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sometimes specially sent fine stones to Rome to be engraved by
Marchant. The Prince Regent (George IV.) appointed Marchant his
Engraver of gems. " (Wroth, loc. '/.).

Among Marchant's productions not yet mentioned are : The
nymph Amalthea giving drink to the infant Jupiter in a large horn ;
- Head ot Serapis, sardonyx and chalcedony (2 var.) ; Isis, sard-
onyx and chalcedony (2 var.) ; Diana and Endy mion ; Apollo, a
copy from the statue in the Capitol, rock crystal ; Clytia, carnelian ;
Salus, carnelian ; Bacchus ; Portrait of the Countess of Suf-
folk, topaz; Portrait of William Pitt; Bacchus enthroned;

- 564 -

Ariadne pouring wine into his goblet; Faun, from the statue in
Florence; Crowned bust, cameo; - Bacchant drunk, support-
ed by a Faun, carnelian; - Herakles, sardonyx (2 var.); The
Farnesian Herakles of Glycon, sardonyx ; - - Venus sitting on the
ground near a lighted altar, sardonyx; - Roman marriage scene
(2 var.); - - Two betrothed lovers sitting, veiled, and engaged in
conversation; Victory, paste; Victory making a libation,
emerald; Fortune flying over a globe, black jasper; Leander
and Hero, onyx , - - Head of Atalanta, carnelian ; - - Medusa,
cameo ; Mask of Medusa, onyx ; Antilochus, the son of Nes-
tor, announces to Achilles the death and fate of his favourite Patro-
clus, sardonyx; Priam kneeling at the feet of Achilles and inter-
ceding with him to be permitted to redeem the body of Hector,
sardonyx ; Head of a Negro, cameo ; Head of Demosthenes,
white paste ; Demosthenes sitting upon a stone, carnelian ; Bust
of Homer, carnelian ; Head of Perikles and Aspasia ; - - Bust
of Julius Caesar, carnelian; Head of Brutus, sardonyx;
Agrippina seated, carnelian; Head of Augustus, carnelian; -
Bust of Caligula, cameo; Head of Trajan, sardonyx; Head of
Antinous, sardonyx (2 var.); Another, carnelian; - Head of
Marcus Aurelius, carnelian; Bust of Faustina Junior, sardonyx;
Head of Lucius Verus, sardonyx; Bust of Susanna, after the
statue by Fiamingo, cameo; - Garrick looking at the mask of
Shakespeare, sardonyx; Bust of Garrick (sev. var.); Prince
Lubomirsky, carnelian (2 var.); Lord Lucan ; Lady Lucan;

Lady Lucan in the character of a Muse, carnelian ; Sir Wil-
liam Molesworth; Bust of Petrarch, sardonyx; Bust of Major
Pearson ; Torquato Tasso, cameo ; Lord Duncannon, sard-
onyx; Portrait of a Musician; Bust in modern taste, yellow
carnelian ; Mrs. Hartley, of Covent Garden Theatre ; Lord
Mulgrave; Head of the famous Zingara; Herakles, carnelian ;

Bust of Cupid or Hymen, yellow carnelian ; Cleopatra lying,
from the statue in the Vatican, cameo ; Pericles, sardonyx ;
Unknown head, sardonyx; Pope Pius VI., carnelian; Sphinx,
cameo i n carnelian ; Juno, sardonyx and carnelian (2 var.) ; Cas-
tor, sardonyx (2 var.) ; Pollux, carnelian ; Castor and Pollux, sard-
onyx ; Head of Minerva (2 var.) ; An Angel, sardonyx ; Bust
of Dante, carnelian ; Torquato Tasso, carnelian ; Pius VI. ;
Catherine II. ; Endymion, sardonyx; Head of Apollo, sard-
onyx; Apollo and the Muse Euterpe, sardonyx; - Head of
Mercury, sardonyx (2 var.); - Mercury, carnelian ; Nereid and
marine bull, antique carnelian ; A Muse, yellow carnelian ;
Head of Melpomene, sardonyx; Head ot Niobe, carnelian;
Ethodaea, or Thera, sardonyx ; Bacchus and a Bacchante, sard-
onyx; - Head of Ariadne, sardonyx; Bacchante, sardonyx

