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Thalers and subsidiary coinage of Joseph Clement, Archbishop of
Cologne (1680-1702).

LONGUEIL, HONORE DE (French}. Grandson of the celebrated
Line-engraver, Joseph de Longueil (~j* 1792), was born on the
1 6 th February 1818 at Paris; settled in business as an Engraver,
rue Royale, 8, in 1.838; retired into private life in 1861, and died
on the 31. July 1889 at Grignon Castle, Thiais (Seine), his
nephew's residence.

By this Engraver are several medals and jetons, some of which
are signed : DELONGUEIL F. I have come across the following :
Jetons of the Asphalte Works of Seyssel-Lobsann, 1839 ; Hos-
pice de Gisors, 1859; - Pascal and Poussin, Prize Medal of the
Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Bordeaux ; Jean de la
Quintinie, Horticultural Prize Medal of Beaune, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Florange, Jelons et Mtdailles de Mittes franfaises t Paris, 1904.


LONGUET, GERMAIN (French}. General des Monnaies, circ. 1559-

LONISON or LONYSON, JOHN (Brit.). Mint-master at London,
anni 14-19 of Elizabeth, 1571-1576. Kenyon makes two references
to this Mint-master : "By an indenture of the 19 th April, 1572,
made with John Lonison, only three gold coins were to be made,
namely, Angels, Angelets, and Quarter Angels, of the old standard
and the same weight as before, and these were to be current at
their old values of 10 s., 5 s. } and 2 s 6 d respectively.

" On the 19 th December, 1578, a commission was made out,
authorizing Lonison slightly to debase the coins, making the
gold 23cts. 3! grs. fine instead of 23 cts. 3 | grs; and a pound
weight of gold, which had hitherto been coined into 36 by tale,
was now to be coined into 36. i s. 10 | d, so that the angel
would now weigh 79 grs. instead of 80 grs. " In 15 82-3, however,
by an indenture with Richard Martin, the old standard and weight
were restored, and the coinage was to be as ordered in 1572.

Lonyson was a goldsmith by profession; he died in 1583, aetat
59, and was buried in the church of St. Vedast, alias St. Foster's
Church, in Foster Lane.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ruding, op. cit. Kenyon, Gold Coins of England, p. 122.
Chaffers, Gilda Auri/abrortim, p. 52.

LONZO, GIAN GIROLAMO (ItaL). Mint-overseer at Venice, 1746;
his issues are signed G. G. L.

LOPEZ, MANUEL (Span.). Medallist of the early part of the
nineteenth century. His signature : MAN L LOPEZ LOP Z occurs on a
Proclamation Medal of Ferdinand VII., 1809, of Toluca.

LOPES-TEXEIRA, JOSE JOAQUIN (Port.). Contemporary Sculptor
and Medallist, residing at Villa Nova de Gaya, where he was born ;
pupil of Jouffroy. At the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900, he
exhibited several medallic productions : Head of a young Girl ;
Christ ; Portrait-medallions, &c.

LOOP, JAN (Dutch). Medallist of Middleburg, second quarter of the
seventeenth centa 1 " His medals are dated between 1627 and 1660.
He received a spec, permission from the States General of Holland
to commemorate remarkable events by medals. Amongst his best
known medallic productions are : 1629. Taking of Bois-le-Duc
(2 var.); 1631. Naval Engagement at Slaak (2 var.); - 1632.
Death of King Gustavus Adolphusof Sweden; 1637. Taking of
Breda by Prince Frederick Henry of Orange (2 var.); - - 1639.
Destruction of the Spanish Fleet by the Dutch off Dover (size :
2.5 in. ; signed : /. Loof f.; illustrated.) Another variety (signed :


I. LOOFFE.) ; Other varieties (Catahgus, &c., n os 663-665) ;

1647. Preliminaries of Peace with Spain (Van Loon, II, p. 306, i.);

- Golden Wedding of Hans van Loon and Anna Ruyckhavers ;

Destruction ol the Spanish Fleet by the Dutch, 1639.

