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Blanchet, op. cit. Revue numisinatiqw, 1903, p. 199. D r Bode, /. c.
Merzbacher, Kunst-Medaillen-Katalog, Miinchen, 1900.

LYSLE, ANDRE DE (French^). Goldsmith of Lyons, circ. 1538-1549.
He was Engraver at the Mint of Grenoble in 1540 and 1541, and
Warden of the Mint from 1541 to 1549. He signed : Andre de lysle.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot, Or/evres lyonnais. Rondot et De La Tour, op. cit.

L. Z. Vide LEVIN ZERNEMANN (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Clausthal
and Brunswick, 1678-1690.


M. Vide MICHAEL MARTENS. Mint-master at Wismar, 1622-1623.

M. Vide MAX KIENLEN. Mint-master at Ulm, 1635-1639. Also
M. K.

M. Vide HIERONYMUS MULLER. Mint-master at Augsburg, 1494-

M. Vide HEINRICH MULLER. Mint-master at Nuremberg, circ.

M. Vide I. C. MULLER. Medallist at Stuttgart, 1670-1695. Also
I. C. M.

M. Vide B. MULLER, Mint-engraver at Ulm, 1671-1706. Also
B. M.

M. Vide ANTON MEYBUSCH. Medallist at Stockholm and Copen-
hagen, circ. 1675-1701. Also A. M. His ion, of the same name^
worked in Sweden, during the second quarter of the eighteenth
century, and also usually signed his productions, M.

M. Vide PHILIP HEINRICH MULLER. Medallist at Nuremberg, and
Augsburg; died in 1718. Also P. H. M.

M. Vide G. W. METELLES. Medallist at Konigsberg in Prussia,
1711-1714. Also G. W. M.

M. VideC. E. MULLER. Medallist at Augsburg, 1717-1741. Also
C.E. M.

M. Vide F. MARL. Medallist at Berlin, first half of the eighteenth
century. Also F. M.

M. Vide F. MARTEAU. Medallist at Paris, 1720-1749. Also F. M.

M. Vide 1. C. MARME. Medallist at Cleves, circ. 1735-1757- Also
I.C. M.

M. Vide MAHRENHOLZ. Mint-engraver at Brunswick, circ. 1742.

M. Vide I. F. MULLER. Mint-engraver at Ansbach, 1758-1766.
Also I. F. M.

M. Vide I. MELLINGER. Mint-master at Zweibrucken, 1758-1769.
Also I. M.

M. Vide C. MOTTA, Mint-engraver at Geneva, circ. 1770.

- 512

M. Fide F. X. MATZENKOPF. Medallist and Mint-engraver at
Salzburg, arc. 1738; the son, circ. 1755 ; and the grand-son, circ.
1790-1814. Also F. M. or F. X. M.

M. Vide, MAXEN. Mint-engraver at Altona, 1788-1799.

M. Vide, P. L. MAGIDS. Mint-master at Clausthal, 1792-1802.
Also P. L. M.

M. F*We MAURISSET. Medallist at Paris, circ. 1790-7- 1825.

M. Vide JOHN MILTON. Medallist in England, end of the eighteenth
century and early part of the nineteenth. Also I. M. F.

M. Vide G. F. MICHAELIS. Mint-master at Clausthal, 1802-1807.
Also G. F. M.

M. Vide MEYER. Mint-master at Danzig, 1808-1812.

M. Vide HEINRICH LUDWIG MAASS. Medallist at Hanover, circ.

M. Vide C. A. HOLLER. Mint-engraver at Copenhagen, and
Medallist there, after 1813.

M. Vide MIDDELTHUN. Medallist at Kongsberg, after 1819.

M. Vide C. A. MUHLE. Medallist at Copenhagen, second quarter
of the nineteenth century.

M. Vide HANS MULLER. Mint-master at Koenigsberg, 1661-1666.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

M. (Greek). This signature, which probably represents the abbre-
viated form of MOAO1IOI, occurs on the obv. of a didrachm of
Thurium (illustrated).

The T$L. of this piece is signed MOAO21O2 (vide infra).
The reproduction is from a specimen in the British Museum
Collection (B. M. Cat., Italy, p. 292, n 59).

