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1877. La Source, after Ingres, sardonyx (belongs to M. Boucheron ;)

Oriens occidentis, renovat artem.

Minerva, sardonyx; Portrait of Freylas de Reys, carnelian;

Diane de Poitiers, after Jean Goujon, sardonyx; Medusa,
sardonyx; Hebe, sardonyx; 1879. George Washington, after

France welcoming and crowning the Genius of the Old and New World.

G. Webb, cameo in carnelian; Aesculapius, after the antique,
cameo in sardonyx; Thiers, President of the French Republic,
cameo in sardonyx (belongs to M. Sterne); Poor little Beggar!


cameo in sardonyx ; - Study of a Greek head, cameo in sardonvx :
1880. The seven Days of the Week; Portrait of Vicomtc dc
Reo Branco, on a sapphire; Female head, sardonyx; - 1882
Youthful Bacchus, intaglio in topaz ; Maid defending herself
against the attacks of Love, intaglio, topaz ; Poetry intaglio
topaz; Henry IV. young bust, intaglio, rock crystal; Hunter'
after Fremiet, intaglio, sardonyx ; 1883. Chloe, after J. Lefebvre
sardonyx; - Perseus; - 1884. Bacchant, sardonyx intaglio;
1885. Night distributing her poppies, sardonyx; - - 1886. The
Dawn, intaglio; - Allegory, sardonyx, intaglio; 1887
M lle Lechevrel, medallion in bronze; Dawn, sardonyx intaglio;
- 1888. Nymph and young Faun dancing; - - M lle Lechevrel'
cameo; M. Desportes de la Fosse; - - 1889. Gambetta ;
Gallia; Ingres ; - - Youth ; - 1890. P. J. Brocard ; Beatrix-

L'Histoire faisant revivre le Pass6.

- B. Lechevrel; - - A. Reyen ; 1891. The President of the
Republic, cameo, and intaglio; - - Hommage aux graveurs; -
Idyll, sardonyx intaglio; A. Reyen, Portrait-plaquette in bronze;

- Rene Stern, Portrait-plaquette in silver ; 1892. French Medal-
lists of the Nineteenth Century; - - Roger Marx (illustrated); -
Hebe; Gallia; President Carnot; 1893. M me J. A. Lechevrel;

- A. Liard; M me A. Reyen; E. J. Carlier; - Full-length
portrait of M me J. A. Lechevrel ; M. R. de E... ; Gallia ; 1894.
Portrait of Alfred Morrison ; - - M !le Marie Esther Jouin ;
Oriens Occidentis renovat artem, plaquette (illustrated); - 1895.
Casimir Perier; 1897. SteGenevieve; 1898. Portrait of a Child;
Head of the French Republic; 1899. Truth, onyx, intaglio;

Mask of Medusa, onyx; Portrait and Seal of M. de Errazu; -
Chloe and Cupid, intaglio in sardonyx; Amicitia; - Patterns


for the Coinage of the French Republic; Portrait of J. Carlier,
statuary; 1906. Patterns for the Nickel coinage; Head of the
Republic; Design for a Medal of the " Societe de secours mutuels
Humanite, Fraternite" " ; M. Paul Doumer, President of the
Chamber of Deputies, &c.

Later date. Seal of Baron de Graffenried; Seal of Prince
Demidoft; Seal and Portrait of Baron de Errazu (these three
seals are considered by the artist as of the highest importance); -
Two seals for the King of Greece ; Seal of the Due de Morny ;

Portrait of President Carnot ("plus que probablement le plus
important monument de la glyptique"); Nymph and Faun danc-
ing, intaglio in sardonyx (formerly in the Morrison Collection);

The Dawn, after Jules Lefebvre, intaglio in sardonyx (belongs to
M. Boucheron) ; "Consultatio", intaglio in sardonyx (Luxem-

Hommage aux Graveurs fran^ais.

