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Restoration of Gustavus II. Adolphus' Order of Knights, 1778;
Birth of the Crow r n Prince Gustavus Adolphus, i. November 1778 ;

Christening of the Crown Prince, 10. November 1778 (2 var.);

Medal of Honour granted by the King to the representatives of
the Diet present at the Christening ; - - Religious Tolerance in
Sweden, 1779 ; - The security of Swedish Trade vindicated,

M 1Ie Clairon.

Carlskrona, 4. June 1779; Various jetons ; Birth of the Duke
of Smaland, Charles Gustavus, 25. August 1782; Another, on
the same event $L. FOECVNDITAS II ; The King's care con-
cerning Swedish commerce; Portrait-medal of Voltaire, 1786;

Progress of the Crown Prince Gustavus Adolphus' studies, 1786 ;

Prize Medals for Agriculture (2 var.); - - Prize Medal ot the
Academy of Painting and Sculpture, 1780 ; - Orlogsmanna
Sallskapet, 1771 (2 var.); Royal Patriotic Association (2 var.);
Association " Pro Patria", 1774; Coronation of Queen Sophia
Magdalena at Stockholm, 29. May 1772; The Crown Prince
Gustavus Adolphus as Chancellor of Upsala University, 1785 ; -
Marriage of Duke Charles with Princess Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte
of Holstein-Gottorp, at Stockholm, 7. July 1774; Jeton of
H.R.H the Duchess of Sudermania ; Death and Burial of Queen
Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte, 1818 ; Linnaeus (2 var.) ; . JO.

- 449

Bergman, Upsala, 1784 and 1785 (2 var.); - D r Johan Henrik
Liden, Upsala, 1781 ; - D r Nils Rosen of Rosenstein, Stockholm ;
D r Daniel Carl Solander ; - D r Olof Acrcl, Stockholm ; -
M lle Clairon (ill us! ratal), etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - - Hildebrand. Sveriges ocb Svenska Konungabusets Minnts-
penningar, etc., Stockholm, 1875. Thomsen Catalogue. Marvin, Masonic
Medals, 1880. Bolxenthal, op. oil. Nagler, Monogramviisten, 1881.
Information kindly supplied by D r Slorer.

LIVENS or LIEVENS JAN (Dutch}. Painter and Engraver, born at
Leyden in 1607, died at Antwerp in 1663. He came to England
in 1630, and executed paintings of Charles I. and Henrietta Maria.
A Portrait-medal of the famous Dutch Admiral, Martin Tromp,
byDericvan Rijswick, bears on obv. a second signature : I. L. DEL.,
which is generally interpreted in Jan Livens delincavit.

Martin Tromp.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks & Grueber, op. cit.

LIVINGSTOUN, ALEXANDER (Brit.}. Mint-master in Scotland, in
conjunction with Thomas Tod, 1476-1488, under James III. Their
initials T and L occur on Groats of Berwick, Edinburgh, and Aber-
deen (sometimes T A or T W erroneously).

Livingstoun and Tod are mentioned in the records as the King's

BIBLIOGRAPHY. H. A. Grueber, op. cit. Burns, op. cit. Cochran-Patrick,
Records of the Coinage of Scotland, 1876.

LIVINEIUS REGULUS (Rom.}. Mint-master (Quatuorvir monetalis}
at Rome, circ. B.C. 43-42.

LIVINEIDS REGULUS, L. Reguhts Taurus Pulcber (Rom.} Mint-
master (Triumvir monetalis} at Rome, circ. B.C. 9-4.

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. III.

- 450 -

LIVIO, DOMINIQUE IGNACE (French}. Director of the Mint at
Strassburg, 1825-1834; special mark, a beaver.

LIVORNESE, IL Fide HIERONYMO ROSSI of Livorno. Gem-engraver
of the eighteenth century.

LIXIGNOLO, GIAGOMO (ItdL). Medallist of the third quarter of the
fifteenth century, whose signature occurs on a medal, dated 1460,
of Borso d'Este, first Duke of Ferrara (1413-1450 7 1471). On obv.
is a bust of the Duke tor. $6. OPVS.IACOBVS. LIXIGNOLO.
MCCCCLX. Unicorn beside a stream in mountainous landscape,
over which the sun is shining. Diam : 83 mill.