M. (Germ.). Signature of an unknown Mint-master at Sagan, in
Wallenstein's service, 1629; perhaps identical with the one who
signed V. M. on Groschl of 1625.

M. Signature of an unknown Engraver, by whom is a commem-
orative medal of the Peace of Passarowitz, 1718, reproduced iji
Domanig, Portrat-inedaillen, &c.. n 251.

M. or M B (M D) (//a/.). Signature of an unknown Medallist, who
was working at Rome, clrc. 1585. It occurs on a struck Portrait-
medal of Pope Sixtus V., dated 1588 (Armand I., 294; III, 141).

A. M. Vide ANTON MEYBUSCH. German Medallist, who worked
principally at Copenhagen and Stockholm, i6j6- J f 1701. His signa-
ture occurs also as A. M. F. ; A. MB F., or AMB. F., and he spelt his
name variously, MEIBUS, MAIBUS, MEIBUSCH, &c.

A. M. Vide. ALEXEI MALEJEFF. Mint-master at Koliwan, 1812-

A. M. Vide ANDREAS MEVIUS. Mint-master at Koliwan, 1821-

A.M. Vide ANDREA MORELLO. Mint-master at Cham bery, 1563-

A. M. Vide ALOYSIO MODANA. Mint-master at Cattaro, 1528-

A. M. Vide A. MINOTTO. Mint-master at Cattaro, 1567-1569.

A. M. Vide ALOYSIO MARCELLO. Mint-director at Venice, under
the Doge Giovanni Cornaro, 1624-1629.

A. M. Vide JOHANN ANSELM MUNCH. Mint-master at Frankfort-
on-Main, 1636-1643.

A. M. Vide A. MERTENS. Medallist at Berlin, 1851-1871.

A. M. F. Vide ANTONIO MONTANTI. Medallist at Florence and
Rome, circ. 1710-1714; died in 1740.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

A. M. Perhaps ANTON MOLL. The signature A. M. occurs on a
Breslau medal of 1777, the work of which has much similarity with
that on the commemorative medal of the Battle of Kollin,
signed A. MOLL.

AM (Germ.}. Signature of a Medallist of the middle of the
seventeenth century. It occurs, in raised letters, on the tyL. of a

L. FORRER. Biographical Notirts of Medallists. III.

small oval Portrait-badge of the Count Palatine, Charles Louis,
dated 1649 (Berlin Museum; illustrated). Of the same year, and

Badge of Count Palatine Charles Louis, 1649.

probably by the same hand, is a large medal, with similar bust,
and tyL. Hope.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, Deutsche Medailleure. p. 87.

B. M. Vide BERTHOLD MEINHART. Mint-master at Eisleben, 1582-
1595 ; he officiated at the same time for the Prince of Anhalt and
the Archbishop of Magdeburg.

B. M. Vide BERTHOLD MEIER. Mint-engraver at Copenhagen, tire.
1688; Warden of the Mint at Domitz, 1689, an< ^ Mint-master at
Schwerin, 1696-1702.

B. M. Vide BARTHOLOMAUS MULLER. Mint-engraver at Ulm,
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

B. M. Vide MARTINEZ. Spanish Medallist of the last quarter of the
eighteenth century, and author of a Proclamation-medal of
Charles IV., 1789.

B. M. Vide BARTHOLOMfc MAURA Y MONTANER. Director of the
Casa de Monedas of Madrid, since 1893.

B. M. (/to/.). This signature occurs on a plaque, in gilt bronze,
with a circular medallion, in which a half-figure of Lucretia stab-
bing herself; on either side, youthful tritons. Also on a bronze
Medallion, with seated nude figure and two Cupids ; inscription :

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Fortnum, Bronzes in the South Kensington Museum, 1876.