1648. PeaceofMiinster; 165 1. Admiral Martin Harpetzzoon Tromp
(dies cut byD. van Rijswick); 1660. Presentation Medal of the State
of Zeeland to Trewleben for his raising the ship and cargo of the
wrecked vessel of Captain Waterdrinker; 1644. Ghent taken by
Prince Frederick Henry; 1645. Hulst taken by Prince Frederick
Henry, etc.

Loof signed his medals : J. L. or J. LOOFF F.

" Loof ", says Bolzenthal, " endeavoured by an excessive
length of inscriptions to make up for want of talent in the compo-
sition, as his medals prove, of the Conquest of Bois-le-Duc, Sea
Victory of Prince Frederick Henry of Orange, and Capture of Breda.
He obtained a Patent and showed great industry. "

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Van Loon. Histoire vit'tallique des XVII provinces des Pays-
Bos. Franks & Grueber, Medallic Illustrations, &c. Catalogus der Neder-
landscbe en op Nederland betrekking hebbende Gedenkpenningen, I, 1903. Hildebrand,
op. cit. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Pinchart, op. cit. Flad, Berulnnte Medailhurs ,
p. 23. Numopbylac. Burckb., P. II. Kramm,Z) Levens en Werken der folland-
scbe en vlaamsche Kunstscbilders, &c., 1863.

LOOS, DANIEL FRIEDRICH (Germ.'}. Medallist id Coin-engraver,
born at Altenburg 15. January, 1735; died r. October, 1819, at
Berlin. He was a pupil of Johann Friedrich Stieler, and in 1756
went to Prussia, became Mint-engraver at Magdeburg, 1756-1767,
and was appointed Chief-engraver and Medallist to the Court at
Berlin in 1768. Amongst his medallic productions I may mention :
Elizabeth of York (" Souvenir Medal, engraved at the expense of a
Mr. Thane, who considered that the legal representative of the


House of York was entitled to a place by the side of her husband in
the series of English sovereigns". Med. III., I, p. 22); - Patriotic
Medal on the Alliance of Russia, Austria, Prussia and Sweden
against Napoleon I., 1813 ; Marriage of the Crown Prince Wil-
liam Frederick of Prussia with Princess Frederica Louise Wilhel-
mina of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 1793 ; Capitulation of Amsterdam;
Peace ofTeschen, 1779; Death of Frederick II. the Great (1786);
Centenary of the Medical College of Berlin, 1789 (signed D. LOOS);
Victories of 1814; - - The Duke of Wellington; - Welling-
ton and Bliicher at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815 ; Great Britain
and Prussia giving help to the Orange refugees, 1805 ; - Welling-
ton and Bliicher; Entry of the English and Prussians into Paris,
7 th July, 1815 ; Jubilee of Prince Leopold III. (Frederick Francis)
of Anhalt-Dessau, 1801 ; - Accession of Frederick William II.,
King of Prussia, 1786; Relief of Mayence by Frederick

William II., 1793 ; Peace of Basle, 5. April 1795 ; New East
Prussia renders homage to Frederick William II., 1796; Death
of King Frederick William II., 16. November 1797; Centenary
of the Palatine Colony at Magdeburg, 1789 (obv. by Friedrich Loos) ;

Daniel Friedtich Loos.

Visit of King Fred. William III. and his Queen to Tarnowitz
in Silesia, 1798; - Retaking of Frankfort-on-M. by Prussian and
Hessian troops, 1792; Assassination of Louis XVL, 1794 (sev.
var.); - Trial of Marie-Antoinette, 1793 (sev. var.) ; Memorial
Medal of Madame Elizabeth (sev. var.); The Children of
Louis XVL, 1794 (sev. var.); - Death of Louis, second son ot
Louis XVL, 8. June 1795 ; - - Memorial medal of the Dauphin,
Louis Charles of France, 1795 (sev. var.); - - Proclamation oi
King Frederick William III. at Koenigsberg and Berlin, 1798
(illustrated) ; - Life Saving Medal, with bust of Fred. Will. III. ;