Heiss mentions that a painter of the name of Jacobus de Lusciniis
was residing at Parma in 1471 but that it is not possible to identify
him with the medallist. "In the Commentario to Vol. IV of Va-
sari, ed. of 1848, he is twice referred to (pp. 157, note 3, and 174)
but no details of his life are given". (Keary, op. cit., p. 9).


A similar medal was executed by Petrecini

op. cit.,
(q. v.~).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Armand, op. cit. A. Heiss, Giacomo Lixignolo, 1883.
Keary, A Guide to the Exhibition of Italian Medals at the British Museum, 1893.
Friedlander, op. cit. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Revue beige de ntiniismatiqite, 1884,
p. 9.

L. J. (French^. Signature of an Engraver, who cut medals of the
Louis XIV. series, dated 1680-1688.

L. K. Vide LUDWIG KRUG. Goldsmith and Medallist of Nurem-
berg ; died in 1532.

L. L. Vide LOUIS LOIR. Medallist at Paris, circ. 1663-1719.
L. L. Vide LUDOVICO LEONI. Medallist at Rome, circ. 1575.

L. L. P. Probably the signature of LUDOVICO LEONE PADOVANO
(q. v.} A medal on the Jubilee of 1575, with bust of Pope Greg-
is signed : L.L.P. AN.DNI.MDLXXV.

LLACH, FRANCOIS (French). Mint-engraver at Perpignan, 1774-

L. M. Vide LIBORIUS MULLER. Mint-master at Berlin, 1620-1642.
L. M. Fide LORENZO MARCELLO. Mint-overseer at Venice, 1709.

L. M. or L. M. F. Vide LUIGI MANFREDINI. 1771-1840. Medallist
at Milan.

L. M. II Vide LODOVICO MOROSINO II. Mint-overseer at Venice,

L. M. F. Vide L. MAINERT. Medallist at Warsaw, 1845.

L. M. V. or L. M. W. Vide LORENZ MARIA WEBER. Medallist at
Florence, 1720-1757.

L. N. Vide LDDWIG NEU. Die-cutter in Saxony, circ. 1550.

L. N. Vide LEVINS NUMMERS. Mint-master at Narva, 1670-1672.

L. N. or L. N. F. Vide LORENZ NATTER. 1705-1773. Gem-engraver
and Medallist, born at Biberach, died at St. Petersburg; worked in
Germany, Italy, England and Russia.

L.N. or LN. F. Vide LUDWIG NEIFAHRER. German Medallist, circ.
1537-1560. Also L'N; LV.NE. ; or LVDNEIFA.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeyscn-Pallmann, op. cit.

L : NF (Ital.}. Presumably the signature of an artist who was
working circ. 1550. It occurs on a Portrait-medal of Gianbattista
Pisani, representing on }$L. Milo of Croton. Another medal of the
same personage with fyL. INOPEM . ME . COPIA . FECIT Tree
laden with fruit, although unsigned, may be by the same artist.

Milanesi suggests the following interpretation of the letters
L : NF = LUDOVICUS NICHINUS FECIT. Luigi Anichini (Vide, vol.1,
p. 58) was a famous Ferrarese Gem-engraver, who was flourishing
at Venice, circ. 1550.

In my opinion the author of this medal is Ludwig Neifahrer,
who signed also L : NF.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Armand, op. cit.

LOBENICH. EDUARD (Germ.}. Ivory-carver at Nuremberg, circ.
1588 ; later at Dresden. By him are various Portrait-medallions.

general for Bohemia, circ. 1551.

master-general for Bohemia, arc. 1636-1646.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Fiala, op. cit.

LOBSINGER, HANS (Germ.}. Founder, Gem-engraver, and Worker
in metal and hone-stone, who worked at Nuremberg, circ. 1530-
1570. He was born in 1510 and died about 1570.