C. M. Vide CHRISTIAN MALER. Medallist at Nuremberg, c'irc.
1604-1640. Also C. MAL.

C. M. Vide CONRAD MARQUARD. Mint-master at Nordhausen,

C. M. F/WdCASPARO MOLO. Mint-engraver and Medallist at Rome,
circ. 1625-1669.

C. M. Vide CORNELIUS MELDE. Mint-master at Dresden, 1635.

C. M. Vide CHRISTOPH MELCHIOR. Mint-master at Koenigsberg
in Prussia, 1646-1656.

C. M. Vide CONRAD MAIER. Mint-engraver at Ulm, 1633-1682.

C. M. Vide CHRISTOPH MULLER. Warden of the Mint at Dessau,
1693-1694, and Miihlhausen, 1701 ; Mint-master at Eisenach,

C. M. Vide CHRISTIAN ERNST MULLER. Medallist and Mint-engraver
at Augsburg, circ. 1714-1741. Also C.E.M. and C.H.M.

C. M. A large Portrait-medallion ofT. B. Macaulay (9.2 in. diam.),
dated 1848, is thus signed.

C. M. or C. M. M. Vide CARL MAGNUS MELLGREN. Medallist at
Stockholm, second quarter of the nineteenth century.


C. M. T. VideC. MARTIN. French Medallist, circ. 1665-1680.

C. M. F. Vide CHARLES MOTTA. Medallist at Geneva, during the
second half of the eighteenth century.

C. M. F. Vide CARL MEISSNER. Medallist at St. Petersburg, circ.

C. M. M. Vide CARL MAGNUS MELLGREN. Medallist at Stockholm,

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallraann, op. cit.

D. M. Vide DANIEL MEBES. Mint-master at Gerbstadt (Mansfeld),

D. M. Vide DOMENICO MOLING. Mint-master at Venice, 1625.

F. M. Vide FEDERIGO MOLINO. Mint-master at Venice, circ.

F. M. Vide FRANCESCO MOROSINI. Mint-master at Cattaro, 1608-

F. M. Vide FRIEDRICH MARL. Medallist at Berlin, arc. 1704-
f 1743-
F. M. Vide FRANQOIS MARTEAU. Medallist at Paris, 1720-1749.

F. M. Vide FRIEDRICH MAUL. Mint-master at Diisseldorf, 1738-

F. M. Vide FRANZ MATZENKOPF. Medallist at Salzburg, circ. 1738-
1755 ; his son, of the same name, circ. 1755-1796. Also F. M. K.

F. M. F. Vide FRANCESCO MOCCHI. Florentine Sculptor and
Medallist, f 1646.

F. M. R. Vide FRANCESCO MARIA RIZZI. Mint-master at Venice,

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

F. W. (Austr.}. Signature on a commemorative medal of the
Siege of Ofen, 1686, the die of which is preserved at the Vienna
Mint Museum.

G. M. Vide GOTTFRIED MAINERT. Mint-engraver at Warsaw, born
in 1767, died in 1846.

G. M. Vide GEORG MEINHART. Mint-master at Eisleben, Halle and
Stolberg, 1595-1615.

G. M. Vide GEORG MEINHOLT. Mint-master at Saalfeld, 1595-

G. M. Vide GASPARE MOLO. Swiss Medallist, who worked at Flo-
rence and Rome, circ. i6io-f 1669. Also G. M. F. or G. MOL.

G. M. Vide GOTTFRIED (WILHELM) METELLES. Medallist at Min-
den, circ. 1600-1711.

G. M. Vide GOTTHARD MARTINENGO. Mint-master at Coblence,

G. M. Vide GEORG MICHAELIS. Mint-master at Clausthal, 1802-
1807. AlsoG. F. M.

H. M. Vide CONRAD MUNT (Magdeburgensis). Mint-master at
Magdeburg, 1577-1594.

H. M. Ftifc HEINRICH MEYER. Mint-master at Barby, 1611-1615,
Magdeburg, 1617, and Konigssee, 1620.

- Si?

H. M. Vide HANS MULLER. Mint-master at Koenigsberg in Prussia,

H. M. Vide HENNING MULLER. Mint-master at Sondershausen,
1675-1681 ; also at Ellrich, 1675-1678, and Gotha, 1681-1683.

H. M. Vide HANS MALMBERG, Mint-master at Stockholm, 1738-

H. M. Vide J. HANDMANN. Mint-engraver at Basle, circ. 1770-

H. M. Vide HEINRICH MEIDINGER. Director of the Mint at Fulda,

H. M. Vide NICOLAUS MUNT. Mint-master at Ekaterinenburg,

H. M. 0. Vide HANS MATTHADS OBERMULLER. Mint-master at
Meiningen, 1714-1717.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

H. M. This signature occurs on coins of Goldberg, 1622, and
probably represents a Mint-master. A medal of Amsterdam Cadets
is also signed H. M., 1783.

