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Lodge, N i. Po'keepsie, New York; Armory Seventh Regi-
ment, Grand Lodge, New York; Inauguration of the Railway
from Bahia de la Habana to Matanzas, Cuba, 1858, etc.

The present owners of Geo. H. Lovett's works are ROBERT
SNEIDER & C. 145, Fulton St., New York (q. v.).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. W. R. Weeks, /. c. Marvin, op. cit. J. R. Snowden,
The Medals of Washington, Philadelphia, 1861. Rosa, Monetario Americano,

LOVETT, JOHN D. (Amer.). Brother of the last; also a Die-sinkei
at New York .

LOVETT, ROBERT (Amer.). Father of G. H. Lovett. Die-sinker
at Philadelphia, later at New York. By him are various medals, one
of which, that of the Medical Society of New York County has
been brought to my knowledge by D r H. R. Storer. It is dated
1806 (Am. Journ. of Num., n 1553).

LOVETT, ROBERT (Amer.). A brother of G. H. Lovett; also a
Die-sinker at New York. G. H. Lovett outlived both his brothers
John D. and Robert.

LOVETT, ROBERT JUN R (Atner.). A son of G. H. Lovett, residing
at Philadelphia, where he is practising as a Die-sinker. He is the
author of a Portrait-medal of Stephen Girard, of Philadelphia (Am.
J. ofN. t n 203*); Medals of Washington, and others.

LOW, CONRAD (Germ.). Mint-master at Steinfurt, 1617-1632.

LOW, WOLFGANG (Bohem.). Mint-master-general at Plan, circ.
i624-f 1631.

LOWE, JOHANN HEINRICH (Germ.). Mint-master at Hamburg ;
his initials I. H. L. occur on Thalers of 1726, 1735, 1748,
1759, &c.

LQWEL (Germ.) Mint-master at Saalfeld, 1803-1833. His distinc-
tive mark occurs also on coins of Reuss in 1807 and 1812. Vide
Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit., p. 278. 1 have noticed his initial L
on a Conventionsthaler of Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-baalfeld,
1805, Conventionsthaler of Henry XIII. of Reuss, 1807, 1812,
Gulden, and Half Gulden.

LOWEN, MAX (Germ.}. A Jew, who in conjunction with Zwirner,
contracted for the working of the Mint at Brunn, 1620-1624.

- 484 -

LOWENBACH, J. W. {Germ.'). Medallist and Die-sinker, who
worked at Munich, circ. 1824-1860. He engraved the following
medals : Inauguration of the new Synagogue at Munich, 1826; -
Inauguration of the statue " Bavaria" at Munich, 1850; Seventh
Centenary of Munich, 1858; - 5o th Anniversary of the October
Festival at Munich, 1860, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. V. Kull, op. cit. V. Eyb, Die Mutton und Medaillen
der Stadt Munchen, 1875.

LOWENSTARK & SONS, A. D. (Brit.). A Jewish firm of Masonic
Jewellers and Die-sinkers, who had two branches, one in the
Strand, and the other in Aldersgate St., London. E.G. It failed, and
at the end of 1895, Mr. Loewenstark left this country for Bulu-
wayo, Rhodesia, Messrs Spink and Son purchasing his plant,
dies, &c.

Loewenstark and Sons issued a number of Prize Medals for
Agricultural, Sporting, Masonic &c. Societies, and a Portrait- medal
of Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., F.R.S. 1884.

LOWENSTEIN (Germ.). Die-sinker at Wiesbaden, circ. 1849. He
signed a Medal commemorating the Capture of the Danish frigate
Gefion off Echernforde, 5. April 1849, and intended as a Reward to
the Brave German Warriors. Vide Isenbein, op. cit., p. 178.

LOWS, CARL FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Die-sinker at Nuremberg, circ.
1756-1770. His productions are signed C.F.L.

LOWYS orLODEWICK, JOHN (Brit.). Mint-master at London and
Calais, anni 1-2 of Henry V., 1412-1413. In a contemporary
document, he is styled Master and Worker of the mints of London and

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ruding, op. cit. Serrure, Diet. geog. de Fhistoire monetaire
de France.

