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born at Bailly (Seine-et-Oise) on the 19 th February 1853, was
apprenticed to a Paris engraver, and studied under the sculptor
Jacques Perrin ; also a pupil of Grivel, Lambert, and J. Lequien.
He has obtained a Mention honorable at the Salon of 1882, a
Medal of the third class in 1885, Medal of the second class in 1886,
Silver Medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1889, Medal of the first

class in 1894, Grand Prix at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900.
The artist is a Member of the Jury and of the Council of the
Societe des Artistes francais, since 1890, and a Knight of the Legion
of Honour, since 1896, also an Officer of Public Instruction.

This artist, who is in the foremost ranks of Gem-engravers, began
to exhibit at the Paris Salon in 1879, and the following are his
best productions : 1879, Spring, after Got, cameo in sardonyx; -
Portrait ofM Ile Castanie d'Anglas, onyx cameo; - 1880. Pierre
Corneille, bust in red jasper; 1881. Beranger, bust in jasper;
1882. Fortune and the Child, onyx cameo; - 1883. The Dawn;

Portraitot M. J. A. Pappert,onyx; 1884. Marthe Perrin, onyx
cameo; 1885. Victorien Sardou; - - Main chaude, carnelian
(Luxembourg Museum) ; 1886. Victor Gille ; Idyll, carnelian
(Amiens Museum); 1887. Philippe Gille; Raphael Boudrot,
cameo ; HonoreLeroi, onyx cameo ; 1888. Renan ; Caro ;

Camille Doucet; Nisard ; Flora and Zephyrus, cameo in
sardonyx (Luxembourg Museum) ; 1889. Frame containing the
portraits of the members of the Academic francaise (these forty
engraved gems form an absolutely unique collection in the glyptic
art); 1890. Love and Folly, cameo in onyx (Leguillon Collec-
tion) ; H. M. Don Carlos, King of Portugal, carnelian cameo;

Philippe Gille, onyx cameo; 1891. Orpheus loosing Eury-
dice, carnelian ; M. Etienne ; M. Dechastelus ; M lle Segond ;

Medals of MM. J. B. Serpieri and Andre Cordelia, directors of
"Laurium"; - 1892. Maurice Rouvier; M lles Lebey ; The
Messengers of the Gods; - 1893. Medal of M. Liotard-Vogt ; -
M rae B***, cameo in carnelian ; 1894. Fate, onyx (one of the larg-
est gems ever engraved); Medaille coloniale ; - 1895. The
Death of Narcissus, onyx (Luxembourg Museum) ; - - General
Fevrier; Paul Doumerc ; Emile Berr; Octave Dubois ; -
Savinien Lapointe; 1896. Medal intended for the "personnel
civil" of the French Admiralty; - Portrait-plaquettes of :
M. Rameau ; Camilie Dareste ; Gagliardini ; Alexis Mar-
tin; Albert Dubreuil; Ed. Lauc; 1897. Messengers of the
Gods, onyx (commissioned by the State); Portrait of J. Rigo-
lot ; Portrait of Edouard Normand ; - - Marble medallion of
Edouard Normand; 1898. Autumn, onyx; - 1900. Series of
gems (exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition, and for which
the artist obtained a Grand Prix); 1901. Spring (Luxembourg
Museum); Autumn (Galiera Museum); Commemorative
medal of the 1900 Exposition Universelle (edited by Mongredin);

Commemorative Plaquette of the Inauguration of the new Post
Office at Orleans; 1902. Portrait of M. Emile Loubet, President ot
the French Republic, 1902 ; carnelian in chased silver frame, adorn-
ed with precious stones (illustrated) ; The China War Medal,

- 385 -

with bust of the Republic (French Reward for the Relief of the
Legations at Peking) ; M lles S. & M. de Julliany; Mireille;
Cocher de fiacre; - Chauffeur d'automobile; - Locksmith;
Joiner; 1904. Ala Source, cameo in carnelian; 1905. Immor-
tality, statuette in various precious stones and gold; 1906. Le

Portrait of President Loubet.