I. M. Vide JEAN MIRETTO. Mint-master at Chambery, 1577-

I. M. Fide JOACHIM MEINECKE. Mint-warden at Riga, 1652;

Mint-master there, 1663-1668.

I. M. Fide JEAN MAUGER. Medallist at Paris, circ, i66o-f 1722.

I. M. Fide JOHANN MEMMIUS. Mint-master at Gustrow, 1673-
1678; Rostock, 1679-1710; Stade, 1696, and Stettin, 1705-1710.

I. M. Fide JOSEPH MELLINGER. Mint-master and Engraver at
Zweibriicken, 1758-1769.

I. M. FideJQHX MILTON. Medallist in England, circ. 1795-1805.

I. M. Fide JOSEPH MOORE. A Birmingham Medallist, of the
second half of the nineteenth century; his son, of the same name,
now carrying on the same business.

I. M. B. F. Fide JOHANN MARTIN BUCKLE. Medallist, born in
1742, died in 1811 ; he worked at Augsburg and Durlach, and was
Mint-master in the latter place, 1778-1803.

I. M. E. Vide JOHANN MICHAEL EDLER. Mint-master at Saalfeld,

- 5 i8 -
I. M. F. Vide JEAN MAUGER. French Medallist, circ. i66o-f 1722.

I. M. F. Vide JOHANN MICHAEL FEDERER. Mint-master at Ratis-
bon, 1700-1738.

I. M. F. Vide JOHANN MARTIN FORSTER. Mint-master at Nurem-
berg, 1755-1764.

I. M. F. Vide JOHN MILTON Medallist in England, circ. 1795-1805.
I. M. F. Vide J. MINHEYMER. Medallist at Warsaw, circ. 1850.

I. M. F. Vide JOSEPH MAINERT. Medallist and Mint-engraver at
Warsaw, circ. 1840-1855.

I. M. G. Vide JUAN MARIA DE GUERRERO. Medallist oi Mexico,
first quarter of the nineteenth century.

I. M. K. Vide JOHANN MICHAEL KRUSE. Mint-master at Konigs-
berg, 1824-1837.

born at Bern, 1706; died in 1761.

I. M. W. Vide JOHANN MICHAEL WUNSCH. Mint-master at Wiirz-
burg, 1693, and Heidelberg, 1694-1732.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

I. M. (Mbr/V.). Initials of a Mint-master or Engraver at the Mint
of Mexico, under the short reign of the Emperor Augustine, 1822-
1823. These letters I. M occur on the 1822 and 1823 AT Onza,
J&. Peso (4 or 5 var.), Peseta, Real and Medio Real; and Betts,
Mexican Imperial Coinage, 1899, considers them as the Engraver's

IM. (Swiss). Medallist's signature on a Portrait-medal of Bartho-
lomaus Schubinger (Schowinger) of St. Gallen, 1500-1585, dat:d

Medal of Barttlme Schowinger, 1561.

1561. Vide D r Merzbacher's Kunst-Medaillen Katalos, Mni 1900,
lot 351. This medal, notices Erman, does not belong to the
sixteenth century master-pieces ; the lettering is particularly broad
and flat.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, o/>. cit.

ICM. Vide JOHANN CHRISTOPH MULLER. Medallist at Stuttgart,
circ. 1674-1680.

L. M. Vide LUIZ MARCHIONNI. Mint-engraver at Madrid, during
the latter end of the reign ot Isabel II., the Republic, Amadeo I.,
and early part of Alfonso II.

L. M. Vide LIBORIUS MULLER. Mint-master at Berlin, 1620-1642.
L. M. Vide LORENZO MARCELLO, Mint-master at Venice, 1709.

L. M. Vide LUIGI MANFREDINI. Milanese Medallist, born in 1771,
died in 1840.

L. M. W. Vide LORENZO MARIA WEBER. Medallist at Florence,

N. M. Vide NICOLAUS MARTINENGO. Mint-master at Coblence,

and Wiirzburg, 1757-1762.

