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1326-1342, Vide Arnold Luschin von Ebengreuth, Wiens Mun%-
wesen, Handel und Verhhr im spdteren Mittelalter, Wien, 1902.

JACOBY, MEINHARD (Germ.}. Contemporary Modeller and Sculp-
tor, residing at Berlin. He is the author of various types of
Christening Plaquettes, struck at the works of Wilhelm Mayer &
Frz. Wilhelm at Stuttgart. In artistic merit, they compare favourably
with some of the best French medallic productions of recent times.

JACOBY, PHILIPPE JOSEPH (Belg.}. Die-sinker of the eighteenth
century; he was born in 1708 and at the age of 14 was placed in
apprenticeship to an Engraver of the name of L. de Thier, at
Cologne. Five years after he settled at Liege, his native town, where
he produced some good work as a Line-engraver, and was
employed in that capacity and as a Medallist by the Prince-Bishops
of Liege John Theodore of Bavaria, Charles d'Oultremont, Francis
Charles van Velbruck and Constantine Francis van Hoensbrouck,
during the greater part of the second half of the eighteenth century.
He died on September 23, 1794.

Pinchart remarks that in the few medals he has produced, Jacoby
showed imagination, but that his drawing is very defective and that
his engraving leaves also much to be desired.

By this Engraver are : Portrait-medal of John Theodore ot
Bavaria, Prince-Bishop of Liege (signed : P. I. IACOBY) ; Portrait-
medal of Charles of Oultremont, Prince-Bishop of Liege (signed :
JACOBI or JA. F.); Another, of 1764; - - Foundation of the
Academy of Painting at Liege, 1765; - - Society of Emulation,
The Academy of Painting and Sculpture (2 types, one dated 1785") ;

Portrait-Medal of Constantine Francis van Hoensbrouck, Prince-
Bishop of Liege.

In 1763, Jacoby was appointed Mint-engraver at Liege, a post
which he retained until 1788, when he was succeeded by Leonard

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bon de Chestret de Haneffe, Notice sur P. J. Jacoby, graveur
lUnoitdu XVIIIc stick. Revue beige de num., 1891, pp. 88-100. Pinchart,
Histoire de la gravurcdes medailles en Belgique, p. 80.

- 47 -

JACOPIN, ACHILLE. {French}. Contemporary Sculptor; pupil of
Falguiere, Carlier et Mercie. At the Salon of 1903, he exhibited
Portrait-medals of M me Em. Ch** and her children.

JACOPSZOON, JAN (Dutch}. Goldsmith of The Hague, who in
1481 cut official seals.


JACOT, BERNARD ULYSSE(5"zc'm.). Contemporary Sculptor, born
in 1877, studied at Geneva, under the direction of Jerdelet, Pro-
fessor of chasing at the School of Industrial Arts, and Barthelemy
Caniez, Sculptor. He is a partner in his father's firm, a manufac-
turer of decorative watch-cases at Le Locle (canton Neuchatel).

Rifle Competition at Fleurier, 1902, Prize Medal, by B. U. Jacot.

The Prize Medal, for the Neuchatel Cantonal Rifle Meeting at
Fleurier, 1902, is the artist's first attempt at medallic work.

rary Engravers of watch cases, residing at Le Locle. They are
father and son. To their joint cooperation is due a commemorative
medal, struck at the works of Huguenin freres in 1888, on the
inauguration of a monument at Le Locle to Daniel Jean Richard,
1665-1741, the founder of the Neuchatel watch industry. It is
signed : E. JACOT.

By A. Jacot-Guillarmod is also : Cantonal Rifle Meeting of Vaud
at Yverdon, 1899.

JACOT, JULES (Swiss). Die-sinker, Seal, and Watch-case Engra-
ver, born at La Chaux-de-Fonds, 28 th March 1797, where he died,
4 th June 1879.

