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LAVAU, ANDRE (French}. Gem-engraver, and Die-sinker of Bor-
deaux, born in 1722, died on the 28 th of February, 1808. He was
a pupil of Roettiers of Antwerp.

By him are five jetonj of the College of Surgeons of Bordeaux,
one "of which, signed on both sides, represents on obv. SS. Cosmus
and Damianus and on ^L. a view of the College. He also engraved a

- 346

signet with a head of Hercules, executed after the antique, and to
which he devoted ten years; M. de Fayolle terms this " unpur
chef-d'ceuvre " ; and a medal with tyL D r de la Martiniere, Bordeaux,
1753, signed : LAVAV A BOR*.

Lavau largely contributed to the foundation of the Academic de
Peinture et Sculpture of Bordeaux, and was appointed Rector of
that Institution several times. Among his pupils are the great
medallist Andrieu, who studied for eight years under him, the
painters Lacour, Taillasson, the brothers Pollieres, Monbrun-
Barincou, &c.

The artist was intimately acquainted with Gatteaux and other
contemporaneous medallists. His portrait was painted by Sicardi.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Inormation kindly supplied by M. A, Evrard de Fayolle, of

LAVAU, JACQUES (French). Brother of the preceding ; also a Seal-
engraver- He engraved Plates of coins.

LAVEE, ADOLPHE JULES (French). Contemporary Medallist, born
at Morlaix (Finistere); pupil ofDegeorgeand Dantzell. He formerly
worked for many years for M. Desaide, the medal-publisher. At the
Salon of 1881 he exhibited a medal, Art & Industry T$L. Arms of
Tours; in 1 88 1, Portrait of M. Thomas, senior member of Paris
public notaries, and a Prize-medal for Rifle Clubs; 1883. Nautical
Medal; Prize Medal for Athletic Sports; - 1884. Inauguration
of the Railway of the Asturias; Medal of the Nautical Society;
Portrait-medallion of M. Boutmy; - 1885. The Railway
Asturias-Galicia-Leon ; Prize Medal for Shooting and Athletic
Sports; - 1886. Portrait-medallion of M. A. D.***; - 1887.
M. A. H.***; 1890. Prize Medal for Rifle Clubs, Sporting, &c. ;
- Mathieu Dombasle, silver medal; - - 1891. Prize Medals; -
1 89 3. Portrait-medallions; 189 5. Five silver medals, and a Portrait-
medallion of M. X***, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit., II, p. 248.

LAVIGNE, HUBERT (French). Sculptor of the nineteenth century,
born at Cons-la-Granville (Moselle), n. July 1818; died in 1881.
He was a pupil of Ramey, A. Dumont, and the Ecole des Beaux-
Arts. Among his exhibits at the Paris Salon were frequently
Portrait-medallions; tor instance, in 1878, one of Baron Taylor,
and at other dates, Montaigne, Bacon, Voltaire, Descartes, Newton,
Goethe, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LAVIGNE, JACQUES DE (French). Mint-engraver at Bayonne, 1496-

- 347 "

LAVILLE-TUAL. DE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, by whom
there is a medal commemorating the )O th anniversary of Chateau-
briand's funeral, 1898 (Ga^. num. 1899, p. 98). Vide PREZ DE LA

LA VILLETTE, EUGENE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Saint-Mammes (Seine-et-Marne); pupil of Ch.
Gauthier and Decorchemont. At the Salon of 1898 he exhibited the
following medals : Portrait; Harvesting; - Industry; Joan
of Arc ; Mater dolorosa; 1895. Several Plaquettes; Christ
on the cross, medal, &c.

LAVRILLIER, CHARLES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris; pupil of Stelmans and Dropsy. At the Salon of 1896, he
exhibited a Portrait-medal of M me A. J.***

LAVY, AMADEO (Ital.}. Medallist, and Mint-engraver at Turin,
circ. 1796-1826 ; a son of Lorenzo Lavy and brother of Carlo Lavy,
who were both employed in the same capacity at the Turin

Amadeo Lavy usually signed his coins or medals either A. LAVY
or A.L., and I believe those signed LAVY only are the work of his
brother Carlo, or of the two in conjunction, as the Pattern Five

Five Francs of the Cisalpine Republic, an 9, signed LAVY.