(2 var.) ; Bacchante giving drink to a young Faun, sardonyx ;

Bacchant and Faun, carnelian and sardonyx (2 var.); Faun,
carnelian and sardonyx (2 var.) ; Herakles and Omphale, sard-
onyx; Herakles supporting the vanquished Hippolyte, sardonyx ;

- Herakles seizing the Maenalian hind, sardonyx ; Adonis, chal-
cedony ; Cupid and Psyche, carnelian ; - - Two Cupids, sard-
onyx ; Cupid carrying game uponapedum, sardonyx; Cupid
in a car, carnelian; -A young Bride with the pronuba, sard-
onyx; A wounded Amazon, sardonyx; Head of Achilles, sard-
onyx; - Bust of Diomedes, carnelian; - Pylades and Orestes,
sardonyx; Iphigenia in Aulis, sardonyx; Head of Alexander,
sardonyx (3 var.); - Head of Sappho, carnelian; Euripides,
carnelian; Perikles, sardonyx; Phocion, sardonyx; - Head
of Roma, carnelian ; Mars descending to Rhea Silvia, carnelian ;

M. T. Cicero, sardonyx; A conquered Province, sardonyx;

A Vestal, sardonyx; A Roman matron, sardonyx; A naval
Victory, carnelian; Britannia sacrificing to ^sculapius;
General Wolfe; A Nymph, &c.

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MARCHETTI, GUSTAVE HENRI (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Paris; pupil of Jacques Perrin. He is the author of numerous
Portrait-medallions, and in 1894 exhibited at the Salon a bronze
plaque, Carmen.

MARCHIONNI, LD1Z (Span.}. Medallist, and Mint-engraver at
Madrid, during the latter end of the reign of Isabel II., the Republic
of 1868-1870, Amadeo I., and early part of Alfonso XII., circ.

I have noted this artist's signature on the following coins and
medals : Isabel II. N. Dobloon of 10 Escudos, 1865-1868
100 Reales, 1860 ; Dobloon of 4 Escudos, 1865-68 ; - Dobloon
of 2 Escudos, 1865-68; >R. Duro, 1860, 1865-68; & Medio
Duro, 1865-68 and subsidiary coinage. AT. 4, 2 and one Peso for
the Philippine Islands, 1861 ; J&. Peso, \ Peso and lesser denomi-
nations 1865-1868. Provisional Government (1868-1870). N. i
Pesetas, 1870, and various Patterns; - J&. Duro of 5 Peseta
1869-1870; 2 Pesetas, i Peseta, 50 Centimes, 25, and :
timos, 1868-1870; - M. 10,5, 2 and i Centimes, 1868-1870


(struck at Barcelona, modelled by A. Dubois, and issued by Oes-
chger, Mesdach & C). Amadeo I. Af. 100 Pesetas 1870; 25
Pesetas, 1870; JR.. 5 Pesetas, 1871 (Illustrated). Alfonso XII. First

5 Pesetas, 1871, of Amadeo I.

Medals: Prize Medal of the Castilian Exhibition at Valladolid, 1859;
Medal of the Royal Society of History of Spain, 1860 ; Inaugu-
ration of the Mint at Manila, 1861 ; Inauguration of the works
of the Tubular Bridge at Manila, 1862 ; Visit of Queen Isabel II.
to Seville, 1862; Visit of T.R.H. to Ciudad de Jerez de la
Frontera, 1862; Visit of the Queen and her Consort to the
Madrid Mint, 5. December 1862 (signed: L. MARCHIONNI); -
Medal of the Provisional Government, 1868; Accession of
Amadeo L, 1870, etc.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Heiss, Monedas Hispano-Cristianas, Madrid, 1865. -
Catalogo de la coleccion de Monedas y Medallas de Manuel Vidal Quadras y Ramon,
Barcelona, 1892.