He is the author of numerous official Seals, cut in commission for
the Neuchatel urban and cantonal government, one of which, the
Great Seal of the Mairie et Justice de Neuchatel (illustrated) is signed :

J. J.

This engraver cut also a fine jeton of the Cantonal Rifle Mee-
ting at Neuchatel, 1849.

Seal of the "Mairie" of Neuchatel, by Jules Jacot.

i M ;, Arn 1 r d Robert from whose article " Un graveur neuchate-
m Numismatic Circular, June 1904, 1 have borrowed the

- 49

above details, adds that Jules Jacot reproduced subjects from Leo-
pold Robert's " Les Moissonneurs " on watch-cases.

Seals engraved by Jules Jacot for the Government of N

JACQUEMART, NICOLAS (French}. Sculptor of the second half ot
the nineteenth century, and author of several Portrait-medallions.
Vide Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit., I, p. 812.

JACQUEMIN, AIME (French') (..1699-1720). Mint-engraver at
Lyons, 1703-1716. He \vas a son of Clair I. Jacquemin, and
engraved various jetons for the Consulate between 1709 and 1711.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot, Les graveurs de Monnaies a Lyon, Macon, 1897.
Id., Les Medailleurs elks Graveurs de monnaics, Paris, 1904.

JACQUEMIN, BERTRAND (French} (..1696-1745). Mint-engraver
at Lyons, 2. May I7o8-December 1742. He is also the author ot
a number of jetons (about 40) of the Consulate, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. de La Tour, Les Medailleurs et Us Graveurs
de monnaies, jetons el we'dailles en France, Paris, 1904.

JACQUEMIN, CLAIR I (French} (..1663-71713). Mint-engraver at
Neufville, then " tailleur et graveur particulier hereditaire " of the
Mint of Lyons, 25. July 1675 after 1709. He has also engraved a
number of jetons, some of which are signed : C. I. F. The 4 Sol
pieces of 1677 of Louis XIV., struck at the Mint of Neufville were
the joint-work of Lochey de Grandchamp, Clair Jacquemin and
Gilbert d'Armand 1'Orfelin. In 1675, Jacquemin, who was born in
1638, succeeded Lagier at the Mint of Lyons and remained in
office until 1709; he died in April 1713. Rondot mentions that
about ninety jetons may be attributed to him, some of which are
signed : C. I. F. One was struck to commemorate the Peace ot
Ryswick, 1697; others, the Consulate of 1696-1697, Louis Dugas,
the Duke of Villeroy, Archbishop Camille de Neufville, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. X. Rondot, La \lonnaie de Vimy ou de Neufville. Rev. num.,
1890, p. 443. Id., Les Graveurs de monnaies a Lyon du Xllll e au XVlll* siecle,
Macon, 1897. N. Rondot et H. de La Tour, op. cit.

L. FOKRER. Biograf hical Notices of MtdalUsls. III. 4


JACQUEMIN, GLAIR II (French} (..1714-1730). Mint-engraver at
Lyons, where he was bom, 18. December 1689, and worked as
assistant of his uncle Bertrand Jacquemin. He resided at Grenoble
from 1721-1725.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. de La Tour, op. cit.

JACQUEMIN, GLAIR III (French) (..1731-71759). Mint-engraver
at Lyons, at first under the direction of his father Bertrand Jacque-
min, 1741-1742; appointed in 1746 " Graveur particulier ". He
has also engraved a number of jetons.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot etH.de La Tour, op. cit.

JACQUEMIN, GLAIR IV (French) (..173 1-1767). Mint-engraver at
Lyons, 1759-1760. He has also engraved about thirty consular
jetons, between 1756 and 1764, and is the author of at least two
medals ; the one a Prize Medal of the Academy of Lyons, after a
drawing by Nonnotte, and signed : JACQUEMIN S. C. ; and the
other a medal presented by the Consulate of Lyons to Soubriat, for
life-saving, in 1766, signed : C. I. F.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. de La Tour, op. cit.

