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MEDIOLANI D. (3 var.) ; - - Scudo d'oro ; - - A. Ducatone
(22 types described by Gnecchi, but some bear dates after 15 90 and
are consequently not by Leoni) ; Mezzo Ducatone (many
varieties, some dated 1577, T 579> J 582, 1584, 1588); - Quarto
di Ducatone ; Scudo or Filippo; 40 Soldi ; Lira; Mezza
Lira ; 5 Soldi ; Grosso da 2 | soldi ; - - Soldino ; - - Parpa-
gliola ; Sesino; Trillina ; Denaro.

Leoni distinguished himself also as a Gem-engraver, but we have
unfortunately no record of his productions in that particular branch.
Plon describes a cameo representing the Emperor Charles V., the
Prince of Spain Don Philip and the Empress Isabella, which is only
known by a letter of the artist to Granvella.

" The emperor Charles V. was a lover and collector of cameos.
Leone Leoni of Arezzo cut a fine one of him with his son on one
side and another of* his Empress on the other side, this being the
earliest recorded instance of the making of a double cameo, a fashion
which was not uncommon during the Renaissance, and sometimes
show's an antique backed by a modern piece of work " (Davenport,
op. cit., p. 50).

The Madrid and Vienna Museums preserve medallions in colour-
ed wax by Leoni, and there is one of Michael Angelo in the
British Museum (illustrated). " The head is modelled with the
greatest care for detail. Every line and wrinkle is faithfully repro-
duced, as is also each hair of the head and beard. The ear is delight-
fully expressive, and what a refined, sensitive nature it indicates.
The colour of the wax is uniform a yellowish red of the shade
of terra cotta. The inscription on the reverse of the medallion runs :
1562 " (B. Kendell, Jewelled Waxes and others, The Connoisseur,
vol. VIII, p. 134).

4io ~~

Some Plaques are attributed to Leone Leoni by Molinier,
although one only appears to be undoubtedly by him, as it forms
the reverse of one of his authenticated medals : Andrea Doria as
Neptune; 95 Xjo mill. (Berlin and South Kensington Museums);
- Allegory of the " Fountain of science " (!}.. of Gianello della
Torre's ir.edal, which is now ascribed to Jacopo da Trezzo, by
C. von Fabriczy) ; Apotheosis of Charles V. (Vatican Library)
[erroneously attributed to Cellini by Plon].

In the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, there is
a circular Medallion, representing a Female figure holding on her
head a vase from which water flows on either side; young and
aged men drink and gather it in jars ; inscribed above, VIRTVS ;
beneath, NVNQ. : DEFICIT. This Plaque, which is of the year
1562, is ascribed to Leone Leoni by Fortnum.

D r Bode ascribes to Leone Leoni the following Plaques : Jupi-
ter fighting the Titans; circular; Neptune and Amphitrite ;
circular, 74 mill. (Mot. n. 35). Female bust (Livia Columna) ;
}$L. Euterpe, circular, 37 mill.

" Vasari",says Keary " speaks in high praise of Leoni's perform-
ances as a sculptor, the greatest of which was a bronze statue of
Charles V. Leoni brought into requisition his silvermith's art, and
made a suit of armour of thin silver plates, with which the nude
figure could upon occasion be clothed. When the figure was
completed he made a large die for the purpose of striking medals of
the Emperor ; on the reverse was Jupiter launching his thunderbolt
at the Titans. " For these works his Majesty gave the artist a
pension of a hundred and fifty ducats, secured on the Mint of Milan,
with a commodious house in the Contrada de' Moroni. Charles
also made him a knight, conferring at the same time a patent of
nobility upon his descendants ; and while Leoni was in Brussels he
had rooms in the palace of the Emperor, who sometimes amused
himself by going to see the artist at his work " (ATww. Chron. y
1879, P- 210).

Although Leone Leoni does not equal some of the earlier medal-
lists, and perhaps not even Valerio Belli or Cellini, his contempo-
raries, still he deserves a place in the front ranks of Italian artists of
his period, were it alone for his exquisite coin-dies of Charles V.,
which continue at Milan the fine series of Caradosso, and will
remain a perpetual witness of one of the most glorious epochs in
Art the world ever saw. " His was one of those unrestrained, over-
flowing, forceful natures such as the decline of the Renaissance
produced. " (Von Fabriczy).