Proclamation Medal of the annexed provinces, Hildesheim, 1803 ;
- Alliance between King Fred. William III. of Prussia and Emperor
Alexander I. of Russia, against Napoleon I., 1813 ; Birthday of
the Crown Princess of Prussia, 10. March 1774; - Birthday of
Queen Louise Augusta Wilhelmina Amalia of Prussia, 1798; -
Commemorative medal of the 25. June 1798; Centenary of the
Kingdom of Prussia, 1801 ; - Return of the King and Queen of
Prussia to Berlin, 23. December 1809; Death of Queen Louise
at Hohenzieritz, 19, July 1810; - - Marriage of Frederick Louis
Charles, Prince of Prussia, with Frederika Caroline Sophie, Princess
of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 26. December 1793 '> ' Birthday of
Princess Sophie, 2. March 1794; - Battle of Roslau near Dessau,
29. September 1813 ; - Battle of Leipzig, 19. October 1813;

Proclamation Medal of King Frederick William III., 1798.

Erection of a Statue to John III. Sobiesky, King of Poland, 1789
(signed on obv. D. LOOS ond on }$L. F. LOOS); - Karl Gottlieb
Anton, jurisconsult of Gorlitz, 1801 ; Karl Ludwig von Cocceji,
1802 (3 var.); - Baron Fr. Ant. von Heinitz; Jubilee of the
Church of Hirschberg, in Silesia, 1809 ; Marriage of Constantin
Fellner, 1 802 ; Raising of the Blockade of the Elbe, 1 80 5 ; Gold-
en Wedding of Alexander Gontard, of Frankfort-on-Main, 1809;
Commemorative Souvenir to Ladies; - Souvenir for Faithful
Services; Medal on Conjugal Happiness; Prize Medal for
Merit; Jubilee Medal of the Foundation of the Prussian Privy
Council ; The Fischer Institute at Riga ; Prize Medal of the
University of Gottingen; Medal of the Royal Academy of
Sciences of Berlin ; - Visit of D r Gall to Berlin, 1805 ; Return
o/ the explorer Alexander von Humboldt to Berlin, 1805 ; - - Life
Saving Medal ; Small Academic Prize Medal ; Syndicus

Herrmann von Post; Count Henry XLIX of Reuss, and his
Consort ; Von Gersdorf and D r Anton ; Kammerpresident von

- 464 -

Auerswald ; - Jubilee Medal of Regierungsrat Hecht von Halber-
stadt; Commemorative medal of the Erection of a monumentto
the slain at the Battle of Copenhagen, 1804; - - Building of the
Masonic Lodge at Altenburg on the Plesse; Immanuel Kant;
Hamburg's Millenary Festivals ; Medal for "First Communion " ;
Medal for Porters, Messengers, &c. ; Medal to commemorate
pleasant Circumstances; Medal to offer Good Wishes; - The
French Almshouse at Berlin ; '- Surgeon General Gorcke ; Raising
of the Elbe Blockade, 1805 ; - Victory of the Prussians at Kaisers-
lautern, 1793 ; General F. A. von Favrat, Governor of Glatz (in
conjunction with F. Loos); - Corning von Berem ; - Battle of
Gross-Gorschen ; Battle of Gross-Beeren ; Battle of Hanau ;
Battle of Luchau ; - - Battle of Culm; - - Battle of Katzbach; -
Battle of Dennewitz; - - Battle of Leipzig-Belzig; - Battle of
Leipzig; Taking of Dresden; Relief of Stettin, Liineburg
and Bremen ; - - Victories of 1814; Countess von Ross, Amster-
dam, 1814; D r Carl Asmund Rudolphi; D r Johann Goercke,
Berlin; D r Carl Friedrich von Kielmeyer, Stuttgart; D r Lorenz
Oken, Munich; D r Christoph Heinrich Pfaff, Stuttgart, -
Medal of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Ham-
burg; - Recovery of Queen Louise of Prussia, 1798; - D r Bre-

Double Frederick d'or, 1800, by D. F. Loos.

mer, ot Berlin ; D r Johann David Lange, of Lithuania, 181 1 ; -
D r Michael Skjelderup, of Christiania ; Peace of Basle, 5. April
1795 (2 var.); - Medal of Leopold Friedrich Franz, Duke of
DIESEN KRANZ, 1808; - - Field Marshal Charles Philip of
Schwarzenberg, 1771 { 1820; Golden Wedding of Christian
Frederick, Count of Stolberg, and his consort AugusteEleonore, 1818.
Many of the coins engraved by D. F. Loos ol Frederick
William II. and III. are signed : L ; thus Double and Single Frede-
ricks d'or, &c., Thalers, Half Thalers and'subsidiary currency, &c.,
of various dates between 1786 and 1813.


