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to January 1830.

M(acmillan). Vide DAVIS.

MACONOCHIE, R. (Brit.). Mint-master at Madras, from January
1819 to April 1820.

Sculptor and Medallist, born at Brooklyn in 1863 ; pupil of Falguiere
Mercie, and Saint-Gaudens ; he now resides at Brooklyn, after having
spent some years in Paris and on the continent of Europe.

The Niagara Falls (Obv.).

In 1884 he left Mr. St. Gaudens' studio in New York, where he
received his first artistic training. So talented had been his drawings
and sketches that the older sculptor was of the opinion that Me
Monnies might become great in both arts.

Although his medallic productions are few in number, they are
of exceptional merit. One ot them, the Niagara Falls (illustrated)
was purchased for the Luxembourg Museum, and was exhibited,
together with the medal dedicated "To my friend Elijah Robinson
Kennedy" at the Paris Universal Exhibition, 1900. By him is also
a Portrait-medal of Miss Kennedy, etc.

The sculptor and Medallist John Flanagan is one of Me Monnies'

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Art el Decoration, 1899, II, p. 54. Marx, Les Medailleurs
modemes en France et a rtranger,pl. xxix. 3.6. Studio, XXII, 226. xxxvm, 319.

526 -

MAC NABB, JAMES MUNRO (Brit.). Mint-master at Calcutta,
August 1820 to 1824.

MACPHAIL, NEIL (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Glasgow. His signature : N. MACPHAIL SC. occurs on the
following medals : D r William Cullen ; D r William Hunter; -
John Hunter ; John Black (all four are medals of the Faculty of
Medicine of Glasgow University); Glasgow School of Art and
Haldane Academy Prize Medal, with bust of Haldane; Prize
Medals of the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland,
comprizing the "Institution Medal"; the "Marine Engineering
Medal"; the " Railway Engineering Medal" in gold, and the
"Graduate Section Medal" in silver; - - The National Wallace
Monument, near Stirling, founded 24. June 1861; Medal com-
memorating the 25 th Anniversary of the Volunteer Movement in
Scotland, 1881 (signed : NEIL MACPHAIL SC NOEL PATON INV.);
Sir Humphrey Davy; Royal Society of London Medal, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. W. Cochran-Patrick, Medals of Scotland, Edinburgh,

MACQUET, EUGENE CHARLES (French). Contemporary Medallist
and Gem-engraver, born at Paris in 1839; pupil of Salmson Sen 1 ".
The following exhibits were made by him at the Paris Salon in
1880 : Minerva entrusting youthful Mars to the care of Priapus,
oriental carnelian ; - - Dancing, sapphirine ; - - Birth of Venus,
rock crystal ; The Farnese Bull, after the antique, sardonyx ; -
Cupid and Psyche, carnelian; - Neptune on hippocamp, holding
Eumolpus in his arms, carnelian ; - - The Chariot of Apollo, rock
crystal, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit., II, p. 6.

MACZ, NICLAS (Austr.). " Hofpfenningmeister " to the Archduke
Leopold William, 1657.

MADELUNG, JOB AN GEORG (Dan.). Mint-master at Kongsberg
(Denmark), 1797-1806. His initials occur on the currency issued by

MADELUNG, JOHAN HENDRIK (Dan.). A native of Oldenburg,
Mint-master at Kongsberg, 1769-1776. His issues bear his initials

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. T. Jorgensen, Beskrirelse over Danske Monter, 1448-1888,
Copenhagen, 1888.

MADER, SEBALD (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Nuremberg, 1560-
1567. He is called "Eisengraber" in contemporary documents. His
immediate predecessor at the Mint was Wenzel Jamnitzer and his
successor Hans Jamnitzer, both renowned goldsmiths.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. F. Gebert, Geschichte der Mun^stdtte der Reichstadt Nurn-
berg, 1891.