bourg Museum); Truth, intaglio in grey onyx; Love,
intaglio, in sardonyx (belongs to Mr. Smith, of Chicago) ; Mask
of Medusa, cameo in grey onyx (belongs to Mr. Mahon) ; -
Young Bacchus, intaglio in topaz; - Young girl resisting the
advances of Cupid, after Bouguereau, intaglio in topaz (belongs to
M. Prevost); - - Poetry, Spanish intaglio; Jean qui pleure et
Jean qui rit, intaglio in rock crystal (belongs to M. Boucheron);
Pack hound, after Frmiet, intaglio in sardonyx; Suzanne,

- 361 -

cameo in black onyx; - Nymph, cameo in black onyx ; Head
of the Republic ; Arms of Prince de Curdi ; c. A gem by
Lechevrel, representing a youthful Satyr holding thyrsos and danc-
ing before a nymph seated on a rock, was sold for 7 at the Auc-
tion Sale of the Morrison Collection.

The list of Lechevrel's medals, medallions and plaquettes is not
very extensive, but all the artist's medallic productions stand very
high in artistic quality : Homage to French Engravers, Plaquette
belonging to the Paris Mint (illustrated); History registering
the discoveries of Archaeology, Plaquette (illustrated); Oriens
Occidentis, renovat artem, Plaquette (Luxembourg Museum, and
Paris Mint ; illustrated) ; Head of the Republic in Phrygian cap
(Paris Mint); - Portrait ot Baron de Errazu; - - Portrait ot
Alfred Morrison, of London; Portrait of Prof. D r Alfred Licht-

Portrait ot M. Roger Marx, by Lechevrel.

wark, Director of the Hamburg Fine Art Museum (Medallion, and
Plaquette) ; - - Portrait of Felix Faure, President of the French
Republic ; La Bienfaisance (belongs to the city of Paris) ; -
Head of the Republic; Portrait of M. Roger Marx (illustrated);

Blanche Suzanne Lechevrel ; Genevieve ; - - Portrait of a
Child; AOHNH, uniface medal; - Adolphe Blancks;
J. Carlier, sculptor; Andre Otten; M llc Genevieve Otten; -
M lle Yvonne Otten ; M me J. Lechevrel ; M lle Blanche Leche-
vrel; Gallia; Plaquette for the Postage Stamp of 15 centimes;

- Seal for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Lite Saving Medal;

Holly : leg. Semper vireat et vigeat ; - Laura; Menu, Pla-


queue for M. Tasset's banquet; Patterns for a new French coin-
age, &c. ; Portrait of A. Liard, founder; - Consultatio, oval
medal in the Luxembourg Museum; Salon of 1904. A Model;
- Child's Portrait, on sardonyx; 1905. L'Histoire enregistre les
decouvertes de 1'Archeologie, Plaquette issued by the Societe des
Amis de la Medaille francaise; Louis Herbette ; E. Charme-
let; Lady Maud Mary Taylor ; - The French Republic, c.

Lechevrel is not a stranger in this country. In 1877 and 1878, he
was employed in England to ressuscitate the art of engraved vases
in glass, in imitation of the famous Portland vase, at the Hodgetts,
Richardson & Sons' glass Works at Stourbridge.

For the Paris Exhibition of 1900, the artist completed the first
Vase in glass of carved work ever executed by a Frenchman or in
France. He has also done very fine work as an Heraldic-engraver,
and is the author of a " Traite desmatieres generalement employees
dans la gtyptique ".

M. E. Babelon (Revue de I'Art, 1902, II, p. 24) praises the sup-
pleness of Lechevrel's talent and M. Roger Marx the assurance of his
technique (Medailleurs franfais, p. 24).

