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jusqu'a ce jour, deux medaillons attribues a Quentin Metsys; sa
medaille a lui, qui a ete reproduite dans Van Mieris, et la medaille
d'Erasme, Jatee de 1519, qui figure a la fois dans Van Mieris et
dans le Tre'sor de ntimismatique (Mtdailks alleinandes). Les medailles
de Quentin Metsys et de sa sceur sont comme des bas-reliefs, tenant
plutot de la sculpture; elles ont entre elles les plus grandes ana-
logies et proviennent certainement du meme artiste; mais la
medaille d'Erasme est plutot, comme le dit M. Picque, une ceuvre
de peintre a fines degradations de plans. "


BIBLIOGRAPHY. D r Julien Simonis, L'Art du me'dailleur en Belgiqtie, Bruxelles,
oo. Br\ans Dictionary :>/ Painters and Engravers, 1904. I. B. Supino, //

608 -

Medagliere Mediceo. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Pinchart, Biographies des Graveurs
beiges, Revue de la num. beige, I, 2, p. 66. Gazette des Beaux-Arts, 1888, I, 5,
204 ; II, 197. A. Pinchart, Histoire de la Gravure des medailles en Belgique,
Bruxelles, 1870. Immerzeel, De Levens en Jferken der Hollan dscbe en Vlaamsche
Kunstschilders, Beeldhouwers, Graveurs en Bonu'emesters, Amsterdam, 1843.

Bode has described a number of Reliefs, dating from the second
half of the fifteenth century, and the work of an artist of Northern
Italy. These are : Vulcan in his forge with Mercury and Venus ;
Mars crowned by Victory ; Apollo and Daphne ; Orpheus
slain by the Thracian maids; Rape of Europa ; Achilles taking
leave of Thetis; Venus brings arms to Aeneas; Antique
sacrificial Scene; - Three mythological Representations;
Memento mori.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bode, Die italieniscben Broaden, Berlin, 1904.


MASTINI, A. (Ital.). Gem-engraver of the early part of the
nineteenth century, and author of a Portrait-cameo on sardonyx of
Napoleon I.


MASTRELLINI (/to/.). Roman Sculptor of the second half of the
eighteenth century, and author of numerous Portrait-medallions,
among which two, one with bust of John Pichler, the Gem-engraver,
and the other, with an unknown male portrait, were reproduced
in enamel paste by the Tassies.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Raspe, op. cit. J. M. Gray, James and William Tassie, 1894.

MASUDA, J. (Japan). Deputy Commissioner of the Mint at
Osaka, from May 1892 to June 1893, an< ^ Chief-engraver at the
Mint there from August 1892 and still in office (January 1907).

MATABON, CHARLES (French). Sculptor of the second half of the
nineteenth century, born at Lyons, pupil of Duret, Bontour, and
Caillouette. By him are various Portrait-medallions, mostly cast in
bronze : 1864. Portrait ot a Lady; - - 1866. M. Julian Sen 1 "; -
1876. Mrs P. Gordon-Duff; - - 1880. M lle Marguerite Cordier;
1881. The Spring, plaquette in bronze.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

MATAGRIN (French). Sculptor of the second half of the nineteenth
century, and author of a Portrait-medal of Emile Joseph Maurice
Cheve (vide Musiker-Medaillen, Mitth. des Klnbs &c., 1900, 98).


MATHAREL, GUILLAUME (French}. Mint-engraver at Dijon, circ.
1380-1400. There are also jetons by him with the arms of the
Duke of Burgundy, 1400.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot, Graveurs et Medailleurs, 1904.

MATH AS, A. (Anstr.}. Assistant-engraver at the Vienna Mint,
1811-1834. He died on i. March 1834.

MATHELIN, MAURICE DE (Belg.). Painter and Sculptor, residing
at Brussels, mentioned in M. de Witte's, La Medailk en Belgique
au XI X c siecle, 1905.

MATHES (Austr.}. Goldsmith, and Mint-engraver at Landshut,
circ. 1458.

MATHES (Austr.}. Moneyer at Vienna, 1368; died 2. March, 1383.