LOT, ERASMUS (Germ.). Modeller at Ratisbon, circ. 1520.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. W. Schratz, Regensburger Inedita und Seltenheiten, 1640.

LOTARD (French). Mint-engraver at Pau, 1695-1717. M. Blan-
chet has recorded various payments which were made to this Die-
cutter in 1695 and 1696. His successor in 1618 was Pierre

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J.-A. Blanchet, Les Graveurs en Beam, Dax, 1888. Id.,
Histoire monetaire du Beam. Rondot et De La Tour, op. cit.

LOYET, GIRARD (French). Goldsmith, and Mint-engraver to the
Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, at Lille, circ. 1466-1467. He
was appointed Mint-master-general at Antwerp, 27. November
1477, but entered office only in 1495.

- 485 -

LOYET, HUGUENIN (French}. Mint-engraver at Dijon, arc. 1460;
he engraved gectoirs for the Chambre des Comptes.

LOYET or LOUYET, PERRENOT (French). Mint-engraver at Dijon
and Chalon, drc. 1429-! 1437. He succeeded at Dijon Andry de
Wailly in 1433.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. De La Tour, op. cit.
LOYR, LOUIS. Vide LOIR supra.

LOYSEAU, AMEDEE CHARLES (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris. A Portrait-medallion, entitled "Venando" was
exhibited by him at the Salon of 1886.

LOZANO, ESTEBAN (Span). Contemporary Medallist of Madrid,
by whom I have noticed a commemorative medal, dated 1879, on
the Inauguration of the Railway from Madrid to Ciudad Real.

L. P. or B. Vide LAURENTIUS PARMENSIS. Medallist, f at Rome
after 1618. Also LAV.P., and L. FARM.

L. P. Vide LEONARDO PISANI. Mint-master at Venice, 1686.

L. P. Vide LUDWIG PICHLER, 1773-1854. Gem-engraver and
Medallist, who worked at Rome and Vienna.

L. P. F. Vide LEWIS PINGO. Medallist at London, 1768-1783.

L. P. H. Vide LEONHARD P. HALLER. Mint-master at Neisse, 1678-

L. P. L. Vide LUDWIG PERSSON LUNDGREN. Medallist at Stockholm,
circ. 1818-1843.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

A- Fl (Paul Lambros?) (Greek). Signature of a Greek Engraver,
which occurs on a medal presented by the Cretan National Assembly
to J. Woodhouse in recognition for his services in the public
administration of the Ionian Islands, under British rule, 1845.

L. P (Germ.}. Signature of a South German Medallist, on a
Portrait-medal of Otto Truchsess von Waldburg, bishop of
Augsburg, 1543-73, cardinal, 1554, f 1583. This medal has been
ascribed, but probably in error, to Laurentius Parmensis.

L. R. Vide LUDWIG ROLLIN. Mint-master at Cassel, 1724-1744.

486 -

L. R. Vide LORENZ RUCKDESCHEL. Mint-master at Bayreuth,
1747-1765. Also C. L. R

L. R. . Vide LORENZ ROSENBAUM. Goldsmith and Medallist at
Augsburg, 'circ. 1545.

L. R. (E,). According to D r Merzbacher, this signature is I. R. ;
Erman gives it as L L. R. It occurs on a beautiful medal (illustrated)

Diva Maria et Divus Maximilianus, reges Bohemiae conjuges.

of Mary and Maximilian, joint rulers of Bohemia; also on medals

of Prince Elector Augustus of Saxony, 1556.

. The artist was probably a Saxon, or at least worked in Saxony.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, op. cit., p. 74. Merzbacher, Kunst-Medailkn
KafaJog, Mai 1900.

L. R. F. Vide 1. L. R., L. R.

L. S. Signature on a medallic box of the eighteenth, century,
representing a Bacchic procession, and in the style of Obrisset. It
is of English workmanship.