The artist introduces in his medals the delicatesse of the gem-
engraver, and he has that advantage over the ordinary medal-modeller
that he undestands engraving in metal, and can judge of the effect
of a model betore it is reduced to medal-size better than a mere
sculptor who is unaccustomed to the graving tool. Not every sub-
ject which looks well large will look well small. The nature of the
subject has to be considered. In general, though size be one of the
elements of the sublime, the really sublime and ideal work of Art
loses but little when reduced in dimension, as long as the propor-
tions are exactly attended to. You can have colossal propor-
tions and god-like power within the circumference of a gem for
the finger. Of this, M. Lechevrel is aware, and his plaquettes
' History reviving the Past "and cc France welcoming and crowning
Genius " show that he fully understands what makes the real merit
and beauty of a medal.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly supplied by the artist. Roger Marx,
Medailleurs franfais et Medailleurs contemporains , &c. Chavignerie et Auvray,
op. cit. Catalogues du Salon, 1901-1904. L. Benedite, Catalogue du Muscc du
Luxembourg, &c. Revue de I'Art, 1902, 1905. D r H. J. de Dompierre de
Chaufepie, Les Me'dailles et Plaquettes modernes, Haarlem. Studio, Oct., 1898.
Gazette nutnismatique franchise, 1898, 284; 1899, 97. Catalogue of the Morrison
Collection of Gems.

LECHNER, KASPAR (Germ?). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver of
Munich, 1586-1616. In 1586 he cut a seal for Duke William of

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. V. Kull, Die Miln~stdtte Muncben am Ende des XVII.
Jabrbunderts, Mitth. der Bayer. Num. Gesell, XIX, 33, 45.


LECLECH & C (French}. Issuers of private currency, 10 Sol pieces
of two types, 1792. They resided at Clermont (Oise).

LECLERC (French}. A Frankfort Coronation medal of Joseph II.,
1764, with French legends and *$L inscription : IL REUT DU
CIEL LA VERTU &c., is signed K (for Kaiserswerth, according to
Fiala, which is however very uncertain) and LE.C. L. INV. Leclerc
was probably only the designer of this medal, which Joseph u.
Fellner describe (n 2188) without adding any information on its

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kalahg ckr Mun^n-und Medaillen-Stempel Sammlung dr.

LECLERC, DAVID L. (Swiss}. Court-medallist to the Landgrave ot
Hesse at Cassel, towards the end of the seventeenth century. He
was a native of Berne, in which city he practised at first die-sinking.
He usually signed his productions : LE CLERC P. (David Le Clerc
Pere}, whereas his son, Gabriel Leclerc, who appears to have succeeded
him at Cassel, signed LECLERC or GLC.

According to Strickler, a D. Leclerc was a Portrait Painter, born
at Berne in 1680, died at Franktort-on-M., in 1738. He settled at
Frankfort in 1698, resided also for some time at Paris, and from
1715-1717 in London.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit. Allgemeine DeutscJx Bio-

vrapbie, 1883.

LECLERC, GABRIEL (Swiss}. Medallist of the end of the seven-
teenth and first half of the eighteenth century circ. 1685-1737. He
first worked at Basle, then at Cassel, and Berlin, and for some time
was Mint-master at Bremen, 1737-1743 (?). His signature : G-L-C
or -GLC occurs on Thalers of Basle, undated (circ. 1685); Prize
Medal, Adoration of the Shepherds and three Kings (N and JR} ;

- Prize Medal, obv. Lion tyL View of Basle (signed -GLC) ;
Medallic Thaler, 1691 ; Medal of George William of Brunswick,
I. META QVIES&c. Horse galloping, 1700 (signed : G. LECLERC);
Jubilee of the High School of Rintelen, Hesse-Cassel, 1721
(possibly by Isaac Leclerc), &c.

Nagler (Monogrammisten, III, p. 48, n 142) mentions that
Gabriel Le Cierc died in 1743, and had resided in turn at Basle,
1685, Cassel, Berlin, and Bremen.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. R. S. Poole, Swiss Coins in the South
Kensington Museum, 1878. Thomsen Medal Catalogue. Schlickeysen-Pallmann,
op. cit.

