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BIBLIOGRAPHY. Gazette numismatique f ran false, 1897-1902. R. Marx, Les
Medailleurs franfais. D, Medailleurs modernes en France et a rtr anger, 1900.
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logue du Salon, 1902.

LEFEBVRE, LOUIS (Belg.}. Goldsmith of Cambrai ; appointed
Engraver at the Mint there, on the I st May 1564, and replaced by
Georges Muenincx on the I st November 1567. By him are probably
the following coins issued during his tenure of office : N. Denier
or Florin of 24 Patards; Ecu of 48 Patards; - ^R. Dalder,
with double-eagle on one side, and arms of the Archbishop of
Cambrai on the other; Dalder, with St. Maximilian on obv., of
the value of 36 Patards; - Half Dalder, of both types; Pieces
of 6, 3, and i Patards; 12, 6 and 3 Deniers; JE. i Denier; -
Various Jettons in silver and copper.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Pinchart, Biographic des Graveurs beiges, Rev. num.
beige, 1858, p. 47.

LEFEBVRE, L. J. (French}. Editor of a commemorative medal of
the Inundations in Gelderland, 1861.

LEFEBVRE, NICOLAS (or NICOLAS FAVRE). (French.}. Goldsmith
of Riom, Mint-engraver there, 1587-1590, and again, 1593-

LEFEBVRE, NICOLAS (French}. Mint-engraver at Clermont, 1587-

LEFEBVRE, ROBERT (Belg.}. Goldsmith, and Mint-engraver at
Cambrai, 1561-1564.

LE FERME (French}. Medallist and Engraver of Jetons at Paris,
circ. 1676-1683. By him are several medals of Louis XIV. and
Jetons for the Royal House.

LEFEVRE (French}. Medallist of the first quarter of the nineteenth
century. He contributed to Durand's Series and Mudie's National
Medals. Among the former is a Portrait-medal of D r A. Vesalius,
1820, and in the English series : Battle of Vittoria, 1813 (tyL).
There is also a medal on the Death of General Lannes, 1809, by

LEFEVRE, MARIE JOSEPH (French'). Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris; pupil of L. Noel and Etienne Leroux. At the Salon of
1897 he exhibited Portrait-medallions of M. Mathet ; and Leon
Harmel, &c.

LEFEVRE, LESAGE & C (French). A Paris firm, which in 1792
issued silver Tokens for 20 Sols (sev. var.), 10 Sols (sev. var.)
5 Sols (sev. var.), and copper 18 Deniers (sev. var.). These coins
were withdrawn from circulation in the same year, by a decree of
the National Assembly of 27. August 1792.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Dewamin, Cent ans de nurnismatique franfaisede 1789 a 1889.

LEFFLER, FERDINAND (Austr.}. Mint-master at Hall in Tyrol,

LEFFLER, GREGORIUS (Austr.). Founder (" Puechsenguesser"} of
Innsbruck, who cast twq very large medals, one of King Maximi-
lian, 1550, weighing 359 Mark 7 Loth, and the other, commemor-
ating the marriage of King Maximilian with Queen Marie, of a
weight of 350 Mark 10 Loth.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Oesterreicher, op. cit.

LEFFMANN, Dr HENRY (Arner.}. Chief Coiner at the Philadelphia
Mint, appointed by President Cleveland, on io th January 1888, but
he does not appear to have been confirmed in office.

LE FLAMENC, PIERRE (French}. Mint-master and Engraver at
Arras, circ. 1304-1306.

LE FORESTIER, DENIS (French). Mint-engraver at Rouen, 1527-

LE FORESTIER, JEAN (French). Mint-engraver at Rouen, circ.

Sculptor and Medallist, born at Paris in 1855; pupil of Eug.
Levasseur (Director of the Municipal School of the third arrondis-


sement of Paris) Eraile Carlier, statuary, Roty, and Tonnellier,
medallists and gem-engravers.