L. S. Vide LORENZO SALOMON. Mint-director at Cattaro, 15-42-

L. S. VideLELIQ SCAJOLI. Mint-master at Parma, 1580-1604.

L. S. Vide LORENZ SCHNEIDER. Mint-master at Coblentz, 1616-

L. S. Vide LORENZ SCHILLING. Medallist at Frankfort-on-Main,

L. S. Vide LODOVICO SELVATICO. Mint-master at Modena, 1612-
1613, Pesaro, 1621, and Parma, 1629.

L. S. or L. S. F. Vide LODOVICO SERIES. Medallist in Tuscany, circ.

L. S. Vide LEONHARD STOCKMAR. Mint-master and Engraver at
Eisenach, 1785-1835. Also I. L. ST.

E. S. L. Vide L. S. LAUER. Counter-manufacturer at Nuremberg,
circ. 1790.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

LUAN, PIERRE DE (French). Mint-master at Bourg, 1574.

LUARD, MAJOR C. H. (Brit.). Officiating Master of the Calcutta
Mint, 20. July to 23. October 1876.

LUBBECKE, HEINRICH (Germ.). Mint-warden at Griinstadt
(Leiningen), 1610.

LUC-LABADIE, ANTOINE MARIE (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Francescas (Lot-et-Garonne) ; pupil of Falguiere and
A. Mercie. At the Salon of 1904 he exhibited two bronze Portrait-
medallions : M. Chaumie, Minister of Public Instruction;
T. Thiolin, etc.

LUCAM, J. V. (Austr.). This signature occurs on the reverse of a
medal commemorating the recovery of the Emperor Francis I.,
1826 (in Boston Coll").

LUCAS, J. R. N. (French). Sculptor ot the end of the eighteenth
and beginning of the nineteenth century, born at Rouen ; pupil of
Pigalle. By him are some Portrait-medallions cast in bronze.

LUCAS, NICOLAUS and PETRUS (Germ.). Moneyers at Liibeck,

LUCCHESI, ANDREA C. (Ital.). Contemporary Sculptor, by whom
is a Portrait-medallion of Ruskin inserted in his Memorial.

LUCCHESINI, GIUSEPPE (Ital.). Sculptor of the third quarter of
the eighteenth century. He is the author of a Portrait-medal of
Gabriel Manfredi, astronomer and mathematician of Bologna,
1766 (signed : OPVS JOSEPH LVCCHESINl).

LUCENTI or LUCINI, GIROLAMO (Ital.). Sculptor, Medallist and
Mint-engraver at Rome, circ. 1668-1690; pupil of Cav. Algardi,
became Assistant-engraver in 1668 under Gasp. Morone. He work-
ed principally for the Popes Clement X.., Innocent XL, and
Alexander VIII., and also for Sa. Maria di Monte Santo. As a rival
of the Hameranis, he did not however attain their fame. His statue
of an Angel with the nails of the cross on Sant' Angelo Bridge at
Rome is no mean work. For his accomplishments as an artist he
was raised to the knighthood by Clement X.

- 4 88 -

Lucenti engraved many dies for medals and coins which bear his

signature in various forms : G. L. ; - - EQ. HIER. LUCENTI ; EQ


I have made a note of the following coins and medals by him :

COINS. Clement X. (1670-1676). Scudo, an II, }$L. dementia et

Liberalitas (2 var.); an IV, I. Pius V. kneeling and receiving

from an angel the news of the victory of Lepanto (2 var.) ; 1675,

Jubilee tyL. The Porta Santa (sev. var.) ; and probably some of the

subsidiary coinage of that Pontiff, unsigned. Innocent XI. (1676-

1689). Scudo, an I, }$L. St. Matthew seated.

Scudo of Clement X., 1671, by Lucenti.

MEDALS. Clement X. Portrait-medal, 1670. tyL. ROMA RESVR-
standing; 1671, Christ washing the feet of his disciples ;-
An III, View of the tribune of the Basilica Liberiana; An IIII,
The Holy Conception; An V, 1674, Commemoration of the
Battle of Lepanto ; - - An VII, Diminution of Import duties at
Civita Veccnia. Innocent XL Portrait-medal (cast) ; no ]$6.
(signed : EVCENTl). - - Alexander VIII. (1689-1691). Medal of
1690. I. NON PR^VALEBIT. Religion trampling upon hydra
(signed : LV. F.).

