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and Alexandra (various sizes); Jubilee of the " Germanisches
Museum " at Nuremberg; Accession ot King George of Saxony;

- President Kruger; - - To Ludwig Metzger of Nuremberg;

1903. Jubilee of Leo XIII. ; Death of Leo XIII. ; - - The Con-


clave, and Cardinal Oreglia; - - Accession of Pius X. (various
types) ; German Physical Drill Competition at Nuremberg ; -

1904. The Kant Celebrations; Death of Count Waldersee; -

1905 . Schiller, Centenary Medals (various types) ; Adolf Menzel,
painter, Memorial medal ; Marriage medal of the German Crown
Prince with Princess Caecilia of Mecklenburg ; Accession of
Duke Charles Edward of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; Marriage of Duke
Charles Edward of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, &c.

Lauer's Prize Medals for Athletic Sports, Cycling, Foot Ball
Clubs, Souvenir Medals and Plaquettes to commemorate Births,
Christenings, Marriages, &c., are of very good style. The firm has
also issued Medical medals, such as : Gesellen-Hospitz, Nuremberg;
Cologne Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals; -
" Sanitats-Colonie", Berlin ; Health Exhibition Prize Medals, cvc.

J. C. Bennert, Bismarck- Medaillen, describes no less than 102
Portrait-medals of Prince Bismarck bv Lauer.

Portrait-medal of Prince Bismarck, 18(99.

By Lauer are further : Portrait-medals and plaquettes of Compo-
sers (various sizes) : Joh. Seb. Bach; L. v. Beethoven; - H.
Berlioz; Fr. Chopin ; Chr. W. Gluck; Gg. F. Handel; -
Jos. Haydn ; Franz Liszt ; Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy ;

W. A. Mozart; R. Schumann; Joh. Strauss; F. P.

Schubert; G. Verdi; - Rich. Wagner; - - K. M. v. Weber;
- Portrait-medals of Artists, Scientists, and other celebrities :
Ernest II., Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; Franz Xaver Witt;
Jenny Lind; - - Rudolf Hach ; Prince Bismarck; Count
Moltke; Princess of Schaumburg-Lippe; Lord Roberts;
General Kitchener ; General Baden-Powell ; Prof. D r Gustav
Jager; Cardinal D r Kopp ; - Hans Sachs; Albert Lortzing;

The R l Hon ble Joseph Chamberlain ; Lord Tennyson ; -
Lord Salisbury; Schiller (sev. var.); Goethe (sev. var.); -
Kant; Prince Bliicher von Wahlftadt; - - Henri Dunant, of
Geneva ; D r Wilhelm Beckh, of Nuremberg ; D r Julius Cnopf,

of Nuremberg; - - D r Wolfgang Mack, of Furth; - D r Gustav
Nachtigall, of Eichstadt ; D r Reinhold,of Bamberg ; D r Chris-
tian Schusseler, of Wildenfels ; - Sebastian Kneipp ; Nicolaus
Friedrich Peter, Grand Duke of Oldenburg; King Charles of
Wiirttemberg; Ludwig, Prince of Bavaria; Luitpold, Prince
Regent of Bavaria ; Duke Ernest of Saxe Coburg-Gotha; King
Ludwig II. of Bavaria ; The Empress Augusta Victoria and
Crown Prince William ; Ad. Mickiewicz ; Count Caprivi ; -
Jon Bratiann ; D r Gustav Jaeger; Alfonso XIII. of Spain ;
Prince Hohenlohe, Chancellor of State; Max Heidegger;
Rud. von Delbriick ; - - William I. of Germany; The Empress
Augusta Victoria; Albrecht Durer ; - - Queen Victoria;
Princess Adolphine of Schaumburg-Lippe; Oscar II. of Sweden ;

- Dr. Theodorvon Kramer ; Gabelsberger ; Frithjof Nansen ;

- Duke Alfred and Duchess Marie of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; -
Victor von Scheffel ; King Albert of Saxony ; Francis Joseph I. ;

The Empress Elizabeth of Austria ; Frederick III. of Germany ;

Queen Wilhelmina; - - Umberto I. ; Count Waldersee;
Prince Henry of Prussia ; - - Leo XIII. ; Pius X. ; Andreas
Hofer; Gutenberg ; A. v. Chamisso; Schiller; Heinrich
Heine ; Nicholas II. ; - - The Empress Alexandra of Russia ;
The Prince of Wales; The Princess of Wales; Charles
Alexander, Grand Duke of Saxony; Ludwig Chr. Friedr. Lauer;

Franz Friedr. Clemens Martin Lauer; Count Waldersee, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly supplied by Mr. E. Seeck, Representative of
MM. Lauer in London. Various Numismatic RivifU'S, Sale Catalogues &c.