0. M. Vide JOSEPH MAGER. Mint-master at St. Petersburg, 1798-

PASTI. Painter and Medallist of Verona, circ. 1446-1460.

P. M. Vide PAUL MONAU. Mint-master at Schweidnitz, 1518.

PM. Vide GIOVANNI MARIA POMEDELLO. Medallist of Verona,
second half of the fifteenth century.

P. M. Vide PHILIPP MUSSLER. Mint-warden at Frankfort-on-
Main, 1567; died in 1603.

P. M. Vide PIETRO MOROSINI. Mint-master at Cattaro, 1624-

P. M. Vide MICHAEL PFROGNER. Provisional Mint-master at
Prague, 1710-1711.

P. M. Vide PAUL MAASSEN. Mint-master at Dusseldorf, 1771-

5 2

P. M. Vide PAUL MERKER. Mint-engraver at Brunswick, circ.
1794-f 1823.

PM. Vide JOHANN PHILIPP MAI. Mint-master at Zweibrucken,

P. M. K. Vide MICHAEL KUTSCHKIN. Medallist at St. Petersburg,
circ. 1850.

T. M. Vide TOMMASO MERCANDETTI. Medallist at Rome, 1797-
f 1821.

V. M. Vide URBANO MALIPIERO. Mint-master at Venice, 1630.

V. M. or W(. Vide VALENTIN MALER. Medallist at Nuremberg, circ.
1569-1 1603.

W. M. Vide. WILLIAM MAINWARING. Medallist in England, end
of the eighteenth century.

Z. M. Vide ZUANO MAGNO. Mint-master at Cattaro, 1598-1600.
Z. M. Vide. ZORZ1 MOROSINI. Mint-master at Cattaro, 1638-1640.
Z. M. Vide ZUANO MORO. Mint-master at Venice, 1781.

Z. M. M. Vide ZUANO MARCO MOLINO. Mint-master at Cattaro,
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, op. cit.

M. A. Vide MAGNUS ARBIEN. Medallist at Copenhagen, circ. 1732-
1760. Also MA or M. G. A.

MA. Vide MAXEN. Medallist at Altona, 1788-1799.

M. A. S. Vide MARIO AURELIO SORANZO. Mint-master at Venice,

M. A. V. Vide MARCO A. VENIER. Mint-master at Cattaro, 1583-

MA. These letters occur on a variety of the Obol of Massilia :
Obv. Head of Apollo to 1. ; on his cheek in minute letters : MA.

T$L. Wheel with inscription, MA.

Lenormant has considered this inscription as an Engraver's

signature, but von Sallet and others only see in it a repetition of

the fyL. inscription, which designates the Mint.

MAAS, HEINRICH LUDWIG (Germ.}. Mint-engraver at Hanover,
circ. 1818-1831. 1 have noticed his signature M on the truncation of


George IV. 's bust on Gulden of 1826, 1829, c., and on a Portrait-
medal of D r Bernhard Christoph Faust of Buckeburg, 1827.

MAASEN, PAUL (Germ.}. Mint-master at Diisseldorf, 1771-1783.

brothers Mabareaux, Goldsmiths, executed in 1605 two large medals
in gold, which were presented to Henri IV., on his visit to Limoges,
and in 1615 two medals ' ' d'or de ducat massit " of the size of a plate
and thickness of a ringer, one for the King, and the other for the
Queen on the occasion of their entry in Bordeaux.

The brothers Mabareaux, goldsmiths, chasers, armourers, &c.
were reputed to be " the most worthy workmen of France for the
making of arms, plate, sculpture and other inventions ". In 1628
they were established in the Louvre.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot et De La Tour, op. '/., p. 265. Mazerolle,
op. cit.

MABEY, C. H. and J. (Brit.'}. Engravers ot a medal, executed by
Foot and Tebay, on the Removal of Temple Bar, 1878, and made
of lead from the roof of the building. It is reproduced in Welch's,
Numismata Londinensia, pi. vm, n 15.

