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LICINIUS, NERVA A. (Rom.). Mint-master (Triumvir monetalis)
at Rome, B.C. 49-45.

LICINIUS STOLO, P. (Rom.). Mint-master (Triumvir monetalis)
at Rome, B.C. 17.

LIDL, MATHES VON MISSLAW (Austr). Mint-master at Kutten-
berg, circ. 1350.

LIEBEKE, CORNEILLE VAN (Belg.). Mint-master at Bruges,
10. January 1600 to 8. November 1605; also at Brussels,
15. January 1601 to 21. March of same year. His name occurs in
some documents as LIBBEKE.

LIEBEKE, JEAN VAN (Belg.). Mint-master at Bruges, 15. December
1606 to 31. August 1613, and again from 30. December 1618 to
14. September 1619.

LIEBEKE, LAURENT VAN (Belg). Mint-master at Bruges, 10. March
to 15. May, 1584.

LIEBEL, LUDWIG (Germ). Mint-engraver at . Gunzburg, 1786.
Previously to his appointment at Gunzburg, he had been Mint-
engraver at Prague, 1765-1784. He cut dies for Thalers, Zwanziger,
Zehner and Groschen of Joseph II.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Fiala, op. cit.

LIEBHARD, RUDOLF (Austr). Mint-engraver at Carlsburg in Trans-
sylvania, after 1779.

LIEBHOLZ, ANDREAS (Germ). Mint-contractor at Kemnath,

LIEBMANN, A. (Germ). Engraver and Die-sinker at Berlin.
I have seen a medal by him of Prof. Ludwig Pietsch, on his
8o th Birthday, 25. December 1904.

LIEBMANN, JOHANN (Germ). Mint-warden at Clausthal, 1646,
Krossen, 1664-1667, and Berlin, 1667-1682. His initials occur on

- 435

medals by G. Leygebe issued on the death of Louise Henrietta,
Princess of Orange, Princess Elector of Brandenburg (sev. var.) 3 etc.

LIEROSLAW, SIEGMUND VON (Austr.}. Mint-engraver at Kutten-
berg, 1516-1522.

LIEBST, DIETRICH CHRISTIAN (Germ.}. Mint-master at Altona,
1783-1787. Some of his issues are signed D.C.L.

LIEDL, MICHAEL (Germ.}. Mint-master at Amberg, 1622-1623.

LIENARD, P. G. (French}. Medallist of the early part of the nine-
teenth century, residing at Paris, who issued a large series of oval
Portrait-plaques, uniface, of celebrated Men, ancient and modern.
One of these bears the reverse inscription : MEDAILLEUR



The series is a very large one ; the plaques are oval in shape and
of repousse \\-or\a, generally with the name of the person represented.
The following have come under my notice : Napoleon I. (many varie-
ties); Empress Josephine; Empress Marie- Louise ; Louis
Napoleon, King of Holland; Queen Hortense ; Joseph
Napoleon, King of Spain; Jerome Napoleon, King of West-
phalia; Prince Murat; - - Bernadotte, Prince of Ponte Corvo,
1806; - J. B. Jules Bernadotte, Prince Royal of Sweden, 1810;
Queen Caroline; Princess Borghese; - Princess Pauline; -
Marshal Oudinot, Duke of Reggio; Prince Lebrun, Duke of
Placentia; Massena, Prince of Esslingen; Marshal Ney;
Marshal Souk; The Duke of Wellington ; &c., and many
other portraits of ancient and modern Emperors and Empresses,
Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Generals and Admirals ;
also Painters, as P. P. Rubens, Sculptors, Architects, &c.

