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mentioned by Bolzenthal, but I have failed to obtain the description
of any of his works.

IRVOY, AIME CHARLES (French). Sculptor of the second half of the
nineteenth century, born at Vendome (Loir-et-Cher) on November
25, 1824; pupil of Ramey and Dumont. He is the author of a
number of Portrait-medallions : 1849. M. du B*** ; 1850.
M me Iweins-d'Hennin ; Baron and Baroness E***;
M me Rosati ; M lle Moreau-Sainti ; M me Frezzolini, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

I. S. Vide GIUSEPPE SALWIRCK. Medallist and Mint-engraver at
Milan, early part of the nineteenth century.

I. S. Vide JACOB STAMPFER. 1505-1579. Medallist at Zurich.

I. S. Vide JACOB SCHMIDT. Mint-master at Hamburg, 1572-1593.

I. S. Vide JOHANN SCHMIDT. Mint-master at Frankfort-on-Main,

I. S. Vide JOHANN SCHNEIDER. Mint-master at Erfurt, 1624-1635.

I. S. Vide JACOB SCHWIEGELT. Mint-master at Gluckstadt, 1644-
1660. Schlickeysen-Pallmann mention that under the name of
JACOB SCHWEIGER he acted, between 1648-1650, as Mint-master
to the city of Emden.

I. S. Vide JOHANN SARTORIUS. Mint-master at Darmstadt, 1654-

I. S. Vide JOHANN STICHMANN. Mint-engraver at Copenhagen,
1650; Mint master there, 1662-1663.

I. S. Vide JACOPO SPAGNOLI. Papal Mint-master at Ferrara, 1654-

I. S. Vide JOHANN SCHULTZE. Ducal Mint-master to the House
of Saxe-Lauenburg, 1656.

I. S. Vide JACOB SCHRODER. Mint-warden at Stade, 1660; Mint-
master there, 1680-1687.

I. S. Vide JAN SMELTZING. Medallist, born at Nymwegen ; died
in 1703.

I. S. Vide JOHANN SCHULTZ. Medallist at Berlin, 1681-1697.

I. S. Vide JOHANN SELTER. Mint-engraver at Mannheim , 1 708- 1716.

I. S. (Germ.}. Signature on a Pilgrim's Badge of Steinhausen a.
d. Rottum (xvn. Century).

I. S. Vide JOSEPH SCHWENDIMANN. 1741-1786. Swiss Medallist,
who worked at Rome.

I. S. Vide JUSTUS (CARL) SCHRODER. Mint-master at Warsaw,
I. S. Vide JOHANN SCHAUFEL. Medallist at Munich, 1768-1812.

I. S. Vide JOSEPH SCHAFER. Mint-engraver at Mannheim, circa

I. S. Vide I. SILIPRANDI. Medallist at Parma, 1784-1787.

I. S. Vide JOHANN STOCKMANN. Mint-master at Warsaw, 1810-1811.

I. S. Vide J. SEBALD of the Die-sinking establishment of DRENT-
WETT at Augsburg.

I. S. F. Vide JOSEPH SALWIRCK. 1761-1819. Medallist and Coin-
engraver, who in 1808 was appointed Director of the Mint at Milan.

I. S. G. Vide JOHANN SAMUEL GOTZINGER. 1734-1791. Mint
engraver at Ansbach.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

ISAAC OF YORK (Brit.}. Moneyer under Henry II., whose name
is found on the only type of the second issue of Pennies of this king.

yR. Obv. bGNRIOVS-RGK. Bust facing, crowned ; in r. hand,
sceptre. I. * ISTCO-ON.GVeRVVI. Short cross voided; cross
botonne"e in each angle.

" The name of Isaac of York " says Mr Grueber, Handbook, &c.
p. 40, " has been immortalised by Sir Walter Scott in Ivanhoe".

ISAGORAS (Greek"). A Scaraboid in the British Museum Collection
(Murray, Catalogue of engraved Gems, n 482) bears the inscription
I1ATOP, which probably represents, as M. Babelon remarks, the
name of the owner of the gem, rather than that of the artist.