MABILLE, JULES LOUIS (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Valenciennes (Nord), 14. August 1843; a pupil of the medallist
Jouffroy. He has signed a number of Portrait-medallions in clay,
or cast in bronze; 1894. Hippolyte Maze; Emile Linart, &c.

MACCASIUS, JOHANN JACOB (Anstr.}. Mint-master at Joachims-
thai, 1670. The coins issued by him are usually signed M.

MAC CLURE. J. CROSSLAND (Brit.}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, residing in London ; a member of the Society of Medal-
lists, to the exhibitions ot which he has contributed.

I have seen by him : Portrait medallion of Wm. Lees McClure;
Panel " Good Luck "; - - Dawn, Relief; - Brooch in
bronze, c., and in the Royal Academy, 1901, he exhibited a Por-

MACCHERONI, CESARE (ltd.}. Engraver at the Mint of Rome
under Pope Clement VII. Cellini mentions his name in his Auto-

MACCHIAVELLI. ANTONIO (Ital.}. Mint-engraver at Bologna,
under Pope Leo X., 1520-1523. He was commissioned to engrave
dies for a new coinage consisting of Fiorini d'oro, Leoni d'argento,

- 522 -

Mezzi and Quarti Leoni, Bolognini and Mezzi Bolognini, and
billon Piccoli. This coinage does not appear to have been issued.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Francesco Malaguzzi, La 7.ecca di Bologna, 1898.

MAC CORMICK, JOHN (Amer.}. Assistant-coiner at the Mint of
Philadelphia, since June 1890. He was born at Philadelphia
(Northern Liberties) and was educated in the North East Grammar

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Evans, History of the United States Mint, 1892.

MACE, EMILE LOUIS (French}. Contemporary Sculptor; born at
Angers ; pupil of Cavelier. By him are several Portrait-medallions
in bronze : 1884. Portrait of M. E. L***; 1893. Three Children's
heads; D r Lujelouze's children; 1896. Portrait-medallion.

MAC GILES, MARGARET (Mrs Bernard Jenkin) (Brit.). Contem-
porary Sculptor and Modeller, a member of the " Society of
Medallists", who has produced at various times, a number of fine
medallic works ; thus : Seal and Impression for a Submarine ;
Portrait-medallion ; Friendship, medallion ; Two medals, &c.

MAC GILL, DAVID (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing in London, a member of the Society of Medallists, at the
exhibitions of which association he has shown some very artistic
productions : Portrait-medallion; Medal for Cambridge;
Design for a medal and reverse ; The Nineteenth Century ;
St. Peter's College, Westminster; Prince of Bhavnagar; - The
Mirror of Nature ; Cambridge University Medal (illustrated in The
Studio, XXII, 126) ; Hero and Leander ; Hugh Mac Gill, &c.

MAC GILLIVRAY, PITTENDRIGH (/-//.). Contemporary Sculptor,
born in Aberdeenshire, and brought up at Edinburgh, where he
attended the S;hool of Design and went through the usual
curriculum. He then studied under William Brodie, R.S.A.,
Edinburgh, and John Mossmann H.R.S.A., Glasgow. He is now
an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy.

This sculptor has also touched medallic work : Portrait-medallion
of Mrs Hannah Kindlay; A Portrait; Bas-reliefs "Burns
and Highland Mary ; " Rhythm ", &c.

" Gifted with imagination and artistic sensibility, with a. facile
and skilful hand the work he has already done is the best guaraatee
that can be advanced tor his future success " (The Studio, XVI, 205).

MACHAULT, PAUL EMILE (French). Sculptor, born in Paris,
i. September 1800, died in 1867; pupil ot Frandn and the Ecole
des Beaux-Arts. By him are Portrait-medallions in bronze, some of
which were exhibited at the Salon of 1834.

- 523

MACHAULT. PAUL (French}. Son of the preceding ; Sculptor and
Medallist, residing at Paris; pupil of Simart. Amongst his medillic
productions are : 1864. Portrait-Medallion of M. PaulC***-
1868. Portrait of M. B*** ; Portrait of M. M***; - 1873. Por-
trait of M. S***; - - 1874. Portrait of M. Quinsat; - Portrait of
M. Lesaffre; Portrait of M. Surge. 1875. Portrait of M. H.
Pinat; - 1876. Portait of M. May; - 1878. Portrait of M. H.
Lozier; Portrait of M. P. May, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

MACHETTE. GUILLAUME (French). Mint-engraver and Assayer at
Montpellier in 1462. In 1486 his name occurs in a document as
" soi-disant tailleur et essayeur" of that Mint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Natalis Rondot, Les Medailkurs et les Graveurs de Monnaies,
Jetonset Medailles en France, Paris, 1904.