Among the Prizes which have been awarded to the artist are :
Silver and Bronze medals at the Universal Exhibition of 1889;
Mention honorable at the Salon des Artistes francais, 1896 ; Medal
of the Third class, Salon of 1898 ; Bronze Medal at the Universal
Exhibition of 1900, &c. In 1888, he was made an Officier d'Aca-
de'mie, and in 1894, Officier d'instruction publique.

Legastelois is the author of numerous works of sculpture : Bust
of Fenelon (commissioned by the State, and now in the Lycee of
Chambery) ; Bust of Clara d'Anduze, bronze (erected at Anduze,
Card) ; Bust of D r Tourasse, bronze, &c.

The following are his principal medallic productions : La

Lajeunesse, by Legastelois.

Jeunesse, Plaquette commissioned by the "Socite des Amisde la
medaille franchise " (illustrated) ; - - Portrait-plaquette : Duvau-
chel, poet; M me Legastelois; - M me V. p***; - Deblois pere,
French Engraver ; - - M me V. L***, solfeggio ; Gilbert, decora-
tor ; - - Portraits de mon Pere et de ma Mere ; Renee ;
Minerva; Jupiter; M. & M me B*** (two plaquettes exhibited
at the Luxembourg Museum) ; E. Molinier, formerly Assistant-
keeper at the Louvre (illustrated); Deblois pere et fils ; The
Child with the rose; Portraits of Courtin, Domergue, Gautruche,
Belard ; - - Christ on the Cross ; Deblois pere ; Chicou's
Dream ; M me V e Chieze ; John the Baptist; Gloria Virginis ;
Enfants G***; Renee G***; Spinner and Child; - L'Ha-

- 373
bitation; Le Mobilier; La " Zurich"; The Due de Dino

The Pans Fair; Embarcations at Sea; Birthday Medal
(the last seven were exhibited at the Salon of 1904 and are the prop-
erty of the Paris Mint).

The artist made the following medallic exhibits between 1890
and 1900 : 1890. Three Portrait-medallions in bronze- 1898
M. L***; Grand-mother; V. P*** ; M. & M me Martin

Portrait of Gilbert; Autumn; Poetry; - D'Hervilly

Gounod; Gabrielle-Lucienne; Lucie et Alice; ReneV;

Vierge; - Bury; Jupiter; Lucie; Minerva; Roussel;

1899. Twenty-eight Portrait-plaquettes in silver and bronze
(belonging to M. Quercia jun r , editor) ; - - M. Lecomte ;

Portrait-plaquette of M. E. Molinier.

M. Garrido; - 1901. Mes Parents; 1903. Leon Duvauchel;
1905. M. C***; Robert Planquette; 1905 and 1906. Various
Medals and Plaquettes, &c.

The plaquette " La Jeunesse" is considered, with reason, one of
the finest examples of modern medallic art ; the effect is charming,
and the patina very clever.

" On ne peut negliger ", says a writer in Art & Decoration, 1899,
II, p. 53, "de relevef les tentatives de M. Legastelois pour varier
les aspects de la medaille familiere par les decoupures*des formes,
la dorure en ors varies, &c. Sans doute, ses reliefs sont-ils trop
effaces, ses effets trop pittoresques et cette fantaisie tend-elle a oter
& la medaille un peu de sa dignite. Mais tels morceaux, comme

374 -

plusieurs de ses portraits, n'en sont pas moins des effigies qui ont
leur reel interet d'art. "

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly Jurnished by the artist. Catalogues du Salon,
1900-1904. Gazette numismatique franfaise, 1898, p. 284; 1900, p. 429. -
Roger Marx, Medailleurs jranfais. D, Medailleurs contemporains. Art et
Decoration, 1899, II, 53. Moderne Medaille, 1900, p. 14. D r J. de Dompierre
de Chaufepi, Me'dailles et Plaquettes modernes, II, p. 66.

