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JORDAN, MAGNUS GOTTLIEB (Germ.'}. Counter-manufa:turer ot
Nuremberg, eighteenth century.

JORDEN, JOHN STUBBS (Brit.). A Birmingham Die-sinker of the
end of the eighteenth century and beginning of the nineteenth. He
cut dies for various Penny, Halfpenny and Farthing Tokens: 1795,
Glamorgan Halfpennies; Lichfield, I D and | D , 1797-1800; -
London (Meymott cv Son) Halfpennies, 1795 ; - - London (Pres-
bury &C) Halfpennies, 1795 ; Newton, Halfpennies, 1796, &c.
He also executed some medals, as for instance, that of the Bir-
mingham " Loyal Associations", 1798.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Pye, op. tit. Atkins, Tradesmen's Tokens of the i5 ll > ctnlury,

JORDOT, JEROME (French}. Goldsmith and Engraver at Grenoble,
circ. 1688. By him are various jetons.

JOREL, ALFRED (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at Paris,
and author of various Portrait-medallions in ivory and bronze.

JORG (Germ.}. Mint-master to the Counts of Henneberg, circ.

JORGUM & TREFZ (Germ.}. Die-sinking establishment at Frank-
fort-on-Main. They edited and struck a commemorative medal ot
the Bernese Cantonal Rifle Meeting at St.-Imier, 1900, and various
other Prize-medals; Neuchatel Cantonal Rifle Meeting at

Fleurier, 1902 ; Portrait-medal ofGoethe, 1899 ; D r Heinrich
Hoffmann of Frankfort-on-M. ; Bernese Cantonal Choral Festival,
1902; - - Bernese Cantonal Rifle Meeting at Bienne, 1903;
Emperor William Monument inaugurated at Frankfort-on-M., 1896;
50 th Anniversary of the Choral Society "Concordia", 1896;

- Konrad Binding, 1896; - - 25 th Anniversary ot the Military
Association of Bornheim, 1897; Ornithological Society or
Frankfort-on-M., 1900; &c.

-8 7 -

JORIS OF JORISSONE, HANS (Dutch}. Goldsmith of Antwerp, first
half of the seventeenth century. He is the author of a medal with
portrait of Joachim Aarssens, tounder of the Convent of St. Peter,
near Ghent. The medal is dated 1629.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogus der Nederlandsdv en op Nederland betrekking bebbende
GeJenkpenningen, 1903.

JOSEPH, G. (Russ.}. Medallist of the nineteenth century, who
has engraved several historical and private medals.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Iversen, op. cit.

JOSEPH, LAURENCIN (French}. Mint-engraver at Villefranchc en
Rouergue, circ. 1421-1422.

JOSSE, L. (French}. Goldsmith of the early part of the eighteenth
century. M. Guiffrey ascribes to him a medal of Louis XIV., signed
L, I, for which he was paid the sum of 400 livres on December 3 i,
1716. The name reminds one of Moliere's : Vous lies orf&vrc,
M. Josset As M. Mazerolle does not mention Josse in his recent work
on French Medallists, it is possible that Guiffrey has wrongly inter-
preted the initials L. J. which he has noticed on the medal in

BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. J. Guiffrey, La MonnaiedesMedailhs, Revue numismatique,
1888. p. 317. Journal bisiorique de la Monnoye des medailles.

JOST, DOMINICK (Germ.}. Contracted to work the Breslau Mint,
in conjunction with Krappe, 1540-1541.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Friedensburg, Scblesiens neuere Mun^escJnchte, p. 240.

JOUANDET, AMEDEE (French}. Contemporary Sculptor, born at
Bordeaux; pupil of Duret and Jouffroy. He executed numerous
Portrait-medallions, some of which are mentioned by Chavignerie
& Auvray.

JOUANIN, CHARLES VICTOR (French}. Contemporary Gem-engraver,
born at Paris; pupil of Lequien. At the Salon of 1863, he exhibited
a cameo in agate-onyx, representing a Dog playing with a Tortoise,
and in 1874, a bas-relief in sardonyx, The Death of Hippolytus,
after C. Vernet; Charles XV., &c. ; - - 1886. Shell cameos
with various Portraits.

