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Schiller Festivities of 1905 (said to be the best Schiller medal
issued) ; Franz Schubert; - Golden Wedding of Frederick and
Louise of Baden, 1906; - - Rembrandt, 1906 (illustrated);
78 th Congress of German Naturalists and Physicians; - - Millenary

of Weilburg a. d. Lahn; - Alberich Plaquette; Lohengrin and
Else; European Peace; - Silver Wedding Medal; Golden
Wedding of Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Baden, 1906;

and many prize medals, plaquettes, decorative subjects suitable for
badges, ornaments, pendants, brooches, &c. struck at the die-
sinking establishment of B. H. Mayer of Pforzheim.


Some of the latest productions of the artist are reproduced in The
Studio, November 1905.

Commenting on Prof. Mayer's work, a writer in Moderne Medaille ,
1900, p. 37 refers to the Artist's Portrait-plaquette of himself in the
following terms : "Die Unmittelbarkeit, Lebenswahrheit, mit der
diese Medaille uns die ganze Personlichkeit des Meisters versinnlicht,
spricht sow 7 ohl fur das ausgezeichnete Talent des Kiinstlers, wie fur
die Hohe der Kunst, auf welcher er steht. Ihr Anblick zeitigt in uns
den Wunsch, es mochte auch anderen Meistern des Stichelsgefallen,
der kunstliebenden Mitwelt ihr kunstlerisches Autograph in Gestalt
von Selbstportraits /u iibergeben, es wurde hiedurch der Kunstrich-
tung unserer Zeit eine Reihe von Denkmalen gesetzt warden, in
welchen diese weit richtigeren Ausdruck fande, wie in so manchem
unter dem Hochdruck der Mode entstandenen und mit dem ganzen
Riistzeug der modernen Anschauungen geschafFenen Werke ".

Two Mark piece of Baden, 1902.

Prof. Mayer prepared the models from which the 1902 coinage
of Grand Duke Frederick of Baden was struck, consisting of 50,000
Five Mark pieces and 375,000 Two Marks (illustrated). These coins
are amongst the best now struck.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Die Moderne Medaille, 1900. - - The Studio, XXII, 222 ;
XXXI, 106-108. Dr J. H. de Dompierre de Chaufepie, op. cit. R. Marx,
Les Medailleurs modernes en France etdF Stranger, 1900. Blatter fur Muntfreunde,
1902-3. Zeitscbrift Jur bildende Kunst, I, 53.

MAYER. J. (Brit.'). Designer of the medal, struck by Allen and
Moore, on the Foundation of St. George's Hall at Liverpool, 1854.
His signature occurs on the medal.

METALLWAREN FABRIK (Germ.*). A Die-sinking Establishment
founded in 1860 by Wilhelm Mayer, Sculptor and Engraver, and
directed, since 1876, by him and his brother-in-law, Frantz

The name of the old firm, WILHELM MAYER METALLWAREN
FABRIK, was changed into its present form in 1896.


Wilhelm Mayer was born at Lauffen-on-the-Neckar in 1840 and
studied at the Stuttgart School of Art sculpture and engraving.

Frantz Wilhelm was born at Hanau-on-Main in 1846, and is an
Engraver by trade.

The firm was awarded a Gold Medal for an exhibit of Medals
and Plaquettes at the Dresden " Kunstgewerbe-Ausstellung ", 1906.

Amongst the best known productions of Mayer and Wilhelm
one may mention the following : Portrait-medals. Conr. Bansa,
25 Sept. 1867-92 ; Detective Inspector R. J. Child, of the City
of London Police; LuiTheodor Stephanesen; G. Biacoianu ;

Prof. Virchow (2 var.); D r William Frederick Ludwig, of
Tubingen, 1811 ; Johannes Gutenberg, 1903; Antoine Lau-
rent Lavoisier (1843-1894); - Augustus, Baron von der Heydt,
Prussian Finance Minister ; - Emmanuel Kant, centenary medal;