MACHTS, F. (Austr.}. A medal commemorating the Plague of
cholera at Vienna, 1831, is signed by this Engraver.

MACK, W. (Brit.}. A Bristol Die-sinker, whose signature I have
noted on a Portrait-medal in pewter of the R* Hon ble Viscount
Palmerston, to commemorate the Bristol Exhibition, 1865.

MACKENZIE (Brit.). Medallist and Engraver, who presumably
resided at Lucknow, towards the end of the eighteenth century.
His name occurs in full on School Prize Medals (1.65 in), and
medallic double and single Rupees, with General Claude Martin's
bust, the founder of the Martiniere Schools. Although unsigned, the
smaller medal (of the size and weight of a Rupee), is undoubtedly
by the same engraver. These medals occur in gold, silver and

The so-called General Martin " Rupee ".

One side has the General's bust and motto, the other a Persian
inscription with title. The work 'is exceptionally good (Vide
C. J. Rodgers, Coin-collecting in Northern India, Allahabad,

Claude Martin, a French adventurer, was born at Lyons in
January 1732, and died near Lucknow, 13. September 1800.

524 -

He distinguished himself first under Count de Lally, the French
commander in India and Governor of Pondicherry, then he enlisted
in the service of the East India Company, as chief of a company of
French deserters. Later, he became a favourite ot Sidi-ed-Daulah,
king of Oudh, and amassed a colossal fortune. The splendour of
his palace at Constantia, near Lucknow, was proverbial. In 1796 he
was appointed Major General in the East India Co. He founded
several schools, known under the name of Martiniere Schools, at
Lyons, Calcutta, Chandernagor, and Lucknow, some of which still
exist. The medals above-described were intended as Prizes for the
encouragement of study and diligence at those schools.

Tradition has ascribed to General Martin the issue of a number
of imitation zodiacal half Rupees, which were evidently not
intended to pass as counterfeit money, but merely struck as orna-
ments. Marsden however denies the General's connection with
these forgeries, on the authority of Martin's personal friends
(Marsden, Nnmismata Orientalia, II, p. 6 1 5 . Stanley Lane-Poole,
The Coins of the Moghul Emperors of Hindustan in the British Museum,
London, 1892, p. LXXXIV).

MACKENNAL, EDGAR BERTRAM (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Melbourne (Australia). At the Paris Salon of 1894 he
exhibited a Portrait-plaque of M me Sarah Bernhardt, and a bronze
relief, Silence.

MACKNITZKY, ZACHARIAS (Pole). A public notary at Breslau,
who in 1710, issued a commemorative medal, which bears his ini-
tials Z. M.

MACKWORTH, SIR HUMPHREY (Brit). Owner of silver mines in
Wales, temp. Anne. Some of the current money of that reign, with
plumes on the }$L., was struck from silver derived from the Welsh
mines of Sir Carberry Price and Sir Humphrey Mackworth. " An
order of Council of 5 th of April, 1706, directed that money coined
from silver brought into the mint by the Governor and Company
for melting down lead with Pitcoale and Seacoale should have the
mark of distinction on each piece as represented in their petition,
i. e., roses and plumes alternately. The coins with the plumes
were frequently called Quakers' money, because the company by
which the mines were worked comprised among its members many
persons of that denomination. "

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Hawkins, Silver Coins of England, 1887, p. 399.

MACLEOD, MAJOR MALCOLM (Brit). Mint-master at Calcutta, May
1814 to 1816.


MACLISE, D . (Brit.). Designer of a medal, engraved by
L. C Wyon, with portrait of the painter Turner, 1851 (Art Union
series); also of Heaton s Medal of the 1862 Exhibition, etc.


MACKERREL, J. (Brit.). Mint-master at Madras from April 1820

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