LE GAULT, MARTIN (French). Mint-engraver at Paris, some time
before 1519, until 1527. He succeeded Guillaume du Chefdela-
ville, and 1527, Claude Lemay was appointed to the office. On
May 21, 1520, he delivered dies for Grands blancs (St.-L6);
7. December 1521, dies for gros Testons and Half gros Testons
(Limoges); 1 1. December 1521, Dies for Ecus au soleil and Grands
Blancs (Tours) ; n. February 1523, dies for Ecus, and Grands
Blancs, the latter with the distinctive mark of Jacques Louvet,
Mint-master at Tours; 20. April 1523, dies for Ecus d'or au soleil,
Half Ecus, Grands Blancs of 10 Deniers tournois, and Doubles
Tournois (Bayonne); 22. September 1525, dies for Ecus d'or au
soleil, Gros Testons, and Half Gros Testons (Poitiers).

By the same engraver are a number of Jetons : 1519. Jetons with
the arms of Pope Leo X. and Francis I. ; - Jetons for the Sieur
de La Chapelle; - 1520. Jetons for Claude de la Croix, King's
Counsellor; 1524. Jetons for the Chambre des Comptes of

He signed M. GaulL

BIBLIOGRAPHY. F. Mazerolle, Les Medailleurs francais, Paris, 1902. Blan-
chet, Manuel &c. II, "pip. 391 et 394. N. Rondot & H. De La Tour, op. oil.
p. 181.

LEGAY, JEAN (French). A Paris Engraver, circ. 1382-1384, who
cut irons for " Gettouers de loton ".

LEGENDRE, CLEMENT (French). Mint-engraver at Lyons, some
time previous to and until 1633.

LEGER, GEUFFROY (French). Mint-engraver at Troyes, some time
previous to and until 1515.

LEGG, COLONEL (Brit.). A patent was granted to Sir Thomas
Armstrong and Colonel Legg, on the i8 th May 1680, to issue a
coinage of Irish Halfpennies of Charles II. (dates 1680-1684) and
James II. (dates 1685-1688). The coins have on obv. the King's
bust and on }$L. a harp.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. H. A. Grueber, Handbook of the Coinage of Great Britain and
Ireland, London, 1899.

LEGRAND, ALEXANDRE(Frm^). Contemporary Sculptor, born at


La Delivrance (Calvados). He is the author of several cast bronze
Portrait-medallions : M" e Legrand ; - Philippe de Girard;
Portrait of a Lady, &c.

LE GRAND, JACQUES (French). General des Monnaies, 1582.

LE GRAND, JEUFFROY (French). Mint-engraver at Troyes, circ.

LEGROS, ALPHONSE (French). Contemporary Painter, Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Dijon, on the 8 th May 1837; pupil of Lecoq de
Boisbaudran, and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts; medals in 1867 and
1868 ; former Slade Professor in University College, London, 1876-
1894; President of the Society of Medallists.

The artist " had no assistance in his education, and encountered
many hardships before he was able to send a picture to the Salon ;
it was a portrait of his father, exhibited in 1857 ". In 1859, " The
Angelus " attracted much attention, and in 1861 appeared the "Ex

Voto ", belonging to the Dijon gallery. " Since 1863 Legros has
resided in England, where he has received the honour and patronage
which he failed to obtain in Paris, and this consideration has at
length extended itself to his native country".

" On his arrival in London, says M. Leonce Benedite, Legros
found himself on almost virgin soil, which it delighted him to clear
and to cultivate. To this task he devoted more than twenty years
of his life, sacrificing his own work, with its prospects of success

- 376 -

and other more material advantages, to this labour. Whether in
painting or in etching (he restored to his place of honour, next to
Rembrandt, our great Meryon, whose influence is to be seen in

Tennyson, by A. Legros.

every modern English plate), or in medal-work (which he again
brought in touch with Pisanello), or in statuary (he made one feel

Virile beardless bust to 1., by Legros.

and love and better understand the divine genius of antiquity),
Legros - aided by his friend Lanteri, the modest and learned


sculptor teaching at South Kensington, exercised a profound and
a real influence by means of his solid, practical and methodical
instruction, by force of his own work, so sober, thoughtful lofty
grave and even austere, and by dint of studying and admiring the
great masters, and noting attentively the grand principles by wfrch
they were inspired. " (Studio, XXIX, 4.)

