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salon triennal, Gaz. num., 1904, p. 45. Rev tie beige de numismatique, 1900, 1902,

LEROY, PIERRE (Belg.}. Goldsmith and Seal-engraver of Bruges,
mentioned in numerous documents dating between 1469 and 1480.
He cut seals for Charles the Bold, Maximilian and Mary, and in
1470 a Pattern Denier a la toison.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Biographic national* de Belgique, XI, 922.

LESACHE (French}. Die-sinker of the middle of the nineteenth
century. Several medals issued during the 1848 Revolution are by
him: Commemorative medal of the citizens killed in February 1848;

- The Lille Rejoicings in October 1848; The Events on 23!
and 24. February 1848, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. DeSaulcy, Souvenirs numismatiques de la Revolution de 1848.

LESCHOT, ARNOLD (Swiss). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Cortaillod (Neuchatel). He is the author of various
medals : Fete federale de gymnastique, Geneva, 1891; - Fete
federale de la Societe du Grutli, Neuchatel, 1893 ; The Military
Schools of Colombier, 1895 ( 2 var -) ; Manoeuvres of the Swiss
First Army Corps, 1895 ; Fete federale de gymnastique, Chaux-
de-Fonds, 1900, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Revue suisse de numismatique, 1891-1906.

LESCOT, FRANCOIS (French). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver at
Paris, first quarter of the seventeenth century.

LESGARE, PIERRE (French). Mint-master at Rouen, 1515-1520.
His differential mark is " two trefoils " between FRANCORVM
and REX, and also between XPS and IMPERAT in the legends. He
succeeded Guillaume le Roux.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Faivre, op. cit.

LESLEU, GUILLAUME (French}. Mint-engraver at Saint-L6, circ.

Seal-engraver of the latter end of the eighteenth century ; he resided
at Nancy, where on 5. December 1785 he was appointed Engraver
to the Corporation of Goldsmiths.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Lepage, op. cit.

LESPEUVRIER, ALAIN (French}. Goldsmith of Troyes, circ. 1556-
1573 ; Mint-engraver there in 1558.

LESSE, DANIEL (Germ.}. Mint-master at Danzig, 1656-1685. His
initials occur on some of the currency issued by him.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Max Kirmis, Handbuch der Tolnischen Mun^kundt, 1892.

LESSE, JURGEN (Germ.). Mint-master at Roth and Eckersmuhlen
(Brandenburg), 1621-1622. Ammon calls him JOHANN LESSEN.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Gebert, Die Brandenburg-Frdnkischen Kippermun^stdtten,
1620-1622. Spiesens Brandenb. Mun^belust, P. Ill, 52.


LESSER, KARL (Germ.'}. Medallist of the first half of the nineteenth
century; born in 1783; resided at Breslau, where he died, 27.
September 1849. He was the last official to hold the post of Medallist
to the Mint at Breslau, and was appointed in 1812. He is the author
of several commemorative medals relating to the Royal House of
Prussia ; one of the best known was struck on the Visit to Breslau
of Nicholas I. of Russia and Frederick William III. of Prussia ;
also : Portrait-medal of D r Elias Henschel of Breslau, 1837 ; 50*
Jubilee festival of the Lodge of True Unity at Breslau, 1833 ; -
1803. Jubilee of the University of Breslau; - 1813. Coalition of
the Allied Powers against Napoleon I. ; 1817. Luther commem-
oration medals (2 var.) ; Shooting Prize Medals ; - - Agricul-
tural Prize Medals, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Menadier, op. cit. Friedensburg,
op. cit.

LESSING, KARL GOTTHELF (Germ.}. Brother of the Poet ; bora
at Camenz in 1741, worked first at Berlin, then became Mint-
engraver at Breslau, and filled the office of Director ot the Mint
from 14. July 1779 to Easter 1810; he died on 17. February 1812.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, op. cit.