Bramsen, Me'daillier Napoleon le Grand, Copenhagen, 1904, de-
scribes the following productions of Lienard : 1799. Cambaceres;
Lebrun; 1800. Death of General Desaix at Marengo (5 var.);
Assassination of Kleber (4 var.) ; Homage to Napoleon (3 var.);

- 1806. Louis Napoleon, King of Holland; - Hortense, Queen
of Holland ; General L. G. Suchet; 1807. Death of Count de
Portalis (2 var.); The Empress Josephine; 1806. Death ot
Cardinal de Belloy ; Alexander L, Czar of Russia; The Queen
of Prussia; Camille, Prince Borghese; Pauline, Princess
Borghese; Amelia, Vice-queen of Italy; - Marshal Ney; -
Genera] Junot (2 var.); General Hullin; Frangais, directeur
des droits reunis (2 var.); - 1809. Charles Louis, Archduke of


Austria ; The King of Saxony ; The King of Wurtemberg ;
Henri IV.; Turenne (2 var.); Abbe de 1'Epee (2 var.), etc.

Kremnitz, appointed on the 12. December 1618.

LIEPHARD, HANS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Erfurt, 1592-1599, and
Gottingen, 1601-1606.

LIEPHARD, VALENTIN (Austr}. Mint-master at Vienna, 1455-
1473, under Frederick III.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Von Ebengreuth, op. cit., pp. 84, 85.

LIEWID (Germ.}. Moneyer at Breslau, 1627.

LIGBER, J.(Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Warsaw, clrc. 1808.

LIGER, ANTOINE (French}. Mint-engraver at Aix, 1578-7 1583.

LIGER, JEAN (French}. Son of Antoine Liger; Mint-engraver at
Aix, 1581-1609.

LIGER, LEGER (French}. Leodegarius Ligerii. Goldsmith, appointed
by the Archbishop of Lyons, on 23. February 1383, as Mint-
engraver there (Sculptor sen scissor cugnorum dicte monete} under the
Mint-master Barthelemy Lambert.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Les Graveurs a la Monnaie de Lyon, 1897.
Rondot and De La Tour, op. cit.

LIGIER, GEOFFROY or GEDFFROY (French). Goldsmith and Mint-
engraver at Troyes, 1482-1515.

LIGORIO. PIRRO (Ital.}. A Neapolitan Forger of the seventeenth
century, whose productions are commonly known as " Ligoriana ",
and consist mostly of ancient coins, probably Roman Imperial
copper coins, which he cleverly patinated, also coins and medals of
Popes and Cardinals, amongst which the medal of Cardinal Jacomo
Savello (later Pope Honorius IV., 1285-1287), &c.

Prof. Dressel of Berlin suggests that many of the so-called
Paduans are probably by Ligorio, and quotes the following docu-
ments concerning this renowned Forger from Martinelli's " Roma
ex ethnica sacra" (Rome, 1653, p. 423).

Pirro Ligorio, mi disse Jacomo Card. Sauello, il quale I'haueua conos-
ciuto, cVera un antiquario, che faceua projessione, di cercare li vestigi
antichi delle fabriche di Roma, e di disegnarli : si dilettaua delle meda-


glie antiche, & m fece itnprontare molte di nuouo, dandoli una ruggine
verde, b altro fuco, acrid paressero antiche, delle quali m fece, b contra-
fece gran quantita, che hanno ingannato molti. Tali medaglie stamfi
anche de Papi e Cardinali, tanto de tempi antichi, come de tempi bassi,
& questo mi disse il detto Jacomo Card. Sauello un giorno, ck'iogiouane li
portai una medaglia di Jacomo Card. Sauello Cardinak antico di qitesta
casa, che fu Papa Honorio IV dicendomi, non e antica, deue essere di
Pirro Ligorio, & mi signified ch'era huomo mannale dr non di lettere,
come si pud vedere da questo libretto, al quale non est tutum credere.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. H. Dressel, Pirro Ligorio ah Mfin^/dlscher, Zeitschrift fur
Numismatik, XXII, 206. Pompeo Ugoni. Ligorio's book " delk antichita di
Roma ".

LIHR (Swed.} Mint-Director at Helsingtors, appointed in 1896.

LIKOS. Inscription on a fine Gem, but probably the name of the

Gem inscribed AIKOZ-

LILLART (French^). Contemporary Die-sinker at Lyons, by whom
is an Agricultural Prize Medal with bust of Jean Francois Rozier.

LILLY, M. G. (Amer.}. Goldsmith or Jeweller of Columbus,
Ohio, who published in 1899 a medal of the American Public
Health Association (A.J.N. 1490).