JACQUEMIN, PIERRE (French). Mint-engraver at Lyons, 1684-
1690 ; son of Clair I. Jacquemin. He engraved jetons for the Consu-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot, op. cit.

JACQUEMOTTE, R. (Germ.). Mint-master at Cugnon, 1634.

JACQUES, JEAN (French). Mint-engraver at Saint-Pourgain,

JACQUES, JEAN JACQUES CLAUDE (French). Mint-engraver at
Rouen, 1760-1792. In 1815, an Engraver of that name executed a
Pattern 5 Franc piece for the Coinage Competition of that year.
Vide A. Barre, Graveur s generaux et particulier s des Monnaies de
France, Ann. num., 1867, p. 163.

JACQUET, NICOLAS GABRIEL (French}. Medallist ot the first quar-
ter of the seventeenth century (arc. 1601-1609). Mazerolle places
the period of his activity between 1601 and 1626, and suggests
that he may have been a relative of Jacquet <ftf Grenoble, Sculptor
to Henry IV.

Jacquet is the author of some cast Portrait-medallions : Pom-
ponne de Bellievre, Chancellor of France, 1601 ; - Omer Talon,
Advocate general to the Parliament of Paris, 1609 (both medallions
signed : N. G. I. F. and N. GAB. IACQ. F.). A third medal, with bust

- 5i

of Omer Talon on obv., and that of his consort, Suzanne Choart
on fyL., is probably also by him and was executed in 1626.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. F. Mazerolle, Les Me'dailleurs fratifais du XV C siecleau milieu
du XF//e, Paris, 1902. N. Rondot etH.de La Tour, op. cit.

JACQUET, DE LYON (French) (..1377-1426). Engraver and Gold-
smith; in 1387, he executed a seal of the Duke of Touraine, at
Asti ; and in the beginning of the fifteenth century, a round jewel
with portrait, either of the King, or of another member of the
Royal family.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. de La Tour, op. cit.

JACQUIN, JEAN (French). Goldsmith of Troyes, and Engraver of
jetons, circa i)8o-^ 1596-1600.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. de La Tour, op. cit.

JAECKLE-SCHNEIDER, EARTH. (Swiss.). Contemporary Medallist
and Seal -engraver, who in recent years has produced a number of
commemorative and prize-medals. He resides at Zurich, but was
born on December i r, 1850, at Schabenhausen (Baden). His father,
who was a watchmaker, settled at Zurich in 1863. Jaeckle visited
the schools, made an apprenticeship in a die-sinking establishment
at Zurich, and afterwards worked at Cologne, Berlin and Breslau.
In 1876, he started business on his own account at Zurich.

I have met with Jaeckle's signature on the following medals :
1880. Zurich " Krugerfest "; - - 1881. Dog Show at Zurich;

- Ignaz Heim, composer, of Zurich ; 1883. Swiss Federal Exhi-
bition at Zurich (at least 14 varieties); 1886. Christening medal
of Ulrich Ziegler ; - - 1889. Vinedressers' Festival at Vevey;

1890. Inauguration of Pestalozzi's Monument at Yverdon;

1891. Sixth Centenary of the Helvetic Alliance; Swiss Bakery
Exhibition at Zurich ; - - Souvenir of the Frozen Lake of Zurich ;

- 1890. Federal Fete of the " Griitli Central " Society ; - 1891.
Seventh centenary ot the Foundation ot Berne; 1894. Fisheries'
Exhibition at Zurich ; - Various Agricultural and other Prize-
medals ; - 1894. Cantonal Industrial Exhibition, &c.

Before 1883, Jaeckle was a partner in the die-sinking esta-
blishment of Oehler-Jaeckle.

This Engraver is perhaps more clever in cutting seals than medals.
To him was entrusted the execution of the Zurich official seal and
he has produced a great number of seals for private persons, armorial
bearings, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bulletin dr Revue suisses de numismatique , 1882-1898.
Information obtained jrom Herr F. O. Peslalo^^i, Vice-President of the Zurich Art
Society, and one of the Editors of the Dictionary of Swiss Artists.