The earliest piece bearing Amadeo's signature is the gold Marcngino,
obv. L'lTALIE DELIVRE A MARENGO. Laur. and helmeted bust
of Minerva to 1. ; beneath : A. L. 1. LIBERTE tGALITE*ERI-
DANIA* Within wreath : 20 | FRANCS | L'AN 9. The deci-
mal Piedmontese Scudo, of the same date (illustrated) has LAVY
above the exergual line. Specimens of both denominations exist also of
An. 10 (1802-3). I" I ^ 3 Piedmont was incorporated with France,
and coins of the French type were struck at Turin with mint-
mark U and the Mint-master, Paroletti's symbol, a heart, from

- 348 -

dies cut by A. Lavy after the puncheons or models by P. Tiolier.
On the return of Victor Emmanuel from Sardinia to Turin in 1814,
Amadeo Lavy, who, by the death of his brother Carlo in 1813,
was left sole Engraver at the Mint, remained in office appar-
ently until 1826, when he was succeeded by Giuseppe Ferraris.
His smaller issues are invariably signed A. L. whereas the larger
coins have A. LAVY.

As far as I have been able to ascertain, the following currency
was executed by Amadeo Lavy, after the restoration of King Victor
Emmanuel and under his successor Charles Felix : VICTOR
EMMANUEL. AT. Doppia (24 Lire), 1814, 1815, 1816; - - 80
Lire, 1821; - 48 Lire, 1821; - - 20 Lire, 1816, 1817, 1818,
1819, 1820 and 1821; JR.. Mezzo Scuto (of 3 Piedmontese
Lire, similar to those struck previous to 1799), 1814, 1815 (with
the addition of DVX.IANV^ (illustrated), 1816; Scudo (of

Mezzo Scuto of Victor Emmanuel, 1815.

5 Lire), 1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820, and a new issue (decreed
on 4. December, 1820), ,1821; - Due Lire 1816-1821 ; - One
Lira, 1816-1821; /R- 2 Soldi 6 Dennri, 1814, 1815. Victor
Emmanuel resigned in March 1821, and was succeeded by
Charles Felix, whose first coinage is dated 1823. CHARLES FELIX.
AT. 80 Lire, 1823, 1827; - 40 Lire, 1823, 1827; 20 Lire,
1823, 1824, 1825, 1826, 1827; - JR.. 5 Lire, 1823-1827; -
2 'Lire, 1823-1827; i Lira, 1823-1827; 5oCentesimi, 1824-

Although Ferraris was appointed Engraver in 1826, on the death
of Amadeo Lavy, the latter artist's dies were still used in 1827 and
even later.

A. Lavy's best known medallic productions are : Reunion of
Piedmont to France, 1802; The city of Turin to General Jourdan,
1 80 1 ; Uniface Portrait-medallion of Napoleon I. (1809), signed
A. LAVY; Portrait-medallion of Antonio Canova; Return of

- 349

King Victor Emmanuel I. to Turin, 1814 ; Medal of the Turin
"Guardia Nobile", struck to commemorate the King's return to
Piedmont ; Vaccination introduced into Italy, 1815 ; Octag-
onal Medal, Commissario di Polizia, 1816; Visit of King
Victor Emmanuel to the Turin Mint, 1816; Marriage medal of
Prince Charles Louis of Lucca with Princess Maria Theresa of
Savoy, 1820 (" celebrated", says Bolzenthal, "on account of the fine-
ness and elegance of the work and the resemblance ot the portrait");
- Medal conferred by King Charles Felix tor loyalty to the House
of Savoy at Novara, 1821 ; Restoration of the Academy ot Fine
Arts, Turin, 1824; The course of the river Isere regulated,
1824; Prize Medal of Vitt. Amadeo III. 1$L. Minerva ; Horse
Show at Turin, 1821 ; The Legion of Cuneo ; Vittorio
Alfieri ; Giovanni Francesco Caccia, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Comandini, L Italia nei cento anni del Secolo XIX, Mihno,
1901-2. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Domanig, op. cit. H. Denise, Le Conconrs de
I An XI, Gaz. num. frarx;., 1902. Dom. Gas. Promis, Monete dei Reali di
Savoia, Torino, 1841.