" Loos ", observes Bolzenthal, " was a diligent artist and was
assisted by his talented son, who, alas! too soon ended his life.
To these two artists and Abrahamson belong the merit of having,
in a time of bad taste, applied themselves to the study of portraiture
and ancient types. The elder Loos had made himself known by
various discoveries in the art ot striking and was an inventor in
the mechanism of coining. He formed two pupils, Koenig, and
Stierle, by whom he was surpassed, especially by the latter. "

On the i. May 1816, D. F. Loos had been serving the Prussian
government for sixty years.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Franks & Grueber, op. cit. D r . F. P.
Weber, English Medals by foreign Artists. Menadier, Sclxiumun^tn des Hausfs
Holien^ollern, 1901. Friedensburg u. Seger, Scklesiens Muti^en und Medaillen
der neueren Zeit, Breslau, 1901. Paul Joseph u. Eduard Fellner, Die Mun^en
von FrankJurt-am-Main, 1896. Nagler, op. cit. Tobler-Meyer, op. cit.

LOOS, DANIEL (Germ.'}. Son of Gottfried Bern hard Loos, and his
successor as Director of the Loos Medallic Establishment. His name
occurs on some medals : DAN. LOOS SOHN IN BERLIN.

LOOS, FRIEDRICH WILHELM (Germ.}. Eldest son of Daniel Fried-
rich Loos ; also a Medallist, who worked with his father at Berlin,
and did not long survive him.

Friedrich Wilhelm Loos.

His signature F. LOOS occurs on the following medals : D r Edward
Jenner, the discoverer of vaccination (2 var.) ; Centenary of the
Palatine Colony at Magdeburg, 1789 (ty,. by D. F. Loos);
Centenary of the Kingdom of Prussia, 18. January 1801 ; Prize
Medal of the Academy ot Sciences, 1786; Another, of 1797,

L. FORRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. HI. 3

- 466 -

with bust of Fred. William III. ; - - Prize Medal of the University
of Gottingen (1806) (signed : FR. LOOS); Marriage of Frederick,
Duke of York, with Princess Friederike of Prussia, 1791 (signed :
F. LOOS JUN.) ; Marriage of William Frederick, Crown-Prince of
the Netherlands (afterwards William I.), with Princess Wilhelmina
of Prussia, i. October 1791 (signed : F : LOOS JUN :); Erection
of an equestrian Statue to the memory of John III. Sobiesky, King
of Poland, 1789 (IfyL only); Memorial Medal of Franz Andreas
von Favrat, Governor of Glatz, 1804; - - Baron Fr. Anton von
Heinitz ; Count von Bernstorf, Danish statesman, 1799 ; -
King Frederick William III. and his Queen ; Count von Finken-
stein ; Visit of the King and Queen at Tarnowitz (executed in
conjunction with D. F. Loos); Count von Solms-Tecklenburg;

D r Blumenbach, of Gottingen; - D r J. C. A. M. Theden, of
Berlin; - - D r Franz Josef Gall, Vienna, 1805; - - D r Johann
Goercke, Berlin ; Daniel Friedrich LQOS (signed : DAN. LOOS SOHN
AUS DER ANSTALT) ; Assassination of Louis XVI. ; tyL PLEUR^S
ET VENGfiS LE! (signed : F. L.), 1794 (4 var.); Immanuel
Kant, 1804; Birthday of King Frederick William II. and 55o th
Anniversary of the city of Berlin, 1787 (signed : F. LOOS). - - Trial
and Execution of Marie-Antoinette, 1793 ; Memorial Medal of
Madame Elizabeth de France, 1794 (sev. var.); The Children of
Louis XVI., 1794 (sev. var.); Death of Louis, second son of
Louis XVI. ,8. June 1795 ; Memorial Medal of the Dauphin, 1795
(sev. var.), &c.

Friedrich Loos engraved, in conjunction with his father, a series of
medals of the victims of the French Revolution.
* This artist's signature is usually F.LOOS ; FR. LOOS; LOOS FIL;

F.L. or F. LOOS JUN.