MARCINKOWSKI, LADISLAS (Pole). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Miesrkow (Poland) ; pupil of Godebski. A Portrait-medal
of D r Karel Marcinkowski, of Posen, 1891, is signed : MARCIN-
KOWSKI FCT. At the Salon of 1885 he exhibited ten Portrait-
medallions in bronze, and in 1890, one of M. Paderewski.

MARCIUS CENSORINUS, C. (Rom.}. Mint-master (Triumvir inonc-
talis} at Rome, circ. B.C. 12.

MARCOMBES, LOUIS (Swiss}. Secretary of the Chambre des
Comptes at Geneva, and Mint-engraver there from 1720 to 1726.
His coins bear no distinctive mark.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Demole, Les Maitres, les Graveurs et les Essay eurs de la
Monnaie de Geneve, Fribourg, 1888.

MARCUS, EMILE AUGUSTE (French}. Contemporary Gem-engraver
and Medallist, born at Paris; pupil of Petremant and Vimont.

- 5*7 ~

He has made the following exhibits at the Paris Salons 1901 St
George, intaglio, engraving on rock-crystal;- 1902. St. George'
medal; - 1903. Medal of the Aero-Club de France"; - La*
l ecne, intaglio-engraving on rock-crystal.

- Catalogues du Salon, ,901-1904. -Revue nun,., 1903, p. 73.
rt ancien tt tnoderne, 1903, II, 24.

MARCUS ft Co (Amcr}. New York Die-sinkers, by whom is the
W. H. Nichols medal of the American Chemical Socictv with
portrait of Johann Faust (Goethe's alchemist) in his laboratory 'which
was designed by H. B. Waechsler and H. M. Joch.

MAREIL, BERTRAND DE (French"). Mint-engraver at Amiens,
1499-1501. His successor was Hugues de Bailly.

MARES, F. H. (Brit.}. Die-sinker of Dublin, who in 1868 cut a
medal on the Visit of the Prince of Wales (Edward VII.) to

MARENZ, DAVID MICHAEL (Germ.}. Mint-warden at Ratisbon,
1761. A Medallist of the name of Marenz is given by Bolzenthal,
in his list of German Engravers of the second half of the eighteenth
century, but I do not know whether he was the same person as David
Michael Marenz.

MARENDE, ANTOINE (French}. Goldsmith, and Mint-master at
Bourg, 1516-1520.

MARENDE, HENRI DE (French}. Mint-warden in Brabant, 1467-

MARENDE, JEAN (French}. Goldsmith of Bourg-en-Bresse, who
in 1502 executed the large medal cast in gold (weighing 490
grammes) with portraits of Philibert the Fair and Margaret of
Austria (obv. illustrated} which was presented to these Princes by
the town of Bourg on their visit there. "La mdaille de Philibert
le Beau et de Marguerite d'Autriche", says Rondot, " aux bustes
affronted et au champ seme de devises est le produit d'un art
savant ; elle a 1'originalite, 1'harmonie et I'clegance, sans qu'il
paraisse qu'aucun effort ait e"te fait pour les obtenir. Elle a cettc
particularity que, sur d'anciens exemplaires, les fonds ont etc revctus
d'un email opaque de couleur. "

A lead proof of Marende's first design of this medal is still in

Specimens in bronze now and then turn up at auction sales ; the
one reproduced above was formerly in the collection of D r Belli of


Frankfort-on-Main, sold in 1905, and now in the possession of
M. Gallet, of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Obv. of Medallion of Philibert the Fair and Margaret of Austria.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Natalis Rondot, Jean Marendeet la me'daille de Philibert h Beau
et de Marguerite d'Autricbe, 1883. Ibid., Les orfevres de Lyon, p. 50. Ibid.,
Les Me'dailleurs lyonnais, 1896. Mazerolle,o/>. cit. Domanig, op. cit. Blan-
chet, of), cit. Armand, op. cit., I, 113. T. Whitcombe Greene, The Medallion
of Philibert the Fair of Savoy and Margaret oj Austria, Num. Chron., 1883.