LAVY, CARLO (//a/.). Medallist, and Mint-engraver at Turin, born
in 1765, died in 1813 ; a brother of Amadeo Lavy. He was appointed
to the Mint in 1789, but after the French invasion of the Pied-
montese territory and the constitution of the Cisalpine Republic,
his brother Amadeo was entrusted with the cutting of the coin-
dies, at the Turin Mint, 1801.

Pattern Five Franc piece, An. XI.

Carlo Lavy executed several medals from designs by the painter
Appiani, some of which celebrate Napoleon I. The two brothers
sent in An XI (18,3) a pattern Five Franc piece, with bust of
Bonaparte, First Consul, to the Paris Monetary Commission.
Denise (Le Concours de I' An XI) quotes several letters that were
sent by the French Administration des Monnaies to the Brothers
Lavy. Their Pattern was not approved ot.

- 350

Carlo Lavy's signature on medals is usually LAVY : Commemor-
ative medal of the Battle of Marengo, Anno VIII (1800); The
Cisalpine Republic (an VIII); Marriage of Princess Josephine of
Sardinia with Louis Stanislas, Count of Provence, 1771 ; Victor
Amadeus III., founder of Carouge, 1773 ; Foundation of the
Academy of Fine Arts at Turin, 1778 ; Foundation of the Acad-
emy of Sciences, at Turin, 1783 ; Agricultural Society Prize
Medals, with bust of King Victor Amadeus III. ; Prize Medal
for Horse-racing, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzemhal, op. oil. Durand, MS. List oj Medallists.
Thonisen Medal Catalogue.

LAVY, LORENZO (7/a/.). Medallist, and Mint-engraver at Turin,
second half of the eighteenth century ; the father of Amadeo and
Carlo Lavy. I have noticed his signature : L. Lavy on a Marriage
Medal of Duke Vittorio Amadeo of Savoy with Marie Antoinette
of Bourbon, 1750.

LAW (Brit.}. Gem-engraver or the end of the eighteenth century
and beginning of the nineteenth. The following works bear his
signature : Head of Bacchant, carnelian ; Head ol Herakles, carne-
lian ; Head of Medusa ; Head of Socrates ; - - A term of
Xenophon crowned with laurel; Head of Lucretia, emerald;
Head of Seneca ; Head of Julia, daughter of Titus, sapphire ;
Cameo, with head of Antinoiis ; Bust of And. Marvel, Scotch
poet ; Cameo, bust of Sir Walter Raleigh ; Cameo, bust of
G. Whitefield, the famous Methodist preacher, Scc.

LAW, JOHN (Brit.). Financier, born at Edinburgh in 1681, died
at Venice in 1729. He was made Comptroller-general of the
finances of France, upon the strength of a scheme for establishing
a bank, and an East India and a Mississipi Company, by the profits
of which the national debt of France was to be paid off. Law's bank,
which was opened in 1716, was declared a Royal bank in 1718,
but in 1720 this fabric of false credit fell to the ground, spreading
ruin throughout the country.

Law initiated the coinage of the copper Sol, Half Sol, and Liard,
in 1719.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Haydn, Dictionary of Dates. Hoffmann, Monnaies royales de
France, p. 193.