LAUER, WOLFGANG (Germ.}. Contemporary Medallist and a
member of the Nuremberg lirm of L. CHR. LAUER, since 1883. To
him should be attributed a great many of the medals issued by the
Lauer establishment during the last twenty years.

LAUFENBECK (Austr.). Mint-engraver at Prague, arc. 1829.

the father of the last; Mint-engraver at Vienna, 1781-1793, then at
Giinzburg-Hall, 1793-1806.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kull, II, 710. Katalog drc.

LAUFFER, CARL GOTTLIEB (Germ.). Mint- master at Nuremberg,
1746-1755. Franks & Grueber call him an Engraver (Vide.Med.lll ,
II, 730). A Thaler of Hall (Suabia), 1746, is signed C.G.L. It is
probable that all the Lauffers, whose names I record here, had
connection with die-sinking, and were Counter- manufacturers by
trade. Carl Gottlieb Lauffer was a son of Caspar Gottlieb Lauffer,
and is said to have left Nuremberg, a bankrupt, for Berlin, in 1755,
where he was still living in 1769, and attained to some reputation.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, op.cit. Gebert-Nurnberg, Gescbicbt? der Mun^stdtte
der Reicbstadt Nunilerg, 1891.


LAUFFER, CASPAR GOTTLIEB (Germ.'}. Son of Lazarus Gottlieb
Lauffer ; Mint-master at Nuremberg, and Mint-warden to the District
of Franconia, 1700-1745. Franks & Grueber mention that "he
appears to be often confused with Carl Gottlieb Lauffer, the
engraver ", and give the description of a medal, issued by him, on
the Capture of Tournay, 1709, engraved by Martin Brunner, and
bearing the initials C.G.L.

Caspar Gottlieb Lauffer published in 1742 a Catalogue of medals
issued by him, in conjunction probably with Lazarus Gottlieb
Lauffer, Johann Gottlieb Lauffer, and Friedrich Kleinert. To this
series of medals contributed not only the Lauffers, but also Martin
Brunner, Georg Hautsch, Friedr. Kleinert, P. H. Miiller, G. W.
Vestner, Werner, C. Wermuth, and other artists. C. G. Lauffer
evidently possessed the dies, as he offered to supply the medals in
gold, silver, copper or tin, in any number.

From this Catalogue (Das Laufferische Medaillen-Cabinet oder
Ver^eicbniss aller Medaillen, wekbe sowobl die bistorischen Begebenheiten
von A. 1679, biss A. 1742. ah aucb andere Chrisilich und Moraliscbe
Betrachtungen, nebst der vollkommenen Reihe der Romischen Papste
enthalten. Und nocb it%o bestdndig ^.ufinden, in Niirenberg bey Caspar
Gottlieb Lauffern, Des Hoch-Ijobl. Francltischen Kreises Miin~-Ratb
und General- Miint^-Waradin, 1742}. I extract a list of the principal
medals advertised for sale by C. G. Lauffer, and which could be
had either in gold, silver, copper or tin : 1679. Peace of Nimwe-
gen ; 1680. The great Comet; 1683. Siege of the Imperial
residence at Vienna ; General Count von Starnberg; Siege of
Vienna by the Turks, and Relief (2 var.); - Count von
Starnberg, Protector of the city of Vienna ; 1685. Capture of the
fortress of Neuheussel (4 var.); Turkish Defeat at Gran and
Capture of Neuheussel (2 var.); - Venice conquers the Kingdom
of Morea ; - Progress of the Imperial arms and Capture of several
fortified towns in Hungary; 1686. Capture of Ofen in Hun-
gary (6 var.); - French Wars against the Dutch; - Hamburg
liberated from the Danes; Venetian Victories; Victories of
Leopold I. in Hungary; Venetian Successes against the Turks
(Reimmann Cat., n 9686); 1687. The Venetian Republic; -
Hungarian Coronation of Joseph I. (4 var.); - Victories of
Leopold I. over the Turks (2 var.); - - Defeat of the Turks at
Mohacz(3 var -).; Turkish Defeat at Siclos; Pope Innocent XL ;
Venetian Victories over the Turks; - - Venice conquers the
Dardanelles; The Czar's Alliance with Turkey; - 1688.
Capture of Stuhlweissenburg (2 var.); - Francesco Morosini,
Doge of Venice ; - - Max. Emmanuel of Bavaria ; - Capture
of Belgrade (4 var.) ; - - French Invasion of the Palatinate ; -
Prince Elector John George III. of Saxony; 1689. Pope Alexan-
der VIII. (2 var.); - Joseph Clemens, Prince Elector of Cologne;