LOOS, GOTTFRIED BERNHARD (Germ.}. Second son of Daniel
F. Loos, born 6. August 1774, and died 29. July 1843; Mint-
master at Berlin, 1806-1812; General Warden to the Prussian
Mint, etc. In 1812 he opened the famous Die-sinking establishment
of Loos at Berlin, which produced a large number of medals, and
employed some of the best German medallists.The medallic estab-
lishment which he founded now exists as the "Berlin Medallic
Mint of L. Ostermann (^.^.), formerly G. Loos." There are medals
with the portraits of G. Loos and his father D. F. Loos made by
C. Pfeuffer and Goetze respectively.

G. Loos is the author of a work on the art of detecting forgeries.

It is not possible to enumerate all the productions of the Loos
Works, and I shall content myself with mentioning a few of the best
known or more important ones : Portrait-medal of Augusta, Princess
of Liegnitz (engraved by Gube); Marriage of Crown-Prince


Maximilian of Bavaria with Mary, Princess Royal of Prussia, 5 Oct.
1 83 2 (Konig); Marriage of Charles, Prince of Hesse, with Princess
Elizabeth of Prussia, 1836 (F. Konig); - - Inauguration ot the
Railway from St. Petersburg to Paulovsk, 1837 (by Konig);
Third Centenary of the Incorporation of Pomerania into Prussia,
1821; Carlo Spontini ; - Rebuilding of the town of Gnesen,
burnt down in 1819, 1823 (F. Konig); Inauguration of the

Gottfried Berahard Loos.

Frederick the Great Memorial at Berlin, 1851; Marriage of the
Crown-Prince Frederick William of Prussia with Princess Elizabeth
Louise of Bavaria, 29. November 1823 ; Prince Frederick

William Louis of Prussia (afterwards William I.) joins the Free-
masons and is elected Patron of the Prussian Lodges, 1840 (by
H. Lorentz) ; Railway Congress at Breslau, 1855 ; 25 th Annh-
versary of the Cologne " Dombauverein ", 1867; Marriage of
Prince William (I.) with Princess Augusta of Saxony, n. June 1829
(C. Pfeuffer); Memorial Medal of the city of Coblence oi the
Marriage of the Crown-Prince William, 1829; with busts
conjoined on obv. (engraved by Bubert) ; Entry of George IV.
into Hanover, 1821 (engraved by C. Voigt) ; Peace of Paris,
1856, after the Crimean War (W. Kullrich); Marriage of the
Princess Royal of England with the Crown-Prince of Prussia, 1858
(W. Kullrich) ; Richard Cobden; on his death, 1865, and Jubilee
of the European Peace of 1815 (E. Weigand); Marriage of Crown-
Prince William of Prussia, with Princess Victoria of Schleswig-
Holstein, 27. February 1881 ; Birth of Prince William, 6. May
1882 (W. Kullrich); Inauguration of the Gnadenkirche at
Berlin, 1895 5 ~~ Inauguration of the Emperor Frederick Memorial
Church at Berlin, 1895 ; - The Russian Camp at Kalisch, 1835 ;
with busts of Nicholas I. of Russia and Fred. William III. of
Prussia; Death of Prince Charles of Prussia, 21. January 1883;


Marriage of Prince Charles of Prussia with Princess Mary of
Saxony, 26. May 1827 (H. Cube) ; Prize Medal of the Exhibition
of Wittstock, 1885, with bust of Princess Mary Anne of Prussia;

Marriage of Prince Frederick of the Netherlands, with Princess
Louise Augusta Wilhelmina of Prussia, 21. May 1825 ; Marriage
of Prince Albrecht of Prussia, with Princess Marianne of the Nether-
lands, at the Hague, 14. September 1830 ; 50 years' Jubilee of
Emanuel von Schimonski's priesthood, 1825 ; - - Karl Theophil
Anton, Rector of Gorlitz, 1853 (Bubert) ; Battle of Brienne,
1814 (Stettner); La Belle Alliance, 1815 (busts of Wellington
and Blikher); Prince Blucher von Wahlstadt (sev. var.); -
Johann von Diebitsch, Russian general, 1829 (Pfeuffer) ; 9O th
Birthday of Field Marshal Count von Moltke, 1890 (A. Kriiger) ;