MADERO, A. B. (MmV.). Medallist of Mexico, second half of the
eighteenth century. His signature A. B. MADERO F. occurs on medals
dated 1760. The following are described in Betts : Proclamation
Medal of Charles III., 1760 (issued by the Bishop and Chapter of
the Cathedral of the Holy Church in Guadalaxara) ; Proclama-
tion Medal of Mexico ty. INSIGN .FIDELIT.&c. (5 var. Betts
n os 473-477); - Another; ty. NOVUS MIHI NASCITUR
ORDO; Another; ty. IMPERATOR INDIARUM (3 var.), &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Wyllys Betts, American Colonial History illustrated by con-
temporary medals, New York, 1894. A. Rosa, Monelario Americano, 1892.
Catalogue Vidal Quadras y Ramon.

MADRASSI, LUCA (ltd.}. Contemporary Sculptor and Medallist,
residing at Paris ; a pupil of Cavelier. He is the author of numerous
Portrait -medallions of distinguished personages, among which
D r F. P. Weber mentions the following : George Meredith, 1892 ;
Lord Ronald Gower, 1892 ; Lord Beaconsfield (1805-1881),
1894 ; - The Right Hon ble W. E. Gladstone, 1894. These are all
cast in bronze. Also : Venus Astarte, 1891; - 1892. Child's Por-
trait; - Reading; - - 1895. Probite commerciale, bronze medal;
- 1896. Polyphemus, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. D r F. P. Weber, Medals and Medallions. Catalogues du

Salon .

MAECENAS, C. (Rom.'). Seal-engraver of the first century A.D.,
mentioned in the inscrip. ap. Grub. 638, 6. From the similarity of
work on the seals and coins, we may suggest that both kinds of
work were undertaken by the same craftsmen or artists, and it is
quite possible that this Maecenas also executed dies for the

MAECILIUS TULLUS, M. (Rom.}. Mint-master ( Triumvir monetdis}
at Rome, circ. B.C. 12.

MAEHN, THEODORE (Gem.}. Medallist, born at Strassburg in 1834,
was apprenticed in the firm of Mondini, Paris, where he married
his chiefs daughter and succeeded to the business in 1866. He retir-
ed from active life in 1879, but still resides in Paris (53, Avenue
Ledru-Rollin). In 1875 he engraved, amongst others, the medal
(jeton de presence) of the Societe des Bateaux parisiens(/R. & y.),
and that of the " Syndicat des Charpentiers " of Paris.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly supplied by M. Jules Florange

MATTED DA CLIVATE (Vide vol. I, p. 441). The Double Ducat of
Galeazzo Maria Storza said to have been engraved by this Goldsmith

- 528 -
is most probably the one reproduced below. That of Bona diSavoia,

Double Ducat of Galeazzo Maria Sforza of Milan.

engraved by the same artist, from the portrait by his son Ambrogio,
is not described by Armand.

MAGDEBURGER, HIERONYMUS (Germ.). Mint-master and Engraver
at Annaberg and Freiberg (Saxony), circ. 1530-1548) to whom
have been erroneously attributed for many years the medals signed
H which are undoubtedly the work of the Austrian Medallist,
MICHAEL HOHENAUER (q. v. vol. II, p. 517).

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Erman, op. cit., 36. Nagler, Mono-
grammisten, III, 434.

MAGER, JOSEPH (Germ.'}. Mint-master at St. Petersburg, circ.
1798-1801. According to Schlickeysen-Pallmann his issues of coins
were signed : 0. M.

MAGC(Gm.). Mint-warden at Langenargen, 1735, in the service
of the Counts of Montfort.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bahrfeldt, Mun^en der Furstentbumer Holien^pllern.

MAGISTRETTI (Amer.}. This signature occurs on a medallion in
cast-iron of the American general Zaragoza, on the Victory of
Puebla, 1862.

MAGIUS, PHILIP LUDWIG (Germ.}. Mint-master at Clausthal, 1792-
1800. His initials P.L. M. occur on the coins, as for instance on a
Gulden of 1800 of George III.