JOUANNIN, JULIEN MARIE (French }(.. 1798-1811). Medallist and
Gem-engraver ot the early part of the nineteenth century. In 1809,
he obtained the second Grand Prix de Rome for his competitive
gem representing " Mars followed by Victory". The only other


gem by him I find a mention of is that exhibited at the Salon of
1831, the subject of which is "Cupid sharpening his Darts", alter
Robert Lefevre.

Bust of Napoleon I.

Amongst Jouannin's medallic works are : 1798, Conquest ot
Egypt (obv. only, illustrated); 1805, Schools of Medicine (tyL.
sev. var.); 1810, Marriage of Napoleon with Marie-Louise (^6.
i8n, Birth of the King of Rome

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Edwards, Napoleon Medals. Marx,
Medailleurs frartfais, 1889. Hennin, Histoire ntimismatique de la Revolution fran-
e, 1826. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

JOUBERT, LOUIS (French) (.. 1758-1786). Line-engraver ot
Lyons, who executed the dies for a medal intended to students of
the " Cours gratuit d'accouchement " of Macon.

JOUBERT, MARC. (French). Mint-engraver at La Rochelle, circ.


JOUFFROY, FRANQOIS (French}. Sculptor, born at Dijon, on
February i., 1806 ; pupil of Ramey ; entered the Ecole des Beaux-
Arts in 1824 ; died on June 28, 1882. By him are various Portrait-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.
JOUFRE, P. (French). Moneyer at Limoges, 1353.

JOURDAIN, JEHAN (Belg.). Mint-master at Ghent in conjunction
with Aldry d'Interminelis, 27. September 1367 to 20. January 1368,

- 89 -

then alone, 19. December 1367 18. June 1368, and again,
21. April 1369 5. August 1370.

JOUVENEL, ADOLPHE CHRISTIAN (5^.). Sculptor and Medallist,
born at Lille on the io th May, 1798, died at Brussels on the
9 th September, 1867. He was the son of the Sculptor and Medallist
Jean Baptiste Clement Jouvenel, and pupil of Rude.

In 1846, Jouvenel undertook the publication of a Series ot
Portrait-medals of the celebrities of his country. This collection
was to comprise a first set of 25 bronxe medals of 45 mill, in diam-
eter, to be issued one each month at the price of 5 Francs. The
prospectus of this Medallic series describes it thus : " Histoire
populaire et metallique des grands hommes de la Belgique, ou col-
lection de medailles representant leurs portraits, executees d'apres
les monuments les plus authentiques et enrichies d'inscriptions
historiques sur leur vie, leur caractere, leurs actions ou leurs
ouvrages, gravees et editees par Ad. Jouvenel, graveur en medailles
du Roi. "

In 1847 the artist took part in the competition of the Belgian
Monetary commission and obtained a prize of rooo Francs, with the
title of Engraver to the King and a membership of the Royal
Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium.

No less than seventy-five medals are known by this Engraver :
1818. Jeton de Presence for the Members of the Regency of Brus-
sels; 1824. Medal for the Construction of Brussels Hospital;
1825. Jubilee of St. Romwald at Malines; 1826. Clinical School
of Brussels; 1828. Masonic medal, on the Death ofM. Honorez;

1829. Protection given by the King to Arts and Sciences;
1830. Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Monument on
the Place des Martyrs at Brussels; - 1831. The King takes the
Constitutional Oath ; 1832. Inauguration of the Grand Orient
of Belgium ; Semi-secular Jubilee of the Lodge of True Friends
of the Union; 1833. Birth of the Royal Prince; Indepen-
dence of Belgium; Exhibition of Silk Industries; 1835.
M. de Stassart installed as Grand Master of the Free Masons ;
A. Wappers and Geefs ; Birth of Prince Leopold ; Louis Philippe
Marie Victor; Belgian Industrial Exhibition; 1836. Belgian
Fine Art Exhibition; Ticket ot the Lodge of True Friends; -
Medal of the Surveying Commission of the Bank of Belgium;
The Poor of Tournay; 1840. National Award for Life-saving;