LESSORE, FREDERICK (Brit.}. Contemporary Sculptor, residing
in London. At the Royal Academy of 1905 he exhibited a Portrait-
plaque of Mark Fischer, in bronze.

LETELLIER, ARSENE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Rouen ; pupil of Duret and J. Debay. By him are numerous Portrait-
medallions, exhibited at the Salons since 1869.

LETHIELLEUX, P. (CanadJ}. Designer of a medal on the Univer-
sity College of Ottawa, struck in 1847, by Trouchou.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. Leroux, Medaillier du Canada, Montreal, 1888.

LETTRE, CORNEILLE DE (Belg.}. Mint-master at Antwerp, 18.
February 1600 to 31. March 1606.

LEU, MAX (Swiss). Contemporary Sculptor, born at Soleure;
pupil of Cavelier and L. Morice. In 1885 he exhibited at the Salon
a Portrait-medallion in bronze, and he is the author of a number
of others.

LEUKIOS (LUCIUS). This Gem-engraver's signatu re, which occurs on
a carnelian of the former Stosch collection, and represents a Winged
Nike in biga galloping, appears authentic to most critics (illustrated),
and Prof. Furtwangler does not express any doubt about it. He
says : "Die Arbeit ist ganz reizend frisch und lebendig, ohne


allzuviel Detail, ganz in der Art des Aulus und seines Viergespanns ".
According to King, this signature has been added, also on other


gems : Masque of a bearded Faun (Gori);
sard (Wackerbarth) ; - - Head of Silenus ; -

- Head of Poppaea,
Victory, carnelian;


BIBLIOGRAPHY. De Stosch, Pierres gravees, pi. 41. Babelon, Gemmae, Diet,
des ant. gr. et rom. Reinach, Pierres gravees. King, Handbook, London,
1885. Raspe, Tassie's Gems, 1791. Furtwangler, op. cit. D, Gemmenmit

Kunstlerinschriften, 1889.

LEDKON or DEUKON. Probably a fictitious engraver's signature
on gems.

LEULIE, CHARLES ACHILLE (French*). Contemporary Sculptor and
Gem-engraver, born at Paris on the 12. November 1826. At the
Salon of 1867, he exhibited two cameos in agate-onyx : Polyhymnia,
study after the antique ; Portrait of young G. Leulie; 1868.
The Spinner, cameo in oriental carnelian; 1869. Portrait ot
Napoleon I., cameo in sardonyx, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LEUPOLD (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Dresden, circ. 1765-1770.
His signature L. occurs on Polish Ducats of 1765. Vide Ammon,
Sainmliing etc.

LEUTNANT, I. (Austr.}. Assistant-engraver at the Vienna Mint,

LEUSSEOUR, BLANC (French}. Goldsmith, Seal and Jeton Engraver,
circ. i357- I 359-

LEUTZE (Amer.\ Designer of a "Shipwreck Medal" ot the
U.S. A, the dies for which were cut by Ellis. "These medals were
struck for presentation to officers of vessels of foreign nations, as an
acknowledgment of their services, in saving the lives and property
of shipwrecked Americans. "

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Snowden, Washington Medals, p. 93.

LE VASSEUR, ANTOINE {French}. Mint-master at Angers, 1599.

LEVASSEUR, JULES CLEMENT (French}. Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris ; pupil of Michel Pascal. Among his various exhibits
at the Paris Salons, Chavignerie et Auvray mention the following :
Portrait-medallions : 1874. L. Noel, dramatic artist; - 1875.
M me C***; 1876. M. Nobecourt; M. Ploton, actor; 1877.
M. A. F***; 1 88 1. M. Ploton, of the Theatre de 1'Ambigu,
bronze medal; 1886. M. Gady; 1887. Henri Eudine, etc.