- Joh. Georg Adler; - Gutenberg, 5 th centenary; Prof. D r
Robert Koch; Friedrich von Schiller (sev. var.); - Justus von
Liebig ; - - Schiller and Goethe; - - Leo XIII., Memorial; -
Pius X., Accession (sev. var. and sizes) ; Martin Luther (sev. var.
1883, 1889, 1898, c.); Ernst Moritz Arndt; Henry Lysius
and Georg Ellendt, of Koenigsberg ; D r Francisco Murtinho,
1858 ; Fridtjof Nansen ; tyL. The " Fram " ; Wolfgang Amad.
Mozart ; Richard Wagner ; Ludwig van Beethoven (sev. var.);

Franz Liszt; - - D r jur. Carl Friedrich Rietsch; Friedrich
Alfred Krupp, y 1902; - Major Wissmann, D r Emin Pascha and
D r C. Peters ; Philipp Melanchthon, 4 th centenary; The Schiller
Monument; Monument of Franz Abt; - Ludwig Uhland,
centenary; - President Kruger ; Sebastian Kneipp; Major
General Hector Macdonald, Memorial; - Labori and Dreyfus; -
Esterhazy and Paty de Clam; tyL. Zola, Labori, and Dreyfus; -
Carl Theodor Korner; - Lord Roberts; President Kriiger;
tyL. President Stein. Plaqncttes : Schiller; Goethe ; Virchow;

J. E. Bennert; Rich. Schmidt-Kabanis; Mommsen; -
Beethoven, Brahms, Joachim; Mozart, Schubert; Liszt;
Wagner; Bismarck; Moltke ; Luther; Pius X. ; -
Emperors William I. ; William II. ; Frederick ; The Great
Elector ; Bismarck Medals and Plaquettes (30 varieties of reverses,
and several var. of heads; dates 1888, 1894, ^98, &c.); Medals
of Wurtemberg Rulers : William I. ; William II. (commemorating
various events, Exhibitions at Stuttgart, Inaugurations of monu-
ments, &c.) ; Queen Charlotte; Charles and Queen Olga; -

- Queen Olga (f 30. October 1892), &c. ; - - Medals of Foreign
Princes : Grand Duke Frederick of Baden, 1896 (sev. var.);
Queen Victoria of England (International Exhibition in London,
1893 and 1897); King Charles and Queen of Roumania ;
Milenial Commemoration Fetes of Budapest ; Jubilee of the Emperor


Francis'Joseph of Austria, 1898 ; Emperor Charles IV. ; tyL. View
of Carlsbad, 1901 (obv. illustrated^); - - King Albert of Saxony
50 years' Soldiers' Jubilee, 1893; ~~ Another, 25* Anniversary of
Reign, 1898 ; King Albert and Duke George, of Saxony, 4 th Cen-
tenary of Annaberg, 1896 ; - 25 th Anniversary of the Kingdom
of Italy with busts of Victor Emmanuel II. and Umberto L, 1895 ;

- William III., King of the Netherlands, Exhibition at Amsterdam,
1883; Prince Henry of Prussia, Exhibition at Konigsberg, 1895 ;

- Leopold II., King of the Belgians, Exhibition at Antwerp, 1885;

- Duke Alfred of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; ]$L. " Preis Erfurt ", 1897;
Augustus, Baron von der Heydt, 1898; - Memorial Medal of
King Albert of Saxony, 1902; Queen Wilhelmina and Prince

Charles IV., Founder of Carlsbad.

Henry, Colonial Exhibition; King Umberto of Italy; f. Peace,
29 July 1900; Prince Alexander of Bulgaria, Exhibition at
Philippopel, 1892 (sev. var.); Duke Ernest of Saxe-Coburg-
Gotha, Industrial Exhibition at Gotha, 1893; Charles Augustus,
Hereditary Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar Eisenach, 1844-1894; -
The Belgian Jubilee, 1830-1880, with busts of Leopold I. and II. ;

Prince Henry XXVII. of Reuss ; Nicholas II. and Alexandra,
1. Resurrection of Christ; - - Napoleon III., Emperor of the
French; Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse, Agricultural Show
at Darmstadt, 1900 ; Edward VII. and Alexandra, Coronation in
London, 1902; Philip, Count zu Ysenburg, Offenbach, 1899;