Robert Schaerff, of Brieg, { 1880 (Kullrich) ; - - Friedrich
Daniel Schleiermacher, theologian, 1834 (Held) ; Centenary
of Schleiermacher, 1868 ; Johann Steinbeck, of Breslau, 1819 ;
C.F.H., Count von Wylich u. Lottum, of Lissa, i834(Konig);

- Field Marshal Hans Ludwig, Count York von Wartenburg,
-j- 1830; Commercial Employes' Institute of Breslau, 1824 (H.
Cube); The Breslau Lodge of the Golden Sceptre, 1826 (Cube);

- Marriage Medal of H. von Deckens, with Louise Gerhard, 1828
(Cube); - The Cholera Epidemics at Breslau, 1832 (C. Pfeuffer);

Congress of Physicians at Breslau, 1833 (C. Pfeuffer); Visit
of King Fred. William III. to Gorlitz, in Silesia, 1835 (F- Koenig);

-Agricultural Congress 2t Breslau, 1845 ; Society of the Twelve,
Breslau, 1846 (Schilling); Badge of Riflemen ofNeisse, 1850;

- Second Centenary of the Friedenskirche at Schweidnitz, 1852;

- Agricultural Show at Liegnitz, 1854 ; Meeting of Represen-
tatives of the German Railway Companies, at Breslau, 1855; -
Riflemen's badge of Breslau, 1856; - 26o th Anniversary of the
Rifle Brigade of Oels, 1860 ; Rebuilding of the Town Hall of
Frankenstein, Silesia, 1861 ; 5o th Anniversary ot the Rifle Club
of Gleiwitz, 1862; - - The new Evangelical Church at Charlotten-
brun, 1863 ; Agricultural Show at Liegnitz, 1863 ; Agricultural
Show at Lauban, 1864; Rifle Meeting at Peiskretchau, 1866;

Congress of Agriculturists, at Breslau, 1869; Rifle Club
badge of Brieg, 1874; " " R^ 6 Club badge of Kanth, 1874;
Agricultural Exhibition at Oels, 1874 (2 var.); - Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition at Lauban, 1875; Provincial Rifle
Meeting at Glogau (1876); Agricultural Exhibition at Neisse-
Grottkau, 1876; - - Congress of Butchers, Breslau, 1879;
Agricultural Exhibition at Liegnitz, 1880; - Patriotic Society of
Oels, 1884; Agricultural Society Medal of Lowenberg, 1892;

- 25 th Anniversary of Rybnik, 1893 > Agricultural Exhibition
at Gleiwitz, 1898 ; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1826 (F.


Koenig); Samuel Thomasvon Soemmering, 1828 (C. Pfeuffer) ;
- Edward Riippell, 1828 (C. Pfeuffer); - - Third Centenary of
the Dutch community at Frankfort-on-M., 1885 (G. Kaupert inv.;
O. Schulte F.) ; Third Centenary of the Augsburg Confession'
1830 (C. Pfeuffer); Medical College of Berlin, 1819 ; - D r J.
J. Berzelius, of Stockholm ; D r G. F. von Adelmann, of Fulda;

