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Prince Lubomirski, cameo, &c.

Portrait-cameo of Bonaparte.

vray mention that Jeuffr

^en 1804 and '819, and ^~ u ^ ..... ^^,* M&
as some of the most noteworthy : Head of Jupiter; Cupid trav-
elling on his Quiver, carnelian; Head ot Regulus; - The three

Chavignerie et Auvray mention that Jeuffroy exhibited gems at
the Paris Salon, between 1804 and 1819, and adduce the following

- 73

Consuls of the French Republic; M me d'Epremenil as Minerva;
M me Regnault de Saint-Jean d'Angely; M rs Cosway; Darcan-
ville(?) ; Angel in adoration ; Louis XVI. ; Marie-Antoinette ;
- A Lion (cameo).

"Jeuffroy", remarks, M. Babelon "fut le meilleur graveur sur
gemmes de son temps et dans le genre neo-grec a la mode, il
1'emportait sur les Simon, ce qui explique et justifie le succes dont
il jouit. Neanmoins s'il ne manquait pas de talent, 1'originalite lui
faisait defaut. Les quelques sujets que nous connaissons de lui, qui
sont graves d'apres 1'antique, montrent que s'il cut persever dans
cette voie et copie les chefs-d'oeuvre de 1'antiquite et de la Renais-
sance italienne, il cut pu rivaliser avec Girometti, Cerbara et les
deux freres Jean et Louis Pichler " (Hisioire. de la gravure sur
Gemmes en France, p. 221).

Jeuffroy obtained in 1804 a Grand Prix of the second class as a
reward for his exhibit in that year, and with Dumarest and Galle
was one of the successful competitors.

As a Medallist, this artist produced a number of works : 1796,
Battle of Montenotte CfyL.-); 1802, The three Consuls. ^L. Peace
of Amiens; - 1803, Conquest of Hanover and Rupture of the
Treaty of Amiens ; The Venus de' Medici (illustrated); 1804,

The Venus de' Medici.

Public Instruction reorganized ; The Camp of Boulogne (obv.);
Ticket of the Members of the Legislative Body; Corona-
tion at Paris (fyL) ; - - Coronation festivities (^6.) ; Standards
presented to the Army (fyL.) ; - - Napoleon's threatened invasion
of England, obv. Laur. head to r. ; signed : JEUFFROY FECIT
male figure overturning a Titon-like monster; in exergue :
FRAPPhE A LONDRES EN 1804; - - 1805, Capitulation of
Spandau, Stettin, Magdeburg and Custrin (f.); Blockade of the
British Isles (I. only; legend : TOTO DIVISOS ORBE BRI-

- 74 -

TANNOS); 1812, Battle of the Moskowa; - 1816, Accession
of King Louis XVIII., &c. By him him are also : Head of Jupiter ;
Portrait of Fourcroy, State Councillor ; Medal ot the Legisla-
tive Body; Seal of the Order of the Legion of Honour ; Bona-
parte armed for Peace ; - - Death of Louis XVII ; The Twen-
tieth of March; Petrarch; Saint- Vincent dePaule; Hospice
de la Maternite, Paris ; Hospice des Orphelins, Paris ; Medal
of the Academy of Ghent, &c.

In An XI, Jeuffroy participated in the competition for the new
Coinage of the French Republic, under the Premier Consulship ot
Bonaparte (Pattern 5 Franc Piece, illustrated).

Pattern 5 Francs, by Jeuffroy.

The younger Tiolier was one of Jeuffroy 's pupils.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Babelon, Histoire de fa Gravure sur
Gemmes en France, Paris, 1902. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit. Hennin,
Histoire numismatique de la Revolution Jrancaise, Paris, 1826. H. Denise, Le Con-
conn de Van XI, Gazette numismatique franc.aise, 1902, p. 419. Weber,
English Mcdalsby foreign Artists, London, 1894. Millingen, Medallic History of
Napoleon, London, 1819. N. Rondot & H. de La Tour, op. cit. Raspe, Tassie
Gems, 1791.