MAGNANI, ANTONIO DI BATTISTA (ltd.}. Mint-engraver at Bolo-
gna, circ. 1473. He was assisted in the work of cutting dies for the
coinage by his two brothers Matteo and Giacomo.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. F. Malaguzzi, LaZeccadi Bologna, 1897.

MAGNE, H. MARCEL (French). Contemporary Sculptor of Paris,
by whom I have seen a Portrait-plaquette of a lady, in tin.

MAGNENAT (Swiss). Contemporary Seal-engraver and Die-sinker
Of Lausanne, by whom there is a Jeton of the Rifle Meeting of
Lausanne, 1876.

MAGNIADAS, FRANKY (French). Medallist of the middle of the
nineteenth century, whose productions are fairly numerous. I have
noticed his signature on the following medals : Jean Francois Le
Sueur, composer, 1852; - Jean Pierre Beranger, poet, 1856

Pattern 5 Franc Piece, by Magniadas.

(2 var.); - - Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1859, (signed : FRANKY
MAGNIADAS) &C. Several of his medals were edited by Massonnet.

In 1848, this Engraver submitted various Patterns for AT.
20 Francs, ^R. 5 Francs and &. 10 Centimes to the Coinage
Committee of the Second Republic.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. De Saulcy, Souvenirs numismatiques de la Revolution de 1848.

MAGNO, ZUANO (Hal.). Mint-master at Cattaro, 1598-1600. The
coins issued under him are said to bear his initials Z. M.

MAGNOLINO, JACOPO (ItaL). Goldsmith of Florence, who settled
at Rome under Pope Innocent MIL, for whom and his successor,
Alexander VI., he worked from circ. 1485 to 1495. In a document
of 1495 he is called president sen. superstans in %ecca 5 mi D. N. in
Urbe, but whether he cut any dies for the Papal coinage is not
certain. He executed in 1486 the golden Rose, which was presented
to King James III. of Scotland, and that of 1488.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Eug. Muntz, Les Arts d la Cour des Popes Innocent VIII. ,
Alexandre VI., Pie III (1484-1503), Paris, 1898, pp. 106, 113, 114, 117-119.
Ibid., L' Atelier moniiairt de Route, Revue numismatique, 1884, p, 228.

MAHIEU, JAKOR (Germ.). Mint-inspector at Oels, 1699-1717.

MAHER and SON (Brit.). Die-sinkers of Birmingham, by whom
is a Reform League Medal, 1865.

MAHLER, PAUL (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at Strass-
burg; pupil of Gerome. At the Salon of 1904 he exhibited four
Plaquettes in bronze, representing Dogs.

L. FORKER. Biographical Not ice t of Medallists. III. 34

- 530 -

MAHRENHOLZ (Gerni). Mint-engraver at Brunswick, circ, 1742.
His initial M is said to occur on & 10,5 and 2 | Reichsthalers of
that date.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ammon, op. a'/., n 165. Kohler, Ducaten Cabinet,
n 1843.

MAI... (Greek.}. Abbreviation of a Coin-engraver's signature MAIflN
or MAIOIHN- D r Arthur Evans was the first to publish it (Numismatic
Chronicle, 1890, p. 292).

This inscription MAI occurs on a Tetradrachm of Himera in the
Paris Medal Cabinet. I reproduce it here from D r Evans' woodcut.

(4 diams).

The type of this interesting tetradrachm belongs to the period
which immediately preceded the destruction of Himera by the
Carthaginians, circ. B. C. 409.

Obv. Nymph facing, head to 1., wearing sleeved chiton and
peplos, the ends of which fall over right arm ; she holds in r. hand
patera, over altar with square horns; behind her, a Seilen, facing,
bending sideways to receive on his 1. shoulder jet of water issuing
from lion's head fountain; in exergue : h|.