Khan Bahadur Rastomji Thanenala ^L. Ralambai Khurshedji

- 641 -

Khan, 1842-1892 ; Grand Duke of Luxemburg, 1891 ; King
George of Hanover; tyL. Duke Ernest Augustus of Cumberland ; -
Prince Albert Victor of Great Britain, 1889-1890; - Duke Fred-
erick of Anhalt, 1896; Grand Duke Frederick of Baden, Military
manoeuvres of 1901; - Another, Jubilee Medal, 1832-1902 ; -
Inauguration of the Emperor Joseph II., Statue at Winterberg, 1901 ;
Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, 1898 (sev. var.); - Death of
King Albert of Saxony, y 19. June 1902; - - Grand Duchess
Louise of Baden ; - The Saxon Royal Pair, 8 th Centenary of the
House of Wetten, 1889 ; Accession of King Victor Emmanuel III.


of Italy, 29 July 1900; - Marriage of Queen Wilhelmina with
Prince Henry of Mecklenburg, 1901 (sev. var.); William Ernest
and Caroline of Saxe- Weimar ; Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria ;

Coronation of Czar Nicholas II and Czarina, at Moscow, 1896;

Nicholas II., Emperor of Russia; 20 th Anniversary of Carol I.
of Rumania's reign, 1891 ; Count Waldersee, Relief of Peking ;

- Queen Victoria ; tyL Prince and Princess of Wales ; - The
Roumanian Royal Pair, 1900; - Prince Ludwig of Bavaria; -
King Leopold of Belgium; and Breloques with portraits of Queen
Wilhelmina; King Albert of Saxony ; Emperor Francis Joseph ;

L. b'uKMR. Biffrafhieal Noticts of MttUilitis. III. 4'


King George of Saxony ; and Grand Duke Frederick of Baden ;

Gedenkthaleron the Birth of Prince William of Hohenzollern,
1906; 78 th Congress of German Naturalists and Physicians
at Stuttgart, September 1906.

Struck Portrait-plaqiiettes : Christ ; Bismarck ; Emperor
William II. (2 var.) ; Empress Augusta Victoria ; Emperor
William I. ; Emperor Frederick ; Bismarck (sev. var.);
- Moltke; Schiller (illustrated); Goethe; Queen Wilhel-
mina ; King William II. of Wiirtemberg; Queen Charlotte
of Wurtemberg ; Pope Leo XIII. ; Pope Pius X. ; Madonna ;

Communion ; Madonna of Lourdes; - - Lord Roberts;
Cologne Cathedral ; Auerhahn ; Boar Hunt ; Paradise. The
following are 5X7 cm. : Emperor William II., as Cuirassier and
Admiral; Empress Augusta Victoria ; Emperor William I. ;

Emperor Francis Joseph I. ; King Albert of Saxony ;
Pope Leo XIII. ; Pope Pius X.; Madonna (2 var.); - King
Wliliam II. of Wiirttemberg ; Queen Charlotte of Wiirttemberg ;

Bismarck (3 var.); - - Moltke; - - " Reichstag" Palace; -
Germania ; Jahn ; Cologne Cathedral; The Griitli Oath;

The Lion of Lucerne; Dying Warrior; Winkelried ;
Petofi ; Nikolaus von der Flue ; Monument of St. Jakob at
Basle; - Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria; Auerhahn;
Boar; General Kuropatkin.

Electrotype Plaquettes : Christ; Bismarck Monument at Berlin ;

Wiesbaden Theater; Auerhahn; Boar; Bismarck
(2 var.); Moltke; - Madonna (2 var.); St. Amalia;

King William II. of Wiirttemberg; Sancta Maria; The first

Decorative Medalet.

Song; - - Young Girl with a flower (illustrated) ; Young Girl
with a fly; Jahn; - - Grand Duke of Baden; Grand Duchess
of Baden ; Prince Hermann of Saxe- Weimar ; Emperor
William H.