Secret, statuette in lapis, jasper, jade and opal; L'Aube, cameo in
sardonyx, etc.

By Lemaire are further : Portraits of M me Claude Vignon ;

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III. 25


M rae Cl. Desclers; - - M. de la Pinelais; Xavier Girard ;
A. Minne, etc. ; Medal of the " Caserne des Celestins ", &c.

As a sculptor, the artist executed the funereal monuments of
M. Rouvier Sen r at Marseilles, Serpieri at Athens, Savinien Lapointe
at Soucy, near Sens, and the statue of Edouard Normand, mayor
of Nantes, &c.

Lemaire is one of the cleverest of modern French Gem-engravers.
Some of his fine Portrait-Cameos in sardonyx were reproduced by
him in silver Plaquettes with excellent effect. M. Babelon however
criticises somewhat President Loubet's portrait : " C'est un camee
de grandes proportions, d'une execution consciencieuse et fort
habile, co'nme tout ce qui sort des mains de M. Lemaire; mais, en
meme temps, il n'est pas excessif de dire qu'elle manque de har-
diesse et d'originalite. Le relief est sans poussee, trop timide. Vous
remarquerez, au dosde la plaque de sardonyx a laquelle M. Lemaire
s'est attaque, une belle couche sanguine qui n'a pas etc utilisee.
L'artiste n'en a pas tire profit; il n'a pas ose 1'atteindre. C'est pour-
tant sur cette couche qu'un Pyrgotele, un Dioscoride, un Valeric
Vicentini, un Jacques Guay, aurait tenu par-dessus tout a detacher
en vigoureux relief le portrait a executer. Telle qu'elle se presente,
1'ceuvre de M. G. Lemaire est un excellent bas-relief, sur une
gemme tres dure et de belle nuance; c'est a peine un camee dans
le sens que les anciens donnaient a leurs sardonyx multicolores et si
profondement affouillees dans le but de tirer de toutes les couches
superposes le parti decoratif qu'elles component. " (Revue de I' Art,

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly supplied by the Artist. Catalogues du
Salon 1900-1904. Benedite, op. cit.

LEMAIRE, JACQUES (French). Mint-engraver at Reims, circa 1750.

LE MAIRE or MAIRE, JULIEN (French'). Goldsmith of Nancy,
who was appointed Mint-engraver there in succession to Jean Le
Poivre, circ. 1580, and held the office until his death in 1607. He
was a native of Bar, and is called a Painter and Engraver ; a docu-
ment speaks of" 1'experience qu'il avait en la graverie ". Charles III.,
Duke of Lorraine, attached him to his service in 1580, in which
year the artist executed his first Portrait-medal of the Duke, obv. Bust
to r. of Charles III., legend and date, 1 580. !. COELITVS . ORTA.
beneath : PIO . PACIS . AVITAE CVSTODI (33 mill.)' In 1581,
several payments are recorded to Le Maire for medals supplied by
him, and from that date to 1607, scarcely one year elapsed, says
Lepage, without his being called upon to engrave medals, mostly
in gold, which were probably used as decorations. The following
Portrait-medals, c. are attributed to him also : Charles II. of
Lorraine, Bishop of Metz; - - Charles III., Duke of Lorraine,

- 38? -

1585 ; Seal of Charles III. for Francois de Beaucaire, seigneur of
Sarralbe, 1586; Medals in gold of Charles III., 1587; - Duke
or Marquis de Pont-a-Mousson ; Other Portrait-pieces of the
Duke Charles III. for presentation to various personages; Two
Seals of the towns of Hombourg and Saint- Avol; Wax Portrait
and various medals of Charles III. ; Portrait-medals of Monsei-
gneur le Marquis Henri, eldest son of Charles III. , and of Charles III.,
various, 1589 ; Medals of Charles III., for consignment to Spain,
1590; Henri, Marquis dePont-a-Mousson, 1591 ; Charles III.,
various medals, 1593 ; Madame la Princesse (Charles Ill's con-
sort) ; - - Charles III., 1599-1607, various medals (for presenta-

Of the numerous medals engraved by Julien Le Maire very few
specimens have come down to us. As they were mostly struck in
gold with gold chains, evidently intended for wearing around the
neck, it is surmised that they nearly all ended in being melted
down, which is to be regretted from an artistic point of view.