MARESCHAL, FRANCOIS LE (French'). Goldsmith at Lyons in 1448
and Grenoble in 1452, who on 13. October 1453 was appointed
by the Dauphin, Engraver to the Mints of Cre"mieu, Montelimar and
Romans. He was still in office in 1463.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot & De La Tour, op. cit. Rondot, Les orftvres de
Lyon, 1888.

MARESCHAL, PIERRE LE(French'). Goldsmith of Troy es, appointed
Mint-master for the gold coinage in 1338.


MARESCOTTI ANTONIO (///.). Medallist of the second and third
quarters of the fifteenth century, about whom, unfortunately, very
little is known, beyond that he was one of the cleverest of earlv
artists which Italy has produced in that particular branch, and that
he resided at Ferrara. The seven medals which bear his signature
are dated between 1446 and 1462 : Giovanni da Tossignano, bishop
of Ferrara T 1436; diam. 90 mill.; signed MARE SCOTVS and
dated : MCCCC XLVI; Antonio Marescotti, probably a rela-
tive of the medallist, 1448. tyL. MEMORLV DE- ANTONIO
MARESCOTO-DA-FERARA; diam. 44 mill. (An unpublished
variety ot this medal is in the British Museum Collection).

San Bernardino of Siena, by Marescotti.

- Galeazzo Marescotti, Bolognese senator (1407-1503). l$L.
F. ; diam. 96 mill.; - - Galeaz/o Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan.
diam. 50 mill. ; - Borso d'Este I., Duke of Ferrara. fyL OPVS'
MCCCLX ; diam. 64 mill. ; San Bernardino of Siena. }$L. MANI-
RESCOTO'DA-FERRARA-F.; diam. 77 mill. (obv. illustrated');

- Another; ty. plain; Fra Paolo Vcneziano. 1^.. HOC'VIRTV-
Paolo Veneziano seated in armchair, on which is inscribed the date:
MCCCCLXII; diam. 105 mill., etc.

Two varieties exist of the St. Bernardine medal, which is
undoubtedly the best production of the artist, and offers a remark-
able portrait of the ascetic reformer of the Franciscan order. It was

570 -

Giovanni da Tossignano.

executed after his canonization in 1450, and perhaps from memory.
" All the works of Marescotti ", says von Fabriczy, " show
something of the severe realism, the strong modelling of Pisanello.
Although in this among all Pisanello's successors he approaches
nearest to the master, nevertheless he is far from attaining the
grand style, the monumental conception, which go hand in "hand
with these qualities in the Veronese. The insignificant reverses
cannot in the least compare with Pisanello's, either in choice ot
subject, in concentration of composition, or, finally, in the mighty
cast of the figures. They display for the most part nothing but
emblems : thus the medal of San Bernardino bears only the so-
called Chrism of his order, the monogram of the Saviour (Y.H.S.)
enclosed in a nimbus of flames. "

As von Fabriczy remarks, Marescotti's style is closely allied to
that of Pisanello, except that it lacks in grandeur and power, and
that his reverses are of commonplace design.

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1899. Friedlander, Die ilalieniscben Schntmun^en, Berlin, 1882. Tremor, A/../.
ital'. Mazzuchelli, op. cit. Ammon, op. cit., n 70. Bolzemhal, op. cit. -
Revue beige de numismatique, 1884, p. 8.

MAREY, CHARLES {French}. Engraver and Editor of medals,born at
Issv-les-Moulineaux, on 31. December 1860, and since 1886 in
business at Paris (44, Quai des Orfevres). By him is a Jetpn, struck
after 1890, of the " Compagnie des Mines de la Grand'Combe ",
and a Souvenir Plaquette ot the Macon Rifle Meeting, 1903.

Souvenir Plaquette of the Macon Rifle Meeting, 1905.

