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M. Jean de Foville in a recent article (" Gazette numismatique
francaise ", La Gravure en medailk anx Salons de 1903) observes :
" Les plaquettes de M. Jampolsky et un petit bas-relief figurant
une ronde de jeunes filles, drapees a 1'antique, denotent la volonte
de creer des ceuvres personnelles et harmonieuses. Que 1'artiste
perfectionne son savoir, qu'il traite le corps humain d'une touche
plus legere, qu'il atteigne plus aisement a la grace vivante, et il
nous donnera des ceuvres excellentes. "

JAHN, KARL (Finn.}. Contemporary Medallist, residing at Hel-
singtors (Finland), and Mint-engraver there. His signature occurs
on a medal of the Finnish Exhibition, 1879. He cut the dies for the
Finnish coinage of Nicholas II., AT. 20 and 10 Marks, yR. 2, i
Marks, 50 Pennia, JE. Penni, from 1895.

JAN, MICHAEL (Germ.'}. Warden of the Imperial Mint at Breslau;
died in September 1646. His initials MI occur on coins of Ferdi-
nand III., 1637-1648, 1650, '51 and '53, Jan's dies having been
utilised some years after his death. A Ducat of 1649, in the Breslau
Museum, shows the MI accompanied with Jan's privy mark,
a swan, changed into GH and double lily, the initials and mark
of Georg Hiibner, Jan's successor at the Mint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Studien %ur scblesischen Medailhnkunde, p. 60.

JANEBACH, HANS {Germ.}. Goldsmith and Die-sinker of Nurem-
berg ; -j- circa 1540.

JANET (French}. Painter of the middle years of the sixteenth
century, whose miniature portrait of Queen Mary Stuart is supposed
to have been used for her effigy on the Testoon of 1561. The dies
for this coin and others of the same period were cut by John
Achesoun, who was with the Scottish Queen in France during

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Grueber, Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland,

JANINALLI, ANTON VON (Bohem.}. Mint-master at Prague, 1668-
1688. His initial I occurs on currency of that period. Vide Fiala,
Donebauer Catalogue.

JANISCH or JANSCH, JOBST JACOB (Germ.}. Mint-master at Celle,
1687-1706; later at Osnabruck, 1720-1725. He issues bear the
initials 1. 1. 1. or J. J. J.

JANISCH, MARTIN (Germ.}. Die-cutter at the Mint of Breslau,



JANSSEN (Dutch). Contemporary Die-sinker of Breda, whose
signature occurs on Agricultural Prize Medals of 1884 and 1886 of
Breda and Eindhoven.

JANSZOON, HEINRIC (Dutch). Goldsmith of The Hague, who
engraved in 1438, 1445 and 1449 several seals for Duke Philip the
Good, and who was still working in 1451.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Pinchart, Biographies des Graveurs beiges, Revue de la num.
beige, 1858, p. 40.

JANT, JAKOB (Germ.). Goldsmith and Seal-engraver at Breslau,
circa 1592.


The Imperial Mint at Vienna preserves the dies of the following
medals by Gennaro : 1723, Coronation of Queen Elizabeth Chris-
tina at Prague, 1723 (2 var.); Jeton of 1723, on the same
event (3 var.) ; Medal on the Peace of Vienna, 1725 (signed :
DE GEN.); - Erection of the Monument on the High Market at
Vienna, 1729; Birth of Archduke Josef, 1741; Hungarian
Coronation of the Empress Maria Theresia, 1741 ; Proclamation
Medal of Maria Theresia in Upper-Austria at Linz, 1745.

Anton Maria Gennaro (Jamtario, after 1737 de Gennaro) held the
appointment of Imperial " Gravier und Medailleur-Director ". He
was Chief-engraver at the Mint as well as Court-medallist, and died
on the I st of December, 1744.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Katalogder Mnn-en-und Medaillen-Stempel-Sammlung des K. K.
Hauptmnn^amles, Wien, 1902.