J. F. Vide I. F.
J.G. Vide I. G.
J. H. Vide I. H.

J. G. These initials occur on a Portrait-medal of the theologian
John Ronge, 1845.

J. L. Vide I. L.

J. L. (French'). Signature on obv. of medal commemorating the
Recovery of Louis XIV., 1686.

J. M. Vide I. M.

^ J. M. (Swiss). Signature or a Medallist of the second half of the
sixteenth century. These initials occur on a Portrait-medal of

- 75 -

Barttlme Scho winger, dated 1561. According to Haller, this
engraver lived at St. Gall. Erman remarks that the medal in question

Medal of Barttlme Schowinger.

has a curious flat and broad lettering and that it does not exactly
belong to the masterpieces. Vide I. M.

J. N. Vide I. N.

J. 0. Vide I. 0.

JO. BA. BO. Vide 10. BA. BO.

JO. F. CAR. Vide 10. F. CAR.

JO. F. Vide 10. F.

J. OS. (ltd.'). Signature of a Medallist of the sixteenth century,
who executed a Portrait-medal of Giovanni Battista Pisani. fyL. IN

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Supino, // Medagliero Mediceo, Firenze, 1899.

JOBERT, PAUL (French) (.. 1696-1719). Mint-engraver at Mont-

JOBIN, ANATOLE (Swiss). Goldsmith and Silversmith, Numisma-
tist, &c., residing at Neuchatel. He edited a fine medallion com-
memorating the 50 th Anniversary of Neuchatel's entry into the
Swiss Confederation, 1848-1898; also a Silver-wedding medal of
M. Russ-Suchard, Proprietor of Suchard's Chocolate Works at Ser-
rieres (Neuchatel), 1893, and other Prize Medals.

JOCEE (Brit.). Goldsmith, Keeper of the Dies and Master of the
London Mint in 1276.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. W. Chaffers, Gildn Aurifabroruw, 1883.


JOERGENSEN, C. (Dan.). Die-sinker, whose signature occurs on a
medal of the Orthopaedic Institution, Copenhagen, 1834.

JOFFRILLET, LOUIS (French.). Mint-master at Nancy, i. January
1554 to 31. December 1555. Under him were issued : Testons,
3 Gros, 2 Sols, Sols or Carolus, Petits Blancs or 6 Deniers, Lyars
of 3 Deniers, Pieces of 2 Deniers, Petits Deniers, Mailles or | Deniers ;
Florins, Half Florins, Tallars and cus pistolets.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Lepage, op. cit.

JOHANN (Bohem.). Goldsmith and Mint-engraver at Kuttenberg,

JOHANN, of Kestenholz, near Strassburg (Germ.}. Mint-master
atMiltenberg, 1362.

JOHANN VON COELN (G^rm.). Mint-master at Miinden, appointed
in 1567.

JOHANNEAUX, GERVAIS (French). Mint-master at La Rochelle,
1490-1495 ; distinctive mark, a crescent.

JOHANNEAUX, JEHAN (French'). Mint-master at La Rochelle, 1508.

JOHANNS (Germ.). Mint-master at Heidelberg, 1360.

JOHL, MICHAEL (Germ.). Gem-engraver at Breslau, circa 1700.

JOHN, LODOWIC, or LODEWICK, or LOWYS (Brit.). Mint-master at
London and Calais, under Henry IV. (year 14) and Henry V.
(years i and 2, also 5 to 7). His name should perhaps read

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rudin&AnnahoftheCoinageof Great Britain and Ireland, 1840.

JOHN, PETER (Germ.). Imperial Mint-inspector at Glogau, 1624.
JOHN, SIMON (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Breslau, 1627, 1636.

JOHN, WILLIAM GOSCOMBE (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Cardiff; Associate of the Royal Academy.