- D r J. H. Earth, of Hamburg; D r Blumenbach, of Gottingen
(sev. var.); Count D r Ellenberger; Goethe (sev. var.);
D r Carl F. von Graefe, of Berlin ; D r D. E. Giinther, of Duis-
burg ; D r C. G. Hagen, of Koenigsberg (2 var.) ; D r Christoph
Knape, of Berlin (2 var.); D r J. C. H. Meyer, of Berlin ; - D r
H. W.M. Olbers, physician and archaeologist of Bremen ; D r J.
C. Reil, of Berlin; - - D r E. Rueppell, of Frankfort-on-M.; -
Schiller (3 var.); - D r S. J. von Soemmering, of Frankfort-on-
M. (2 var.); - D r J. Wendt, of Breslau (2 var.); - Hamburg
Hospital, 1823 ; - Prussian Geneva Cross Society, 1873 ; Ger-
man Congress of Naturalists and Physicians, Hamburg, 1830 ;
German Congress of Naturalists and Physicians, Breslau, 1833 ; -
Vaccination in Prussia ; D r Balthazar Kaufmann ; - - Daniel
Friedrich Loos ; - - Lorenz Oken (really Okenfuss), a famous
naturalist, 1779-1851 (by Koenig); Martin Luther; tyL Zwingli
and Melanchthon, Jubilee of the Reformation, 1817; Death of
King Frederick William III., 1840 (by Konig) ; Golden Wedding
of Count and Countess Christian Frederick of Stolberg, 1818; -
Death of Francis I., Austrian Emperor, 1835 (by Konig); Cle-
ment Wenceslaus Lothaire, Prince Metternich, 1835 (by Held);
Charles, Prince of Schwarzenberg ; i I th Centenary of the discov-
ery of the Teplitz Springs, 1862 ; Jewel of the Lodge of the
Golden Lion of Dantzig ; Semi-centennial celebration of the Free-
masons of the Lodge of the Three Gavels, Halberstadt (by Schilling);

- Centennial celebration of the Lodge, Ferdinand of Felicity,
Magdeburg, 1861 ; Charles, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-
Strelitz, ~ 1816; Christian Charles Fred. William, Baron von
Nettelbladt, 7 1843 ; Mecklenburg's first Masonic Lodge, founded
at Schwerin, 1854; " Inauguration of a Monument to Frederick
the Great, 1840; The Lodge Archimedes of the Three Trestle
Boards, Altenburg ; - Johann Wilhelm Ellenberger (von Zinnen-
dorf), 1826 ; - - D r Ehmsben, of Osnabruck, 1827; Frederick,
Prince and Heir of the kingdom of Prussia, received into the Order
of Free Masons, 1838 ; - - John Michael Palmie, of Berlin, 1840
(by C. Pfeuffer) ; Frederick William Louis, Prince of Prussia,
initiated into the Order of Freemasons, Berlin, 1840 (by Lorenz);
Frederick II., founder of Freemasonry at Berlin, centennial
medal, 1840 ; William Louis Victor, Count Henckel von Donners-
marck, 1841, etc.

- 470 -

J. E. Bennert describes six Portrait-medals of Prince Bismarck,
struck to commemorate various events of his life (Bismarck-
Medaillen, 1904), and issued at the Loos Mint.

Among the more important medallists who worked for the Loos
Medal Mint and whose signature occurs in connection with that of
G. LOOS are : H.F. Brandt, of La Chaux-de-Fonds ; Friedrich Konig,
of Berlin; Carl Pteuffer, of Suhl; Ludwig Held, of Altenburg ;
Heinrich Cube, of Breslau ; W. Kullrich, of Berlin; G. Kaupert;
Otto Schulte, and others.

The founder, Gottfried Loos, who died in 1843, was succeeded
as Director by L. Ostermann, 1843-1879 ; Emit Kriiger, 1879-
1895 ; an ^ Arthur Kriiger, since 1895.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. As above. E. Fiala, op. cit. Marvin, Masonic Medals,
Boston, 1880.

LOOS, GEORG FRIEDRICH (Germ.}. Medallist and Mint-engraver
at Nuremberg, 1742-1762, and Wurzburg, 1762-1766. He was the
son of Karl Friedrich Loos. We meet with his signature on Thalers

Thaler of Ratisbon, 1756 by G. F. Loos.


and other currency of Nuremberg, Wurzburg (Thalers of Adam
Frederick, Bishop of Wurzburg, 1763-1765 (2 var.) and Ratisbon.

LOOS, KARL FRIEDRICH (Germ.}. Medallist, and Mint-engraver
at Nuremberg, 1745-1776. Kirmis gives his date as 1756-1770,
and states that his issues are signed : L.

LOQDE (French}. Medallist of the early part of the nineteenth
century. His signature : LOQUE occurs on the following medals :
Visit of Pius VII. at Paris, 1804 (4 var.; one signed : LOQUE

iY) ; Pius VII., Paris, 1805 (I. Crucifix, etc.); Pius VII.,
Paris, 1806, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Edwards, The Napoleon Medals, Paris, 1837.

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