LEVEQUE, PIERRE (French}. Sculptor and Die-sinker at Paris,
Palais Royal; born at Beauvais in 1780; died at Passy in 1845.
One of his daughters married the celebrated engraver L. Ch. Bouvet.
He is said to have cut several medals commemorating the Revolu-
tion of July 1830. By him are also Portrait-medals : Giuseppe Blan-
gini, Italian composer (signed : LEVEQUE SC 1 ); Rev. J. C. Lava-
ter (3 var.); - Birth of Louise Marie Therese de France, 1819,
etc., and Jetons : Mines de charbon, Dep 1 du Nord. Societe des
Mines houilleres de la Beraudiere, 1840 or 1841; Mines de
houille de La Grand'Croix, 1837; Compagnie francaise, Exploi-
tation des Houilleres, Mines et Usines, 1837; ^L. of Medal ot
St. Louis by Gayrard, with representation of the Order of St. Louis;
Compagnie du canal Monsieur, Strassburg, 1821.

Leveque contributed to Durand's medallic series.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Florange, Essai sur ks Jetons et
Medailles de Mines franfaises, Paris, 1904.

LEVI, ISAAC (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Wurzburg, 1759-1762.

LEVICK, RUBY($rz/.). Contemporary Sculptor, residing in Lon-
don, who at the Royal Academy Exhibition of 1899 showed a
Portrait-medallion of W. B. Rickman.

"Miss Levick", says Mr. Spielmann in British Sculpture and
Sculptors of to-day", who first exhibited at the Academy in 1893,
seems to have made a special study of youth at sport. Her admirably
arranged bronze statuette-groups of " Boys fishing", " Boys
wrestling " and " Foot-ball ' are all clever and well modelled; the
last named composition is full of life and vigour."

LE VIDAME, GERVAIS (French}. Mint-engraver at Angers, circ.

LEVIEIL, JEAN (?) (French}. Medallist of the early part of the
seventeenth century, who resided at Rennes. He is the author of a
medal (signed : I. LEVIEIL F.) with portraits of Louis XIII. and
Marie de Medicis, commemorating the laying of the foundation-


stone of a bridge on La Vilaine, at Rennes, 1612. The work is
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit.

LEVILLAIN, ANDRE (French"). Mint-engraver at Dijon, 1555-1558.

LEVILLAIN, FERDINAND (French"). Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Paris (Passy); pupil of Lequien and Jouffroy.
He first began to exhibit in 1861. In 1872, he was rewarded with
a medal of the second class ; a medal ot the first class in 1 884 ; a
silver medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1889; an d made a Knight
of the Legion of Honour in 1892. He died on the 22 nd January
1905. For many years he had been a member of the Jury of the
Salon. A number of his productions are exhibited at the Luxemburg

Besides numerous works of sculpture, Levillain has produced
some very fine medals and belongs to the leading French medallists
or our time. By him are : 1866. Ceres, bronze medal; Youthful
Bacchus; - - 1867. Pandora and Epimetheus; - - Napoleon I.; -
1868. Menalchus and Mopsus ; Juno; 1869. The Golden Age;

Herakles and Omphale ; Jupiter and Juno ; The Vintner,
plaque; 1870. Homer and the Shepherds, bas-relief in bronze;

- 1872. Market-day, and Return from Market; medal in clay,
obv. and }$L. ; JR.. Portrait-medal of C. Sevin, sculptor; -
1873. A Procession, bas-relief in bronze ; ^R. Portrait-medal of
F. Jouffroy, the medallist; 1874. Mercury; Portrait of M. B.***;

1875. The Rape of Europa, bas-relief in bronze; 1876. Fight
between Centaurs and Lapithae, bas-relief in terracotta; Vulcanus,
medal of the Society of bronze manufacturers ; Education
Bacchus; 1877. Youth leading a goat; - The Amphora of


Medusa; 1878. Hop Gathering; 1879. Portrait of M. Noel
Louis; 1880. Large bas-relief in bronze representing various
scenes of the myth of Bacchus, &c. ; and among the artist's later

Juno and Psyche.

medals and medallic works, the best known are no doubt : Juno
and Psyche (executed in commission for the " Societe francaise des
Amis de la Medaille; illustrated'):, - - La Lecture; Ceres and


The Charmer.