Medal for Horse-breeding; Agricultural Society of Malines;
- 1841. Medal of the Royal Academy of Belgium; Installa-

tion of the Royal Clinical Academy of Belgium ; Building
of St. Joseph's Church at Brussels; 1844. Gaming Counter
of H. S. H. The Duke of Arenberg; 1844. To the memory

90 -

ot Arthur Hennebert; - - Medal ot the Society " Cercle des
Arts"; Erection of Louvain University; - - F. Henri Bickes;
- 1846. AbJ-el-Kader; - - The Liberal Congress; - 1847. Van
der Haert, painter; - - Pattern Five Franc piece; Medal of the
Choral Society; - - 1848. Belgian retains her Independence and
Nationality; Leopold I.. Constitutional Monarch; 1848.
Series of twelve Portrait-medals and Jetons of celebrated Belgians :
Juste-Lipse ; Margaret of Austria (illustrated); Dodonaeus;
Jean sans Peur; Charles V. ; - - Van Dyck ; - Vesalius ;
P. P. Rubens; Stevin; Philip the Good ; Duquesnoy;
Albert and Isabella; 1850. Medal of the Law on Public Teach-
ing of i. May 1850 ; Consecration of the Church of St. John
and Nicholas at Schaerbeck ; Death of Queen Louise-Marie ; -
1851. Charles Rogier; Frere Orban ; - H. R. H. Philip,
Count of Flanders, President of the Central Belgian Agricultural

Portrait-Jeton of Margaret of Austria.

Society (2 var.) ; - Medal of the National Bank; 1855.
J. P. Stevens; Ferd. Jos. Nicolay ; Armand de Perceval; -
1856. Ch. Rogier, President ot the Artistic and Literary Club of
Brussels ; 25 th Anniversary of the King's reign ; 1859. P. F. X.
de Ram, Rector of Louvain University; - 1859. J. F. Loos,
Burgomaster of Antwerp; - - 1860. Charles de Brouckere, Burgo-
master of Brussels ; Frere-Orban, Finance Minister ; - - 1862.
The King returns to Brussels; 1862. Death of King Leopold I. ;
F. J. Geelhand de Merxem (on the occasion of the purchase by
the State of his collection of medals); 1866. J. B. Madou,
painter of Brussels; - - 1866. General Baron F. Emm. Chazal,
Minister of State ; - Roland de Lassus de Lattre; Schola " Me-
dica practica ", Brussels, 1833; - Royal Belgian Academy ot
Medicine 1841 ; - Seal of the Royal Academy of Medicine ;
Prize Medal of William I. of Holland; Prize Medal of the Royal
Horticultural Society of Malines, 1841, &c.

Both Jouvenel and Constant Jehotte had intended to publish a
Medallic Gallery of Belgian Celebrities &c., but either from want
of support or other reasons, they did not complete their task. Jou-
venel executed a series of twelve medals towards his, and Jehotte
even fewer, but I have not been able to ascertain the exact number.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Guioth, Catalogue des (Euvres des graveurs belies vivants,
Revue de la num. beige, 1850, p. 199. Weber, op. cit. Thomson Catalogue.
Plot, Catalogue des Coins, Poinfons et Matrices appartenant d VEtat, Bruxelles,
1861. Mitth. des Klubs, 1900, p. 150. Bolzenthal, op. cit. Private Notes
of M. Alph. de Witle. Various Sale Catalogues. Biognpbie nationalede Belgique,

Jouvenel. Sculptor and Medallist, born at Liege in 1773 or 1774.
Guioth ascribes four medals to him : 1817. " Jeton de Presence "
of the Regency of Antwerp; - - 1818, Arms of the Kingdom ; -
1830. Souvenir of the Exhibition of National Industry (jeton) ;
1846. Medal for the Voluntary Firemen of Tournay; - Royal
Belgian Academy of Medicine (sev. var.).