MATHES, MICHAEL (Austr.}. Mint-engraver at Vienna, 1850-1852;
Nagybanya, 1852-1856, Vienna, 1856-1858; Carlsburg (Gyula-
fehervar), 1858-1859, then again at Vienna, 1863-1869. He engraved
the dies for an issue of 5 Kreutzer pieces, 1858-59, 1863-64, with
laur. head of Francis Joseph I., also the divisionary coinage of that
same period for the Austrian provinces of Lombardo-Venetia. He
died at Vienna on 2. September 1869.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Heinr. Cubasch jun., Die Mun^en unter der Regierung des
Kaisers Fran^ Joseph /., 1895-1896.

MATHET, LOUIS (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born atTarbes;
pupil of Dumont. He is the author of numerous Portrait-medallions,
cast in bronze, some of which \vere exhibited at the Salon, in 1884,
1886, and later.

MATHIAS, DENIS (French}. Mint-engraver at Rennes, from
25. February 1654 to his death in 1674.

MATHIAS, RENfc (French}. Son of Denis Mathias, was appointed
his successor in 1674, but ceded his office to Jean Bedart.

MATHIAS DER MUNZER (Austr.}. Moneyer at Vienna, 7 1353.
Another, of the same name, held this office in 1383.

MATHIEU, ETIENNE EMMANUEL (French}. Manufacturer of buttons
and Die-sinker at Lyons. In 1791-92 he took part with Claude
Antoine Mercie and Jean Marie Mouterde in the undertaking to
coin pure bell-metal as currency, and is said to have engraved some
of the dies of the pattern coins. He was an Associate of the
" Soctete des Artistes reunis de Lyon ". (Vide MERCIE). In the
association, Math ieu was entrusted with the mechanical part of the

L. FoRRER. Biographical Notices of Medallists. HI.


work, Mercie with the cutting of the dies, and Mouterde with the
casting of the metal.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot et H. de la Tour, op. ell. Rondot, Graveurs
lyonnais, p. 70.

MATHIED, JEHAN (French'). Mint-master at Bourges, in 1528;
dismissed in the same year for altering his Letters Patent, and
replaced by Pierre Ronsard in 1529.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Faivre, op. tit.

MATHIEU-MEUSNIER (French). Sculptor, born at Paris on the
i. April 1824; pupil of A. Dumont, and C. Desains; entered the
Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1841 ; and obtained a medal of the Third
Class in 1844. He has executed several Portrait-medallions, cast in
bronze, some of which were exhibited at the Salon : 1865. Emile
Ollivier; 1867. Vallon de Villeneuve ; - - 1868. Delangle ; -
1869. Sarah Bernhardt; - 1875. M me S. Testard ; - - 1878. Rio-
creux; 1879. Sarah Bernhardt, in her role of the Queen, in Ruy-
Blas (silvered bronze medallion); - M me Regnard ; 1880.
M lle Reneede Pont-Jest; 1884. D r L. P.***; 1884. Dussieux-

By this artist are numerous statues, busts, sculptural groups, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. tit. ^11, p. 53.

MATTEI, LOUIS OCTAVE (French). Contemporary Sculptor, bom
at Van (Maine-et-Loire) ; pupil of Tonnellier. At the Salon of 1904
he exhibited two Portrait-medals in silver of M" es Alice and Gabrielle

Walther, and in 1906 : D r Cange ; - M lle Helene C***; -
M iie W ***.

MATTEO DEI BENEDETTI (ltd.'). Gem-engraver at Bologna; died
in 1523. He is extolled by Achillini in his " Viridario".


MATTHAEUS, CARL (Germ.'). Mint-engraver at Nuremberg, circ.

MATTHIAS DER MUNZER (Austr.). Moneyer at Vienna, circ. 1353.

Mint-master at Budweis, 1577, during the absence of Tobias
Gebhardt at Prague; then Mint-master there, 1582-119. July 1613 ;
privy mark, a small lion's head within a circle.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. E. Fiala, op. tit.