Bacchus; Universal Exhibition of 1889; the Eiffel Medal;
The National Manufactory of Sevres; Alexandre Barbier
(plaquette) ; M. Z. Beau, Canon of St. Maurice at Sens.; - The

Chariot of the Sun ; Portrait of a young Girl; The Education
of Bacchus ; - - Youth and Old age; - Aristide Bruant ; The
Charmer (illustrated'); Jean 'du Cogno; - Diogenes;
Latona and the frogs; - - Medaea; - - The Death of Argus;
The four Seasons; The Seine; - The City of Paris;"
Louis Noel; - George Gagnac; - La Terre; - -" The Death of
Argus; Perseus; - - Idyl; - Ganymede; Theodore Deck,
1887; - Abbe Beau, ivory portrait-medallion; - - The Potter,
1888; - Commemorative medal of the Eiffel Tower, 1889; -
Diogenes and Alexander bronze medal; - - Agricultural Prixe
Medal, 1890; Diogenes searching for a man; - Latona and
the farmers, 1893 ; M. Georges Berger, Deputy of the Seine; -
M. Alexandra Barbier, 1896; M 1!e Clemence Tetu, 1897; -
Ceres and Bacchus, medal, 1898, &c.

Levillain has been called " un puissant evocateur de 1'antique ".
Most of his subjects are drawn from mythology, but he has adapted
them to modern ideas, without falling into the excesses of some of
the representatives of the modern school. His feminine forms,
whether nude or enclothed in drapery are natural and delicately
modelled. Most of his compositions, in sculpture, decorative art, as
well as in medal-engraving, are well drawn, carefully designed and
elaborately executed.

M. Roger Marx has described Levillain as a very able artist, who
has been successful in modernizing the antique and stamping his work
with his own individuality ".

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit. Roger Marx, Medailleurs
contemporains. D, The Studio, Oct. 1898, p. 21. Do., Medailleurs francais.
Catalogue du Salon, 1901-1904. - LArt, 1894, p, 72. - Art et Decoration,
1899, II, 51; 1903, II, 30. Art de'coralif, 1901, 65, 67. L. Benedite,
op. cit. Gazette numismatique jrancaise, 1898, 1900. D r J. de Dompierre de
Chaufepie, Me'dailles et Plaquettes modernes, II.

LEVISON, DAVID (Scotch). Mint-master at Edinburgh under Mary
Stuart. From the 12 th March 1555 to 1556 he coined in Testoons
and Half-testoons 557 stones 4 pounds 2 | ounces; 1556-1558.
Three Pound pieces (none of 1556 are known); 1556. Lions;
1557. Placks; 1558. Lions or Hardheads, &c.-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Burns, The Coinage of Scotland, 1887.

LEVY, CHARLES (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at P
pupil ofToussaint. At the Salons of 1873 and 1878 he exhibited
Portrait-medallions of private persons.


LEWEN, SALOMON (Germ.). Coiner at Breslau-, said to have been
arrested and imprisoned on 16. November 1583 for issuing light


currency. He was Mint-master at Breslau, 1565-1600; but before
that he had filled the post of Imperial Mint-warden there.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, op. cit.

LEWIS, W. 0. (Brit.}. Die-sinker of Birmingham, whose signature:
W. 0. LEWIS BIRM M I have noticed on a Jubilee Medal of Queen
Victoria, 1887, anc ^ a l so on a Portrait-medal of General Gordon,
who died at Khartoum, 1888. He is a manufacturer of buttons,
badges, medals, &c.

LEYDIER, ANTOINE (French}. Goldsmith and Seal-engraver of
Lyons, circ. i445 - jr.46o. He is called " Antoine le dorier " in
contemporary documents. In 1456 he was entrusted with the cutting
of dies for the Mint of Lyons. By him are jetons of Queen Marie
of Anjou, consort of Charles VII.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Les Orfhres de Lyon du XIV* au XVIII s siecle,
Paris, 1888.