^L. Quadriga to' r., driven by charioteer wearing long chiton,
who holds rein in both hands ; horses in high action ; above, Nike
to 1., holding wreath and tablet or pinakion inscribed MAI ; in ex.,
hippocamp to 1.

Weight : 263.6 grs.

Evans, Some new Artists' Signatures on Sicilian coins, Num.
Chron., 1890, p. 292, PI. xvm, 2. Paris, Medal Cabinet.

B. M. Cat., Sicily, p. 81, n 48 (without the signature).

Holm, op. cit. Ill, p. 632, n204, PI. i, 14.

Tetradrachm of Himera.

In drawing attention to the similarity of this type with that ot
the Syracusan engraver's, Euainetos, D r Rudolf Weil had already

suggested the presence of an artist's signature on the tablet which
Nike holds in her hand, but none of the specimens known when
he wrote were sufficiently well preserved to enable one to decipher
the inscription MAI which however D r Evans has discovered on the
Paris coin. The M is not very distinct, but the signature could
scarcely be other than MAI, which when completed would form
the name of Mxon or perhaps Mxthion.

It is certain that the coin of Euainetos served as prototype to
the engraver MAI of Himera. D r Evans shows numerous points of
similarity between the two pieces and proves that the tetradrachm
of Himera is much later than the Syracusan one, issued circ. 425-
420 B. C., and probably belongs to the period preceding immedi-
ately the destruction of the town, circ. 409-408 B. C.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. L. Forrer, oft. cit.

MAI, JOHANN PHILIP (Germ."). Mint-master at Zweibrucken, 1612-
1621. His initials SM are said to occur on some of his coins.

MAIA, C. (Port.). Engraver's signature on a Tercentenary medal
of Camoes, 1880 ; also the author of a Portrait-medal of Francesco
Antonio da Veigo Beirao.

MAIANIUS GALLIJS (Rom.). Mint-master (Triumvir monelalis) at
Rome, circ. B. C. 12.

MAICHAIN, GEORGES (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Niort. By him are various Portrait- medallions: iSSj.M M. B***,&c.

MAIER, CONRAD (Germ.). Mint-engraver and Medallist at Ulm,
circ. 1663-1682. His issues are signed C. M.

MAIGNAN, MAURICE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Neufchatel (Seine-Inferieure); pupil of M. Aube. At the Salon of
1890 he exhibited a Portrait-medallion of his mother ; 1891. Feu
M. Caufourier, cvc.

MAIGNIET, JOSEPH (French). Mint-master General in 1561.

MAILHE or MAILLE, FRANCOIS (French). Mint-engraver at
Romans, 1548-1549.

MAILLARD, AUGUSTE (French). Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born in 1866 and residing at Paris; pupil of
Gaudez, and Falguiere. He has obtained the fo lowing awards :
Salon of 1894, Medal of the Third Class (for a bronze statue La
Defense du Sol) ; Salon of 1898, Medal of the Second Class (tor a
marble statue, acquired by the French government, The Fall

- 532

Icarus); Universal Exhibition of 1900, Medal of the Third Class. He
is an officer of Public Instruction.

Amongst his best known works are three monuments, those of
Captain Menard, atLunel (Herault); Breton soldiers and sailors slain
for the fatherland, at Brest ; and Children of Asnieres slain in the
defence of their country, at Asnieres, and busts, executed for the
State, of Treilhard, (Versailles); Brantome, chronicler, (Brantome);
J.-B. Oudry, (Gobelin Manufactory) ; Tisserand, astronomer,
^French Institute), &c.

At the Salon of 1901 this artist exhibited a medal " Automobile",
which was commissioned to him by the Nice Motor Club; in 1903
a Badge intended for the " Conseillers generaux " of the Seine
Department; in 1904, seven Plaquettes in silvered bronze; in 1905,
Plaquette in silver, Societe des Jures orpheoniques francais; -
Insigne des Conseillers generaux de la Seine; and in 1906, several

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogues of the Salon, 1900-1906. Information kindly
supplied by the artist.