MATTED DI GIOVANNI DEI (7ta/.). Goldsmith, Chaser, and Niello-
worker of the fifteenth century. At the Real Museo Nazionale,
in Florence, is a " Pace " in chased silver, with a representation of

"Pace", by Matteo di Giovanni Dei.

the Crucifixion in niello-work, by this artist. It was executed for
the community of St. Paul in 1455 and has been erroneously
ascribed to Finiguerra.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Nagler, op. cit.

MATTIS, VERIUS DE (Bohein.). Mint-master at Prague, circ. 1335.

MATTON, ARSENE EDOUARD (Belg.). Sculptor and Medallist, born
at Harlebeke, 15. December 1875 ; pupil of the Royal Academies of
Malines and Brussels. He has hitherto worked principally for
publishers of medals.

MATTON, M LLE IDA (Swed.). Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Gefle (Sweden) ; pupil of Chapu. At the Salon of 1897 sne exhibited


Portrait-medallions and Bronze Reliefs : Phyllis ; The Castle of
Montfort ; A Brittany girl, &c.

MATZENKOPF, FRANZ (Austr.}. Mint-engraver and Medallist at
Salzburg, circ. 1727-1754. His signature F. M. K. or MK ; F. Mt ;
.K. occurs on currency (Af. Double-Ducats, Ducats ; ^R.. Thalers,
Half,and Quarter Thalers &c.), of Leopold Anton (1727-1744), Jacob
Ernst (1745-1747), and Andreas (1747-1753). One of his last
works is a medal on the Coronation of the Archbishop Sigismund III.,
Count von Schrattenbach, 1753, which exists in various sizes and
types; but he did also : fyL. of Medal on Coronation of Leopold
Anton, Count von Firmian, 1727 (obv. by Donner); Medal on
Coronation of Jakob Ernst, Count von Liechtenstein, 1745 (2 }$L
ASSUMPSIT ME); - - Medal on Coronation of Andreas Jakob,
Count von Dietrichstein, 1747 I. AMORE ET JUSTITIA ; -
Undated Pattern 100 Ducat piece in gold of Archbishop Andreas
Jakob (80 mill, in diameter) ; and others, described in the
Catalogue of the Gustav Zeller Collection (Vienna, 1902) :
Leopold Anton, Enthronization (}$L by Becker); - Ducats of 1728,
I 739 > Half Ducat, 1728 ; - Quarter Ducat, 1740; - - Thaler,
1738, &c. Jacob Ernst, Portrait-medal of 1745; Ducat,
1745; - - Thalers, 1745, 1746; - Andreas Jacob, Double Ducat,
1750; - Ducats, 1747, 1748; - f Ducats, 1749, 1751;
Thalers, 1748, 1750, 1752, c. Sigismund III. Enthronization
Medal, 1753 ; Another, on his Consecration (signed : F. M. K.),

Coronation of Archbishop Leopold, 1727.

Zeller calls Matzenkopf an artist of exceptional talent, whose
productions rank among the best struck at Salzburg. Many of his
Thalers are medallic.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Gustav Zeller, Die an den furster^biscboflicb-sal^burgiscben
Mun%e angestelllen, oder fur dieselbe thatig gewesenen auswartigen Miin^eisenscbneider,
Graveurs und Medailkurs, Wiener Numismatische Zeitschrift, XX, 399.

- 6i 3 -

MATZENKOPF, FRANZ JUN* (Austr.}. Son of the last; Mint-
engraver and Medallist at Salzburg, 1755-1805 ; born in 1738, died
in 1808. He worked under the Archbishop Sigismund (Graf von
Schrattenbach) and later. The currency (Af. 10, 5, 2 and i Ducat
pieces ; yR. Thalers and subdivisions) engraved by this artist is usually
signed : F.M. ; M; - F. M. K. ; - F. IK ; MK and also M, and
comprises the reignsof Sigismund (1753-1771), Hieronymus(i772-
1803), and Ferdinand (1803-1805). By him are also medals: Sede
Vacante, 1772 ; - Prize Medal for Mint-workmen, 1766
($L. South Gate of the Sigismundthor) ; - Twelfth centenary ot
the Archbishopric of Salzburg; Medal of 1767 on the Completion
of the Sigismundthor, and 1782 (signed on obv. : MAZENKOPF and
on tyL. F. M.), sev. var. ; Jubilee of Dominions II. Schnizer,
Abbot of Weingarten, 1781 ; Medals with bust of the Archbishop