LECLERC, GUILLAUME (French}. President of the " Cour dcs
Monnaies ", 1600.

LECLERC, lSi&G(Siuiss). Probably a son of Gabriel Leclerc, and a
brother of David L., ; also Court medallist at Cassel, during the first
half of the eighteenth century, until about 1746. He engraved a
number of medals, the two best known commemorating the
Centenary of the foundation of Marburg University; also Jubilee of
the University of Rinteln (Hesse-Cassel), 1721. Isaac Leclerc was
also a skilled Gem-engraver. He died at Cassel in 1746.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Michaud, Biog. Universelle, XXIII, 528.

LECLERC, L. (French*). Die-sinker of the second quarter of the
nineteenth century. He engraved Pattern 20 and 5 Franc pieces,
and 10 Centime pieces for the Monetary Commission of the second
French Republic, 1848. These Pattern coins are reproduced in
De Saulcy, Souvenirs numismatiques de la Revolution de 1848.

By him are also Portrait-medals of Lord Byron ; Eustache
Lesueur, 1828, and others.

LECLERC, LOUIS (French*). Mint-master, in conjunction with Paul
Bain, at Meung near Orleans, 1655-1656. He issued a coinage of

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Arnould, Le Monnayage de I'atelier d'Orleans.

LECLERC, MENGIN (French*). Mint-master at Nancy, 1489 (1490).
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Lepage, op. cit.

LECLERC, NICOLAS (French). Sculptor 'and Medallist of Lyons
(maitre tailleur d'images et macon) 1487-1508. He was instructed,
in conjunction with Jehan de Saint-Priest, to prepare models of the
medal, cast by Jean Lepere and his brother Colin, in commemora-
tion of the Visit to Lyons of King Louis XII. and Anne of Brittany,
1500. Nicolas Leclerc is called, in a document of March 1499,
" tailleur d'ymaiges ", and in another, it is said that he made "la
taille et facon des portraictz et molles ".

Rondot observes that Leclerc and St. Priest " had not learned
from Candida how to correct the realism of their portraits in order
to give them some dignity. ' ;

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit. Rondot, Les Medailkurs lyonnais, 1897.

LECLERC, SERASTIAN (French*). Draughtsman and Engraver of
the second half of the seventeenth century. " He was born at Metz
in 1637 ", say Franks & Grueber, " studied at first under his
father, a Goldsmith, and in 1665 came to Paris where he worked
with Charles Le Brun. In 1672 he was appointed Professor of
perspective at the Royal Academy of Painting, and later on, private
Engraver to Louis XIV. He designed a large number of types for
the medallic series of that monarch, and there is in the British

- 365 -

Museum a volume in MS. containing his original designs for this
work, with notes by members of the Academy, M. de Pontchar-
train, Louis XIV. himself, and others. Leclerc died at Paris,
25. October 1714. "

Among the medals designed by this artist are : 1658. Battle of
Dunkirk (by Roussel and Molart) ; Another (by Mauger) ;
1689. Louis XIV. receives James II. (by Mauger); 1690. Battle
of Fleurus (by Roussel and Molart); 1692. Taking of Namur
(by Mauger) ; Battle of Steinkirk (by Mauger) ; Another (by
Roussel andMolart); 1693. Sea-fight off Gibraltar (by Roussel);
- Battle of Landen (by Roussel and Molart) ; Another (by
Mauger), &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks & Grueber, Medallic Illustrations of the History oj Great
Britain and Ireland, London, 1885, p. 730. Nouvelle BiographU generate, XXX,
p. 201. Nagler, Kunstler- Lexicon.

LECLERCQ, JULIEN GABRIEL (Belg.}. Sculptor and Medallist, born
at Ghent on the 22 nd February 1805, died at Brussels, 23. February
1882. He studied at first at the Ghent Academy, and later at Paris,
where he became a pupil of David d' Angers. He settled at Brussels
in 1885, and executed there several works of sculpture in commis-
sion for the city, such as the bas-relief of St. Joseph's Church and
a group of children for the Chamber of Commerce.