ISCHE, JOSSE DE (French). Mint-engraver at Chalon-sur-Saone
and Dijon, circ. 1375-1377; healsocut dies for the Mint ofTroyes,
during a temporary absence of Pierre des Mesmey.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot, op. cit.

ISEBEIN or EISENBEIN, TONJES (Germ.}. Mint-master at Nord-
heim, 1558-1575.

ISELIN, HENRI FREDERIC (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Clairegoutte (Haute-Saone); a pupil of Rude. From time to
time this artist has exhibited at the Paris Salons Portrait-medallions,
such as that of Prince Bonaparte; Paterson; Napoleon III.;
Comte de Morny, &c.

ISEPH, FRANZ ANDRAE (Austr.). Mint-master at St. Veit in
Carinthia, circa 1719-1720.

ISENBEIN, ANTON (Germ). Mint-master at Worms, 1593-1599.

ISENBEIN, THOMAS (Germ.). Mint-master at Bremen, 1634-
1664. His initials T. I. occur on the Thalers and subdivisions of
that period.

ISLER, LUIGI (Ital.). Roman Gem-engraver, who resided in
London, towards the end of the eighteenth century and beginning
of the nineteenth. He is the author of the following gems : Portrait
of a Parsee, cameo in sardonyx ; Perseus with head of Medusa,



cameo in sardonyx ; Omphale dressed in the lion's skin, sard-
onyx of five strata ; Achilles, translucent Oriental chalcedonyx
(illustrated) ; Chloe, carnelian coloured sardonyx (illustrated) ;

L. FOKREF. Bingrapiiical Notices of Medallist!. III. J


Judith, before she slew Holofernes, cameo in chalcedonyx ;

Various Portrait cameos, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Archibald Billing, The Science of Gems, Jewels, Coins and
Medals, Ancient and Modern , London, 1875.

ISTOROS. Vide HISTOROS. Thurian Coin-engraver of the first half
of the fourth century B.C.

I. T. Vide JOAN TRAMONTANO. Mint-master at Naples and Aquila,

I. T. Vide JACOPO DA TREZZO. Medallist and Gem-engraver at
Milan, 1530-1589.

I. T. Vide JOHANN THUN. Mint-master at Sondershausen, 1684-
1690; then at Gotha, 1690-1723.

I. T. Vide JONAS THIEBAUD. 1695-1769. Mint-engraver at St Gall,
and from 1740 at Augsburg, where he died ; he was born at Neu-
chatel (Switzerland).

I. T. (monogram). Vide JOHANN TUCHMANN. Mint-master at
Reichenstein, 1615, and Bernstadt, 1621.

I. T. W. Vide JOHANN THOMAS WOLTGEN. Mint-warden at Hil-
desheim, 1734; then Mint-master there, 1756-1765.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

ITASSE, ADOLPHE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Lourmarin (Vaucluse) ; pupil of Belloc and Jacquot. He is the
author of several Portrait-medallions, amongst which one entitled
Agnes, exhibited at the Salon of 1880, displays charming work.

ITASSE, JEANNE (French). Daughter of the preceding, and also a
Sculptor of some note. 'At the Salon of 1882, her Portrait-
medallion of M. A. Parodi, attracted attention.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

ITZIG, MOSES, ISAAC & CO (Germ.). A firm of Jewish Bankers
established at Breslau in the eighteenth century, and which con-
tracted for the Breslau Mint in 1751.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.


I. U. Vide I. ULSTRUPP. Goldsmith and Die-sinker at Copenhagen,
beginning of the nineteenth century.

I. V. Vide JEAN VARIN. 1604-1672. Medallist, Painter and Sculp-
tor, born at Liege, who worked at Paris.

35 -

I. V. Vide. JOHANN WEBER. Medallist at Florence, 1770-1784.

I. V. C. Vide JOSEPH VON CRONBERG. Mint-master at Vienna, 1766-

I. V. D. Vide JACOB VAN DIESHOUKE. Dutch Medallist, 1678-1702.
I. V. F. Vide JEAN VERDELOCHE. Die-sinker at Paris, 1650-1658.
I. V. F. Vide JOHANNES VISMARA. Die-sinker at Milan, 1670.