LIMA, CASIMIR JOSE DE (Port.}. Mint-engraver at Lisbon, 1856-
1899, and Medallist; pupil of Fred. A. de Campos. He was
appointed Second Engraver in 1870.

At the Universal Exhibition, Paris, 1900, this artist exhibited a
medal dedicated to D r Jose de Souza Martino.

By Lima is a Catalogue of the puncheons, matrices and dies
existing at the Lisbon Mint Museum, which was published in

ing-counsellor at Munich; } 1787.

Amberg, 1763-1780.

438 -

LINCK, JOHANN (Germ.}. Medallist and Mint-engraver at Heidel-
berg, 1659-1711. His initials occur in 1690 on currency of the
Bishop of Wiirzburg, and some of his medals are signed : LINCK;
or I. LINCK sculp. Heidelbergae.

Amongst his productions are : Frankfurt Medal of Leopold I.,
1696 (signed : I.L.); Peace of St-Germain-en-Laye, and Fontaine-
bleau, 1679 (signed :-LINCK : sculp. Heidelbergae).

A Thaler of Charles, Count Palatine of the Rhine, 1681, bears
the initials IL which refer to a Mint-master ot the name of J. Linck
(Vide Ad Hess Nachf., Reiuimaim Sale Catalogue, II, n 4355).

Schlickeysen-Pallmann suggest that he may have also worked at
Cassel, circ. 1691.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Ammon, op. cit. Hildebrand, op.
cit., I, 417.

LINCKE or LYNCH or LINCHE, GERMAYNE (Brit.). Master of the
Mints in Ireland, from the end of Henry VI. 's reign to the 13 th year
of Edward IV. He was indicted, An 12 Edward IV. (1462) "for
that when the statute said, that every pound of Bullion coined,
should be forty-four shillings in money, he coined out of every
pound forty-eight shillings, and that he coined at Drogheda one
thousand groats, which being tried, it was found that eleven weigh-
ed but three-quarters of an ounce" and found guilty; but the King
having, by letters patent, granted him his pardon in 1473, he was
again employed.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ruding, op. cit. Simon, An Essay on Irish Coins, Dublin,

LINDAHL, S. (Dan.). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist of
Copenhagen. D r Storer knows of an unsigned medal, by him, of
the Medical Students at the University of Copenhagen (1889).

Sculptor and Medallist, residing at Paris ; pupil of Jacques Perrin
and Keltz.

By him are the following medallic productions : 1896. M me
Lindauer; 1899. Portrait of Pierre; Four medals in silver;
1900. M me Lindauer, medal in steel; Pierre, portrait-plaquette
in steel; - - 1901. La Vierge au lys; L'Ange pleureur; - Le
Christ du Sacre Coeur ; Virgin and Child ; " Mater Inviolata " ;
Tricoteuse; - 1902. Portrait-plaquettes; 1903. Alcool
industriel (bronze medallion); The French Republic (bronze
medallion) ; Portrait-plaquette of M. J. Buffet; 1904. Portrait
of M. Laurent Buffet (plaquette); Medaille du 37 e de ligne ; -
Alcool industrel; 190 5. Portrait of Pierre; 1906. Plaquette, and
various medals, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogues du Salon, 1900.

- 439 -

LINDBERG, ERIK (Suied.*). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Stockholm ; a son of Prof. Adolf Lindberg, born in 1873
and although quite young, a very able and clever artist. " He has

Nobel Medal (Literature), by Erick Lindberg.

shown in the execution of the various medals he has already pro-
duced a very rare ability, not only in regard to composition and


artistic workmanship, but also in the delicacy of expression and
feeling of form in his modelling of the subjects. The likeness of the

. of Nobel Medal (Physics and Chemistry).

. of Nobel Medal (Physiology and Medicine).

late Alfred Nobel on the various Prize Medals reproduced here, is
considered excellent " (The Studio, XXVIII, p. 145).

By Erik Lindberg are other Portrait-medals of celebrated Swedes
and historical medals.