Cardinal Manning.

The following Portrait-medallions, all cast in bronze, are executed
in the manner of Pisanello. " La serie de ses mdailles, d'un
travail gras et libre, proclame sans conteste leculte voue" a Pisano ".
Roger Marx, Ga^. des Beaux- Arts, 1904, I, 328) : Charles Robert
Darwin, 1881 ; signed A. L. ; 4.5 in. (the first medallion made by
the artist); Thomas Carlyle (1881) ; Alfred Tennyson, poet

- 378-

laureate (r 88 1); signed : A. LEGROS (illustrated'); John Stuart Mill
1882); W. E. Gladstone, 1882 f. FIDE ET VIRTUTE
(4.45 in.); Orlando Martorelli, 1881 ; Pierre Gregoire ;
Maria Valvona, 1881; Don Juan Heredia; Antonio Escoredo;

Bust of a Girl to right with long hair (2.9 in.); - Male,
bearded bust to left, without name; signed : A. L. (3.8 in); -
Giovanni Labresca l^L. Donate Vidari (4.6 in.); Cardinal Man-
ning; Male, beardless bust to 1. ; signed A. L. (illustrated) ; -
S. H. Shannon; - - Orlando Martorelli, MDCCCLXXXI;
Victor Surville ; Nicolas Blacas ; Male Portrait in beretta,
with Greek legend; Jacob Moro; Donate Capello; Denis
Urbain; Jules Raud; Gil de Mesa; A young Girl's head
in high relief, facing, cup-shaped-medallion ; Portrait of a model,
bearing the fancy name " Marquis de Bedmar " ; Constantine
A. lonides tyL. Inscription and date 1881 ; Fontis ad Originum;

La Mort et le Bucheron, &c.

" The art of modelling w r ax medallions to be cast in metal, in the
manner of the old Italian medallists, has been revived in England
by such artists as Professor Legros, Sir E. J. Poynter, P.R.A., and
Mr. W.B. Richmond, A.R.A.... The Italian medallists, like the
modern artists who have adopted their way of work, were frequent-
ly painters as well as medallists ; Pisano, it will be remembered,
was accustomed to sign his bronzes " Opus Pisani Pictoris "; and
the technique of their medals, in its shallow relief and in the free
handling by which the outlines and planes are rendered the
portraits very often appearing, as it has been finely said, like " a
mere film, a sort of haze which has risen on the bronze and
gathered into human likeness' recalls unmistakably the methods
of workers with the brush. " (J. M. Gray, James and William
Tassie, Edinburgh, 1894, PP- 4 2 > 7 2 )-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit. Clement and Hutton,
Artists of the nineteenth century, London, 1896. D r F. P. Weber, Medals and
Medallions, &c. Le"once Bene*dite, Alphonse Legros, Paris, 1900. Ibid.,
Alphonse Leg ros, Painter and Sculptor, Studio, XXIX, i. Roger Marx, Me'daiJ-
leurs franfais, 23; Me'dailleurs contemporains, PI. 31. ; L 1 Exposition Alphonse
Legros, Gaz. des Beaux-Arts, 1904, I, 325. - Revue de VArt, 1900,437.
Cochran-Patrick, Catalogue of the Medals of Scotland, 1884. Art et Decoration,
1900. Numismatic Chronicle, 1892, 89. Numismatic Circular, December
1901 & January 1902.

LEGUEULT, EUGENE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Saint-Sever (Calvados); pupil of Falguiere, Thomas and Leroux. At
the Salon of 1890 he exhibited eight Portrait-medallions in bronze.

at Chanu (Orne) on the 2o th November 1816 ; died in 1878 ; pupil
of Belloc, Ramy Jun r and A. Dumont; created a Knight of the
Legion of Honour in 1870.