JANVIER, VICTOR (French). Contemporary Medallist residing at
Paris, and Manufacturer of Reducing-machines, which he has
brought to a very high degree of perfection. He is a very able and
distinguished technician, and has also executed fine medallions
and medals, some of which he cast in imitation of the early works
of Renaissance (quattrocento) Medallists. In 1898, he exhibited at
the Salon a medallion entitled " Esmeralda ", and amongst his
previous medallic works are : 1892. Medal of the Gas Works Exhib-
it at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889 ; Commemorative
medal of the Inauguration of the Dan ton Monument; - Joan of
Arc (after Fremiet) ; - 1896. St. George medal; St. Anthony
of Padua (after Murillo); - 1899. M lle E. Deraisme; C. Bara-
gnon; - Ratel ; Robart; D r Roussel; Marthe B***, &c.

Lucien Janvier is his son.


JANVIER, LUCIEN JOSEPH RENE (French}. Contemporary Medal-
list, residing in Paris, pupil of Falguiere, Mercie and Denis Puech.
At 'the Salon of 1901, this artist exhibited several medals and
plaquettes : M lle MartheB***; M lle Genevieve G*** (illustrated};
M lle Camille L***; M me veuve J***; - - M. G***, captain in
the artillery; M me veuve V***; - M. Camille B***; M.
Alfred D***, and in 1902 : M. Paul Brissac; M. J. Coquelet;
M. Rene Paul Faure, &c.

M Ile Genevieve Granger.

Queen Maria Ludovica of Poland entered into a contract with him
for the administration of the Mint at Oppeln, which however did
not come into force. The next year he endeavoured in vain to
obtain the working of the Imperial Mint at Breslau.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Sludien %ur scblesiscbcn Medailknkunde.

JARZE, JEHAN (French}. Mint-master at Angers, 15. April 1402
to 9. April 1405; again in 1417.

JASTER, CHRISTIAN HEINRICH (Germ.}. Mint-master at Neu-
strelitz, 1745-1749; then at Berlin, 1749-1763. His issues are
usually signed C. H. I.

- 63 -

JASTER, GEORG FRIEDRICH (Germ.). Mint-master at Munich,
JASTER, J. L. (Germ.). Mint-master at Breuberg, 1675-1676.

JASTER, JOHANN JUSTUS (Germ.}. Mint-master at Liibeck, 1727-
1758. His initials I. I. I. or J. J. J. occur on his issues. He may have
filled a similar office in Brunswick-Luneburg, 1702, and Osna-
brikk, 1721. Vide Ammon, op. cit., p. 155.

JASTER, JURGEN LIPPOLD (Germ.}. Die-cutter at Hildesheim.

JAUDIN (French}. This signature occurs on a nine-sided jeton,
dedicated to the Emulators of Hiram (O :. de Paris). Vide Marvin,
op. til., p. 70, n CLVII.

JAUNER, HEINRICH (Anstr.}. Contemporary Medallist, residing at
Vienna. He is " K. K. Hof-Kammer-Graveur ", but began his
artistic career as a Painter, having studied under Waldmiiller. His
father was the founder of one of the foremost Die-sinking establish-
ments in Vienna, at the head of which he now is. One of the finest
Portrait-plaquettes by this artist is that of Gottfried von Preyer, the
Nestor of Viennese church composers, ty,. DEI.GLORIAE.INGE-
NIVM . MISSIS . VO VIT . HYMNIS . ET.CANTICIS (62 x 46 mill.).
Another medal by him, that executed in honour of Chevalier
J. W. Schorer, the Queen of Holland's commissioner in the pro-
vince of Northern Holland, is reproduced in Dompierre de Chau-
fepie, Medailles et Plaquettes modernes, I, pi. xxxn, n 148.