Doppelmayr, speaking of Hans Lobsinger, says that he was
skilled in many things, and showed much talent in modelling and
casting in metal, wax and plaster, and in cutting precious stones,
and it is therefore probable that a place in the circle of artists
belongs to him. However, the medal which is shown as his work,
having his portrait at the pge of 25, and which is dated 1539, does not

- 452 -

quite merit this eulogium. If on the contrary we could ascribe to
him with certainty a medal having the portrait of Lorenz Stayber
of Nuremberg, and his wife, of the year 1535, and signed by the
author L, then Doppelmayr's praise would fall far short of its merit,
to such a pitch of perfection is this medal brought. " (Bolzenthal,
op. cit., p. 127.)
Vide L supra.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Doppelmayr, Historischc Nachricbten von den nurnbtrgischen
Mathematicis ttnd Kunstkrn, Nurnberg, 1730. Nagler, Kiinstler-Lexikon.

LOCH, CHRISTOPH (Germ.}. Goldsmith and Burger of Hall in
Tyrol, presented in 1560 a medal to the Emperor Ferdinand I. (as
a token of his ability as an Engraver) and was paid 5 Gulden for
his expenses and return journey from Vienna.

Before 1550, we find his name in official documents, as Assist-
ant-engraver to the elder Ursenthaler at the Mint of Hall. He later
applied for the office of Master of the Mint, but apparently he was

His medal of Ferdinand I. is still unknown.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. D r Friedrich Kenner, Urkundliche Beitrdge %ur Gescbicbte der
Mun^en und Medaillen, Numismatische Zeitschrift, 1903.

LOCHEE, JOHN CHARLES (Brit.}. Gem-engraver and Modeller of
the second half of the eighteenth century. A number of Tassie's
medallions in enamel paste were taken from models by this artist,
thus : Edmund Burke, 1797; Major Henniker, 1789 (signed :
LOCHEE F.); Princesse de Lamballe, 1792; Frederick, Duke
of York and Albany; The Prince of Wales (George IV.);
Prince William Henry (2 var.) ; George Barret, English painter ;
Count O'Kelly; The Chevalier Pinto, Portuguese Ambassador;
Portrait of a Lady, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY, J. M. Gray, James and William Tassie, Edinburgh, 1884.
Raspe, Tassie's Gems, 1791 .

LODE, GDSTAV (Dan.}. Medallist of the first half of the eighteenth
century, who was working at Copenhagen.

LODER, FRANZ (Anstr.}. Contemporary Medallist of Vienna.
I have seen by him : Uniface commemorative Plaquette of the
Jubilee Rifle Meeting at Dobling, 1898; Badge of Honour for
"Kapselgewehrmeisterschutzen", Vienna, 1898; Uniface Rifle
Meeting Plaquette " Fest Scheibe Kaiser", 1898, &c.

LODER, ROBERT (Brit.}. Published in 1796 a token with the bust
and arms of Thomas Seckford. According to Med. III., he lived at
Woodbridge in Suffolk (Med. III., I. p. 144; - Pye, Provincial
Tokens, pi. XLIX, 4).


LODOWIC (LODEWICK, or LOWYS), JOHN (Brit.}. Mint-master at
London and Calais, latter portion of King Henry IV. 's reign and
first two years of Henry V. ; again, anni 5-7 of Henry V.^Circ.
1411-1415 and 1418-1420).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ruding, op. cit.