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Painter, Modeller in wax, Medallist, and Coin-engraver, born at
Padua in 1531; died at Rome in 1606; some say in 1612. He
executed Portrait-medallions in wax, besides painting in oil and
fresco landscapes and historical subjects. He is said to have been
employed as Engraver at the Mint of Rome, circa 1573-1586;
notwithstanding, only one of the many medals of Pope Gregory XIII.
bears his signature L. PADOVAN. ; others may be looked for among
his unsigned pieces. The artist spent the greater part of his life at
Padua, and executed there the Portrait-medal of Baldassare d'Ossa,
signed : LOD. LEONI (reproduced in Fabriczy), and another of
Francesco Lomellini, obv. signed : LVD , L, J$L. DVRABO. Land-
scapeover which the sun is shining (Brit.Mus. Guide, p. 56, n 179);
perhaps also a medal of Pope Gregory XIII. , 1775, signed L. L. P.

To these Armand adds : Ricardo Vito Basinstocchi ; signed :
LVD. LEO. MDLXVIII ; - Stanislas Minski; signed : L. PADOVAN
(Bolzenthal) ; Johann von Reichenberg ; signed : L. L. ; Louis
Desmoulins de Rochefort, physician of Blois; obv. signed : L. LEO.
I. SPONTE MEA MELIVS. Horse in landscape ; Jacopo Tatti,
surnamed Sansovino ; signed : L. L. ; Sperone Speroni ; signed :
L. LVD. L. ; Female bust to 1. ; signed : L. L. ; Marco Mantova
Benavides ; signed : LVD. LEO. ; Francesco Maria del Monte Santa
Maria, Cardinal: signed : LVD. LEO ; Gregory XIII., obv. Bust
to r. I; IVSTI-INTRABVNT-PER-EAM. The Porta Sancta ;
signed : L. L. P. AN. DNI. .MDLXXV. Most of these medals are uniface.

The coinage of Gregory XIII. may safely be ascribed to this

412 -

artist and his colleague at the Mint of Rome, Lorenzo Fragni;
payments were made to these Engravers in 1574, 1576 and 1586.
This coinage consists of : A/". Scudo d'oro MDLXXV Jubilee type; -
Scudo d'oro; fyL Bust of Christ (7 var.); Scudo d'oro; fyL. Charity
(b var.); Another, Assumption of the Virgin; Another, St.
Peter's Miracle; Another; I^.NIGRA SED FORMOSA ROMA;
J&. Testone. ty. LETAMINI GENTES (9 var.); Another;
}$L. Porta S^nta (Jubilee type ; illustrated) ; Another tyL. Religion
seated (6 var.); Another; T$L._ ALMA ROMA Arms (2 var.); -
Another;]^. Christ delivering the keys to St. Peter (8 var. ; some
dated 1584); Another; T$L. ME SEQVERE. The Angel rescuing
Peter from prison (8 var.); Another; I^L. Seated figure of Fides

Jubilee Testone of Gregory XIII., 1575.

(4 var.); Another; I$L. St. Peter seated (2 var.) ; Another; fyL.
NVNQVAM DEFICIET ROMA. Standing figure of Fides (8 var.) ;

Another; !. Christ and the Samaritan woman at the well;
Another; }$L. Christ's baptism (7 var.); Another; ^6. The brazen
serpent in the wilderness; Another; I^L. Moses changing his rod
in to a snake (4 var.); Another; }$L. Christ and the multitude;
^R. Giulio (various types) ; - - ^R. Grosso (var. types) ; - - ^R.
Mezzo Grosso (var. types) and subsidiary coinage.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. von Fabriczy, op. cit. C. F. Keary, Brit. Mus. Guide
to the Italian Medals in the British Museum. Supino, op. cit. Cinagli, Le Monete
de' 'Papi, Roma, 1848. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Armand, Medailleurs italiens &c.