By H. Jauner are further : Commemorative medal of the Battle
of Langensalza, 1866, with bust of King George V. of Hanover;
Agricultural Prize Medals, 1866 (Austrian Provincial); Portrait-
plaquette of Franz Liszt (65 X 47 mill.); Major General Baron
Josef von Berres-Perez (cast; 65X47 mill.); - Cardinal Schon-
born, 1889 (50 mill.); Oval Prize Medal of the Viennese Agri-
cultural Exhibition, i8ho; - - 25 th Anniversary of the new Free
Press, 1889; - - 40 th Birthday of Josef Hellmesberger, 1890; -
Eduard von Bauernfeld, 1890; Golden Wedding of Prince Col-
loredo-Mannsfeld, 1891; Wilhelm Trinks, numismatist, 1891;
70 th Birthday of the Poet Josef Weyl, 1891 ; - - D r Leopold
Rorschke ; - - D r Johann Sw. Presl ; - - Prof. Carl Rokitansky,
1878 ; Commemorative medal of the Military Ride Vienna-Berlin,
1892 ; - - Jubilee of the Hungarian Agricultural Society, 1892 ;
7O th Birthday of Emmerich Ranzoni, 1893 ; 25 th Anniversary of
the Trieste Stenographical Society, 1894; Viennese Bird
Show, 1894; " 2 5 th Anniversary of the Austrian Touring-
Club, 1894; ' ~ Golden Wedding of Johann and Adele Medin-

ger, 1895; Josef Latzl, 1896; David Valentin Junk,
1896; Robert Scholtze, 1896; Mathias Meissner, 1896;
Styrian Choral Society ; Fischau Society of Sports ; Millenary
of the House of Segur-Caba, 1876; - - L. Van Beethoven;
Raising of a voluntary Firemen Company by Herr Ed. Foest of
Vienna, 1897 ; 25 th Anniversary of the Choral Society " M. G.
V. Beethoven", 1899; - - Jubilee of H. M. the Emperor Francis
Joseph of Austria, 1898; - - Franz Liszt, 1901; Amstetten
Jubilee Medal, 1898 (2 var.) ; Marie, Queen of Hanover, 1898;
[a specimen in gold of large size was sold at Christie, Manson &
Woods, June 1904 (Duke of Cambridge's Sale) for 9.10.0];
Julius von Piette-Rivage, 1902 (Eine schone Arbeit des Nestors der
Wiener Graveure) ; Medal of Reward for Valour in the field,
1866 ; - - Johann Strauss, 1884; - Karl Friedrich Zelter, 1901;
- Andre Com. Langrand-Dumonceau, 1865 ; The two brothers
Presl, 1892; - - Golden Wedding of Count Francis Ernest von
Harrach, 1877; Prince Windischgratz, 1867; Rifle Meeting
at Troppau, 1893 > D r Joseph Hyrtl (2 var.) ; - D r Karl von
Rokitansky, of Vienna; D rs S. and K. B. Presl, of Prague;
Jubilee of the Joseph Heiser Factory at Kienberg-Gaming, 1888; -
Opening of the Kaiser Franz Joseph Jubilee Exhibition at Vienna,
1898; - Jubilee Medal of Amstetten, 1898; Court Medal for
private servants of His Austrian Majesty; - - Sixth centenary of
Korneuburg, 1898; Karl Adolf Bachofen Von Echt, 1891 ;
Johann Medinger, 1891; - The Hyrtl Orphanage at Modling,
1891; Nussdorf united to Vienna, 1890; - 75 th Anniversary
ofNussdort Brewery, 1894, & c -

Some of the earlier medals mentioned here bear the signature F.

orJ. JAUNER and are no doubt the work of Heinrich Jauner's father.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Moderne Medaille, 1900. Mittheilungen des Klubs, frc.

JAUSLIN, K. (Swiss}. Designer of a medal, struck to commemo-
rate the Basle Cantonal RUle Meeting at Binningen, 1893, an( ^
struck by Homberg, of Berne.

JAVA, MARIE AMELIE DE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris. In 1881, she exhibited various Portrait-medallions at the
Salon. She is a pupil of M. Michel.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

JAVAILLAC, THOMAS DE (French}. Mint-master at Bourges, 1420.
J. B. Vide I. B.