Portrait-medal of Archbishop Sigismund

Sigismund III., Count von Schrattenbach ! CUIQUE SUUM, 1756
and 1764 ; Another; #,. IN MANU DOMINI SORS MEA, 1756
(this piece exists also in gold, weight : 20 Ducats) ; Medal on the
Sede Vacante at Eichstadt, 1757; Sigismundsthor Medals of 1757,
1767 and 1769 ; Undated Medal ; !. SCIENTIARUM INCRE-
MENTO (also in gold, weight : 1 5 Ducats) ; Sede Vacante at
Passau, 1772, &c.

In the Gustav Zeller Collection were the following productions
by Franz Matzenkopf Jun -.Sigismnnd HI. (1753-1771). Medal on
the Erection of new Coining-presses at the Salzburg Mint, 1776;
Medals of 1767/69; obv. Bust ; ty,. South Gate of the Sigis-
mundthor; Large Medal of 1767 on the Completion of the
Sigismundthor; Medal of 1756; ^L. View of Salzburg; Medal,
undated, on the Salzburg University; Double Ducat, 1755,
Ducats, 1753, 1754, J 7 68 ; - I Ducat, 1755; Thalers, 1754,

- 614 -

r 755> i757> USS, i759> 1760-1769; Half Thalers, 1757, 1760,
1766, 1770 c. and subsidiary coinage. Sede Vacante (1772).
Medals in N, JR., IE, and pewter; Ducat; cvc. - - Hieronymm
(1772-1803). Medal on his Election, 1772 (signed : MATZENKOPF.
F.) ; - Medal ^f 1782 on the 12 th Centenary of the Arbishopric ;

Thaler ol Archbishop Hieronymus, 1789.

Ducats of 1772, 1782, &c. ; - - Thalers 1772, 1774, 1779,
1780, 1782, 1783, 1785-1787, 1789 (illustrated}, &c. ; - - Half
Thalers, 1772, 1773, 1782, &c., and subsidiary coinage.

The productions of this engraver, like those of his father,
distinguish themselves by very good drawing and careful execution;
they are very numerous.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. - - Wurzbach, Biograpb. Lexicon des
Kaisertbunis Oesterreicb, XVII, 125. Bergmann, Medailhn auf berftbmte tiiui
atisge^eicbnete Manner des oesterreicbiscben Kaiser staales, I, 39. Domanig, op. cit.

Ad. Hess Nachf. , Reitumann Sale Catalogue, 1892. Katalog a'er M linden-mid
Medaillen-Stetnpel-Sanntihing des K. K. Mun^amtes in Wien, 1902. - - Zeller, loc.
cit. Wellenbehn Sale Catalogue, 1844. Egger, Sal^bitrger Mnn~fn inul Meda illen
(Gust Zeller Sannnlung), 13. November 1902.

MATZENKOPF, FRANZ XAVER (Anslr.). Son of the last, born in
1767; Mint-engraver and Medallist at Salzburg, 1789-1807; died
on 7. February 1844. On the secularization of the Archbishopric in
1809, he worked in the service of Bavaria, but in 1816/17 we find
him filling the post of Engraver at the Mint of Vienna. Amongst his
productions are : Memorial medal of General Laudon, 1790; Medal
of Merit, with bust on obv. of the Grand Duke Ferdinand III. of
Tuscany, 1806 (signed : F. X. M.) ; Medal of Hieronvmus, Count
von Colloredo, Archbishop of Salzburg I. MISERICORDIA
SUPEREXALTAT JUDICIUM; Military Medal of 1799;
F. MAZENKOPF); Medal of Merit, with bust of Ferdinand,