William III. of Great Britain (engraved by P. H. Miiller and
F. Kleinert) ; Coronation of William III. (2 var., by the same
engravers); King and Queen William and Mary; Maxim.
Emanuel, Prince-Elector of Bavaria (2 var.) ; Frederick III. of
Brandenburg, Siege of Bonn ; Capture of Kaiserswert, Rheinberg
and Bonn by Frederick III. of Brandenburg ; Victories over the
Turks by Leopold I. and Markgrave Ludwig of Baden ; Mark-
grave Ludwig of Baden ; The French repulsed ; Capture of
Mayence (2 var.); Defeat of the French and Capture of Mayence;

- The Duke of Schomberg ; Leopold I. and King Joseph ; -
Coronation of the Empress Eleonora and Joseph, King of the
Romans (2 var.); - Roman Coronation of Joseph I. (5 var.);
Capture of the city and fortress of Canischa (2 var.); Venetian
Capture of Napoli di Malvasia; The Grand Duke of Tuscany;

- Death of Charles V., Duke of Lorraine ; - 1691. Congress of
the Allied Princes at The Hague under the presidency of William III.
(3 var., by P. H. Miiller and F. Kleinert); Ireland subdued (2 var.);

Pope Innocent XII. (2 var.) ; Turkish Defeat at Salankemen
(3 var.); John George III. of Saxony ; Christian Ernest, Mark-
grave of Brandenburg-Culmbach ; 1692. Prince Elector Max.
Emmanuel of Bavaria, as Governor-general of the Spanish Netherlands
(3 var.); John George IV., Prince Elector of Saxony; Anglo-
Dutch Victories over the French (4 var.); Capture of the fortress
of Gross Waradein (2 var.) ; 1693. Unsuccessful Siege of Rheinfels
by the French; Sicily visited by an Earthquake; Markgrave
Ludwig of Baden; Empress Eleonora; - 1694. The English
bombard the French sea-coast ; Victories of the allied Christian
Princes against the Turks ; Capture of Peterwaradein ; Vene-
tian Victories of Ciclut and Chios; Frederick Augustus, Prince
Elector of Saxony; 1695. Johann Heinrich Horbium, theologian
of Hamburg ; Capture of Casale ; Lothar Francis, Prince Elector
of Mayence ; Capture of Namur (2 var ) ; 1697. Peace of Rys-
\vick (3 var., one illustrated'); Augustus, King of Poland (2 var.);

-Victory over the Turks at Zeuta; Alsatian towns surrendered to
France by the Treaty of Ryswick; Marriage of King Joseph with
Princess Amalie of Brunswick (2 var.) ; Marriage of George
William, hereditary Prince of Brandenburg-Culmbach with Princess
Sophia of Saxony ; Armistice with the Turks ; Amelioration
of the Julian Calendar; - - 1700. Birth of a son to King Joseph
(2 var.); The Northern Peace; Swedish Victories over the
Russians; - Pope Clement XI. ; - The New Century (2 var.);