J.B. Vide BOLTSCHHAUSER (Vol. I, p. 100). These initials occur
on a Thaler of Zurich, 1813. Boltschhauser evidently worked also
for the Mint of Zurich.

- 65 -

_ (Germ.). Signature of a Medallist who worked circa 1519.
Although, according to Erman, only one medal bears this signature,
several others exhibit similar treatment and workmanship ; they
are all uniface; portraits to 1. ; inscription deeply sunk and letters
large ; usually a rose at beginning of legend.

The medal signed ^. portrays Alexander Swartz of Augsburg.

Portrait-medal of Alexander Swartz, by the Medallist

The other medals of similar style are undoubtedly by Hans
Schwartz, under whom they will be mentioned.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Erman, Deutsche Medailkure, Berlin, 1884.

J. C. Vide I. C.

J. C. (French}. Signature of a Modeller and Founder of the seven-
teenth century, who reproduced a number of cast medals and
medallions, some of which bear portraits of celebrities of the
fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Amongst his works are : Large
medallion of Louis XII. ; Medals of Francis I. ; Philip II.
of Spain; - The Duke of Alba; - Louis de Bourbon, Prince of
Conde (-j- 1569); Pedro Gonzales de Mendoza; Meric de Vic,
&c. These are all signed J. C. or JG., and were probably executed
between 1620 and 1640. There is a medal, dated 1567, with a
portrait of a certain Plancheus, who is designated as Duke of Alba.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. N. Rondot and H. de La Tour, Les medailleurs et ks'graveurs
de monnaies, jetons ct medailles en France, 1904.

L. FORRER. Biographical Not ices of Mtdillifts III. 5


J. C. Fide 3. COCHIN Vol. I, p. 283.

J. C. R. Vide JOSEPH CHARLES ROETTIER. Medallist of the eigh
teenth century, 1691-1779.

J. D. Vide I. D.

$ Vide I. D. and Vol. I, p. 318.

J. D. B. Vide I. D. B.

J. E. Vide I. E.

JEAN (BelgJ). Mint-master at Brussels, second half of the thirteenth
century. Vide Alphonse de Witte, Histoire monetaire du Brabant, &c.

JEAN I (French}. Mint-engraver at Paris, circ. 1354.

JEAN il (French). Goldsmith and Mint-engraver at Paris, 1446-1447.

JEAN, ADGUSTE TOUSSAINT (French). Contemporary Sculptor,
born at Roconval-Amenencourt (Seine-et-Oise); pupil of Dubray
and Lebourg. In 1861 he exhibited at the Salon a Portrait-medallion
of M.F.M***.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

JEANNERET, FRANQOIS (Swiss). Engraver of metallic dials for
watches first half of the nineteenth century. He resided at Chaux-
de-Fonds where the Rut du Balancier was named after the big press

Medal of the " Socit des Armes reunies".

he used to have in that street. The medal of the " Societe des Armes
Reunies ", engraved on tyL ; e Medaille. / er Prix de 1826, is by

- 67 -

Klentschy, another Medal-engraver ot Chaux-de-Fonds, was
apprenticed to him. Olympe Humbert (q. v.} worked also for

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Information kindly supplied by M. Arnold Robert, Prof Dro%-
Farny, Prof. W . Wavre, and M. A. Micbaut.

JEANNEST, LOUIS FRANQOIS (French'). Sculptor of the early part
of the nineteenth century, but as late as 1850 he exhibited at the
Salon several Portrait-medallions in bronze.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

(JECHIEL) (Germ.'}. Mint-master at Wiirzburg, 1207.

JEHAN, SEBAST1EN (French}. Master of the Mint at Villeneuve-
Saint-Andre-les -Avignon, 1558.

JEHAN (Belg.'}. Mint-master at Bar, 1321. He was a goldsmith by


JEHANNET Vide ZANETTO infrd. Bugatto Zanetto is called
"Jehannet de Milan" in a French document, temp. Louis XI.
This Medallist, Painter and Sculptor was working circa 1466-1476.