On one of this engraver's medals I have noticed the signature :


JOUY (French). Sculptor and Gem-engraver of the fourth quarter
of the eighteenth century. He took part in the exhibition of the
Royal Academy of 1793. Chavignerie quotes the following works
by this artist, who held the title of Sculptor and Gem-engraver to
Monsieur, the King's brother : 1774, Portrait of Henry IV., carne-
lian; Another, cut in onyx; Cerberus chained by Hercules, car-
nelian ; Head of Minerva, &c.

M. Babelon remarks that posterity has done well to forget Jouy's

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Babelon, La gravure en pierres fines, 1884. Chavignerie et
Auvray, op. cit.

JOY, ALBERT BRUCE- (Brit.). Contemporary Sculptor and Medal-
list, born at Dublin, who from time to time has exhibited Medals
and Portrait-plaques at the Royal Academy : 1897. Mrs Bruce-Joy ;

- Frank Griffin, of New York; - - 1898. Elspeth, daughter of
Lord Archibald Campbell; 1899. Miss Elspeth Campbell,
medallion in silver; - - The late Archbishop of Canterbury; -
1901. T. Cyril Bruce Joy, plaque in silver (illustrated in The Studio,
XXIV, p. 58); 1903. Major-General Sir Edward Hutton,
K. C. M. G., medallion in silver ; Mrs Leake, medallion in silver;

- D r Sir Humphrey Davy; Portrait of a Young Lady; 1904.
Portrait-medallion of Aubin Trevor Battye Esq.; - Sir George
Gabriel Stokes Bart., F. R. S.


JOWSIE, ROBERT (Brit.'}. A merchant of Edinburgh, to whom, in
conjunction with Thomas Foulis, goldsmith, the ''profits and casual-
ties" of the Edinburgh Mint were let on the 2 nd August 1598 ior a
period of six years at an annual rent of 5000, or 7500 Merks.
Under this contract a coinage of Riders and Half-riders was issued in
1598, 1599, 1601.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Burns, The Coinage oj Scotland, 1888.

J. P. (French}. These initials occur on the obv. of a medal of the
Societe medicale du io e arrondissement de Paris (In Boston Coll n ).

J. P. Vide I. P.
J. P. L. Vide I. P. L .
J. R. Vide I R.
J. S. Vide I. S.
J. T. Vide I. T.
J. U. Vide I. U.

JUB, A. (Germ.}. This signature occurs on a medal of Klosternen-
burg Abbey, 1814.

JUBANY (Span.}. Medallist of the second quarter of the
nineteenth century. His signature : JUBANY occurs on various
medals of Maria Cristina, AL REGRESO DE CRISTINA A
1844; Gerona Proclamation Medal, 1844; &c.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Catalogo de la Coleccion de Monedas y Medallas de Manuel Vidal
Quadras y Ramon de Barcelona, 1892.

JUDIN, SAMUEL or SAMOILA (Russ.}. Medallist of the second halt
of the eighteenth century. Nagler erroneously places the date of his
activity between 1704 and 1740, and gives his signature as S. IOU.
or S. IU. Iversen calls him SAMUEL JUDITSCH, and says that he was
born in 1730 at St. Petersburg, and was still living in 1800,
when he was in receipt of a pension. He entered the School
of Engraving at the St. Petersburg Mint in 1741, and in 1762 we
find both Judin and Iwanoffas official Medallists. The first signed
work of Judin appears to be a Rouble of Peter III. (illustrated} and
he is the author of the following medals : Commemoration of the
Foundation of St. Andrew ; Annihilation of the Strelitz dynasty;
Peace of Carlowitz ; Institution of Colleges ; also of some
copies, alter other Medallists : Birth of Peter the Great; - Acces-
sion of Peter I. ; Creation of the Russian Fleet; Capture of


Azow (2 var.) ; Capture of Schlusselburg ; Capture ot
Narva; - Battle of Poltava (2 var.); Capture of Pernau ;
Battle of Pelkinen ; Capture of Nyschlot; - - The four Fleets
meeting at Bornholm ; Peter the Great's Visit to the Paris Mint ;
Portrait-medal of Empress Anne; Portrait-medal of Empress
Elizabeth, 1761 ; Conclusion of Peace between Russia and
Sweden 1790, etc.