5* '

Blanchet calls this Artist, Jacob of Urbino or Orvieto. He executed a
Portrait-medal ot Julia Orsini, wife of Baldassare Rangoni, 1554;
scenery, urn with two handles on pedestal.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Armand, Medailleurs italiens, etc. Blanchet, Manuel de
numismaliqne du moyen age el moderne, II.

JAEGER, ERICH (Germ). Mint-master at Zerbst, 1722-1725.
Vide Schlickeysen-Pallmann. p. 129.

JAEGER, JOBST (Germ.). Brother of Richard Jaeger, was employed
at the Mint of Crossen, circa 1621.

JAEGER, JOHANN CASPAR (Germ). Medallist of the second halt
of the eighteenth century. He was appointed Court-medallist by
the Czarina Catherine II. in 1772, with a stipend of 1200 Roubles
per annum. His usual signature is I. G. I.

Marshal Rumenzow, by J. C. Jaeger.

The following medals are by this Engraver : Commemorative
medal of the Battle of Poltava ; First Jubilee of the St. Petersburg
Academy of Sciences, 1776; - Erection of Peter the Great's

r j .

statue, 1782 ; Jeton on the same event ; 1773, Betrothal of the
Grand Duke Paul; - 1776, Second Marriage of the Grand Duke
with Marie Theodorowna ; !774> Marshal Rumenzow (obv.
illustrated) ; Prize Medal for Agriculture, with bust of Catherine II. ;
Ivan Betzkoy, 7 1796 ; Count Bestuschef-Riumin; Found-
ling Hospital, Moscow.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. Iversen, Medaillen auf die Thaten Peter des Grossen, St
Petersburg, 1892. Thoinsen Catalogue. Bolzenthal, op. cit.

JAEGER, REINHARD or RICHARD (Germ.}. A native of Einbeck;
Mint-master at Leipzig, before 1621; appointed joint Mint-master
at Crossen with Basilius Bernhard in 1621 ; incarcerated on October
31., 1623, with Jamnitzer and other colleagues; released in 1624,
but applied in vain for the wardenship of the Ratibor mint in 1625.
Coins issued at Crossen 1622-1623 bear this Mint-master's distinc-
tive mark : hunting-horn between stag's horns. This mark appears
also on" Klippe " coins of Leipzig, 1622 (Groschen, 8 Groschen
pieces, double and single " Engelthalers ").

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Scblesiens ncuere Mun^geschichte. Erbstein,
Erorterungen aiifdem Gebiete der sdchsiscben Muii^-und Medaillen-Gescbichte, Dresden,

JAENBEHRT (Brit}. Archbishop of Canterbury, 766-790; he was
the first to issue coins, which bear his name on the obv. and that
of King Offa on fy.

JAGGLI, M. (Swiss). Editor of Medals commemorating the Swiss
Federal Exhibition at Zurich, 1883; these were mostly struck at
Mayer's works at Stuttgart. Vide JAECKLE.

JAHN, VALENTIN (Pol.}. Mint-master and Contractor of the Mints
of Posen and Fraustadt, 1592-1595; Bromberg, November 1594-
July 1595. On the 9 th of July 1592, Jahn took the oath as Mint-
master at Posen, and on the 24 th of October 1594, he installed
JohannesDittmar as administrator there (administrator seu provisor).
In 1 600 he again contracted to work the Mint of Fraustadt, which
he did until 1603. His name occurs also as Jans, Johns, Jonas and
Jonghe. From 1603 to 1613 he worked the Mint at Jagerndorf, and
later still, in 1614, his privy mark occurs on currency issued at

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kirmis, Handbucb der PohiiscJxn Mun^kunde, Posen, 1892.
Friedensburg, Studien ^ttr schlesischen MedaiUenkiinde, Schlesiens Vorzeit in Bild
und Schrift, Bd. VII, p. 60.