MAILLARD, CHR. (Germ.). Die-sinker at Frankfort-on-M., and
Engraver of a Medal ot the Society for the Protection of Animals
of Frankfort-on-M., founded in 1841. Fide Joseph u. Fellner, Die
Mun^en von Frankfurt am Main, p. 542.

MAILLART or MAILLARD, JEAN (French). Mint-master and Engraver
at Nantes, circ. 1563-1566.

MAILLART, JOSEPH (French). Mint-master at Nantes, circ. 1567-
1570. Jean I. Beaucousin, engraver at the Paris Mint, is recorded to
have supplied him with puncheons for Ecus, Testons, Sols parisis
and other currency in 1567 and 1570. Maillart was no longer in
office after March 16, 1570.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Mazerolle, Les Medailleurs franfais, I, p. 604. Rondot, op.

MAILLART, NICOLAS (French). Mint-master at Rennes, from
9. July 1546 circ. 1549.

MAILLET, DOMAINS (Swiss.}. Mint-master at Geneva, 24. February
1581 to 26. Jannuary 1585. His issues are signed M. Before 1581,
he had been Warden of the Mint, and once again filled that office
after 1585.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Eug. Demole, Les Maitres, les Graveurs et les Essayeurs de la
Monnaie de Geneve (1535-1792), Fribourg, 1885.

MAIMIN. A native Engraver of Java, who cut dies for the British
Colonial coinage. I have seen a Rupee of 1816, with date t TiT

- 533

(1232) and on the Arabic word dharb a small M, which stands for
his initial.

MAINDRON, ETIENNE HIPPOLYTE (French}. Sculptor of the nine-
teenth century, born at Champtoceaux (Maine-et-Loire), on
1 6. December 1801; pupil of David d' Angers and the Ecole des
Beaux-Arts. He was knighted in 1874, and died 6. March 1884.

By this artist are numerous Portrait-medallions, amongst which
are : Cl. and Gab. Fillon de Fontenay; Aloys Senetclder, of
Prague (1772-1834); - - Sister Rosalie; - - Antoine Rivoulon
painter (1810-1864); size 9.1 in.; cast by Lafosse (in D r F. Parkes
Weber's collection), &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

MAINDROZ, H. (French). Sculptor of the second and third quarters
of the nineteenth century. His signature occurs on a cast Portrait-
medallion in bronze of Benjamin Fillon, the distinguished numis-
matic writer; it is dated 1856 and measures 210 mill, in diameter.
It has occurred to me that Durand may have misread the artist's
signature for Maindron.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Durand, Medailles etjetons des Ntimismates, Geneve, 1865.

MAINERT, GOTTFRIED (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Warsaw, born
in 1767, died in 1846. His coins are usually signed : G. M.

MAINERT, JOSEPH (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Warsaw, son of the
last, worked there circ. 1840-1855. This Engraver distinguished
himselt also as a Medallist, and his initials I. M. or full signature :
I. MAINERT RYTOWAL occur on medals of : Josef Xaver Eisner,
composer (1769-1854) ; Copernicus, astronomer, 1830, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Kirmis, Handbucbder Polniscfon Mun^kunde, Posen, 1892.

MAINHART, G. (Germ.). Mint-master at Bornstadt, circ. 1605, in
the service of the Counts of Mansfeld, Bruno II., William and
John George (1604-1607). His initials G. M. occur on the coinage.
He also acted in the same capacity at Eisleben, Halle and Stolberg,

MAINONI (French). Superintendent of the Tobacco regie at Strass-
burg, who in 1797 issued a medal with bust of Bonaparte, commem-
orating the Treaty of peace of Campo Formio.

MAINWARING, WILLIAM (Brit.). Engraver of Tokens, and
Medallist, whose productions date between 1790 and 1798. He
resided at Birmingham, but I have been unable to trace any further
information concerning his life.