" The son of the sculptural carver to the late Marquess of Bute,
Mr. John early followed his father's craft ", says Mr. Spielmann.
" In 1882 he left Cardiff for London, obtained employment with
Farmer and Brindley's, and attended Mr. Frith's class at Lambeth.
In 1884 he entered the Royal Academy Schools, but, after a
successful career, he failed to secure the gold medal with his

group " An Act of Mercy ". Mr. John became assistant to C.B.
irch A.R.A., then visited Italy and Greece, as advised by

- 77

Lord Leighton, and, two years after his first failure, he tried for
the gold medal again with a group on the subject of " Parting".

This time he won it; and Sir L. Alma-Tadema commissioned him
to complete the model ".

V. /I





Portrait-medal of Alfred William Hughes, 1900.

- 7 8-

" Mr. John's portraiture is faithful and characteristic. In the
design of his draperies only does the artist sometimes appear open
to criticism, occasionally, but not often, as if there were need of a

Medal ol the National Eisteddfod J Association.

few straight lines and plain surfaces. In such a case the face and
hands are liable to suffer. But the details are all beautifully carried


out. Indeed, more than strength, delicacy is the quality oi
Mr. John's sculpture which strikes the spectator".

Mr. John has exhibited at various times medallic works at the
Royal Academy, since 1898. I have made a note of the following :
1899. Portrait of a Lady, relief in copper gilt; - Portrait of a
Gentleman, relief in copper; Medal of the National Eisteddfodd
Association (illustrated) ; - 1903. Medal of Lywelyn ap Gruffyd ;
- Portrait-medal of Alfred William Hughes, 1900 (illustrated);
Salon of 1904, A frame of medals &c.

The medal of Lywelyn ap Gruffyd commemorates the last native
Prince of Wales. The reverse shows the crest of Snowdon (Lywelyn
was Lord of Snowdonia) with a spray of mountain-ash and a singing
nightingale, to symbolise " The Land of Mountain and Song ". The
lines on the obverse are from a thirteenth century eulogistic poem
to the Prince.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Spielmann, British Sculpture and Sculptors of to-day, London,
1902. Royal Academy Catalogues, 1898-1903.

JOHNSON (Brit.). Die-sinker of the eighteenth century, mention-
ed by Evelyn, who however does not record any medals by this

JOHNSON, STEFANO (/to/.). Die-sinking establishment at Milan,
founded in 1868 by Stefano Johnson, father of the actual proprietor,
Commendatore Federigo Johnson, who since 1880, has the com-
plete direction of the Works, and who gave the firm its present
importance and extension.

Furnished with up-to-date machinery, a reducing-machine of the
latest type and a chemical laboratory for the colouring of metals,
the Johnson works are able to cope with the keenest competition in-
land and abroad. Not a small factor in the development of the
establishment is due to Comm. Johnson's securing the services of a
talented and experienced artist, his Chief- engraver and Modeller,
Signer Angelo Cappuccio; but the signatures of other artists, such
as Egidio Boninsegna, Pogliaghi, Amsler, Levi, &c. occur on medals
issued by that firm.

At the Esposi^ione d'Arte moderna a few years' ago, Comm. Fed.
Johnson obtained from the Italian Minister of Commerce and
Industries a gold medal for his exhibits of cast medals and pla-
quettes in silver and bronze.