This artist signed /. Maire.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, Medailleurs fratifais, 1902. Henri Lepage,
Notes ct Documents snr ks Graveurs de monnaies et medailles et la fabrication des
monnaies des Dues de Lorraine depuis la fin du XV* siecle, Nancy, 1875. Rondot
& De La Tour, op. cit.

LEMAIRE, VICTOR (Belg.~). Sculptor, Gem- and Line engraver,
and Medallist, born at Liege, 5. February 1826, died at Brussels,
23. February 1882. He was apprenticed at the age of eleven to a
goldsmith, and began life as an .Engraver when he was nineteen
years old. His first trial in die-sinking dates from 1850, when he
engraved the reverse of a medal, but his first medal of note commem-
orates the Inauguration at Ghent ot a statue to Jacob van Arte-
velde, and is dated 1863. M. Alvin considers it as his best work;
although the artist himself gives the first rank to a Portrait-medal of
Christopher Colombus.

He engraved numerous seals, coats of arms, and even some
cameos in onyx which are of some merit. In 1880 he was one of
the four Engravers who were entrusted individually with the exe-
cution of the official medals issued on the occasion of the Fiftieth
Anniversary of Belgian Independence; the portrait of Leopold II.
pleased the King so much that he desired Lemaire to reproduce it
on the great Seal of State, which is still in use.

From that date, Lemaire paid more attention to medal-
engraving, and he was favoured with commissions tor medals
from various parts of the country. His best known medallic pro-
ductions, described by M. Alvin, are : 1860. Socie"te royale des
Melomanesof Ghent, 1860 (with bust of the Count ot Flanders);
1863. Inauguration of the Monument to Jakob van Artevelde at


Ghent (2 var.); - - 1870. Portrait-medal of D r Joseph Francois
Kluyskens, 1771-1843; - 1875. Medal of the " Association beige
de photographic" founded in 1874; - 1879. Medal presented to
the Educational Staff at Ghent; - 1880. Medal of the " Societe
royale deschceurs" presented toM. de Maere Limnander of Ghent,
1855-1880; - Fiftieth Anniversary of the Independence of Bel-
gium (60 mill.); - Medal of the "Societe pour le progres des
etudes philologiques et historiques " (4 var., struck for presentation
to MM. J. Gantrelle, E. Benoist, J. Dufief, and E. Discailles); -

1881. Ghent Naval Installations; Fiftieth Anniversary of the Royal
family of Belgium; - 1883. Medal of Ghent University ; 1884.
Horticultural Society " Flora" at Mont-St.-Amand ; 1885. Ghent
receives in _her port the first steamer from America ; Inauguration
i X* L Vm Bauwens monument at Ghent ; Provincial Syndic-
l Chamber of Industrial Arts at Ghent ; Horticultural Show
at Lourtrai; 1886. 25 th Anniversary of the Inauguration of the
Railway from Eccloo to Ghent ; - - Royal Flemish Academy of
Arts and Letters; - - 1887. To Massenet, the composer ; 1890.
r. U. Vander Chijs, numismatist; 1891. Scientific Society of

- 389 -

Brusses , 1893. Royal Agricultural and Botanical Society ot
Ghent (signed : L) ; " Exposition internationale de boissons fer-
mentees hygieniques " at Brussels; Bakery Show at Ghent;
World's Hygienic Exposition at Chicago (with bust of Christopher
Columbus); - - 1894. J eton of the Royal Numismatic Society
of Belgium (with bust of P. O. Vander Chijs); - Others, of
1895, and 1896; - - 1897. Ticket of the Members of the Com-
munal Council of Ghent ; Presentation medal to Charles Harlaux ;