Leclercq's most important medals are : 1827. Leo XII., on the
Concordat; 1831. Baron Surletde Chokier, Regent of Belgium;
1832. Visit of Leopold I. to Louis-Philippe at Compiegne ; -
1833. Tribute ofBelgians to the Poles; 1834. Prize Medal of the
Royal Agricultural Society; 1835. Simon Lubin; 1836.
P. J. Triest, Canon of Ghent; 1837. Prize Medal of the Liege
Horticultural Society; 1838. Felix, Count of Merode;
Charles, Count of Montalembert ; Nicolas Jean Rouppe, Burgo-
master of Brussels ; Engelbert Sterckx, Archbishop of Malines
(2 var.); 1839. B. G. Dumortier; F. David, Burgomaster of
Verviers ; 1841. Jetton of the Belgian Royal Academy of Sciences
and Letters; Prize Medal of the Philharmonic Society of Brussels;

- n th Anniversary of September 1830 (2 var.); 1842. Edou-
ard de Biefve, painter; - 1844. Navigation maritime; - - 1845.
Royal Conservatoire of Brussels (2 var.) ; Charles Liedts ; -
1847. Exhibition at Brussels; Pattern Five Franc piece; 1848.
Reward for services rendered during the epidemic of Cholera (sev.
var.); 1849. Exhibition of Flanders; 1851. Royal Academy
of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts; H. van Hulthem, &c.

Leclercq's signature appears variously as : J. L. ; J. LECLERCQ


BIBLIOGRAPHY. Guioth, Graivurs en me'dailleset motinaies, Revue de la numis-
matique beige, 1854, p. 345. D, Hisloire numismatujue de la Revolution beige,


Hasselt, ,1845. Piot, Catalogue du Depot des Coins, Poinfons et Matrices apfiar te-
nant a I'Etat, Bruxelles, 1861. Immerzeel, op. cit. A. de Witte, La Me'daille
en Belgique au XIX s siecle, 1905.

LECLERQ, BONAVENTURE (French) Goldsmith of Laon, end of the
sixteenth century. On the 12 th February 1590, he was commission-
ed to strike Quarter and f Quarter-Ecus of Charles X. His son,
CLAUDE LECLERQ was associated by him in the work of cutting the
dies for the coins which were issued at Laon, between 15 90 and 1593,
when they resigned their office. These coins were : Gold Ecus,
Quarter,-and Eighth Ecus, Gros de Nesle, and Double Sols, and
bear the letters LA at the end of the obv. legend, with L in centre
of cross on T$L. The LA probably signifies LAON whereas the L on
tyL is the Engraver's initial.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Paul Bordeaux, L' Atelier mone'taire de Laon pendant la Ligue,
Ann. num., 1895, p. 497. E. Faivre, Etat actuel des ateliers mone'taires frattfais,

LECOCQ, GILLES dit DES JARDINS (French). Medallist, born at
Nancy in 1649, and died there, 18. September 1705.

Contemporary Sculptor, born at Paris; pupil of Henry Cros. In
1883 he exhibited at the Salon a Portrait-medallion in bronze ot
Sir Thomas Gladstone.

LECOINTE, LEON AIME JOACHIM (French}. Sculptor, born at Paris
on the 9. April 1826; pupil of Klagmann, and A. Toussaint. By
him are several medallic works, among which I may mention :
1850. Portrait-medallions in bronze; 1873. The beautiful
Maddalena, Plaque; 1875. Assassination of Alexander de' Medici,
Plaque; 1878. Portraits of the sons of M. P***, Medallion in

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LE CONTE, JEAN (French}. Mint-engraver at Saint-Quentin, 1400-

LE COUR, PAUL (French}. Engraver, Chaser, and Manufacturer of
buttons at Lyons, second half of the eighteenth century. He issued
religious medals and badges.