LINDBERG, ADOLF (5;m/.) Contemporary Medallist and Professor
of drawing at the official School of Art in Stockholm ; also Engraver
of medals to the King of Sweden; he studied at Paris at the
Academy of Fine Arts and was a pupil of Paulin Tasset. His earliest
productions date from about 1860.

The following medals by this talented artist have come under
my notice : Medal of the Industrial and Commercial Association of
Upsala, 1862 ; - - Medal of 'the Stockholm Sharpshooters' Club,
1868; - - Marriage of Princess Louise of Sweden with Crown
Prince Frederick of Denmark, 1869 (3 var.); - Memorial Medal
of Queen Louise of Sweden, 1871; - - Memorial Medal of King
Charles XV. of Sweden, 1872; - - Medal of the Royal Military
Academy of Sweden; - - Upsala Agricultural Show, 1875; -
Medal of the Swedish Numismatic Society, with' portrait of Jonas
HaTlenberg, 1876 ; Another, with portrait of Karl Johann Torn*
berg, 1878; D r Lorenz Gabriel Branting, St. Petersburg, 1^.79;

Portrait-medal of J. C. Hedlinger, the famous medallist, 1882;

Portrait Memorial Medal of Jenny Lind, 1887 (Prize Medal of
the Royal Academy of Music at Stockholm ; it is signed on f$L.
ADOLF LINDBERG) ; - Oscar II., on the Dedication of the Masonic
Temple in Stockholm, 1876; Christian Frederick Ewert, 1878
(semi-centennial medal dedicated by the Freemasons of Gottenburg);

- Portrait of King Oscar II. ; D r Ewert ; Prof. Palmstedt ; -
M. Keder ; Head of Minerva, c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Hildebrand, op. cit. Weber, ep. cit., 48, 117. Marvin,

op. cit.

LINDBERG, ALBRECHT (SiL'ed.). Mint-master at Stockholm, 1762-
1773. His initials A. L. occur on coins of Adolph Frederick and
Gustavus III. of Sweden.

LINDELBACH, SEBALD (Germ.). Mint-master at Sorau, 1622-1623,
in conjunction with Friedrich von Stierbitz, Johann Jakob Huser
and Johann Merchel.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erbstein, op. cit.

LINDENSCHMIDT, JOHANN (Germ.). Medallist and Coin-engraver,
born in 1770 at Camberg in Westerwald, died at Wiesbaden in 1819.
" He was brought up at first to be a Ginsmith ", says D r F. P.
Weber, " his father Wilhelm's trade, but soon found means to
educate himself in drawing, engraving, &c. and worked as a Medal-
list and Mint-engraver, first in Mayence, 1790-1808, then at Wies-
baden, 1808-1819. Wilhelm Lindenschmidt, the historical painter,
and D r Ludwig Lindenschmidt, the antiquary, were his sons ". He

44 2

was highly esteemed at Mayence, although from circumstances he
was almost limited to mere mechanical works. " He however'',
observes Bolzenthal, " executed some medals which show his ability,
especially one with his own likeness and that of his wife."

Lindenschmidt was " Hof-und Miinzgraveur " ; Mint-master at
Usingen (Nassau), 1808-1819; and supplied dies to the mints of
Ehrenbreitstein, Darmstadt, Mayence, Arolsen, and Wiesbaden; he
worked also for Frederick Charles Joseph, Baron von Erthal,
Bishop of Mayence; the Grand Duke of Hesse, Ludwig I. ; George,
Prince of Waldeck-Pyrmont; and the Dukes of Nassau, Frederick
Augustus, and Wilhelm.