- 6i 5 -

Archduke of Austria, Archbishop of Salzburg, 1806;!^. DEM
VERDIENSTE ; Medal of 1810, with bust of Maximilian I. Joseph

In the Zeller Collection were the following works by F. X.
Matzenkopf : Military Medal of Merit, 1799 ; A r . Ducats, 1801-

1802; - ^R. Conv. Thalers, 1790-1803 (last date, ext. rare, and
signed M); Lowenthaler, 1790 (illustrated); - - Half Thalers,
1792, 1797, 1802, &c. and subsidiary coinage; - Incorporation
of Salzburg, 18 10 (signed : F. X. MATZENKOPF F.) ; Medal on the

Medal on the Loyalty of the Tyrolians to the Emperor Francis II., 1797.

Death ofGedeon Laudon, 1790; - Loyalty of the Tyrolians to
Francis II., 1797 (illustrated), c.

Zeller mentions that this engraver followed in the footsteps of his
father and grandfather, producing many works of exceptional


merit, from the two Portrait- medals of Field Marshal Laudon,
executed in 1790, to the medal, engraved in 1810, commemora-
ting the Acquisition of Salzburg by Bavaria.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Zeller, Joe. cit. Ammon, op. cit. Bolzenthal, op. cit.
Egger, op. cit.

MATZENKOPF, PETER PAUL (Anstr.}. Mint- engraver and
Medallist at Salzburg, circa 1765 ; then at Gratz, 1771. His signature :
P. P. MAZENKOPF F. occurs on a medal struck at Salzburg in 1765,
commemorating the second marriage of the Emperor Joseph II.
with Josefa of Bavaria. He died on 31. January 1808.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Katalog der Mun^en itnd Medaillen-StcnipeJ-Sannnhnig, &c.

MAUBERT, FONTAINE. HUGONIN DE (French'). Mint-warden at
Lausanne, 1417.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Morel- Fatio, Histoire mone'taire de Lausanne.

MAUCROIX, PERRIN DE (French). Mint-warden, Assayer, and
Engraver at Embrun, and Briancon, circ. 1419-1429.

MAUDER (Austr.}. Die-sinker of Prague, whose name I have
noticed on a medal commemorating the friendly relations between
the Czech nation and France, 1902. It is in gold and measures
60 mill, in diameter.

MAUGAIN, JEAN (French}. Mint-engraver, and later, Mint-master
at St. Pourcain, circ. 1336-1339.

MAUGENDRE-VILLERS, EDOUARD (French}. Contemporary Sculp-
tor, born at Gournay-en-Bray (Seine-Inlerieure); pupil ot
A. Dumont. By him are numerous Portrait-medallions, cast in
bronze: 1881. Louis Cognard, hostage of the Prussians in 1870
(commissioned by the town of Saint-Germain-en-Laye); 1890.
15 Portrait- medallions in bronze, &c.; - - 1891. 26 Medals and
Medallions (among these a medal in bronze, " Instruction mater-
nelle "); 1894. Salammbo; - - Cleopatre (the two last are
Bronze reliefs or Plaques).

MAUGER, JACQUES (French). Engraver at Paris, circ. 1684.

MAUGER, JEAN (French}. Medallist of the second half of the
seventeenth century and first quarter of the eighteenth ; probably
born at Dieppe about 1648, where he is said to have had his first
training as a carver in ivory, which trade was then a flourishing one
in that town; died at Paris on the 9 th of September 1722 at the age
of seventy-lour. Nothing is known of the circumstances which led
the artist to settle in Paris, circ. 1677, and later to enter the King's

- 6i 7 -

service as an Engraver. B. Duvivier states, however, that he studied
under the famous Warin. In Mint documents, Mauger is variously
called Graveur des medailles, Medaillisie du Roi, and officier medail-
listedu Roi. By an order of the Court, dated 27. April 1698, he was
given an apartment (the seventeenth) in the Louvre Galleries,
which on his death fell to the Duviviers. who preserved it until the
end of the eighteenth century.

Mauger married, some time previous to 1698, Elizabeth Clay, the
daughter of a Paris goldsmith, by whom he had five children.