LECOMTE, FELIX (French}. Sculptor, born at Paris on 16. January
1737, died on 18. January 1817 ; pupil of Falconnet and Vasse. By
him are some Portrait-medallions and Plaques : Bacchus and Cupid
asleep; Cardinal de La Rochefoucault, &c.

LE COMTE (French}. Die-sinker of Rouen, known by a medal of the
" Asiles des Alienes", Paris, 1867; also the author of the commem-


orative Medal of the Inauguration of the Northern Railway, of
France, June 1846.

LEDEVIN, EDOUARD RENE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Paris ; pupil of Millet and Trupheme. At the
Salon of 1892 he exhibited several Portrait-plaquettes in silver;
again in 1893, an d Louis XV., plaquettes, representing rustic

porary Sculptor and Medallist, born at Gregy (Seine-et-Marne) ;
pupil of Georges Lemaire, and Georges Tonnelier.

Among this artist's medallic productions are : Portrait of the
Artist, Plaquette in engraved steel; Confiance, Plaquette in
silver; Orfevrerie, Plaquette in silver; Baptism of Chlodvig; -
Triumph of Chlodvig, after J. Blanc, Plaquettes (reproductions of
two panels); - Fete antique, Plaquette in engraved steel; On
Parade; English Greyhound ; Portrait of" Voisin Pierriche " ;
-Truth, Plaquette; Birth of Venus, plaquette in steel ;-
Charmeuse ; Seal of the Society of Orientalists ; Fides ; -
Dawn ; The Art of the Goldsmith ; Soeur de lait; M.C.*** ;

- The first step; Diurne, Nocturne, Parisiana (medals);
Return of the Victorious Chlodvig, after J.Blanc. Salon of 1904 : Two
plaquettes in silver-gilt, engraved direct on steel (reproductions
from the frieze of the Pantheon, after J. Blanc). St. Anthony of
Padua ; " Fete antique ", plaquette on steel; Salon of 1905.
History of Chlodvig; Allegory with the artist's portrait ; 1906.
Priere de 1'enfant ; Chapiteau a contours; Seal; M Ile L.
de S***; - M. X***; Head of the Republic, &c.

" M. Frederic Le Double", saysM. Babelon, " merite une place a
part. Cette annee (1902) encore, il a expose une belle oeuvre intitule
Fete antique, plaquette en metal patine, d'apres une feuille d'acier
gravee au burin, qui a du lui couter de longues veilles. Le merite
de M. Le Double est d'autant plus grand que le public n'apprecie
guere la difference, pourtant essentielle, qui existeentre le modelage
en matiere malleable d'un bas-relief que rapetisse aveuglement le
tour a reduire, et la ciselure delicate et penible d'un bloc d'acier.
Ce dernier precede est de plus en plus abandonne, pourtant, si Ton
y avait eu recours directement pour les coins de nos monnaies
actuelles, on n'aurait pas abouti aux deplorables resultats qu'on
connait trop, puisqu'ilssont entre toutes les mains" (Revue de I' Art,
1902, II, p. 24).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogues du Salon, 1900-1904.

LE DOYEN, FIRMIN (French). Engraver of Lyons, 1528-1529.

LEDRU, AUGUSTE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at Paris :
pupil of Boisseau, Dumont, and Thomas. He was awarded in 1894

- 368

a Medal of the Third class, and in 1896, another of the second

At the Salon of 1902 he exhibited some Plaquettes representing
" Venus slumbering ", and one entitled " Coquille " in patinated
clay. Previously in 1885, a Portrait-medallion in bronze of M lle A*** ;
1897. The two Pearls, &c.

LE DUG, M CELESTINE MARIE (French'). Contemporary Modeller,
who at the Salon of 1885 exhibited some Portrait-medallions in
wax, and in 1886, a Portrait-medallion of M me du B***.