I. V. F. Vide JOHANN FARENBERG. Mint-master at Cassel, 1681-

I. V. R. Vide JOHANN VON RICKINGEN. Mint-master at Emden,

I. V. R. F. Vide JOHANN VEIT RIESING. Die-sinker at Wiirzburg,
1763, 71789.

I. V. S. Vide JOHANN VON SCHAUFEL. Medallist at Munich, 1768-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

1. V. R. (Dutch.). Signature on a medal commemorating the Peace
of Groningen, 1694.

I. V. T. (Ital. ?). Signature of a Medallist, who worked circa 1549.
D r Ambrosoli has published a Portrait-medal of Hieronymus
Fugger, bearing these initials : Obv. Bust to 1. ^L. DOMINVS.
CVSTODIT.ME. MDXLVIIIL I.V.T. (Rkista italiana di
Numismatica, I, fasc. in, p. 471 sqq.).

I. W. Vide. JACOB WIESEMANN (or WIESENER). Mint-engraver
and Mint-master at Nidda (Hesse-Darmstadt), 1622-1644.

I. W. Vide JOHANN WOLTERECK. Mint-master at Gluckstadt, 1664-

I. W. Vide JOHANN WILMSEN. Mint- warden at Minden, 1670-

I. W. or I. Z. W. Vide JULIUS WEFER. Mint-master at Stolberg,
Ellrich and Miihlhausen, 1673-1676.

I. W. Vide JOHANN WILLERDING. Mint-master at Miinster, 1709-


I. W. Vide JOHANN WEICHINGER. Mint-engraver at Zweibriicken.
1765; Mint-master there, 1770-1790.

I. W. Vide JOHANN WEBER. Die-sinker at Florence, 1770-1784.

I. W. Vide JOHANN WIRTH. Medallist at Vienna; died in 1810.
Also I. N. W.

I. W. Vide JACQUES WIENER. Medallist at Brussels, 1815-1901.

I. W. Vide J. WOODHOUSE. Medallist at London, second half of
the nineteenth century.

I. W. Vide JACOB WOLKER. Mint-master at Prague, 1638-1655.
I. W. Vide JEAN WARIN. French Medallist, 1604-1672.
*F Vide JAN WYNTGES ( FECIT). Dutch Medallist, first half of the
seventeenth century.

I. W. H. Vide JOHANN WILHELM HOCKNER. Mint-engraver and
Medallist at Dresden, 1702-1733. Schlickeysen-Pallmann state that
he was still living in 1748.

I. W. K. Vide JOHANN WILHELM KIRCHNER. Mint-engraver at
Cassel, circa 1827.

I. W. L. Vide JOHANN WILHELM LANG, 1776-1835. Medallist at
Hall, then at Vienna.

I. W. S. Vide JOHANN WILHELM SCHLEMM. Mint-warden, 1745 ;
Mint-master, 1753 ; Mint-director, 1780-1788 of the Clausthal Mint.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

I. W. (5r/V.?). Initials of an Engraver who cut several medals
relating to the taking of Porto Bello in 1739, Fort Chagre in 1740,
and Carthagena in I74r, &c. On the medal of 1739, bearing on
obv. half-length figures of Vernon and Brown, and on }$L. six ships
entering Porto-Bcllo harbour, the die-sinker's signature appears
as I. W. FECIT.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks and Grueber, Medallic Illustrations, &c.

IWANOFF, ALEXANDER (Russ.}. Mint-master at St. Petersburg,

IVANOFF, ALEXEI (Rnss.}. Mint-master at St. Petersburg, 1799-

IWANOFF, CEMEN or SIMON (Russ.}. Medallist at St. Petersburg,
during the second half of the nineteenth century. He executed a
coronation Portrait-medal of Czar Alexander II., and other commem-
orative and prize medals. His signature C.KU.K.C.II . occurs on the
$L. of a medal with bust of Peter the Great on the Annihilation of
the Strelitz.