Historical Medals. Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the restored
German Empire, with busts of William I., Bismarck, Moltke,
Frederick III., and William II., 1895 5 "~ Inauguration of the Kiel
Canal ; German Exhibition in London; - The Triple Alliance,
\\ith busts of William II., Francis Joseph I., and Umberto; The
Kyffhauser Monument ; Opening of the Reischstag, with bust of
William II., (sev. var.); Germania, !},. Arms, including those
of Alsace-Lorraine ; Kaiser parade 1893 ; busts of William II.
and King William II. of Wiirttemberg; Baden-Baden Exhibition,
1896; Sporting Show at Cologne; Proclamation Medal, 1871-
1896; - The New Century, 1900; Journey of the German
Emperor to Palestine; Numerous medals of the Emperor
William II. with different reverses, alluding to visits of foreign
rulers, military manoeuvres, opening of the Reichstag, &c; Inau-
guration of the harbour of Emden, 1901 ; The Niederwald Monu-
ment; Second Centenary of the Prussian Kingdom, 1901;
Alexander of Russia, Memorial Church, 1902; Prince Henry of
Prussia, on his Visit to America, 1902; Coming of age of Crown
Prince Frederick William, 1900; Visit of President Felix Faure to
Russia; Cession of Helgoland by Great Britain to Germany;
William II. and Nicholas II. ; Peace Medal ; - - Accession of
William II., 1888 (sev. var.) ; Memorial Medal of William I. ; -
Medals of William I. (numerous varieties of obverses and reverses,
commemorating episodes of the Franco-German War, inaugurations
of public buildings, &c. ; Medals of Frederick III. (several types);
Third Centenary of Salzburg Mineral Springs, 1601-1901; -
Return of the German Troops from China, 1900, &c.

Pri%e Medals for Rifle Competitions of Ennetmoos (Nidwald),
1898; - - Rastatt, 1903 ; - - Neustadt A. Hf (Bavaria), 1902; -
Segeberg, 1883 ; Heilbronn, 1900; Jena, 1903 ; Esslingen,
1903 ; Godesberg, 1902 ; Gopp'ingen, 1902; Leipzig, 1898;

- Chemnitz, 1895; - - Oberndorf, 1894 ( to commemorate the
Sultan's accession); Isny, 1903 (4 th Centenary of the Rifle Corps) ;

- Geislingen, 1903 ; Berlin, 1903; Hohentubingen, 1900;
Torgau, 1894; Leipzig, 1893 ; Ellwangen, 1902; Stuttgart,
1901 ; Halberstadt, 1893 ; Karlsruhe, 1891 ; Plauen, 1889 ;

- Neuchatel, 1902; - - Speyer, 1902; - - Homburg, 1890; -
Eisleben, 1899; - Halberstadt; - Biasca; - - Halle A. S. ; -
Berlin, 1890; Frankfort-on-M., 3-10. July 1887; - Mylau,
1891; - Altona, 1894; ' - Reutlingen, 1891; - - Vohrenbach,
1899; Hochst, 1889; Mayence, 1894; - Stuttgart, 1895 ;
Frauenfeld, 1890; - Glarus, 1892; - St. Gall, 1895; -
Zofingen, 1896; Frauenfeld, 1897; - Lichtensteig; Burg-
dorf, 1891 ; Winterthur, 1891 ; Meiningen, 1893 ; Lucerne ;

- 644 -

-Locarno, 1896; Weilburg, 1801 ; Creussen, 1890; -
Riibenach, 1893; - Dommitzoch, 1901; - Halle, 1892; -
Ludwigsburg; Erfurt, 1891 ; Ostrowa, 1892; Wiesbaden,
1893 ; Ragnitz, 1892; Weissenfels, 1892; Neu-Oertels-
dorf, 1900; Flensburg, 1889, and many others; also Badges,
Insignia, &c. of Rifle Clubs, Sporting Associations, &c.

I have myself noted Mayer Wilbelm's signature on the follow-
ing plaquettes and medals not already enumerated in the above
official list supplied to me by the firm : Marriage of Princess Pau-
line of Wiirttemberg with the hereditary Prince of Wied, 1898 ;

- Marriage of Prince Max of Schaumburg-Lippe with the Duchess
Olga of Wiirttemberg, 1898; I5o th Anniversary of the Printing
Establishment of Schluchter at Hanover, 1898; Johann Georg
Adler, of Buchholz ; Exhibition of Foodstuffs at Elberfeld, with
bust of Baron Augustus von der Heydt, 1899 ; Choral Festival
at Cassel, 1899 (modelled by Hans Everding); Marriage-Medal
(signed by Diirrich of Cassel) ; Hungarian Millenium, 896-1896;
Death of Leo XIII., 1903; - - Exhibition at Breslau for the
Nursing of Infants, 1897; i5O th Anniversary of the Court Chapel
at Breslau, 1900; Sanitatsausstellung at Breslau, 1900 ; Medal
with busts on obv. of the Hungarian ministers D r Wekerle, Count
Csaky, and D. Szilagyi, 1895; Exhibition of Art-Handicraft and
Electrotechnique at Stuttgart, 1896; Diamond Jubilee of Queen
Victoria, 1897; Fridtjof Nansen ; }$L. The "Fram", 1897; -
^6. Portrait-medal of Prince Bismarck, 1897 ^6. Inscription, under
oak-branch :