LODOVICO DA FOLIGNO (Vide vol. II, p. 118). Von Fabriczy
makes the following comment on Armand and Heiss's attribution
to this artist of the medals of Pietro and Giovanni de' Medici.
"Beide Medaillen sind wahrscheinlich, wie auch die Cosimos,
iiber Auftrag Piero Medicis entstanden, und zwar zwischen 1465
und 1469. Auf das Zeugnis eines Schreibens hin, das der seit 1451
in Ferrara thatige Goldschmied und Medailleur Lodovico da Foli-
gno im Juni 1471 an Lorenzo de' Medici richtete, hat Armand und
nach ihm Heiss geglaubt, sie diesem zuschreiben zu sollen. Uns
scheint der Brief gerade das Gegenteil zu besagen. Obwohl er
namlich die Sendung einer Denkmiinze der Herzogin Bona von
Mailand begleitete, und somit fast selbstverstandlich dazu auffor-
derte, die Medaillen von Lorenzos Vater und Oheim zu erwahnen,
vvenn Lodovico solche fruher ausgefiihrt ha'tte, so spricht der
Meister darin nur " von der Liebe, die er stets fur seine Herrlich-
keit den edlen Herrn Piero de Cosimo gehegt habe ", sowie auch
von dem dringenden Wunsche, Lorenzo zu sehen (der Ausdruck
kann auch als "kennen zu lernen" gedeutet werden, womit dann
bewiesen ware, dass Lodovico in den Jahren 1465-1469 nicht in
Florenz gewesen sei). Leider ist uns keine der urkundlich bezeug-
ten Denkmiinzen des Kiinstlers (auf Galeazzo Maria Sforza ') und
seine Gemahlin Bona, auf Lionello und Sigismondo d'Este) erhalten
geblieben un d somit der stilistische Vergleich derselben mit den beiden
Medicistucken versagt. Aber diese scheinen uns denn doch in
ihrem strengen, die Hasslichkeit der Dargestellten in nichts beschon-
igenden oder mildernden Realismus viel eher auf Florenz als auf
die um jene Zeit in ihrem Charakter weichere ferraresische Medail-
listik zu weisen. Sollten wir aber fur sie einen Autor nennen, so

i. Oder sollten wir in dem grossen (Diam. 5 cm.) 1470 datierten gepragten
Medaillon mit dem behelmten Sforzalowen auf dem Revers eine dieser Arbeiten
vor uns haben? Friedlander hat sie Taf. XXXVI, n unter den von ihm dem Cara-
dosso zugeteilten Munzen und Medaillen abgebildet.

Nun ist es aber kaum glaublich, dass man dem erst Achtzehnjahrigen eine so
bedeutende Arbeit sollte anvertraut haben fer ist fruhestens 1452, nicht wie
Friedlander will, schon 1445 geboren). Auch will sie stilistisch gar nicht zu Cara-
dossos beglaubigten Pragungen stimmui. Man kcnnt davon nur Silberexemplare,
und Lodovico sagt ja in seinem Briefe, er bilde sie in Silber. Die um ein Jahr
verspatete Datierung konnte ein Versehen des Kiinstlers sein ; oder aber-wahr-
scheinlicher-hatte er das Wachsmodell, das er in seinem Schreiben erwahnt, schon
das Jahr zuvor in Mailand gemacht und darnach die Medaille auch datiert.


ware es vor alien, auch den anonymen Florentine, am ehesten :
Niccolo Fiorentino. " (C. von Fabriczy, Medaillen der italienischen
Renaissance, p. 55 sqq.)

LOEFFLER, FERDINAND (Austr.). Mint-master at Hall in Tyrol,

LOEFFLER, HANS (Germ.). Goldsmith, Die-cutter, and Assayer,
at Munich, 1507.

LOEFKOWITS, A. (Austr.). Publisher of a Medal of the Emperor
Francis Joseph of Austria, on his Visit to Debreczin, September
1890, the dies for which were cut at Vienna.

LOEHR, FRANZ (Austr.}. Contemporary Sculptor, who at the
Salon of 1904, exhibited various Plaquettes and Portrait-medallions:
M me D***; Male head; Head of a young Woman; 1905.
M. G***; M. Gr*** ; Portrait of a child, &c.

LOEHR, HEINRIGH (Germ.}. Mint-master at Quedlinburg, 1617-
1619. His issues are usually signed H.L. or HL (in monog.); amongst
these the broad Quedlinburg Schauthaler of Princess Dorothea,
1617, &c.

LOEHR, PETER (Germ.) of Goslar, Mint-master at Paderborn,
1655-1658; Gottingen, 1659-1663; Buckeburg, 1660; Episcopal
Mint of Hildesheim, 1663-1665 ; Nordheim, 1665-1671 ; 1675-1676
Mint-master of the " Heken" Mint of Count Gustavus von Sayn-
Wittgenstein at Catlenburg; and 1676-1679 at Ellrich.

I have come across Peter Loehr's initials on a Thaler of Philip,
Count of Schaumburg-Lippe, 1660.