MARGALIK, CHRISTOPH (BoJxm.'). Mint-master at Prague, 1656-
1668. His privy mark is an anchor within a circle, which occurs on
Kreuzers and Groschen, 1655-57, 10 Ducat piece of Leopold, 1663,
Groschen, Kreuzers, Half Kreuzers, Funf/ehners, Sechsers, a
Hellers, 1657-1668.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Fiala, op. cit.

MARGERI (French*). Medal-manufacturer at Lyons, circ. 1848.
Amongst his issues is a commemorative medal of the Revolu-
tion of February 1848, engraved by Pennin, and reproduced in De
Saulcy, Souvenirs numiswatiques, &c., PL XVIII, 8.

MARGUES, FRANQOIS DE (French'). Savoyard Mint-engraver at
Cornavin (Geneva), 1529.

MARI (Greek ?) This signature, probably a fictitious one, occurs
on a gem representing Bacchus, nude, leaning upon his thyrsus,
and emptying his goblet ; a panther at his feet. It is perhaps a work
of Giovanni Maria of Mantua.

MARIA, PIETRO, DA PESCIA Vide PESCIA. Florentine Gem-engrav-
er, who worked at Rome for Leo X., and was a friend of Michael

MARIA GIOVANNI (/to/.). Gem-engraver of Mantua, one of the
four artists whom Camillo Leonardi (writing in 1502) praises as
equal to any of the ancients in their profession.

MARIA FEODOROWNA (Vide Vol. II, p. 79). Czarina of Russia,
widow of Paul, and a Gem- and Medal-engraver of the first quarter
of the nineteenth century; she died 5. November 1828. Her
Portrait-medal of her son, the Czar Alexander I., and her Portrait-
cameos of various members of the Imperial family, are well-known.

MARIANI, CAMILLO (/to/.). Medallist, born at Vicenza in 1565,
died at Rome in 1611. By him are the following medals : Cornelio
Gallo ; Quinto Remio Palemone ; Allieno Cecina (a satirical
piece) ; Alferisio, conte di Vicenza ; Frate Giovanni da Schio ;
Alberto Marano; Girolamo Gualdo, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bernardo Morsolin, Camillo Mariani, coniatore dimedaglie,
Milano, 1891. Ibid., Una medaglia satirica di Camillo Mariani, Riv. ital. di
num., 1896, p. 79. Ibid., 11 Miiseo Gualdo in Vicenqa, 1894.

MARIETTI, ERNEST (French*). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris; pupil of Rude. At the Salon of 1883 he exhibited a silvered
bronze medallion representing a head of the Republic.

MARILLAC, GUILLAUME DE (French). Superintendent of the Paris
"Mill", and Mint-master-general, circ. 1551-1555. Accompanied
by a clever workman of Lyons, Aubin Olivier, he was sent to
Germany in 1551 to study the new coining-machinery by the mill-
process, just introduced at Augsburg and other towns.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Mazerolle, op. cit.

MARIN, GIUSEPPE (Ital.'). A young Sculptor of Triest, by whom
is a Portrait-medallion of the late D r Brettauer (size : 2.2 in.;
signed G.M.), with a dedicator}' inscription on the reverse.

- 573 ~

sernf Sculptor and Medallist, by

series of medals commemorating the Marriage of

Marriage Medal of King Alionso XIII., 1906.

Alfonso XIII. and Princess Ena of Battenberg, 1906. These medals
were issued by the firm of Alvarez & O at Bilbao.

- 574 -

MARIN, PIERRE (French}. Mint-master at Montelimar, 1523-

MARINO, ANTONIO (//a/.). Mint-master at Venice, 1570-1572.
Privy mark : A.M.

MARINUS, EGBERTUS (Dutch}. Mint-master at Groningen, 1690.

MARINUS, HERBERT (Dutch'}. Mint-master in Friesland, 1704-

MARION, JEAN (French). Mint-engraver at Grenoble from 1503
to 1522. On 7. February 1521 (1522) Jacques Gauvain was
appointed in his stead, but we find him again in office, 1526-27.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot, op. cit. Ibid., Jacques Gauvain.