LAZARI, ANTONIO (ltd.}. Medallist of the first half of the eight-
eenth century, and Mint-engraver. His signature : ANT. LAZARI
FEC. is found on a Portrait-medal of Donna Laura Maria Bassi, Pro-
fessor of Philosophy at the University of Bologna, 1732.

Lazari, who was a native of Modena, succeeded Antonio Maria
Parmeggiani as Mint-engraver at Bologna in 1709, but in 1713 he
was replaced by Carlo Falconi, again appointed in 1728; he remain-
ed in office until 1734.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, op. cit. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Francesco Mala-
guzzi Valeri, La Zeccadi Bologna, 1898.

L. B. Vide JEAN LE BEANC. Medallist at Paris, 1715-1732.

L. B. or ./! & Vide LUDWIG BARBIEZ. Medallist at Berlin,
1738-1754. Also L.H.B.

L. B. Vide LEONHARD BERNHARD. Mint-master at Altenkirchen,

L. B. Vide LUDWIG BRUEL. Mint-master at Hanover, 1817-1838.
Also B.

L. B. Vide L. BERGENCREUTZ. Mint-master at Stockholm, 1819-
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

L. B. (Span.^). Initials of a Spanish (?) Medallist of the latter end
of the seventeenth century. He executed medals of Thomas Herne,
a merchant of Cadiz, 1695, one of which bears under bust : L.B.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks and Grueber, Medallic Illustrations, &c., II, pp. 148-

L. C. Vide LE CLERC. Die-sinker at Basle and Cassel, and Mint-
master at Bremen, 1685-1737. Also G. E. C.

L. C. Vide LORENZ CARELBERG. Mint-master at Stockholm, 1706-

Moritzburg, 1622, and Harburg, 1625-1626.

L. C. K. Vide LUDWIG CHRISTIAN KOCH. Mint-engraver at Gotha,
1750; Mint-director there, 1766-1793.

L. C. R. Vide LUDWIG CHRISTIAN RUPERTI. Mint-master at Zeller-
feld, 1774-1779.

L. C. S. Vide LORENZ CHRISTOPH SCHNEIDER. Mint-master at Haj-
berstadt, 1679-1682, and Berlin, 1682-1701 ; " Munzcommissar ",

L. C. W. Vide LEONARD C. WYON. A London Medallist of the nine-
teenth century.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

- 352

L. C. (Ital.}. Perhaps the signature of LORENZO CORBOLINI, a

Roman Goldsmith, who was Coin-engraver at the Papal Mint,
during the early years of Alexander VI. The initials L. C. occur on
a Portrait-medal of Pompeo Conestabile, Bust to 1. ^L. MA-
peo, nude, seated on rock, presenting an open book to a pupil
kneeling before him.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Armand, Les Medailkurs italiens, &c.

L. C. I. (//a/.). Initials of a Medallist of the third quarter of the fif-
teenth century, probably of Northern Italy (perhaps Milan). The
monogram E.CI. occurs on a Plaquette representing a Sacrifice to


Priapus (Berlin Museum). By the same hand, but signed s ,

is another Plaquette, Sacrifice to Cupid (Paris Cabinet). Both
works are extremely graceful and of charming design.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Emile Molinier, Les Plaqnettes, Paris, 1886.

L. D. Vide LEONARDO DONA. Mint-inspector at Venice, 1478.

L. D. L. Vide L. D. LUNDERBERG. Medallist of Stockholm, end of
the eighteenth century.

L. D. S. Vide LUDWIG DANIEL SODEMANN. Mint-master at Stral-
stind, 1763-1768.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

L-D- (Germ.}. These initials appear in relief beneath the legend
of a Portrait-medal of Antonius Sanftl, 1545, of which a model in
box- wood exists in the Berlin Museum.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, Deutsche Medailleure, p. 48.

LD (Germ.}. Signature of a Medallist of the early part of the
seventeenth century. It occurs on a Portrait-medal of Balthasar
Rueff(er), a Burger of Schweinfurt, and his consort, Anna, 1611
(Itzinger Coll").

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, op. cit.