The excellence of the work carried on at the Johnson establish-
ment is proved beyond doubt by the fine productions issued there
within recent years : Christopher Columbus (of unusual large size) ;
- Milanese Exhibition of Decorative Arts applied to Industries;
Visit of the German Emperor to Rome, 1888 ; Centenary of the
" Reggimento Nizza Cavalleria " ; H. H. Leo XIII. ; Expedition


of the Duke of the Abruzzi to the North Pole ; Portrait-medals of
Porro ; Bottini ; Ceriani ; Bardelli ; Bertarelli ; Stefano
Johnson, &c. ; Plaquettes of the Turin Medical Congress (illus-
trated), the Volta Society, the Geographical Congress at Milan ; -
Athenaeum of Brescia ; Columbus Fourth Centenary of the Disco-
very of America, 1 892 (modelled by a Danish artist); Agricultural
and Industrial Exhibition at Faido, 1893; ' " Italian Presentation
Medal of the Swiss Federal Rifle Meeting at Frauenfeld, 1890 ; -
Swiss Federal Rifle Meeting at Lugano, 1883 ; Vittorio AmadeoIL,
1890; Mgr. Molo, 1895 '> Giuseppe Verdi ; Garibaldi ; -
Rossini; Gaetano Donizetti; Dominico Mustafa; Ambrogio

Plaquette of the Physiological Congress at Turin.

Binda; Rifle Meeting at Rome, 1890; Swiss Federal Athletic
Competition at Schafthausen, 1897 ; Dante ; Petrarca ; Ales-
sandro Volta; XI. International Medical Congress at Rome,
1894 (in Boston Coll"); - Foundling Hospital at Milan
25 th Anniversary ot a Mutual Society at Lugano, 1896
(after Chiattone); - - n' h Cantonal Meeting for Athletic Sports,
1896 ; Rifle Meeting at Ponto Valentino (Tessin), 1900 (after Ca-
ssma) ; - Rifle Meeting at Ponte-Brolla, 1900; Rifle Meeting of
district of Chiasso, 1902 ; Vincenzo Gioberti, 1901 ; Luigi
Vittorio Bertarelli, 1896; - - Rifle Meeting at Locarno, 1900; -
Centenary of the Independence of canton Ticino, 1898; Canton-

- 81

al Rifle Meeting at Bellinzona, 1901; - XI. Cantonal Fete for
Athletic Sports at Locarno, 1896 ; Societa corale mutua Vincenzo
Bellini, 1890; Medal of the Royal Rowing Club with Portrait of
the Duke oftheAbruzzi (modelled by A. Cappuccio) ; Memorial
of Leo XIII. ; Accession of Pius X. (several medals, of fine
design and workmanship); Swiss federal Fete for Athletic
Sports at Lugano, 1894; Visit of President Loubet to Rome,
1904 ; Giuseppe Verdi (several types) ; Medals issued in honour
ofH. R. H. Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of the Abruzzi :
(a.) Canottieri del Po ; (b.) Medaglia dei Veneti ; (c.) Italian
Alpine Club; (d.) Medal of the city of Livorno; (e.) Medal of the
city of Viareggio ; Others, of D r Giovanni Canna ; Don Adal-
berto Catina; Birth of Umberto, Prince of Piedmont, 1904 ; -
Commendatore Alfonso Mandelli, 1904, 6vc.

At the Historical Congress at Rome, April 1903, the members
ol the Numismatic Division were shown some Plates of medals
issued at the Johnson Establishment.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rivista it alia n a di Numismatica. Information kindly supplied
by Prof. D r Serafino Ricci, Assistant-keeper of Coins at the Brera Museum, Milano.

JOHNSTON, W. (Amer.). Contemporary Die-sinker of Cincinnati,
whose signature appears on various Masonic jetons, described by
Marvin, Masonic Medals, p. 271.

JOINDY, FRANQOIS JOSEPH (French.}. Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Paris; pupil of Sevin and Moreau. M. Roger Marx
illustrates three of his medalets in Medailleurs franc.ais contemporains.
They represent heads of a Girl, young Woman, and Chariot of
Time. In 1898, he exhibited at the Salon : Joan of Arc; Idyll, &c.

JOKISCHMANN, DANIEL (Germ.}. Mint-contractor at Jagerndorf.
His initials occur on coins struck there in 1569, 1581 and 1591.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Studien, frc.

JOLLIVET, ISAAC (French.). Mint-engraver at Limoges, after 1619.