By this artist are a number of Portrait-medallions, cast in bronze,
some of which were exhibited at the Paris Salons, between 1846
and 1878 : 1852. Portrait of M. B***; 1855. Marquis de Chen-
nevieres, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LEHERR, CHRISTOPH JAKOB (Germ.}. Medallist of Augsburg,
born in 1647, worked there from 1683 to 1707, in which year he
was beheaded, at Vienna, at the age of sixty, for striking false coins.
His productions are few, but of good execution, especially a Portrait-
medal of Leonhard Weiss, and a commemorative medal of the
Relief of Vienna, in 1683. By him are also : Victories of John III.
Sobieski ; John III. Sobieski invested with the French orders of
St. Michael and St. Esprit ; Portrait-medal of the King, Danzig ;
- Capture of Belgrade, 1689 ; 1$L. of another medal on the same
event, 1688 ; Counter on the Restoration of Peace, with bust of
William III. of England, 1691; William III., Upholder
of the Protestant faith, 1691; Medal of John Huss;
Coronation Counters of Joseph I., 1690 (sev. var., undated),
Eleonora Magdalena Theresia, the Emperor's mother, John William,
Prince Palatine, 1690, &c.; - - John III. Sobieski; - - Marriage
Charles, Duke of Lorraine I. IUNCTA PIAE FORTIS
FORTIOR. Two hands issuing out of clouds holding, the one a
cross, and the other a decapitated head on sword ; signed CIL.
(communicated to me by Mr. Szkolny, of Munich), &c.

All Leherr's medals are signed : CIL.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Franks & Grueber, op. cit. Fiala,
op. cit. Joseph & Fellner, Die Mun^en von Frankfurt-on-Main, Nachtrag.
Tobler Meyer, op. cit., I.

LEHMANN, KASPAR (Germ.}. Gem-engraver to the Emperor
Rudolph II., third quarter of the sixteenth century. He earned
fame by his discovery of the art of engraving on glass (cristal de

BIBLIOGRAPHY. King, op. cit. Babelon, Pierres gravies, p. 283. Mariette,
op. cit.

LEHMANN, RUDOLPH (Germ.}. Aurijdber et sculptor instrumentorum
monetariae at Olkuss, 1590; Assayer at the Mint of Posen, 1599;
Mint-warden and Coin-engraver at the Royal Mints of Posen and
Fraustadt and the urban Mint of Fraustadt; 1611 Mint-warden and
1615-1620, Contractor of the Royal Mint of Posen.

His issues are usually signed R. L.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Max Kirmis, Handbucb der Polnischen Muntfunde, Posen,


LEHNEIS, J. (Germ.}. Die-sinker at Munich, 1855.

LEHNER, DANIEL (Aitstr.}. Mint-warden at Kuttenberg, previous
to 1579.

LEHNER, HAUBOLD (Germ.}. Mint-master at Ratisbon, 1598; died
in 1628. He was a Goldsmith by profession, and is mentioned as
such in documents of 1581, 1582, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. W. Schratz, Urkunden, Regesten und Notion %ur Mun%-
gescbichte Regensburgs von 1200 Us 1600, Mitth. Bayer N. G., III. 51.

LEHNER, VEIT (Germ.}. Sculptor, who in conjunction with Veit
Arnberger, executed wood models for medals of the Emperor
Ferdinand L, 1563.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kull, Repertorium&c., II, 711. Kenner (586) 1903, p. 16.

LEHNERT, ADOLF (Germ.). Contemporary Medallist, residing at
Leipzig. His signature occurs on a commemorative medal of the
seventh centenary of the Mansfeld Mining Works, 1902.

LE HON, PIERRE (French). Mint-engraver at Tournai, circ. 1489-

LEHR, CYRIACUS VON (Germ.}. Mint-master at Weimar, 1616-
1620, and Hornstein, 1622. The issues of this Mint-master are
signed VCL interlinked.