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LEONI, OTTAVIO called IL PADOVANINO (/to/.). According to
Bolzenthal, a son of Lodovico Leoni. He is said to have cast medals
in all kinds of metals, and to have imitated with extraordinary
cleverness antique coin-types. None of his productions have however
come down to us.

LEONI, POMPEO (Ital.). Sculptor and Medallist of the second
half of the sixteenth century ; a son of Leone Leoni; died at Madrid
in 1610. He served the Imperial House of Austria and assisted his
father in several of his works, notably in his famous group of

Charles V. slaying the Monster, which was commissioned by
Ferrante Gonzaga in 1547, achieved in 1556, and bears the
signature : LEO P. POMPE F. ARET. F.

Pompeo Leoni spent the greater part of his life in Spain, where
most of his works of sculpture are still preserved : a statue of
Philip II. at Aranjuez, and in the Church of the Escurial, fifteen
statues of Saints in gilt bronze, and Royal statues of Charles V., his
Queen Isabella, his daughter Mary of Hungary, his sisters, the
Queens of France, and England; Philip II., his Queen, Anne;
Queen Mary; and Queen Isabella, for their funereal monuments.

As a Medallist, this artist produced also some fine works, which
stand almost on a par with the exquisite portrait-pieces by Poggini :
Granvella, 1552 (mentioned by Leone Leoni in a letter to the
Bishop of Arras) ; Ercole II. d'Este; obv. Bust to 1.; signed :

Obv. of Portrait Badge of Don Carlos, by Pompeo Leoni.

POMPEIVS. fyL. SVPERANDA, &c. Female figure standing to 1. near
fountain (2 var.); 66 mill.; Fernando Castaldo; obv. Bust to r. ;
signed : POMPEIVS; no ^L. ; 64 mill. ; - 1557. Don Carlos (in
his twelfth year); obv. Bust tol. ; signed : F. POMP. 1557. %L. IN.
BEXIGNITATEM-PROMPTIOR. Apollo standing; to r., the
three Graces; Another.; ty>. CONSOCIATIO RERVM

DOMINA. Draped female to 1.; Another; $,. COGITATIO-
MEA-AD'DOMINVM. Female figure seated; beside her, Mercury,
a child and a dog; Another; I. OBVIIS" VLNIS. Fortune
leaving a female in mourning attitude. [The last three reverses do
not probably belong to Pompeo Leoni, and the last is by Pastorino
da Sienna]; - - Another, Badge with bust of Don Carlos to 1.
(illustrated); ^L. Venus and Cupid; dated 1559 (a reduction of the
larger medal) ; Onorato Juan; 66 mill.; 1575- Francisco
Hernandez de Lievana; obv. Bust to r. ; signed : POMP. L. 1575.
F. STABILIS-VT-NEC-METV-NEC'SPE. Justice; 58 mill.

- 4*4 -

Plon reproduces a cameo by Pompeo Leoni, representing Concor-
dia (illustrated), signed : PONPEVS FECIT.

Concordia, cameo by Pompeo Leoni.

Referring to Pompeo's Don Carlos medal, Von Fabriczy observes :
" Diese Medaille zeigt, wie weit die verschwommene Manier
Pompeos kinter dem robusten Realismus seines Vaters zuriicksteht
- man sehe nur die sanft-und kraftlose Gestalt des Apollo auf der
Ruckseite! Oder wollte der Kunstler damit etwa den Charakter
seines Helden symbolisieren ?!

To this artist should also be ascribed a Portrait-medal of Mary
of Austria, unsigned, which has a similar reverse to that of Don
Carlos, which is signed ; probably also, from a similarity of style,
the medal described as follows in the Mnxwell Sale Catalogue,
26. March 1906 (Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge) :

Alfonso Guevara, D. ALPHONSVS.GVEVARA, bare-headed
bust in doublet with puffed sleeves to right; }$L. OMNE DEC VS.
BELLI. TRADE. G KADI VJE MIHI, Guevara on one knee paying
homage to a warrior in ancient armour who is seated upon a dai's
(Armand III, 282/J), diam. 67 mill.

This medal sold for 50. A very excessive price.