JOLLIVET, JACQUES (French.). Mint-engraver at Limoges, 1596-
1619. He was succeeded by his son Isaac. The name occurs also

JONAS (Swiss). Mint-master for Canton Uri, 1636.

JONES, CHARLES (Brit.). A Birmingham Silversmith of the
beginning of the nineteenth century, who issued a series of Love-
tokens (described in W. J. Davis, The Token Coinage of Warwick-

L. FoRRER. B'ugrafhical Notices of Medallists. - III. 6


shire, p. 78, n os 922-927). He also edited a medal, representing the
Birmingham " Pantechnetheca " which is signed : FAULKNER F.
It is possible that Jones employed Faulkner to cut the dies of the
Love-tokens, which form a charming set and are well executed.

JONES, JOHN (Brit.}. Medallist of the nineteenth century, who
died at Dublin, circa 1880. " He \voulddeserve slight noticeexcept
for his continuing to strike medals trom Mossop's designs and dies
after the death of that artist. He is reported to have come from
Liverpool, and commenced his career by pulling the rope for
Mossop's Coining press. At one period of his life he went to
America and made some money. Strange stories are told of the mode
in which he dissipated his earnings ".

The following medals are signed : JONES F. : Queen Victoria; -
Daniel O' Connell, 1829; Another, dated 1847; Another,
without date; Orange Medal (4 var.); - Irish Constabulary
Medal; presented in silver to officers and men, who distinguished
themselves during the Fenian disturbances in 1868, by the Lord
Lieutenant; Royal Agricultural Society of Ireland, 1841;
Premium medal of the North-East Society of Ireland, 1826;
Farming Society, Tipperary Union, 1856; Temperance Medal
(2 var.); - School Medal (3 var.); - Irish Missionary school
Ballinasloe ; Academic Institute, &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. W. Frazer, On the Medallists of Ireland and their work, Jour-
nal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland, 1889, p. 322.

JONES, J. L. (Canad.}. Contemporary Die-sinker residing at
Toronto. He is the author of a medal of R. H. J. Robson, Premier
of British Columbia.

JONGHELINCK, CASPAR (Belg.). Son of Jacques Jonghelinck ; Mint-
warden at Antwerp, 1601.

JONGHELINCK, JACQUES (Belg.). Medallist, Seal- engraver, Sculp-
tor and Caster of bronze statues, born at Antwerp, 21. October
1530, died there, 31. May 1606. As early as 1556, he was entrusted
with the cutting of seals for various chanceries of Philip II.'s
government and, in 1559, he executed the monument erected at
Bruges to the memory of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. He
is also the author of a colossal statue of the Duke of Alva in the
centre of Antwerp citadel, which was destroyed some years later by
the infuriated mob. Jonghelinck owned the title of Sculptor,
Metal-founder and Seal-engraver to the King, an appointment
which he preserved under the Archdukes Albert and Isabella.

-8 3 -
By this artist are the following medals : 1555. Charles V. and

Philip II., signed on tyL IONGEL?. F- (Van Mieris t. Ill, p. 408.)
No specimen has been met with. This medal was executed at
Antwerp by Jacques Jonghelinck. It was issued when Charles V.
resigned his dominions to his son Philip, who assumed the title ot
King of Spain, 24 March 1555-6, the day on which he was
solemnly proclaimed at Valladolid ; 15 57. Another, with similar
obv. and different portrait of Philip II., and same signature (several
varieties, Vide Medallic Illustrations, I, p. 82, n os 42-45); Ano-
ther, with a third portrait of Philip II., bust to 1. ; legend :

f \



J '


:^-^i> - .

' OiKY.fjU


Medal on the Siege of St. Quentin, 1557.