LEYGEBE or LEIGEBE, GOTTFRIED (Germ.'}. Medallist of the seven-
teenth centuf5 T ; born at Freistadt (Silesia) in 1630, learned the art
of die-cutting at Nuremberg in 1645, worked at Dresden, and in
1668 was appointed Mint-engraver at Berlin, where he remained
until his death in 1683. He attained an early celebrity as already in
1660 the Nuremberg copper-plate engraver Andreas Greiffhad made
his portrait.

As a Sculptor an iron, Leygebe is not only the first but also the
most famous ; his statuettes cut out of solid iron are most important
works; one of them, a small equestrian statue of the Great Elector,
represented as Bellerophon slaying the three-headed Chimaera, is
now preserved in the Hohenzollern Museum.

By this artist are the following medallic productions : Portrait-
medallion of the Great Elector, in life-size (signed : 1671. G. LEIGEBE
AD VIV : FECIT) ; - 1664. J. M. Dilherr, Nuremberg; - - 1665.
Hieronymus Gutthater; 1666. J. M. Dilherr (without the usual
signature : G. L.); Balthasar Kauffman ; 1667. Johann Mich.
Dilherr (a copy, of smaller module, of the medal dated 1664); -
Undated. Jodocus Christoph Kress (profile bust); - 1668. Jod.
Christ. Kress (facing portrait); - - Undated. The Great Elector
(facing bust) ; Another (profile portrait); 1669. The Great
Elector, on his return from Prussia; - - 1670. Birth of Princess
Maria Amalia, obv. Bust of the Electress Dorothea tyL. QVAE
PATRE SCEPTRIGERO, &c. Palm-tree, &c. ; 1673. Prince
Charles Emil, on the Campaign in Alsace; 1673. Frederick III.,
Margrave of Brandenburg I. SVVM CVIQVE. The city of Berlin,
above which an eagle; 1675. Octavian Burger, of Dresden
(illustrated) ; 1677. The Great Elector (similar to that of 1673);
- 1678. Heinrich Zipfel (not signed) ; 1679. Elizabeth Henrietta,

first consort of the Great Elector; (1680). Raban von Canstein

~ If 8 ?' I ] th irth 5l a y of Prince Phili P Wil ^m of Brandenburg

- Undated. The Great Elector and his consort. All these are
mentioned by Friedlander, but I have found records of some others
1675. Battle of Fehrbellin (2 var.); Schauthaler on the same
ex. : F : BELLINVM 18. JVN. 1675 ; ~ 1667. Death of the Great
Elector s consort, Louise Henriette, 1667 (6 var.) ; 1677 Cantnrp

- 1669. Marriage of the Great Elector with Princess Elizabeth
Henrietta of Hesse-Cassel; - 1681. Henrietta Catherina, Princess
of Orange, etc.

Octavian Burger, 1675, by G. Leygebe.

Most of this artist's medals are cast and chased, but some are
also struck. To the cast specimens belong those dated 1664-1667,
which were executed in all probability at Nuremberg, and also his
earlier Berlin productions ; they are by far the best, as the models
were prepared in wax in a very free manner.

Leygebe's initials occur also on currency of Brandenburg. I have
noticed them on a Thaler of the Great Elector, dated 1679.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, Deutsclx Medailleure, Berlin, 1884. Bolzenthal,
op. oil., Menadier, Scbaumun^en des Hauses Hohen^ollern, Berlin, 1901. -
Hamburger, Raritaten Katalog, IV, n 259. J. Friedlander, Gottfried Leigebe,
Zeitschrift fur Numismatik, X, 202-216. Catalogue der Nederlandschc en op
Nederland betrckhing bebbende Gedenkpenningen, 's Gravenhage, 1903. Blanchet,
op. cit. Ad. HessNachf., Reimmann Catalogue, II, 1892. De bistoriepenningen
en munten betrekking bebbende op bet Stambuis van Oranje-Nassau, 1898. D r Julius
Cahn, Medaillen und Plaketten der Sammlung W. P. Metier, 1898.