The reverse of the medal of Ercole II. d'Este has been, added to
a modern copy of Primavera's medal of Mary, Queen of Scots,
1572, and it occurs also as the reverse of a medal of John Rantzau
(Med. III., I, p. 118). The reverse COGITATIO MEA AD
DOMINVM is also found attached to a portrait of Margaretha von
Calslagen, wife of Joachim Polites of Antwerp (Fan Loon, I, 202).
The medal is by Stephen of Holland, according to Armand.

Bolzenthal remarks that Pompeo Leoni was a man of science and
an artist much esteemed on account of his fine draughtmanship.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Plon, Leone Leoni et Pompeo Leoni. Franks & Grueber,
Medallic Illustrations, &c. I. B. Supino, op. oil. Bolzenthal, op. cit.
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- 415

ten-Cabinet, V, ot. 55. Catalogs der Nederlattdscbt, &c. Kcary, B. M
Guide, &c.

LEONI, ZDANO (ltd.}. Mint-rector at Cattaro, 1449-1451.

LEOPARDI, ALESSANDRO (Ital.}. Mint-engraver at Venice, 1506.
He prepared the dies for the copper coins issued during his term of

BIBLIOGRAPHY. O Papadopoli, Akune Noliiie sugli Intapliatori delta Zecca
di Venecia, Milano, 1888.

LEOPOLD VON DER HOCHSTRASSE (Austr.}. Mint-master at
Vienna in the fourteenth century.

LEORNARDY, HENRI CHARLES (French'). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Forbach (Lorraine); pupil of the National Drawing School.
At the Salon of 1876 he exhibited a Portrait-medallion of M. C.
de L***; 1877. M me C. de L***; - 1878. M. Joseph C***.

LEOSTANUS (Brit.}. Goldsmith of London, and possibly Otho
Fitz Otto's successor as Mint-engraver, London, under Henry I.,

LE PAGE or LE PAIGE. MICHEL (French}. (..1515-1551). Gold-
smith of Lyons, and Mint-engraver there, circa 1524. He was known
as "Michel le Graveur". Documents mention his name between
1515 and 1551.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Les Graveurs de Monnaies a Lyon, Macon, 1897.

LE PAUTRE (French). Engraver at the Paris Medal Mint, circ.

LE PELLE, GUILLAUME (French}. Mint-master at Angers under
Francis L, 1519; distinctive mark, a key. His successor was Marc
Couanne, 1522-1527, 1528-1535.

LE PELLE, GUILLAUME (French}. Mint-engraver at Angers, 1545.

LEPERE, JEAN (French}. Goldsmith and Medallist of Lyons, who,
in 1500, was entrusted, in conjunction with his brother Colin, to
execute the medal issued in honour of Louis XII. and Anne of
Brittany's visit to Lyons, and the models for which were prepared
by Nicolas Leclerc and Jehan de St. Priest.

This medal of which only silver and bronze specimens now exist
appears to have been held in high estimation by contemporaneous
artists ; it is, observes $. Mazerolle, the first medal of large dimensions
and bold relief, cast "by Frenchmen, but, although inspired from
Italian art, it lacks both in vigour and suppleness.

Louis XII. and Anne of Brittany.

Jean Lepere was also entrusted with the execution of the medal
of Charles VIII. and Anne of Brittany.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit. N. Rondot, Me'dailleurs lyonnais. lbid.,
Gravairs lyonnais. Rondot & H. De La Tour, op. cit.

LEPERE, LOUIS (French"). Goldsmith and Medallist of Lyons;
father of Jean and Colin Lepere, already mentioned, died circ.

Louis Lepere, Nicolas de Florence, his son-in-law (f 1499) and
Jean Lepere, his eldest son, modelled the medals which were pre-
sented to King Charles VIII. and Anne of Brittany on the occasion
of their Visit to Lyons, 1494.

Charles VIII. and Anne of Brittany.

Louis Lepere, and Nicolas de Florence cut the dies from designs
supplied by the celebrated artist Jehan Perreal; and Jean Lepere
was entrusted with the execution of the medals, restrikes of which
were made in 1502 and 1514.