(Van Loon, t. I, p. 8); - 1557. Siege of St. Quentin, obv. Bust

of Philip. II. ; on truncation : IONGELI F. fyL. Medallion with
full face bust of St. Quentin ; across the field, a long inscription,
ANNO M.D.LVII QVARTO ID &c. (Van Mieris III, 408; Med.
Illnst., I, p. 83, n 47 ; there is a variety in the Brit. Mus. Collection,
illustrated); Another, on the same event, with similar bust of
Philip II., but inscription on }$L. in German ; - - Philip II. and
Margaret of Parma, obv. as ^L. of last; tyL MARGARETA. AB.
AVSTRIA.D.P.ETP.GERM.INFER.G. (Van Loon, 1. 1, p. 38);
- Philip II. and the Duke of Alva, obv. PHILIP VS II. HISP AN.
DVX.BELG PRAEF 1567, large silver Medallion, signed on both
sides with the artist's monogram $; - Margaret of Austria,
natural daughter of Charles V. , obv. MARGARETA . DE . AVSTRIA.
D . P . ET . P . GERM ANLE . INFERIORIS . GVB. Bust to r. ; on trun-
cation ; ,ET.45.tyL. FAVENTE.DEO. Female figure, holding
sword, palm and olive-sprigs, stands on rock amidst stormy sea;
dated 1567 [attributed to Jonghelinck by D r Solone Ambrosoli in
Rapport du Congres international de niiniismatiqtie, 1891, p. 69 ; a
specimen was purchased by Herr Consul Bodmer of Zurich at Ham-

-8 4 -

burger's Sale of April 1900 (Raritdten-Cabinet, IV. Tbeil) for 810
Marks ; another occurred in the Felix Sale (lot 26) ; and it is also
described in Van Loon, t. I, p. 87]. The medals of Charles V. and
Philip II. date from the years 1555 to 1 5 5 7 ; they are cast and chased,
like all the artist's other medals.

According to Pinchart, several other medals may be ascribed to
Jacques Jonghelinck. I give here his reduced list, as published in
Histoire de la Gravure des Medailles en Belgique, 1870. None of these
medals are signed. 1558. Jerome de Serooskerke. ]$L. DVM SPIRI-
TVS HOS REGET ARTVS. Standing female figure holding a cup
in her 1. hand (Van Loon, t. I, p. 208); - - 1559. Jean Van den
Broeck, Almoner general of Antwerp I$L. CHARITAS . OMNIA .
SVFFERT Mother suckling her child, two children embracing
each other and a third playing with a dog ; Jean Van den Broeck
and his consort Bianca Pausana Cariania (Revue de la num. beige,
t. II, PI vin, p. 240). These four medals Pinchart believes to be
Jonghelinck's work, but he hesitates somewhat in the correct
attribution of the few following, which present a strong analogy in
design and treatment with the Medallist's signed productions : 1556.
Two medals ofViglius de Zuichem, President of the Privy Council
#.. VITA.MORTALIVM.VIGILIA. (a.) Table on which books,
hour-glass and lighted candle ; (b.)shield of arms ; 1 5 5 9 . Christophe
d'Assonville, Member of the Privy Council tyL. 'EHOY OEH- The
Three Ages of Fate (Van Loon, p. 268) ; 1 5 60. Antoine Perrenot,
Bishop of Arras ^L. DVRATE. Ship in danger of sinking and
Neptune armed with trident (Van Loon, p. 43); - 1565. Three
medals of Antoine Van Stralen, Burgomaster of Antwerp ;
1566. Josse de Damhoudere, a celebrated lawyer (Van Loon, I,
p. 40); - - 1568 Two other medals ofViglius de Zuichem;
1569. Benoit Arias, a theologian ]$L. Nude male figure (Archimedes)
running, with open book inscribed EYPHKA (Van Loon, p. 136).

Domanig (Portrdt-medaillen des Er^hauses Oesterreicb, p. 7), de-
scribes a Portrait-medal of Archduke Albert, dated 1601, which he
suggests may be by Jonghelinck, but I fear this attribution is not
correct, although the artist is known to have engraved the seals of
the Archduke and his consort.