The period of the medallist's activity extends between 1677 and
1772, and his works are very numerous; they are variously signed :
I. MAVGER. F. ; MAVGER F. ; M., &c. His bust of Louis XIV.
occurs on many medals with reverses engraved by different artists.

Mauger was patronized by the Academy and was principally
engaged on the medallic series of Louis XIV. " His works are of
bold and vigorous workmanship; many were executed after designs
drawn by Sebastian Le Clerc " (Med. III., II, p. 732).

It is as well to notice that the dates of the events represented on
Mauger's medals hardly ever correspond with those ot their execu-
tion, and we find that the artist repeated between 1700 and 1703
the whole series of Louis XIV. from 1643 to 1700.

In my list of Mauger's productions, I mention first all those that
have some connection with English history : Battle of Dunkirk,
1658; - Another; ^L. by Henri Roussel ; Cession of Dunkirk,
1662 ; Another; fyL by Thomas Bernard; Alliance of France
and Holland, 1666; The English driven from the Island of
St. Christopher, 1666 ; Battle of Solebay, 1672; - Louis XIV.
receives James II., 1689; Battle of Fleurus, 1690; Action
off Beachy Head, 1690; Quebec attacked, 1690; Capitulation
ofMons, 1691; Namur taken, 1692; Battle of Steinkirk,
1692 (sev. types); Sea fight off Gibraltar, 1693; Battle ot
Landen, 1693; Expedition to Brest, 1694; Dunkirk bomb-
arded, 1695; Indian trade molested, 1695; Successes of
Louis XIV., 1697; Peace of Ryswick, 1697 (sev. types); -
Naval Engagement off Malaga, 1704; Battle of Almanza, 1707;
Toulon relieved, 1707; Battle of Villa Viciosa, 1710;
Gerona taken, 1711 ; ty,. by Dassier; Peace of Utrecht, 1713.
Many varieties of legends, types, &c. occur of most of these.

The Americans claim the following medals by Mauger in their
series : French Conquest of St. Christopher Island, 1666 ; Victory
at Martinique, 1674 (2 var.) ; Recovery of Cayenne, 1676
(2 var.); Victory at Tabago, 1677; Quebec attacked, 1690
(i var.) ; Carthagena recaptured, 1697 (5 var.).

Guiffrey's list of Mauger's productions comprises the following :
Birth of Louis XIV. (several types), 1638 ; Death of Louis XIII.,


1643 ; Italy pacified through the French Troops ; Regency of
the Queen Mother, Anne of Austria; Battle of Rocroy; -
Capture of Thionville; Capture of Trin and of Sturi Bridge; -
Battle of Carthagena (2 var.) ; - - Taking of Gravelines, 1644;-
Peace of Italy; The three Engagements of Freiburg; Capture
of thirty Towns ; Capture of Roses, 1645 (2 var.); Battle of
Nordlingen; - - Embassy from Poland; Campaign of 1645 ; -
Restoration of the Elector of Treves ; - - Capture of Balaguera ; -
Thirty-four towns taken; - Capture of Dunkirk, 1646; -
Thirteen towns takens; Capture of Courtrai, Winexbergen and
Mardik; Capture of Piombino and Portulongo; Eleven towns
taken, 1647 ; Defeat of the Duke of Bavaria, 1648; Battle of
Lens; Peace of Miinster, or Westphalia (sev. var.); - - Ypres
captured by the French ; Tortosa taken ; - - Siege of Guise
raised, 1650; Conde and Maubeuge taken; Battle of Rethel;
Successes of the French Troops in Flanders ; King Louis XIV.
attains his majority, 1651 (2 var.); - - Return of Louis XIV. to
Paris, 1652 ; Capture of several towns by the French, 1653 ; -
Capture of Belfort, 1654; - Coronation of Louis XIV.;
Capture of Stenay ; Siege of Arras raised; Capture of fourteen
towns; Capture of Cadaques and Castillon, 1655 ; - Capture
ofLandrecy, Conde and St. Ghislain (2 var.); Establishment of
the " Hopital general ", 1656 ; Queen Christina of Sweden in
Paris; Capture of Valencia ; Capture of Kapelle; Capture
of Montmedy, 1657; Mardik and Saint- Venant taken ; Battle
of the Downs, 1658; Convalescence of the King (Calais); -
Rapidity of the King's victories; - The Spaniards defeated at
Dunkirk; Dunkirk captured for the second time; - - French
victories on the Scheld; - Capture of Mortare; - - Conferences
for Peace, 1659 (2 var.); - The Citadel of Marseilles, 1660; -
Peace concluded between France and Spain ; Interview between
Louis XIV. and Philip IV. ; Marriage of Louis XIV. \vith Maria
Theresia of Austria (sev. var.); Arrival of Maria Theresia in Paris;