Und wenn die Welt voll Teufel war',

Es kann ihr nicht gelingen,

Durch Undank dich zu And'rer Ehr'

Um deinen Ruhm zu bringen.

Es fehlt noch, dass ein Streit entsteht,

Wer sei der Reichsbaumeister ?

Fur uns und alle braven Leut'

Kein Zweifel, "Bismarck" heisst cr !

Die alten Getreuen.

Satirical medal of the Franco-Russian Alliance, 1897; Launch-
ing of the transatlantic liner 'Kaiser Wilhelm', 1897; - - Jubilee
of the Emperor Francis Joseph!., 1898 (sev. var.); Inauguration
of the Franz Abt Monument at Wiesbaden, 1891 ; Musical Fete
at Bonn, 1885 ; Ludvig van Beethoven, 25 th Anniversary of the
Choral Society of Muffendorf, 1888 ; Others, with portrait of
the composer (several varieties); - Death of King Umberto I.,
1900 (modelled by H. Durrich) ; - 55o th Anniversary of Zurich's
entry into the Swiss Confederation, 1902; Journey of Prince
Henry of Prussia to the United States, 1902 ; Medallion of the


Wiirttemberg " Kriegerbund ", 1902; Visit ot Prince Albert
Victor of Wales to India, 1889-1890; Bird Show at Zurich,
1890; - - Tenth Federal German Rifle Meeting at Berlin, 1890
(sev. var.) ; Medal of Hans Waldmann of Zurich, 4 th centenary
of the city, 1889; 9O th Anniversary of Count von Moltke, 1890;

- Reproduction of the 5 Franc piece, 1870, with tyL FINIS GER-
MANIC. 1870; Prof. D r Robert Koch; Portrait-medallion
of Charles, King of Wiirttemberg ; }$L. Eberhard im Bart, Duke ot
Wurttemberg; D r Ludwig von Windthorst, 1891; - Grand
Duke Adolph of Luxemburg, 1891 ; Commemorative medal of
the Meeting at Strassburg of the Choral Societies of Alsace-Lorraine,
1891 ; 58 th Anniversary of Francis Joseph L, 1888 ; Columbus
Exhibition at Genoa, 1892; Centenary of the 10. August 1792;
Fifth Centenary of the Reunion of Gross- and Klein-Basel,
1892; - Medal of the Philadelphia Exhibition, 1893; Bulgar-
ian National Exhibition at Philippopel, 1892; ** Festspiel" at
Basle, 1892; German Exhibition in London, 1891; - W. E.
Gladstone, 1893 (edited byj. Rochelle Thomas) ; England and
the Triple Alliance in Europe (1892?); Helgoland ceded to
Germany, 1890; The Duke of Cumberland and his father
George V. of Hanover; Dr. Emin Pasha and German Explorers
in Africa; Silver Wedding of the Prince of Wales (Edward YIL),
1888; Hygiene Exhibition in London, 1893; Brahms; -
Schubert; Joachim ; Fifth German Gymnastic Fete at Frank-
fort-on-Main, 1880 ; - Exhibition of "Patent and Musterschutz"
at Frankfort-on-Main, 1881 ; Ninth German Federal Rifle
Meeting at Frankfort-on-Main, 1887 (sev. var.); Inauguration
of the Central Railway Station at Frankfort-on-Main, 1888; -
Inauguration of the Paris Hotel de Ville, 1882; 5O th Anniversary
of Belgian Independence, 1880; Portrait-medal of Ernest, Duke
of Saxe-Altenburg, 1882; - Swiss Federal Rifle Meeting at
Lugano, 1883 ; - - Swiss Military Manoeuvres in Graubiinden,
1884 ; Swiss Federal Fete of non-commissioned Officers at Frei-
burg, 1885 ; - Choral Festival at Basle, 1893 ; Federal Grutli
Fete at Neuchatel, 1891 ; 75 th Anniversary of the Swiss Students'
Society of Zofingen, 1891 ; Cantonal Rifle Meeting of Vaud, at
Lausanne, 1894 ; Inauguration of the Tell Monument at Altdorf,
1895 ; Inauguration of a Monument at Strassburg commemo-
rating the help given to that city by the Swiss in 1870; Swiss
National Exhibition at Geneva, 1896; Adrien de Bubenberg ;
^L Defence of Morat, 1476-1866; - President Kruger, 1900; -
International Exhibition for Hygiene, London, 1893 ; D r Robert
Koch, of Berlin (1890); A^ Menzel, painter, 1905 ; Schiller
Festivities, 1905; Marriage of the Crown Prince of Germany;