Lucenti had two sons, the elder, AMBROSIUS, who distinguished
himself as a founder in metal, and the younger, LYBERIUS, who was
a lawyer.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, op. cit. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Cinagli, op. cit.
Keary, B. M. Guide to Italian Medals.

LUCHO (Germ.}. Moneyer at Ratisbon, circ. 1281.

LUCIUS. Vide A6TKIOT. Signature on an antique Gem of the old
Stosch collection representing a winged Kike in biga at full speed.

- 489 -

King gives others : Bust of young Satyr ; - - Mask of bearded
Satyr; - Bust of Poppaea (signed : AEY).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Babelon, op. cit., p. 171. -De Stosch, Pierres gravees,
PI. 41. King, op. cit.

LUCHIEU, JACQUET DE (French}. Mint-engraver at Rouen, circ.

LUCHIEU, JEAN DE (French}. Mint-engraver and Assayer at Rouen,
circ. 1366-1368.

(DE LISIEUX). Mint-engraver at Troyes, circ. 1375-^ 1376.

LUCHIEU, MICHEL (French}. Mint-engraver at Rouen, circ. 1355-

LUCHINI, TIBERIO DI (Ital.}. Chief-engraver at the Mint of
Venice, 1443.

LUCHINI, VINCENZO DI (ltd.}. Assistant-engraver at the Mint of
Venice, 1443.


LUCRE (Genii.}. Several carvers in ivory (CARL A. L. Sen r 1668-
f 1730; CARL A. L. Jun r , 1710-1771; JOHANN CHRISTOPH LUDWIG
VON L. 1703-1750) of that name distinguished themselves in the
eighteenth century, and have signed Portrait-medallions in ivory,
and also in porcelain, which one sometimes meets with.

LUCKNER, JOSEPH (Germ}. Medallist of Hildesheim, and Mint-
engraver there, third quarter of the eighteenth century. He is the

Conventionsthaler ot Hildesheim, 1766.
author of a medal of the Italian anatomist Giov. Batt. Morgagni, of


Padua, 1771, theobv. of which is signed : LVCKNER, while the 1$L.
is by Balugani. Some of the currency, as for instance a Conventions-
thaler of 1766 of Frederick William, bishop of Hildesheim, bears
his initial L.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Reimniann Sale Catalogue.

LUCKGER, HERMANN JOSEPH (Germ.'}. Die-sinker at Nuremberg,
in the employ of the Die-sinking establishment of L. Chr. Lauer.
His initials H. J. L. occur on Portrait-medals of Prince Bismarck and

LUCOT, JEAN BAPTISTE (French}. "Fermier general "of the French
coins, 1674.

LUCTED. The signature AOYT6Y occurs on several modern gems
imitated from the antique : Mask of Pan, carnelian; Mask of
Faun (2 var.).

LUCY (French}. Some pattern copper coins of Napoleon I. are
signed by this Engraver, who flourished in the early part of the
nineteenth century.

I have noticed the signature : Lucy], on a Pattern 10 Centimes
of Louis-Philippe, 1838, with obv. andl^L. types in incuse.

LUDER, H. (Dutch). Probably a son of Jan Luder, by whom are a
number of medals : City of Amsterdam Medal, 1729 (signed :

LUDER, -JAN (Dutch}. Medallist of the fourth quarter of the
seventeenth century and early part of the eighteenth, circ. 1680-
1710. He- executed a large number of medals for William III. of
Great Britain and also for John George III., Elector of Saxony.
His work is not of great merit, and he is said to have frequently
copied the designs of other medallists.