Rouble of Peter III., 1762.

Durand observes that this artist's medal on the Battle of Poltava
has placed him in the front rank of medallists.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Iversen, Medaillen auf die Thaten Peters des Grossen.
Tlmmsen Catalogue. Hildebrand, Sveriges och Svenska Kotutngahusets Minnespen-
ningar, 1875.

JUDT, ABRAHAM of Goldkronach (Germ.}. Mint-contractor ot
Gundelfingen and Stockau, 1622 (Kull, II, p. 707).

JUGE, JACQUES (French}. Mint-master at Limoges, 1538 ; he was
replaced by Merigot Guilbert, on the 16. August 1539.

JUGE, MARTIAL (French}. Mint-engraver at Limoges, circ. 1548.
He signed M. Juge.

JUHEL, JEHAN (French). Mint-master at Rouen in 1520, reinstat-
ed in 1530, and replaced in 1536 by Cosme du Moustier.

JUIGNE, CLAUDE DE (French). Mint-engraver at Lyons, circ. 1651-

JUILLIOT, LOUIS LAURENT (French). Sculptor and Gem-engraver,
born at Paris in 1827; pupil of Langlois and Sezane. He is the
author of various Portrait-medallions and Shell-cameos, one of


which, representing a Head of Flora, was exhibited at the Salon of
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

JULE (Danish}. On Deniers of Magnus the Good of Denmark the
reading occurs IVL M FCIT. This moneyer was no doubt also
the Engraver of the coin. Vide on the subject Vol. I, p. 498 and
Vol. II, pp. 37 2 -374-

JULI, ANTON PAUL (Germ.}. Mint-master at Gratz, 1714-1752. In
1720 he was paid a reward of 25 Florins for the delivery of 600
new Styrian Thalers; again in 1723 and 1732. Later documents
prove that he was still in office in 1752.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. C. Oesterreicher, Regesten %uj. Neuald's PuMicationen &c.

JULIAN. F/kGIANNINI. Vol. II., p. 260.

JULIAN, JEHAN DE (French). Mint-master at Limoges, 1427-28;
he issued Blancs of Charles VII.

JULIEN (French). Mint-engraver at Bourges, circ. 1765-1769 ; in
1766 he executed a medal of the city of Bourges.

JULIEN, GUILLAUME DE (French). Mint-master at Limoges, 1418,
1422-23, 1426-1428.

JULIEN, GUILLAUME DE (French). Moneyer at Limoges, 1512.

JUNCKER, EUGENE LOUIS (Germ.). Contemporary Sculptor and
Medallist, born at Guebwiller (Alsace) ; pupil ot Gros and Levasseur.
I have noticed his signature on a Portrait-medallion of H. Gaiffe,
which was exhibited at the Salon in 1880.

JUNCKER, J. G. (Germ.). Die-sinker of Breslau, second half of the
nineteenth century. He issued several commemorative medals in tin
of the Breslau Exhibitions, 1852, 1897 ; Marriage of Prince Frede-
rick William of Prussia with the Princess Royal of Great Britain,
1858; D r Jakob Waitz, Gotha, 1868, &c.

JUNG (Germ.). Mint-engraver at Gotha, circa 1630. He signed on
both sides the Jubilee Double Ducat on the Centenary of the
Confession of Augsburg, 1630, with portrait of Duke John
George I. on obv. and on $.. bust of John the Constant.

JUNG, JOHANN (Germ.). Mint-master at Bayreuth, 1686.


JUNGBERGER, L. (French}. Medallist, mentioned by Rondot and
De La Tour, p. 362, as working arc. 1759-1764. I should think
this may be a misreading for Gustav Ljungberger, a Swedish artist,

JUNGE, REINHOLT (Dan.). Mint-master at Roeskilde, 1535-40.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Jorgensen, Bfskrivelse &c.

JUNGER, L. (Dutch*). Contemporary Medallist residing at The
Hague. He was Professor of Engraving at Amsterdam before
1890; Wienecke, the present Engraver at the Mint ot Utrecht was
his pupil.