LOEHRER, JOHANN (Germ.). Episcopal Mint-master at Dillingen-
Augsburg ; Mint-warden at Augsburg, 1621.

LOESER (Germ.). Die-sinker of Mecklenburg-Schweriri, whose
signature occurs on a "Dobberau" medal, described by D r Storer.*

LOEWENBACH, J. W. (Germ.). Die-sinker, Seal-engraver^ &c. at
Munich circ. 1824-1860. I have noticexl his signature on the two
following medals : Unveiling of the "Bavaria", 1850; Seventh
centenary of Munich, 1857.

LOGAN, JOHN (Brit.). Gem-engraver of the eighteenth century,
who resided at Dublin. There is a cameo-portrait by him of D r Henry
Quin, Professor of Physic in the Dublin School of Physic from
1749 to 1786, taken from the medal by Mossop, and reproduced in
Tassie's enamel paste; also Portrait-gems of D r Lucas, the celebrat-

- 455

ed patriot of Ireland ; Portraits of Matrons, in the taste ot the
present age; Head of Alexander the Great, \vhite carnelian, &c.

LOGGAN, DAVID (Germ.}. Engraver, born at Danzig about 1630;
died in London in 1693. He was a pupil of Simon Passe and executed

Medallions in the style of his master.

LOHE, CHRISTIAN VON (Germ.}. A native of Giistrow or Hamburg;
Mint-warden at Oels, 1694-1717; appointed Assayer at the Bres-
lau Mint in 1723, but dismissed some time after for unfortunate

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, op. cit.

LOHMANN (Germ.}. Born in 1752; 1779 Warden, 1782 First
Warden, and 1793 Master of the Breslau Mint; died in 1795.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, op. cit.

LOHSE MARTEN HENDRIK (Dutch}. Mint-master for Guelders,
1782-1794; special mark, ear of corn.

LOIR, LOUIS (French}. Medallist and Jeton-engraver, circ. 1663-
1719. He took in 1675 the title of Goldsmith and Engraver to the
King. I have seen his signature on a commemorative medal of the
Capture of Maestricht by the French, 1673, signed .L. LOIR
(illustrated}. Numerous jetons bear his initials : L.L.

Capture ot Maestricht by the French, 1673.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. De La Tour, Les Medailkurs et Us Graveurs
Jc Mommies, Jetons et Me'daittes en France, Paris, 1904.

LOISEAU-BAILLY, GEORGES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, and
Medallist, born at Sauvigny-le-Bois (Yonne) ; pupil of A. Dumont.

456 -

By him are various Portrait-medallions, which have been exhibited
at the Paris Salons, since 1879. At the 'Exposition Universelle' of
1900, he obtained a Gold Medal for a series of Medallions. His stud-
ies of children, busts and medallions, are very fine; also his
bronzes, decorative works in tin, terra-cotta, &c. Salon of 1901.
Six medallions in clay, terra-cotta, &c. ; 1902. Three Bas-reliefs,
and a Portrait-medallion; 1903. Plaquettes, representing the
Forges of Guerigny (Nievre) ; i. Lamineur-cingleur. 2. Chainiers ;
- Portrait-medallion of M. Berdin; - 1904. Eight Plaquettes :
Blacksmiths, Harvesters, &c. ; M me X***.

By him are also: 1892. Jersey Girl; Florentine Lady; -
Roman Lady ; 1897. A. Jacquin; - - The Model; A Natural-
ist; 1899. M Ile M^G***; Gautherin ; - M lle G. T***; La
priere; Souvenir d'Avallon ; Mon fils ; Nenuphar; 1906.
Forgerons; Courses pedestres; - - Allegory; - - Societe" des
sciences of Yonne; M. M. ; - Le Depart, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly supplied by the Artist. Catalogues du
Salon, 1900-1904.

LOISEAU-ROUSSEAU, PAUL (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris; pupil ofBarreau. At the Salon of 1894 he exhibited
Portrait-plaquettes of M me R***; M. L***; 1897. H. Labeyrie.