This engraver visited England, where he may have cut some of
his medals :

Among his productions, we find : James II. and Mary, 1685
James II. and Mary, 1685 $6. FORTES RADII &c. Full Sun
(imitated from Bower's medal) ; Landing of William of Orange
at Torbay, 1688; - Rebellion in Ireland, 1689; - Coronation
of Queen Mary, 1689; William III.'s resistance to France,
1689; Fortunes of William III., 1689 ^L. QVI SEMPER
FORTIS &c. ; - - Tribute to William III., 1689 ].. AMOR BATA-
VAE GENTIS &.; Tribute to Mary, 1689-; William III.
called lo Ireland, 1690; Mary, as Regent, 1690 (2 var.);
Battle of the Boyne, 1690 (3 var.); - William III. enters Dublin,
July 1 690 (2 var.) ; Ireland subdued, 1 690 ; Mary, as Regent,


1691 T$L. Lioness at the mouth of a cave; Triumphal Entry
into the Hague of William III., 1691 (sev. var.); Duke of /elf
Knight of the Garter, 1691 ; Relief of Coni by Prince Eugene of
Savoy, 1691 ; Battle of Aghrim, July 1691 ; Limerick taken,

Memorial medal of Queen Mary, 1695, by Luder.

October 1691; The Reformation preserved by the King of
England, 1691 ; William III. 's throne established, 1691 (2 var.);
Deventer Testimonial to William III., 1691 (medal struck at the


expense of Peter Sluysken, Master of the Mint at Deventer);
Ireland reunited, 1692 (2 var.); Battle of La Hogue, | May,
1692 (sev. var.); Death of Queen Mary, 7. January 1695
(sev. var. one illustrated ; Death and Funeral of Queen Mary,
1695; - Namur retaken by William III., 1695 (signed : L); -
Others, on the same event; Peace of Ryswick, 1697 (sev. var.);
- Memorial of William III. (unique gold badge in British
Museum); Liberty and Religion restored to England, 1689
}$L. Ark of the Covenant; - - Victories of Frederick III., Prince
Elector of Brandenburg, 1689; John George III., Prince Elector
of Saxony, 1689 ; - - Rebellion at Amsterdam quelled, 1690.

Liider signed his medals variously : I. L. F. ; IAN.LUDER : FECIT ;
I. LUDER FECIT ; I. LUDER F. ; - - L. ; - - I. L. ; - - I. LUDER ;

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Franks and Grueber, op. cit. -
Ammon, op. cit. Catalogue der Nederlandsche en op Nederland betrekking bebbende
Gedenkpenmngen, 's Gravenhage, 1903. De Historiepenningen en Munten betrek-
king bebbende op bet Stamhtiis van Oranje-Nassau.

LUDERS, CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH (Germ.']. Medallist at Berlin, circ.
1702-1742, and Mint-engraver there. He was employed by the
Royal House of Prussia, and was a successful Engraver. Hisproductions

are usually signed : ; - - C. F. L. ; or C. F. LUDERS F. They

comprise : Marriage of King Frederick I. of Prussia with Sophie
Louise of Mecklenburg-Grabow, 1708; Marriage of Frederick
Louis, Prince of Wurtemberg, with Henrietta Maria, Princess of

Obv. of 1 haler of Frederick I.

Prussia, 1716; Marriage of Crown Prince Frederick at Salzdah-
lum, 1733 (2 var., one of which is signed KOCH on obv.) ;
Marriage of Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick with Crown Prince
Frederick William of Prussia, 1 706 ; Birth of Crown Prince
Frederick William (later Frederick the Great), 24. January 1712.


Luders engraved dies for the Mints of Berlin and Koenigsberg.
His coins are signed L, C. F. L. or C. F. LUDERS, &c.; Berlin.
Double Ducat, 1732; - - Ducats, 1703-1729 (many varieties);
Thalers, 1702-1730; Gulden, 1702-1730; Thalers, 1729, &c.
Koenigsberg. Ducat, 1714.

Thaler of Frederick I., 1702.

Luders engraved dies for Thalers and Half Thalers ot Frederick
William I. struck for Nsuchatel, in 1714 and 1715.
His initial $. occurs under the king's bust.

Half Thaler of Neuchatel, 1715.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Von Schrotter, Mun^ufesen Preussen. Sale Catalogues.
Bolzenthal, of>. cit. Menadier, op. cit.

LUDERS, D. (Germ.).

f, b :

Medallist of the second quarter of the
y whom I have seen a medal, signed

nineteenth century, -_, - - . ._,

D. Luders, on the Marriage of Duke Alexander Charles of Anhalt
with Princess Frederica Charlotte of Holstein, 30. October 1834.