- Silver Wedding of H. M. William II., 1906; Marriage of

646 -

Prince Eitel \vith Princess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg, 1906;
The Springtime and the Autumn of Life (plaquette, reproduced in
the Watchmaker and Jeweller. Aug. 1906).

J. E. Bennert, Bisniarck-Medaillen, 1904 describes no less than
42 medals and plaquettes of Prince Bismarck struck by Mayer c\
Wilhelm, to commemorate various events of his life.

MAYERL, JOSEF (Anslr.}. Mint-warden at Kremnitz, appointed
on 16. January 1703.

MAYNERT (Anstr.}. Forger of various Polish coins and medals.
Several are described in the Sale Catalogue of the Sigismund von
Chelminski's collection, Munich, 1904.

MAYNERT, GOTTFRIED (Austr.}. Mint-engraver at Warsaw, circ.

MAYNERT, F. JOSEPH (Anstr.}. Son ot Gotttried M. ; Medallist
at Warsaw, during the second half ot the nineteenth century. By
him is a portrait-medal of his father, and I have also noticed his
signature on commemorative medals of the inauguration of the
railway from Warsaw to Vienna, 1845 (2 var.).

MAYR, A. (Germ.}. Medallist to the Mint of Nuremberg, circ. 1770.
His signature occurs on the $. of a medal, the obv. of which
is by G. F. Niirnberger, on the election of the Emperor Charles VI.
and prediction of a successful reign.

MAYR, HANS (Anstr.}. Warden, and later Mint-master at Salzburg,

MAYR, JOHANN JAKOB (Anstr.}. Mint-engraver at Kremnitz,

MAYR, ISAAK Vide MAYER. A Jew of Prague who worked the
Imperial Mint of Breslau, between 1546 and 1549.

MAYR, MARX VON (Germ.}. Member of the " Munzsocietat ",
Munich, 1691.

MAYR. WOLFGANG (Germ.}. Mint- warden at Stuttgart to the
District of Suabia, 1599-1615.

MAZARON. Vide ANTOINE MASCARON. Mint-master at Marseilles,

MAZENS, GEORGES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Paris; pupil of Gautherin. By him are various portrait-medallions
in bronze, some of which were exhibited at the Paris Salon
of 1883.


MAZIERES, ANTOINE DE (French). Mint-engraver at Villeneuve-
Saint-Andre-les-Avignon, 1523-1547. In 1540 he was assistant
warden at the Montpellier Mint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. X. Rondot & H. de La Tour, o/. cit.

MAZIERES, BERNARDIN DE (French). Mint-engraver at Villeneuve-
Saint-Andre-les-Avignon, 1545-155 1.

MAZIERES, PIERRE DE (French). Mint-engraver at Villeneuve-
Saint-Andre-les-Avignon, 1560-1569.

MAZDRE, ANTOINE (French). Mint-engraver at Villeneuve-Saint-
Andre-les- Avignon, appointed by the King in 1534. Probably the
same as ANTOINE DE MAZIERES (q. v.).

MAZZAFIRRI, MICHELE (Ital.). Florentine Medallist, born circ.
1530, died about 1597. He was attached to the Court and person
of the two successors of Cosimo I. and especially to the third Grand
Duke, Ferdinand III., of whom and his consort, Christine of Lor-
raine, no less than eleven medals are known by him. He was really
a Goldsmith by profession, and attained greater celebrity in that
branch than in medallic art, although none of his works of plate
and jewellery have come down to us, and are only known from
documentary evidence. The filigree-like delicacy of the elaboration
of all the accessories marks them as the works of a goldsmith's
hand, and v. Fabriczy notices that the artist's fame as a goldsmith
surpassed that of the medallist, documents proving that he received
a great number of commissions for goldsmith's work.