N. Rondot states that this is the first French medal, thus described
in documents, and at the same time the first bearing the effigy of
a personage in bust form.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, of), cit. Rondot, La medaille d'Anne de Brtlagne
et ses auteurs, Louis Lepere, Nicolas de Florence et Jean Lepere, 1494, 1885. Jean


Sculptor, Painter, and Medallist, born at Paris ; pupil of Ramey,
Dumont, Toussaint, and Gleyre. In 1852 he obtained the first Grand
Prix de Rome, and he was made a Knight of the Legion of Honour
in 1870. By him are several Portrait-medallions, cast in bronze.

LEPERRE (French). Designer of a medal on the Peace of Pres-
bourg, engraved by Andrieu.

L. FORRBR. Biographical Notices of Medallist!. III.

= 7


LEPETIT, GERARD (French). Mint-engraver at Saint-L6, 1558-
1569; deprived of his office in 1569 as a Huguenot, he was rein-
stated in 1570, in consequence of the edict of pacification, and
probably held his post until 1584.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. De La Tour, op. cit.

LEPINE, LOUIS (French'). Contemporary Sculptor, born at Paris;
pupil of Gabriel Levasseur and Osbach. By him are Portrait-
medallions : 1880. M. Tresca, vice-director of the Conservatoire
des Arts et Metiers (bronze); Alfred Meyer (wood); - iSSi.
Antide Martin (clay); M. Krick (bronze); 1883. Portrait-
medallions of Tresca, and Lyonnet, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LEPOIVRE, FRANQOIS (French). Mint-engraver at Nancy, tire.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Lepage, op. cit. Katalog der Mun^-und Medaillen-Stempel-
Sammlung der Mun^statte Wien, III, 1905.

LE POIVRE, JEAN I (French). Brother of the last ; Mint-engraver
at Nancy, tire. 1556-1581 ; died in 1585.

LE POIVRE, JEAN II (French). Son of the last ; Goldsmith, Seal-
engraver, and Die-cutter at the Mint of Nancy, tire. 1573-1617.
Lepage quotes from several contemporaneous Mint-records showing
this Engraver's activity at the Nancy Mint.

LE POMMEREUX, JEAN (French). Appointed Mint-engraver at
Romans and Montelimar, 1450; later, he was Die-cutter to the
mints of Dauphiny.

LE POT, ALEXANDRE (French). Mint-master at Nantes, 1818-1825 ;
differential mark, a key.

LE PRESTRE, DENIS (French). Mint-engraver at Rouen, tire. 1540.

LE PRIEUR, JOSEPH HEINRICH (Germ.). Mint- warden at Munich,
1787; Bavarian " Kreiswardein " (the last to hold this office),
1793 ; Mint-director, 1820-1837. He was born in 1766 and died
in 1837.

LE PRINCE, GUILLAUME (French). Mint-engraver at Aix, circ.

LEPY, NICOLAS (French). Sculptor, born at Nancy on the 2. May
1785, died there on the 21. June 1869. In the early years of the
nineteenth century he executed Portrait-medals in ivory of the
Emperor Alexander I. of Russia, Archduke Charles of Austria, and
other celebrities. Vide Chavignerie et Auvray, op. tit., I, p. 1018.


LEQUERU, JEAN (French}. Engraver of jetons, 1528-1534; he
was residing at Paris in 1533. By him are the following counters :
1528. Jetons for Pierre du Plessis ; Jetons for the officers of
Renee de France, Duchess ofFerrara and Chartres; 1529. Jetons
for Jean Vaillant; - 1532. Jetons for the Chambre des Comptes
of Renee de France ; 1534. Jetons for Claude Enjorrant, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit. N. Rondot & H. De La Tour, op. cit.

LEQUIEN, JULES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at Paris
on i. November 1826. By him are Portrait-medallions in bronze
ot Philibert Pompee, first director of the Ecole municipale Turgot;
and Pestalozzi, the famous pedagogue.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LERCH, BALTHASAR (Germ.}. Mint-master at Ratisbon, 1523-1539.

