - First Acetylene Exhibition at
Berlin ; Cookery Exhibition at Munich ; Bakery Exhibition at
Altenburg; - Dog Show at Ratisbon ; National Exhibition at
Gotha; II. International Cat Show at Munich ; Exhibition for
improved dressing of ladies at Berlin; Music Exhibition at


Berlin; Horticultural Exhibition at Sonneberg; - 25 th Anni-
versary ot the reign of King Albert ot Saxony ; Boxes of imita-
tion countersof the currency of Austria-Hungary, England, France,
Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Roumania, Bulgaria, Servia,
Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Greece; Jubilee of Francis Joseph I.,
Emperor of Austria (sev. var.); Death of Prince Bismarck (sev.
var.); Association of the Empress Elizabeth; Felix Pick, of
Breslau ; Otto, Prince of Stolberg-Wernigerode; - Accession
of Queen Wilhelmina ; Martha, Baroness von Gersdorf; The
Austro-German Alpine Club; William II. 's io th year of reign ;

Humbert I. of Italy ; - - Georg Lang, Director of the Reichshallen-
Theater; 4 th Centenary of the Discovery of Brazil; - Berthold
von Ploetz; - - 1899. Visit of William II. to King Humbert of
Italy (sev. var.); - - J. W. v. Goethe (sev. var.); Manoeuvres
of the Swiss First Army Corps; Peace Conference at The Hague;

- Paul Kruger, President of the South African Republic; Boer
Victories over the English ; 8o th Birthday of Hermann Sette-
gast; Inauguration ot Duke Ernest II. of Saxe-Coburg's Monu-
ment; Health Exhibition at Dresden; Foodstuffs Exhibition
at Chemnitz; - Various Christening Medals ; Fisheries Exhibi-
tion at Neuburg-on-R.; - VI. National Bird Show at Berlin;
25. Anniversary of the Austro-German Alpine Club; Health
Exhibition at Altona ; President Kruger; yo th Birthday of
King Albert of Saxony; - - Charles Alexander, Grand Duke of
Saxony; - L. F. Gebert, of Nuremberg; Gebriider Zippelius ;

G. E. Andree, of Utrecht ; Painters' Congress at Kiel ; -
Ltibeck Exhibition; - Robert Zelle ; - Gutenberg; Visit of
the Society of German Engineers to the Lauer Mint; Exhibition
at Harburg ; Exhibition at Breslau ; Bernhard Dondorf ;
Martin Kirschner; Memorial Medal of Bismarck; - - 1900.
Delarey ; De Wet ; - - The New Century ; President Kruger;

Luther Festivities at Hagen i. W. ; Hamburg Club Prize
Medal ; Gutenberg Celebrations ; Luther Festivities at Erfurt ;

- Leipzig Society for the Public welfare; National Cat Show
at Nuremberg; William II. 's presence at the Biberich Regattas ;

- Frederick, Duke of Anhalt; Berlin Regatta Club; Hanover
Industrial Exhibition ; Health Exhibition at Frankfort-on M. ;

1901. The Twentieth Century; Death of Queen Victoria;

- Accession of Edward VII.; Colonial Tour of the Prince and
Princess of Wales ; South African War "Peace Medal";

1902. Coronation of Edward VII.; Coronation of Edward VII.

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