534 -

From Pye we learn that Mainwaring was a Manufacturer of Tokens,
as well as Die-sinker. By him are : Hickman's, Birmingham,
Halfpennies, 1792, with bust of John Howard (4 var.); P. Deck's,
Bury, Pennies (one var. illustrated}, and Halfpennies, 1794, with
bust of Charles, Marquis Cornwallis (sev. var.); Robert Reynolds
& C's, Halfpennies of Coventry, 1792, with. obv. Lady Godiva on
horseback (7 vajr. one illustrated) ; R. B. Wilkins, Isle of Wight,
Halfpennies, 1792, with bust of Robert Bird Wilkins; S. Barker's,
Lichfield, Halfpennies, 1797, with bust of D r Samuel Johnson (sev.

Penny Token of Bury, 1794.

var.) ; - - W. Steward's, London and Middlesex, Halfpennies and
Farthings, 1792, with bust of Shakespe.ire (sev. var.); - ]. Field-
ing's, Manchester, Halfpennies, 1792: - Dunham and Yallop's,
Norwich, Halfpennies, I792and 1793 (sev. var.); North Wales,

Halfpenny Token of Coventry, 1792.

Halfpennies, 1793, with head of Druid (sev. var.) ; North Wales,
Farthings, 1793, with youthful bust, laureate (8 var.) ; - South
Wales, Farthings, 1793, with laur. bust (10 var.); Farror's
Warwickshire, Halfpennies, 1791, with bust of Shakespeare ; -
H. Hickman's, Westminster, Halfpennies, 1792, with bust ot
John Howard (sev. var.) ; Non Local. Halfpennies, with busts


of Louis XVI. and Marie-Antoinette, 1793 ty,. MURD.BY THE
FACTIOUS, &c. (numerous varieties; either obv. or fyL. having
been used in connection with ty,. or obv. of other tokens, as
David Garrick, Two men at a forge, &c. Vide Atkins, pp. 112-114,
368-369); Halfpennies, 1793, with bust of the Dauphin,

Mainwaring's signature : W. M. or more rarely : W. MAINWARING
FECIT occurs on the following medals : The Rev. Caleb Evans,
{ 1791 ; John Howard, F. R. S., Memorial, 1790; - Selina,
Countess of Huntingdon, 1791 ; Frederick, Bishop of Osnabriick,
1791 ; - Decapitation of Louis XVI., 1793 (copy of a medal by
Fr. Loos) ; Others, on the same event, with fyL. CUNCTIS ILLE,
c. cypress tree, or guillotine, &c. (many varieties); Decapita-
tion of Marie-Antoinette 1793, with her bust on obv., 1793;
Louis XVI. and Marie-Antoinette, 1793 (sev. var.); Louis XVII.,
1793, obv. Bust of the. Dauphin. fyL. Crown (sev. var.); Freder-
ick, Duke of York, Valenciennes surrendered, 1793 ; Thomas
Ryder, actor, etc.

The work of Mainwaring compares favourably with that of his
foremost contemporaries, J. G. Hancock, Peter and Thomas Wyon,
C. H. Kiichler, and others.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Pye, Prwincial Coins and Tokens, n. d. Atkins, Tokens oj
UK eighteenth century, London, 1892. H. A. Grueber, English Personal Medals
from i-]6o. Hentiin, Histoire numiimatiquede la Revolution fran^aise, Paris, 1826.

MAIRE, ANNA (French}. Sculptor and Medallist; daugher of J.-B.
Maire (q. r.). She is the author of Portrait-medallions in bronze of
J.-B. Maire; Herself; Abb6 E. M***; 1901. Mgr. Petit,
Archbishop of Besanc,on ; 1905. Just Becquet, statuary.