LEYNER, VALENTIN (Austr.). Mint-warden at Kremnitz, 1551-

LEYSALLE, PIERRE EMILE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris ; pupil of Mathurin Moreau and Carpeaux. By him are
several medallic works : 1874. Portrait-medallion in bronze; 1875 .
Portrait-medallion of M. D***; Another of D r Lanne; 1878.
Portrait-medallion of M me L. S***; Portrait-medallion ot
Alphonse Poitevin (signed : E. LEYSALLE. [uniface, cast in bronze]);
Medal commemorating the Utilization of the Motive powers of
the Rhone, 1886 (engraved by Hugues Bovy and C. Richard); -
Fourth Cantonal Rifle Meeting at Geneva, 1882 (engr. by
C. Richard); 1892. The Triumph of Universal Suffrage;
Three Portrait-medallions in wax, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit. Bulletin suisse de num.,
1882. Tobler-Meyer, op, cit. Information received from M. Jules Florange,

L. F. Vide LUCA FALIERO. Mint-inspector at Venice, 1631.

L. F. Vide LEEFKEN, J. J. Medallist at St. Petersburg, circ. 1694-

L. F. Vide LUNGERBERGER, J. Medallist at St. Petersburg, circ.

L. F. Vide LOOS, G. F. Medallist and Mint-engraver at Nuremberg,
Ratisbon and Wurzburg, 1742-1766.

L. F. Vide LAVY, AMADEO. Mint-engraver at Turin, circ. 1796-

L. G. VideLA.R& GRANDEL. Medallist at Stockholm, 1800-1836.

L. G. Fz'tfcGENNARI, L. Roman Medallist of the early part of the
nineteenth century.

L. G. L. Vide LAZARUS GOTTLIEB LAOFER. Mint-master at
Nuremberg, 1670-1690.

L. H. Vide LUBERT HAUSSMANN. Mint-master at Miihlhausen,
1616, and Cassel, 1635-1638.

L. H. FwkLUDWIG HELD. 1805, f 1839. Medallist at Berlin.

LH. Vide HAUBOLD LEHNER. Mint-master at Ratisbon, 15 98; died
in 1628.


L. H. B. Vide LUDWIG HEINRICH BARBIEZ. Medallist at Berlin,

L. H. L. Vide LUDOLPH HEINRICH LUDERS. Mint-master at Det-
mold and Brake, 1716-1727.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

L'HOEST, EUGENE LEON (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris on the 12. July 1874; pupil of Thomas and Lanson, and
of the cole Nationale des Beaux-Arts. He first began exhibiting at
the Salon in 1893, and has earned the following awards : 1895,
Mention honorable; and 1900, Medal of the 3 rd Class. He is also
a Laureat de 1'Institut and Officier d'Academie.

Beside numerous work of sculpture this artist has produced
the following Plaquettes and Medallions : Gorge Ville, Administra-
teur du Museum (yR. Plaquette, Salon 1901); Maurice Muller;
M lle Georges Ohnet (yR. Plaquette, Salon 1902);
M me L'hoest ; - - M me X***; - - M. R. Lecocq, 1903 ; Salon of
1904. Portrait of M" e Simone Magnant ; Frame containing
various medals in silver; 1905. LaCit future; Two Portrait-
medallions and a Plaquette, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly supplied by Hx Artist.

L'HOMME-DE-MERCEY, BERNARD (French). Sculptor of the nine-
teenth century; a pupil of David d' Angers and F. Rude; has
exhibited at the Salons between 1847 and 1865. By him are some
Portrait-medallions in the style of David d'Angers.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

L'HOMMEAU, JULES AURELE (French). Contemporary Sculptor of
Mans (Sarthe); pupil of Barrias. He exhibited at the Salon of 1898
a Portrait-plaquette ; and in 1905. M me L. R***, etc.