Most of the coins engraved by Lindenschmidt are signed L. ; some
however : LINDENSCHMIDT, or I. L. Amongst these are : NASSAU.
Duke Frederick Augustus. 1808. Darmstadt 6 Kreuzer; 3 Kreuzer ;
i Kreuzer (sev. var.); Dickkreuzer; JR. Proof of the Dickkreuzer;

Conv. Thaler of Frederick Augustus of Nassau, 1811, by Lindenschmidt.

| Kreuzer (or Heller) (sev. var.); JR. Proof of the | Kreuzer or Heller ;
- Ehrenbreitstein, Similar currency; - - 1809. A/". Ducat (and
Proofs in ^E); Conv. Thaler; Conv. | Thaler; Conv. Gulden of
Usingen; Zwanziger; Zehner; Conv. Zwanziger (20 Kreuzer);
Zehner (12 Kreuzer); Funfer (6 Kreuzer); Kreuzer (sev. var.);
\ Kreuzer (Heller) ; - 1810. Conv. Thaler; 3 Kreuzer; Kreuzer;
Heller; 1811. Conv. Thaler (illustrated); 3 Kreuzer; Kreuzer ;
1812. Conv. Thaler; 3 Kreuzer: Kreuzer (and JR. Proof
of same); 1813. Conv. Thaler ; 3 Kreuzer ; Kreuzer ; | Kreuzer;
\ Kreuzer; 1814. Conv. Thaler; 3 Kreuzer; f Kreuzer, &c.
Duke Wilhelm. 1816. Kronenthaler ; 6 and 3 Kreuzer ; 1817.
Kronenthaler; 6 Kreuzer; 3 Kreuzer; i Kreuzer; Kreuzer
(sev. var.); 1818. Kronenthaler; Kreuzer ; Kreuzer 1819.
Kreuzer; Kreuzer. - - BISHOPRIC OF MAYENCE. Frederick Charles
Joseph, Baron von Erthal. 1794. Obsidional Conv. Thaler, 1794


(illustrated); Other currency of 1794-1796. HESSE. Grand Duke
Ludwig I. 18-09. Con v. Thaler; - WALDECK-PYRMONT. Prince
George. 181 1. Conv. Thaler, &c.

Lindenschmidt's best known medals are -.Opening of the navigation
on the Lahn up to Weilburg, 1810; Abolition ot Serfdom, 1812;
Visit of Frederick Augustus, Duke of Nassau, to the Ehrenbreit-
'stein Mint, 1815 ; Proclamation Medal of Duke Frederick Augus-
tus, struck at the Mint ofEhrenbreitstein, 1808; Medal ofMerit,
with bust of the same Ruler; Portrait-medal of Nicolaus Fischer
(of Thaler size), 1812 ; Medal for Valour in the field, with bust
of Duke Frederick I. (signed LINDENSCHMIDT F.); The Waterloo
Medal (granted to the troops of Nassau by Duke Frederick Augustus;
Ptarrer Zeitmann, of Frankfort-on-M., 1809, on his Jubilee;
Portrait-medal of the Artist himself and his wife (one of Linden-
Schmidt's best productions).

Obsidional Conv. Thaler of Mayence, 1794-

"Lindenschmidt worked more as a Seal-engraver than a Medallist",
remarks D r Weber. "His name should be familar to all antiquaries
on account of one of his sons, the late D r Ludwig Lindenschmidt,
Hon. F. S. A., to whose untiring energy the splendid collection
illustrative of Teutonic antiquities at Mayence owes so much ".

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Julius Isenbeck, Dis Nassauische Muniwesen, Wiesbaden,
^79. Bolzenthal, op. cit., p. 320. Ad. Hess Nachf., Reimmann Sale Cata-
logue, 1892. D"- F. P. Weber, English Medals by foreign Artists, pp. 48, n?-
G. H. Lockner, Mailer Muntfeamte des 17. und 18. Jabrbunderts, Berliner
Miinzblatter, 1904, p. 432.

LINDERMAN, HON. HENRY RICHARD (Amer.). Director of the
Mints and Assay offices of the United States, 1873-1878. In 1855,
he received his "first appointment as Chief Clerk of the Philadelphia
Mint, and held it until 1864; in 1867 President Johnson appointed
him Director of the Mint, a post which he resigned in 1869.

- 444 -

" It was D r Linderman who projected the trade dollar, solely for
commerce, and not intended to enter into circulation in the United
States. It was a successful means of finding a market for the great
surplus of silver, which he sought to send to Oriental countries
rather than flood his own and depreciate its fickle value ". (Evans,
op. cit., p. 106.)