Birth of Prince Leopold; 1701. Coronation of Frederick,
Prince Elector of Brandenburg, as King of Prussia (2 var.); 1702.
Capture of Landau ; Anglo-Dutch Naval Victories at Vigo ;
Count von Hatzfeld ; - - Prince Eugene of Savoy ; Markgrave
Ludwig of Baden; 1703- Marriage ot Markgrave Christian

- 328 -

Ernest of Brandenburg-Culmbach with the Duchess of Curland ;

- 1704. British Victories (2 var., one by P. H. Muller, the other
by G. Hautsch); The Duke ot Marlborough and the Engagement
of Hochstatt (Battle of Blenheim, by G. Hautsch) ; - - Prince
Eugene ot Savoy and Battle of Blenheim ; Battle of Blenheim
(signed : F. K., Friedrich Kleinert) ; Imperial Successes in Suabia
and Bavaria; General Field Marshal Baron von Thungen, and
Capture ofUlm; - Victories in Suabia; Capture of Schellen-
berg; Capture of Landau (2 var.); - Frederick, Landgrave of
Hesse, and Capture of Gravenburg ; - - 1705. Death of Leopold
and Accession of Joseph I. (3 var.); - Capture of Barcelona by
King Charles III. of Spain; 1706. English Victories, LVDO-
VICVS MAGNVS-ANNA MA1OR; Another; ty.. Abimelech
smitten with a stone beneath tower ; Relief of Barcelona ; -
The Duke of Marlborough's Victories in the Spanish Netherlands;

- Siege of Barcelona by the Duke of Anjou ; Charles III. of

Peace of Ryswick, 1697.

Spain enters Madrid; - Amadeus II., Duke of Savoy, and Siege
of Turin; - Prince Eugene of Savoy and his Successes in Italy;
Conclusion of Peace between Poland and Sweden; 1707.
Surrender of Naples to the Imperial Army ; George Louis, Duke
of Brunswick-Liineburg takes over the command of the Imperial
Army; - 1708. Siege of Ryssel ; Capture [of Ryssel (2 var.) ;

- Battle of Audenarde (2 var.); Capture of Ghent; The
Electoral College of Hanover ; Baron von Strahlenheim, Swedish
plenipotentiary; - Marriage of King Frederick I. of Prussia with
Sophia Ludovica, Princess of Mecklenburg; 1709. Capture of
Dornick (2 var.); - Successful Campaign in the Spanish Nether-
lands; Settlement of differences between the Emperor and Pope
Clement XL; Defeat of the French at Mons ; 1710. Capture
of Douay ; Capture of Douay, Bethune, St. Venant and Aire ;

- Charles III. enters Madrid; Birth ot the Prince of Orange;

329 -

Battle of Lerida ; - - Victories in Catalonia and Aragon;
Swedish Victory at Helsingborg ; Peter the Great ; Charles XII.
of Sweden at Bender in Turkey; - 1711. Death of the Emperor
Joseph I. (2 var.); Concord in Great Britain (by P. H. Muller);

- Election of Charles VI. (6 var.) ; Coronation of Charles VI.
(6 var.); Relief of Cordova; Return of Charles VI. from
Spain; Loth. Francis, Prince Elector of Mayence (7 var.);

- 1712. Charles VI. 's visit to Nuremberg (5 var.); Capture of
Quesnoy ; Hungarian Coronation at Pressburg (3 var.) ; 1713.
Return of the Empress Elizabeth Christina from Catalonia;
1714. Hamburg relieved from the Plague (2 var.); Vienna
relieved from the Plague ; Preliminaries of the Peace of
Rastatt (5 var.); - Peace of Baden (4 var.); Proclamation of
King George I. of Great Britain ; Landing of George I. in
England ; Coronation of George I. (by Johann Gottlieb Lauffer);

Return of Charles XII. to Sweden ; Death of Anton Ulrich,
Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg (2 var.) ; Proclamation at Blanck-
enburg of Duke Ludwig Rudolph of Brunswick-Luneburg;
Proclamation of the Duchess Christina Ludovica; Birth of Prince
Anton Ulrich; 1715- Return of Max. Emmanuel, Prince Elector
of Bavaria, to his dominions (2 var.); - Death of Louis XIV;