- 1898. The city of Ghent to General Van Loo; Agricultural
Show at Ghent; 1899. Member's Ticket of the Provincial
Exhibition of Ghent ; - - Prize Medal of the Provincial Exhib-
ition ; 1900. Exhibition of the ancient Guilds and Corpo-
rations, at Liege(with bust of Prince Albert of Belgium); 1901
John Cockerill, 1790-1840; 1902. To Prosper Claeys; Undat-
ed. Royal Society for the Encouragement of Art; - Jan Frans
Willems, 1793-1846; Portrait-medal of Leopold II. ; Tir aux
pigeons, Gentbrugge, &c.

The Columbus medal is reproduced in D r Dompierre de Chaufe-
pie's Medailles et Plaquettes modernes, PI. xxxin.

This artist was a Knight of the Order of Leopold.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - - F. Alvin, Victor Lemaire, Gazette numismatique, 1905,
pp. 78-96. A. de Witte, La Medaille en Belgique au X/X e siecle, 1905. Gazette
nuinismatiqiie, 1905.

LEMAISTRE, FRANQOIS (French). Mint-master at Paris, 1617-
1624 (?).

LEMAISTRE, HUMBERT (French). Mint-master at Cremieu, under
Charles VIII. His distinctive mark (a heart) occurs on Douzains
and Carolus of Dauphiny.

LEMAISTRE, PIERRE (French'). Mint-master at Cre'mieu, appoint-
ed on the 28 th of January 1538 for a term of four years; his dis-
tinctive mark is a P.

LE MANCEAU, GUI (French). Mint-master at Angers, 1641-

LE MANCEAU, JAMES (French). Mint-master at Angers, 13. Decem-
ber 1399.

LE MANSE AU, JEAN (French). Mint-engraver at Angers, circ.

LE MARESCHAL, FRANQOIS (French). Goldsmith of Lyons and
Grenoble, who was appointed on Oct. 13, 1453, Die-cutter to the
Mints of Cremieu, Montelimar and Romans, where he officiated
until 1463.

- 390

LE MARCHANT (Brit.}. Carver of Portrait-medallions in ivory,
who flourished in the second half of the seventeenth century. By
him is perhaps a Portrait of George II., reproduced in The Portfolio,
1893, p. 29. There is in the British Museum an oval carved ivory
Portrait-medaillion of Samuel Pepys, the diarist.

LEMAY, CLAUDE (sometimes called DE MAY). (French}. Mint-
engraver at Paris, from before 1527 to 1552; he was born circa
1495; brother of Jean Lemay, Jeton Engraver (1515-1555), and
no doubt a relative of Guillaume Lemay (1493-1523) and Francois
Lemay (1532). He filled the office of Mint-engraver for at least
twenty-five years; on the II th ot March 1552, the Cour des Mon-
naies allowed him an assistant, in consideration of his failing eye-
sight, in the person of his son-in-law, Jean I. Beaucousin.