LUDERS, HANS (Germ.} of Goslar. Mint-master at Pegnitz, circ.


494 -

LUDERS, HANS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Hildesheim, 1695-1710,
and Detmold, 1710-1716. His issues are signed : H. L.; EL or

LUDERS, HERMANN (Germ.'). Mint-master at Bremen, 1670-1673,
and Hamburg, 1674-1692. He coined for Schleswig-Holstein, 1676-
1689, and also for the city of Luneburg, 1677-1678. In 1681 he
became Warden of the South Saxon Circle. His issues are signed :
H. L. ; HL, or H,.

LUDERS, I. H. (Germ.}. Mint-master at Lippe, circ. 1712-1720.
His issues are signed H. L. or I. H. L.

LUDERS, LUDOLPH HEINRICH (Germ.). Mint-master for Lippe-
Detmold, resided at Carlshafen (eighteenth century).

LUDEWIG, EWALT(Gtfr///.). Mint-master at Miltenberg, 1437.
LUDEWIG, HENNE (Germ.). Mint-master at Miltenberg, 1434.

LUD. NE. Vide LUDWIG NEUFAHRER. German Medallist, circ.

LUDWIG DER MUNZER (Austr.). Moneyer at Vienna, circ.

LUDWIG, CHRISTOPH (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Oels, 1621.

LUDWIG, JOHANNES (Germ.). Gem-engraver at Breslau, who died
in 1606.

LUDWIG & MAYER (Germ.). Type founders of Frankfort-on-Mein,
who in 1890, issued a medal on the occasion of the 450 th Anniver-
sary of Printing. The medal is in lead, and was presented to all the
persons present at the celebration.

LUDY, FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Medallist at Neuwied, in the early
part of the nineteenth century. He engraved coin-dies for the Mint
of Mayence : 24 Kreuzer piece of Nassau, 1809; - 12 Kreuzer,
1809; Conventionsthaler, 1809, with bust of Frederick William,
Prince of Nassau, signed on truncation : LUDY (Vide Catalogue
Wambolt, 1833, p. 505, n 1640).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Julius Isenbeck, Das Nassauische Mun^u'esen, Wiesbaden,

- 495 -

LUGEMAN, HENDRICK. Vide LAGEMAN supra. Dutch Medallist,
born in 1765, died in 1816.

LUGOL, L. (French}. Editor of a medal ot V. Haiiy, Societe inter-
nationale pour l'amlioration du sort des aveugles.

LUISDEFER. ROBIN DE (French}. Mint-engraver at Angers, before

LULLIN. JEAN ANTOINE (Swiss). In conjunction with David
Camp, Lullin undertook for the city of Geneva a coinage of Ducats,
on 24. September 1692. These are signed C. L.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Demole, op. ell.

LUMLEY (Brit.). Author of a Portrait-medallion of D r E. J. Hop-
kins, of London (Amer. Jonrn. Num., 660).

LUND, FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Mint-master at Nuremberg, 1374.
LUND, TROELS (Dan). Mint-master at Kongsberg, 1737-1769.

LUNDE, JOHANN WILHELM (Germ). Director ot the Clausthal
Mint (Brunswick), 1807-1819.

LUNDEN. MICHEL VON (Germ.). Mint-master at Lubeck, 1309.

LUNDER, GABRIEL (Norweg). Medallist of the second half of the
eighteenth century ; born at Kongsberg (in Norway) ; resided for
some time at Nuremberg, then at Koenigsberg, and finally settled
at Copenhagen, where he was working from 1742 to 1782. His pro-
ductions are usually signed G. L. or G. L. F., but also L. One of the
most artistic is his Portrait-medal of the ecclesiastic Johann Meyer,
superior of St. Lorenz, at Nuremberg.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, op. cit. Bolzenthal, op. cit. I. V. Kull,
op. cit.