- Return of Charles XII. to Sweden ; - The Duke of Orleans,
Regent of France; Duke Ludwig Rudolph of Brunswick-Luneburg
(5 var.); - Death of Charlotta Christiana Sophia Czarowizia,
daughter of Lud. Rudolph ; Sophia Louisa, Princess of Oettingen;

- Prince Albert Ernest of Oettingen; 1716. Pregnancy of the
Empress Elizabeth Christiana; Louis XV. and the Regent;
Birth of Prince Leopold (9 var.); Battle of Peterwardein ;
Capture of Temeswar (2 var.); Victory over the Turks between
the Danube and the Sau (2 var.); 1717- Capture of Belgrade;

- Imperial Victory at Belgrade (4 var.) ; The deplorable Wars
between Christian princes; Inundations at Hamburg; Second
Centenary of the Reformation (n var.); - - Cardinal Albani,
Camerlingo; - 1718. Armistice with the Turks; - Imperial
Successes in Sicily; - - Accession of Queen Ulrica Eleonora of
Sweden; Peace of Passarowitz (3 var.); Naval Victory off
Syracuse ; - Victories of the year 1718; Defeat of the Spanish
Fleet at Syracuse; - Death of Charles XII. (seven varieties);
Inauguration of the Egidius Church at Nuremberg; 1719-
Capture of Messina; Election of Clement Augustus of Bavaria
as Bishop of Munster and Paderborn ; Coronation of Queen
Ulrica Eleonora of Sweden ; - - Hamburg Jubilee Festivities ;
1720. Coronation of King Frederick of Sweden ; Consecration
of Bishop John Philip Francis of Wiirzburg; Coronation of Fred-
erick and Ulrica Eleonora of Sweden; Death of the Empress
Eleonora Magdalena Theresia ; Birth of a Prince of Saxony ;

330 -

1721. Election of Pope Innocent XIII.; St. John Nepomuc.
(2 var.); Death of Pope Clement XI. (2 var.); Coronation of
Pope Innocent XIII. ; 1722. Coronation of Louis XV. ; Mar-
riage of the Prince Elector of Bavaria Charles Albert with the Aus-
trian Archduchess Maria Amalia (2 var.); - Death of the Duke of
Marlborough (by G. W. Vestner) ; Marriage of Prince Charles
Emmanuel Victor of Sardinia with Princess Anna Christina Louisa
of the Palatinate; 1723. Coronation of the Emperor Charles VI.
and Empress at Prague (3 var.); - Pregnancy of the Empress
Elizabeth Christina ; Death of William Frederick, Markgrave of
Brandenburg-Onoltzbach ; - 1724. Confinement of the Empress
Elizabeth Christina; Birth of the Archduchess Maria Amalia Caro-
lina (2 var.); Election of Pope Benedict XIII. ; Accession of
Clement Augustus, Prince Elector of Cologne; The Cologne-
Miinster Canal; Sede Vacante at Hildesheim ; 1725. Marriage
of Queen Maria Leczinska; Peace of the Pyrenees; D. B. W.
Marperger; Marriage of Louis XV. and Maria Leczinska;
1726. Death of George William, Markgrave of Brandenburg; -
Accession of George Frederick Charles, Markgrave of Brandenburg-
Bayreuth (2 var.); 1727. Coronation of George II. and Char-
lotte of Great Britain ; Relationship between the Ducal house ot
Brunswick and the Imperial house of Russia; - - 1728. Joseph
Renatus, Imperial Cardinal; Cardinal Sacripanti; Cardinal
Abdua ; Death of the Russian Grand Duchess Nathalie; 1729.
Marriage of the Markgrave of Brandenburg-Anspach with Princess
Frederica Louisa of Prussia; Death of Loth. Francis, Prince
Elector of Mayence; 1730. Second Centenary of the Confession
of Augsburg (17 var.); - 1731. Duke Ludwig Rudolph of
Brunswick-Liineburg; 1732. Dutch Camp at Breda; The
Salzburg Emigrants (9 var.); Accession of Duke Ludwig Rudolph
of Brunswick- Wolffenbuttel ; 1733. Shooting Fete at Nuremberg;
Election of King Frederick Augustus ot Poland; 1734- Capture
of the camp of the Allies on the river Secchia; Marriage of Wilh.
Charles Henry Friso, Prince of Nassau-Orange with the Crown-
princess of Gneat Britain; Duke Ludwig Rudolph of Brunswick-
Liineburg (2 var.); - 1735. Peace between the Roman Emperor
and the King of France; - - Death of Duke Ludwig Rudolph of
Brunswick-Liineburg (2 var.); - 1736. Marriage of Duke Francis
of Lorraine with Maria Theresia (2 var.) ; - - Anne, Czarina of
Russia; Death of Prince Eugene of Savoy; 1737- Peace
between France, Spain and Sardinia (2 var.); - - 1738. Satirical
medal of Brunswick; 1739. Count von Munch, Russian general;
-Peace between Russia and Turkey ; 1740. Death of Charles VI. ;
- Death of Anne of Russia ; - - Death of Frederick William of
Prussia; 1742. Election of Charles VII. at Frankfort (6 var.);