LEALI, SENZILLO Y (Span.}. According to Ammon, this signature
is found on a medal of Anhalt, 1695.

LEBAS, PAUL VICTOR (French}. Sculptor and Gem-engraver, who
resided at Paris during the third quarter of the nineteenth century
and probably later. He was a pupil ofCallouette. Between 1852 and
1876 he was a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon : -1852. Prince
Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, President of the French Republic,
cameo; Prince Lucien Bonaparte, cameo; - 1853. The


Empress Eugenie, cameo executed from the directions of Count de
Nieuwerkerke and M. Peyre; 1855. Portrait ot M me X***, shell
cameo; - - Napoleon III.; 1865. Aspasia, cameo; - - 1866.
Poetry, cameo in oriental stone; 1868. Study ot a Head, cameo


in black onyx (illustrated); - - 1870, Cupid, black onyx; -
1876. Vestal Virgin, cameo in oriental carnelian, c.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie ct Auvray, op. cit.

LEBEAU, JEAN (French). Mint-engraver at Nantes, 1772-1774.

LEBEAU, JEAN MARIE (French). Mint-engraver at Nantes, 1774-

LEBEGDE, ADOLPHE PAUL (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris.

By him are several Portrait-medallions in bronze of M rae Lebegue ;
F. V Raspail, 1879, and others.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LEBERECHT, F. (Germ.). Medallist, and Gem-engraver, born at
Meiningen in 1749, was appointed Engraver to the Russian Mint
in 1775 ; in 1794 he became an Academician, and a little later,
Chief-Medallist to the Court ; he further rose to the dignity of a
Councillor of State, and died in 1827. For several years, previous to
his death, the artist had been enjoying retirement in private life
on a pension of 1500 Roubles allowed him by the Russian govern-

Bolzenthal remarks : "Few artists of his kind have been so
distinguished as Leberecht, who raised himself to the rank of
Councillor of State and Knight of the Order of St. Anne, the
diamond insignia of which was bestowed on him in 1812. He serv-
ed, during fifty years, four Russian monarchs, and died in 1827,
leaving many pupils, to whom he was a good master and true triend.
Leberecht, of whom we may say that he was an artist very much
beyond his time, was a clever Gem-engraver. Among his produc-

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III. *}

354 ~

tions, we find medals : Unveiling of the statue of Peter the Great,
with bust of Czarina Catherine II. and a representation of the
statue, 1782 (signed : CARL LEBERECHT F.) ; Prince Potemkin,
Conclusion of Peace with Turkey, 1791; - - Coronation of
Paul I. (obv. illustrated); Coronation of Alexander I. ; Foun-
dation of the Exchange at St. Petersburg, 1805 ; Frederick Born,
1806; Centenary of the Battle of Poltawa, 1814; Presenta-
tion medal of the Emperor Paul to the Kossacks ot the Tshepligin
Wolga Army ; Another to the leader of the Nomadic Camp Siw-
zoff, 1799 ; and various others of the same character (Iversen de-
scribes 19 of these Presentation medals); Presentation medals of
the Emperor Alexander I. to various military and civic notabilities
(20 varieties, all signed), &c. His masterpiece is a medal of the year
1803 with the bust of the Empress Catherine II. as Minerva. The
Russian Court at all times took a keen interest in medallic art, but

Coronation of Paul I., by Leberecht.

especially towards the end of the eighteenth century, when a school
for Engravers was created, with the object of giving a fresh impe-
tus to this branch of the plastic art. "

By Leberecht are also : Reproduction of a Medal on the Alliance
between Peter the Great and Frederick IV. of Denmark (signed :
B. C.) ; Centenary of the Foundation ot St. Petersburg; Foun-
dation of a Hospital at Simbirsk, 1801; Riga subjugated;
Catherine II. 's Visit to Crimea, 1779; Peace of Jassy, 1791
(unsigned) ; - - The Plague at Moscow, 1804; Masonic medal in
Honour of the Union of the Lodge " Mildthatigkeit ", and that of
the "Pelican" under the Swedish rite, with D r Freese, who was a
member of the Aulic Council, as its presiding officer, St. Petersburg,
1780 (sev. var.) ; - Portrait-medal of Haydn, issued by the Phil-
harmonic Society of St. Petersburg, 1802 ; Visit of King Gustavus