JEHANNET, "GABRIEL (French}. Mint-master at St. Pourcain,

JEHOTTE, CONSTANT (Belg.'). Medallist of the nineteenth century,
born at Liege on the 15 th of January 1809 ; died on the 12 th of April
1 883. He studied drawing at the schools of his native city and
learnt medal-engraving under his father Leonard Jehotte. Accord-
ing to Picque (Medailles historiqnes de Belgique}, this artist executed
64 medals, ranging from 1847 to 1882.

By him are the following works : The Suspension Bridge
of Seraing, 1844; Modeste G retry, 1845; - Sebastien

La Ruelle, 1846 ; Prize Medal for a Competition between School
Masters of the Provinces, 1847 ; JohnCockenll, 1847; Henri
Joseph Orban, 1847; ~~ Horticultural Medal of Verviers, 1845;
- Cercle Med.-chir. et pharmaceutique, Liege, 1844; Russian
Miniature Medal, 1847; Pattern Five-Franc Piece for the Com-
petition of 1847 (illustrated in Revue dela num. beige, 1850, p. 112);
Auguste Delfosse, 1859 ; General Jardon ; Francois Joseph
Gossec, 1734-1829; Medal with bust of S l Laurent, 1882
(remained unfinished).

The Portrait-medals belong to the artist's " Galerie numisma-


tique ou collection de portraits en medailles des hommes les plus
illustres du pays ", &c.
Jehotte cut his dies direct in steel.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Revue de la numismatique beige. Private notes kindly commu-
nicated by M. Alp]), de Witte.

jfcHOTTE, LfcONARD (Belg.}. Medallist, born on the I st August
1772 at Herstal, died at Maestricht, I st August 1851. He was first
apprenticed to a watchmaker, but before long it became evident
that nature had endowed him with uncommon gifts for the plastic
arts and that his career was laid out in a different direction. In
1784 or thereabout the young man was admitted into the Medallist

Philippe Joseph Jacob} 's workshop as a pupil. So rapid was his
progress that already in 1789, when only seventeen years old, he
was called upon to succeed his master as Engraver to the Chapter
of the Cathedral ot Liege. This office was confirmed to him on the
death ot Jacoby in 1792. That same year, Jehotte was entrusted
with the cutting of dies for the coinage of the Sede Vacante.

Leonard Jehotte attained notoriety as a Line-engraver,
Medallist, Gem-and Seal-engraver. In 1804 he was presented to
Napoleon at Paris, and the Empress Josephine, who was charmed

with his portrait of her consort, made him various promises to
better his situation, which however were not fulfilled.

The following is a complete list of Jehotte's works :

GEMS. The French Cock, rock crystal, 1808; The Lion or
Waterloo, large topaz, presented to King William I. of Holland in
1828 and now in the Museum at The Hague; - - ^Esculapius,
jasper; Hygiaea, amethyst; - - Portrait of King William I.,
carnelian; presented by the artist to the Queen of the Netherlands
and now in The Hague Museum; Portrait of King Leopold L,
of Belgium, purchased by the Queen of the Belgians ; numerous
official and private seals (between 3 and 400).

WOOD-ENGRAVINGS. The Belgic Lion, 1833, a f ter Eugene Ver-

COPPER-PLATE ENGRAVINGS. Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul,
1793 ; The chevalier Coffin and his son in the Beaujonc coal pit,
1812; Portrait of Marshal de Loudon; - - Florian; - - J. J. le
Franc de Pompignan, 1800; - Frederick II. ; - Abbot Feller,
1809; Full size portrait of Napoleon, 1827; - Portrait of Fre-
ville; - General Desaix, 1805; Hubert and Mathieu Goffin,
1812 ; General Kleber ; General Charbonnier ; General Jar-
don ; Abbot Delille; Bonaparte, First Consul, 1805 ; La
Tour d'Auvergne, 1805; - Saint-Lambert; - - Virgo Dolorosa,
1810; and many others; - Notes of the Bank of Liege, 1835.