JAKOBI (Germ.'). Mint-warden at Zweibriicken, 1759.

JALEY, FRANCOIS (French). Mint-engraver at Grenoble, 1710-


JALEY, LOUIS (French'). Medallist, born at Charite-sur-Loire, near
St. Etien'ne (Loire) in 1763 ; died at Paris in 1838. He was a pupil
of Moitte and Dupre, and distinguished himself as an Engraver of
medals of the Napoleonic series. His signature appears on the ty,
of the following; 1804, Consecration of Napoleon I., by Pope
Pius VII. ; 1805, Coronation of Napoleon I. as King of Italy, at
Milan, 1805 (! The crown of Agilulphus, King of the Lombards);

1805, Capitulation of Ulm and Memmingen ; - - 1805, Battle

of Austerlitz; - - 1806, Creation of the Order of the Legion of
Honour (illustrated); 1804, Distribution at Boulogne of Crosses
of the Legion of Honour; 1806, Napoleon I. enters Berlin; -
1806, The Imperial eagle crowned by Victory; 1808, Portrait of
H. S. H. the Prince Arch-Chancellor of the Empire; 1810, J.-tons
of various societies ; - - 1810, Portrait of Napoleon I.; - - 1811,

ty. of Medal on the Creation of the Order of the Legion of Honour, 1806, by Jaley.

Portrait-medal of Murat, King of the Two-Sicilies ; 1812, Various
Jetons of Societies; Portrait-medal of Rollin ; - Portrait-medal
of Marshal Massena, 1819, King Louis XVIII. grants a Charter
to France; Cambacres; Masonic Medal of the Orient of Paris to
their grand Master (both obv. and fyL. by Jaley) ; Masonic Jeton,
1806 (The Social Contract and St. Alexander of Scotland, united) ;
- Cambacres, Arch-Chancellor of the Empire, First Sovereign
Grand Commander of French Masons, 1812; - - The Order of
H. D. M. introduced into France by Jean Matheus, Commemora-
tive Jeton, 1806; Medal of the Chamber of Master- work men in
masonry, 1810; &c.
Jaley's son, Nicolas, attained fame as a Sculptor.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, Dictionnaire general des Artistes de
I'Ecole francaise, Paris, 1882. Larousse, Grand Dictionnaire Universel.
Grande Encyclopedia. Edwards, Napoleon Medals. Bolzenthal, ot>. cit, Marvin,
The medals of the Masonic Fraternity, Boston, 1880.

- 55 -

JAMAIN, EMILE THfiODORE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor,
Gem-engraver, and Medallist, born at Fumay (Ardennes); pupil
of Vaudet and Hiolin. By him were exhibited some cameos and
medals at the Salon, between 1888 and 1901 : 1888. Marie de
Medicis, sard cameo; - Milo of Croton, sard cameo; 1890.
Faun, sard cameo; 1891. L'accordee de Village, cameo;
Joan of Arc; - Marguerite; Agrippa; 1892. Francois
Trupheme, sard cameo ; - - Marie de Medicis ; Homer, sard
cameo; 1893. Henri Weisse ; 1898. Maurice Brevoire. -
1901. Portrait plaquette of H. Auguste Crouzet, cut in a sardonyx
of two strata.

JAMES, C. (Brit.). A London Die-sinker and Medallist of the
latter end of the eighteenth century. His signature, generally in full,
appears on the following Tradesmen's Tokens; Cumberland Lake
Token | D ; James's Penny Tokens (2 var. ; signed : JAMES ENGRA-
VER) ; Bayly's | D ; - - James' | D , 1796 (2 var., one illustrated} ;

James's Halfpenny Token, 1796.