St. Petersburg, 1874. CM. HETPOBPKIH ME/U.IH, IX, 2.


IWANOFF, JACOB (Rnss.). Mint-master at St. Petersburg, 1750-

IWANOFF, TIMOTHEI (Riiss.}. Russian Medallist and Mint-engraver
at St. Petersburg, born in 1729, died in 1802. He entered the Mint
in 1745 as a pupil at the School for medal-engraving. The period of
his activity extends between 1758 and 1800, and he may be called
one of the foremost Medallists Russia has as yet produced. He cut
most of the dies for the successive coinages of the Czarina Catherine II. ,
comprising Af. 10, 5, 2 and i Rouble pieces, Tchervonetz and
Poltinas; JR^. Roubles, Poltinas, and unsigned subdivisions, as well
as copper coins. According to some Russian authorities whom I
have consulted, the later coinage of the Czarina Elizabeth, at least
since 1758, and that of Peter III., struck at St. Petersburg, were
executed by IvanofF. The currency of this period is unsigned, with
the exception of the Prize Rouble of 1759, issued tor presentation
to combatants in the Battle of Kunersdorf, which bears under the
Empress's bust on obv. TIMOOEI. I. F. and on }$L. T. I.

Obvs. of Roubles of Catherine II., 1764 and 1787, by T. Ivanoff.

Some of the Moscow Roubles of Catherine II. bear IwanofPs
signature : T. I.

Besides coins, Iwanoff executed a number of medals, in some of
which he was assisted by one of the brothers Wachter ; the finest
are no doubt : 1752. Construction of new Docks at Cronstadt
(illustrated) ; - - Coronation of the Czarina Catherine II. at Mos-
cow, 1762; Building of the Church ofSt. Isaac, 1768; Peace
with the Sublime Porte; Restoration of the Kremlin, 1773 ;
Journey of the Czarina to Cherson, 1787.

Iwanorfs first medal is said to be that commemorating the Vic-
tory at Frankfort-on-the-Oder. He also engraved copies of medals
relating to Peter the Great : Peace of Carlowitz (after A. Ljalin) ;
- Building of the four Fleets (after Gouin or Haupt); Second

Mint (after Duvivier) ; - Pacification of the Empire (2 var.) , -

Building of New Docks at Cronstadt, 1752.

Capture of four Swedish frigates near Gronhamn, 27. July 1702;

- Siege of Schliisselburg, 1702 ; Foundation of St. Petersburg,

1703 ; Establishment of the [Russian fleet on the Baltic Sea,

- 39 -

1703; Siege of Dorpat; Siege of Narva, 1704; - Siege of
Mitau, 1705; - Capture of Lowenhaupt, 1706; - Surrender of
Riga, 1710, and probably many others, some of which are unsigned.
By the same artist are also the following medals : Accession of
the Czarina Anna Ivanowna, 1730; - - The Reign of the Czarina
Anna; Accession to the Throne of the Czarina Elizabeth, 1741 ;

- General Amnesty granted, 1741, fy~. by Wachter; Reduction
of Taxes, 1753 ; Birth of the Grand Duke Paul Petrowitch, 1754;

- New Servia constituted, 1754; - Remission of Crown Debts,
1754; Settlement of landmark disputes, 1754; Battles of Frank-
fort and Palzig, 1759; Death of the Czarina Elizabeth, 1761 ; -
Accession of Catherine II, 1762; - Reorganization of the
St. Petersburg Mint, 1763 ; Building of a Foundling Hospital at
St. Petersburg, 1763 (2 var. in Boston Coll"); Prize Medal of the
Academy of Fine Arts, 1766; - Building of the St. Petersburg
Hippodrome, 1766; Inoculation of the Russian Court against
small-pox, 1768; - - Naval Victories over the Turks, 1770;
Victory over the Turks by the river Kagul, 1770; Conclusion
of Peace with Turkey, 1774; Prize Medal for Agriculture tyL. by
Wachter, &c.

Some of these medals, which are only signed on obv., may, not-
withstanding, be entirely the work of Iwanoff.