COINS & MEDALS. Ducat, Ecu and Escalin of the Sede Vacante, of
Liege, 1792; Medical Society of Liege, 1808; - - Jeton, with
attributes of Sciences and Arts, 1818; Free Society of Emulation
of Liege, 1811 ; Prize Medal of the City of Liege as a Rew r ard
for courage and devotedness, 1822 ; Medal executed in 1822 for
the Burgomasters &c. , with arms of the Netherlands ; Jeton of the
family of Mean, 1824; Prize Medal for the Industrial Exhibition,
with bust of William I. ; - Decoration of the Urban Guard;
Medal of J. J. Charlier, dit la " Jambe de bois " ; Liege Prize Medal
for Life Saving &c., 1834; - Medal presented to Louis Jamme,
Burgomaster of Liege, 1834; N. G. N. J. Anciaux, Surgeon,
1834 ; Inauguration of the Bridge of La Boverie, 1837 ; Erec-
tion of the Monument of the Mean family at Malines, 1837; "
Medal for School Masters, 1835; Cercle mdico-chimique et
pharmaceutique, 1844; Construction of the Canal from Liege to
Maestricht, 1846 ; Creation of the Order of Leopold L, commem-
orative medal, 1846; - Building of the Railway from the Escaut
to the Rhine ; Inauguration of Liege Railway Station, 1842 ;
Erasme Louis Surlet de Chokier, Regent of Belgium (the two last
were never struck and only exist as artist's proofs) ; 1830-1843,
various commemorative medals of the Belgian Revolution (des-
cribed in Guioth, Histoire numismatique de la Revolution belgi), &c.

Three of Leonard Jehotte's sons followed their father's vocation.
Louis, born at Liege, y th November 1804, Sculptor and Medallist;
Constant, Medallist, born at Liege, 27* November 1805, and
Charles, Line-engraver, born at Liege, 3. October 1806, who
died quite young.

Leonard Jehotte was corresponding Member of the Belgian
Academy of Fine Arts.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. L. Alvin, Notice stir Leonard Jehotte, Bruxelles, 1862.
Guioth, Leonard Je'botte, Revue de la num. beige, 1853, p. 404. Ibid , Histoire
numismatique de la Revolution bel^e. Recueil encyclope'dique beige. Felix van
Hulst, Uonard Jetiolte, Revue de la num. beige, i8>i. Pinchart, Histoire de la
gravure des medailles, 1870. Notes kindly communicated by M. Alvin, Keeper oj
the Belgian Coin and Medal Cabinet. Biographie nationale de Belgique, 1887.

JEHOTTE, LOUIS (Belg.}. Brother of Constant Jehotte. Contempo-
rary Sculptor of note. His signature occurs on a Portrait-medal of
Jean Baptiste Lauwens, 1855, which is described as of remarkable

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Revue de la Numismatique beige, 1855, p. 311.

JENSON, NICOLAS (French). Mint-master and engraver at Tours
in 1458. In 1470 he settled at Venice as Engraver, Founder and
Printer, and died in 1480. He was born as Sommevoire (Haute-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Durand, op. cit., Rondot and H. de La Tour, op. cit.

JERBEAULT, J. (French). Die-sinker ot the latter portion of the
eighteenth century ; he was a native of Bordeaux and engraved a
pattern coin (1791) which was struck by means of a machine invented
by him : pbv. LA NATION | LALOI | LE ROI within oak-wreath
T$L. Inscription in seven lines under Cap of Liberty : J. JER-
ESPECES ; beneath, three lozenges. Hennin, Histoire numismatique
dela Revolution francaise, p. 231, states that he has been unable to
find any particulars of this machine, and M. Evrard de Fayolle of
Bordeaux has not been more successful in his research. Jerbeault
was paid the sum of six thousand Livres as a reward for his
invention. There are varieties of Jerbeault's Pattern Piece.