Orchard's^", 1797 (2 var.); Pidcock's Halfpennies, 1795 (4 var.);
- Others, with representations of elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers,
nylghaus, zebras, humped cows, kangaroos, monkeys, &c. (Atkins,
n os 302-340); - Sims' Halfpennies (2 var.); Spence's Half-
pennies (Atk., n cs 511-535 with perhaps one or two exceptions);
Various Middlesex Halfpennies, with bust of Thelwall, and
others; - Pidcock's Farthings (Atk., n os 764-773); Spence's
Farthings (types : Prisoner, Slave, Adam and Eve, Bull, Britannia,
Cat, &c. Atk.,r\ s 781-816; some of these, which are unsigned,
may be the work of Jacobs) ; Newcastle Halfpennies (Atk., n os 3-
24); Dudley^ , 1790 (Atk., n os 7-19); - Worcester | D , with
bust of George III. and signature : C- 1. ; - - Bedale Pennies (Atk.,
n os -n-i4 a ; some of these may have been engraved by Jacobs for
Skidmore, the manufacturer); Also, some Tokens described as
Xot Local; Sawbridgeworth Penny, 1801; Pidcock's Exhibi-
tion, London Halfpennies, 1800, 1801.

Pye gives further the following Tokens by James : Aylesbury

_ 5 6 -

(Manuf. : Skidmore, Propr. F. Wheeler) ; Bungay (Manuf. :
Williams; Propr. : T. Miller), and some of those enumerated above.

Most of James's Tokens were manufactured by Lutwych of

Mr. H. A. Grueber in English Personal Medals (Num. Chron.,
1891, pp. 96-97) describes two Tokens, representing, the first, Fox
(War with France, 1794) and the second, Fox and Pitt (their rivalry
satirized, 1795).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Atkins, Tradesmen's Tokens, drc. Pye, Provincial Copper
Coins. W. J. Davis, Nineteenth century Token Coinage, 1904.

JAMIN, LOUIS (Swiss'). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Geneva. His signature occurs on the following medals
which have come under my notice : 1892, Inauguration of the
New Central Post Office at Geneva; 1896, Jean EtienneDufour,
National Councillor; 1893, Louis Ruchonnet, Federal Council-
lor; 1892, Federal Swiss Cycling Club; 1894, Jubilee of the
Federal Society of Mutual Help; 1892, Rifle Meeting of 1893 at
Geneva; 1899, Badge for Free Masons, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Revue suisse de ntimismatique, 1893-1904.

JAMNITZER, ALBRECHT (Germ.}. Goldsmith and Die-sinker of
the second half of the sixteenth century, who died about 1590. He
and his brothers rink amongst the greatest artists of their time, and
it is generally accepted that he did medal-work, although no medal
in particular has been attributed to him with certainty.

JAMNITZER, CHRISTOPH (Vide C.I.). Goldsmith and Die-sinker of
Nuremberg; born in 1563, died in 1618.

JAMNITZER, HANS (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Nuremberg, 1569-
~\ 1603 (Vide Gebert, op. cit.).

JAMNITZER, HANS CHRISTOPH (Germ.). Mint-master at Nurem-
berg, 1626.

JAMNITZER, JAKOB (Germ.). An official at the Mint ot Crossen,
1623 ; contracted to work the Imperial Mint of Glogau in 1626. A
Dreier of that date bears his initials.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Studien %ur sMesischen Medaillenkunde.

JAMNITZER, MATHES (Austr.). Goldsmith of Vienna, who in 1564
was entrusted with the cutting of dies for a medal of the Emperor
Ferdinand I.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. D' Friedrich Kenner, Urkundlicbe Beilrage yir Geschicbte der
Munyen und Medaillen, Numismatische Zeitschrift, 1903.