D r Linderman died at Washington in January 1879.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. George G. Evans, Illustrated History of ike United States
Mint, 1892.

LINDNER, ABRAHAM (Austr.}. Administrator of the Mint at Hall
(Tyrol), 1612-1613).

LINDNER, GEORG (Germ.}. Manufacturer of Decorations, Badges,
and Prize Medals for Societies, &c. ; established at Nuremberg,
since about 1890. His signature occurs also on a memorial Portrait-
medal of Prince Bismarck, 1898.

LINDNER, JOHANN M. (Germ.'}. Counter-manufacturer at Nurem-
berg, eighteenth century.

LINDQUIST, EDITH (Brit.'}. Contemporary Modeller, residing in
London. At the Royal Academy, 1901, she exhibited a medallion,
cast in bronze, representing " The Triumph of Good over Evil".

LINDSAY, P. Y. (Brit.'}. Mint-master at Calcutta, January to June

LINLEY, WILLIAM (Brit.}. Mint-master at Madras, from February
1805 to March 1807.

LINSOLAS, ARMAND (French}. Mint-master at Villeneuve-Saint-
Andre-les- Avignon, 1626. He issued there Doubles andDeniers, the
dies for which were cut by Pierre Regnier.

LIOTARDDE LAMBESC, PASCAL (French}. Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Lambesc (Bouches-du-Rhone) ; pupil of David d'Angers.
By him are various Portrait-medallions in the style of his master.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LIPASIUS probably for ASPASIUS. A fictitious signature on a gem,
with head of Rhea, formerly in the Worsley Museum. .

LIPHARD, or LIPHART, HANS (Gwm.).Mint-masterat Erfurt, 1592-
1599. Schlickeysen-Pallmann suggest that he may have acted in the
same capacity at Gottingen, 1601-1606, but this is rather doubtful.

LIPOVSKY, MARTIN CARL (Bohem.}. Mint-engraver at Prague,
1718-1726, and probably until after 1731, although Fiala mentions
only the former dates.

- 445

He cut dies for the Bohemian Half Kreuzers of 1728, Groschen
and Kreuzers of 1731 ; also Ducats, Thalers, Half Thalers, and
Groschen of 1718 (with bust of Charles Vl.),etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fiala, Beschreibung , c. Katalog der Mun%en,8ic.

LIPPI, FILIPPINO (//a/.). Florentine Painter (1460-1504); son ot
Fra Filippo Lippi ; he is presumed to have been a pupil of Botticelli.
His earliest known work is the" Vision of St. Bernard "in Florence,


Medal of Lucrezia Borgia.

and he executed various works in Bologna, Genoa and Rome;
painted frescoes and altar-pieces, and scenes in the lives of St. Peter
and St. Paul.


Friedlander has suggested him as the author of some medals of
Lucrezia Borgia, which are however undoubtedly the work of Gian.
Cristoforo Romano. (q. v.}

LIPP, HANNS (Germ.). Mint-master at Thorn, circ. 1629-1650.
Vide Ammon, op. cit., n 381. Schlikeysen-Pallmann call him
LIPPE and give his date as 1629-1630.

LIPPI, MAGNO (/to/.). Mint-master at Parma, 1618.
LIPPOMANO, ZUANO (/to/.). Mint-overseer at Cattaro, 1592-1594.

LIRSCH, BALTHAZAR (Germ.). Probably a Mint-official atBreslau,
circ. 1618. The initials B L on a 24 Kreuzer piece of that mint and
date may stand for his name. He appears to have been implicated
in the proceedings against Burchard Hase for fraud in connection
with the working of the mint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, op. cit. Schlesiens Vorzeit &c. VII.

LISOLA, FRANZ (BARON VON) (Germ.'}. The last contractor of the
Breslau Mint, 1663-1665. Coins of the respective values of 15, 6,
and 3 Kreuzers were issued by him and bear his initials F B L
or F B D L (Franciscus Baro De Lisola).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Schlesiens neitere Mun^geschichle.