JEREMIAS. Vide GEREMIA Vol. II, p. 246.

JERICH, PETER VON(G*r;.). Mint-warden at Forchtenberg, 1621,
and Neuenstein, 1622-1623.

JES (Bohem.}. Mint-engraver at Kuttenberg, 1483.

JESKO (Bohem.}. Mint-master at Prague, 1330 (Meister der Gold-

JESSENSKY, ISAIAS VON JESSEN (Germ.}. Born at Breslau, he
undertook in 1614 to work the Mint of Troppau, in conjunction
with Stenzel Aichhauser ; two years later he contracted for the Mint
of Vienna, was imprisoned in 1619 for dishonesty, acquitted the
next year, and appointed Mint-master at Vienna, on the 5 th of
March 1639, a post which he retained until 1643. Jessensky's
distinctive mark occurs on Groschen and Thalers of 1618; Thalers
Half, and Quarter Thalers, and Ducats of 1619; also Half Thalers
of 1641.

His brother STEPHAN JESSENSKY worked the Mint at Oels from
1619 to 1621.

Medals exist of Isaias Jessensky.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Oesterreicher, Regesten %u J. Neu-ald's Publicationen fiber
oesterreicbiscbe Mnn^pragungen. Friedensburg, Studien %tir schhsiscben Medaillen-
kunde, Schlesiens Vorzeit in Bild und Schrift, VII.

JETOT, ERNEST CHARLES (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born
at Paris. At the Salon of 1872, he exhibited a bronze Portrait-
medallion of C. Pelletan, and the artist has executed various similar
Portrait-medallions of private persons.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

JETZEL, IGNATZ (Austr.). Die-cutter at the Vienna Mint, 1763-
1781 ; from 1756 to 1760 he had been Assistant-engraver (Graveur-
Kn nst-Scholar). He engraved in 1763 the dies for a Transylvanian
coinage of copper Groschel, signed : 1. 1. F., and struck at the Mint
of Carlsburg. I do not think that the Engraver's initials appear on
the Viennese coins executed by him.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - - Katalog der Mun^en-und Medailkn-Stempel-Sammlung des
K K. Hauptmun^amtes in Wien, 1902.

JETZL, JOHANN ANDREAS (Austr.). Mint-engraver at Salzburg,

JEUFFROY (French). Goldsmith and Mint-engraver at Paris, circ.

JEUFFROY, ROMAIN VINCENT (French}. Medallist and Gem-
engraver, born at Rouen, 16 July 1749, died at Bas-Prunay near
Marly on 2. August 1826. He filled the post of Director of the
Paris Mint, was a Member of the Institute and a Knight of the
Legion of honour.

The first gem engraved by Jeuffroy is a very remarkable copy or
a Head of Medusa, in amethyst (illustrated), executed in 1777, after

the well-known Renaissance intaglio, with the fictitious signature
of Solon.

Jeuffroy, like his contemporaries, engraved a large number of
subjects after the antique; the Paris Cabinet des Medailles preserves

Head of Medusa.

three of these : Athlete drinking from a cup (signed : JEUFFROY-
1777) ; Genius of Bacchus in chariot driven by a he-goat and a
lion (intaglio in carnelian, 1779); - Bust of Bacchante (cameo
on a sardonyx of two strata). He also executed Portrait-
camei and intagli : Unknown Young Lady (signed JEUFFROY. F.
1788) ; Louis (XVII), the Dauphin (signed JEUFFROY SCVLPSIT.
I. IAN. 1788) ; - Bonaparte, First Consul (cameo on sardonyx of
two strata, signed JEUFFROY, 1801 ; (illustrated} ; - - Charles de
Wailly, architect (intaglio, 1807); Fourcroy, the chemist (cameo
and intaglio); Laure de Bonnevil, 1787, cameo; - Maria Cos-
way, English painter, cameo; - - Hancarville, 1787, cameo; -

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