MARIOTON, ALFRED (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, pupil of
Claudius Marioton, Valton, and Levasseur. By him is a Portrait-
medallion of M. Claudius Marioton, 1882.

MARIOTON. CLAUDIUS (French}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Paris on February 2., 1844; pupil of Dumont
and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, also of Jules Gabriel Thomas, and

Amongst his medallic productions are : Portrait-medallion of
M me V***, 1874; ~~" Sir James Sivewright; Lady Sivewright; -
Valere Mabelle; Musique des Champs, 1893; Female
restraining lion ; Female caressing goat ; Christ on the cross,
medalet; L'Urbaine, jeton; - C. Marioton; - D r Outin ; -
M me C. Marioton; Etienne Charbonnier; Return of Spring;
- M me J*** ; - - Portraits of the artist's Father, Mother and
Daughter (Plaquettes and Medals); Old Farmhouse; D r G. L.
Morel; Rustic music; Offensive et Defensive; J. Guillou,
Portrait-medallion; - 1895. M. Pelliot; 1897. Sympathie, pla-
quette, in gold and silver ; Two medals of the Insurance Com-
pany "L'Urbaine"; 1898. Bonne annee, chased plaquette in
gilt bronze; 1899. M. Emile Colin, plaquette; Offensive; -
Defensive; Musique pastorale; - Jeunesse et Seduction.

Some of these medals exhibit very fine work.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. R. Marx, Medailleurs franfais, 1889. Ibid., Medailleurs
contemporainSy 1897. Catalogue du Salon, 1903.

MARIOTON, EUGENE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris, pupil of Dumont, Thomas, and Bonnassieux. In 1890 he
exhibited a Portrait-medaillon of himself.

MARIUS (Ital.}. Medallist, who was working about 15 60. The
signature MARIVS occurs on a Portrait-medal of Jean Parisot de la


Valette, Grand-Master of Malta (1557-7 1568); !. HABEOTI-/
Elephant, &c.; diam. 59 mill. On a medal of Giulia Pratonieri, of
Reggio, in the Vienna Museum, theobv. legend ends in : PETRVS'
MARIVS; diam. 68 mill. Armand suggests the attribution of this
piece to the same artist.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Armand, op. cit. , I, 220 ; III, 102. I. B. Supino, op. cit.,
p. 126.

MARIUS C. F. TROMENTINA, C. (Rom.). Mint-master (Triumvir
monetalis) at Rome, circ. B. C. 17.

MARIZ (Anstr.). Moneyer at Vienna; f 26. March 1411.

MARK, HANNS ULRICH( Anstr.). Mint-master at Gratz ; 7 3. January
1655. His initials MHV in monogram occur on Thalers of 1648 and

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Th. Unger, Kleine Beitrdge qur Mun^kunde des Kronlandes
Steiermark, Mitth. des Klubs, &c., 1890, p. 15.

MARKOWITSCH und SCHEID (Atistr.). A Firm of Publishers of
medals at Vienna, by whom are : Commemorative medal of the
Silver Wedding of Francis Joseph and Elizabeth of Austria, 1879 ;
Inauguration of the " Votivkirche " at Vienna, 1879, c.

MARKOWITZ (Hung.). Editor of medals, residing at Pest. By him
is a commemorative medal of the "Trooping of the Colours "at
Budapest in the presence of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand ot
Este, 1892, and others.

MARKS (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor and Modeller, who
exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1899, a Portrait-medallion and
various other decorative works.

MARQUES, AMARO (Poring.). Mint-engraver at Lisbon ; he enter-
ed the Mint as an apprentice on 12. December 1731, under his
uncle Domingos Marques Quaresma; in 1736, he became
Assistant-engraver, and in 1753 he was called upon to fill the post
left vacant by the death of Quaresma. On the death of Bernardo
Jorge he was promoted to the office of second Engraver, 11. August
1771. He died on 28. September 1797.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Aragao, Descripcao das Moedas de Portugal, Lisbon, 1874.