Ferdinand I. of Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

The following medals bear the artist's signature, which occurs in
various forms ": MI. MA : M. M. ; ^MICHE. M. : MICHELE

648 -

MAZA. F., etc. : Vincenzo I., fourth Duke of Mantua, Bust to r. ;
beneath : MI. MA. tyL Shield of arms; - Francesco I. de Medici;
obv. Bust to r. ; beneath : M. M. 1577. tyL MAIOR.AGIT.DEVS.
Constellation of the Ram; Another, with different ~fyL(7ide C.
von Fabriczy, op. cit., p. 90); Ferdinand I., Third Grand Duke
of Tuscany; obv. Bare head to r. ; beneath : M. M. 1587. I$L. St-
Stephen's cross ; Another, same date; ]},. A . DNO . FACTVM .
EST.ISTVD. St. Stephen's cross ; - Another, 1588; signed on
obv. : MICHE. M. (a). #,. V1RTVTIS PREMIA Grand Ducal
crown ; (b) !. MAIESTATE TANTVM. Queen bee and
swarm ; (c) IJL PYBLICAE SECYRITATI. Plan of the fortress ot
Livorno, beneath : A.S.CIC.IC.XV ; - Another, 1588; signed
on obv. MICHELE. MAZA F; ty,. SIC ITVR AD ASTRA. Herakles
stunning the centaur Nessus (illustrated) ; Another, with similar

Christine of Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany.

obv. and tyL Cross of St. Stephen; Another, with similar obv.
ty. MAIESTATE TANTVM. Plan of the fortress of Livorno ;-
Another, with obv. : FERDINANDVS MED.MAGN.DVX.
ETRVRI^.III. Cuirassed bust to r. and same ^6. type as last; -
Christine of Lorraine (1565 f 1636). Obv. CHRISTIAN A. PRINC.
MENQVE-PVDORIS. Ear of corn surrounded by seven stars
(illustrated}; Another, with obv. legend : CHRISTIANA . P . D .
L.GRAN.DVC.DI TOSCA. ; Christine and Ferdinand, 1592.
Obv. Bust of Ferdinand; 1$L Bust of Christine to r. ; Another,
of same date; ^LBust of Grand Duchess Christine to 1.

The portraits of the Tuscan Grand Dukes by Mazzafirri are ot
very lifelike and powerful execution.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Heiss, Les Me'dailkurs de la Renaissance. Florence et la
Toscane, Paris, 1892. Cornelius von Fabriczy, Medailleti </<; italitnischen Renais-

- 649 -

sauce, 1903. Armand, op. cit. Blanchet, op. cit., II, 370. Supino, of. cit.
Bolzenthal, op. cit. Kcary, British Museum Guide to Italian Medals, 1892.

MAZZARA, MARCHESE (/to/.). Mint-master-general for the King-
dom of Sicily at Naples, circ. 1747. His signature occurs on cur-
rency of that date struck at that Mint (fide Ammon, op. cit.,
p. 161, n 464.)

MAZZINGHI, GIOVANNI. Vide MEA. Florentine Painter and Medallist
(?) circ. 1488-1520.

MAZZIO (/to/.). Mint-master at Rome, 1812-1814, under Napo-
leon I. His privy mark on coins is the Capitolian wolf.


P. 13, under Block, last line, Archbishop.

P. 477, under Ecu, date 1791 instead of 1796.

P. 542, under first Block, Imitation of the Medal on the Death
of Countess Miinck, consort of Count Rantzau (and not Queen
Elizabeth of Bohemia).

P. 543, under Block, Heinrich Kohler, Burgomaster of Liibeck.

P. 544, after line 18, For further particulars of Christian Maler,
vide infra final Supplement, Vol. VII.

P. 553, first line, 3 Centesimi, 1807-1813.







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Online LibraryL. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists : coin, gem, and sealengravers, mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works B.C. 500-A.D. 1900 (Volume 3) → online text (page 49 of 49)