JAMNITZER, WENZEL (Germ.). Goldsmith, Line-engraver and

- 57

Medallist, born at Vienna in 1508; died at Nuremberg on the
15 th of December, 1585. Nagler calls him " der grosste deuts-
che Goldschmied ", and adds : " Er brach vollstandig mit der
Gothik und schloss sich der italienischen Renaissance an, innerhalb
welcher er, unter alien seinen Kunstgenossen, am originellsten und
anmuthigsten sich zu bewegen \veiss. "

" Wenzel Jamnitzer " , observes Bolzenthal ", who displayed a
singular talent in drawing, modelling, enamelling, copper-engraving,
in carving in wood and iron, in etching and casting, enjoyed such a
famous reputation that Charles V., Ferdinand I., Maximilian II.,
and Rudolph II., made him their goldsmith. His portrait is found
on many medals".

Bergau in Zeitschrift fiir Nutnisinatik, Bd. XVI, p. 131 sqq.
(Medaillen von Wenzel Jamnitzer} ascribes to this artist three medals,
and illustrates one of them, which is only a variety of type of the
two others, representing on obv. the Birth of Christ and on }$L
Our Lord standing by the side of the cross. D r Merzbacher however
contends against this attribution in Mittheilungen der Bayerischen
Nuinismatiscben Gesellscbaft, XVIII. Jahrgang, p. 66 (Nachtrag %u
Peter Flotner) showing that a Joachimsthal medal, by the unidenti-
fied artist L. R. served as prototype of these medals but at the same
time he points out that it is quite possible that a work by Jamnitzer
may have served as original prototype of the representation of Christ

Erman does not even mention Jamnitzer in his list of German
Medallists, and of course Bolzenthal's attributions are not correct.
As Bergau himself remarks, even nowadays, some of the fine
medals executed by Valentin Maler, son-in-law ot Wenzel Jamnitzer,
are described as works by Jamnitzer, from an erroneous reading
of the monogram VM.

W. Jamnitzer signed his works W. or W. I. His name also occurs
as W. GAMITZER. We know, from the artist's triend Neudorffer,
that he cast and cut seals in silver and iron ; also that he was
employed after 1542 as Die-cutter at the Nuremberg Mint, in
succession to Formschneider, and remained in office until 1559.

Wenzel Jamnitzer was ordered in 1549 to cast some medals with
portraits of Kings Ferdinand I. and Maximilian (II).

Durand gives a Portrait-medal of this artist.

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Gebert-Nurnberg, Gescbicbte der Mun^stdtte der Reichstadt Nurnberg, 1891.
Durand, op. cit, Rosenberg, Der Goldscbmiede Merk^eichen, 1890.


Henri Brisson.

- 59 -

JAMPOLSKY, MICHEL (Rnss.}. Contemporary Medallist, born at
Kie\v ; now residing at Paris ; pupil of Daniel-Dupuis, Ponscarme
and J. Rasumnv. Since 1896, he has been an almost regular exhibitor
at the annual Paris Salon, beginning with a plaquette representing
Athena (18 mill.).

Amongst his best known works are : 1896. Portrait-medallions :
M. & M me Mas; Joan of Arc; 1897. "Virgo Purissima";-
Russia; Ma mere; - Leon B***; - - D r Magnan; 1898.
M B***; - - M me Z***; Christ; - Athena; Diana; -


Republique iran^aise.

Virgo ; St. Anthony of Padua; 1899. M. Prenez; M.X >: **;
Virgin and Child ; Inspiration ; and between 1900 and 1903 ; -
Henri Brisson (illustrated); M. Trarieux; Christ evangelizing;
M. Diaz; - Virgin and Child; Cock crowing; D r Asch-
kenazi; - "Floraison" (illustrated}; "La Femme au Nid";
The French Republic (illustrated} ; Water nymph, &c.

At the Salon of 1904, he exhibited the following Portrait-medals :
M lle Schloegel ; M. Mougeot, Minister of Agriculture ; Henri
Brisson, President of the Chamber of Deputies ; Pierre Descharmes ;


Max Caron ; H. H. Pius X. ; and a silver Plaquette : L'Abri.

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