As a Seal-engraver, Jonghelinck executed the Seal of the
Order of the Golden Fleece, in 1556, when he was only 25 years
old, the seal and signet for the Chancery of Guelders, the seal for
Brabant, 1559, that for Burgundy, 1569, those of the three states
of the County of Namur, and many others, down to 1600, at
which time he was assisted in his work by his nephew Sigebert
Waterloos, who succeeded him as Seal-engraver to the Archdukes.

On December 17, 1572, Jonghelinck was appointed Mint-warden
at Antwerp, an appointment which the Duke of Parma confirmed
to him in 1585.

-8 5 -

A document of 1598 records a payment of 148 livres 15 sous
9 deniers made to the artist on account of four medals in gold
which he was ordered to execute for the Archduke Albert.

Jonghelinck, suggests Pinchart, may have been a pupil of one ot
the celebrated Italian medallists who worked in the Netherlands
towards the end of Charles V.'s reign, such as Leone Leoni, Jacopo da
Trezzo, Poggini and others. He is, without doubt, one ot the
foremost sixteenth century Medallists of his country.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. A. Pinchart, Jacques Jonghelinck, Revue de la num. beige,
1854, p. 209. L)o, Histoire de la Gravnre uei Medailles en Bdgique, Bruxelles,
1870. Franks & Grueber, Medallic Illustrations &. Various Sale Catalogues.
Donianig, oft. cit. Catalogue der Nederlandsche en op Nederland betrekking
bebbendeGedenkpenningen, s' Gravenhage, 1903.

JONGHELINCK, PIERRE (Belg.). Mint-master at Antwerp in con-
junction with Jacques van der Heyden, 5. August 1524. 20.
December 1529 ; then alone, 12. February 1532 29. October

JONGHELINCK, THOMAS (Belg). Mint-master at Antwerp, 5. July
1542 20. October 1548.

JONNART, MATHURIN (French) (..1483-1485). Mint-engraver at
Bordeaux, and " commis es offices de garde et essayeur"; he was
banished for having coined a quantity of duplicates from the dies
of the Mint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Rondot & H. De La Tour, op. cit.

JONS (Brit.). Forger of coins, mentioned by Burns (The Coin-
age of Scotland, 1887). " About the year 1860 a watchmaker named
Jons, residing in Dunfermline, contrived to obtain impressions of
early Scottish coins, both in silver and gold, and executed dies in
imitation of these pieces. Some of the forgeries thus fabricated,
more particularly those of the portrait Testoons and Half-testoons of
Mary, are of clumsy execution, and are readily detected by any one
familiar with the genuine coins... Fortunately, like most other
fabricators of old coins, Jons was not greatly distinguished by his
numismatic knowledge. These forgeries of his passed at first with
many, with the less suspicion, from the circumstance that they
were struck, instead of cast coins, thus differing from the older and
better known fabrications of early Scottish money. The only
respect in which the supposititious pieces of Jons are valuable
is, that they are struck upon genuine British silver and gold coins of
modern issue, well beaten out. Letters or numerals of the genuine
coins thus struck over may sometimes be observed peeping out
from below the fictitious superposed impressions. The Dunfermline


forgeries, even by those unacquainted with the authentic coins,
may be detected by their peculiar hardness and newness of surface,
by their stiffness of execution, and by the absence on them of those
natural indentations observable on early hammered coins, more
particularly on the long lines of the cross upon the reverses".

JORDAN, JORG (Austr.}. Mint-master at Vienna, 1507, died in
1517. In his death certificate he is described : " Austrie, Stirie,
Carintie atque Carniole supremus vicarius monete".

Online LibraryL. (Leonard) ForrerBiographical dictionary of medallists : coin, gem, and sealengravers, mint-masters, &c., ancient and modern, with references to their works B.C. 500-A.D. 1900 (Volume 3) → online text (page 6 of 49)