This artist, during his long connection with the Mint, acquired
a well-earned reputation, and no Russian Medallist is better known,
both for the number and for the excellence of his works.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. List of Russian Medals in Num. Circu-
lar, 1898, col. 2986-92. HBEPCEHA, c.ioBAPb MEjAirbEPOB'b n
."Mill, 1874. Thomsen, op. cit. Iversen, Medailles de Pierre le Grand, drc.


For Abbreviations see under Letter I.
J. A. Vide I. A.

JABLONOWSKY, CONSTANTIN (Polish}. Die-sinker of the second
half of the eighteenth century, who resided at Olkusz, in the
district of Krakau. Kirmis, Handbuch der Polnischen Milu^midc,
Posen, 1892, p. 210, states that he was Mint-master at Olkusz in
1767 and that his initials C.I. appear on coins.

JABOEUF, ROBERT ALBERT (French}. Contemporary Sculptor,
born at St.-Just-en-Chaussee (Oise). Of late years he has executed
several Portrait-medallions, as : 1901. " Mon fils ", patinated
bronze; 1904. M me A. S***, &c.

JAC. (Ital.(T). Signature of the Engraver of a Portrait-medal ot
Fernando Alvarez of Toledo, Duke of Alba (1508-1 582). Obv.
Bust to r., head bare, hair short and long beard; no ^L. ; diam.
70 mill.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Supino, // Medagliere Mediceo, Firenze, 1899.

JACHLICK (Germ.}. Medallist of the beginning of the nineteenth
century. He signed two varieties of a uniface cast Portrait-medallion
in iron of Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Karl of Prussia and consort
Maria Anna of Hesse-Homburg, made to commemorate their
marriage in 1804.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. D' Menadier, Schaumfmren des Houses Hohen?ollern. Berlin,

JACHTMANN, JOHANN LUDWIG (Germ.}. Medallist, born at Berlin
in 1776, where he died in 1842. " This Engraver ", says Bolzen-
thal, " learned the art of Stierle; however in style and composition
he progressed with the age, as we may perceive by his medals of
reward for Arts and Sciences, struck to commemorate the third
centenary of Alb. Durer, and the Prize medal of the Royal Acad-
emy of Arts. He always endeavoured to produce something better
than the last. For some time, Jachtmann endeavoured to execute a
medal in the old way of casting, for which he spared neither time nor
trouble ; the attempt was successful, and it was a medal designed
for the Academy of Munster. He also executed large dies for seals,
which he engraved in steel with much taste, after he had devoted
some time to the study of the master-pieces of the middle ages ".

Jachtmann is the author of the following medals : Third centen-
ary of the Reformation, 1839; - Prize Medal for Arts and
Sciences, 1814, with bust of King Frederick William III. ; -
Another, of different type ; Portrait-medals of King Frederick
William IV., (two types); Third centenary of Martin Luther. fyL.
Bust of Calvin, 1817; - Jubilee Medal of C.H.V. Klevenow of
Magdeburg, 1820; Jubilee Medal of I. D. Woldermann, 1823 ;
Portrait-medal of Frederick the Great; Blucher's Monument
at Rostock, 1819 (2 var.) ; Joseph Zerboni di Sposetti(i822);
D r Johann Christian Reil of Berlin, 1813; - D r Georg Heinrich
Weber, Kiel, 1813, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, Ski^en ;nr Kunstgeschicbte der nwdernen Medaillen-
Arbeit (1429-1840), Berlin, 1840. D r Menadier, op. cit. Thomsen Catalogue,
p. 197. Friedensburg and Sejer, Medaillen auf schlesisclx Personen, 1902.

JACHTMANN, MATTHES (Germ.). Goldsmith at Breslau, circa 1600-
1617, according to Rosenberg. In 1622, he became Warden of the
Mint there. Saurma suggests that the monogram, formed by an M
and a figure resembling a 4 on the Klippe Thalers of 1621, points
to Jachtmann, but Friedensburg cannot prove this assertion.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Schlesiens neuere Mun^geschicbte. Ibid., Studien
%ur schlesiscbeit Medaillenkunde, Schlesiens Vorzeit in Bild und Schrift, Bd. VII.