-The King rules the State, 1661; Assiduity of the King at the
Councils; Chamber of Justice; The King accessible to all his
Subjects; The Secret of the King's Councils; The Duke of
Lorraine renders homage to Louis XIV.; Birth of the Dauphin (sev.
var.) ; Creation of the Order of the Knights of Saint-Esprit (in two
sizes), 1662; Abolition of duelling ; Precedence ; The Famine
of 1662 ; The Carrousels; - - Acquisition of Dunkirk (2 var.);

To the glory of Louis XIV., 1663; - - Flourishing state of
France; Foundation of the " Academic des Inscriptions"; -
Marsala taken ; Alliance with the Swiss; The King's " Motto " ;

- Erection of a Pyramid at Rome, 1664; Engagement of Saint-
Gothard ; Audience granted to the Pontifical Legate ; Capture


of Erfurt (2 var.); - Trade reorganized, 1665; Madagascar
taken; - - Military manoeuvres; 'Death of the Queen Dowager,


Medal of Louis XIV., on the Subjection of Holland, 1672.

Anne of Austria, 1666'; Prize Medal for attainments in the Arts;
Royal Academy of Sciences; - The Harbour of Cette; - - The


English driven out of St. Christopher Island ; - - The Harbour of
Rochefort; France supporting the Netherlands; Clemency
ot Louis XIV. ; Douai captured, 1667 ; Oudenarde taken ; -
Sewerage (1666-7-8) ; The Paris Observatory ; Junction of the
seas (2 var.) ; Tournai and Courtrai taken ; Lille taken; -
Courtrai and Oudenarde taken ; Rout of the Comte de Marsin ;

Capture of Rysel; The New Ordinances ; - Victory of the
French near Bruges; Campaign of 1667; - Capture of Besan-
con, 1668; Dole taken ; Peace of Aix-la Chapelle (2 var.) ;
Conquest of Burgundy in ten days; Surrender of Burgundy to
Spain ; The Pyramid demolished at Rome; - Inauguration of
Public Lighting, 1669; - Paving the city of Paris; Security
reestablished throughout the Kingdom ; - King Casimir of
Poland's visit to Paris; Peace of the Church; - - Conquest of
Lorraine, 1670; - - The Fortifications of Dunkirk, 1671;
Naval Victory at Solebay, 1672 ; Rout of the Dutch troops on the
Yssel ; Campaign of Louis XIV. in the Netherlands; Capture
of Orsoy, Rijnberk, Burich and Wezel (2 var.) ; - - Louis XIV.
crosses over the Rhine ; Capture of the Dutch frontier fortresses
by the French (2 var.); Louis XIV, as Protector of the French
Academy; Holland subdued (illustrated); Capture of forty
towns in twenty-two days by the French; Twelve towns taken ;

Relief of Woerden; - Granaries and Warehouses built;

Siege of Charleroi raised; Brandenburg repulsed, 1673
(2 var.); Maestricht taken (3 var.); The Quadriga, or
Second Conquest of Franche-Comte (sev. var.); - - Burgundy
reconquered ; Besanc,on taken for the second time ; Recapture
of Dole; Engagement of Sinzheim (sev. var.); - Victor}' over
the Germans on the Neckar ; Battle of Senef ; Attempt of the
Dutch on Martinique; Siege of Oudenarde raised; Victories

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