AdolphusIV. of Sweden to St. Petersburg, 1800; Foundation
of a Foundling Hospital at Moscow (sev. var.), &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit., p. 287. Iversen, Die Mtdaillen gebraet
auf die Thaten Peter des Grossen, St. Petersburg, 1872. Hildebrand, op. cit.
- Marvin, op. cit. Thomscn Catalogue. Iversen, Beitrag 7ur Russiiclxn

LE BICHEUR, LOUIS (French). Mint-engraver at Paris under Jean
Warin, >r. 1 644-1648. In 1648 he was " fermier de la monnaie
au marteau " of Paris.

LE BLANC, C. (French). Contemporary Sculptor, by whom is a
Portrait-medallion of M. Lefevre, 1883.

LE BLANC, JEAN. Vide BLANC (Vol. I, N.E., p. 194), 1675-! 12.
December 1749. This artist is sometimes called BLANK, and was a
Goldsmith, Chaser and Engraver. He was born in 1677; received
Academician in 1718. Chavignerie et Auvray give also the follow-
ing works by him : Portrait of the Duke of Orleans, 1718;
France handing the rudder of State to the Regent; France
inscribing the Accession of the Regent on a shield ; Wax Portrait
of Pope Clement XII., 1738; Portrait of Peter the Great; -
Alliance of France with the Swiss Catholics; Chamber of Justice,
1716; Bronze Plaquette, Descent from the cross, signed :
Leblanc (formerly in the G. Crignon de Montigny's collection, and
now in that of M. Adrien Blanchet).

LE BLOND, MICHEL (French). An Engraved Plaque bearing the
portrait and arms of Johann Wilhelm Dilich, an architect of
Frankfort-on-M. (i6oo-f 1660), was attributed by the late
Mr. Copp to this artist (Num. Circ., X, col. 5274), but it has
since been proved to be the w r ork of the Copper-plate Engraver
Sebastian Furck, who executed many Portraits of this kind, circ.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Joseph and Fellner, Die Mutism von Frankfurt am Main
1903 (Nachtrag).

LE BLODNT or BLUNT, RALPH (Brit.). Goldsmith, and Mint-
engraver, London 1267-1280; he succeeded Richard Abel. He
probably engraved the early coinage ot Edward I.

LE BOITEUX JEAN (Fretich). Moneyer at the Paris Mint, circ.
1549-1562. Mazerolle quotes from several documents in which
LeBoiteux's name is mentioned in connection with orders for jetons
which he gave to the Mint-engravers A. Brucher, Jean II Cousin,
and others.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit.

- 356-

LE BOSSE, HENRI VICTOR GUSTAVE (French}. Contemporary Sculp-
tor, born at Paris ; pupil of Salmson. He has executed numerous Por-
trait-medallions, in bronze, some ot which were exhibited at the
Paris Salon, since 1872. The 1879 Catalogue gives the following:
M., Ernest S*** ; M. Victor L***; - - M. Paul G*** ; -
M.Edouard S***; 1885. Portrait of M me Lebosse; 1894. Portrait
inedit of Rene le Bosse. M me Veuve J. Dumont ; - - Victor Du-
mont; Emile, Jeanne, and Gaston Dumont; - Charles Barre;
1895. Marguerite Dumont; 1896. M. & M me Henri Martin;

- 1898. Rene L*** ; - - Jacques Dumont; - - Andree et Jacques
Dumont; Lucien et Paul J***.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LE BOSSE-CASCIANI, M mt> LUCY (French'). Contemporary Sculptor,
and author of numerous Portrait-medallions, which have been
exhibited at the Paris Salon : 1888. R. Bellanger; A..B***; -
1889. The artist's nephews; - - 1891. Fifi, bronze medallion; -
Le Capitaine Bellanger ; 1892. Ma niece Yvette J***; Mon fils
Rene ; - 1895. Portrait-medallions of the artist's relatives, &c.