LISLE, ANDRfc DE (French). Goldsmith of Lyons, 1538-1549, who
was working as Die-cutter at the Mint there in 1538-1541; later,
1541-1549, he filled the post of Mint-master (Garde de la Monnaie)
at Grenoble.

He usually signed himself : Andre de lysle.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot, Les Graveuts de Lyon.

LIU CH'E (Chin.}. B.C. 156-87. Son of Liu Ch'i, whom he
succeeded in 140 as sixth Sovereign of the Han dynasty. In 136
copper coins were cast, the forerunners of the present Cash.

LIDNG, T. (Swed.}. A Prize Medal of the Royal Historical and
Archaeological Society of Sweden, with bust of King Charles XIV.
John, 1826, bears this signature, which is probably that of a Die-

LJUNGBERGER, GUSTAV (Swed.}. Medallist of the second half of
the eighteenth century, born circ. 1740, who worked at Stockholm,
1765-1801. On the death of Fehrman in 1780, he was appointed
Court-medallist. His talent found recognition from the Academies
of Florence, Bologna, Vienna, and Copenhagen which received
him as a member, and the King of Sweden (Gustavus III.) invested
him with the Order of Wasa.

- 447 -

Among this artist's best known productions are the following
medals : Medal of the Lodge " Eintracht", of Stralsund, commem-
orating the Convocation in that Lodge of Swedish Masons, at the
close of the Seven Years' War, and presented to those who attended
(2 var. of 1762) ; - Another, issued by the officers and members
of a Swedish Army Lodge, when in Stralsund, during the Seven
Years' War (2 var. of 1757); Badge of honour for wounded
soldiers in a Swedish Army Lodge, during the Seven years' War
[All these medals were cut by Ljungberger at Stralsund, the capital
of Pomerania, which at that time was Swedish territory]; -
Prince Charles of Sweden, 1788 (medal struck at Stockholm by the
Grand Land Lodge for presentation to the Grand Duke); Jubilee
of the Bank of Stockholm, 1768 ; - - Jacob Albrecht, Baron von
Lantingshausen, Lieutenant General of Stockholm, 1770; Prize
Medal of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, with bust of
Jon. Alstromer (illustrated); Prince Charles of Hesse, Protector
of the four united Lodges of Hamburg (signed : G. L.) ; Adolphus

Prize Medal of the Swedish RoyalfAcademy of Sciences.

Frederick, King of Sweden, on his Abdication, 15. December 1768;
The King's gratitude for the festivities given in his honour,
1769; - King Adolphus Frederick and Queen Louisa Ulricas
Silver Wedding, 1769; Crown Prince Gustavus, 1770; Deah
of King Adolphus Frederick, and Burial, 1771 ; - Stockholm Fre
Insurance Company; Death of Queen Louisa Ulrica, and Bural,
1782; 1 6 th Anniversary of Crown Prince Gustavus, 24. Januars
1761; Journey of the Crown Prince to the mining districts
1768 (2 var.) ; Medal ot the Swedish Royal Academy of Science
(Gustavus III.), 1771 ; The King's encouragement to the speaker
of the nobility and commons at the Royal Diet, 1771; -
tution of the Order of Wasa on the occasion of King Gustavus III. s
Coronation, 1772; - Coronation ot Gustavus III. at Stockholm,
1772 (sev. var.) , - - The King presenting a new Constitution for
the adoption of the Diet, 1772 ; - - Institution of voluntary
Workhouses in Stockholm, 1773 ; - - The King grants the Liberty

- 448 -

of the Press, 1774 ; - The Greenland Company instituted for the
promotion of Whalefishery, etc., 1774; - Statue of Gustavus I.
erected at Stockholm, 1774; Duke Charles of Sodermanland's
marriage with Princess Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte ot Holstein-
Gottorp, 7. July 1774; Finland's new superior Courts of Justice,
r 775 > The King visits the Royal Bank of Stockholm, 27. May
1-777; Sporting and Athletic Fete at Stockholm, May and June
1777 ; Increase of official wages by ordinance of 24. June 1778;

The King's regulation for a new 7 national Uniform, 1778; -

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