LUNDERBERG, LAWRENCE D. (Swed.). Medallist of the end of the
eighteenth century and early part of the nineteenth. He resided at
Stockholm, and is the author of some medals : Charles (afterwards
Earl) Grey, M. P., 1801 (signed : LUNDERBERG); Medal of the
Historical and Archaeological Society of Sweden, 1801 ; Return
of King Charles XIII. from the Riksdag at Orebro, 18. October 1810;
-New year's Medalet (1800); D r Lorenz Gabriel Branting;
D r Frans Joaquim von Aken, apothecary, of Orebro, Sweden ; -
D r Abraham Baeck, of Stockholm; Bengt Ferrner, astronomer,

- 496

Lunderberg was probably born in 1749; he died after 1810. His
medals date from 1797 to 1810.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Weber, Medals dr Medallions, &c. Hildebrand, op. cit.
Bolzenthal, op. cit.

LUNDGREN, LUDWIG PETERSSEN (Swed.). Medallist of the first
half of the nineteenth century, and Mint-engraver at Stockholm,
circ. 1818-1853. He died about 1854, the year in which his daugh-
ter, Leah Ahlborn, succeeded to his post at the Mint, and he was
born towards the end of the eighteenth century.

Besides engraving dies for the coinage of King Oscar L, Lund-
gren produced a large number of medals, some of which rank very
high among contemporaneous works. They are signed in various
forms : L. P. L. ; - - P. L. ; - - L. P. LUNDGREN F. or FEC. ; PEHR
Hildebrand describes the following : Coronation of Charles XIV.

i Riks Species of Oscar I., by Lundgren.

John, 1818 ; Medal of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Centen-
ary, 1839 (I^L. by Frumerie); - 25 th Anniversary of King
Charles XIV. John's Reign, 1843; - - Another, REG.ACADE-
DORE; Death' of King Charles XIV. John, 8. March, and
Burial, 26. April, 1844; Medals for Civil Merit, with bust of
Charles XIV. John (sev. var.) ; Medal for Acts of Courage, Life-
saving, &c. (sev. var.); - Prize Medals for Useful Discoveries;
Reward Medals for Faithful Services (sev. var.); Prize Medal
of the Royal Agricultural Society of Sweden; Medal of the Royal
Military Academy 'of Sweden; Medal of the Royal College of
Medicine; Iron-trade Companies established under government
authority ; - - Prize Medal of the town of Vexio for assistance
against accidents, fire, &c. ; Portrait-medal of Charles XIV.

- 497

John (uniface); Portrait-medal of King Charles XIV. John and
Queen Desideria, and Royal Family, 1841 ; - - Coronation of
Charles XIV. John at Drontheim, 7. September, 1818 (2 var.);
- 25 th Anniversary of the King's Coronation, 1843; - Norwe-
gian Prize Medal for Civil Merit; Medals of the Royal Norwe-
gian Society of Sciences (sev. var.); Coronation of Queen Desi-
deria at Stockholm, n. August 1829; Coronation of King
Oscar I. and Queen Josephinaat Stockholm, 28. September 1844;
Centenary of Lund Cathedral, 1845 ; Erection of a statue to
Charles XIV. John at Norrkoping, 1846; - - Centenary of the
Mining Company founded by King Frederick I., 1847 ; Centen-
ary of the three oldest Knightly Orders, 1 848 ; Visit of King Oscar
to the Royal Mint, 29. December 1851; - Medals for Military
Merit; Medals for Civil Merit, with bust of Oscar I. (sev. var.);

- Numerous Medals for Academies, Societies, Colleges, Exhibi-
tions, &c. ; Memorial Medals and Medalets of Queen Josephina;

- Prince Charles's first Visit to Skane, 1836; - - The Crown
Prince Charles as Chancellor of Upsal University, 1844; Mar-
riage of the Crown Prince Charles with Louise, Princess of the
Netherlands, 19. June 1850; Visit of the Crown Prince and
Princess to the Royal Mint, 26. March 1852; - - Prize Medal for
Arts and Literature, with busts of Charles XV. and consort (sev.

Online LibraryL. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists : coin, gem, and sealengravers, mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works B.C. 500-A.D. 1900 (Volume 3) → online text (page 38 of 49)