- Coronation of Charles VII. at Frankfort ; Coronation of the
Emperor and Empress, &c.

Lauffer further issued medals of a general character, such as :
Religious medals; Luther's Catechism (10 var.); The Lord's
Prayer ; Christening Medals (13 var.); New year Souvenirs;
Birth of Christ; Protection of the Holy Angels (2 var.) ;
The Love of Jesus; The Christian Cardinal Virtues; Faith,
Love and Hope ; Faith and Love ; Patience; Constancy in
well doing and its Recompense; Resignation to God's will;
Gratefulness and Gratitude; Consideration and Caution ; The
necessity and usefulness of Work (2 var.) ; Wilful Blindness,
O\vl wearing spectacles and holding a torch in each claw ; On
the Obedience of Children (3 var.); - True Friendship (4 var.);

- Bribery; - - Love (7 var.); Conjugal Love (7 var.);
Marriage (7 var.); Education of Children (2 var.); Virtues
of young men (by Geo. Hautsch) ; - - Virtues of young women
(by the same) ; - - The four Ages of Man ; The good and bad
Habits; Hope; Souvenir Medal, etc.

Beside all these, Lauffer edited a series of Portrait-medals of the
Popes, from S l Peter to Benedict XIV. (251 medals), and one of
Jesus Christ, as Head of the Church.

Many of these medals are very common.

LAUFFER, CASPAR THEOPHIL (Gerui). A Nuremberg citizen who
dedicated a medal to Charles VI., on the conclusion of the Peace
of Passarowitz, 1718, which is one of the last works of
P. H. Muller.

LADFFER, CONRAD (Gtrw.). Counter-manufacturer at Nuremberg,
during the third quarter of the seventeenth century. "In 1670 he
received a special permission to strike Counters for games and
reckoning. These often bore the busts of European monarchs. "
Amono; these I have noticed : Charles II. of Great Britain, 1662
(with $6. legend : COUNTERS. CONR. LAUFFERS. RECH :
PFENNING); Another, 1 667, ^.Britannia seated (signed : C.L.R.);
Louis XIV., several varieties ; Philip IV. of Spain, &c.

By him is also a Portrait-medal, uniface, of Max Gandolph, Arch-
bishop of Salzburg, undated, and signed : C. L.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks andGtueber, Medallic Illustrations, &c. Neumann,
Beschreibung der bekannteslen Kupfeimun^en, V, 433. Sally Rosenberg, Kalalog
von Jetons, &c.

LAUFFER, CORNELIUS (Germ.'). Counter-manufacturer at Nurem-
berg, r/'/v. 1660-1676. Bv him are brass Jetons, with busts, of
Louis XIV., several varieties : (some signed : CORNELIVS LAVFFERS
or COR. : CORNE LAVF. ; COR. LAVF., &c. ; - - Charles II. of

332 -

Great Britain; Philip III. of Spain ; Philip IV. and Louis XIV. ;

The Dauphin (sev. var. signed C. L. with legends : A DELPHINO


LAUFFER, GUNTHER (Germ.). Counter-manufacturer at Nurem-
berg, early part of the seventeenth century.