JACKELY, GEORGE {Germ.}. Seal and Armorial-engraver at Bres-
lau, 1660-1670.

JACKSON (Brit.). Carver in ivory and tortoise-shell, who signed
Portrait-medallions of Charles II., cut in these materials.

JACOB (Austr.). Meister Jacob was Mint-engraver at Prague,
1538-1541 and perhaps still longer.

JACOB or JAKOB (Austr.). Moneyer at Vienna, 1403.

JACOB, ANATOLE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Troyes (Aube) ; pupil of Sax and JeurTroy. He is the author of
some Portrait-medallions in bronze.

JACOB DER EHRER (Austr.). Duke Albrecht I.'s agent at the Mint
of Vienna, 1386.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. Xentwich, Regesten yir Geschichte dtr Mun^stdlte Wien, Mitth.
desKlubs, &c., 1901.

JACOB, C. (G<r;;/.). Founder, at the Berlin Royal Foundry, circa
1815. His initials occur on medals; oneof them commemorates the
Liberation War of 1815. He generally spelt his name : IAKOB.

JACOB, RA.KS(Anstr.). Seal-engraver, who cut dies for a Salvator
Medal of 1581.

JACOB, HANS (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Hechingen, circa 1623.

JACOB. Mint-master at Dresden and Eisleben, circa 1618-1627, and

Dresden Treble Thaler 1627, issued by Hans Jacob, and engraved by Kitzkatz.

before that at Saalfeld, 1612-1618. He died on January 24, 1635.
Vide Friedensburg, Studien %ur schlesischen Medaillenkunde, p. 59.
In 1627, he placed the contract to work the Breslau Mint with his

- 43 -

son and his brother-in-law Hans Ziesler. Whether Ammon,
Sammlung etc., p. 29 in mentioning Hans Jakob as Mint-master at

Saxon Reichsthaler of John George I., 1626, issued by Hans Jacob.

Anhalt, 1615-1618 is right, I have not been able to confirm. This
Hans Jacob signed his issues H. I., or H^I, I. I. ; H. I. M. M. (Hans
lakob Miint^-Meister).

Son of Hans Jacob, the Dresden Mint-master. Between 17. July
1627 and 1629, he worked the Breslau Mint in connection with
his uncle Hans Ziesler. From 1629 to 1631 he was Mint-master at
Sagan, in Wallenstein's service, on whose currency the monogram
H^I occurs. He may have again been connected with the Breslau
Mint, but a document of 1631 only names Ziesler. It is doubtful
whether the initials H-I on a square Double Thaler of Archduke
Charles Ferdinand, 1631, refer to him.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Friedensburg, Studien yir scblesiselxn Mtdailknkundf,
Schlesiens Vorzeit, Bd. VII, p. 59.

JACOB, HEINRICH (Anstr.). Mint- master at Bautzen (Budissin),


JACOBI, HANS HEINRICH (Germ.). Mint-master at Sagan, 1629-
1631. Fide HANS HEINRICH JACOB supra.


JACOBS, B. (Brit.). A London Die-sinker of the latter part of the
eighteenth century. His signature appears on numerous eighteenth
century tradesmen's tokens : Evesham (Manufacturer : Skidmore ;
Proprietor : J. Thomson); Inverness (fyL. by Milton ; Propr. :
Conder); Blackfriars Token; London Tokens (various); -

44 -

Rye (Man : Skidmore ; Propr. : G. Bennett) ; Flitwick |" ,1797;
- Cambridge Pennies (several varieties); Chesterton I D ;
Cambridge Halfpennies and Farthings (various, some unsigned) ;
- Chester Pennies (2 var.); - Barnard Castle, Durham I D ; -
Wanstead I D ; Hendon Halfpennies ; Dunmow, Essex

(various types, struck by Skidmore); Gloucester I D , 1797; -
Southampton^ ; - Sawbridgeworth ^ ; - - County Pennies of

Kew Palace Penny Token, by Jacobs.