LEE, EDWARD (Brit.}. Archbishop of York, 1531-1541; the last
Prelate who issued money at York. He struck Half-Groats, with E. L.
or L. E. at sides of shield, without the cardinal's hat and with
mint-mark a key.

Half Groat of Henry VIII., struck by Archbishop Lee.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ruding, op. cit. Hawkins, of), cit.

LEEFKEN, JEAN (Russ.). Mint-engraver at St. Petersburg, under
Peter the Great, 1694-1709.

LEEFKEN, J. J. (Rtiss.). Probably a son of the last. Medallist to the
St. Petersburg Mint, appointed in 1739. By him is a large Memorial
Medal of the Empress Anne, which was struck at Moscow, where
he was sent in 1742 ; also a Coronation Medal of Catherine L, and
copies of earlier medals of Peter the Great, such as : Capture of
Azow; Peace of Carlowitz (in which he created a fantastic por-
trait of the Czar), &c.

Leefken's medals are signed : J. LEEFKEN or | 5.

In the Archives of the St. Petersburg Mint, the artist is also
called JleBim-b and /JeBKHHT).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Iversen, Medaillen auf die Tbatcn Peter des Grossen, 1872.

LEEUWE, JEAN DE (Belg.). Obtained a concession from Philip III.
to issue Liards, and Half Liards, at Bois-le-Duc, 1611-1615.

LEFEBVRE. ANDRfc RENE GABRIEL (French). Contemporary Sculp-
tor, born at Vincennes; pupil of Hiolin, and Antonin Mercie. At
the Salon of 1905 he exhibited a Portrait-medal of M. E. D***.

LEFEBVRE, CLAUDE (French). General des Monnaies, 1593.


LEFEBVRE, HIPPOLYTE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor and

Medallist, residing at Paris; pupil of Cavelier, Barrias, andCoutan ;
Prix de Rome. He was born at Lille and is still a young man (1906).
Some of this clever artist's medals and plaquettes are very charm-
ing : 1889. Marie ; - - 1891. Perdriset and Jouguet; Julie Le-
febvre; 1897. Le Peignage; Plaquette for the Chamber of
Commerce of Roubaix (44 X 35 mill.) ; Portrait of M nie Marie
Lefebvre (60 mill.); Portrait of M mc Agache ; Portrait of M llf
Kulmann, Plaquette; - Portrait of a Child, Plaquette (46 X 32
mill.); Male Bust, to 1. ; Baby (reproduced in D r Dompierre
de Chaufepie's work) ; 1899. 25 th Anniversary of the marriage of

H6pital des jeunes aveugles, by H. Lefebvre.

J. Agache and Celine Desmedt, Plaquette; M me Kulmann, Pla-
quette; Edmond Agache, Plaquette; Edouard Agache; and
28 Portrait-plaquettes (belonging to M. Schaeffer) ; 1900. The
Chamber of Commerce of Lille to Philippe de Girard (45 mill.);
1902. Hospital for young Blind (issued by the " Societi des Amis de
laMedaille"; (ob\\ illustrated}; 1904! Portraits of M. & M mc de
Schlumberger (" ceuvre d'un art exact sans durete" et d'un modele*

There is a peculiar interest and pleasure in watching the progress
of a young artist, from the time when he manifests such indications
of superiority as to attract special notice, through all the several

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III. J 4

stages of advancement, till he has won for himself an imperishable
name. Some do not fulfil the promise of their youth ; others contin-
ue their onward progress. May this be the case of this Medallist,
who has won the sympathy of many, and been entrusted with
orders from the "Societe des Amis de la Medaille francaise", a
body of connoisseurs whose judgment is guided only by the
highest principles of Art.

Without giving up sculpture, Lefebvre has in recent years exe-
cuted several medals and cast medallions, which are very original in
character. M. R. Marx observes that they are " d'une ingeniosite
pittoresque tres vive ", and reproduces several in Medailleurs contem-

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