One of his medals, Homage to Victor de Stuers is illustrated on
PI. XLIII, 224 of Chaufepie, Medailles et Plaqmttes nwdernes ;
another of D r Frans Cornells Bonders, Utrecht, is described in Am.
Jou rn. of Nu m. 1542.

Other medals were engraved by Jiinger in conjunction with
J. P. M. Menger.

JUNGHANS, JOHANN (Germ.). Mint-master at Hof i. V., 1622.

JUNGHANZ, MICHAEL (Germ.). Mint-master at Hof, I. January
24. August, 1622.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Gebert, Die Brandenburg-FidnkiscbenKippermun%stdtten,Num-
berg, 1901.

JUNGHOLZER, GEORG (Germ.). Mint-warden at Munich, circ.

JUNGHOLZER, GREGOR (Germ.). Mint-master at Bamberg, 1683.
JUNGHOLZER, MAX (Germ.). Mint-warden at Munich, circa 1620.

JUNIOTHALATIONI, C. (Roman). Probably a Seal and Gem -engraver,
who also cut coin-dies, during the first century B.C. The Rev. Hands
in an article published in Spink's Numismatic Circular, col. 2899 on
"The Denarii ot the Roman Republic considered as specimens of
art" remarks : "From the similarity of work on the seals and the
coins we are led to expect that both kinds of work were undertaken
by the same craftsmen or artists and this is confirmed by certain
inscriptions quoted in Facciolati Lex, sub voce " sigillaricius", and
" flatuarius"; for instance, we have the name of such an artist in
the inscrip. ap. Grueb. 638.6 C. Junio Jhalationi, C. Maecenatis
liberto flatuario sigillariario, and again, other such names quoted
from Don. Cl. 8, n. 15 T. Flavio 7. F. Largonio fabro, ftaluario
sigillariario and again, ibid. 61 C. Scllius Onesimus flatuarius de via
sacra. The name or word "flatuarius" literally means one w r ho
casts metals, but it was evidently continued by an improper use of
the word long after casting had been given up in the mints ".

- 9 6 -

JUNKER, JOHANN GEORG (Germ.'}. Medallist, who worked at
Gotha, circa 1708. "He afterwards removed to Leipzig", says
Mr. Grueber, "in which place there are records of him till about
1716". Junker was a pupil of Christian Wermuth. By him are
medals on the attempted Invasion of Scotland and Battle of Oude-
narde (Taking of Lille), both of 1708.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Franks & Grueber, Medallic Illustrations frc.

JUNZINGER (G^rw.). Mint-master at Durlach, 1626.

JUSTIN, MATHIEU (French). Sculptor of the second half of the
nineteenth century. He has executed several bas-reliefs in bronze :
1841. The Genius of France bringing from St. Helena the remains
of Napoleon; 1847, Christ before the Crucifixion; - - 1848,
St. Louis carrying the crown of thorns; and various Portrait-

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Chavignerie et Auvray, op. cit.

J. V. Vide I. V.

J. V. T. Vide I. V. T.

J. W. Vide I. W.


K... (Greek). Engraver's signature (possibly that of the artist KAA,
q. v.), already noticed by Raoul Rochette on a Thurian Didrachm
in his collection.

^R. Didrachm (Cm:. B.C. 390-350). Obv. Head of Pallas tor.,
wearing Athenian helmet adorned with the monster Scylla hurling
a stone ; on the flap, the letter K.

^ - OOYPI... Bull butting to r. ; on rump, the letter K; ex. :
fish to r.

Raoul Rochette, op. cit., PL in, 23. Biit. Mus. Cat., Italy,
p. 292, n 53.

Raoul Rochette mentions that he possessed a rare coin of Thur-
ium, perhaps unique, " on which the initial letter K could be
seen engraved at once on Minerva's helmet and on the rump of
the bull ", and he suggests that the K might perhaps stand for
the Velian artist, Kleodoros's signature, which supposition however
rests on no solid basis.