Claude Lemay does not appear to have always fulfilled his duties
to the satisfaction of the Mint-masters, and in 1542 he was even
threatened with imprisonment if he did not supply the Mint with
the necessary dies. The following are some of the coins engraved
by him : 1528. Poitiers. Ecus d'or au soleil; GrosTestons; -
Tours. cus d'or au soleil; 1529. Saint-Lo. cus d'or;
Douzains ; Petits Deniers (the dies for all these were delivered
to Julien Roupelin, Mint-master at St-L6); - 1530. Angers.
Grands Blancs ; - - 1531. Troyes. Half Testons ; - 1533'. Tours.
Gros Testons of ten sols tournois ; - - Angers. cus d'or ;
Douzains ; Poitiers. Ecus d'or; Testons ; Half Testons ; -
1535. Troyes. Petits Deniers tournois; - 1536. Paris. cus d'or;
Testons ; Half Testons ; - - Grands blancs douzains ;
Deniers tournois; - Rennes. Testons; Half Testons; - 1538.
Rouen. cus d'or au soleil ; Half Ecus ; Poitiers. Testons ; -
Troyes. Grands blancs douzains; - - 1539. Rouen. Ecus d'or au
soleil ; Half Ecus ; Troyes. Petits deniers tournois (dies supplied
by Jean Lemay, brother of Claude); - - 1540. Paris. Dies for
various coins; Troyes. Ecus d'or au soleil; Grands blancs
douzains; 1541. Paris. Petits deniers (with the distinctive
mark of Christophe Laune ; - - Petits deniers tournois ; Ecus
d'or au soleil; - - Half Ecus ; - Douzains; 1542. Paris.
Various dies, with the distinctive mark of Bastien de Riberolles, Mint-
master at Paris; - - Poitiers. Douzains; Doubles tournois
" Gabouris et lyards Nostre-Dame de Lozanne"; Paris. Testons
and Half Testons; - - Douzains; - - 1543. Paris. Grands blancs
douzains ; Petits deniers tournois ; Various Pieforts; 1545.
Poitiers. Dies for Ecus d'or supplied to Jean Gaillandon, Mint-
engraver there; - - 1548. Rouen. Grands blancs, with the distinc-
tive mark of Cosme du Moustier; - - 1549. Ecus d'or and Grands
blancs douzains (the dies for which were destroyed, on account of
the omission of the figure 2 after (Henricus) ; 1550. Dijon. Gros

Testons ; Half gros Testons ; Poitiers. Douzains ; 1551. Ville-
neuve-Saint-Andre-tts- Avignon. Testons; Half Testons ; Nantes.

Lemay engraved also a number ofjetons, which are described by
Mazerolle : 1527. Mereaux for the priests in the service of the Paris
drapers; - - 1528. Jetons for the officers of Cardinal Louis de
Bourbon ; Jetons for the Chambre des Comptes of Louise of
Savoy, at Moulins; 1529. Jetons for Jacques de Seurre;
Francois de Brebille; Nicolas Berthereau ; 1531. Jetons for the
officers of the Lady de Chasellaine; 1532. Jetons with the arms
of the Enfants de France; 1533- Sieur de la Baudrairie and
Maitres d hotel of Margaret of France; i)34- Jean Luillier; -
Officers of Catherine de' Medici, Duchess of Orleans, Madeleine,
and Margaret of France; - Jetons with arms of Francis I. and his
children; - - 1536. Jetons banaux; - - 1540. Jean Lefebvre, sei-
gneur de Moyenval, and Marie de Saint-Germain, his wife ;
Jacques de Poussemothe-Salainsau, and Alphonsine de Naillac, his
wife; 1541. Jetons for the Duke Charles of Orleans ; Antoine
de Bourbon, due de Vendome; Margaret of France; Sieurs
de Canappe and de Saint-Ravy ; Jetons banaux; - Jetons for a
Clerc d'office of Charles of Orleans; 1542 and 1544. Jetons tor
Cardinal Robert de Lenoncourt; - - 1543. Jetons for the Privy
Council; Guy XVII. de Montmorency, seigneur de Laval, and
Claude de Foix, his wife; Maitres d'hotel ordinaires of the
King; 1544- Privy Council; Oudard Hennequin, Bishop of
Troyes; Astremoine Dubois, the King's silversmith; - 1545.
Jetons for the King's commissioners; Privy Council; 1548.
Jetons for the Vergers of St. Eustache Church of Paris ; 1549-
Jetons banaux.

According to Rondot, Claude Lemay was Mint-engraver at
Troyes in 1548. Rondot (later) and De la Tour make the latter
another person.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, Me'dailleursfrancais, 1902.

LEMAY, FRANQOIS (French). Engraver of Jetons at Paris, circ.
1528 and 1532-4. By him are Jetons for the Commissioners of the
Tresor du Louvre, 1532, and Louise de Savoie, Duchess of Bour-
bon. He is also called DE MAY.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit. Rondot, and De La Tour, op. cit.