MAIRE, JEAN RAPTISTE (French). Medallist, born at Besanc,on,
5. August 1787, died there, 13. December 1859. His first teacher
was Dominique Paillot, Director of the Drawing school of his
native city. He then studied medicine, and in 1809, accompanied
the French army to Spain as surgeon, but wounded at the siege of
Saragossa, he returned to Besanc.on and turned his attention to
sculpture. In 1816, he was admitted at the Ecole des Beaux Arts,
and worked under and for the sculptor Lemot, whom he assisted
in the execution of certain of his works, as for instance, the statue
of Henry IV., re-erected by Louis XVIII. , near the Pont-Neuf.

J. B. Maire exhibited at the Paris Salon, from 1819 to 1852, in the
section of sculpture. His principal works are : Head oi Christ. (in
Besancon Museum); - Head of St. John the Baptist; _Busl
Lieut.'-General Donzelot, governor of Martinique; Bust of Mairet;

- 536 -

Head of Eurydice; Bust of Cardinal de la Luzerne ; Bust of
Mgr. de Quelen, &c.

On the invitation of his friend, Charles Weiss, town librarian of
Besancon, the artist executed a series of medals representing distin-
guished citizens of Franche-Comte. A subscription was opened in
1836, and the first medal which appeared was that of Gilbert
Cousin, the friend of Erasmus; the last was that of Mgr. Mathieu,
archbishop of Besancon, which his daughter, M lle Anna Maire, had

J.-B. Maire (1797-1859).

to finish, death having overtaken the medallist before he could
achieve it. He could not either complete the 1$L. of General Lecourbe's
medal, and only prepared the model of that of Bichat.

All the medals of J. B. Maire are struck. At his death, the dies
were acquired by the Municipal Council of Besancon and deposited
in the Archaeological Museum of that town. He had invented a
Reducing Machine for the use of medallists, which is now preserv-
ed at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers.

The artist's portrait is reduced from a drawing by M lle Anna


1834. Prize Medal of the Academy of Besancon; - 1836. Gilbert
Cousin, chanoine de Nozeroy (1506-1572) ; L. F. A. de Rohan-
Chabot, archbishop of Besancon (1788-1833) ; J. J- A. Courvoi-
sier, garde des Sceaux (1775-1835); 1837. Jean-Jacques ChifHet,
historian (1588-1673); Joseph d'Olivet, abbot (1682-1768);-
Antoine Perrenot, cardinal Granvella (1517-1586; illustrated^); -
J. B. V. Proud'hon, jurisconsultus (1758-1838); - 1839. J. I. de
Froissard-Broissia, camerlingo of Pope Innocent XI. (f 1694); ~~

537 -

1840 C L. de Faletans, Governor of the Order of Saint-Georges de
Hanche-Comte (1624-1700); - 1841. Jacques Curasson, president
of the Academy of Besancon (1770-1841); _ Philibert de Chalon,
baron d Arlay, prince of Orange (1502-1530); - J. de Jouffroy
bishop of Arras and Alb, (1412-1475) ; - ,843. Georges Cuvier
naturalist (1769-1832); - Pierre Joseph Desault, surgeon (1744!
1795); 1844. Lieut. General Comte Morand (1771-1 8? O '
1845 Antome Pierre de Grammont, archbishop ot Besancon (1614-

Q 9 XVT V J; T P unod de Charnage, historian (1678-17*2);

646. Charles Weiss, keeper of the Besancon Civic Librarv (1779-
1866); 1852. J. M. A. Cesaire Mathieu, archbishop of Besancon
(1796-1875); Undated. Xavier Bichat, surgeon of the Hotel-
Dieu, Pans (1771-1802; General Lecourbe (1759-1815).

Cardinal Granvella, by J.-B. Maire.

M lle Maire presented recently to the Besancon Museum seven dies
by her father, which represent : Napoleon I. ; - - Frederick the
Great; - - Benjamin Franklin; - Jean Jacques Rousseau;
Voltaire; Fenelon, Massillon and Bourdaloue. They seem
to have been intended for repoussi work, and not medals.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. F. Mazerolle, /. B. Maire, Gazette numismatiquc trangaise,
1897, pp. 289-298. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

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