LERCH, MARTIN (Germ}. Mint-master at Hall in Suabia, 1494,
Wiirzburg, 1507, Straubing, 1508, Ratisbon, 1509 circ. 1523,
Neuburg-a-D., 1515.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kull, Repertorium %ur Mun^kunde Bayerns, 1903.

LERCH, JOSEPH (Austr.}. Mint-engraver at Vienna, 1831-1833
(in private capacity), Assistant-engraver at Prague, 1835-1854, and
Chief-engraver, 1854-1857. His full name is JOSEPH LERCH VON
LERCHENAU, but his medals are variously signed : JOS. DE LERCHE-

Lerch was employed at the Vienna Mint during the period of
the great coinage of 1831-1833, and between 1835 and 1857 he
engraved a great many dies for the currency issued ?t Prague.

By him are also several medals : Visit of the Emperor Francis I.
and Empress to Prague (struck at Vienna, in 1833); Visit ot
the Emperor Ferdinand I. and Empress to Prague, 1835 ; Bohem-
ian Coronation of King Ferdinand, 1836; - Bohemian Corona-
tion of Queen Marie Anne, 1836; Visit of the Czar Nicholas I.
to Prague, 1835 ; - Prize Medal for Industry ; XV. Congress
of German Physicians and Scientists at Prague, 1837 ; Christening
Medal (in commission for Franz Josef Hoor ; signed : LERCH F.
PRAGAE); - Jubilee of Bishop Joseph Knauer of Breslau, 1839;

- Victories of the Allied Powers over Napoleon I., 1814 (2 var.
which should probably be ascribed to another LERCH, possibly
this artist's father, who was residing at Zbirow') ; - - Enthroni-
zation of Andreas Aloys, Count Skarbeck, as Archbishop of Prague,
1834; Enthronization of Aloys Joseph, Baron von Schrenck,
as Archbishop of Prague, 1838 (signed : I. L.); Alois Klar, of
Prague, 1833, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Fiala, op. cit. Katalo? de> Munien-und-Medailhn-Stetnpd-
Sanimlung. Ad. Hess, Reimmann Sale Catalogue.


LEROTE, THOMAS (French}. Mint-engraver at Auxonne, circ. 1420.
LERODX, CLAUDE (French}. Mint-master at Rouen, 1595.

LEROUX, GUILLAUME (French}. Mint-master at Rouen, previous
to 19. June 1515.

LEROUX, GASTON (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris ; pupil of Jouffroy and Hiolle. At the Salon of 1 888 he exhibited
the following Portrait-medallions : M lle Alice D***; Edouard
Lanier; Henri Sauvage, &c.

LEROY, GUILLAUME (French}. Mint-master at Tours, who in
conjunction with Jehan de Lorrenne, Jehan de Chantemerle and
Jehan Alleaume issued, between 1426 and 1429, Blancs of Charles \TI.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Faivre, Etatactuel des ateliers mone'tairesfranfais, 1894.

LEROY, HIPPOLYTE (Belg.}. Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Ghent, where he was born on 4. April 1857. He is the
recipient of various distinctions at national and foreign exhibitions. Of
late years he has produced numerous medals, among which the most
remarkable are : Queen Wilhelmina of Holland ; Visit of Prince
and Princess Albert of Belgium to Ghent; Provincial Exhibition
at Ghent, 1899 ; Portrait-medal of King Leopold II.; Princess
Albert of Belgium ; Agricultural Show at Namur; Association
of Engineers educated at the Industrial schools of Ghent ; Arrival
of President Kruger in Europe on board the " Gelderland", 1900;
Birth of Prince Leopold, with portrait on obv. of Princess Albert
of Belgium; Princess Elizabeth of Belgium, 1901 (commissioned
by the Belgian government) ; The Queen of Holland extending
her protection to President Kruger, &c.

Referring to some of the medals above-mentioned, M. de Witte
says : " Les medailles de M. Le Roy, en general de composition
assez chargee et un peu lourdes de fac.on, temoignent, parfois, d'une
certaine hate dans 1'execution. "

At the Paris Salon of 1902, Le Roy exhibited a frame containing
thirteen medals.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Laloire, Medailles de Belgique. A. de Witte, La medaille att

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