LEICESTER, EARL OF (Brit.}. Master of the Royal Mint, London,
under George III., 1790-4.


LEIGHTON, F. (Brit.}. Contemporary Sculptor, who designed the
new seals, executed at the Royal Mint, for the Commonwealth of
Australia, the Colonies of the Transvaal and the Orange River, the
East Africa Protectorate, and the Government of Wei-hai-wei.

LEIGH, LUDWIG (Germ.}. Medallist and Chaser, residing at Munich,
since circ. 1860.

An eminent Painter and Sculptor, born at Scarborough, 3. Decem-
ber 1830, died in London, 25. January 1897.

He executed for the British Government the design for the J$L
of the Jubilee Medallion of Queen Victoria, 1887, which appears
to be the artist's only medallic production.

LEIHKAUF, MICHAEL (Germ.}. A Nuremberg Counter-manufac-
turer of the seventeenth (?) century. .. *

- 3 8i -
LEINMUTH, CHRISTOPH (Germ.). Mint-master at Ratisbon, 1635.

LEISEK, ALEXANDER (Anstr.}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, residing at Vienna; a nephew of the former Mint-engraver,
F. Leisek.

By this artist are some very fine Portrait-plaquettes of A. Kauer,
on his yo th Birthday, 1896, and D r Friedrich Kenner, numismatist,
1897 (reproduced in Mitth. des Klubs &c., 1898, p. 390); : 2o th
Anniversary of the " Quatuor Udel ", 1900, etc.

LEISEK, FRIEDRICH (sometimes named FRANZ) (Austr.}. Mint-
engraver and Medallist (K. K. Miinzamt-Medailleur) at Vienna,
1868-1892; died there in 1898.

The bust of the Emperor Francis Joseph on the silver currency
of Austria and Hungary (VII. type), issued from 1872 to 1892 and
later, was cut by this successful Engraver.

Among this artist's best known medallic productions are : Medal
for Valour for Schleswig-Holstein, 1864; Medal for Valour,
1868; - - Marriage of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria with
Princess Stephanie of Belgium, 1881 (sev. varj; Visit of Crown

Silver Wedding Double Gulden, 1879.

Prince Rudolph to Retz (N. Austria), 1888; Medal for Good
Taste, 1875 (designed by Cesar Weyr); - - 25 th Anniversary of
Francis Joseph I.'s Reign (in conjunction with A. Scharff, and
J. Tautenhayn) ; - Pilgrims' Medals of the Vienna Rifle Club,
1888; Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition at Trieste, 1891;
Centenary of the Palatine Archduke Joseph, 1876 (fyL by A. Scharff);
- Silver Wedding of the Emperor and Empress Francis Joseph,
1879 (commissioned by the city of Budapest) ; Exhibition at
Bruck a. d. Mur (Styria), 1892 ; Golden Wedding of Heinrich
and Sofie Freund de Toszeg, 1892; - - National Exhibition at
Troppau, 1893^; Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII., 1893; Mining


Double Gulden on the Silver Wedding of the Emperor and Empress,
1879 (both sides modelled by J. Tautenhayn ; obv. engraved by
Leisek fyL. by A. Scharff (illustrated); - Visit of the Emperor
Francis Joseph to Bukarest, 1896; International Sporting Show
at Vienna, 1897; ' ~ Prize Medal of the Rifle Meeting at Baden
(Lower Austria), 1883 ; - Agricultural Show at Baden, 1885;
25 th Anniversary of the Gas Works at Erdberg, 1893 ; Jubilee of the
Emperor Francis Joseph!., 1898 (edited by Adolf Muller& Sohne);
Commemoration of the Emperor's Baptism of fire at S l Lucia,
1848-1898 ; Another Jubilee Medal, with young bust of the
Emperor on one side and the older one on the other, 1898; -
Others, on the same event; - 25 th Anniversary of the Accession
of Francis Joseph, 1873 ( 2 ^ - tv P es )i Fifth Centenary of the
Annexation of Trieste to Austria, 1882 ; 4O th Anniversary of the
Accession of Francis Joseph, 1888 (edited by C. Krauss);
Aggrandizement of Vienna, 1890; - - Second Centenary of the
Pilgrimage to Lainz, 1879 ; Erection of the Maria Theresia
Monument at Vienna, 1862 (Obv. by F. Wurt); - Rifle Meeting
at Oberhollabrunn, 1886 (edited by A. Miiller & Sohne);
4O th Anniversary of the Emperor Francis Joseph I. 's Accession, 1888
(in commission for the Numismatic Society of Vienna; a fine
medal reproduced in Blatter filr Miintfreunde, PI. 97, 5).