LOISON, PIERRE (French). Sculptor of the nineteenth century,
born at Mer (Loir-et-Cher), 5. July 1816; pupil of David d' Angers;
entered the Ecole des Beaux- Arts, 30. March 1842. At various times,
this artist exhibited Portrait-medallions at the Paris Salons, amon g
which are : M me Andre Rivet; M. Sallandrouze de Lamornaix ;
Alphonse Duchalais ; Paul Moreau, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

LOISY, CLAUDE JOSEPH DE (French). Goldsmith of Besancon; son
of Pierre de Loisy; born 27. April 1644 and died 9. June 1717.
He was Mint-engraver at Besancon, 1673-1694, and issued many

LOISY, JEAN PIERRE DE (French). Goldsmith, Line-engraver, and
Jeton-engraver of the first half of the seventeenth century at
Besancon, circ. i6oi-fi659. He was for some time Mint-master and
Engraver there, 1637-1659, and obtained from the Government
the exclusive privilege of engraving and selling medals.

LOISY, JEAN PIERRE DE (French). Goldsmith of Besancon, Line-
engraver, Medallist and Jeton-engraver. Son of the last and his
pupil; he was born at Besancon 20. September 1619; Engraver at
the Mint there, 12. April 1666. in succession to Claude Poux,


until 1667. By him are some fine engravings, and he also worked
as a Medallist and Seal-engraver, and shared his father's " Privilege
de frapper et de vendre des medailles dans 1'etendue de la juridiction
bisontine. ". His best engravings are : Portrait of Philip IV., King
of Spain ; Estat de 1'illustre Confrerie de Saint-Georges en la
France; Series of Religious Subjects, in the style of Wiericx, &c.
By Pierre de Loisy are the Jetons of Governors of Besanc,on, 1665-
1669. In 1664-65 Pierre de Loisy engraved the " Pieces de circon-
stance" commemorating the reunion of Besancon to Franche-Comte.
A Portrait-medal of Leopold I. on his election in 1658 is also by

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit. N. Rondot et H. de la
Tour, op. cit.

LOLETTI (ltd.}. Gem-engraver of the second half of the eighteenth
century. By him is a bust of Lucius Verus, engraved on an aqua-

LOMAZZI, GIOVANNI (ltd.}. Die-sinker of the nineteenth century.
His signature occurs on a Portrait-medal of Volta.

LOMBARD, HENRY EDOUARD (French}. Sculptor, born at Mar-
seille; pupil of Cavelier. At the Salon of 1879 ne exhibited a
Portrait-medallion of M me A. R*** in terra-cotta.

A Ferrarese Sculptor and Medallist of the first three decades of the
sixteenth century; he died in 1537. The medals, described below,
which are ascribed to this artist, are still unknown. " Their attribu-
tion to Alfonso Lombard!", says Armand, "rests on documents
which M. G. Milanesi has been kind enough to indicate to me".
The most important of these are two letters addressed by Alfonso
to the Duke of Mantua, Federigo II. Gonzaga. One, dated 6. May
1536, informs us that he had executed a medal of Pope Paul III.;
from the other we gather that he cut the medals of Molza, Antonio
Tebaldeo, and Cardinal Hippolytus de' Medici ; and in commission
for the same cardinal Alfonso would appear to have made the medal
of Giulia Gonzaga (widow of Vespasiano Colonna).

The only known extant medallic work of Lombardi is a Portrait-
medal of the Milanese architect Andrea Tectori, fy.. CAXA.DE.
CONCESA. A fortified bridge, which is signed : ALFONSUS.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Armand, op. cit., I, p. 129 ; III, p. 52. Blanchet, op. cit.

LOMBARDI, ANTONIO (Ital.}. Sculptor, who worked at Venice and
Ferrara, 1462-1516. D r Bode describes two statuettes by him, and
a large Bronze Relief representing Christ holding orb.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bode, Die italienischen Broaden, Berlin, 1904.

- 458 -

LOMBARDI, TULLIO (Jta/.). Sculptor, who worked at Vienna,
circ. 1460-1532. By him is a Female bust in bronze (Berlin Museum;
Wallace Collection , London) . In his art and that of Antonio Lombardi
are Bronze Reliefs : The Risen One; 152X95 mill,; - - Ecce
Homo; 280X225 mill; St. Hieronymus; 270x230 mill.