MARL, FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Medallist of the first half of the
eighteenth century; a pupil of Raimund Faltz, "of whose dies he
became possessed 'on his death". He worked for the Berlin Mint,
and was appointed Chief Medallist to the King of Prussia. He died
in 1743. This artist's earliest works date from 1704. One of
medals, signed : F. MARL and commemorating the Alliance of Wil

of Orange with the Elector of Brandenburg in 1688, is really a copy
from a die by Faltz, and was not struck before 1704. Marl's usual
signature is : F. MARL ; F. M; M ; or , /^. By him are : Medal
ot the Berlin Academy of Sciences, 1711; - Aggrandizement of
Berlin; - Marriage of King Frederick I. of Prussia with Sophie
Louise, Princess of Mecklenburg, 1708; - - Peace of Breslau, with
bust of Charles XII., 1709 (illustrated); Princess Johanna Char-

Peace of Breslau, 1709.

lotte of Anhalt, elected Abbess of Herford, 4. February 1729;
Marriage of Princess Charlotte of Prussia with Duke Charles of
Brunswick-Liineburg, 1733; ~~ Portrait-medal of King Frederick
William of Prussia, I7i9(diam. 130 mill. ; vK; weight : 584 grs);
Frederick William and his Queen Sophia Dorothea (1715);
Birth of Prince Frederick William (later Frederick the Great),
24. January 1712, &c.

He also engraved coin-dies for Frederick I. and Frederick
William L, signed M.

Bolzenthal says of Marl that he was not a talended artist and
that he stood on a level with C. F. Liiders for the merit of his

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Ammon, op. cit. D r Menadier,
Scl>aumun%en des Hauses Hohen^ollern, 1901. Von Schrotter, Das Preussiscbe
Muttqwcsett, Berlin, 1902. Franks and Grueber, op. cit. Flad, Berubmte
Medailleur. Lohner, Medaillen-Sammlung, &c.

MARMfi, JOHANN CHRISTIAN (Germ,}. Mint-engraver and Medal-
list at Cleves, 1741-1757. According to I. V. Kull he worked also
as Mint-engraver at Diisseldorf, 1737-1750; and Ammon states that
his signature occurs on Ducats of Wied, 1744, and currency
of the Elector Palatine, 1737, 1749, &c. He executed commemo-
rative medals of the Treaties of Dresden and Aix-la-Chapelle.
His best known works are : Peace of Dresden, 1745 ; Peace of


Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748 (signed : MARME F. ; 2 or 3 var.); Frede-
rick Alexander, Count ofWied, 1738 (Obv. M; $L. MARME); -
Frederick the Great, Victory of Lobositz, i. October 1756 (Obv.
GRAV PAR MARM; $ M); Silver Wedding of C. H. van
Leeuwen, burgomaster of Brielle, and A. van Bucren, 1759;
Golden Wedding of Jan Jacob Westrenen and Johanna Catharina
Mamuchet van Houdringe, 1759; To the Prosperity of the city
of Utrecht, 1768; Marriage of Prince William V., 1767; -
Peace of Dresden, 1745 (Obv. MARME F. I. M* FECIT*); -
Portrait of Prince Hendrik Friso of Orange, on his elevation to the
stadholderate, 1747 (sev. var.); Medal of the City of Amster-
dam (The Maid of Amsterdam), 1747; Prize Medal of Herto-
genbosch on the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748 ; The Company
of the Swarte Knegten, 1759; Flourishing state ot the City of
Utrecht, 1765 ; Prize Medal of The Hague Drawing Academy,
1780; Silver Wedding of Gerrit Blaauw and Maria Agnata van
Heyst, 1755 ; Silver Wedding of Fredcrik Cramer and Elisabeth
van Houten, 1757; - - Golden Wedding of Pieter van Schoon-
hoven and Maria Anna Witheyn, 1758, &c.

Battle of Lobositz, 1736.

He enoraved also : Double Fredericks d'or, 1752, i?53i ~

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