LHOSTE, LAURENT BRUNO (French). Director of the Bordeaux
Mint, from year IV to year XL of the First Republic ; distinctive
mark, an ancient lamp.

LHOSTE, PIERRE (French). Mint-master at Chambe"ry, circ.

LJALIN, ALEXANDER (Rnss.}. Medallist of the second quarter ot
the nineteenth century, who worked at St. Petersburg. Iversen
states that he was born in 1799, entered in 1813 the Academy ot
Fine Arts, where he obtained the second silver medal, appointed
Engraver at the Mint in 1824, and died in 1861. From 1851 until
his'death he held a chair of Professor of medal-engraving at the

- 432

Amongst his productions, which are usually signed A.JI. or
A.JIHJIIIffb I have noticed : Portrait-medal of Peter the Great ;

Coronation of Alexander II., 1856.

Transfer of the University to the building of the 12 Colleges,
1838; Sir James. Wylie, Bart., physician, 1840; Coronation
Medal of Alexander II, 1856 (illustrated}; - D r Pietro Zagorski,

- 433

St. Petersburg ; D r Johann Georg von Ruehl ; D r Johann von
Busch, St. Petersburg, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Iversen, Medailhn auj die Thaten Peter des Grossen,
St. Petersburg, 1872. F. P. Weber, op. cit.

LJALIN, PAUL (Russ.}. Medallist of the end of the eighteenth and
early part of the nineteenth century; father of the more celebrated
Engraver Alexander Ljalin. None of his medallic works have come
under my notice.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Iversen, op. cit.

L'HUILIER, ADOLPHE (French}. Contemporary Gem-engraver,
born at Breteuil (Eure). At the Salon of 1898 he exhibited a Plaque
representing the facade of the Paris Opera House.

LIARD, A. (French). Son of Ferdinand Liard, and also one of the
most expert Founders of modern times. He is employed, not
only by French, but also by British medallists to cast their
medallions. There is a Portrait-plaquette of A. Liard by Lechevrel.

LIARD, ANTONIN LOUIS (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris; pupil of David. At the Salon of 1895 he exhibited a
Portrait-medal of Achille Wilmotte.

LIARD, FERDINAND (French). A celebrated Founder, well-known
by his casts of early Italian medals in the Victoria and Albert
Museum, South Kensington. He cast various Portrait-medallions,
amongst which that of Darwin, by Prof. Legros. There is a Portrait-
medallion of F. Liard by Fremy, 1866.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. F. P. Weber, op. cit.

LIATOUD, JEAN (French). A native of Valence, Mint-master at
Lyons in 1340, and also designated in a contemporary document
"sculptor ferrorum ". According to Rondot,the coins engraved by
Liatoud in 1340 were : Denier blanc (2 var._); Denier double
noir; Petit Denier noir; Obole noire.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Xatalis Rondot, Les Graveurs de Monnaits d Lvon, MAcon,

LIBBEKE, JEANNE VAN (Belg.). Widow of Dominique Wouters,
and his successor as Mint-master at Antwerp, from i. April 1618
to 19. August 1619.

LIBBEKE, JEAN and JEANNE (Belg.). Joint Mint-masters at Ant-
werp, 18. September 1619 24 April 1620.

LIBBEKE, JEAN (Belg.}. Mint-master at Antwerp, 30. April 1620
31 March 1624.

L. FOBREJI. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III.



LIBENS. According to Raspe, a carnelian intaglio with the heads
of Antoninus Pius and Faustina Senior is thus signed.

LICHTE, JACOB (Germ.). Mint-master at Mansfeld, 1621.

LICINIUS. Fictitious signature on a Poniatowski gem represent-
ing Orion in Hades.

LIDIN, OLOF (Swed). Mint-master at Stockholm, 1774-1819.

Online LibraryL. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists : coin, gem, and sealengravers, mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works B.C. 500-A.D. 1900 (Volume 3) → online text (page 33 of 49)