LOMBARDO, GABRIELE (//#/.). Mint-overseer at Venice, circ.

LOMBARDUS, TINO (Austr.}. Moneyer at Prague, tire. 1300.

LOMELLINO, GIACCOMO (/to/.). Mint-overseer at Genoa, circ.

LOMELLINO, GIAN (J/d/.). Mint-overseer at Genoa, circ. 1626.

LON, FRANZ ANTON VAN (Dnich.}. Mint-engraver at Cologne,
1727, Treves, 1757, and Bamberg-Wiirzburg, 1763, 1764. He was
a Line-engraver, and worked in turn at Cologne, Bonn and Ehren-
breitstein, 1727-1764. The coins he engraved for the Bishop of
Wiirzburg, Adam Frederick, Count Seinsheim, are signed L, or
V. LON. A Cologne Thaler of 1727, and a Mining Gulden of 1757,
of Treves (John Philip, Baron von Walderdorff), also a Thaler ot
1762, are all signed : V. LON.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kull, op. cit., II, 711. Ammon, op. cit., n 211.
Raimmann Catalogue.

LONGACRE, JAMES B. (Amer.'). Mint-engraver at Philadelphia, Sep-
tember 6, 1 844 to 3 1 December 1 868 . He was born on August 11,1794,
in Delaware Co., Pa., and served an apprenticeship as a Line-engray-
er with George Murray, Philadelphia, doing some high-class plate-
work before he was free, in 1819. He was one of the originators
of the National Portrait Gallery of distinguished Americans, the first
volume of which appeared in 1834. Longacre drew from life and
engraved many of the portraits entire. Like his predecessors, he
died in office, on January i, 1869. During his term Longacre was
variously assisted by P. F. Cross, William Barber, Anthony
C. Paquet, and William H. Key. The changes and additions during
the Longacre term were numerous and important, both as to alloys
and denominations. The pattern pieces also record various experi-
ments in the art of coining. (Evans, Illustrated History of the United
States Mint, p. 127).

Longacre's signature occurs on the }$L. of a medal of Captain
Ingraham, the obv. of which is by P. F. Cross.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Evans, op. cit. Snowden, Tlie Medals of Washington,

LONGEPIED, GEORGES (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris. At the Salon of 1886 he exhibited a Portrait-medallion.


LONGERICH, ADAM (Germ.}. Mint-master at Burg Friedberg in der
Wetterau, 1674-1676 ; Coblence, 1678-1683 ; appointed at Mayence,
4. June 1683, where he was succeeded in 1684 byUlrich Burkhard

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Lockner, Main^er Miln^beamte des ij. nnd 18. Jabrhunderts.

LONGERICH, CASPAR (Germ.}. Mint-master at Treves, 1683-

LONGERICH, JOHANN (Germ.}. Mint-master at Sayn, Muhlheim-
on-Rhine, Dortmund and Minister, 1664-1680.

LONGERICH, JOHANN ADAM (Germ.}. Mint-master at Cologne,
1700; Dortmund, 1700-1705 ; Diisseldorf, 1707-1708. According to
Schlickeysen-Pallmann the initials I. A. L. on a Gimborn 5 Ducat
piece of 1696 (which bears reference to Prince Ferdinand von
Schwarzenberg) may stand for this Mint-master's name.

LONGERICH, JOSEPH (Germ.}. Mint-master and Engraver at
Treves, 1690. His initial L. occurs on an undated Double Thaler
of the Archbishop Johann Hugo von Orsbeck; and a medal with
bust of the Prelate is signed I. L.

LONGERICH, MATHIAS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Idstein (Nassau),

LONGERICH, NIKOLAUS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Diisseldorf,
1682-1690; later at Bonn, 1693-1694; Cologne, 1699-1700; and
in 1688 also at Dortmund and Essen. I have noticed his initials
N. L. on Jiilicher Double Thalers, Thalers and Gulden, &c. of
various dates of Count Palatine John William (1690-1716); also on

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