LAUFFER, HANS (Germ.). Counter-manufacturer and Mint-master

at Nuremberg, 1607-1645. Neumann describes 25 varieties of brass

Jetonsby this Die-sinker, signed HANS LAVFER; - HANNS LAVFER ;


H. LAV. ; H. LA., CYC. The counters refer to Henry IV. of
France; Henry IV. and Marie de Medicis ; - Louis XIII. (with
Anne of Austria; Louis XIV.; Gott allein die Ehr; -
Perseus riding on Pegasus; Arbeit und Tugend macht Edel; -
Adam and Eve T$L. Christ on the cross; - Das Wort Gottes bleib
ewich; Noah in the ark; The French Dauphin, 1614, &c.


LAUFFER, JOHANN GOTTLIEB (Germ.). Counter-manufacturer at
Nuremberg, in the early part oi the eighteenth century. His signa-
ture I.G.L. occurs on commemorative Jetons of the Expedition to
Vigo Bay, 1702 (Bust of Queen Anne); Battle of Blenheim, 1704
(imported into England to be sold in the streets, or to be used as
counters) ; Coronation of George I. (signed L.), &c.

I have no doubt that Johann Gottlieb Lauffer largely contributed
to the series of medals issued by Caspar Gottlieb Lauffer.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks and Grueber, op. cit.

LAUFFER, LAZARUS GOTTLIEB (Germ.). Counter-manufacturer at
Nuremberg, 1660-1700. Ammon says that he was Mint-master
there in 1670, and Chief Mint- Warden of the district of Franconia.
Franks and Grueber call him "Medallist and Chief Warden of the
Mint at Nuremberg from 1670 to 1690 ", and add : " After this date
he appears to have gone to Vienna and to have worked in partner-
ship with Georg Hautsch ", a statment which I have not been able
to confirm. It is evident that Geo. Hautsch contributed to the series
of medals issued by Lazarus Gottlieb Laufer and continued by his
son Caspar Gottlieb Laufer, at least from 1683 to 1712, but I can find
no record of Lazarus Gottlieb Laufer's leaving Nuremberg, nor that
there were two Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer, as mentioned in Medallic
Illustrations, II, p. 730. I rather think that Lazarus Gottlieb Lauf-
fer's activity extended to the early part of the eighteenth century,
until about 1717, when his son succeeded him as Chief Warden of
the Mint.


All the medals enumerated under Caspar Gottlieb Lauffer, struck
previous to 1717, were no doubt issued by this Medallist, who
employed several die-sinkers and probably cut many of the dies

His signature, which is usually L.G.L., occurs on many counters,
among which I may mention : Marriage of Charles II. and Catharine
(signed : L. G.: LAVF. RECH'. (illustrated); - - Do, with bust of

Counter, by L. G. Laufter.

Charles II. (signed on J$L. LAZA : GOTTL : LAVFFERS REICH-PFENN-
ING COUNTERS) ; Coronation of James II., 1685 (sev. var.);
Coronation of William III., 1689 (several varieties, one engraved
byG. Hautsch, others signed : L.G.L.R.; LAZ. GOTTL. LAVFER, c.);

- William and Mary, 1689 (sev. var.); The Church of England
preserved (obv. Bust of Queen Anne, several varieties) ;
Louis XIV. (sev. var., Neumann n os 32407-13), &c.

Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer is said to h.ive introduced at Nuremberg
the coining-press, which \vas then already in use in France and
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, op. cit. Franks and Grueber, op. cit.

LAUFFER, MATHAUS (Germ.}. Counter-manufacturer and Bell-
founder at Nuremberg, 1618-1625; Mint-master there in 1622.
Neumann describes eleven varieties of counters issued by him :
Gottes Segen macht reig (MATHEVS LAVFER); - Der Neid thutt
im selbst Leidt ; Louis XIII. (several varieties) ; Joab and
Amasa (MATTHEVS LAVFFER); Ambitios a Superbia (M. LAVF.);

- Aut Caesar nut Nihil (MAT : LAV: and M. LAV,) ; Louis XIIL,
1618 (other varieties, signed M. L.; M. LAVFFER ; M. LAVF) ;-

Online LibraryL. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists : coin, gem, and sealengravers, mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works B.C. 500-A.D. 1900 (Volume 3) → online text (page 25 of 49)