LEMAY, GUILLAUME I {French}. Seal-engraver at Paris, circ. 1456-
1459. In 1456 he engraved the seal of the Provost of Merchants of
Paris, and various Jetons. He was Die-cutter at the Paris Mint, and
also worked for the Mints of Bourges and St.-L6.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot and H. De La Tour, op. cit.


engraver at Rouen, 1^%-circ. 1477. Perhaps the same who is
recorded to have engraved a seal for the city of Paris, 1456.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit.

LEMAY, GUILLAUME IIl(Frm^).Mint-engraveratParis, 1511-1523.
He also executed a number of jetons and mereaux, the earliest of
which are dated 1493. M. Mazerolle describes the following : 1493.
Jetons for Louis de Nemours; 1511. Jetons for the Chaplains oi
Notre-Datne of Paris; - - Jetons for Francois, Duke of Valois and
Brittany, Count of Angouleme, and Charles de Bourbon, Count of
Vendome; 1515. Jetons for the King's maitres d'hotel; 1517.
Jetons for J. J. Robertet, Bishop of Albi; 1521. Jetons of Charles
ide Bourbon, Duke of Vendome, and Franchise d'Alengon, his
wife; 1523. Jetons for the Cardinal Jean of Lorraine, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit. Rondot and De La Tour, op. cit.

LEMAY, JEAN (French}. Engraver of Jetons, who resided at the
Palace, Paris ; a brother of Claude Lemay, on whose account he
probably sent in 1539 to the Mint of Troves several dies for Petits
deniers tournois. This engraver was born circ. 1515; his jetons
date from the period of 1549-1555 : 1549. Jetons banaux ;

- Jetons for Cardinal Louis de Bourbon, and A. d'Anieres, com-
mander of St. Denis ; 1550. Jetons for Charlotte de Dinteville ;

- 1551. Jetons for Charles de Rochechouart, and Francoise de
Clermont, his wife; Jetons for Gilles Bohier, Bishop of Agde;
1555. Jetons for the Councillor of the Chambre du Tresor.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit. Rondot and De La Tour, op. cit.

LE MAY, PIERRE (French). Mint-engraver at Aix in Provence, circ.


LE MENAGER, FRANCOIS (French}. Mint-engraver at Rennes,

LE MERCIER, RICHARD (French). Mint-master at Angers from the
26 th of September 1620 to 1629.

LEMERLE, NICOLAS (French}. Engraver or workman at the
Paris Mint, 1624.

LEMESTAYER, JEAN (French}. General des Monnaies, 1558.
LEMGOW, JOHANNES (Germ.}. Mint-master at Liibeck, 1350.

LEMOINE, CHARLES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris in 1839; pupil of Mehl. By him are some Portrait-medallions,


one of which was exhibited at the Salon of 1869, Portrait of
M.A.D**, architect.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LEMOYNE, PIERRE GABRIEL (French}. Mint-engraver at Amiens,
circ. 1699-1711.


LENDY (Ital.}. Mint-engraver at Turin, 1827 (?).

LENGEFELDER, CENTURIO (Anstr.}. Mint-master at Joachimsthal,
1606-1621. He was in office during the whole reign of the Emper-
or Mathias.

LENKER, HANS (Germ.}. Goldsmith and Medallist of Augsburg
(\ 1627). Bolzenthal mentions that his signature HL occurs on
various medals of the city of Augsburg. A ZACHARIAS LENKER,
also a Goldsmith and Die-sinker at Augsburg, died in 1612.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Stetten, op. cit. Monogrammisten,
III, 1205, 1243.

LENOBLE, JEAN (French). General des Monnaies, 1624.

LENNOOT, JEAN DE (Belg.). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver of
Malines, circ. 1489.

LENNOX, LDDOVIC, Duke of (Brit.) was granted a patent to issue
Farthing Tokens, 1622. Vide HAMILTON, Vol. II, p. 409.