LE BOUCHERAT, EDMOND (French*). Mint-master at Chalons-sur-
Marne, from the latter end of the reign of Charles VII. to the
middle of Louis XII. 's reign; then at Troyes, 1507.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Faivre, Etat actuel des ateliers monetaires jranfais, Paris,

LE BOUCHERAT, PIERRE (French*). Mint-master at Chalons, after
December 12., 1508. He issued there Douzains au pore-epic.

LE BOURG, CHARLES AUGUSTE (French*), ^culptor, born at Nantes
on the 2O th February 1819, died in 1904; pupil of Rude and
Amedee Menard.

By him are Portrait-medallions : 1857. The King of Thule; -
1870. Lady Wallace; - - 1876. Aeolus and Thetis; - - 1878.
M lle A. Lebourg; 1880. Auguste Comte; 1894. General Mel-
linet; 1897. Frere Jehan des Entommeurs; Amador. Abbe, de
Turpenay ; 1901. Monselet.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LE BOVEUR, HANIN (French). Mint-engraver at Valenciennes, circ.

LE BRAELIER, JEAN (French). Sculptor, Chaser, Goldsmith, and
Enameller of Paris, fourteenth century. Some of his works border on

BIBLIOGRAPHY. S. Lami, Dictionnaire des Sculpteurs.


LE BRAS DE PER, ROBIN (French}. Mint-engraver at Angers, 1449-
1459. He struck forged Ecus and on his being detected took to


LE BRETON, HERCULE LE. Vide BRETON (Vol. I, N. E. p. 279). He
engraved a Portrait-medal of Louis XIV.

LE BRUN, ANTOINE (French). Medallist of Lyons, 1682-721. April

LE BRUN, DAMIEN (Fr*r). Engraverof Lyons, 1 68 i-f 14. January

LE BRUN, BARTHELEMY (French}. Engraver of Jetons, 1741-

LE BRUN, LOUIS (French}. General des monnaies, circ. 1618-

LE BRUN, FRANQOIS (French}. Master-engraver, and Medallist of
Lyons, circ. 1736-1773. On the 17. December 1759 he was
appointed Mint-engraver at Lyons, in conjunction with Clair IV.
Jacquemin. He has engraved Jetons, among which are the Jeton of
the Agents de change of Lyons, 1773, and the Jeton of the College
of Medicine of Lyons ; both are signed : LEBRUN. Another Engraver
of the same name executed Jetons, between 1778 and 1783.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Les graveurs de monnaics a Lyon, Macon, 1897.

LE BRUN, JEAN (French}. Mint-engraver at Valenciennes, 1438-

LE BRUN, JOSEPH (French}. Master-Engraver at Lyons, 1736-1764,
and Paris, where he died in 1777. He is the author of some

LECCI, GIUSEPPE (Ital.}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at Pisa.
He exhibited a Portrait-medallion of Christ at the Salon of 1899.

LE CERF, EMILE LQUIS(French}. Contemporary Sculptorand Gem-
engraver, born at Saint-Denis (Seine); pupil of Gaulard. At the'
Salon of 1886 he exhibited a Portrait-medallion of General


LECHEVREL, ALPHONSE EUGENE (French}. Contemporary Gem-
engraver and Medallist, born at Paris in 1848. He is a pupil of
Henri Francois and Sacristain, and a Member of the Societe^des
Artistes francos.

This artist's productions in Gem-engraving are very numerous;
the following are among the most important and comprise some of

- 358-

his earliest glyptic works: 1874. Head of Minerva, carnelian;
Le Depart, carnelian ; Study of a Greek Head, carnelian ;

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