Various other Thurian coins bear the signature K on the neck-
piece of helmet of Pallas.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Raoul Rochette, Lettre & M. k Due de Luynts, &c.
L. Forrer, Les Signatures de Graveurs sur les mommies grecques, Bruxclles, 1903-5

K. Vide KLEODOROS. Coin-engraver at Velia, fourth century B.C.

K. (Greek}. Possibly an Engraver's signature on coins of Meta-
pontum and other Magna Grecian mints.


TL. Vide BALTHASAR KLINKE. Mint-master at Muhlhausen (Thu-
ringia), circa 1523.

K. Vide HANS KASTENBRUN. Seal-engraver and Die-sinker at
Nuremberg; worked, circa 1615/16 for the Counts of Hohenlohe, in
conjunction with the Nuremberg Mint-master Heinrich Miiller.

L. FORRER. Biogrcphieal Noticts of Mcd-tHisls. III.

_ 98 -
K. Vide G. KRUCKENBERG. Mint-master at Cassel, circa 1637.

K. Vide H. I. KIENLEN. Mint-master at Ulm, 1635-1639; also
H. I. K. or M. K.

K. Vide KETTLER. Mint-master to the Counts of Bentheim, 1659-

K. Vide KARLSTEEN. Stockholm Medallist, 1670-1718.

K. Vide 1. G. KITTEL. Medallist of Breslau, 1688-1727. Also I. K.
and I. G. K.

K. Vide GEORG WILHELM KITTEL. 1694-! 1769.

K. Vide OTTFRIED KONIG. Medallist at Moscow, 1718-1724. Also
0. K.

. K. Vide I. C. KOCH. Medallist at Gotha, 1706-1742.
K. Vide I. C. KOCH. Medallist at Gotha, 1750-1793. Also I. C. K.

K. Vide ERASMUS SIMON (KONGSBERG.) (?) Die-cutter at Kongs-
berg (Norway), 1733-1764.

K. Vide I. E. KRULL. Medallist at Cassel and Brunswick, 1738-
1750. Also I. E. K.

K. Vide I. KOHLHAAS. Mint-master at Bonn, 1739-1767.

K. Vide KLINGHAMMER. Die-cutter at Hildburghausen, 1760,
and Eisenach, 1765-1765.

K. Vide H. S. KNOPF. Mint-master at Copenhagen, 1761-1783.

K. Vide JOHANN CONRAD KOERNER. Medallist at Cassel, 1764-1797.

K. Vide JEAN BALTHASAR KELLER. Swiss founder, worked at
Paris, i663-f 1702.

K. Vide KONGSDORF. Die-sinker at Leipzig, 1766.

K. Vide M. KRAFFT. Medallist at Vienna and Munich, 1769-1781.
Also M. K.

:K...Vide JOHANN WILHELM KIRCHNER. Medallist at Cassel, 1771-

. K. Vide KIRCHNER. Mint engraver at Cassel, circa 1827.
K. Vide KENDLER. Mint -warden at Prague, 1774-1780.

- 99 -

K. Vide CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH KRULL. 1748-1787. Medallist, &c.
at Brunswick.

K. Fide JOHANN NIKOLAUS KORNLEIN. Medallist at Ratisbon, 1787-
1795. Also I. N. K.

K. Vide ANTON KONIG. Die-sinker at Breslau, 1776-1803.

K. Vide C. H. KUCHLER. German Medallist who worked in Lon-
don and Birmingham towards the end of the eighteenth century
and beginning of the nineteenth.

K. Vide H. S. KNOPH. Mint-master at Hamburg, 1805-1842.

K. Vide JOHANN CONRAD KORNER. Medallist at Cassel, 1764-

K. Vide JOHANN FRIEDRICH KORNER. Medallist at Cassel, 1784-

K. Vide WILHELM KORNER. Medallist at Cassel; died in 1864.
Signed also : KOERNER JUNIOR..

K. Vide L. KACHEL. Medallist at Karlsruhe, 1819-1844.

K. Vide F. KROHN. Medallist at Copenhagen, second quarter of
the nineteenth century.

K. Vide KRELL. Mint-master at Saalfeld, circa 1835.
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Schlickeysen-Pallmann, Muii - Abkur%uiigen, 1896.

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