LENOIR, ALBERT (French}. Provost of the Mint at Nancy, 1695-
1720. He held the office of Mint-engraver there for a short period,
and a document of 1720 records a payment of 300 Livres made to
him "pour avoir este occupe a graver les coings pendant la deten-
tion de St. Urbain".

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Lepage, op. cit. Rondot & De La Tour, op. cit.

LENOIR, JEAN (French}. Mint-engraver at Nancy, circ. 1670-
f 1684; he was born in 1635. By him are several medals.

LENOIR, PIERRE CHARLES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Paris ; pupil of Charles Lenoir, Peter, Roty, and
Mercie 1 . In 1905 he obtained a Medal of the Third class.

At the Salon of 1903 he exhibited several medallic works : Idyll,
plaquette; - Juno, plaquette; Five Portrait-medallions, &c.
1904. Bucolique (bronze plaquette); Birth of Bacchus (bronze
medal); Portrait of a Lady (plaquette) ; 1905. Bucolique;
Infancy of Bacchus ; Pasteur ; Jean Mace ; Maurice Lenoir ;
M me Lenoir; Shepherd's dog ; Goat; 1906. M.X***;
President Roosevelt; Ste Genevieve; Jean Mace; Pasteur;


- Recompense ; Agriculture ; Peche a la ligne ; Bebe ;
Gymnastique; Musique; Au crepuscule ; Vanneuse, &c.

LENOOR (Belg.}. Goldsmith and Seal-engraver. The Brussels
Mint preserves a stamp, bearing a crowned L, by this Engraver.
Vide Piot, Catalogue des Coins, Poinfons et Matrices, p. 160.

General of French coins, 1741. He was the future Marquise de
Pompadour's father-in-law.

LENORMANT, JEROME (French). Goldsmith and Engraver to the
King of Navarre ; Mint-engraver at Pau and Morlaas, 1572-1 580. He
became in 1579, Engraver, Die-cutter and Master of the Mints of
Pau, Morlaas (Beam) and Saint-Palais (Navarre). In 1576, he was
paid 9 Testons fora silver seal; in 1577, 60 Livres for the engrav-
ing of seals for Catherine of Navarre, the Regent. A document of
1578, mentioned by Blanchet reads : " A Jerome Lenormant, gra-
veur des monnaies du present pays, 210 livres tournoispour pareille
somme delivree es mains du Roy, en 60 cus soleil et 30 livres
tournois en pieces de 20 et 10 sols tournois qui ont etc forgees
nouvellement sur le pied des especes d'or et d'argent que le Roy
de France a fait faire en son royaume. " In September, 1579, a
contract was passed with Jerome de Normand and Auger de la
Garde to work for a period of six years the mints of Pau, Morlaas
and Navarre. Lenormant therefore combined the offices of Mint-
master and engraver.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. A. Blanchet, Les Graveurs en Beam, Dax, 1888. Ibid.,
Histoire mone'taire du Beam.

LENORMANT, PIERRE (French}. Moneyer at Paris, 1561.

LENORMANT, ROBERT (French}. Provisional Mint-master at
Grenoble, 15. June 20. September 1507; Mint-master at Monte-
limar, 25. October 1521 to 1523 (distinctive mark, an Rat the
end of the legends).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Faivre, Ateliers monetairesfranfais, 1894. Roger Vallentin,
Les di/erentsde lamonnaie de Grenoble de 14890 1553, Annuaire de Numismatique,

LENS, MICHELET DE (French}. Goldsmith and Mint-engraver at
Troyes, 1362-1376; appointed on the I st February 1375 (1376)
Mint-engraver at Saint-L6.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Natalis Rondot, Les Graveurs de la Monnaie de Troyes.
Rondot & De la Tour, op. cit.

LENTASCHIS, MARTINET DE (Ital.}. A native of Chieri, Mint-
master at Turin, appointed on the 3O th of August 1430.

LEO. Vide LEONE LEONI infra.

- 395

LEO, CHRISTOPH (Russ.). Mint-master at St. Petersburg, 1802-

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