Among the coin-dies engraved by Leisek are : M. 4 Ducats,
1872-75 ; Ducats, 1872-5 ; - 10 Francs, 1872; ^R. Double
Gulden, Gulden, Half, and Quarter Gulden, 1872-75 ; Mining
Double Gulden of Kuttenberg, 1887 (obv.), etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mittbeilungen des Klubs der Mfin^-uiid Medaillenfreunde in
Wien, 1890-1902.

LEISEK,!. (Aust.~). Contemporary Die-sinker of Vienna, and
author of a medal commemorating the first meeting of Viennese
numismatists at the " Deutsches Haus ", Stefansplatz, 1899.

LEITE, JOAO JOSE (Portug.}. Pupil of the Lisbon Mint-engraver
Bernardo Jorge, whose assistant he was between 1741 and 1758,
when he died.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Aragao, Descripfdo das Moedas de Portugal, Lisboa, 1874.

LEITENAU, VON (Bohem.). Provisional Mint-master at Prague,

LELEZ, JEAN DE (Belg.). Mint-master at Mons, 2. March 1574-
12. February 1587.

LE LIBON, PHILIPPE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Bayonne; pupil of JoufFroy. By him are several Portrait-medallions :
1868. Pierre Mazerolles ; 1876. Gometz del Castano,c.

- 383 -

LE LIEUR, JEAN (French}. First President of the " Cour des
Monnaies ", 1559.

LELIEVRE (French). Gem-and Seal-engraver of the early part of
the nineteenth century ; pupil of Taraval. At the Salon of 1800, he
exhibited a frame containing various objects engraved in precious
stones, and in 1810, some intagli and camei.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit. Babelon, op. cit.

LELIEVRE, OCTAVE GEORGES (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris ; pupil of Barrau. At the Salon of 1905 he exhibited
eight Medals and Plaquettes, which he executed in commission for
the National Horticultural Society of France, and the Paris Golf

LELLI, ERCOLE (Ital.). Goldsmith, and Mint-engraver at Bologna,
under Popes Clement XII. , Benedict XIV., Clement XIII., 1734-
1766. He was born in 1702 and died in March 1766.

His initials E. L. occur on a Scudo d'oro, of Clement XII., 1736,
described by Cinagli.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Cinagli, op. cit. Francesco Malaguzzi Valeri, La Zecca di
Bologna, 1898.

LELONG, RENfc (French). Contemporary Sculptor and Carver in
ivory, born at Bethon (Marne); pupil of Georges Tardy. At the
Salon of 1892 he exhibited a Portrait-medallion of M. Georges B*** ;

- 1893. Robert Herzog, etc.

smith and Seal-engraver at Brussels, who was employed as Mint-
engraver at Lille, circ. 1460-1472.

LEMCKE (Germ.). Contemporary Die-sinker of Breslau. I. have
noticed his signature on a Silesian commemorative medal, dated

LEMAIRE, ALBERT (French). Medallist and Gem-engraver, of the
end of the eighteenth century. At the Salon of 1789 he exhibited a
cameo in carnelian, representing Cupid, after Prud'hon.

LEMAIRE, GEORGES HENRI (French). Contemporary Gem-engraver,

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