Middlesex (various types); Kew I D (illustrated}; Skidmore's
Pennies and Halfpennies (Atkins, n os 75-94; 361-412);
Orchard's |D , 1795; Skidmore's series of tokens representing
Churches fBerdmondsey Abbey, Christchurch, Blackfriars, &c., and
Gates (Atk., n os 413-510); - - others, representing Buildings,
Dulwich College, Kew Palace, Wandsworth, &c. ; - - Orchard's

Penny Token, by Jacobs.

Farthings, 1796, 1803, &c. ; Skidmore's Farthings, 1795 (2 var.);

- Spence's Farthings (Atk., n 776 and others); - - Middlesex
Pennies, with bust of Home Tooke Esq., &c. (one variety illustrated) ;

-Norwich Threepence, 1797; Alnwick I D ,1797; Newstead
I D , 1797; Sherborne I D ; Dudmaston I D ; Ludlow I D ; -

- Glastonbury * ; Godstone I D , 1797; Guildford I D ;

"" 45

Lambeth I D ; Bermondsey Halfpennies, 1797; Rotherhithe* D ;
- Southwark Halfpennies (5 var.) ; Skidmore's Halfpennies for
Birmingham (Atk., n os 166-170); Battle I D , 1797; Horsham
Halfpennies (Atk., n os 25-30); Dudley I D , 1797; - Guisebo-
rough I D ; - Yarum I D ; Argyle House I D , 1797 ; Kidder-
minster | D ; Inverary I D ; Surgeon's Hall, London; Penny
Token, with bust of William III., tyL. In commemoration of the Revo-
lution (various); - - Masonic Penny Tokens; - Kalian's Half-
pennies; - Spence's Halfpennies (2 or. 3 var.); - Penny
Tokens, with bust of Fox ; obv. by James, fyL. by Jacobs, commem-
orating the War with France, 1794, &c.

Both Jacobs and James worked for E. Skidmore, the London
manufacturer of tokens. The former's work is usually sketchy and
cannot be compared advantageously with that of some ot his
contemporaries, such as J. G. Hancock, Peter Wyon, and others.

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JACOBSON, ALBERT (Dan.}. Medallist of the last quarter of the
eighteenth century and first three decades of the nineteenth.
Thomson gives his date as 1780 7 1836. He was a son of Salomon
Aron Jacobson. His signature occurs on various Prize-medals, as
for instance on one with portrait of King Frederick VI. of Den-
mark, issued as a Reward or Encouragement tor scientific investi-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Krohn, Thomsen Bronce-Medailler, 1873, P- 2I 4-

JACOBSON, ALFRED (Dan.)- Medallist of the middle years of the
nineteenth century. His signature occurs on a medal struck in 1833
to commemorate the convalescence of King Frederick VI. ot
Denmark (In Boston coll").

JACOBSON, JOHANN or JACOB (Germ.) came from Emden over
Danzig to Poland in 1617, \vhere he contracted to work the
Bromberg Mint. His distinctive mark L L V. E. occurs for the first
time on a medallic Thaler of that year. Until 1623 he administered
only the Bromberg Mint, but after that date he extended his super-
intendence over the mints of Wilna, Warsaw and Krakaw; in
fact, between 1623 and 1639 he was Administrator-general of all
the Crown Mints and of those of Lithuania. In 1630, he leased the
Mints of Danzig, Thorn and Elbing, which he worked until his
death, which took place in 1639.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. D r Max Kirmis, Handbuch der PolniscJxn Mun^kunde, Posen
1892, p. 120.


JACOBSON, SALOMON ARON (Dan.} Medallist, who resided at
Copenhagen, i7$6-f 1830. He is the author of several medals,
amongst which those of Andreas Petrus, Count Barenstorff, 1795,
and Cuvier, the French naturalist, 1820, are perhaps best known.
This Engraver's work is very creditable. He also executed Portrait-
medals of D r Ole Borch, Copenhagen; - D r Blumenbach, Gottin-
gen ; D r Henrik Collisen, Copenhagen, 1805.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Krohn, /. c.

JACOBUS (Austr.). Moneyer at Vienna in the Weydenstrasse,

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